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Full text of "Might's Greater Toronto city directory, 1966"

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with  this  streamlined  . . .  1966  edition  of  MIGHT’S 


Our  expanded  door-to-door  enumeration  coverage  for  1966  ( see  coverage 
map  on  Page  “D”  following )  now  enables  us  to  list  names,  addresses,  tele¬ 
phone  numbers,  occupations  and  places  of  employment  for . 

Over  700,000  People 

For  more  information  just  phone  364-1481  or  write . 

Another  .  .  .  MIGHT  DIRECTORIES  LIMITED  Publication 




Call  on  the  "Royal"  for  any  banking  service.  There  are  many 
conveniently  located  branch  offices  throughout  Metropolitan 
Toronto,  as  listed  below.  Any  one  of  them  would  be  happy  to 
serve  you.  For  specialized  services  such  as  information  on 
plant  sites,  trade  representation,  import  and  export  regulations, 
etc.,  ask  for  one  of  our  Commercial-Industrial  Development 
Officers  at  367-5151 


Main  Toronto  Branch 
Twenty  King  Street  West 


Avenue  Road  and  Davenport 


Bay  and  College 


131  BloorSt.  W. 


Bloor  and  Bathurst 


Bloor  and  Bedford 


College  and  Bathurst 


College  and  Ossington 


1457  Dundas  St.  West 


Harbord  and  Spadina 


Jarvis  and  Charles 


Spadina  and  College 


Yonge  and  Bloor 


Yonge  and  Grenville 



Bay  and  Temperance 

.  367-5151 

Bay  and  Wellington 


Dundas  and  Chestnut 


Twenty  King  Street  West 


King  and  Church 


King  and  Spadina 


King  and  Yonge 


Richmond  and  York 


Sherbourne  and  Queen 


425  University  Avenue 


University  and  Adelaide 


Yonge  and  Richmond 



Coxwell  and  Gerrard 


Coxwell  and  O'Connor 


Danforth  and  Dawes 


Danforth  and  Leyton 


Eglinton  and  Danforth 


Eglinton  and  Sinnott 


Eglinton  and  Sloane 


Jones  and  Gerrard 


Kennedy  and  Brigstock 


Kingston  and  Eglinton 


Kingston  and  Kingswood 


Kingston  and  Lawrence 


Kingston  and  Ridgemoor 


Lawrence  and  Don  Mills 


Lawrence  and  Kennedy 


Lawrence  and  Victoria  Park 


Markham  and  Painted  Post 


Pape  and  Danforth 


Queen  and  Broadview 


Queen  and  Lee 


4022  Sheppard  Ave.  East 


St.  Clair  and  O'Connor 


Woodbine  and  Danforth 



Bloor  and  Dovercourt 


Bloor  and  Grenview 


Bloor  and  Jane 


Bloor  and  Lansdowne 


Burnhamthorpe  and  West  Mall 




Dixie  -  Dundas  and  Dixie 


Dundas  and  Brown's  Line 


Dundas  and  Cordova 




Islington  and  Norseman 


3555  Lake  Shore  Blvd.  West 


Lake  Shore  and  Eighth  Street 


Lake  Shore  and  Primrose 




Pacific  and  Dundas 


Queen  and  Roncesvalles 


Queensway  and  Kipling 


Queensway  and  Rosemeade 


West  Mall  and  Bloor 



Avenue  Road  and  Haddington 


Bathurst  and  Cedarcroft 


Bathurst  and  Finch 


Bathurst  and  Glencairn 


Bathurst  and  Glengarry 


Bayview  and  York  Mills 


Deloraine  and  Yonge 


Don  Mills  and  Van  Horne 


150  Eglinton  Avenue  East 


Eglinton  and  Bathurst 


Eglinton  and  Tarlton 


Laird  and  Commercial 


Richmond  Hill 


48  St.  Clair  Ave.  W. 


Ill  St.  Clair  Avenue  West 


St.  Clair  and  Alvin 


Vaughan  and  St.  Clair 


Wilson  and  Bathurst 


Wilson  Heights  and  Sheppard 


4817  Yonge  Street 


Yonge  and  Eglinton 


Yonge  and  Olive 


Yonge  and  Sherwood 


Yonge  and  Steeles 



Albion  and  Islington 




Concord,  Keele  and  Highway  No. 



Dixon  and  Islington 


Dufferin  and  Tycos 


Eglinton  and  Dufferin 


Highway  No.  27  and  Belfield 


Jane  and  Macdonald 


Jane  and  Yorkwoods  Gate 


Keele  and  St.  Clair 


Keele  and  Sheppard 


Keele  and  Wilson 


Lawrence  and  Caledonia 


Rexdale  and  Kipling 


1188  St.  Clair  Avenue  West 


St.  Clair  and  Oakwood 


Weston  and  Finch 


Weston  and  Lawrence 


Weston  and  Ray 


Westway  and  Martin  Grove 




itom  fo  vtte  tyrM/i 


The  major  sections  of  this  Directory  are  arranged  in  the  following  order  for  your  ready  reference: 





The  following  list  of  typical  everyday  questions  will  indicate  both  the  types  of  information  available  and  the 
section  (or  sections)  of  the  directory  in  which  the  information  may  be  found: 



How  does  he  spell  his  name?  .  3 

Where  does  he  live?  .  3 

Does  he  own  his  home?  .  4 

Has  he  a  telephone?  .  4 

Who  are  his  neighbors?  .  4 

What  does  he  do  for  a  living?  .  3 

Where  does  he  work?  .  3 

Is  he  the  "head  of  the  house"  or  a  "resider"?  .  3-4 

Does  he  own  a  business?  .  3 

Is  he  a  member  of  a  partnership?  .  3 

Is  he  an  officer  in  any  corporation?  .  3 

Who  else  is  in  the  same  business  or  profession?  .  2 

What  was  the  name  of  the  widow's  husband?  .  3 

Quickest  way  to  get  there?  .  4 



What  is  the  correct  name?  .  2-3 

What  is  the  correct  address?  .  2-3 

Have  they  a  telephone?  .  4 

Just  what  do  they  do?  .  2-3 

Is  it  a  Partnership  or  Corporation?  .  3 

Who  are  the  Partners?  (if  a  firm)  .  3 

Who  are  the  Chief  Officers?  (if  Inc.)  .  3 

Who  else  is  in  same  or  similar  lines?  .  2 

(NOTE  If  name  is  in  bold  type,  saying  "See  adv.  page — " 
much  more  detailed  information  may  be  found  by  re¬ 
ferring  to  that  space,  such  as  follows:) 

What  are  its  specialties?  .  2 

Description  of  its  products  and/or  services  .  2 



How  do  the  streets  run?  .  4 

Who  lives  at  a  given  address?  .  4 

Is  it  a  "home  owners"  section?  .  4 

Just  where  in  the  block  is  it  located?  .  4 

What  is  the  nearest  street  corner?  .  4 

What  is  the  nearest  store,  church,  school,  garage,  etc.?  .  4 

If  business  location,  what  business?  .  4 

If  an  office  bldg.,  who  are  in  what  rooms?  .  4 

Where  are  the  public  and  office  buildings?  .  2-3 



What  is  the  complete  name?  .  2-3 

Who  is  the  Secretary?  .  2-3 




What  are  the  various  Departments?  .  1-3 

What  are  their  locations?  .  1-3 

Who  are  the  Justices,  Officials,  etc.?  .  1-3 

What  are  the  latest  population  figures?  .  1 

What  is  the  latest  Statistical  and  General  Civic 

information?  .  1 

What  are  the  Churches  and  where  located?  .  2-3 

Who  are  the  pastors?  .  3 

What  are  the  names  and  locations  and  who  are  the 

Principals  of  the  Schools?  .  3 

What  are  the  names  and  locations  of  the  Cemeteries?  .  2-3 

What  are  the  locations  of  the  Hospitals  and  Homes?  .  2-3 



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Including  Metropolitan  Toronto  and  most  of  Markham ,  Pickering ,  Toronto ,  Trafalgar  and  Vaughan  Townships. 

For  example 


•  Pinpoint  any  one  of  8500  Streets  in  "METRO"  and  surrounding  "fringe"  areas  in  a  matter  of  seconds  through  the  MASTER  INDEX. 

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•  new  streets  •  street  extensions  •  street  name  changes  •  postal  address  changes 



Just  phone  364-1481  or  write 

another  ....  MIGHT  DIRECTORIES  LIMITED  ....  publication 


MIGHT’S  1966 



(Serving  the  CITY  OF  TORONTO,  and  the  Suburbs  of:  EAST  YORK,  ETOBICOKE,  FOREST  HILL  VILLAGE, 




(1)  INDIVIDUALS  20  YEARS  OF  AGE  AND  OVER  —  with  occupations,  where  employed,  home  address 
and  indication  as  to  householder  or  roomer  status. 

(2)  BUSINESS  AND  OTHER  ORGANIZATIONS  —  with  names  and  titles  of  executives,  product  or 
service  produced  or  rendered  and  street  address. 


Showing  location  and  description  of  each  street,  postal  information,  points  on  each  street  where  other 
streets  cross,  name  of  householder  at  each  street  number  with  telephone  number,  also  indication 
as  to  whether  owner  or  tenant. 


Showing  under  the  proper  classified  headings  the  names  and  addresses  of  all  business  and  other 


Containing  much  information  on  Greater  Toronto  including  government,  population  and  other  data. 

(See  also  the  Alphabetical  Directory). 

PLEASE  NOTE:  (1)  The  public  is  warned  that  the  information  in  the  above  sections  is  compiled  from  original 
sources,  is  copyright,  and  must  not  be  reproduced  in  any  form  without  the  written  permission  of  the  Publishers. 

(2)  This  publication  is  leased  to  subscribers  only  and  remains  the  property  of  the  Publishers. 
The  Publishers  reserve  the  right  to  check  the  serial  number  stamped  in  this  Directory. 

Compiled  and  Published  by 


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Head  Office:  192  SPADINA  AVENUE,  TORONTO  2B,  ONTARIO— 364-1481 

^Association  of  North  American  Directory  Publishers  (Member) 

Copyright,  1966,  by  Might  Directories  Limited 

General  Index 

Abbreviations  ....  Alphabetical,  White  Page  2 
Alphabetical  List  of  Names, 

Alphabetical  White  Pages 

Ambulances  .  Classified,  Yellow  Page  3 

Associations  .  Classified,  Yellow  Pages  9-10 

Benevolent  and  Fraternal  Societies 

(See  Societies— Benevolent  and  Fraternal) 

Board  of  Education  .  Front  Section 

Board  of  Trade  .  Front  Section 

Building  Permits  .  Front  Section 

Buildings— Office  and  Public 

Classified,  Yellow  Pages  24-2S 
Buyers'  Guide  ....  Classified,  Yellow  Pages  1-110 

Cemeteries  .  Classified,  Yellow  Page  27 

Churches  .  Classified,  Yellow  Pages  28-30 

City  Government  .  Front  Section  and 

Alphabetical,  White  Section 

Classified  Business  Directory 

Classified,  Yellow  Pages  1-110 

Colleges  (See  Schools,  Colleges)  — 

Consulates  .  Classified,  Yellow  Pages  34-35 

Convents  Classified,  Yellow  Page  39 

County  of  York  (Council,  etc.) 

Front  Section  and  Alphabetical,  White  Section 

Court  House  .  Front  Section 

Customs  .  Front  Section 

East  York  .  Street  Guide,  Pink  Page  2 

Educational  Department  .  Front  Section 

Educational  Institutions, 

Classified,  Yellow  Pages  95-96 

Etobicoke  .  Street  Guide,  Pink  Pages  2-3 

Federal  Government, 

Front  Section  and  Alphabetical,  White  Section 

Fire  Department  .  Front  Section  and  under 

Toronto  Govt.,  Alphabetical,  White  Section 

Forest  Hill  Village,  Street  Guide,  Pink  Page  3 

Government  of  Canada 

Front  Section  and  Alphabetical,  White  Section 

Governor-General  .  Front  Section 

Harbour  Commissioners  .  Front  Section 

Hospitals  and  Homes, 

Classified,  Yellow  Pages  59-60 
Hotels  .  Classified,  Yellow  Page  60 

Householder's  Directory 

Street  Guide,  Pink  Pages  9-903 

Introduction  .  Front  Section 

Labor  and  Trades  Societies  (See  Societies, 

Trades  and  Labor) 

Leaside  .  Street  Guide,  Pink  Page  4 

Legal  and  Judiciary  .  Front  Section 

Libraries  .  Classified,  Yellow  Pages  68-69 

Long  Branch  .  Street  Guide,  Pink  Page  4 

Meteorological  Office  .  Front  Section 

Military  .  Front  Section 

Mimico  .  Street  Guide,  Pink  Page  4 

Miscellaneous  Information  .  Front  Section 

Miscellaneous  Societies  (See  Societies— 

Missions  .  Classified,  Yellow  Page  30 

Monasteries  .  Classified,  Yellow  Page  75 

Motion  Pictures  (See  Theatres)— 

Municipal  Government  ..  Front  Section  and  under 
Toronto  Govt.,  Alphabetical  White  Section 

New  Toronto  .  Street  Guide,  Pink  Page  4 

North  York  .  Street  Guide,  Pink  Pages  4-5 

Parks  and  Playgrounds, 

Classified,  Yellow  Page  80 

Police  Department  .  Front  Section  and 

under  Metropolitan  Toronto, 

Alphabetical  White  Section 

Population  .  Front  Section 

Post  Office  .  Front  Section  and  under 

Government  of  Canada, 

Alphabetical,  White  Section 

Provincial  Government  .  Front  Section 

and  under  Ontario  Government, 

Alphabetical,  White  Section 

Public  Buildings  (See  Buildings— Office  and 

Public  Schools  (See  Schools— Public) 

Queen  and  Royal  Family  .  Front  Section 

Railroads  .  Classified,  Yellow  Page  89 

Scarborough  ....  Street  Guide,  Pink  Pages  5-7 

Schools  and  Colleges, 

Classified,  Yellow  Page  95 

Schools— Public  ....  Classified,  Yellow  Pages  95-96 
Schools— Separate, 

Classified,  Yellow  Page  96 

Societies— Benevolent  and  Fraternal, 

Classified,  Yellow  Page  99 

Societies— Miscellaneous, 

Classified,  Yellow  Pages  99-100 

Societies— Trades  and  Labour, 

Classified,  Yellow  Page  100 

Steamship  Inspection  .  Front  Section 

Under  Government  of  Canada, 

Street  and  Avenue  Guide, 

Street  Guide,  Pink  Pages  9-903 

Swansea  .  Street  Guide,  Pink  Page  7 

Theatres  .  Classified,  Yellow  Page  103 

Title  Page  .  Front  Section 

Toronto,  Statistical  Section  Showing  Pop¬ 
ulation,  Financial,  Industrial,  Education  & 
General  Civic  Information  .  Front  Section 

Trades  Unions  (See  Societies— Trades  and 


Weston  .  Street  Guide,  Pink  Page  7 

York  Township  ....  Street  Guide,  Pink  Page  7 



The  information  in  this  directory  is  gathered  as  far  as  possible  by  actual  canvass,  and  is  compiled  in  a  way  to  ensure  maximum  accuracy.  We, 
the  publishers,  cannot,  of  course,  guarantee  the  correctness  of  information  furnished  us  nor  the  complete  absence  of  mistakes,  hence  no  responsibility 
for  errors  can  be  or  is  assumed.  We  will,  however,  welcome  the  bringing  to  our  attention  of  any  inaccuracy  in  order  that  correction  may  be  made  in 
the  next  edition  of  this  directory. 




Statistics  of  Metropolitan  Toronto 


Metropolitan  Toronto  -  -  1,802,006 

Toronto  City  -  654,936  Suburban  -  1,147,070 


Permits  Erections  Value 

Apartments  . 





alterations  &  additions . 




Arena,  alterations  . 




Armouries  . 




Athletic  Building . 




Banks  . . . 




Banks,  alterations  &  additions 




Bus  Terminal,  alterations  . 




Churches  . 




Churches,  alterations  & 

additions  . 




Clubs,  Private 

alterations  &  additions  ... 




Demolitions  . 




Dwellings  . 



Dwellings,  Brick, 

alterations  &  additions  ... 




Dwellings,  Frame, 

alterations  &  additions  ... 




Factories  . 





alterations  &  additions  ... 




Fire  Escapes  . 




Funeral  Home,  alterations  . 




Garages,  Private  . 




Garages,  Public . 




Garagets,  Public, 

alterations  &  additions  ... 




Girls’  Residence,  alterations  ... 





alterations  &  additions  ... 




Heating  . 




Home  for  the  Aged . 





alterations  &  additions  ... 




Hotels,  alterations  &  additions 




Library  . 




Municipal  Building  . 




Offices  . 




Offices,  alterations  &  additions 




Plumbing  . 




Railway  Station,  alterations  ... 




Roundhouse,  alterations  . 




Schools  . 





alterations  &  additions . 




Service  Stations  . 




Service  Stations, 

alterations  &  additions  ... 




Sheds  . 




Signs,  Posters,  etc.  . 




Signs,  Overhanging 

Public  Property  . 




Steam  Plant,  addition . 




Stores  . 




Stores,  alterations  &  additions 




Substation,  alterations . 




Subway  Entrance  Buildings  ... 




Subway  Substation  . 




Tanks,  Fuel  Oil  . 




Tanks,  Gas,  etc . 




Taverns,  alterations . 




Temporary  Buildings  . 




Theatres,  alterations  . 




Transformer  Station  . 




Verandahs  . 




Warehouses  . 





alterations  &  additions  ... 




Miscellaneous  . 




Housing  Repairs  . 

Grand  Total . 






Total,  1964  . 




Classified  Summary  of  Building  Permits,  1965 

Housing  including  Apartments 


1,245  $  69,633,116 

Commercial  and  Industrial . 




Schools  and  Churches  . 




Miscellaneous  . 




11,035  11,115  $212,679,323 


Actual  figures  since  1950  are:- 










Buildings  Erected 

1951  . 

.  8,731 



1952  . 

.  8,254 



1953  . 

.  8,791 



1954  . 

.  8,079 



1955  . 

.  8,487 



1956  . 

.  7,512 



1957  . 

.  7,160 



1958  . 

.  5,878 



1959  . 

.  5,668 



1960  . 

.  11,733 


1 07,47 T,474 

1961  . 

.  12,946 



1962  . 

.  14,097 


107,353,69o 'x 

1963  . 

.  13,181 



1964  . 

.  11,961 



1965  . 

.  11,035 









Taxes  Levied 

Rate  Mills 






1961  . 






.  1,846,775,868 




1963  . 

.  1,865,582,373 


72.59  f§ 






1965  —  Not  available  at  press  time. 

"Public  (Res.)  tPublic  (Comml.) 
{Separate  (Res.)  §Separate  (Comml.) 


Three  of  the  eight  Canadan  Chartered  Banks  have  their 
Head  Offices  in  Toronto.  (While  the  Head  Office  of  the 
Bank  of  Nova  Scotia  is  in  Halifax,  the  General  Manager’s 
Office  is  in  Toronto). 

The  total  assets  of  all  eight  commercial  banks  (i.e.  except 
Bank  of  Canada)  are  $25,875,782,000,  as  of  December  31, 

Port  of  Toronto 

1965  Calendar  Year  .  $319,423,862.44 


The  Port  of  Toronto,  through  continued  expansion  and 
planned  development,  has  become  one  of  the  most  modem 
harbours  on  the  Great  Lakes  with  a  cargo  tonnage  placing  it 
among  the  leaders  of  both  Canadian  lake  and  sea  ports. 

Under  the  direction  and  administration  of  The  Toronto 
Harbour  Commissioners,  with  the  co-operation  of  the  City 
Council  and  the  Dominion  Government,  Toronto  Harbour  has 
experienced  very  marked  improvements  in  navigation,  com¬ 
mercial  and  industrial  facilities.  Two  large  waterfront  in¬ 
dustrial  areas  have  been  created  almost  entirely  out  of 
non-revenue  producing  marsh  lands  and  lands  previously 
covered  by  water. 

Serving  these  two  areas  are  concrete  wharves  and  piers; 
twelve  miles  of  modern  dockage;  35  miles  of  terminal  railway 
track  owned  or  controlled  by  the  Commissioners;  perfect  co¬ 
ordination  of  rail,  water  and  highway  transportation;  wide 
streets  and  all  modern  conveniences  and  accommodation  for 
industrial  and  commercial  establishments. 

The  extent  and  beneficial  importance  of  Toronto  Harbour 
developments  to  the  City  and  the  impetus  given  the  City’s 
commerce  by  waterborne  trade  are  intangibles  difficult  of 
measurement.  A  tangible  result,  however,  is  seen  in  the  pay¬ 
ment  during  1965  of  over  six  million  dollars  in  taxes,  made 
to  the  City  by  industry  and  manufacturers  located  on  lands 
created  by  the  Harbour  development. 

The  following  is  a  table  of  waterborne  traffic  cargo  ton¬ 
nage  at  Toronto  Harbour,  in  short  tons: 

1960  .  4,637,364 

1961  .  5,275,454 

1962  .  5,489,194 

1963  .  6,421,893 

1964  .  5,673,632 

1965  .  6,070,743 

Generally,  material  improvement  in  the  physical  condition 
and  commercial  importance  of  Toronto  Harbour  date  from  the 
inception  in  1911  of  the  present  method  of  administration  by 
The  Toronto  Harbour  Commissioners. 

In  addition  to  industrial  developments,  the  Commissioners, 
working  to  a  planned  programme,  have  reclaimed  park  and 

recreational  areas,  most  of  which  has  been  turned  over  to  the 
City  of  Toronto. 

Also  extending  easterly  from  the  Humber  River  to  Leslie 
Street,  a  distance  of  approximately  7  miles,  is  the  cross-town 
waterfront  highway  made  possible  by  the  waterfront  develop¬ 
ment,  and  with,  for  the  most  part,  a  minimum  pavement 
width  of  50  feet.  Also  constructed  across  the  waterfront, 
generally  on  Port  crested  lands,  is  the  Gardiner  Expressway. 

The  Toronto  Island  Airport  and  Seaplane  Base,  located 
south  of  the  Western  Channel  entrance  to  Toronto  Harbour, 
is  operated  by  the  Harbour  Commissioners.  It  is  located 
approximately  one  and  one-half  miles  from  the  Union  Station. 
Modernization  of  this  Airport  has  taken  place  with  the  con¬ 
struction  of  a  new  4,000  ft.  runway  and  additional  hangar 

A  new  marine  terminal  of  140,000  sq.  ft.  is  being  built 
in  1966.  This  is  the  fifth  to  be  built  in  the  Port  since  the 
St.  Lawrence  Seaway  was  started. 


There  are  over  5,000  manufacturing  establishments  in 
Metropolitan  Toronto.  Tornto  has  twice  as  many  branches  of 
British  and  United  States  firms  as  the  next  ranking  centre 
in  Canada.  The  selling  value  of  factory  shipments  in  1962 
was  over  $4,500,000,000.  There  are  in  the  Toronto  area 
240,000  industrial  employees,  and  the  1962  manufacturing 
payroll  approximated  $1,800,000,000. 

Some  of  the  fields  of  production  in  which  Toronto  is 
outstanding  are  meat  packing;  electrical  apparatus  and  sup¬ 
plies;  rubber  goods;  machinery;  pharmaceuticals;  and  printing 
and  publishing. 

Toronto  is  firmly  established  as  Canada’s  leading  industrial 
and  distributing  city.  It  is  the  immediate  centre  of  the  largest 
and  wealthiest  consuming  population  in  Canada  (one-third  of 
the  buying  power  of  the  entire  Canadian  market  is  concen¬ 
trated  with  in  a  radius  of  100  miles),  and  it  is  the  center  of 
country-wide  business  and  wholesale  trade.  It  is  also  a  favor¬ 
able  base  for  world-wide  export  trade,  which  is  one  of  the 
outstanding  features  in  Canadian  industrial  development. 

The  volume  and  diversity  of  Toronto  manufacturing 
provide  under  normal  conditions  plentiful  and  efficient  labor, 
skilled  and  unskilled,  male  and  female,  in  fact  it  is  the 
provincial  clearing  house  for  labor. 

Toronto  has  excellent  transportation  facilities  with  many 
sources  of  raw  and  semi-manufactured  materials  in  close 
proximity.  Rail,  water,  highway  and  air  communications 
radiate  from  Toronto  giving  efficient  low-cost  distribution. 

Splendid  industrial  sites  are  available  in  the  harbour,  in 
other  zones  within  the  city  limits  and  in  its  industrial  suburbs. 
It  has  electric  power  at  cost  and  it  is  one  of  the  financial 
centres  of  the  North  American  Continent. 

The  Metropolitan  Toronto  Industrial  Commission,  Canada 
Permanent  Building,  320  Bay  Street,  Toronto,  is  the  official 
industrial  commission  for  the  City  of  Toronto  and  covers  40 
adjacent  municipalities,  ranging  in  population  from  a  few 
thousand  to  the  city  of  Toronto  with  a  population  of  approxi¬ 
mately  640,000. 

Many  other  statistics  show  how  rapid  and  sizeable  has 
been  the  city’s  business  growth.  Consider  the  large  increase 
in  the  number  of  telephones— the  pulses  of  city  commerce 
in  Toronto. 

The  number  of  telephones  in  service  since  1956  is  as 
follows:  — 

December  31st,  1956  .  667,600 

December  31st,  1957  .  715,189 

December  31st,  1958  .  762,620 

December  31st,  1959  .  805,040 

December  31st,  1960  .  849,810 

December  31st,  1961  .  899,781 

December  31st,  1962  .  934,196 

December  31st,  1963  .  980,929 

December  31st,  1964  .  1,037,619 

December  31st,  1965  .  1,107,891 




The  City  of  Toronto  has  23  public  libraries  —  the  Central 
Library,  corner  College  and  St.  George  Streets;  Boys  and 
Girls  House,  40  St.  George  Street;  the  new  City  Hall  Library, 
Nathan  Phillips  Square,  the  Music  Library,  559  Avenue  Road 
at  St.  Clair,  and  19  other  branch  libraries  throughout  the  city. 
The  Central  Library  includes  General  and  Student  Reference, 
History  and  Literature,  Science  and  Technology,  Social 
Sciences,  Fine  Art,  Theatre  and  Drama,  the  Metropolitan 
Bibliographic  Centre,  the  Historical  and  Circulating  Picture 
Collections,  the  Baldwin  Room  of  Manuscripts  and  Rare 
Canadiana,  and  the  Toronto  Room  which  contains  Toronto 
pictures  and  bound  volumes  of  Toronto  newspapers.  In 
Boys  and  Girls  House  are  located  the  Osborne  Collection 
of  Early  Children’s  Books,  1505-1910,  and  the  Lillian  H 
Smith  Collection,  1911-1966.  The  City  Hall  Library  provides 
the  downtown  area  with  a  large  Circulating  collection  and 
the  Business  Reference  and  Municipal  Reference  collections. 
There  are  also  numerous  smaller  libraries  supervised  by  the 
Toronto  Public  Libraries:  10  in  hospitals,  3  in  schools,  10  in 
homes  for  the  aged,  and  6  in  other  institutions.  The  use  of 
books  in  1965  in  the  City’s  own  libraries  was  4,558,740 
volumes,  including  those  circulated  and  those  consulted  in 
the  Library.  Books  in  all  libraries  now  total  over  1,000,000. 

Toronto  offers  unusual  educational,  religious,  recreational 
and  home  facilities  to  the  working  man;  sane  labour  laws 
honestly  and  ably  administered,  all  result  in  satisfied  and 
satisfactory  employees. 

Number  of  Teachers  on  Day  School  Staff  at  December  31st  1965 

Public  Schools  .  2,777 

Collegiate  Institutes  . 686 

Technical  Schools  .  564 

Vocational  Schools  . 119 

High  Schools  of  Commerce  .  266 

Number  of  Teachers  on  Night  School  Staff  at  December  31st,  1965 

Public  Schools  .  10 

Collegiate  Institutes  .  217 

Technical  Schools  .  674 

Vocational  Schools  .  45 

High  Schools  of  Commerce  .  129 

Average  Daily  Attendance  for  the  Year  1965 

Public  Schools  .  64,234 

Collegiate  Institutes  .  13,071 

Technical  Schools  .  6,916 

Vocational  Schools  .  1,429 

High  Schools  of  Commerce  .  5,692 

(not  inch  grades  9  &  10) 

Average  Nightly  Attendance  for  the  Year  1965 

Public  Schools  .  211 

Collegiate  Institutes  .  2,245 

Technical  Schools  .  2,653 

Vocational  Schools  .  489 

High  Schools  of  Commerce  . - . .  1,143 

Number  of  School,  1965 

Public  Schools  .  101 

Collegiate  Institutes  .  10 

Technical  Schools .  3 

Vocational  Schools  .  3 

High  Schools  of  Commerce  .  3 

Collegiate  and  Commercial  .  1 

Collegiate,  Technical  and  Commercial .  1 

Technical  and  Commercial  .  1 

Number  of  Teachers  on  Separate 

School  Staff  .  2,053 

Number  of  Registered  Pupils  in 

Separate  Schools  .  61,359 

Number  of  Separate  Schools  108 

Value  of  Buildings,  Sites  and  Equipment  at  December  31st,  1965 

Public  Schools  .  $  98,667,550.28 

Collegiate  Institutes  29,706,948.25 

Technical  .  29,569,162.71 

Vocational  .  8,489,271.68 

Commercial  .  12,855,148.32 

Central  Administration  8,573,999.85 


AUTOMOBILE  STATISTICS  (Metropolitan  Toronto) 

In  1965  there  were  547,998  passenger  cars  and  67,601  trucks. 


The  number  of  meters  served  by  the  Toronto  Hydro 
Electric  System  for  the  past  ten  years  is  as  follows:  — 

In  1956 

...  197,315  meters 

In  1961  ... 

...  207,829  meters 

“  1957  ... 

...  199,832  “ 

“  1962  ... 

...  209,569  “ 

”  1958  ... 

...  200,797  “ 

“  1963  ... 

...  210,700  “ 

“  1959  ... 

...  204,265  “ 

“  1964  ... 

...  213,781  “ 

“  1960  ... 

...  206,892  “ 

“  1965  .. 

....  218,420  “ 


Registrations  received  for  births,  marriages  and  deaths  in 
Toronto  for  the  past  six  years  were  as  follows: 






























Held  at  Exhibition  Park,  Toronto,  Annually  in  August 
and  September. 

Attendance  2,994,500,  record  one-day  attendance,  339,000. 
Exhibition  Park,  six  minutes  by  bus  from  City  Hall,  is  a  350- 
acre  beauty  spot  on  the  shore  of  Lake  Ontario  with  a  water¬ 
front  of  a  mile  and  a  half.  The  land,  buildings  and  plant 
equipment  are  valued  at  $50,000,000.  Miles  of  paved  boule¬ 
vards  traverse  the  magnificently  landscaped  park.  The  big 
display  structures  of  steel,  concrete,  brick  and  stone  provide 
more  than  2,250,000  square  feet  of  exhibition  space  and 
several  of  them  cost  in  excess  of  one  million  dollars  each. 
This  great  ‘Show  Window  of  the  Nations”  is  the  world’s 
largest  annual  exhibition.  Dates  in  1966,  August  19th  to 
September  5th. 




MIGHT’S  1966 



Copyright,  1966,  by  Might  Directories  Limited 

The  Royal  Family 

Her  Most  Excellent  Majesty  ELIZA¬ 
BETH  THE  SECOND  (Elizabeth, 
Alexandra,  Mary  of  Windsor),  by  the 
Grace  of  God,  of  the  United  Kingdom, 
Canada,  and  her  other  Realms  and 
Territories,  QUEEN,  Head  of  the 
Commonwealth,  Defender  of  the 

Elder  daughter  of  His  late  Majesty 
King  George  VI  and  of  Her  Majesty 
Queen  Elizabeth,  the  Queen  Mother; 
bom  at  17  Bruton  Street,  London, 
April  21,  1926,  succeeded  to  the 
throne  February  6,  1952,  crowned 
June  2,  1953;  having  married,  Nov¬ 
ember  20,  1947,  in  Westminster 

Abbey,  H.R.H.  The  Prince  Philip, 
Duke  of  Edinburgh,  K.G.,  P.C.,  K.T., 
G.M.B.E.,  F.R.S. 


H.R.H.  The  Prince  of  Wales 
(Charles,  Philip,  Arthur,  George), 
Earl  of  Chester,  Duke  of  Cornwall  and 
Duke  of  Rothesay,  Earl  of  Garrick  and 
Baron  Renfrew,  Lord  of  the  Isles  and 
Great  Steward  of  Scotland,  K.G.,  bom 
at  Buckingham  Palace,  November  14, 

H.R.H.  Princess  Anne,  Elizabeth, 
Alice,  Louise,  bom  at  Clarence  House, 
August  15,  1950. 

H.R.H.  Prince  Andrew,  Albert, 
Christian,  Edward,  bom  at  Bucking¬ 
ham  Palace,  February  19,  1960. 

H.R.H.  Prince  Edward,  Antony, 
Richard,  Louis,  bom  at  Buckingham 
Palace,  March  10,  1964. 


H.M.  Queen  Elizabeth  the  Queen 
Mother  (Elizabeth,  Angela,  Marguer¬ 
ite  )  daughter  of  the  14th  Earl  of 
Strathmore  and  Kinghome.  Bom 
August  4,  1900,  married  April  26, 
1923,  Prince  Albert,  Frederick,  Arthur, 
George  of  Windsor,  Duke  of  York, 
who  succeeded  to  the  throne  as  King 
George  VI,  December  11,  1936,  and 
died  February  6,  1952. 

Residences:  Clarence  House,  St. 
James’s,  S.W.l;  Castle  of  Mey,  Caith¬ 
ness,  Scotland. 


H.R.H.  Princess  Margaret  Rose  (The 
Princess  Margaret  Countess  of  Snow¬ 
don),  C.L.G.C.V.O.  Bom  at  Glamis 
Castle,  Angus,  Scotland,  August  21, 
1930.  Married  May  6,  1960  to  An¬ 
tony,  Charles,  Robert,  Armstrong- 
Jones,  created  Earl  of  Snowdon,  1961. 

Government  of 

(Seat  of  Government,  Ottawa) 


His  Excellency  General  The  Rt. 
Hon.  Georges  Philias  Vanier,  D.S.O., 
M.C.,  C.D. 



Room  620,  1  Front  West 
Divisional  Director— Peter  Gorrie, 

1  Front  West 

H.  J.  Linney,  Acting  Collector, 



2nd  Floor,  225  Jarvis,  369-4605 
A.  C.  Waldie,  Divisional  Supervisor; 

D.  R.  Weaver,  Senior  Steamship  In¬ 
spector;  R.  S.  Torrance,  J.  G.  Patty, 
R.  H.  Neatham,  D.  F.  MacDonald, 

E.  Wiberg,  R.  S.  Watt,  Steamship 

4th  Floor,  225  Jarvis,  369-4255 
Capt.  M.  D.  Atkins,  Supervising 
Examiner  of  Masters  &  Mates,  Port 
Warden  and  Tonnage  Surveyor. 


315  Bloor  West 

J.  R.  H.  Noble,  Director,  966-6539. 



(Reserve  Division)  HMCS  York  — 
Commander  P.  J.  Wilch,  Command¬ 
ing  Officer,  659  Lake  Shore  blvd 
west,  369-4803. 

Headquarters  Central  Ontario  Dis¬ 
trict,  Oakville,  Ontario. 

Canadian  Forces  Base,  Toronto. 
Headquarters  RCAF  Station, 

No.  2  Works  Company  RCE,  60 
Atlantic  Avenue. 

Toronto  Military  Hospital,  DVA 
Hospital,  Sunnybrook  Park. 

District  Pay  Office,  36  Adelaide  St. 

Toronto  Detachment  Canadian 
Forces  Base  Provost  Company,  1107 
Avenue  Road. 

6  Personnel  Depot,  RCAF  Station, 

Armed  Forces  Recruiting  Station, 
25  St  Clair  Avenue  East. 

Toronto,  Downsview,  Ontario. 


Dominion  Public  Building,  Front 
and  Bay,  EM.  2-6211. 

For  Stations  and  Sub-Offices,  See 
Government  of  Canada,  Alphabetical 
White  Section. 

Government  of  the 
Province  of 

Toronto  is  the  Seat  of  the  Provincial 

The  Parliament  Buildings  being  sit¬ 
uated  in  the  heart  of  the  city  in 
Queen’s  Park  and  the  Lieutenant- 
Governor’s  Suite  is  in  The  Parliament 

Lieutenant-Governor  —  The  Hon. 
W.  Earl  Rowe,  P.C.(C.). 


John  Parmenter  Robarts,  Q.C.  — 
Prime  Minister  and  President  of  the 

Archibald  Kelso  Roberts,  Q.C.  — 
Minister  of  Lands  and  Forests. 

Louis  Pierre  Cecile,  Q.C.  —  Minister 
of  Public  Welfare. 

James  Noble  Allan  —  Treasurer. 

Thomas  Ray  Connell  —  Minister  of 
Public  Works. 

Matthew  Bulloch  Dymond,  M.D.  — 
Minister  of  Health. 

Joseph  Wilfrid  Spooner  —  Minister 
of  Municipal  Affairs. 

John  Yaremko,  Q.C.  —  Provincial 
Secretary  and  Minister  of  Citizenship. 

George  Calvin  Wardrope  —  Minister 
of  Mines. 

Henry  Leslie  Rowntree,  Q.C.  — 
Minister  of  Labour. 

Allan  Grossman  —  Minister  of  Re¬ 
form  Institutions. 

William  Atcheson  Stewart  r-  Mini¬ 
ster  of  Agriculture. 

Charles  Steel  MacNaughton  —  Mini¬ 
ster  of  Highways. 

Irwin  Haskett— Minister  of  Transport. 

James  Alexander  Charles  Auld  — 
Minister  of  Tourism  and  Information. 

William  Grenville  Davis,  Q.C.  — 
Minister  of  Education  and  Minister 
of  University  Affairs. 

John  Richard  Simonett  —  Minister 
of  Energy  and  Resources  Manage¬ 

Stanley  John  Randall  —  Minister  of 
Economics  and  Development. 

Arthur  Allison  Wishart,  Q.C.  — 
Attorney  General. 

W.  M.  McIntyre,  Secretary  of  the 

Hon.  Donald  H.  Morrow,  B.A., 

Officers  of  the  Legislative  Assembly 
—  Roderick  Lewis,  Q.C.,  Clerk  of  the 
Legislative  Assembly  and  Chief  Elec¬ 
tion  Officer;  J.  J.  Young,  Clerk  of  the 
Executive  Council  and  Clerk  Assistant 
of  the  Legislative  Assembly;  Lachlan 
R.  MacTavish,  Q.C.,  Senior  Legisla¬ 
tive  Counsel;  W.  C.  Alcombrack,  Q.C., 
Legislative  Counsel;  Major  B.  Handley 
Geary,  V.C.,  Sergeant-at-Arms. 


Queen  West,  between  Chestnut 
and  University  Avenue 

The  Supreme  Court  of  Ontario  — 
The  Court  of  Appeal  for  Ontario. 

The  Hon.  Dana  Porter,  Chief  Jus¬ 
tice  of  Ontario;  the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice 
Aylesworth,  the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice  F. 
G.  MacKay;  the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice 
Schroeder,  the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice  G.  A. 
McGillivray,  the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice  A. 
Kelly,  the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice  J.  L.  Mc¬ 
Lennan,  the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice  Wells, 
the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice  G.  T.  Evans  and 
the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice  B.  Laskin. 

High  Court  of  Justice  for  Ontario 
—  The  Hon.  G.  A.  Gale,  Chief  Justice 
of  the  High  Court;  the  Hon.  Mr.  Jus¬ 
tice  Wilson,  the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice 
Ferguson,  the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice  King, 
the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice  Stewart,  the  Hon. 
Mr.  Justice  Moorhouse,  the  Hon.  Mr. 
Justice  Thompson,  the  Hon.  Mr.  Just¬ 
ice  Landreville,  the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice 
Schatz,  the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice  Donnelly, 
the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice  D.  R.  Morand, 
the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice  W.  D.  Parker, 
the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice  E.  A.  Richardson, 
the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice  N.  C.  Fraser, 
the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice  Grant,  the  Hon. 
Mr.  Justice  Hughes,  the  Hon.  Mr. 
Justice  Haines,  the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice 
Lieff,  the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice  Brooke, 
the  Hon.  Mr.  Justice  Jessup,  the  Hon. 
Mr.  Justice  McDermott,  the  Hon.  Mr. 
Justice  W.  A.  Donohue  and  the  Hon. 
Mr.  Justice  W.  J.  Henderson. 

Judicial  Branch  —  Master’s  Office, 
A.  F.  Rodger,  Q.C.,  Senior  Master; 

F.  G.  Cook,  Q.C.,  D.  W.  Rose,  Q.C., 

G.  C.  Saunders,  D.  D.  MacRae,  W.  C. 
McBride  and  G.  W.  Dunn,  Masters. 

Administrative  Branch  —  Registrar, 
G.  F.  Beddis;  Assistant  Registrars,  G. 
K.  McBride,  R.  McKinnon,  C.  C. 
Bradley,  W.  F.  Shaughnessy,  J.  A. 
Preston,  M.  R.  Elliott  and  C.  D. 

The  Official  Guardian  —  F.  T. 
Watson,  Q.C.;  Deputy  L.  W.  Perry. 

The  Public  Trustee  —  J.  W.  G. 

Reporting  Staff  —  L.  I.  Alex. 

Registrar  in  Bankruptcy  Court  —  F. 
G  .Cook,  Q.C. 

Accountant’s  Office  —  Accountant, 
John  B.  Cameron. 



Referee  and  Inspector  of  Titles  — 
D.  W.  Rose,  Q.C. 

Law  School  —  Dean  H.  Allan  Leal, 


Law  Society  of  Upper  Canada  —  W. 
Earl  Smith,  Q.C.,  Secretary;  Ken 
Jarvis  and  Andrew  M.  Lawson  Deputy 

Exchequer  Court  of  Canada,  On¬ 
tario  Admiralty  District  —  The  Hon. 
Mr.  Justice  D.  C.  Wells;  District  judge 
in  Admiralty;  J.  A.  Preston,  District 



Supreme  Court  of  Ontario— C.  C. 
Bradley,  Assistant  Registrar  and  Clerk 
of  the  Jury  Sittings  ( Criminal ) ;  W.  F. 
Shaughnessy,  Assistant  Registrar  and 
Clerk  of  the  non- Jury  and  civil  Jury 

Court  of  General  Sessions  of  the 
Peace—  Clerk  of  the  Peace,  Morgan  L. 

County  Court  of  the  County  of  York 
—County  Judges:  Robert  Forsyth,  Ian 
M.  Macdonell,  Frank  Denton,  Frank 
G.  J.  McDonagh,  F.  J.  MacRae,  H. 
W.  Timmins,  E.  L.  Weaver,  Garth 
Moore,  William  Carroll,  William 
Sheppard,  Harry  Waisberg,  W.  D. 
Lyon,  A.  R.  Willmott,  W.  F.  B. 
Rogers,  Jos.  P.  Kelly,  Chas  J.  Henry; 
Edra  S.  Ferguson  (Division  Court 
Judge);  W.  J.  Macrae,  Clerk;  P.  J. 
Ambrose,  Sheriff  of  York. 

Surrogate  Court— Judge  Ian  Mac¬ 
donell,  Hardy  B.  Ridout,  registrar; 
Morgan  L.  Piper,  deputy  registrar; 

Government  of  the 
County  of  York 

Offices— Newmarket. 

The  Municipality 
of  Metropolitan 

William  R.  Allen,  Q.C.,  Chairman, 
City  Hall,  367-8001,  Res.  40  Ridge 
Drive,  483-9482. 

Regular  meetings  alternate  Tues¬ 
days  at  2.30  p.m.  in  the  Metropolitan 
Council  Chamber,  67  Adelaide  e. 

Meets  on  Tuesday  afternoon  (alter¬ 
nate  of  Council  Meeting)  at  2:00 
o’clock,  Committee  Room  No.  2,  City 
Hall,  William  R.  Allen,  Q.C.,  Chair¬ 
man;  City  Hall,  367-8001,  Res.  40 
Ridge  Drive,  483-9482;  Albert  M. 
Campbell,  2001  Eglinton  Ave.  East, 
759-4747,  Res.  3620  Kingston  Road, 
Scarborough,  261-1273;  William  Den¬ 
nison,  Room  208,  City  Hall,  367-7015, 
Res.  23  Pricefield  Road,  921-5253; 
Philip  G.  Givens,  Q.C.,  City  Hall, 
367-7001,  Res.  76  Caribou  Road, 
782-1779;  John  P.  MacBeth,  Q.C., 
550  Bumhamthorpe  Road,  Etobicoke, 
231-4161,  Res.  9  Palace  Arch  Drive, 
Islington,  233-8043;  Jack  Mould,  2700 
Eglinton  Avenue  West,  Toronto  15, 
766-3481,  Res.  110  Black  Creek 
Boulevard,  Toronto  9,  769-3363; 

Herbert  Orliffe,  Q.C.,  City  Hall, 
367-7013,  Res.  55  Riddell  Avenue, 
Toronto  19,  787-4036. 


Transportation  Committee  —  Meets 
on  alternate  Monday  mornings  at 
10:00  o’clock,  Frederick  J.  Beavis, 

Works  Committee  —  Meets  on  alter¬ 
nate  Wednesday  mornings  at  10:00 
o'clock,  C.  Wesley  Boddington,  Chair¬ 

Welfare  and  Housing  Committee  — 
Meets  on  alternate  Thursday  mornings 
at  10:00  o’clock,  Thomas  Berry, 

Parks  and  Recreation  Committee  — 
Meets  on  alternate  Thursday  after¬ 
noons  at  2:00  o’clock,  Mrs.  Mary 
Temple,  Chairman. 


City  of  Toronto  —  Frederick  J. 
Beavis,  12  Lewis  Street,  Toronto  8, 
465-0735,  Res.  1041  Logan  Avenue, 
Toronto  6,  465-7488. 

Village  of  Long  Branch  —  Thomas 
Berry,  132  Jarvis  Street,  364-6029, 
Res.  74  Thirty-Eighth  Street,  Toronto 
14,  251-4698. 

Town  of  Weston  —  C.  Wesley  Bod¬ 
dington,  2000  Weston  Road,  Weston, 
249-9111,  Res.  2934  Weston  Road, 

City  of  Toronto  —  Hugh  Bruce, 
1162  St.  Clair  Ave.  West,  Toronto  10, 
535-3143,  Res.  9  Austin  Crescent, 
Toronto  4,  535-4286. 

City  of  Toronto  —  Charles  L.  Caccia, 
32  Isabella  St.,  Toronto  5,  921-9455, 
Res.  349  St.  Clair  av  East,  Toronto  7, 

Township  of  Scarborough  —  Albert 
M.  Campbell,  2001  Eglinton  Avenue 
East,  Scarborough,  759-4747,  Res. 
3620  Kingston  Road,  Scarborough, 

Township  of  East  York  —  Miss  True 
Davidson,  Township  of  East  York  Of¬ 
fices,  Coxwell  &  Mortimer  Avenues, 
Toronto  6,  461-9451,  Res  203  Wood- 
mount  Avenue,  Toronto  6,  425-2694. 

City  of  Toronto  —  William  Denni¬ 
son,  City  Hall,  Toronto  1,  367-7015, 
Res.  23  Pricefield  Road,  Toronto  5, 

City  of  Toronto  —  Philip  G.  Givens, 
Q.C.,  City  Hall,  Toronto  1,  367-7001, 
Res.  76  Caribou  Road,  Toronto  12, 

City  of  Toronto  —  B.  Michael  Gray¬ 
son,  Q.C.,  Room  602,  330  Bay  Street, 
Toronto  1,  363-0379,  Res.  9  Astley 
Avenue,  Toronto  5,  921-1016. 

Town  of  Mimico— Hugh  M.  Griggs, 
The  Telegram,  440  Front  Street  West, 
Toronto  2B,  362-5611,  Res.  52  Hill¬ 
side  Avenue,  Toronto  14,  251-6283. 

Village  of  Swansea  —  James  T.  Bon¬ 
ham,  95  Lavinia  Avenue,  Business 
251-4111,  Res.  21  Waller  Avenue, 

Township  of  Etobicoke  —  John  P. 
MacBeth,  Q.C.,  133  Richmond  Street 
West,  Toronto  1,  368-8311,  Res.  9 
Palace  Arch  Dr.,  Islington,  233-8043. 

Township  of  York  —  Jack  Mould, 
2700  Eglinton  Ave.  West,  Toronto  15, 
766-3481,  Res.  110  Black  Creek  Blvd., 
Toronto  9,  769-3363. 

Town  of  Leaside  —  Mrs.  Beth  Neal- 
son.  Res.  Apt.  408,  54  Thomcliffe  Park 
Drive,  Toronto  17,  421-3110. 

City  of  Toronto  —  Herbert  Orliffe, 
Q.C.,  City  Hall,  367-7013,  Res.  55 
Ridelle  Avenue,  Toronto  19,  787-4036. 

City  of  Toronto  —  Joseph  J.  Piccininni, 
195  Merton  St.,  Toronto  7,  483-4954, 
Res.  130  Roxborough  Street  West, 
Toronto  5,  922-9694. 

City  of  Toronto  —  Paul  B.  Pickett,  330 
Bay  Street,  Toronto  1,  366-2923,  Res. 
107  Highboume  Road,  Toronto  7, 

Village  of  Forest  Hill  —  Edwin  J. 
Pivnick,  Suite  910,  85  Richmond  Street 
West,  Toronto  1,  366-9641,  Res.  9 
Elderwood  Dr,  Toronto  10,  481-2738. 

City  of  Toronto  —  David  Rotenberg, 
9th  Floor,  320  Bay  Street,  Toronto  1, 
368-6121,  Res.  44  Avenal  Drive, 
Toronto  10,  787-7810. 

Town  of  New  Toronto  —  Donald  R. 
Russell,  2891  Lake  Shore  Boulevard 
West,  Toronto  14,  251-2201,  Res.  173 

Lakeshore  Dr.,  Toronto  14,  251-6743. 

Township  of  North  York  —  James 
D.  Service,  Suite  905,  2200  Yonge 
Street,  Toronto  7,  485-1121,  5000 
Yonge  Street,  Willowdale,  225-4611, 
Res.  6  Courtwood  Place,  Willowdale, 

City  of  Toronto  —  Mrs.  Mary 
Temple,  Res.  100  Coe  Hill  Drive,  Apt. 
202,  Toronto  3,  769-1977. 

City  of  Toronto  —  Thomas  A. 
Wardle,  1881  Queen  Street  East,  Tor¬ 
onto  8  699-2374,  Res.  11  Falling- 
brook  Woods,  Scarborough,  691-2545. 


Chairman’s  Office  —  William  R. 
Allen,  Q.C.,  2nd  Floor,  City  Hall, 

Metropolitan  Clerk  —  W.  W.  Gard- 
house,  2nd  Floor,  City  Hall,  367-8010. 

Assessment  Commissioner  —  A.  J. 

B.  Gray,  16th  Floor,  West  Tower, 
City  Hall,  367-8401. 

Auditor— G.  Cuthbertson,  8th  Floor, 
West  Tower,  City  Hall,  367-8030. 

Metropolitan  Solicitor  —  A.  P.  G. 
Joy,  Q.C.,  2nd  Floor,  City  Hall, 

Personnel  Officer  —  George  W. 
Noble,  22nd  Floor,  East  Tower,  City 
Hall,  367-8025. 

Roads  Department  —  G.  O.  Grant, 
Commissioner,  14th  Floor,  East 
Tower,  367-8300. 

Works  Department  —  R.  L.  Clark, 
Commissioner,  11th  Floor,  East  Tower, 
City  Hall,  367-8200 

Treasury  Department— J.  S.  Eakins, 
Commissioner  of  Finance  and  Treas¬ 
urer,  10th  Floor,  West  Tower,  City 
Hall,  367-8065. 

Welfare  and  Housing  Department— 

R.  J.  Smith,  Commissioner,  Lambert 
Lodge,  4th  Floor,  East  Tower,  City 
Hall,  367-8530 

Parks  Department  —  T.  W.  Thomp¬ 
son,  Commissioner,  10th  Floor,  East 
Tower,  City  Hall,  367-8181. 

Traffic  Engineering  Department  — 

S.  Cass,  Commissioner,  8th  Floor,  East 
Tower,  City  Hall,  367-8500. 

Property  Department— F.  D.  Cavill, 
Commissioner  of  Property,  15th  Floor, 
East  Tower,  City  Hall,  367-8140. 

Metropolitan  Toronto  Emergency 
Measures  Organization— J.  H.  Pollard, 
Director,  2200  Yonge  st,  489-2111. 

Metropolitan  Board  of  Commission¬ 
ers  of  Police  —  Magistrate  C.  O.  Bick, 
Chairman,  92  King  st  e,  EM.  2-1711. 

Chief  of  Police  —  James  P.  Mackey, 
92  King  st  e,  EM.  2-1711. 

Metropolitan  Licensing  Commission 
—  Magistrate  C.  A.  Thorbum,  Q.C., 
Chairman,  171  Eglinton  avenue  east, 

Juvenile  and  Family  Court  of 
Metropolitan  Toronto  —  V.  Lome 
Stewart,  Senior  Judge,  311  Jarvis  st, 

Toronto  Jail  —  G.  P.  Whitehead, 
Governor,  550  Gerrard  st  e,  466-2164. 

Registry  Offices  —  E.  Lynn,  Regis¬ 
trar  (City),  2nd  Floor,  City  Hall, 
367-8511;  Registrar  (County)  H.  G. 
Bock,  2nd  Floor,  City  Hall,  367-8370 


Executive  Secretary  —  W.  J.  Mc- 
Cordic,  155  College  st,  368-3432. 


Ward  1.  —  Clifford  Thomas,  305 
Pape  av,  465-0035. 

Ward  2.— W.  Barry  Coutts,  145 
Heath  st  e,  483-2135. 

Ward  3.— Ying  L.  K.  Hope,  88 
Wells  Hill  av,  532-1960. 

Ward  4.— B.  G.  Lowes,  38  Wych- 
wood  park,  536-8065. 

Ward  5.  —  Kenneth  Carson,  182 
Oakwood  av,  534-3519. 

Ward  6.— Mrs.  Irene  McBrien,  1447 
King  st  w,  532-5084. 

Ward  7.  —  Mrs.  Hazel  C.  Mac¬ 
Donald,  71  Baby  Point  cres,  762-4338. 

Ward  8.— William  P.  Ross,  165  Bal¬ 
sam  av,  694-0528. 

Ward  9.— James  P.  Robertson,  44 
Lascelles  blvd,  483-9307. 


Village  of  Swansea  —  Rev.  A. 
Linton,  49  Ostend  av,  767-1567. 

Town  of  Leaside  —  Mrs.  Betty 
Strang,  82  Rykert  cres,  425-3541. 

Village  of  Forest  Hill  —  Mrs.  Elise 
Grossberg,  108  Glenayr  rd,  483-6889. 

Township  of  East  York— George  W. 
Cartwright,  199  Queensdale  avenue, 

Lakeshore  Municipalities— W.  Clare 
Farrow,  88  Eleventh  st,  251-4573. 

Township  of  Etobicoke  —  John  D. 
Parker,  93  Queen  Anne  rd,  233-2024. 

Township  of  North  York  —  Saul 
Cowan,  39  Brucewood  cres,  782-2451. 

Township  of  Scarborough  —  Robert 

C.  Stone,  32  Forestbrook  cres,  Agin- 
court,  291-0185. 

Town  of  Weston— William  E.  Bayes, 
244  Queen’s  dr,  244-2438. 

Township  of  York  —  Jack  Young,  34 
Stratheam  rd,  782-5372. 


Fred  J.  Boland,  316  St.  Clair  av  e, 
483-3907.  George  C.  Power,  3 
Saugeen  cres,  261-9416. 


Administrative  Offices:  City  Hall, 
367-8131.  Eli  Comay,  Commissioner 
and  Sec-Treas;  C.  J.  Laurin,  Chair¬ 
man,  Maclean-Hunter  Publishing  Co. 
Ltd.,  481  University  av,  (2);  W.  G. 
Messer,  Vice-Chairman,  P.O.  Box 
25,  Pickering  Village,  Ontario;  J.  H. 
Cavanagh,  2561  Kingston  rd,  Scar¬ 
borough;  Sydney  Hermant,  Imperial 
Optical  Co.  Ltd.,  21  Dundas  sq,  (2); 
H.  E.  Mole,  57  Douglas  cres,  (5); 

D.  B.  Mansur,  Suite  908,  100  Univer¬ 
sity  av  (1);  E.  T.  Parkin,  John  B. 
Parkin  Associates,  1500  Don  Mills  rd, 
Postal  Station  “J”  (6);  Mrs.  R.  H. 
Scrivener,  119  Glen  rd  (5);  F.  C. 
Buckley,  559  College  st  (4);  J.  L. 
Mould,  2700  Eglinton  av  w  ( 15 ) ; 
Mrs.  Beth  Nealson  ( Subs  for  J.  L. 
Mould),  Apt  408,  54  Thomcliffe  Park 
dr  (17);  R.  W.  Speck,  Township  of 
Toronto  Offices,  100  Dundas  st  w, 
Cooksville,  Ontario;  R.  A.  Kirk,  R.R. 
No.  2  Maple,  Ontario;  W.  J.  Haggart, 
16  Cartier  cres,  Richmond  Hill,  Ont.; 
R.  Merritt,  R.R.  No.  3,  Pickering, 
Ontario;  W.  E.  Bayes,  244  Queen's 
dr,  Weston;  M.  H.  Harris,  100  Adel¬ 
aide  st  w  ( 1 ) ;  J.  V.  Durbano,  46 
Twyford  rd,  Islington. 


William  R.  Allen,  Q.C.,  Chairman, 
Metropolitan  Council,  City  Hall,  ( 1 ) ; 
Philip  G.  Givens,  Q.C.,  Mayor,  City  of 
Toronto,  City  Hall  (1);  David  Roten¬ 
berg  (Subs  for  the  Mayor),  44  Avenal 
dr  (10);  C.  W.  Boddington,  Chairman, 
Works  Committee,  1792  Weston  rd, 
Weston;  F.  J.  Beavis,  Chairman, 
Transportation  Committee,  12  Lewis 
st  (8);  Mrs.  Mary  Temple,  Chairman, 
Parks  and  Recreation  Committee,  100 
Coehill  dr  (3);  Thos.  Berry,  Chair¬ 
man,  Welfare  &  Housing  Committee, 
74  Thirty-Eighth  st  (14);  Ralph  C. 
Day,  Chairman,  Toronto  Transit  Com¬ 
mission,  1900  Yonge  (7). 


149  College  st.,  EM.  2-1711,  Ex¬ 
tension  598. 



Government  of  the 
City  of  Toronto 


Philip  G.  Givens,  Q.C.,  Mayor’s 
Office,  2nd  Floor,  City  Hall,  367-7001. 

Board  of  Control  —  Meets  every 
Wednesday  at  9.30  a.m.  Deputations 
will  be  heard  at  10.00  a.m.  on  the 
Wednesday  of  the  week  preceding 
Council  Meetings. 


William  Dennison,  2nd  Floor,  City 
Hall,  367-7015,  Residence,  23  Price- 
field  rd,  921-5253;  Herbert  Orliffe, 
Q.C.,  2nd  Floor,  City  Hall,  367-7013, 
Residence,  55  Ridelle  av,  787-4036; 
William  L.  Archer,  Q.C.,  2nd  Floor, 
City  Hall,  367-7017,  4  Bryce  av, 
923-1433;  Mrs.  Margaret  Campbell, 
Q.C.,  2nd  Floor,  City  Hall,  367-7011, 
64  Rowanwood  av,  923-2759 


The  Regular  Meetings  of  the  Council 
are  held  every  alternate  Wednesday  at 
2.00  p.m.  ( except  during  summer 
vacation).  Committees:  Public  Works 

—  Meets  on  Monday,  week  of  Council 

meeting  at  10.00  a.m.,  Alderman 

Menzies,  Chairman.  Building  &  De¬ 
velopment  —  Meets  on  Monday,  week 
of  Council  meeting  at  2.00  p.m., 
Alderman  Piccininni,  Chairman.  Parks 
and  Recreation  —  Meets  on  Thursday, 
week  of  Council  meeting,  10.00  a.m., 
Alderman  Grayson,  Chairman.  Public 
Welfare,  Fire  and  Legislation  —  Meets 
on  Thursday,  week  of  Council  meeting 
at  2.15  p.m.,  Alderman  Sigsworth, 
Chairman.  Local  Board  of  Health  — 
Meets  on  Wednesday,  week  of  Coun¬ 
cil  meeting  at  11.00  a.m.,  Alderman 
Brown,  Chairman. 

Ward  1— Aldermen— Fred  Beavis,  12 
Lewis  st,  465-0735,  res  1041  Logan 
av,  465-7488;  Oscar  T.  Sigsworth, 
611  King  e,  363-3241,  res  58  Frizzell 
av,  465-3645. 

Ward  2  —  Aldermen  —  B.  Michael 
Grayson,  602,  330  Bay,  363-0379,  res 
9  Astley  av,  921-1016;  Mrs.  June 
Marks,  101A  Pembroke  st,  921-0132. 

Ward  3— Aldermen  —  Charles  L. 
Caccia,  32  Isabella  st,  921-9455,  res 
349  St.  Clair  av  e,  481-8340;  Mrs. 
Helen  M.  Johnston,  71  Garfield  av, 

Ward  4— Aldermen  —  David  Roten- 
berg,  9th  floor,  320  Bay,  368-6121, 
res  44  Avenal  dr,  787-7810;  Horace 
Brown,  355  Walmer  rd,  925-9873. 

Ward  5  —  Aldermen  —  Joseph  J. 
Piccininni,  195  Merton,  483-4954,  res 
130  Roxborough  w,  922-9694;  Harold 
Menzies,  869  Bloor  st  w,  536-4532; 
and  534-1037. 

Ward  6— Aldermen— Hugh  J.  Bruce, 
1162  St.  Clair  av  w,  535-3143;  res 
9  Austin  cres,  535-4286;  Ken  Dear, 
1180  Bloor  st  w,  531-3531,  res  1180A 
Bloor  st  w,  536-6171. 

Ward  7— Aldermen  —  Mrs.  Mary 
Temple,  Apt.  202,  100  Coehill  dr, 
769-1977;  Ben  Grys,  23  Ravensbourne 
cres,  Islington,  239-6628. 

Ward  8— Aldermen  —  Thomas  A. 
Wardle,  1881  Queen  e,  699-2374,  res 
11  Fallingbrook  Woods  (Scar), 
691-2545;  Mrs.  Alice  Summerville, 
161  MacLean  av,  699-1496. 

Ward  9— Aldermen— Paul  B.  Pickett, 
330  Bay  st,  366-2923,  res  107  High- 
boume  rd,  488-7777;  Kenneth  Ostran¬ 
der,  2485  Yonge  st,  485-0375,  res  4 
Donwoods  Grove,  483-7580. 

Civic  Departments— Offices  in  the 
City  Hall,  unless  otherwise  stated. 
Mayor’s  Office  —  Philip  G.  Givens, 
Mayor,  367-7001.  City  Clerk’s  Office 

-  C.  E.  Norris,  City  Clerk,  367-7027. 
Finance  —  Wm.  M.  Campbell,  Com¬ 
missioner  of  Finance  and  City  Treas¬ 
urer,  367-7051.  Buildings  —  Frank  E. 
Wellwood,  Commissioner,  367-7501. 
Development  —  W.  Manthorpe, 
367-7492.  Audit  —  John  F.  Connor, 

City  Auditor,  367-7171.  Health  —  Dr. 

A.  R.  J.  Boyd,  M.O.H.,  367-7401. 
Legal  —  W.  R.  Callow,  Q.C.,  City 
Solicitor,  367-7221.  Parks  and  Recrea¬ 
tion  —  Ivan  B.  Forrest,  Commissioner, 
367-7251.  Property  —  H.  H.  Rogers, 
Commissioner,  367-7132.  Public  Wel¬ 
fare  —  Miss  R.  J.  Morris,  Commis¬ 
sioner,  367-7331.  Purchasing  — 
Douglas  G.  Judd,  Commissioner, 
367-7311.  Real  Estate  —  David  Alex¬ 
ander,  Commissioner,  367-7201.  Public 
Works  —  R.  M.  Bremner,  Commis¬ 
sioner,  367-7701.  Streets  Department, 
—  H.  Atyeo,  Commissioner,  367-7721. 
Surveying  Department  —  A.  D.  Ford, 
City  Surveyor,  367-7755.  Fire  Depart¬ 
ment  —  Frank  Coakwell,  Chief, 
Headquarters,  Adelaide  Fire  Hall, 
367-7697,  Fire  Alarm,  EM.  1-1111. 


(See  also  Separate  School  Board ) 

Offices  and  Board  Room  —  Educa¬ 
tion  Centre,  155  College. 

Officers  of  the  Board  —  Barry  G. 
Lowes,  B.P.H.E.,  M.A.,  Chairman; 
William  P.  Ross,  B.A.,  LL.B.,  Vice- 
Chairman;  Graham  M.  Gore,  B.Sc., 
F.C.I.C.,  Director  of  Education; 
Douglas  W.  Gilmour,  B.A.,  Solicitor. 
Departments  —  A.  L.  Milloy,  B.A., 

B. Paed.,  Superintendent  of  Secondary 
Schools;  W.  K.  Bailey,  B.A.,  Asst. 
Superintendent  of  Secondary  Schools; 
A.  E.  Brown,  B.A.,  B.Paed.,  Asst. 
Superintendent  of  Secondary  Schools; 
Gertrude  M.  Fatt,  B.A.,  Asst.  Superin¬ 
tendent  of  Secondary  Schools;  N. 

A.  Sweetman,  B.A.,  B.Paed.,  Super¬ 
intendent  of  Public  Schools;  Russell 
Godbold,  B.A.,  B.Paed.,  Asst.  Super¬ 
intendent  of  Public  Schools;  Ronald 

E.  Jones,  B.A.,  B.Paed.,  Asst.  Super¬ 
intendent  of  Public  Schools;  M.  K. 
MacDonald,  B.A.,  B.Paed.,  Assistant 
Superintendent  of  Public  Schools;  D. 
Mewhort,  B.A.,  B.Paed.,  Co-ordinator 
of  Auxiliary  Services;  H.  G.  Facey, 

B. A.,  Sc.,  P.Eng.,  Comptroller  of 
Buildings  and  Plant;  G.  Douglas  Spry, 
B.  Com.,  C.A.,  Comptroller  of 
Finance;  F.  J.  Richmond,  F.C.I.S., 
Executive  Assistant  to  the  Director  of 
Education;  W.  A.  James,  Asst.  Secre¬ 
tary;  D.  S.  Paton,  B.Com.,  C.A.,  Chief 
Accountant;  David  J.  Dixon,  Superin¬ 
tendent  of  Purchasing  and  Supplies; 

F.  C.  Etherington,  M.R.A.I.C.,  Re¬ 
search  Architect;  G.  D.  Frittenburg, 
B.Arch.,  M.R.A.I.C.,  Chief  Architect; 
B.  G.  DeGraaf,  B.A.Sc.,  P.Eng.,  Super¬ 
intendent  of  Maintenance;  N.  L. 
Seager,  Superintendent  of  Plant  Oper¬ 
ations;  Iain  D.  S.  Hunter,  B.A.Sc., 
P.Eng.,  Chief  Engineer;  F.  D.  Max¬ 
well,  B.Com.  Organization  &  Methods 

Public  School  Inspectors  —  J.  W. 
Adair,  B.A.,  M.Ed.,  Inspector  of 
Special  Education;  W.  J.  Redford, 
B.A.,  B.Paed.,  J.  E.  Laughlin,  B.A., 
B.Paed.,  Clare  W.  Maedel,  B.A., 
B.Paed.,  R.  Ross  Paterson,  B.A., 
B.Paed.,  J.  M.  McEachem,  B.A., 
B.Paed.,  G.  W.  Varty,  B.A.,  B.Paed., 
H.  E.  Whitley,  B.A.,  B.Paed. 

The  regular  meetings  of  the  Board 
are  held  in  Education  Centre,  155 
College  on  first  and  third  Thursdays 
in  each  month,  at  8.  o’clock  p.m.  Open 
to  the  public. 


Ward  1— C.  Thomas  Clifford,  305 
Pape  Ave.,  465-0035.  William  Lang, 
20  Scollard,  921-8995,  47  Riverdale 
avenue,  465-3255. 

Ward  2  —  Alan  B.  Archer,  992 
Gerrard  Street  E.,  463-6042.  W.  Barry 
Coutts,  B.A.,  F.C.A.,  145  Heath  E„ 

Ward  3— Ying  L.  K.  Hope,  B.A.Sc., 
P.Eng.,  Suite  902,  99  Avenue  Road, 
925-1156;  Maurice  W.  Lister,  M.A., 
Ph.D.,  145  Famham  Ave.,  923-8298. 

Ward  4— Monte  H.  Harris,  B.P.H.E., 
B.A.,  Suite  901,  100  Adelaide  West, 
363-3373;  400  Walmer  Road,  Apt. 
302,  927-6285;  Barry  G.  Lowes, 
B.P.H.E.,  M.A.,  38  Wychwood  Park, 

Ward  5— Louis  S.  Lockhart,  D.D.S., 
672  College,  531-2723;  28  Hove  St., 
Downsview,  633-2523;  Kenneth  Car- 
son,  182  Oakwood  av,  534-3519. 

Ward  6— Mrs.  Irene  McBrien,  1447 
King  St.  W.,  532-5084;  George  Malo, 
B.A.,  1067  Bloor  St.  W.  534-7543,  40 
Sunvale  Drive,  Weston,  247-1503. 

Ward  7— Rev.  John  V.  Mills,  B.D., 
263  McCaul,  362-4271;  21  Harcroft 
Road,  762-8445.  Mrs.  Hazel  Camp¬ 
bell  MacDonald,  B.A.,  71  Baby  Point 
Crescent,  762-4338. 

Ward  8— Mahlon  F.  Beach,  B.S.A., 
46  Linsmore  Cres.,  465-3050;  Wil¬ 
liam  P.  Ross,  B.A.,  165  Balsam  Ave., 

Ward  9— James  P.  Robertson,  B.A., 

F. C.A.,  159  Bay  St.,  363-3015;  44 
Lascelles  Blvd.,  483-9307.  Alex.  C. 
Thompson,  Q.C.,  B.A.,  Suite  619,  12 
Richmond  East,  363-3831;  11  Oswald 
Cres,  489-7330. 

Representatives  of  Separate  School 
supporters  —  Thomas  E.  McDonnell, 
B.A.,  1  Glenrose  Avenue,  489-2040; 
Leo  H.  McLaughlin,  B.A.,  C.L.U.,  7th 
Floor,  220  Bay  Street,  368-4715. 


Board  of  Trade  Building,  11  Adel¬ 
aide  West,  J.  W.  Wakelin,  General 
Manager,  G.  H.  Stanford,  Secretary 
and  Asst.  General  Manager,  T.  G. 
O’Connor,  Legal  Secretary,  James  C. 
Noseworthy,  Traffic  Manager, 


General  Offices,  Queen  Elizabeth 
Building,  Exhibition  Park,  366-7551, 
connecting  all  departments.  L.  C. 
Powell,  General  Manager. 


Office,  152  Adelaide  West 

Chief,  Frank  Coakwell. 

Executive  Assistant  to  Fire  Chief, 
Wm.  McCartney. 

Deputy  Chief,  C.  Chambers. 

Asst.  Deputy  Chief,  T.  Matthews. 

Fire  Stations  and  Equipment 

Headquarters,  146-152  Adelaide 
West,  aerial  truck,  pumper  truck, 
high  pressure  truck. 

For  list  of  Stations  see  Toronto 
Government  —  Alphabetical  White 


Administration  Building,  60  Har¬ 
bour  Street,  362-7011;  J  Harry  Addi¬ 
son,  Chairman;  Geo.  A.  Wilson,  Vice- 
Chairman;  Murray  Tate,  James  Stew¬ 
art,  C.B.E.,  LL.D.,  and  J.  Douglas 
McNish,  Q.C.,  Commissioners;  E.  B. 
Griffith,  Q.C.,  B.Comm.,  General 
Manager;  Wm.  M.  H.  Colvin,  B.A., 
LL.B.  Secretary. 


John  McMechan,  Chairman;  Fred¬ 
erick  Gardiner,  Vice-Chairman;  Philip 

G.  Givens,  Q.C.,  Mayor;  Harry  Hyde, 
General  Manager  and  Chief  Engineer; 
Bruce  Prentice,  Assistant  General 
Manager;  Jack  C.  Ramsay,  Assistant 
General  Manager  —  Administration 
and  Secretary,  14  Carlton  Street, 


Chairman  —  Magistrate  C.  O.  Bick. 

Vice-Chairman  —  Judge  Ian  Mac- 

Commissioners  — 

Wm.  R.  Allen,  Q.C.,  (Chairman, 
Metropolitan  Toronto). 

Philip  G.  Givens,  Q.C.  —  Mayor  of 

Arthur  O.  Klein  (Chief  Magistrate). 

Bernard  J.  Shoemaker  —  Executive 
Secretary  of  Commission. 

Police  Department  Headquarters 
92  King  Street  East 

Chief  of  Police  —  James  P.  Mackey. 

Executive  Officer  —  Deputy  Chief, 
J.  E.  Thurston. 

Deputy  Chief,  Criminal  Investiga¬ 
tion  &  Staff  Functions  Section  — 
Bernard  O.  Simmonds. 

Deputy  Chief,  District  Functions 
Section  —  Samuel  Johnston. 

Deputy  Chief,  Traffic  &  Special 
Services  Section  —  John  R.  Murray. 

Controller  of  Administration  — 
Frederick  W.  Pullen. 

Superintendent,  No.  1  District  Head¬ 
quarters,  Andrew  Hamilton. 

Superintendent ,  No.  2  District  Head¬ 
quarters,  Frederick  E.  Davies. 

Superintendent,  No.  3  District  Head¬ 
quarters,  Vacant. 

Superintendent,  No.  4  District  Head¬ 
quarters,  Vacant. 

Superintendent,  No.  5  District  Head¬ 
quarters,  Harold  J.  Adamson. 

Inspector,  Police  College  —  Chas. 
R.  Bond. 

Office  Manager  —  Clifford  C. 


For  List  see  Metropolitan  Toronto,  Munici¬ 
pality  of  —  Alphabetical  White  Section. 


( See  Government  of  Canada, 
Alphabetical  White  Section) 


Office,  146  -  150  Laird  Drive, 
421-8950,  Dr.  J.  Andrachuk,  Chair¬ 
man;  M.  J.  Duggan,  Honorary,  Treas¬ 
urer;  Joseph  Doyle,  Frank  McDonnell, 
Monica  Young,  J.  G.  Beaulieu,  John 
Lavin,  John  Zupancic,  L.  S.  Power, 
R.  T.  Dixon,  R.  J.  Bergin,  Inspectors; 
B  E.  Nelligan,  Superintendent  of  Edu¬ 
cation,  John  Middleweek,  Business 
Administrator  and  Secretary-Treasurer; 
F.  J.  Whelan,  Executive  Officer;  P.  A. 
Jackman,  Assessment  Commissioner. 

The  regular  meetings  of  the  Board 
are  held  at  146-150  Laird  Drive,  on 
the  third  Tuesday  in  each  month,  at 
8  p.m.  and  are  open  to  the  public. 


Ward  1— Michael  J.  Duggan,  66 
Rhydwen  Avenue,  691-0503. 

Ward  2— Gerard  Godin,  34  Sher- 
boume  N.,  922-2885,  109  Niagara, 

Ward  3— Right  Rev.  Bernard  Kyte, 
200  Church  Street,  364-0234. 

Ward  4— Charles  E.  Arsenault,  181 
Albany  Avenue,  533-0040;  9,  25 
Melinda,  364-4888. 

Ward  5— James  V.  Durbano,  46 
Twyford  Road,  Islington,  233-0341. 

Ward  6— Joseph  Grittani,  4  North- 
cliffe  Blvd.,  533-0754;  1163  St.  Clair 
Avenue  West,  534-7929. 

Ward  7— George  M.  Cameron,  56 
Halford  Avenue,  767-2003. 

Ward  8— Joseph  A.  Fullerton,  317 
Beech  Avenue,  699-4920;  7  Queen 
East,  363-5877. 

Ward  9— S.  J.  Hale,  62  Cheritan 
Avenue,  485-3447. 

Ward  10— Very  Rev.  Percy  Johnson, 
3914  Bloor  St.  W.,  239-1259. 

Ward  11  — Kevin  Fitzgibbons,  10 
Millbank  Avenue,  488-1932,  c/o 
Cronyn,  Pocock  &  Robinson  Ltd.,  696 
Yonge,  625-6351. 

Ward  12— Vincent  P.  Lamping,  99 
Kingsdale  Avenue,  221-9267. 

Ward  13— Dr.  John  J.  Andrachuk, 
148  Old  Forest  Hill  Road,  782-6611, 
961  Dundas  Street  W.,  531-6929. 

Ward  14— George  B.  Heenan,  153 
Doris  Ave.,  Willowdale,  225-0112, 
106  Willowdale  Ave.,  225-1186. 

Ward  15— Edward  J.  Brisbois,  42 
MacNaughton  Road,  483-8098,  18 
Duncan  Street,  366-8057. 

Ward  16-Rev.  W.  V.  Egan,  3170 
St.  Clair  Ave.  E.  (Scar),  757-2806. 

Ward  17— P.  L.  Faughnan,  4  Hori¬ 
zon  Crescent,  291-0932. 

Ward  18— Rev.  G.  B.  Breen,  1560 
Kipling  Avenue  North,  241-3830. 



Pag*  1 

MIGHT'S  1966 



Showing  under  the  proper  Classified  Business  Headings,  the  names  and  addresses  of  all  Commercial,  Industrial,  Financial 

and  Professional  Firms,  Offices,  Stores,  Factories,  etc. 

The  following  lists 

are  also  included  in  this  Business  Directory: 


















(Names  appearing  under  headings  marked  (*)  are  inserted  only  when  specially  contracted  for.) 

Copyright,  1966,  by  Might  Directories  Limited 


(See  also  Meat  Packers) 

Canadian  Abattoir  Ltd,  138  St  Helens  av 
Toronto  Abattoir  Ltd,  2  Tecumseth 


See  Physicians  and  Hospital  Supplies 


Grimes  Abrasives  Ltd,  2450  Finch  av  w  (Nth  Y) 


Bay  State  Abrasive  Products  Co  (Can)  Ltd,  2  Thorn- 
cliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 

Brillo  Manufacturing  Co  (Canada)  Ltd,  112  Sinnott  rd 

Canada  Sand  Papers  'Ltd,  124  Cartwright  av  (Nth  Y) 
Chandler  Industrial  Supplies  Ltd,  29  Jutland  rd  (Etob) 
Felker  Mfg  Co,  2  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 


See  Finance  Co's 


(See  also  Accountants  and  Auditors) 
Abrams,  Caplan,  Stekel  &  Zweig,  3089  Bathurst  (N  Y) 
Abrams  Martin  S,  62  Richmond  w 
Adams  Morris,  425  University  av 
Adams  Robert  W  &  Co,  55  York 
Adamson  John,  794  Egl inton  av  e  (Leas) 

Adelkind  &  Leroy,  1437  Yonge 

Adelman  &  Gelgoot,  333  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Alexander  Richmond  C,  67  Richmond  w 

Allen  Loft  us  A  &  Co,  48  Yonge 

Allen,  Miles,  Fox  &  Johnston,  250  University  av 

Andersen  Arthur  &  Co,  44  King  w 

Anderson  J  Murray,  62  Richmond  w 

Appleby  Morris  S,  2828  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Archer  Frederick,  2490  Bloor  w  (Swan) 

Armstrong,  McKillop  &  Co,  1659  Bayview  av  (Leas) 
Avery  George,  3768  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Baker  Chas  E,  372  Bay 

Barrett  Gilbert  R  &  Co  The,  85  Richmond  w 
Basen  M  M  &  Co,  133  Richmond  w 
Beach  Robert  H  &  Co,  1560  Bayview  av 
Beallor  &  Beallor,  572  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Bearg  Griff  &  Associates,  133  Richmond  w 
Bell  Cecil  B,  4195  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Bennett  Donald,  26  Queen  e 
Bennett  Edward,  2717  Yonge 
Bernholtz  Theodore  H  B,  62  Richmond  w 
Best  Peter  E,  21  Dundas  sq 
Birenbaum  Abraham,  333  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Birstein  Rubinoff  &  Co,  3101  Bathurst  ONth  Y) 

Bloom  Gerald  H,  3089  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Bloom  Rudy,  425  University  av 
Blumenfeld  Herman  V,  1491  Yonge 
Bossin  Sidney  L,  425  University  av 
Boyter  Adams  &  Co,  2281  Yonge 
Brockman,  Risman,  Marr  &  Co,  2788  Bathurst  (Nth 

Brody  Wm,  858  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Brooks  Leonard  J  &  Associates,  67  Yonge 

Burton  Irving  A,  4  Richmond  e 

Cachia  Edmund  F  M,  200  Bay 

Cadesky  Irwin,  284A  Yonge 

Caloz  Roger,  4776  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 

Campbell,  Lawless  &  Punchard,  159  Bay 

Campbell  &  Associates,  40  Park  rd 

Campion  Robt  D,  137  Wellington  w 

Canadian  Institute  of  Chartered  Accountants,  69  Bloor  e 

Carvetih  H  Wm,  2652  Danforth  av 

Cassels  Wm  D,  30  Bloor  w 

Christenson  Morrison  &  Co,  111  Richmond  w 

Clark  Philip  T,  347  Bay 



1605,  Imperial  Life  Tower 

Phone  363-2306 

Clarke  Henning  &  Co,  44  Victoria 
Clarkson  Gordon  &  Co,  15  Wellington  w 
Clay  M,  200  Pniversity  Av 

Cohen,  Perlman,  Collins  &  Co,  88  Richmond  w 
Cohen  Rudolph,  333  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Cole,  Rubin  &  Finkelstein,  160  Bloor  e 
Colman  &  Stone,  465  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Conmee  Gwendolyn  C,  11  Adelaide  w 
Conway  Carl  M,  425  University  av 


Twelfth  Floor,  100  University  Avenue,  Phone 



Twelfth  Floor,  100  University  Avenue,  Phone 


Cossar,  Hector,  Payne  &  Co,  443  University  av 
Couper  Wm  H,  1880  O'Connor  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Crawley  Arthur  A  &  Co,  347  Bay 
Crawley  Donald  B,  25  Halford  av  (York  Twp) 

Cross  John  H  T,  235  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

Deloitte,  Plender,  Haskins  &  Sells,  55  Yonge 
Direnfeld,  Fisher  &  Co,  21  Dundas  sq 
Doggart  Feltmate  *  Co,  695  Markham  rd  (Scar) 
Drysdale  &  Plowman,  308b  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Duckman  L  P,  825  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Dunlop  Dean  A,  170  The  Donway  w  (Nth  Y) 

Dunwoody  James  Ml  &  Associates  Ltd,  330  Bay 
Dunwoody  James  M  &  Co,  330  Bay 
Dunwoody,  Saul,  Smith  &  Co,  330  Bay 
Eddis  &  Associates,  85  Richmond  w 
Eisenberg,  Dworkin,  Katz  &  Young,  425  University  av 
Eisenberg  Wm  &  Co,  425  University  av  and  1674  Eg¬ 
linton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Ellis  P  D,  19  Richmond  w 
Ernst  &  Ernst,  7  King  e 
Ewen  Forbes  &  Co,  57  Bloor  w 
Fairley,  Welsh  &  Co,  1815  Yonge 
Fine  Laywine  &  Co,  326  Adelaide  w 
Fisher,  Nisker  &  Co,  62  Richmond  w 
Flicht  Morris,  208  King  w 
Florence  Michael,  425  University  av 
Fox,  Glicksman  &  Co,  347  Bay 

FRALICK  C  A  &  CO, 

2608  Yonge,  Phone  481-7737,  Toronto  12, 

Fralick  Kenneth  A,  150  King  w 

Frankel  Harold  L,  1929  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Freedman  Albert,  2788  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Freeman  Howard,  2788  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Freeman  Nathan,  858  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Friedland  Sheldon,  425  University  av 

Fruitman,  Fruitman  &  Co,  1801  Eglinton  av  w  (Y  T) 

Furlong  John,  181  Eglinton  av  e 

Gardner  Allen  &  Co,  347  Bay 

Gardner,  Doe,  Shaughnessy  &  Co,  980  Yonge 

Geggie  Thos  P,  330  Bay 

Georgieff  George,  67  Yonge 


CO,  112  King  Street  West,  Phone  364-8116 
Glick  &  Levine,  137  Wellington  w 
Gluskin  Max,  28  Lyonsgate  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Godfrey  Thos  B,  396  Avenue  rd 
Gold  Harvey  M,  62  Richmond  w 
Gold  Irving,  4  Albert 

Goldenberg  Gerald  J,  2788  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Goldmintz  Ben  C,  465  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Goldstein  Marvin,  12  Richmond  e 
Goodman  Leo,  102  Eglinton  av  e 
Gordon,  Larke  &  Groskurth,  12  Richmond  e 
Gosewitz  Philip,  425  University  av 
Gray,  Butcher,  Frost  &  Smith,  185  Bay 
Green  Irving,  57  Bloor  w 

Greenwood,  Browne,  Sheldon  &  Reive,  55  Eglinton  av 

Greenwood  Lipton  &  Co,  215—219  Victoria 
Greer  Charles  &  Co,  330  Bay 
Grier,  Dyer,  Elmslie  &  Stowar,  66  King  w 
Griffiths  &  Griffiths,  80  Richmond  w 
Grossman  Alexander,  2828  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Grossman  David  S,  858  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Grossman,  Goodfield  &  Co,  3101  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Grossman  Murray,  2828  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 


Chartered  Accountants 

48  YONGE  ST.  Toronto  1 

PHONE  362-2371 

Gunn  Roberts  &  Co,  48  Yonge 

Gurarie  Panzer  &  Co,  30  Bloor  w 

Hall  Thos  J,  372  Bay 

Hannon  &  Hannon,  79  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 

Harbinson  Glover  &  Co,  80  Richmond  w 

Harper  &  Broughton,  57  Bloor  w 

Harris  Maurice  G,  5302  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Harris  Needham  &  Wright,  1554  Yonge 
Harris  &  Title  Co,  2828  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Hasenclever  Rudolph  G,  377  Broadway  av  (Nth  Y) 
Hauer  Jack  I,  1801  Eglinton  av  w  (Y  Twp) 

Helliwell,  MacLachlan  &  Co,  111  Richmond  w 
Hershoran  Jack,  425  University  av 
Hoffman  Freedman  &  Co,  34  Berwick  av 
Hogg  Loren  F,  3048A  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Horwath  &  Hcrwath,  160  Bloor  e 

Houpt  Benjamin  M,  3768  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Houser  &  Garten,  206  Bloor  w 
Houston,  W  F  &  Co,  372  Bay 
Howarth  F  Frederick,  12  Richmond  e 
Howson  Thos  E,  25  Wellington  w 
Hudson,  McMackin  &  Co,  111  Richmond  w 
Humpage  Taylor  McDonald  &  Co,  159  Bay 
Hunter  Ernest  W  &  Son,  219  Danforth  av 
Institute  of  Chartered  Accountants  of  Ontario,  69 
Bloor  e 

Jackson  Alan  W  &  Co,  330  Bay 
Jamieson  H  T  Lemay  &  Co,  8  King  e 
Johnson,  Stewart,  Bourne  &  Co,  320  Bay 
Johnston,  Morrison  &  Sanderson,  6  Adelaide  e 
Jordan  &  Jordan,  25  Adelaide  w 
Kashino  &  Weinberg,  221  Victoria 
Kates  Marvin  S,  425  University  av 
Katz  Melvin  Y,  425  University  av 

Kay,  Sheldon,  Cole  &  Co,  3089  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Kent  Hans,  2788  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Kerzner  &  Kenner,  150  Eglinton  av  e 
Kidd  Donald  A,  200  Bay 
Kideckel  Murray  H,  234  Eglinton  av  e 
Kingsland  Kenton  &  Co,  123  Edward 
Kirshenbaum,  Bernholtz  &  Randall,  342-344  Richmond 

Kurtz  Bernard  C  &  Co,  491  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Langlois,  Atkinson  &  Hauck,  170  University  av 
Lass  Mervin  H,  801  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Lasser,  Harmood-Bauer  &  Co,  International  Div,  330 

Lee  Chas,  133  Richmond  w 

Lerner,  Papernick  &  Colomby,  491  Lawrence  av  w 
(North  York) 

Lerner  Samuel,  326  Aldelaide  w 

Levenstein  Lawrence,  159  Bay 

Lever,  H’oskin,  Chagnon  &  MacGillivray,  212  King  w 

Lewis  Horace  G  &  Co,  96  Bloor  w 

MacQuarrie  &  Holmes,  67  Yonge 

Main  Lafrentz  &  Co,  80  Richmond  w 

Mandel  &  Gangbar,  3768  Bathurst  ('Nth  Y) 

Marmer  Jack,  284A  Yonge 

Marsh  Goulding  &  Co,  1969  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Marshall  Larry,  2828  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Matthews  Wm  H,  6  Adelaide  e 
McCormack,  Barker  &  Wesbrook,  357  Bay 
McCormack  Earle  J,  705  Yonge 

McDonald,  currie  &  co. 

Twelfth  Floor,  100  University  Avenue,  Phone 

McDonald  Wm  R,  372  Bay 

McEachern,  Walters,  Collins  &  Brown,  180  University 

McLeod  Dickson  &  Co,  75  Eglinton  av  e 

McLintock,  Murray,  Sha^p  &  Co,  80  Richmond  w 

McPh?rson  Ronald  L,  67  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 

Mendelson  Sidney  J  &  Co,  347  Bay 

Miller,  Stone,  Saperia  &  Isaacs,  26  Queen  e 

Mondrow  Wm  H,  858  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

'Moorhead,  Bodley  &  McMulkin,  1407  Yonge 

Morrison  Sami  A,  251  Queen  e 

Mortfield  Louis,  1000  Yonge 

Murphy  &  Murphy,  777  Warden  av  (Scar) 

Naked  Gerald  I,  1810  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Nash  &.  Nash,  80  Richmond  w 

Nayman  Bernard  G,  74  Victoria 

Neff  Goodwin  &  Co,  347  Bay 

Newman  Shear  &  Co,  2171  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Newth  Lloyd  E  and  Associates,  820  Mount  Pleasant  rd 

Pape,  Strom,  Sherman  &  Lavine,  220  Bay 

Pascaris  James,  1815  Yonge 

Pasternac  Maurice,  2171  Avenue  rd  (Nth!  Y) 

Paul  Tony,  425  University  av 

Peat.  Marwick,  Mitchell  &  Co,  4  King  w 

Perked  Joseph  R,  2788  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Perlmutter,  Orenstein,  Giddens,  Newman,  &  Kofman,  121 
Richmond  w 

Peters  Brown  &  Co,  159  Bay 
Phippen,  Carter  &  Co,  10  Adelaide  e 
Pogue  Maynerick  &  Co,  170  Bay 
Posner  Sydney,  62  Richmond  w 


4th  Floor,  55  Yonge  Street,  Phone  368-8041 
Pyzer  Allan,  12  Richmond  e 
Ratney,  Ratney  &  Shapiro,  137  Wellington  w 
Reio  Rein,  330  Bay 

Reisman,  Wagman  &  Co,  100  Adelaide  w 
Reiss  Irving,  326  Adelaide  w 
Resnick,  Wintraub  &  Co,  130  Bloor  w 

Riddell,  Stead,  Graham  &  Hutchison,  48  Yonge 

Rine  Samuel,  15  Elm 
Rogers  &  Roberts,  42-48  Charles  e 
Roher  Murray  J,  425  University  av 
Rose  &  Harrison,  18  Grenville 
Rosen  Irving  L,  57  Bloor  w 
Rosenberg  Norman,  425  University  av 
Ross,  Dessen  &  Posner,  696  Yonge 
Rotenberg  Jack,  3768  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Roth  &  Wynston,  850  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Rudson,  Goldfarb  &  Co,  3101  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Sanders,  Cooper  &  Balderson,  88  University  av 

Sapera  R  J  Co  Ltd,  160  Bloor  e 

Sayer  Geo  W,  347  Bay 

Scarrow  Lloyd  J,  57  Bloor  w 

Scherer  M,  568A  College 

Schure  Phillip,  12  Richmond  e 

Schwartz  Albert,  2020  Bathurst  (Y  Twp) 

Sears  Turk  Flicht  &  Co,  208  King  w 
Seed  John  A,  49  Chauncey  av  (Etob) 

Selk  Milan  >M,  4800  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Shapiro  Morden  S,  1  St  Clair  av  e 
Sharp,  Milne  &  Co,  80  Richmond  w 
Sharpe  Leonard,  425  University  av 
Shields  &  Hayos,  100  University  av 
Shoom  Sydney,  801  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Shore  0  John,  7  King  e 

Shulman  J  John  &  Co,  21  Dundas  sq 

Silverman  William,  1801  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Sime,  Ayers  &  Co,  8  King  e 

Simpson  J  James  M,  150  King  w 

Simpson  Stanley  G,  862  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Skurka  Chasson  &  Co,  3101  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Smith,  Dixon  &  Young,  12  Richmond  e 

Smith  G  C  &  Co,  160  Bloor  e 

Smith  John  W,  57  Bloor  w 

Smith  W  W  Montagu,  50  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 

Smith,  Winston,  Wolman,  Roth  &  Smith,  160  Bloor  e 
Snyder  Craig  &  Co,  330  Bay 
Sobel,  Sherman  &  Co,  326  Adelaide  w 
Soberman  Isenbaum  &  Co,  150  Eglinton  av  * 

Solmon  Feldstein  &  Co,  35  Hayden 
Solmon  Norman,  35  Hayden 
Sone,  Shael  S  &  Co,  7-9  Pleasant  blvd 
Soupcoff,  Starkman,  Kraft  &  Co,  3101  Bathurst  (Nth 

Spencer  Pal  &  Co,  100  Adelaide  w 
Sprackman  E  M  Siderson  &  Co,  500  King  w 
Springer,  Chapman  &  Co,  133  Richmond  w 
Starkman  Albert,  3089  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Starr,  Tward  &  Co,  12  Richmond  e 
Stein  Morris  A,  100  Adelaide  w 
Stein  Nathan,  100  Adelaide  w 
Stern  Floyd  A,  801  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Stern,  Lass,  Shoom  &  Co,  801  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Stone,  Conway,  Anger  &  Stone,  117  Eglinton  av  e 

Sutherland  James  C,  1175  Bay 

Swan  Philip,  372  Bay 

Swartz  Malcolm  G,  425  University  av 

Tessis  Nathan,  3768  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Tesssi  &  Goldhar,  3768  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 


howson  &  McPherson 

Suite  902 

TELEPHONE  363-0661 



Thorne,  Mulholland,  Howson  &  McPherson,  111  Rich¬ 
mond  w 

Tinkham,  Wells  &  Co,  2842  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Tobias  Albert  L,  858  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Accountants  —  Chartered 



200  University  Avenue,  Phone  3&6-6521 
Trefler  J  W,  62  Richmond  w 
Vangelisti  Albert  J,  637  College 
Vigeon,  Newton  &  Co,  3495  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Vise,  Rumack,  Hecker,  Stal  &  Hayeems,  491  Lawrence 

av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Wagman,  Fruitman  &  Lando,  111  Richmond  w 

Ward  G  H,  1438B  Yonge 

Ward  G  H  &  Partners,  85  Richmond  w 

Warner,  Blackstien  &  Co,  3768  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Wasserman  Joel  &  Co,  2788  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Weinstein  J  W,  825  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Welch,  Petrie,  Hall  &  Burnside,  85  Richmond  w 
Wen er  Philip,  3077  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Whinney  Ernst  &  Ernst,  7  King  e 
Wilcox  J  Clare  &  Co,  4  Richmond  e 
Williams  C  W,  3271A  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 


Chartered  Accountants 

Licensed  Trustees  •  Liquidators 

H.  M.  COOTES  W.  R.  KAY 




Winspear,  Higgins,  Stevenson  &  Doane,  36  Toronto 

Witkin  Barry,  62  Richmond  w 

Wolf,  Segal  &  Co,  209  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Wright  Edward  D,  11  Adelaide  w 

Young  Jack  E,  425  University  av 

Zacks  Reuben  S,  3768  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Zeifman,  Fine  &Co,  3101  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 


A  B  S  Office  Service,  372  Bay 
A. D  P.  Accounting  Services  Ltd,  9  Bloor  e 
Abrahams  Ralph  V,  2794A  Dundas  w 
Accurate  Accounting  Systems,  1567  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Twp) 

Alexander,  Kennedy,  Miller  &  Co,  185  Bay 

Allen,  Miles,  Fox  &  Johnston,  250  University  av 

Altman  M  &  Co,  95  King  east 

Ampleford  V  L,  245  Davisville  av 

Ansem  Service  Co  Ltd,  326  Adelaide  vr 

Armstrong  Norman  S,  34  Prince  Arthur  av 

Bakker  Jacob,  964  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Balick  Hymen,  425  University  av 

Ball  Kenneth  W  &  Co,  696  Yonge 

Barton,  Mavhew  &  Co,  48  Yonge 

Birnbaum  Gerald  B,  1810  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Blackman  Sol  L,  425  University  av 
Blandy  E,  455  Spadina  av 

Bloomberg  Jack,  554A  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Boddy  Wm  N,  1402  Dundas  w 

Borden  Harvey  S  &  Co,  491  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Bornstein  Joseph,  15  Fernwood  rd  (Fst  H) 

Bracht  Ed  A,  21  Dundas  sq 
Britnell-Moore  &  Co,  76  Church 
Brooks  Leonard  J,  67  Yonge 
Brown  Robt,  100  Adelaide  w 
Buckley,  McCarney  &  Co,  103  Church 
Cadesky  Gerald  E,  4915  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Cadesky  Irwin,  284A  Yonge 

Cait  Ralph,  1  Heath  w 

Capital  Tax  Service  Co  Ltd,  2  Carlton 

Carmichael  Alexander  H,  188  University  av 

Cassidy  Hugh  F,  302  Bay 

Cassillis  David  F,  804  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Chipp  Wm  G,  211  College 

Cimetta  Josephine,  57  Bloor  w 

Clark  Edward  H,  365  Bay 


Chartered  Accountants,  1605  Imperial  Life  Tower, 
44  Victoria  Street,  Phone  363-2306 
Clarke  J  Stanleye,  671  Danforth  av 
Clokie  JAG,  397  Germain  av  (Nth  Y) 

Cochrane  C  Wesley,  4789  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 

Colville  Chas  A,  80  Richmond  w 

Conner  Gordon  P,  21  Dundas  sq 

Cooper  Jerome  S,  119  York 

Corporate  Services,  62  Richmond  w 

Craig,  Norman  &  Co,  2  Manor  rd  e 

Crammond  Strype  &  Co,  16  Bimbrok  rd  (Scar) 

Crang  F  C  &  Co,  124  Parklawn  rd  (Etob) 

Diamond  Sami,  1810  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Dominion  Income  Tax  Service  Bureau,  1567  Eglinton 
av  w  (Y  T) 

Doyle  T  Russell,  3489  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Duckman  M  E,  825  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Eakins  &  MacDonald,  159  Bay 
Easterbrook  Geo  F,  213  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Eddis  &  Associates,  85  Richmond  w 
Elliott,  Younkie  &  Co,  191  Eglinton  av  e 
Entwistle,  Adams  &  Hutcheson,  304  Bay 
Farrow  Ernest  H,  3825  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Ferguson  James  T,  2  Hillgarden  rd  (Etob) 

Field,  Darch  &  Co,  27  Carlton 

Fiore  Ben  J,  1500  Royal  York  rd  (Etob) 

Fisher  Milton.  505  Eglinton  av  w 
Fletcher  Arnold  L,  330  Bay 
Folsom  Jos  H  5  Mayfield  av  (Swan) 

Frankel  Irving  B,  360  Bay 

Fredenburgh  &  Hoar,  11  Adelaide  w 

Friedman  Jerry,  234  Eglinton  av  e 

Garfield  G  F  &  Co,  43  Victoria 

Gaum  E  &  Associates,  67  Yonge 

Gibson  James  F,  109  Pine  Glen  rd 

Gladwell  W  Willis,  33  Bloor  e 

Gold  Victor  &  Co,  69  Gambello  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Goldberg  David  I,  306A  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Gordean  John,  600  Bay 

Gorman  A  &  Associates,  1567  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Gotlib  Ben,  1810  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Greben  A  &  Co,  292  Spadina  av 

Greenspan  &  Feldman,  333  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Griff  David  J,  57  Bloor  w 

Grimm  E  Bert,  111  Burlingame  rd  (Etob) 

Gutmann,  Joseph,  160  Bay 

Hahn  M  M  &  Co,  347  Bay 

Halliday,  Robinson  &  Co,  49  Wellington  e 

Hansen  Herman  A,  26  Penrose  rd 

Harper  &  Company,  57  Bloor  w 

Hattin,  Moses,  Sugarman  &  Co,  180  University  av 

Hatton  Gerald  E,  1912A  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Heiber  S  Percy,  858  Eglinton  av  w 

Hilborn  &  Co,  8  King  e 

Hind  Sidney  J,  4891  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Hochberg  Harvey,  1810  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Hogg  Lansdown  •&  Campbell,  159  Bay 
Holden,  McFarlane  &  Crofton,  29  Colborne 
Holland  George  E,  440  Douglas  av  (Nth  Y) 

Howard  Fred,  2437  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 

Humphries  Thos  H,  6  Adelaide  e 
Hurley  Donald  E  B,  511  Church 

Huta  P  R  &  Co,  2  Carlton 
Hutchins,  Mullin  &  Blair,  68  Yonge. 

Income  Tax  Accounting  &  Complete  Bookkeeping 
Service,  930  Avenue  rd 

Individual  Accounting  Service,  1560  Bayview  av 

Irwin  Arthur  G,  56  Esplanade 

Jarvis  E  Albert,  2973  Lakeshore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Jarvis  J  Lewis  Accountants,  603  Evans  av  (Etob) 

Jenset  Anton  T  &  Co,  55  Eglinton  av  e 

Johnston  Wm  M,  6  Adelaide  e 

Jurychuk  Thaddeus  G,  2256B  Bloor  w 

Kenton  Rolf,  123  Edward 

Kettle  F  H  &  Co,  4195  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Knowles  F  &  Associates,  1111  Albion  rd 
Larson  Aly,  465  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Lawrence  Clifford  R,  834  Yonge 
Leask  Chas  W,  1730  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Lee  Morton  M,  394  Bay 

Lewis  Obrys  J  &  Co,  1  Roncesvalles  av 

Linder  Saul,  234  Eglinton  av  e 

Linton  R  Wilson,  188  University  av 

Lithgow  William  A  C,  58  Rosemount  av  (Wstn) 

Logan  James  C,  620  Gerrard  e 
Mann,  Judd  &  Co,  185  Bay 
Martin  Charles,  32  Leyton  av  (Scar) 

McCabe  Chas  J,  67  Yonge 
McDonald,  Nicholson  &  Co.  55  York 
McLeod  Norman  B,  320  Bay 
McMahon  H  A,  34  Prince  Arthur  av 
McNally  T  Harold,  8  King  e 
Melotek  Joe,  1465  Yonge 
Michael  Ted  P,  89  Dundas  w 
Millstone  Lewis  A,  275  College 
Mintz  &  Mintz,  326  Adelaide  w 
Nagel  Chas  J,  88  Richmond  w 
National  Audit  Service,  20  Bloor  w 
Newman  &  Newman,  4  Albert 
Norman  F  J  &  Co,  35  Haddon  (Nth  Y) 

O'Halloran  Patrick,  42  Orchard  Park  dr  (Scar) 
O'Hearn  Ronald  S,  4214  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Omand  Wm,  40  Givens 

Osborne  &  Osborne,  2498  Yonge 

Ott  Everett  E,  67  Yonge 

Paice  Wm,  96  Eglinton  av  e 

Palin  Gordon  W,  3107  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Palmer  Roy  H,  201  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 

Pascaris  James,  1815  Yonge 

Pasternac  Maurice,  2171  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Paul  Vincent,  425  University  av 
Pearl  Albert,  99  Avenue  rd 
Perconti  Agency,  1207  St  Clair  av  w 
Petryna  Peter  J,  192  Bridgeland  av  (Nth  Y) 

Pettit  Aubrey  L,  129  Adelaide  w 
Philips  Charles  S,  185  Bay 
Pollock  G  A  &  Co,  95  King  e 
Prenick  Gerald  I,  1810  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Rappoport  Werner  M,  1  St  Clair  av  w 

Rashkis  Morton  W,  244  Bay 

Rearden  Wm  E,  80  Richmond  w 

Reesor  Stuart  P,  330  Bay 

Reive  Barry  D,  55  Eglinton  av  e 

Reynolds  Russell  0,  12  Richmond  e 

Richardson  Peter  E,  16  Chantilly  gdns  (Nth  Y) 

Roberts  Ernest,  6  Adelaide  e 

Robertson  &  Robertson,  450  Valermo  dr  (Etob) 

Rosen  Joseph  L,  2828  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

•Rosenbluth  Ernest  E,  319  Spadina  av 
Rosenthal  Cyril  H  2828  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Ross  &  Isman,  3089  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Rountree,  Main  &  Co,  3271A  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Rumack  Murray  Stern  &  Co,  980  Yonge 
Sackett  E  J  &  Co,  1495  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 
Sanders,  Jackson  &  Co,  160  Eglinton  av  e 
Sauder  Joseph  A,  855  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 

Savlov  Albert,  3768  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Sears  John  C,  208  King  w 

Sheppard,  Cartledge,  Hammond,  Tossell  &  Co,  147 
University  av 

Shlesinger  Harry,  62  Richmond  w 

Shoom  Irving,  454  King  w 

Sibley  Jos  E,  160  Bay 

Simpson  J  &  Co,  17  Queen  e 

Slaby,  Henry  &  Co,  2489  Bloor  w  (Swan) 

Smith  Nixon  &  Co,  17  Queen  e 

Smith,  Walter  &  Co,  4214  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Snider  Harry,  507  Bloor  w 

Sprackman,  Feldt  &  Co,  3089  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Stanley  W  A  &  Co,  2533  Gerrard  e  (Scar) 

Starr  Nathan.  12  Richmond  e 

Stefaniak  Philip,  1415  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Stergiou  Bill,  431  Yonge 

Stergiou  &  Ashley,  431  Yonge 

Stodart  Derek  H,  80  King  w 

Stoller,  Neville,  530  Bloor  w 

Storey  Leslie,  320  Bay 

Sutcliffe  John  I  &  Co,  95  King  e 

Symons  John  T,  66  King  w 

Taylor  C  B  &  Associates,  1425  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Temple  Harry,  3768  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Tessis,  Schwartz,  Richman  &  Co,  1554  Yonge 
Turk  Harry,  208  King  w 

Twiselton  Reginald  A,  38  Mattson  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Valmond  Eric,  42  Park  (Scar) 

Van  Leeuwen  Borth  &  Co,  980  Yonge 
Vardon  Reid  &  Co,  741  Avenue  rd 
Vigeon  &  Co,  304  Bay 

Wagman,  Ross  &  Co,  3101  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Waisglass  Albert,  465  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Weintraub  Irving  I,  32  Glenarden  rd  (Fst  H) 

Werger  &  Waitzman,  1949  Eglinton  av  w  (Y  Twp) 
Williams  R  Harry,  22  Eastwood  av  (Scar) 

Wilson  Harold  L,  188  University  av 

Winer  Marvin  A,  284A  Yonge 

Wood  Vernon  R,  1025  Markham  rd  (Scar) 

Yale,  Friedlander,  Mendelsohn  &  Co,  21  Dundas  sq 
Young  Arthur,  Clarkson  Gordon  &  Co,  15  Wellington  w 
Ziman  Morrie,  9  Newbury  Lane  (Nth  Y) 


CANADA,  LIMITED,  222  Lansdowne  Ave., 

Phone  537-1241,  Sales  Office  117  Eglinton 
Avenue  East,  Phone  481-5141 


Almac  Accounting  Service  Ltd,  1363  Wilson  av  (Nth 

MacPherson  Accounting  Services,  67  Yonge 
Nikolov  Accounting  &  Bookkeeping  Services,  2792 
Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Physicians  Accounting  Bureau,  1482  Bathurst 


See  Welders  and  Brazing 


(See  Hearing  Aids) 


Canadian  Celotex  Cweco  Industries  Ltd,  100  Jutland 
rd  (Etob) 

Goba,  Neilson  &  Hewson  Ltd,  1365  Martin  Grove  rd 

Towne  Acoustics  &  Tile  Ltd,  777  Warden  av  (Scar) 
Vibro  Acoustics  Ltd,  45  Crockford  blvd  (Scar) 


Alexander  &  Alexander  Services  Ltd,  44  King  w 
Devitt  Henry  G  Ltd,  206  St  Clair  av  w 
Eckler,  Brown  •&  Co  Ltd,  590  Jarvis 
Hartog  Cornelis  W,  159  Bay 
Mercer  Wm  Ltd  (consulting)  7  King  e 


CANADA,  LIMITED,  222  Lansdowne  Avenue 
Phone  537-1241,  Sales  Office  117  Eglinton 
Avenue  East,  Phone  481-5141 


AB-Co  Ltd,  34  Britain 

Addressograph-Multigraph  of  Can  Ltd,  355  Church  and 
42  Hollinger  rd  (E  Y) 

Elliott  Business  Machines  Div  of  Dymo  Industries 

Canada  Ltd,  36  Stoffel  dr  (Etob) 

Farrington  Business  Machines  (Canada)  Ltd,  1875 

Leslie  (Nth  Y) 

Office  Machinery  &  Supply  Co  Ltd,  51  Wellington  w 




.  .  .  From  Your  Lists  or  Ours 





Customers  Addressograph  or 
Speedaumat  plate  system  taken 
over  and  maintained  at 
moderate  cost 

Our  service  is  used  by  hundreds 
of  Firms,  Clubs,  and  Service 

Call  364-1481 

Soles  Division 

HA  might 





Accratex  Products  &  Developments  Ltd  81  Howden 
road  (Scar) 

Beukers  J  G  Ltd,  218  Front  e 

Bond  Industrial  Products  Ltd,  1415  Lawrence  av  w 
(North  York) 

Canadian  Helmitin  Co  Ltd,  97-99  Shorncliffe  road 

Clements  Francis  J,  9  Dwight  av  (Mim) 

Conap  Canada,  40  Upton  rd  (Scar) 

Curtis  Plastoid  Products  Ltd,  169  City  View  dr  (Etob) 
Deco  Adhesive  Products  Ltd,  3077  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
(Plant)  37  Milford  av  (Nth  Y) 

Dural  Products  Ltd,  34  Millwick  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Kleen-Stik  Products  Ltd,  21  Edgar  av  (Nth  Y) 
MacNaughton-Brooks  Ltd,  3637  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 
MacNaughton  Brooks  Products  Ltd,  3637  Weston  rd 
(North  York) 

Metro  Fibretex  Supply  Co  Ltd,  761  Dundas  w 
Scarlett  H  A  Industries  Ltd  (Printed  Tape),  139  Stephen¬ 
son  av 

Sellotape  Canada  Ltd,  10  Esander  dr  (Leas) 

Ucan  Sales,  81  Millwick  dr  (Nth  Y) 


(See  Glue  Manufacturers) 


Movers  Claim  Bureau,  52  Gravenhurst  av 
(North  York) 


(See  also  Advertising  Sales  and  Service) 

Adam's  Advertising  Agency,  652  Bathurst 
Adfilms  Ltd,  110  Church 

Advertising  Promotions  of  Toronto,  3683  Weston  rd 
(Nth  York) 

Advertising  &  Printing  Services,  29  Colborne 
Aldred  Joel  W  Ltd,  2349  Yonge 
Algie  Lawson  Ltd,  1560  Bayview  av 
Anderson  &  Hiller  Ltd,  11  Yorkville  av 
Ardiel  Advertising  Agency  Ltd.  4  Lawton  blvd 


20  Toronto  Street,  Toronto  1,  Phone  364-6311 
Barnett  Brangers  Ltd,  102  Eglinton  av  e 
Bates  Advertising,  1492 Va  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Batten,  Barton,  Durstine  &  Osborn  Inc,  2  Carlton 

Beedham,  Prentice  &  Basford  Ltd,  76  St  Clair  av  w 

Bentley  Promotions,  122  Marbury  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Bern  Gerald  Ltd,  95  King  e 

Breithaupt,  Milsom  &  Benson  Ltd,  120  Eglinton  av  e 
Brennan  J  J  Ltd,  114  Jutland  rd  (Etob) 

Brown  Brian  E  Advertising  &  Public  Relations,  68 
Meldazy  dr  (Scar) 

Brown  L  Gordon  Co,  2349  Yonge 

Burley  J  H  Ltd,  159  Bay 

Burnett  Leo  Co  of  Can  Ltd,  165  University  av 

Caldwell  S  W  Ltd,  (Radio  and  Television)  447  Jarvis 

Camp  Dalton  K  &  Associates  Ltd,  43  Eglinton  av  e 

Campbell  Evans  Advertising  Ltd,  130  Queen's  Quay  e 

Canadian  Advertising  Agency  Ltd,  2  Carlton 

Canadian  Car  &  Bus  Advertising  Ltd,  250  Madison  av 

Canal  ine  Advertising  Agency  Ltd,  790  Bay 

Carter  Garry  of  Canada  Ltd,  59  Avenue  rd 

Christie  Advertising,  1839  Danforth  av 

Cockfield  Brown  &  Co,  2  St  Clair  av  w 

Col  Iyer  Advertising  Limited  (Br),  110  Church 

Colorvision  Corp  Ltd,  36  Greensboro  dr  (Etob) 

Colwood  &  Associates,  73  Simcoe 

Consolidated  Theatre  Services,  120  Wellington  w 
Cooper  A  E  Advertising  Agency,  99  Avenue  rd 
Cooper  Arthur  T,  59  Bloomington  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Cotton  James  Ward  Advertising  Ltd,  38  Berwick  av 
Coulter  Advertising  Ltd,  44  Coronet  rd  (Etob) 
Cranmore  Advertising,  110  St  Clements  av 
Creative  Advertising  Service,  3310  Yonge 

Crombie  Advertising  Co  Ltd,  100  Adelaide  w 
Cusack  Advertising  Associates  Ltd,  2  Carlton 

Dancer-Fitzgerald-Sample  (Can)  Ltd,  200  St  Clair  av 

D'Arcy  Advertising  Co,  57  Bloor  w 
Davies  Demonstrating  Agency,  121  Hannaford 
Delmar  Studios  Co  Ltd,  83  Torbarrie  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Dickinson  E  H  Advertising  Co  Ltd,  85  St  Clair  av  e 
Donnelly  MacDonald  Ltd,  522  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Doyle,  Dane,  Bernbach  (Canada)  Ltd,  43  Eglinton  av  e 
Durish  &  Associates  Ltd,  330  Bay 
Eastman  S  M  &  Associates  Ltd,  2  St  Clair  av  w 
Ellis,  May  &  Chadwick  Ltd,  1260  Bay 
Enbee  Promotions,  506  Church 
Erwin-Wasey  of  Canada  Ltd,  2  St  Clair  av  w 
Fairex  Features  Ltd,  149  Alcorn  av 
Foote,  Cone  &  Belding  Canada  Ltd,  10  St  Mary 
Foster  Advertising  Ltd,  149  Alcorn  av,  76  and  317- 
319  Avenue  rd 

Gedge  Raymond  Advertising,  150  King  w 
General  Advertising  Incorporated,  392  Bay 
Goldberg  Harry  H  jr  Advertising  Inc,  2200  Yonge 
Goldstein  Chuck  Productions  Inc  (br)  11  Yorkville  av 
Goodis,  Goldberg,  Soren  Ltd,  23  Prince  Andrew  pi 
(North  York) 

Goodwin-Ellis  Advertising  Ltd,  159  Bay 
Gorrie  Advertising  Ltd,  200  Bridgeland  av  (Nth  Y) 
Grant  Advertising  of  Canada  Ltd,  48  St  Clair  av  w 
Graybow  Advertising,  698  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Grey  Advertising  Ltd,  4  King  w 
Grosberg,  Pollock  &  Gwartzman  Ltd,  234  Eglinton  av  e 
Habberfield-Rubin  Associates  Ltd,  199  The  West  Mall 

Hanley  John  A  Co  Ltd,  7-9  Pleasant  blvd 
Harding  Advertising,  4772  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 

Harrison  Marketing  Counsel  Ltd,  212  King  w 
Hayhurst  F  H  Co  Ltd  The,  55  Eglinton  av  e 
Heggie  Advertising  Co  Ltd,  1129  Leslie  (Nth  Y) 
Hutchins  Advertising  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  145  Wellington 

Huxley-Irwin-Price  Ltd,  150  King  w 

Industrial  Advertising  Agency  Ltd,  1255  Yonge 

Inkeeper  Advertising  Ltd,  212  King  w 

Jackson  David  Advertising,  100  Adelaide  w 

Jarvis  Albert  Ltd,  1000  Yonge 

Kates  Stan  Advertising  Associates,  501  Yonge 

Kenyon  &  Eckhardt  Ltd,  321  Bloor  e 

Kingsway  Agencies  Ltd,  2390  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Lampert  Advertising,  90  Avenue  rd 

Lane  Advertising  Agency,  511A  Yonge 

Locke,  Johnson  &  Co  Ltd,  255  Davenport  rd 

Lovick  James  <&.  Co  Ltd,  800  Bay 

TED,  Fifteenth  Floor,  111  Richmond  St  W, 
Phone  EMpire  3-2244 

MaoManus,  John  &  Adams  of  Canada  Ltd,  600  Uni¬ 
versity  av 

Maynard  Advertising  Agency  Ltd,  214  Merton 
McCann-Erickson  (Canada)  Ltd,  151  Bloor  w 
McCleary  &  Turvey  Ltd,  1554  Yonge 
McConnell  Eastman  Ltd,  234  Eglinton  av  e 
McKim  Advertising  Ltd,  151  Bloor  w 
McLeod  Penn  Advertising  Co  Ltd,  3310  Yonge 
McNally  John  &  Associates,  2171  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
McQuain  Bev  Associates,  12  North  Heights  rd  (Etob) 
Meltzer  Richard  N  Advertising  (Canada)  Ltd,  500 
University  av 

Meyerhoff  Arthur  Co  Ltd,  2200  Yonge 
Middleton  Advertising  Co  Ltd,  496  Queen  e 
Mitchell  &  Gray  Associates,  1699A  Bayview  av  (Leas) 
Muter,  Culiner,  Frankfurter  &  Gould  Ltd,  89  Avenue 

Needham,  Harper  &  Steers  of  Canada  Ltd,  121 
Richmond  w 

Norman,  Craig  &  Kummel  (Canada)  Ltd,  123  Eglinton 
avenue  east 

Ogilvy,  Benson  &  Mather  Canada  Ltd,  88  University 

Orr  Wm  R  Ltd,  240  Eglinton  av  e 

Packer-Cumming  &  Co,  539  King  w 

Partington  John  &  Associates,  45  Overlea  blvd  (Leas) 

Paul,  Phelan  &  Perry  Ltd,  33  Bloor  e 

Pemberton,  Freeman,  Mathes  &  Milne  Ltd,  2  Carlton 

Pennell  Advertising,  19  Richmond  w 

Peterson  H  V  Advertising  Agency  Ltd,  130  Bloor  w 

Philp-McGregor-Deaville  Advertising  Ltd,  57  Bloor  w 

Planned  Sales  Ltd,  1067  Yonge 

Purkis  Thornton  Ltd,  330  Bay 

Rickard-Slater  Advertising,  160  Eglinton  av  e 

Robertson  John  D  Advertising  Co  Ltd,  3335  Yonge 

Ronalds-Reynolds  &  Co,  154  University  av 

Rubbins  &  Pollitt  Ltd,  1133  Leslie  (Nth  Y) 

Sanford-Evans  Services  Ltd,  501  Yonge 

Sarracini  Ontario,  1298  St  Clair  av  w 

Salesvertising  Ltd,  2200  Yonge 

Scott  Walter  &  Associates,  1810  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Smith  Gent  Advertising  Ltd,  69  Eglinton  av  e 
Smith  R  C  &  Son  Ltd,  140  Merton 
Speirs-Davey  &  Associates,  18  Grenville 
Spitzer,  Mills  &  Bates  Ltd,  790  Bay 
Stanfield,  Johnson  Hill  Ltd,  255  Davenport  rd 
Stansbury,  Payan  &  Shanks  Ltd,  159  Bay 
Stapleton  William  Advertising  &  Design,  1133  Leslie 
(North  York) 

Stephens  &  Towndrow  Div  of  C  B  S  Canada  Ltd  2 

Stone  &  Hand  Ltd,  10  Eglinton  av  e 
Stovin-Byles  Ltd,  406  Jarvis 

Swink  Howard  Advertising  of  Canada  Ltd,  1133 
Leslie  (Nth  Y) 

Systematic  Sales  Follow-up  Services  Ltd,  2847  Duf¬ 
ferin  (Nth  Y) 

T.  A.  M.  Marketing  Associates  Ltd,  719  Yonge 
T  D  F  Artists  Ltd,  980  Yonge 

Tames  Advertising  Agency  Ltd,  1395  Bayview  av  (Leas) 
Tandy  Advertising  Ltd,  2  Carlton 
Taylor  Advertising  Ltd,  626  King  w 
Taylor  Advertising  Displays  Ltd,  626  King  w 
Taylor  Morris  C,  175  Bloor  e 
Tea  Council  of  Canada,  42-48  Charles  e 
Telephone  Directory  Advertising  Services  Ltd,  18  Gren¬ 

Thompson  J  Walter  Co  Ltd,  600  University  av 
Travel  Pak  Co  Ltd,  1415  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Variprint  Service,  1050  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Vickers  &  Benson  Ltd,  980  Yonge 
Welcome  Wagon  Ltd,  7  King  e 
Welcome  Wagon  Service  Co  Ltd,  129  Adelaide  w 

Page  3 

Welsh  Mel  Advertising,  55  York 
Whilsmith  Advertising  Co,  383  Old  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 
Whitehead,  Titherington  &  Bowyer  Ltd,  696  Yonge 
Willis  Advertising  Ltd,  165  Bloor  e 
Young  &  Rubicam  Ltd,  250  University  a v 


(See  also  Letter  Shops) 

AAA.  Mailing  Co,  54  Wellington  e 

Active  Mailing  Services  Ltd,  71  York 

Addressing  &  Mailing  Systems  Ltd,  56  Esplanade 

Advertising  Mail  Services  Ltd,  184  Pearl 

Campbell  M  &  Co  Ltd,  10  St  Patrick 

Canadian  Mailings  Ltd,  443  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Canadian  Shoppers  Guild,  147  University  av 

Dicks  A  W  &  Co,  622  Fleet  w 

Direct  Mail  Service,  40  Hayden 

Dominion  Merchandising  Co,  115  Howden  rd  (Scar) 

Dunwell  Mailing  Services  Ltd,  179  John 

Freer  Litho  Ltd,  44  Pearl 

Garrett-Hodson  Ltd,  131  Sunrise  av  (Nth  Y) 

Heather  Advertising  Services  Ltd,  32  Mobile  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Key  Advertising  Services  Ltd,  74  Sheppard  av  w 
(North  York) 

King  David  &  Associates  Ltd,  3267  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Mailit  Ltd,  290  Adelaide  w 
"Mailways",  (basement)  230  Adelaide  w 
McCracken  Betty  Mrs,  88  Richmond  w 
McIntyre  0  E  of  Canada  Ltd,  622  Fleet 
MoLean  M  A  &  Co.  88  Richmond  w 

Mutual  Mailing  Service  Ltd,  92  Jarvis 
Personal  Stationery  &  Direct  Mail  Co,  324  King  w 
Postal  Promotions  Div  of  Heather  Advertising  Services 
Ltd,  32  Mobile  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Progress  Through  Promotion  Ltd,  1532  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Twp) 

Reply-O-Letter  of  Canada,  32-32A  Prince  Arthur  av 
Sellers  Mail  Advertising,  179  John 


135  Liberty  Street,  Phone  LEnnox  1-9986 


Advertising  Gifts  Co,  370  Bloor  e 

Atlas  Distributors  Ltd,  50  Asquith  av 

B  K  W  Specialties,  3507  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 

Bamco  Div  of  Walter  Dickinson  &  Co  Ltd,  11  Hamilton 

Boothe-Kent  Co  The,  6  Church 

Boro  of  Canada,  3768  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Brennan  E  M  Advertising  Specialties,  21  Rockingham 
dr  (Etob) 

Brook-Craft  of  Canada,,  622  Fleet 
Burns  Nelson  &  Co  Ltd,  23  Railside  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Canadian  Aro  Products,  50  Asquith  av 
Global  Advertising  Specialties  Co,  192  Bridgeland  av 
(North  York) 

Merry  &  Bright  Advertising  Productions,  616  Sheppard 
av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Mercury  Advertising,  2790  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Nichols  Advertisers  Ltd,  23-29  Jenet  av 
O'Donnell  Neil  S  Ltd,  1652  Bayview  av 
Promotion  Products  Ltd,  230  Bartley  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Roby  Industries  of  Canada  Ltd,  31  Jutland  rd  (Etob) 
Romac  Products  Co  Ltd,  33  Jutland  rd  (Etob) 

Swiss  Rose  Co,  98  Richmond  e 

Thompson  Del  Associates,  53  De  Vere  Gardens  (Nth 

Vance  E  C  &  Co  Ltd,  103-105  Walnut  av 


Claude  Neon  General  Advertising  Ltd,  1505  The  Queens¬ 
way  (Etob) 

Display  Signs  Reg'd,  337  Bering  av  (Etob) 

Gould  Outdoor  Advertising  Ltd,  234  Eglinton  av  e 
Ontario  Outdoor  Advertising  Ltd,  24  Mallard  rd  (Nth 

Theatre  Poster  Service  Ltd,  120  Wellington  w 
United  Outdoor  Advertising,  1193  Lawrence  av  w 
(Nth  Y) 


(Newspaper  and  Magazine) 

Allin  Associates,  2  Carlton 

American  Publishers'  Representatives  Ltd,  159  Bay 
Associated  Media  Representatives,  27  Carlton 
Bardal  S  T  Associates,  159  Bay 
Broadcast  Media  Sales  Ltd,  130  Merton 
Canadian  Ad-Rep  Services,  1173  Bay 
Chitty  Les  &  Associates  Ltd,  212  King  w 
Class  A  Community  Newspapers,  34  Front  w 
Flynn  W  J  &  Co,  27  Carlton 
Gordon  &  Gotch  (Canda)  Ltd,  55  York 

Henderson  Geo  F,  69  Yonge 

International  Publishers  Representatives  (Canada)  Ltd, 
501  Yonge 

Leslie  George  A  &  Associates,  1682A  Victoria  Park  av 
(North  York) 

Lex  Ltd,  170  The  Donway  w  (Nth  Y) 

Linton  Hall  &  Associates  Ltd,  214  Merton 

Lynad  Associates,  62  Richmond  w 

McGoey  Bros  Ltd,  20  Bloor  w 

McGoey  Tom  Ltd,  4  Collier 

Queenswood  House  Ltd,  128  Bloor  w 

Relco  Associates  Ltd,  (Basement)  245  Logan  av 

Sales  Development  Regd,  229  Bay 

Shields  J  A,  519  Jarvis 

Vanco  Publications  Go  Ltd,  170  The  iDonway  (Nth  Y) 
Vanco  Publications  Lex  Ltd,  170  The  Donway  (Nth  Y) 
Wheeler  Newspaper  Syndicate,  34  Front  w 


(See  also  Advertising  Agencies) 

Acme  Ruler  &  Advertising  Co  Ltd,  600  Victoria  Park  av 
Air-Time  Sales  Limited,  2149  Yonge 
Calldex  Advertising  Sales  of  Canada,  2390  Eglinton  av 
e  (Scar) 

Clarke  Advertising,  87  John 

D.A.  Display  Associates  Ltd  (Div  of  Art  Associates 
Ltd),  151  Bloor  w 

Display  Service  Co  Ltd,  101  Queen  e 
Dyment  Ltd,  36  Overlea  blvd  (Leas) 

Finch  Productions,  63  Humbercrest  blvd  (York  Twp) 
General  Broadcast  Sales  Ltd,  150  Simcoe 
Individual  Sales  Ltd,  400  Mount  Pleasant  rd 
Lingua  Advertising  Service,  91  Hazelton  av 

LONG  A  E  and  CO  LIMITED, 

Mounters  and  Finishers,  corner  Bermondsey  and 
Cranfield  Road,  Toronto  16,  Phone  755-3354 


192  Spadina  Avenue,  Toronto  2B,  Pihone  EMpire 

Milkaps  of  Canada,  700  Bay 
Trade  &  Commerce,  501  Yonge 

Wayne  Distributors  &  Advertisers  Ltd,  655  Queen  e 


Artcraft  Signs  &  Show  cards,  48  Duncan 
Austin  Displays  Ltd,  407  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 

Bruce  Advertising  Ltd,  136  Sinnott  rd  (Scar) 

Burnett  &  Son  Luminous  Products,  35  Ferncroft  dr 

Creative  Display  Advertising  Ltd,  850  York  Mills  rd 
(North  York) 

Franken  Joe  Advertising  Co,  2593  Victoria  Park  av 

Pyle  H  Display,  513  Plains  rd  (E  Y) 

Ruddy  E  L  Co  Ltd,  1505  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Schaefer-Ross  (Canada)  Ltd,  37  Hanna  av 
Success  Display  Ltd,  44  Crockford  blvd  (Scar) 


Discriminating  Advertisers 
Require  the  Best! 

Since  1902  Advertising  Specialties  to 
every  type  of  business  from  Coast  to 
Coast  in  Canada,  U.S.A.,  and  Pan  Ameri¬ 
can  States. 

Quality  and  Service 



Acme  Ruler  &  Advertising 
Co.  Ltd. 

600  VICTORIA  PARK  AVE.  698-5595 

Acme  Ruler  &  Advertising  Co  Ltd,  600  Victoria  Park  av 


(See  Bottlers) 


Atlas  Copco  Canada  Co  Ltd,  57  Atomic  av  (Etob) 

B.K.  Engineering  Co,  230  Toryork  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Compressed  Air  Equipment  Ltd,  153  Bridgeland  av 
(North  York) 

Holman  Bros  (Canada)  Ltd,  204  Flora  dr  (Scar) 
Ray-Gordon  Equipment  Rental  Ltd,  1385  Bloor  w 
Ray-Gordon  Ltd,  1385  Bloor  w 


Weather  Systems  Limited 

Air  Conditioning  —  Refrigeration 
Custom  Sheet  Metal  Work 



Weather  Systems  Ltd,  310  Howland  av 


A  C  &  R  Products  Ltd,  2151  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Air  Comfort  Engineering  Co,  152  Bentworth  av  (Nth  Y) 
Appelton  Air  Conditioning  Ltd,  (rear)  302  Bridgeland 
avenue  (Nth  Y) 

Bahnair  of  Canada  Limited,  208  Pellatt  av  (Nth  Y) 
Baltimore  Aircoil  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  160  Bay 
Barber-Colman  of  Canada  Ltd,  1875  Wilson  av  Nth  Y) 
Beaver  Air  Conditioning  Ltd,  70  Queen  Elizabeth  blvd 

Blast-Off  Equipment  Ltd  (cleaners),  85  Nantucket  blvd 

Bond  Air  Conditioning  Ltd,  972  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Chrysler  Air-Temp  (Canada)  Ltd,  195  Bridgeland  av 
(Nth  Y) 

Commercial  Cooler  Co,  38  Normandy  blvd 
Cond-Air  Co  Ltd,  90  Eglinton  av  e 
Constant  Temperature  Co  Ltd,  11  -M  i  1 1  wick  dr  (Nth 

Cool-Air  Systems  Ltd,  229  Bridgeland  av  (Nth  Y) 
Douglas  Engineering  Co  Ltd,  132  Cartwright  av  (Nth  Y) 
Elliott  Air  Conditioning  &  Refrigeration  Ltd,  11 
Millwick  dr  (Nth  Y) 

G  &  G  Sheet  Metal  Ltd,  867  Eastern  av 
Hamilton  G  R  Air  Conditioning  &  Refrigeration,  21 
Gladsmore  cres  (Etob) 

Lavan  Equipment  &  Supply  Ltd,  93  Penn  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Marshall's  Refrigeration  Co  Ltd,  1174  The  Queensway 


Mason-Neilan  Regulator  Co,  4180  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Mitchell  John  E  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  42  Six  Point  rd 


Monarch  Air  Conditioning  Ltd,  76  Penn  dr  (Etob) 
Murray  Air  Conditioning  (1961)  Ltd,  154  Merton 
National  Shipley  Ltd,  326  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 

Price  E  H  Ltd,  (br),  1865  Leslie  (Nth  Y) 

Remington  Air  Conditioning  (Canada)  Ltd,  980  The 
Queensway  (Etob) 

Rexair-Rainbow  Sales  &  Service  (Toronto)  187  Prince 
Edward  dr  s  (Etob) 

Simms  Motor  Units  of  Canada  Ltd,  (rear)  88  Merton 
Spee-Flo  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  2  Thorncliffe  Park  dr 

Steam  Service  Co,  226  Old  Weston  rd 
Trane  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  401  Horner  av  (Etob)  and 
Sales  Div,  1366  Don  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Weather  Systems  Ltd,  310  Howland  av 
Worthington  (Canada)  Ltd,  4180  Dundas  w  (Etob) 


Aeronaves  de  Mexico,  100  Front  w 
Air-Canada,  Arcade,  130  Bloor  w,  100  Front  w,  37 
King  e  and  630  Yonge 
Air  France,  11  Adelaide  w 
Air  India,  4  King  w 
Alitalia  Airlines,  65  Yonge 

American  Air  Lines  Inc  (Sales  &  Reservations  office), 
1900  Yonge 

British  European  Airways,  100  University  av 
British  Overseas  Airways  Corp,  32  King  w,  630  Yonge 
and  130  Bloor  w 

Canadian  Helicopter  Flying  Service,  3  Hannaford 
Canadian  Pacific  Air  Lines  Ltd,  100  Front  w 
EI-AI  Israel  Air  Lines  Ltd,  6  Adelaide  e  and  74  Vic¬ 

Iberia  Air  Lines  of  Spain,  4  Richmond  e 
Irish  International  Air  Lines,  25  Adelaide  e 
K.  L.  M.  Royal  Dutch  Air  Lines,  11  Adelaide  w  and 
327  Bay 

Leavens  Bros  Ltd,  3220  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Lep  Air  Services  (Can)  Ltd,  65  Front  e 
Lufthansa  German  Air  Lines,  55  Yonge 
Olympic  Airways-S.A.,  100  University  av 
Pan  American  World  Airways,  91  Yonge 
Sabena  Belgian  World  Airlines,  93  Yonge 
Scandinavian  Airlines  System,  244  Bay 
Swissair,  2  Carlton 

Swiss  Air  Transport  Co  Ltd,  2  Carlton 
Toronto  Airways  Ltd,  320  Bay 
Trans  World  Airlines,  160  Bay 
Varig  Airlines  Inc,  57  Bloor  w 

Walbar  Machine  Products  of  Canada  Ltd,  333  Horner 

avenue  (Etob) 

Watkins  W  R  Co  Ltd,  1151  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 


DeHavilland  Aircraft  of  Canada  Ltd,  w  s  Garrett  blvd 
(Nth  Y)  and  Sheppard  av  w  at  Keele  (Nth  Y) 
Found  Bros  Aviation  Ltd,  87  Brydon  dr  (Etob) 
Helicopter  of  Canada,  3  Hannaford 


Carriere  Technical  Industries  Ltd,  936  Warden  av 

Field  Aviation  Co  Ltd,  1450  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 


Air  Terminal  Transport  Ltd,  w  s  Indian  Line  (Etob) 


Toronto  International  Airport,  Malton 
Toronto  Island  Airport,  Toronto  Island 


Commercial  Alcohols  Ltd  (br),  59  Underwriters  rd 

Consolidated  Alcohols  Ltd,  2-16  Trinity 


Ace  Alloys,  59  Torban-ie  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Driver-Harris  Co,  207  Queen's  Quay  w 

Hoskins  Alloys  of  Canada  Ltd,  45  Racine  rd  (Etob) 

Ingot  Metal  Co  Ltd  The,  111  Fenmar  dr  (Nth  Y) 


Alcoa  International  Canada  Ltd,  2  Carlton 
Almag  Aluminum  &  Magnesium  Ltd,  345  Munster  av 

Aluminum  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  200  University  av  and  24 
Haas  rd  (Etob)  and  768  Warden  av  (Scar) 
Aluminum  Foils  &  Insulation,  124  Manville  rd  (Scar) 
Aluminum  Goods  Ltd,  158  Sterling  rd 
Avmar  Development  Ltd,  3689A  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Central  Aluminum  Siding  Co,  35  Fraser  av 
Commercial  Aluminum  Products,  134  Oakdale  rd  (Nth 

Custom-Aire  Aluminum  Ltd,  61  Arrow  rd  (Nth  Y) 

De  Zen  Aluminum  Products,  21  Windsor  (Mim) 
Dominion  Aluminum  Fabricating  Ltd,  36  Coronet  rd 

Dorvue  Aluminum  Industries  Ltd,  124  Cartwright  av 
(Nth  Y) 

Dumont  Aluminum  Ltd,  1960  Avenue  rd  ONth  Y) 
Edmor  Mfg  Ltd,  10  Gail  Grove  (Nth  Y) 

Eggen  Associates,  51  Arrow  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Forte  Aluminum  &  Hardware  Co,  2017  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Twp) 

General  Impact  Extrusions  Ltd  (Manufacturing  Ltd), 
191  Evans  av  (Etob) 

H  &  B  Enterprise  (Canada)  Ltd,  110  Crockfield  blvd 

Holly's  Anodizing  Service  Ltd,  55  Milvan  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Humphrey  Aluminum  Products,  1006  Victoria  Park  av 
(East  York) 

Hunt  J  Aluminum  Sales,  1289  Weston  rd  (Y  Twp) 
Hunter  Douglas  Ltd,  12  Sable  (Nth  Y) 

Ideal  Aluminum  Products,  30  Eugene  (Nth  Y) 

Ideal  Metals  &  Alloys  Ltd,  126  Oakdale  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Imperial  Aluminum  Co,  384  Hillmount  av  (Nth  Y) 
Kaiser  Aluminum  Products,  191  Ashtonbee  rd  (Scar) 
Kawneer  Co  Canada  Ltd,  1051  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 
Patio  Aluminum  Products  Ltd,  51  Arrow  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Revcan  Aluminum  Building  Products  Ltd,  3605  Weston 
road  (Nth  Y) 

Reynolds  Aluminum  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  35  City  View 
drive  (Etob) 

Reynolds  Aluminum  Containers  Ltd,  35  City  View  dr 

Sanders  Aluminum  Sales,  46  Barkwin  dr  (Etob) 
Seal-Spout  of  Canada  Ltd,  107  Howden  rd  (Scar) 

Selck  Walter  E  of  Canada  Ltd,  53  Tycos  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Sentinel  Aluminum  Products  Ltd,  150  Railside  rd  (Nth 

Shully's  Industries  Ltd,  73  Wingold  av  (Nth  Y) 

Soren  Manufacturing  Co  Ltd,  2825  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Supreme  Aluminum  Industries  Ltd,  3600  Danforth  av 

Tekama  (Canada)  Ltd,  28  Overlea  blvd  (Leas) 
Transcan  Sales  Ltd,  23  Haas  rd  (Etob) 

Vent-Rite  Mfg,  140  St  Clarens  av 

Wright  Aluminum  Ltd,  95  Milvan  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Zimmcor  Co  (store  fronts),  145  Yonge 



Canadian  Aero  Mineral  Surveys  Ltd,  347  Bay 
Lockwood  Survey  Corp  Ltd,  1450  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Aerocide  Dispensers  Ltd,  13  Bethridge  rd  (Etob) 


(See  also  Hardware  Dealers) 

Allatt  Tractor  Parts  Co  (Div  of  Allatt  Auto  Supply 
Ltd),  1100  Finch  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Allis-Chalmers-Rumely  Ltd,  347  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 
British  Tractor  Spares  Ltd,  52  Six  Point  rd  (Etob) 
Brown  David  Tractors  (Canada)  Ltd,  1550  O'Connor  dr 
(East  York) 

■Burke  Equipment  Ltd,  52  Six  Point  rd  (Etob) 

Davies  Stan  Equipment  Ltd,  43  Shaft  rd  (Etob) 
Falcon  Equipment  Co  Ltd,  299  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 
Massey-Ferguson  Ltd,  915  King  w 
United  Co-Operatives  of  Ont,  35  Oak  (Wstn) 


Stacey  Tractor  and  Diesel  Repair,  1179  Kennedy  rd 



Aeroquip  (Canada)  Ltd,  287  Bridgeland  av  (Nth  Y) 
Aircraft  Appliances  &  Equipment  'Ltd,  585  Dixon  rd 

Airtron  Canada  Ltd,  349  Carlaw  av 

Aviation  Electric  Ltd,  4214  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Bancroft  Industries  Ltd,  2723  Yonge 
Bendix-Eclipse  of  Can  Ltd,  4214  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Canadian  Aviation  Products  Ltd,  1009-1027  Bay 
Carriere  Technical  Industries  Ltd,  82  Northline  rd 
(North  York) 

Chown  T  C  Ltd,  2970  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  CNew  T) 

Davair  Components  Ltd,  537  Keele 

Fiat  Aircraft  Co,  2035  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Fleet  Manufacturing  Ltd,  200  Bay 
Garret  Manufacturing  Ltd,  255  Atwell  dr  (Etob)  and 
4  Racine  rd  (Etob) 

General  Metallic  Parts  Ltd,  16  Milford  av  (Nth  Y) 
Hancock  Aircraft  Division  Ltd,  783  The  Queensway 

Hawker  Siddeley  Canada  Ltd,  7  King  e 
Litton  Systems  (Canada)  Ltd  (Electronics),  19  and 
25  City  View  dr  (Etob)  and  1231  Martin  Grove 
rd  (Etob) 

Marsh  Industrial  Equipment  Co  Ltd,  537  Keele 
Patlon  Aircraft  Industries  Ltd,  74  Six  Point  rd  (Etob) 
Sterling  Aircraft  Products  Ltd,  65  Martin  Ross  av 
(Norh  York) 

Bell  Ambulance  Service,  37  White  av  (York  Twp) 

City  Ambulance  Depot,  86  Lombard 

Darwin  Ambulance,  4  Cawthra  sq 

Elite  Ambulance  Service,  4  Cawthra  sq 

Humphreys  Ambulance,  4  Cawthra  sq 

Klinck  Ambulance  Service,  152  Times  rd  (York  Twp) 

Metro  Ambulance  Service,  1A  Oxford  dr  (Y  Twp) 

Murray  Ambulance,  4  Cawthra  sq 

Reliable  Ambulance  Service  Ltd,  4  Cawthra  sq 

Watson  C  D  Ambulance  Service,  35  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 


See  Chemicals 


See  Sporting  Goods 


Abar  Amusements  Ltd,  2411  Dundas  w 
Arcade  Amusement  Machines,  252  Robert 
Fun  Land,  336  Yonge 

Select  A  Tone  Music  Systems,  1607  Queen  w 
Sheils  C  J  Ltd,  1760  Midland  av  (Scar) 


Spartan  Air  Services  Ltd  80  Richmond  w 



(See  also  Parks  and  Playgrounds;  also  Picnic 
Grounds,  Race  Tracks,  Skating  Rinks  and 

Arena  Gardens,  e  s  Dalhousie,  after  Shuter 
Arena  Recreations  Toronto  Ltd,  70  Mutual 
Broom  &  Stone  Curling  Ltd,  1470  Midland  av  (Scar) 
Canadian  Model  Raceway  Centres,  494  Lawrence  av  w 
(North  York) 

Centre  Island,  take  Centre  Island  boat  at  Ferry  Dock 
Don  Mills  Arena,  1030  Don  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Don  Valley  Ski  Centre,  Old  Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
East  York  Collegiate  Memorial  Stadium,  after  650 
Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

East  York  Memorial  Arena,  888  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 
Exhibition  Grounds,  ft  of  Strachan  av 
Georg*  Bell  Arena,  215  Ryding  av 
Hanlan's  Point,  Hanlan's  Island 

Lakeshore  Memorial  Arena,  300  Birmingham  (New  T) 
Leaside  Memorial  Community  Gardens,  1073  lYTillwood 
road  (Leas) 

Maple  Leaf  Gardens,  60  Carlton 
Maple  Leaf  Stadium,  555-631  Lake  Shore  Blvd  w 
Mimico  Box  Lacrosse  Stadium,  s  s  Drummond  (Mim) 
Mimico  Roller  Skating  Rink,  2489  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 

Municipal  Bowl,  rear  3700  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(Long  B) 

Reeve  Ted  Arena,  n-e  corner  Main  and  Gerrard  e 
Rotary  Base  Ball  Park,  e  s  Twelfth  (New  T) 

Scarboro  Arena  Gardens  Ltd,  75  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 
Sir  Adam  Beck  Rink,  8  Orianna  dr  (Etob) 

Sunnyside  Beach,  on  Lake  Front,  opposite  High  Park 
Varsity  Arena,  e  s  cor  Devonshire  pi  and  Bloor  w 
Weston  Arena,  2125  Lawrence  av  w  (Wstn) 


Canadian  American  Securities  Ltd,  (Stock  Market), 
372  Bay 

Canadian  Analyst  Ltd  The  (Financial),  505  Eglinton  av 
west  (Fst  H) 


See  Chemists — Analytical  and  Manufacturing 


See  Dye  Stuffs 


(See  also  Veterinarians) 

Blue  Cross  Veterinary  Hospital,  132  Danforth  av 
Brown's  Animal  Hospital,  2100  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Downsview  Veterinary  Hospital,  2772  Keele  (Nth  Y) 
East  Toronto  Animal  Hospital.  3503  Danforth  av  (Scar) 
East  York  Animal  Clinic,  2642  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 
MacDonald  Animal  Hospital,  1632  Bloor  w 
Martin  Veterinary  Hospital,  4993  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
McGilvray  Veterinary  Hospital,  1525  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
McLean  Animal  Hospital,  1659  Victoria  pk  av  (Scar) 
Scarborough  Animal  Hospital,  2334  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Yonge  St  Animal  Hospital,  2722  Yonge 


See  Pet  Shops  and  Supplies 


Brimac  Anodizing  Ltd.  2482-2486  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 


Aczel  A  A  Art  Galleries,  133  Wellington  w 

Adam  House,  113  Yorkville  av 

Antique  Shop  The,  819  Queen  e 

Antiques  &  Things,  5  MacPherson  av 

Attic  The,  25  Gerrard  w 

Avendale  Antiques,  104  Avenue  rd 

Bass  Antiques,  133  Davenport  rd 

Blue  Dolphin,  505  Queen  e 

Boles  Antiques,  456  Summerhill  av 

Broderick  Antique  Weapons,  513  Queen  e 

Carnage  Wheel  The,  2594  Yonge 

Chelsea  Shop  The,  386  Huron 

Clarion  Antiques  &  Auctions,  35  .Gerrard  w 

Cohn  Henry,  503  College 

Coins  Antiques  &  Curios,  2577  Yonge 

Coward  Elizabeth,  160  Davenport  rd 

Davenport  Studios,  344  Davenport  rd 

Dawson's  Kenneth  Antique  Shop,  49  Gerrard  w 

Denby  Edward,  227  Queen  w 

Emporium  Antiques,  1747  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Gilbert  Antiques,  229  Queen  w 

Green  &  Son  Antiques  (England),  1064  Yonge 

Gussack  Ben,  23  Dresden  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Heritage  Studio,  146-148  Davenport  rd 

Hoyt  Gay  Antiques,  902  Yonge 

Hundred  Antiques  The,  640-642  Church 

Journey's  End  Antiques,  583  'Markham 

Knight  Ed  Antique  &  Coin  Dealer,  245  Queen  w 

Lander  Diane,  23  Park  rd 

Lion  and  Lamb  The,  1516  Yonge 

Little  Nell's  606  Markham 

Lorenz  Antiques,  701  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

MacDonald  Harry  Antiques,  158  Davenport  rd 

MacLeod's  Antiques,  588  Markham 

Manor  Antique  The,  670  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Obriderick  Stanislav,  274  Queen  w 

Paisley  Shop  Ltd  The,  889  Yonge 

Penny  Weight  Shop  The,  3257  Yonge 

Perkins  R  G  Antiques,  1198-1200  Yonge 

Pink  &  Golde  Shoppe,  17  Gerrard  w 

Prince  of  Serendip,  3-5  Bedford  rd 

Robinson  David,  1236  Yonge 

Rookery  Antique  Shop,  867  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Roost  The,  2371  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Sabre  &  Lance  Antique  Shop,  19  Yorkville  av 

Sandler  Minn  Antiques,  425  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Starkman's  Antiques,  225  Queen  w 

Tiffany's,  597  Markham 

Toby  Jug  Antiques,  249  Queen  w 

Trading  Post,  355  Eglinton  av  w 

Trevor  Rowland  V.  613  Yonge 

Trillium  House  The,  511  Queen  e 

Upper  Canada  House,  538  Eolinton  av  w 

Weiss  Lillian  Antiques  &  Gifts,  110  Avenue  rd 

Wolfson  Antiques  Ltd,  351  Eglinton  av  w 

Yellow  Canopy  The,  110  Cumberland 

Yolles  Jos  Antiques  Ltd,  678-682  Yonge 


(See  Hotels) 


(See  also  Apartment  Houses,  Street  by  Street, 
at  end  of  this  list) 

Aberdeen  The,  14  Carluke  Cres  (Nth  Y) 

Aberdeens  The,  s  s  Bain  av 

Abernethy  Apts,  6  Howard 

Abner  Apts,  58  Winchester 

Academy  The,  657  Balliol 

Acadian  Apts,  200  Roehampton  av 

Adanac  Apts,  265-267  Sherbourne 

Addison  Apts,  111  Spruce 

Adel  la  Apts,  1169  Danforth  av 

Admiral  Apartments,  32-34  Admiral  rd 

Adrian  Piace,  10-20  Bergamot  av  (Etob) 

Aeneas  Court  Apts,  1233  Yonge 
Ainger  Apts,  394  Bloor  e 
Ainlee  Apartments  The,  1117  Danforth  av 
Ainsley  Court  Apts,  1617  Victoria  pk  av  (Scar) 

Airdmill  Apts,  871  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 

Alameda  Manor,  1490  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Albany  Apts,  10-12  Albany  av  and  740  Eglinton  av  w 
(Forest  Hill) 

Albermi  1 1  Apartments,  89  Harrison 

Albert  Apartments,  16  Willison  sq 

Alberta  Apts,  1492  Dundas  e  &  1130-1136  Dundas  w 

Albion  Apartments,  3  Eccleston  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Alda-Mar  Court  Apts,  172  Berry  rd  (Etob) 

Alderwood  Towers,  237  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 

Alexander  The,  205  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Alexandra  Park  Apts,  185-189  Grange  av  and  109 
Ryerson  av 

Alexis  Court,  4350  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Algiers  Apts,  565-567  Avenue  rd 
Algonquin  The,  66  Broadway  av 
Alhambra  Court  Apartments,  1639  Bloor  w 
Alicia  Apts,  216  Seaton 
A I  jo  Apts,  1314  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 

Allan  Plaza  Apts,  166  Carlton 
Allanhurst  Towers,  30  Allanhurst  dr  (Etob) 

Allanwood  Court  Apts,  642  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Allen  Park  Apts,  263  Sherbourne 
Allgra  Mansions,  31-33  Melbourne  av 
Alpha  Manor  Apts,  6  Kings  Point  dr  (Etob) 

Alpina  Apartments,  310  Brunswick  av 
Alpine  The,  148  Soudan  av 

Alvin  Apartments,  208-210  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Ambassador  Apts  8-10  Rosseau  road  (Nth  Y) 
Ambassador  Apts,  236  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

Ambassador  Courts,  1969  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Ambassador  The,  100  Jameson  av 
Amedo  Gardens  Court,  2521-2537  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 

American  Apartments,  6  Gore, 

Americana  Apts,  141  Erskine  av 
Americana  The,  1130  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Andenne  Apartments,  1435  Danforth  av 
Anderheath  Apartments,  2513  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 
Andrews  Manor,  896  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Anglesey  Court,  3  Anglesey  blvd  (Etob) 

Anndale  Manor  Apartments,  4  Greentree  Court  (York 

Annette  Apartments,  714-7T6  Annette 
Anson  Apts,  263-265  Jarvis 
Ansonia  Apartments,  142  Spadina  rd 
Anthony  Court  Apartments,  1420  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Antrim  Apts,  38  Barton  av,  Annex  42  Barton  av  and 
29-33  Enderby  rd 
Apsley  Court,  2  Milepost  pi  (Leas) 

Aragon  Apts,  238-240  Durie 

Arbour  Glen,  16  Rosedale  rd 

Arbour  Glen  Apts,  120  Rosedale  Valley  rd 

Archer  Apts,  27  Sherwood  av 

Ar-Dor  Apartments  128-130  Avenue  rd 

Argyle  Apartments,  189  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Aristocrat  Apartments,  6  Auburndale  ct  (Etob) 

Arlington  Manor,  143-145  Arlington  av  (York  Twp) 

Armadale  Apartments,  254  Armadale  av 

Armour  Court  Apts,  1760  and  1780  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Armour  Heights  Manor,  2135  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Arncliff  Apts,  1689  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 

Arncliffe  Apts,  1631  and  1637  Victoria  pk  av  (Scar) 

Arrigo  Apts,  1A  Woodycrest  av 

Ashgrove  Apts,  182  Jameson  av 

Aston  Apts,  153  Alameda  av  (York  Twp) 

Aston  Court  Apartments,  922-924  Bathurst 
Astoria  The,  88  Charles  e 
Athlone  Apartments,  170  Roehampton  av 
Athlone  Court,  8  Milepost  pi  (Leas) 

Atkin  Apts,  143  Eighth  (New  T) 

Atlanta  Apts,  284  St  George 

Auburn  Apartments,  805  Euclid  av  and  72-74  Barton 

Audley  Court,  68  Kendal  av 

Augustus  Apts,  22  Walmer  rd 

Ava  Manor  Apts,  1862  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Avalon  Apartments,  280  Woodfield  rd 
Avalon  Court  Apts,  164  Berry  Rd  (Etob) 

Avelawn  Apartments,  1106  Avenue  rd 
Aven  Heath  Apts,  581  Avenue  rd 
Avena  Towers,  48  Isabella 
Avendale  Apts,  587  Avenue  rd 
Avenida  Apartments,  57  Avenue  rd 
Avenue  Park  Apts,  103  Avenue  rd 
Avenue  Plaza  Apts  213  Davenport  rd 
Averlea  Apts,  15  Gamble  av  (E  Y) 

Aville  Apartments,  291  Ossington  av 

Avon  Apts,  1092  Queen  w 

Baby  Point  Manor,  392  Jane 

Baintree  Apts,  96  Jameson  av 

Baldwin  Apartments,  69-73  Baldwin 

Balfour  Apts,  320  Roncesvalles  av 

Ballantrae  Apartments,  195  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Balliol  Apartments,  44  Balliol 

Balmoral  Apts,  275  Jarvis 

Balmoral  Terrace,  160  Balmoral  av 

Balmoral  The,  150  Balmoral  av 

Balmuto  Apartments,  10-12  Balmuto 

Balmy  Beach  Mansions,  2451  Queen  e 

Balsam  Hall  Apartments,  59  Balsam  av 

Bamoore  Apts,  1217  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Bansley  Court,  1A  Bansley  av  (York  Twp) 

Barbara  Apartments,  61  Neptune  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Barbara  Apts,  700  &  730  Ontario 
Barrymore  Arms  Apartments,  2A  Salem  av 
Barthelmes  Apartments,  464  Spadina  rd  (Fst  H) 
Bathurst  Apartments,  1383  Bathurst 
Bay  Manor  Apts,  95  Davenport  rd 
Bay  Park  Apartments,  1741  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Bayview  Court  Apts,  281  and  688  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth 

Bayview  Manor,  1220  Bayview  av  (E  Y) 

Bayview  Village  Apts,  680  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Beaches  Apts  The,  2220  Queen  e 
Beachview  Apartments,  2258  Queen  e 
Beaconsfield  Apts,  177  Beaconsfield  av 
Beatrice  Apts,  172  Beatrice 
Beaufort  Apts,  359  Davenport  rd  and  1944  Yonge 
Beaumaris  Apts,  76-78  Eglinton  av  e 
Beaumont  Apts,  80-82  Eqlinton  av  e 
Beaumonte  Apts,  2180  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Beaux  Arts  Apts,  135  Isabella 
Beaver  Apartments,  66  Amelia 
Bedford  Apts,  25  and  241  Bedford  rd 
Bedford  Park  Apartments,  15  Bedford  Park  Av 
Bedford  Towers,  3171  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Beech  Hall  Apartments,  2-14A  Humber  Blvd  (York 

Bel-Air  Apts,  34-36  Rosecliffe  av  (York  Twp) 
Belfontaine  Apts  The,  321  Chaplin  cres  (Fst  H) 
Belgravia  Apts,  75-79  Oriole  rd 
Bell  Bert  Apts,  368  George 

Bell  Manor  Court  Apts,  134,  138,  168  and  170  Berry 
road  (Etob) 

Bel  lair  Apts,  21-25  Thelma  av  (Fst  H) 

Bellavista  Apts,  60  Gulliver  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Belle  Villa  Apartments,  98-100  Lippincott 
Be  I  lefair  Apts,  34  Metcalfe  and  72  Winchester 

Bellevue  Apts,  580  Christie 
Bel-Manor  Apts,  145  Jameson  av 
Belmont  Court  Apartments,  134  Lawton  blvd 
Belnord  Apts,  34  Rowanwood  av 
Belsize  Court  Apts,  1979  Yonge 
Belvedere  Apts,  616A  Brock  av 
Belvedere  The,  199  Roehampton  av 
Belview  Apts,  22  Woodlawn  av  e 
Benlamond  The,  5  Benlamond  av 
Benlamond  Apts,  49  Benlamond  av 
Bennett  Apts,  849  Broadview  av 
Bennett  Arms,  196  Eglinton  av  e 
Benvenuto  Apartments,  10  Benvenuto  pi 
Benville  Apts,  2441  Finch  av  w  (Nth  Y)  and  137 
Lindy  Lou  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Beresford  Apts,  112-140  Cowan  av  and  1317  King  w 

Berkeley  Apts,  63  Maxwell  av 

Berry  Villa,  50  Torbolton  dr  (Etob) 

Bertwill  Apts,  4-6-8  Broadway  av 
Bessborough  Mansions,  2449  Queen  e 
Beta  Manor,  8  Kings  Point  dr  (Etob) 

Bet'hwin  Manor,  5  Hill  Heights  rd  (Etob) 

Beveriey  Apts,  94-98V2  Beverley 

Bexhill  Court  Apts,  Bexhill  Court  (Etobicoke) 

Biggin  Court,  2  and  5  Biggin  ct  (Nth  Y) 

Biltmore  Apartments,  33  Maitland 
Biltmore  Apts,  29  Upper  Canada  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Biltmore  Terrace,  31  Upper  Canada  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Birch  Glen,  42  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 

Birch  Lawr.  Apts,  1255  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 
Birchbank  Court  Apts,  1065  Don  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Birchfield  Apts,  23  Oriole  rd 

Birchland  Court,  536  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 

Birchlea  The,  1191  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 

Birchmount  Apts,  821  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 

Blackburn  Apts,  19  Leeds 

Blandford  Court,  2  Grandstand  pi  (Leas) 

Blantyre  Gardens  Apts,  2422  Queen  e  (Scar) 

Blenheim  Court,  6  Grandstand  pi  (Leas) 

Bloordale  Apts,  1585  Bloor  w 
Blooryonge  Tower  Apts,  60  Gloucester 
Blue  Forest  Apts,  40  Tyndall  av 

Blythwood  Manor  Apts,  63  Blythwood  rd  and  2707 

Bombay  Apartments,  3815-3819  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Bombay  Apts,  3851-3857  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Bon-Accord  Apartments,  210  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 
Boulevard  Apts,  1645  Queen  w 
Boustead  Apts,  10  Boustead  av 
Boyne  The,  2808  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Bracondale  Apts,  623  Christie 
Bradgate  Apts,  465  Avenue  rd 

Braeburn  Woods  Apts,  12-18  Arcot  blvd  (Etob)  and 
14-18  Tandridge  cres  (Etob) 

Braeburn  Woods  Town  Houses,  801-892  Tandridge  cres 

Braemar  Apts,  105-107  Homewood  av,  153  and  155 
Wellesley  e 

Braeside  Apts,  858  Davenport  rd 
Bramham  Apts,  1155  St  Clair  av  w 
Bramheath  Apts,  1  Heath  e 
Bramheath  Court  Apts,  7  Heath  e 
Bramlea  Apts,  1095  St  Clair  av  w 
Bras  D'Or  Apartments,  9  Craighton  dr  (Scar) 

Brencairn  Terrace,  34  Dixington  cres  (Etob) 
Brentcliffe  Court,  27-31  Brentcliffe  rd  (Leas) 
Brenthall  Apartments,  4979  &  4981  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Brentwood  Terrace,  11  Anglesey  blvd  (Etob) 
Brentwood  The,  25  Lascelles  blvd 
Brentwood  Towers,  17  Lascelles  blvd 
Briar  The,  655  Briar  Hill  av  (Fst  H) 

Brimclair  Apts,  3750  and  3744  St  Clair  av  e  (Scar) 
and  131  Minerva  av  (Scar) 

Bri-Mar  Apartments,  485  Mortimer  av  (E  Y) 

Brimley  Acres  Apts,  2950  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Britannia  Apartments,  399A  Spadina  av 
Broadpath  Manor,  117  Broadway  av 
Broadview  Heights  Apts,  19  Tennis  cres 
Broadview  Mansions,  569-575  Broadview  av  and  9 

Tennis  cres 

Broadway  Apts,  2  Broadway  av 

Broadway  Apts  Ltd,  1036  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Broadway  Arms  Apartments,  82  and  86  Broadway  av 

Brookdale  Apts.  1  B'-ookdale  av 

Brookdale  Towers,  595  Brookdale  av  (Nth  Y) 

Brooklyn  Apts,  1-3  Brooklyn  av 
Brookmount  Apts,  1836  Queen  e 

Brookview  Court  Apartments,  542-544-548-552-556- 

560-562  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Brougham  Apartments,  606  Avenue  rd 

Browning  Apts,  1  Browning  av 
Brownley  Apts,  40-42  Isabella 
Brucewood  Court,  3270  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Brule  Garden  Apts,  2520  Bloor  w  (Swan) 

Brule  Park  Apts,  7  Brule  terr  (Swan) 

Brurnar  Apts,  805-807  College 
Brunswick  Apartments,  304  Brunswick  av 

Brydon  Court  Apartments,  942-946  Lawrence  av  e 
(North  York) 

Brylon  Apts,  1301  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Bryn  Maur  Apts,  40  Avenue  rd 
Buchanan  Apts,  1950-54  Bloor  w 
Buckingham  Apts,  1594  King  w 
Buckingham  Court,  600  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Buena  Vista  Apts,  1908-10  Bloor  w  and  8  High 
Park  av 

Bungalow  Court  Apts,  638  Queensway  (Etob) 

Burinn  Court  Apartments,  7-9  Broadway  av 
Burley  Manor  Apts,  45  Floyd  av  (E  Y) 

Cadillac  Court,  2893-2897  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 
Caledonia  Apartments,  531  Caledonia  rd  (Y  Twp) 
Calumet  Apts,  131-139  Wineva  av  and  2104  Queen  e 
Cambridge  Apts  The,  990  Avenue  rd 
Camden  Court  Apts,  10  Ionview  rd  (Scar) 

Camelot  Towers,  120  Raglan  av  (Y  Twp) 

Canadiana  Court,  177  Jameson  av 
Cannongate  Apartments  The,  75  Irwin  rd  (Etob) 
Cantelon  Apts,  22A  Springhurst  av 
Canyon  Towers  Apts,  4415  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Capri  Apartments,  630  Vesta  dr  (Fst  H) 

Cardiff  Apts,  1460  Bayview  av 
Cardinton  Court  Apts,  490  Eglinton  av  e 
Caribbean  The,  91  Wellesley  e 
Carillon  Towers,  23  Lascelles  blvd 

Carlton  Court  Apts,  88-90  Carlton 
Carolyn  Apts,  312  Douglas  av  (Nth  Y) 

Carolyn  Court  Apts,  980  Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Carpathia  Apts,  81-83  Wilson  av 

Carscadden  Park  Apts,  34  Carscadden  (Nth  Y) 

Cartier  House  Apts,  276  St  George 
Casa  Blanca,  630  Roselawn  av  (Fst  H) 

Casa  Blanca  Apts,  640  Davenport  rd 
Casa  Loma  Towers.  74  Spadina  rd 
Castellana  Apts,  80  Wellesley  e 

Castilian  The,  3311  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Castle  Frank  Gardens,  36  Castle  Frank  rd 
Castle  Knock  Apts,  21  Castle  Knock  rd 
Castlef ield  Apts,  132  Castlef ield  av 

Castlemere  Apts,  75  Crescent  rd 

Catalina  Court  Apts,  1545  Bathurst  (Fst  H) 
Cavalier  Apts,  506  Dawes  rd  (E  Y) 

Cawthra  Apts,  100  Gloucester 

Cawthra  Mansions,  211-215  College  and  219  College 

Caythorpe  Apts,  711  Bloor  w 

Cecil  Apts,  434  Ontario 

Cedar  Towers  The,  189  Cedarvale  av  (E  Y) 

Cedargrove  Apts,  1840  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Cedarhurst  Apts,  1602  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Cedars  The,  s  s  Bain  av 

Cedarvale  Apartments,  79  Cedarvale  av  and  1600 
Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Cedarvale  Gardens,  330  Winnett  av  (York  Twp) 
Cedarvale  Mansions,  1597-99  Bathurst  (Fst  H) 

Central  Apts,  81A  Queen  e 

Central  Park  Lodges  of  Canada,  10  William  Morgan  dr 

Central  Park  Terrace,  60-70  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 

Centurion  Apts,  433  Jarvis 

Chalfonte  Apts,  800  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Chalfonte  Court,  840  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Challenger  Apts,  200-206  Dunn  av 
Chantecler  Apts,  11  Shallmar  blvd  (Fst  H) 

Chaplin  Towers,  640  Roselawn  av  (Fst  H) 

Charlesview  Apts,  55  Charles  e 

Charlton  Apts,  162  Huron 

Charlton  Apts,  302-4  Sumach 

Charlton  North,  55  Eccleston  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Chartwell  Manor,  27  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 
Charlton  South,  56  Eccleston  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Chateau  Apts,  94-96  Dowling  av  and  210  Wychwood 
av  (York  Twp) 

Chateau  Clair  Apts,  1510  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 
Chateau  Des  Quatre  Vents,  3025  Queen  e  (Scar) 
Chateau  Grange  Apts,  196  John 
Chateau  The,  110  Maitland 
Chatelaine  Apts,  117  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

Chatfield  Apartments,  120  Oriole  Parkway 
Chatsworth  Manor  Apts,  2928-2932  Yonge 
Chelsea  Apts,  2387-2391  Dundas  w 
Chelsea  Gardens,  230  The  East  Mall  (Etob) 

Cheritan  Manor  Apts,  1  Cheritan  av 

Cherry  Court  Apts,  17  Humewood  dr  (York  Twp) 

Chester  Apts,  60  Borden 

Chetwynd  Apts,  135  Yorkville  av 

Cheviot  Manor,  5  Cheviot  pi  (Etob) 

Christie  Court,  161  Christie 
Christine  Apts,  852-856  Broadview  av 
Churchill  Apts,  608  Church  and  77-79  Pembroke 
Churchill  Court,  22  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 
Churchill  Towers,  36  Church  (Wstn) 

Citadel  The,  701  Don  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 

City  Park  Apts,  484  Church  and  31  and  51  Alexander 
Clair-Avon  Apts,  309-311  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp/ 
Clair-Court  Apts,  2922  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 

Clair-Cran  Apts,  327-9  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Clairhaven  Manor,  300  St  Clair  av  w 
Clair  Hume  Apts,  301-303  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Clair-Loba  Apts,  335-7  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Clair-Pine  Apts,  273-275  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Clair-Vale  Apts,  277-9  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Clair  Vaun  Apts,  339-341  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Clair  View  Manor,  115  Dowling  av 

Clair  Wood  Apts,  297-299  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Clair-Wych  Apts,  255-7  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Clarendon  Apts,  2  Clarendon  av 

Claridge  Apts,  1  Clarendon  av 

Clatonia  Apts,  252A  Carlton 

Claude  Apts,  1  Claude  av 

Claxton  Arms  Apts,  111  Raglan  av  (York  Twp) 
Claxton  Manor,  1592  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Clearview  Heights  Manor,  85  Clearview  Hts  (York  Twp) 
Clearview  Manor  Apts,  31  Clearview  Hts  (York  Twp) 
Cliffmount  Apts,  375  Westmount  av  (York  Twp) 
Cliffside  Court,  23  Pell  (Scar) 

Cliffview  Arms,  2-24  Pell  (Scar) 

Clifton  Apts,  45  Huron  and  1335  King  w 
Clifton  Manor  Apts,  114  Eglinton  av  e 
Clifton  Manor  Apts,  5  Elm  av  and  11  Elm  av 
Cloverdale  Court,  2  Kinsdale  blvd  (Etob) 

Cloverdale  Court  Apts,  880  Pharmacy  av  (Scar) 
Cloverhill  Apts,  1833-1835  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Cloverhill  St  Clair  The,  276  St  Clair  av  w 
Cloverhill  The,  24-26  St  Joseph  and  8  Kinsdale  blvd 

Cluny  Court,  66  Roxborough  e 
Coleman  Apts,  8  Thorncliffe  av 
Colin  Manor  Apts,  190  Colin  av 
College  Apartments,  183-189  Huron 
College  Heights  Apts,  4-6  Oriole  rd 
College  Mansions,  795  College 
Collegeview  Apartments,  931-41  Avenue  rd 
Collegiate  Court  Apt  House,  481  Vaughan  rd  (York 

Colonial  Apts,  532-534  Palmerston  blvd 
Colonial  Mansions,  1044-1054  College 
Columbia  Apts,  100  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

Commodore  Apts,  54  Maitland 
Concord  Apts,  90  Jameson  av 
Concord  The,  150  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

Connaught  Apts,  223  Jameson  av  and  1570  King  w 
Continental  Apts,  2603  Bathurst  (Fst  H),  510  Dawes 
road  (E  Y),  214  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp)  and  28 
Wasdale  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Continental  The,  55  Erskine  av 

Coral  Gables  Apts,  138-142  Wellesley  e 

Cornell  Apts,  44  Bartonville  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Cornell  Apts,  2693-2697  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 

Cornell  Apts,  2  Triller  av 

Cornwell  Apts,  2  Vermont  av 

Coronado  Court  Apts,  3286  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Coronation  Apts,  1650  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Coronet  Apartments,  120  Shelbourne  av  (Nth  Y) 
Coronet  Court  Apts,  204o  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Two' 
Cortleigh  Manor,  23  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 

Cosburn  Manor,  1  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

Cosburn  Mansions,  190  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

Cosburn  Terrace  Apts,  125  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

Cosburn  Towers  Apts,  185  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 
Cosmopolitan  Apts,  2601  Bathurst  (Fst  H) 

Cosview  Court  Apts,  101  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

Cosview  Tower  Apts,  91  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

Cotfield  Apts,  21  Grove  av 
Cotswold  Court  Apts,  164  Cumberland 
Cottingham  Manor  Apts,  291  Avenue  rd 
Craighurst  Apts,  2  Craighurst  av 
Craigleigh  Apts,  149  South  dr 
Craigton  Court,  1  and  3  Biggin  ct  (Nth  Y) 

Craigton  Court,  4  Rannock  (Scar) 

Crescent  Manor,  158  Crescent  rd 
Crescent  Park  Apts,  55  Neptune  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Crestview  Apts,  31  and  30-64  Leacrest  rd  (E  Y) 
57-75  and  81-93  Mallory  cres  (E  Y)  and  78 
Warren  rd 

Crestwood  Manor,  22  Tinder  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Crofton  Apts,  717  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Croydon  Apts,  2477  Queen  e  and  101  Vaughan  rd 
(York  Twp) 

Croydon  Bldg,  Bldg  2,  19  Lascelles  blvd 
Cumberland  Apartments,  80  Neptune  dr  (N  Y) 

Curity  Towers,  970  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Curtis  Court  Apts,  75  Forty-Second  (Long  B) 
Dale-Avon  Apts,  31  Rosedale  rd 

Dalemcunt  Apartments,  1133  Don  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Dales  Manor  Apts,  404  Spadina  rd  (Fst  H) 

Daleside  Court,  44  Thorncliffe  Pk  dr  (Leas) 

Dalewood  The,  10  Blackfriar  av  (Etob) 

Dalkeith  Apts,  1930  Yonge 
Dalton  Apts,  36-44A  Dalton  rd 
Danforth  Apts,  684  Danforth  av 
Danforth  Court  Apts,  2375-85  Danforth  av 
Danview  Court  Apts,  818  Broadview  av 
Darwin  Apts,  23  Thornton  av  (York  Twp) 

Darwin  Garden  Apts,  300  Winnett  av  (Y  Twp) 

Darwood  Court  Apts,  60  Tyndall  av 

Davaar  Apts,  494-496  Euclid  av  and  129-133  Ulster 

Davette  Apt,  1516  Bathurst  (Yk  Twp) 

Davick  Court  Apts,  3240  Bathurst  (Nth  Y)  and  42 
Saranac  blvd  (Nth  Y)  and  44  Saranac  blvd  (Nth 

Davis  Court  Apts,  223  Woodbine  av 
Davisville  Apts,  167-177  and  25  Davisville  av 
Dawes  Manor,  540  Dawes  rd  (E  Y) 

Daymark  Court,  2  Swift  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Daytona  Apts,  147  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Deauville  The,  2663  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 

Del  Bell  Court,  39  and  41  Wasdale  cres  (Nth  Y) 
Deepwood,  18  Tinder  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Deer  Park  Manor  Apts,  80-84  St  Clair  av  w 
DeLano  Court  Apts,  3-19  Delano  pi  (Scar) 

DeLano  Court,  Al,  19  Delano  pi  (Scar) 

DeLano  Court  A2,  17  Delano  pi  (Scar) 

DeLano  Court  Bl,  15  Delano  PI  (Scar) 

Delano  Court  B2,  11  Delano  pi  (Scar) 

DeLano  Court  B3,  9  Delano  pi  (Scar) 

DeLano  Court  Cl,  3  Delano  pi  (Scar)) 

DeLano  Court  C2,  5  Delano  pi  (Scar) 

DeLano  Court  C3,  7  Delano  pi  (Scar) 


Delcourt  Apts,  1798  and  1808A  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Delisle  Place,  70  Delisle  av 

Delmar  Apartments  The,  453-457  Indian  gr 

Del-Mar  Apartments,  2895  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Del  Prado  Apts,  20  Shallmar  blvd  (Fst  H) 

Delray  Apts,  125  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Delray  Court  Apts,  33  Flamborough  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Dentonia  Gardens,  100  Goodwood  pk  ct  (E  Y) 

Dentonia  Manor,  104  Goodwood  Park  ct  (E  Y) 

Dentonia  Towers,  102  Goodwood  Park  ct  (E  Y) 

Denwin  Apts  The,  57  Rawlinson  av 
DeTriomphe  Apts,  3575  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Devon  Apartments,  161  Wilson  av  (Nth  York) 

Devon  Court  Apts,  65  Keewatin  av 

Devon  Tower,  59  Spadina  rd 

Devonshire  The,  330  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 

Dewbourne  Court  Apts,  1996  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 
Diamond  Apts,  247  Ossington  av 
Diamond  Court  Apts,  3792-3846  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Diana  Apts,  25  Bergamot  av  (Etob) 

Diplomat  Apts,  970  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Diplomat  Apts,  309  The  Kingsway  (Etob) 

Dixington  Apts,  38  Dixington  cres  (Etob) 

Dixington  Manor,  24  Dixington  cres  (Etob) 

Dixon  Terrace  Apts,  290  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

Dolphin  Apartments,  18  Brownlow  av 

Don  Avon  Manor  Apts,  904  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Donlands  Apts,  5  Donlands  av 

Donnmar  Apts,  325  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 

Don  Rose  Towers,  70  Parkwoods  Village  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Don  Valley  Towers,  71  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 

Don  View  Manor  Apts,  958  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Donway  Apartments,  1004  Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Dorado  Court  Apts,  2  Dorado  ct  (Nth  Y) 

Dorchester  Apts,  150  Farnham  av  and  869-875  Avenue 

Dorchester  The,  33  Erskine  av 
Doreen  Apts,  1580  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Dorenzie  Apts,  222  Dovercourt  rd 

Dorothea  The,  1  Mackay  av 

Dorset  Court,  2190  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Douglas  Apts,  29-31  Winchester  and  (rear)  1566 
Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Dover  Apts,  255  Dovercourt  rd 

Dover  Hall  Apts,  540  Dovercourt  rd 

Dovercourt  Apts,  274-6,  and  410  Dovercourt  rd 

Dowling  Annex,  189  Dowling  av 

Dowling  Apts,  193  Dowling  av  and  1481  Queen  w 

Dowling  Court,  99  Dowling  av 

Drayton  Manor,  540  Russell  Hill  rd  (Fst  H) 

Dudley  Court  Apts,  120  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Duke's  Court,  54  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 

Du  Maurier  Apts,  2  and  3  Du  Maurier  blvd 
DunBar  Manor,  470  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Dundonald  Apts,  49  Dundonald 

Dunfield  Towers,  44  Dunfield  av 

Dunn  Ave  Apts,  137  Dunn  av 

Dunraven  Apts,  46  Barton  av 

Dunvegan  Court,  323  Lonsdale  rd  (Fst  H) 

Durwold  Apts,  33  Lee  av 
Earl  Apartments  The,  2  Huntley 
Ear Isvi 1 1 e  Apts,  2373  Bloor  w 

East  Briar  Apartments,  The,  11  Eccleston  dr  (Nth  Y) 
East  York  Acres,  9  Haldon  av  (E  Y) 

Eastbourne  Apts,  166  Eastbourne  av 
Eastview  Mansions,  1648  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Eastview  Towers,  2110  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Eastwood  Apts,  435  Sherbourne 
Eastwood  Manor,  15  Eastwood  rd 
Ebbmar  Apts  The,  16  Albert  av  (Mim) 

Edelstein  Apts,  290  Morningside  av  (Scar) 

Edenbridge  Court  Apartments,  22  Allanhurst  dr  (Etob) 
Eden  Gardens  Apartments,  11  Fontenay  ct  (Etob) 

Eden  Roc  Apts,  125  Lawton  blvd 

Edgar  Apts,  160  Howard  Park  av 

Edgeh  > 1 1  Apts,  333  Harbord 

Edgehil I  Manor,  290-292  The  Kingsway  (Etob) 

Edgewater  Apts,  2532  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 

Edgewood  Apts,  2-12  Kingston  rd 

Edgewood  Apts,  15  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 

Edgewood  Av  Apts,  23  Edgewood  av 
Edgewood  Grove  Apts,  136  and  156  Kingston  rd 
Edgewood  Terrace  Apts,  14  Chatsworth  dr 
Edilou  Apts,  3880-3884  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Edinborough  The,  38  Carluke  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Eglinton  Apts  The,  725  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Eglinton  Jonesville  Apts,  71  Jonesville  cres  (Nth  Y) 
Eglinton  Terrace,  460  Eglinton  av  e 
Elaine  Court,  619  Woodbine  av 
El  Canno,  569  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Elderwood  Apts,  1636  Gerrard  e 

Eldorado  Apts  The,  140  Jameson  av  and  2667  Lake 
Shore  blvd  w  (Mim)  and  2500  Bathurst  (Fst  H) 
Elite  The,  142  Carlton 
Elizabeth  Manor,  69  Old  Mill  ter  (Etob) 

Elizabeth  The,  28  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

Elian  Vannin  Apts,  26  Norwood  rd 
Ellen-Gowan  Apts,  3488  Yonge 
Ellerbeck  Apts  The,  11  Ellerbeck 
Ellesmere  Apts,  58-60  Oriole  gdns 
Ellington  The,  50  Gerrard  e 
Ellis  Court  Apts,  31  Roehampton  av 
Ellis  Park  Apts,  2001  Bloor  w 
Ellsmont  Apts,  470  Roncesvalles  av 
Elm  Apts,  193  Beverley 
Elm  Court,  83  Elm  av 
Elm  Gardens,  42  Glen  Elm  av 
Elm  Park  Apts,  1-3  Elm  Grove  av 
Elmer  Apts,  1504  King  w 
Elmridge  The,  2400  Bathurst  (Fst  H) 

Elms  Apts,  12  Elm  Grove  av 

Elms  Court  Apts,  27  Irwin  av 

Elms  The,  300  The  Kingsway  (Etob) 

Elms  The,  2515  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 

Elms  The,  w  s  Logan  av 

Elmsdale  Apts,  9  Elmsdale  rd  (E  Y) 

Elmway  Plaza,  98  Elmer  av 

Elmwood  Apts,  4  Maple  av  and  55-57  MacKay  av 
Elmwood  Apartments,  21  Eccelston  dr  ONth  Y) 

El  Presidente  Apts,  4383  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Elsian  Court,  428  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Elspeth  Apts,  196-198  Robert 
Elvaston  Court,  10  Elvaston  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Elwood  Apartments,  110  Oriole  Parkway 
Elysee  Apts,  336  Clinton 

Embassy  Apts  The,  261  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Erincrest  Apts,  246  Heath  w  (York  Twp) 

Erlesmore  Apts,  127-129  Morrison  av 
Ern  Apts,  1148  College 

Ernescliffe  Apts,  195-197  Wellesley  e  and  477  Sher¬ 

Ernsbert  Apts,  723  Bloor  w 
Erskine  Apts,  25  Erskine  av 
Escox  Apartments  36  Metcalfe 
Essex  House,  6  Milepost  PI  (Leas) 

Euclid  Apts,  115  Euclid  av 

Eureka  Apts,  429  Wellesley  e 

Evalane  Apts,  256  Sherbourne 

Evanscourt  Apts,  119  Eglinton  av  w 

Everden  Apts,  14*01  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Everest  Apts,  El-18,  E2-16,  Fl-24,  F2-22  Fishleigh 
drive  (Scar),  D2,  4  and  Dl-6  Folcroft  rd  (Scar) 
and  Bl-23,  B2-25,  Al-27,  A2-29,  Cl-31,  C2-33 
Gleneverest  rd  (Scar)  and  16-24  Fishleigh  dr 

Everglade  Apts,  110-112  Tyndall  av 
Evnor  Apts,  36  Wood  Glen  rd  (Scar) 

Evnor  Apts  Ltd,  8  Hawthorn  av 
Exclusive  House  The,  39  Raglan  av  (York  Twp) 

Executive  House  Apts,  972  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Fairfax  Court  Apts,  27  Winchester 
Fairfield  Apts,  3  Newholm  rd  (Etob) 

Fairfield  Towers,  6  Twenty-Fourth  (Long  B) 

Fairhill  Apts,  27  Walmer  rd 
Fairhill  Manor,  120  Broadway  av 
Fairlawn  Apts,  2552  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Fairlawn  Apts,  3464-3474  Yonge 
Fairside  Apts,  611  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

Page  5 

Fairview  Apts,  41  Blackfriar  av  (Etob) 

Fairwood  Manor,  7  Biggin  ct  (Nth  Y) 

Falcon  Towers,  111  Lawton  blvd 
Fallingbrook  Apts,  3010  Queen  e  (Scar) 

Farnham  Hill  Court  Apts,  2-6  'Farnham  av  and  1348 

Favorite  Apts,  34  Wasdale  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Faywood  Court  Apts,  45-55  Faywood  blvd  (Nth  Y) 

Faywood  Court  Apts,  Bldg  A,  8  Vinci  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Faywood  Court  Apts,  Bldg  C,  30  Vinci  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Faywood  Court  Apts,  Bldg  E,  59  Vinci  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Fifeshire  Towers  East,  26  Carluke  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Fifeshire  Towers  West,  20  Carluke  cres  (Nth  Y) 
Fifty-Five  Isabella,  55  Isabella 

Finch-Main  Gardens  Apts,  2431-2433  Finch  av  w 
(North  York) 

Five  Hundred  and  One  Kingston  Road  Apts,  501  Kingston 

Five  Hundred  and  Sixty  One  Avenue  Rd  Ltd,  561 
Avenue  rd 

Flamingo  Apts,  2701  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Fleetwood  Apts,  62-64  St  Clair  av  w 
Florence  Apts,  1094  College 
Florence  Court,  1691  Gerrard  e 
Florentine  The,  171  Erskine  av 
Fontainebleu  Apts  The,  130  Rosedale  Valley  rd 
Fontenay  Court  Apartments,  10  Fontenay  ct  (Etob) 
Forest  Grove  Apts,  55  Montclair  av  (Fst  H)  and  80 
Montclair  av  (Fst  H) 

Forest  Hill  Apts,  314-316  Lonsdale  rd  (Fst  H) 

Forest  Hill  Apts,  101  Lyon  av  (Fst  H) 

Forest  Hill  Heights  Apts,  4854  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Forest  Hill  Manor,  790  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Forest  Hill  Village  Apts,  99-101  Lyon  av  (Fst  H) 

Forest  Ridge  Manor,  2550  Bathurst  (Fst  H) 

Forest  View  Apts,  2402-2406  Queen  e  (Scar) 

Forest  View  Apts,  564-566  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Forest  View  Apts,  9  K'ingsbridge  ct  (Nth  Y) 

Forestville  Manor,  448  Spadina  rd  (Fst  H) 

Forman  Court,  299  Forman  av 

Fort  Garry  Apts,  561  Jarvis 

Fountain  Court  Apts,  2303  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Fountain  View,  440  Eglinton  av  e 
Fountainwood  Apts,  1017  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Four  Hundred  Avenue  Rd  Apts,  400  Avenue  rd 
Four  Hundred  and  Eighty-Five  Kingston  Road,  485 
Kingston  rd 

Four  Hundred  &  Eighty  Four  Avenue  Road  'Ltd,  484 
Avenue  rd 

Four  Hundred  &  Twelve  Eglinton  av  e,  412  Eglinton 
av  e 

Four  Hundred  &  Twenty  Eglinton  av  e,  420  Eglinton 
avenue  e 

Four  Superior,  4  Superior  av  (Mim) 

Four  Thousand  The,  4000  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 

Fourteen  Deer  Park  Cres,  14  Deer  Park  cres 

Fourteen  Thirty-Five  Bathurst  Apts,  1435  Bathurst 

Foxbar  Apts,  54  Foxbar  rd 

Franklin  Apts,  82-84  Roncesvalles  av 

Franroy  Courts,  2303-2307  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim' 

Frontenac  Apts  The,  337  Palmerston  blvd 

Gables  Apts  The,  35  King  (Wstn) 

Gail  Apts,  534  Dawes  rd  (E  Y) 

Gail  Manor,  85  Lawton  Blvd 

Gailmort  Apartments,  2696  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Gailong  Towers,  66  Parkwood  Village  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Gallanough  Apts,  489  Bloor  w  and  499A  Bloor  w 
Gamble  Court,  51  Gamble  av  (E  Y) 

Gamble  Mansions,  45  Gamble  av  (E  Y) 

Gamble  Terrace,  65  Gamble  av  (E  Y) 

Gambo  Apts,  1115  Dovercourt  rd 
Gamma  Apartments,  8  Crown  Hill  pi  (Etob) 

Garden  Court  Apts,  1477-1481  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Garden  Court  Homes,  46-56  Three  Valleys  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Garden  View  Apts,  116  Pembroke 

Garden  View  Apartments,  321  Sherbourne 

Garden  View  Apts,  24  Pinehill  cres  (York  Twp) 

Gardenside  Apts,  181  Gerrard  e 

Garfield  Court  Apts,  1102-4  Dundas  w 

Gateway  The,  1  Springhurst  av 

Gay  Lord  Apts,  2908  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 

Gaylord  The,  55-65  Broadway  av 

Geoffrey  Apts,  1-3V2  Geoffrey 

George  Manor  Apts,  28-30  George  (Mim) 

Georgian  Apts,  291  St  George  and  97  Spencer  av 

Georgian  Arms,  2327  Queen  e 

Gerrard  Apts,  205  Gerrard  e 

Gibraltar  Apts,  180  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Gifford  House,  24-26  Gifford 

Gilmar  Manor,  28  Riverwood  Pkwy  (Etob) 

Gitta  Apartments,  1  Newholm  rd  (Etob) 

Gladstone  Apts,  225  Gladstone  av 
Glamis  Apts,  5  Claxton  blvd  (York  Twp) 

Glasgow  The,  32  Carluke  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Glazebrook  Apts,  7  Glazebrook  av 

Glenarvon  Apts,  310  Roncesvalles  av 

Glen  Avon  Court  Apts,  898  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Glen  Ayre  Court  Apts,  1207  Don  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Glen  Briar,  620  Avenue  rd 

Glenburn  Apts,  3  and  11  Glenburn  av  (E  Y) 

Glenburn  Ave  Apts,  7  Glenburn  av  (E  Y) 

Glencairn  Apts,  2745-2755  Yonge 
Glencairn  Gardens,  2730  Yonge 
Glendale  Mansions,  3-5  Earl 
Glendale  The,  379  Roncesvalles  av 
Glen  Davis  Apts,  530-532  Kingston  rd 
Glen  Dover  Apts,  751  Carlaw  av 
Glen  Eagles  Apts,  441  Jarvis 
Glen  Echo  Apts,  6  Glen  Echo  rd 
Glen  Elm  Apts,  2  Glen  Elm  av 
Glen  Evans  Apts,  77  Roehampton  av 
Glen  Fern  Apts,  15-21  Glen  Fern  av 
Glen  Garden  Court  Apts,  1061  and  1063  Don  Mills  rd 
(North  York) 

Glenholme  Apts,  120  Glenholme  av 

Glen  Lawrence  Apts,  1724  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Glen-Lee  Apts,  569  Kingston  rd 

Glen-Leven  Apts,  3-5  Airdrie  rd  (Leas),  1325  Bayview 
av  (Leas)  and  2-4  Sutherland  dr  (Leas) 

Glen  Manor  Apartments,  116  Glen  Manor  dr 
Glen  Moore  Apts,  432  St  Clarens  av 
Glenmore  Apts,  1520-1524  Dundas  w 
Glen  Morris  Apts,  655  Spadina  av 
Glenmount  Apts,  474  Kingston  rd 
Glenn  Apts,  435  Glen  Park  av  (Nth  Y) 

Glen  Oaks  Apts,  45-47  Benlamond  av 
Glenore  Manor,  1675  Eglinton  av  w  (Yk  Twp) 

Glen  Road  Apts,  451  Bloor  e 

Glen  Rose  Apts,  2405  Queen  e 

Glen  Stewart  Apts,  2150  Queen  e 

Glen  Stewart  Senior  Citizens  Apts,  828  Kingston  rd 

Glen  Towers,  42  Gulliver  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Glen  Valley  Court  Apt,  48  and  50  Ecclestone  dr  (Nth 

Glenview  Apts,  2765  Yonge 

Glenview  Manor,  316  The  Kingsway  (Etob) 

Glenview  Terrace  Apts,  2904  Yonge 
Glenwood  Apts,  107-109  Glenholme  av 
Glenwood  Court  Apts,  2718  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 
Glenwood  Gate  Apts  The,  5-9  Stag  Hill  dr  (E  Y) 
Gloucester  Apts,  83  Gloucester 
Gloucester  House,  2A  Montye  av  (York  Twp) 
Gloucester  Mansions,  592-596  Church  and  67  Glou¬ 

Goldene  Gdns,  3  Gold  Finch  ct  (Nth  Y) 

Golden  Gate  Apts,  53  Neptune  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Golden  Gate  Apts,  1000,  1004,  and  1008  O'Connor 
drive  (E  Y) 

Golden  Mile  Apartments,  32  &  40  Craigton  dr  (Scar), 
860  Pharmacy  av  (Scar),  1  and  5  Rannock  (Scar), 
1594  and  1600  Victoria  Park  av  (Nth  Y) 
Golfcrest  Court  Apts,  2585  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Golfview  Towers  Apts,  2336  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 
Governor's  Manor,  67-93  Douglas  cres  (E  Y) 

Grace  Apts,  330  Clinton 

Gracewood  Apts,  5-9  'De  Savery  cres 

Gramor  Apts,  245  Logan  av 

Granada  Apts,  1636  Queen  e 

Granada  Towers  'Building,  2440  Queen  e 

Grand  Ravine  Terrace,  80  Grand  Ravine  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Grandview  Apts,  1430  King  w 
Grandview  Apts,  1770  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Grand  View  Apts,  1512-1514  King  w 
Grange  Apts,  2-8V2  and  137-141  Grange  av  and  Annex 
103  Augusta  av 
Granville  Apts,  109  Pembroke 
Gray's  Inn  Court,  8-10  Beaconsfield  av 
Graydon  Apts,  90  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Graylynn  Apts,  2779  Yonge 

Greenbrook  Manor,  1-3  &  4-6  Greenbrook  dr  (York  Twp) 
Greencastle  Block,  7  Castlef ield  av 
Greenfield  The,  15  Bridesbury  dr  (Etob) 

Green  Gables  Apts,  778  Broadview  av 
Greentree  Court  Manor,  7  Greentree  Ct  (York  Twp) 
Greentree  Manor  Apts,  2  Greentree  Court  (York  Twp) 
and  5  Greentree  Ct  (York  Twp) 

Greenville  Manor,  2000  Bloor  w 

Greenview  Park  Apts,  521  Finch  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Greenwin  Courts,  2217-2221  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Greenwood  Court  Apts,  1328-1338  Queen  e 
Greenwood  Park  Apts,  1615  Dundas  e 
Gregory  Apts,  218  Close  av 
Grenadier  Mansions,  1942-1946  Bloor  w 
Grenview  Apts,  2141  Bloor  w 
Gresham  Apts,  2453  Queen  e 

Grove  Apartments,  535  Indian  gr  and  437  Glen  Park  av 
(Nth  Y) 

Guestville  Apartments,  80  Guestville  av  (Y  T) 

Hamilton  Building  The,  317-319  The  Kingsway  (Etob) 
Hampshire  House,  755  Avenue  rd 
Hampton  Court  Apts,  21-29  Avenue  rd  and  347-351A 
Danforth  av 

Hampton  Court  Apts,  178  Hampton  av 
Hampton  Cove  Apts,  37  Metcalfe 

Hampton  Mansions,  39-43  Metcalfe  and  77-79  Win¬ 

Hampton  Villa,  85  Winchester 

Harris  Manor  Apts,  2  Fernwood  gdns  (E  Y) 

Harrondale  Apts,  97  Carlton 
Hastings  The,  25  Bridesburg  dr  (Etob) 

Havelock  Court  Apts,  1-3A  Havelock 
Havenbrook  Towers,  75  and  95  Havenbrook  blvd 
(North  York) 

Hawthorne  Apts,  44  Huntley 

Hazelwood  Apts,  40  Hazelton  av 

Hearthstone  Apts,  4  'Deer  Park  cres 

Heathaven  Apartments  Ltd,  575  Avenue  rd 

Heathbourne  Apts,  230-232  Heath  w  (York  Twp) 

Heathdale  Apts,  254-256  Heath  w 

Heathdale  Apts,  82  Warren  rd 

Heathdale  Court,  1596-1598A  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Heatherdale  Apts,  1  &  3  Heatherdale  rd  ('Etob) 

Heatherfield  Apts,  15-17  Heath  w 

Heathfield  Court  Apts,  15  Bater  av  (E  Y) 

Heath  Manor,  80  Heath  w 

Heathmuir  Apts,  450  Walmer  rd  (York  Twp) 

Heathview  Apts,  31  Tichester  rd  (York  Twp) 

Heathview  The,  2233  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Heathwood  The,  2175  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Helendale  Apts,  31-35  Helendale  av 
Henderson  Apts.  2  Delaware  av 
Herzl  Apts,  237  Manning  av 
Heydon  Block  Apts,  2858-2872  Dundas  w 
Heydon  Hall  Apartments,  34-38  Heydon  Park  rd 
Heydon  Terrace  Apts,  382  Dovercourt  rd 
Heydon  Villa,  394  Dovercourt  rd 
Highbourne  Court  Apartments,  50  Oxton  av 
Highland  Court  Apts,  Bldgs  A,  B,  C,  D,  E,  F,  G  and 
H,  60  Lord  Seaton  rd  (Nth  Y) 

High  Park  Manor  Apts,  1914  Bloor  w 

High  Park  Manor  Apts,  244-246  Roncesvalles  av 

Highview  Apts,  160  Pinegrove  av  (Scar) 

Highview  Court  Apts,  1477  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Highview  Manor  Apts,  11  Dervock  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Hilda  Apts,  34-38  Homewood  av 
Hi  Merest  Apartments,  399  Dupont  and  522-528  St 
Clair  av  w 

Hillholme  Apts,  599  St  Clair  av  w 
H i'l Iholme  Manor  Apts,  1874  Bloor  w 
Hillhurst  Park  Apts,  2700  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Hillpark  Manor,  205  Keele 

Hillsdale  Manor  Apts,  1674  Bayview  av 

Hillside  Court  Apts,  65-65A  Hillside  dr  (E  Y) 

Hillsview  Apts,  12  Vaughan  rd 

Hillview  Apts,  151  Dupont 

Hillview  Mansions,  1646  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Hilton  The,  294  Clinton 
Hollow  View  Apts,  2010  Bloor  w 
Holloway  Apts,  15-17  Temple  av 
Holly  Towers,  33  Holly 

Holmsdale  Manor  Apartments,  2106  Dufferin  (Y  Twp) 

Holmsleigth  Court,  65-73  Oriole  rd 

Holyrood  Apartments,  1  Eccleston  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Homeside  Apts,  1165  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Hopewell  Court  Apts,  110  Lyon  av  (York  Twp) 

Horizon  House  East,  9  Roanoke  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Horizon  House  West,  7  Roanoke  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Howard  Apts,  195-197  Howard  Park  av 
Howard  Mansions,  2252  Dundas  w 
Howell  Manor  Apts,  66  Beech  av 
Howland  Apts,  1  Howland  av 
Howland  Court  Apts,  233-245  Howland  av 
Hubbard  Court  Apts,  15  Hubbard  blvd 
Hubbard  Park  Apts,  42  Hubbard  blvd 
Humber  Park  Apartments,  2220  and  2222  Weston  rd 

Humber  Ridge  Apts,  3328-3330  Weston  rd  ONth  Y) 
Humber  Terrace  Apts,  2526-2528  Bloor  w  (Swan) 
and  T85  Stephen  dr  (Etob) 

Humbervale  Apts,  179  Berry  rd  (Etob) 

Humber  Valley  Court,  4  Anglesey  blvd  (Etob) 

Humber  View  Apts,  17-35  Jane  and  2651  Bloor  w 
(Etob)  and  39  Riverwood  Pkwy  (Etob) 

Humewood  Court  Apts,  9  Humewood  dr  (York  Twp) 

Hunt  Club  Manor,  1336  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Huntingford  Apartments,  285  St  George 
Huntley  Apts,  2  Linden 
Imperial  Manor  Apts,  110  Broadway  av 
Imperial  The,  130  Jameson  av 
Inglewood  Apts,  171  St  Clair  av  e 
Inwood  Apts,  280  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 

Iona  Apts,  165-167  Carlton 

Ionview  Court  Apts,  2231  and  2233  Eglinton  av  e 

Irene  Apts,  796  Carlaw  av 
Isabella  Apts,  96  Isabella 

Island  View  Apts,  3  Island  View  blvd  (Mim)  and 
Norris  cres  CMim) 

Islington  Apts,  40  Dixington  cres  (Etob) 

Islington  Towers,  265  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

Ivadell  Apts  The,  677-679  College 
Ivanhoe  Apts,  555  Palmerston  av 
Ivor  Towers,  3541  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 

J.  0.  Apartments,  129  Chester  av 
Jacklen  Manor  Apts,  29  Church  (Wstn) 

Jameson  Towers,  87  Jameson  av 

Jan  Kiepura  Apts,  777  and  787  Jane  (York  Twp) 

Janette  Apartments,  46  Montye  av  (York  Twp) 

Jarvis  Court,  432-438  Jarvis 

Jarvis  Court  Apts,  120  Maitland 

Jay  Apartments,  2  Pimlico  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Jaycee  Apts,  235  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Jennifer  Court  Apts,  187  Berry  rd  (Etob) 

Jo-AI  Apts,  219  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Joffre  Apts,  614  Dufferin 

Jordan  Mansions  The,  2230  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Jory  Villa,  60  Beech  av 

Jury  Apts,  600  Lonsdale  rd  (Fst  H) 

Karen  Apts,  133  Broadway  av  and  2507  Eglinton  av 
west  (York  Twp) 

Kathryn  Apts,  120  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Keelegate  Towers,  2050  Keele  (Nth  Y  ) 

Keelesdale  Apt  The,  1720  Keele  (York  Twp) 

Keelside  Manor  Apts,  1970  Keele  (York  Twp) 

Keewatin  Court,  100-110  Keewatin  av 

Kelsey  Apts,  229V2  Jones  av 

Kelvin  Apts,  648  Ontario 

Kelvin  Grove  Apts,  1365  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Kelvin  Manor  Apts,  2161-2169  Yonge 

Kenboro  Apts,  821  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Ken  Court  Apts  The,  879  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Kendal  Apts,  63-65  Kendal  av  and  66  Spadina  rd 
Kenilworth  Apts,  after  109  Kenilworth  av 
Kenilworth  The,  1963V2  Queen  e 
Kenmore  Apts,  110  Kippendavie  av 
Kennedy  Court  Apts,  877  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Kennedy  Park  Manor  Apts,  640-644  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 
Kennedy  Terrace,  2  Kennedy  av  (Swan) 

Kensingham  Court  Apartments,  2543  and  2545-2561 
Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 

Kensington  Apts,  425-429  Crawford 
Kensington  Towers  Apts,  21  Dale  av 
Kenson  Apartments,  51  Grosvenor 
Kent  Apartments,  1550  Queen  e 
Kent  Arms  Apts,  10o  Oriole  Parkway 
Kenvon  Apts,  227  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Kenwood  Apts,  72  Ascot  av 
Kenwood  Court  Apts,  1121  Bloor  w 
Kew  Gardens  Apts,  38  Leuty  av  and  15  Violet  av 
Kew  Park  Mansions,  2163-2165  Queen  e 
Kilcooley  Gardens,  2339-2345  Lakeshore  blvd  w 

Killarney  Mansions,  321  Lonsdale  rd  (Fst  H) 

Kimberley  Apts,  4  Kings  Point  dr  (Etob) 

Kindale  Apts,  136-138  Gillard  av 

Kingdun  Apts,  1340  King  w 

King  Edward  Apts,  192-194  Jarvis 

King  George  Apts,  169-169A  John 

King  George  Apts,  36  King  (Wstn)  and  177  St  George 

King  George  Drive  Apts,  1960  Keele  (York  Twp) 

King  Hi  Apts,  400-414  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

King  Lee  Apts,  160  Huron 

King's  Plaiza  Apts,  122  Dowling  av 

Kingscourt  Apts,  1384-1386  King  w 

Kingsdale  Apts,  500  Kingston  rd  and  70  Gloucester 

Kingsgate  The,  2800  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Kings-Lee  Manor,  567  Kingston  rd 
Kingsley  Manor,  15  Anglesey  blvd  (Etob) 

Kingsley  Mansions,  1396  King  w  and  149  Jameson  av 
Kingsley  The,  55  Bridesburg  dr  (Etob) 

Kingston  Manor  Apts,  735  &  737  Kingston  rd 
Kingston  Rd  Manor  Apts,  140  Kingston  rd 
Kingsview  Apts,  1502  King  w  and  146  Jameson  av 
Kingsview  Gardens,  1200  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Kingsway  Court,  310-314  The  Kingsway  (Etob) 
Kingsway  Court  Apts,  2553  Bloor  w  (Swan) 

Kingsway  Hall  Apts,  2555  Bloor  w  (Swan) 

Kingsway  Park  Apts,  2655  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Kingsway  Plaza,  2649  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Kingsway  Plaza  Apts,  2559  Bloor  w  (Swan) 

Kinscourt  Apts,  9  Kinsdale  blvd  (Etob) 

Kinsdale  Court,  4  Kinsdale  blvd  (Etob) 

Kippendavie  Manor,  80  Kippendavie  av 
Kirkwood  Apts,  62  Gleneverest  rd  (Scar) 

Kitchener  Apts,  636  Dufferin 
Kittys  Manor,  5  Crown  Hill  pi  (Etob) 

Knob  Hill  Apartments,  996  &  998  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

La  Corona  Towers,  25  Cedarcroft  blvd  (Nth  Y) 

La  Grande  Vue  Apts,  1  Rockaway  cres  (Scar) 

Laird  Manor  Apts,  888  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Lake  Breeze  Apts,  2355  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 
Lakepoint  Apts,  155  Lakeshore  dr  (New  Tor) 

Lake  Shore  Mansions,  2401  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 

Lakeside  Apts  The,  91  Jameson  av 

Lakeview  Apts,  46,  50,  54,  58  Gleneverest  rd  (Scar) 

Lakeview  Apts,  1609  Queen  w 

Lakeview  Mansions,  1621  Queen  w 

Lakeview  Terrace,  130  Tyndall  av 

Lakeview  Terrace  Apts,  75  Scarborough  rd 

Lakeview  Towers  Apts,  24  Tyndall  av 

La-May  Court  Apts,  2914-29U>  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 

Lambton  Manor,  4075  Dundas  w  (Y  Twp) 

Landmark  Apts  Tfft,  2493  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 
Langemark  Apts,  135  Ulster 
Lansdowne  Mansions,  12  Lansdowne  av 
Lansing  Court  Apts,  Bldg  1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8, 
w  s  Bales  (Nth  Y) 

La  Place  Marie,  25  St  Mary 

La  Place  Victoria,  1154  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

La  Rose  Apts,  34  Winchester 

La  Salle  Apts,  194  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

La  Salle  Towers,  135  Lawton  blvd 
Lascelles  Apts,  115  Eglinton  av  w 
Latimer  Apts,  4  Latimer  av 
Lauder  Apts,  161  Lauder  av 
Lauder  Apts  Annex,  167  Lauder  av 
Laurada  Apts,  1595  Bathurst  (Fst  H) 

Laurel  Apts,  104  Kippendavie  av 
Laurentian  Apartments,  1560  and  1570  Lawrence  av  w 
(North  York) 

Laurentian  Apts,  1442  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Laurentian  The,  51  Parkwoods  Village  dr  (Nth  Y) 

La  Vera  Apts,  204A  Carlton 

La  Verne  Apts,  134  Carlton 

Lawn  Apts,  1112  Avenue  rd 

Lawrence  Park  Apts,  3125  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Lawrence  Park  Apts,  2875  Yonge 

Lawrence  Park  Manor,  2867  Yonge 
"•Lawrence  Plaza"  Apt  Bldg,  568  Lawrence  av  w 
(North  York) 

Lawrence  Terrace  Apts,  2440A-2440C  Keele  (Nth  Y) 
and  1440  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Lawton  Blvd  Apts,  80  Lawton  blvd 
Lawton  Courts,  57  Lawton  blvd 
Lawton  Manor  Apts,  48  Lawton  blvd 
Lawtonia  Apts,  101  Lawton  blvd 

Laxton  Terrace,  3  Laxton  av 
Leamill  Apts,  855-859  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 

Leamington  Apts,  155  Balmoral  av 
Le  Chalet,  2  Mascot  pi  (Nth  Y) 

Le  Grand  Apts,  2074  Queen  e 
Le  Grande  Apts,  1A  Hambly  av 
Leicester  Manor,  118  Roncesvalles  av 
Leland  Apts,  810  Royal  York  rd  (Etob) 

Lemar  Apts,  107  Redpath  av 

Lenmore  Court,  1625-1633  and  1641  Kingston  rd 

Lennox  Apts,  233  'Borden 
Lenore  Apts,  846-850  Broadview  av 
Leona  Court  Apts,  100  and  104  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Leonard  Apts,  535-537  Lansdowne  av  and  IV2  Leonard 

Leopold  Apts,  170  Jameson  av 
Le  Page  Apts,  50  John  (Wstn) 

Le  Trois  Apts,  2387  Queen  e 

Letros  Apts,  69  Carlton,  1  Triller  av  and  391  Ohurcb 
Lexena  Apts,  61-63  Charles  e 

Lido  Apts,  2407  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim)  and  516 
Dawes  rd  (E  Y) 

Lido  Court,  1  Crown  Hill  pi  (Etob) 

Lillian  Apts,  538  Danforth  av  and  794  Carlaw  av 
Lilliana  Apts  The,  27  Bergamot  av  (Etob) 

Li  Mar  Apts,  2558  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Lincoln  Apts  The,  85  Wellesley  e 

Lincoln  Green  Apts,  182-202  Sentinel  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Lincombe  Hall,  317  Sherbourne 

Linda  Apts,  10-12  Dwight  av  (New  T) 

Linda's  Court  Apts,  1252  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Lindens  The,  s  s  Bain  av 

Lin-Mar  Court,  176  Berry  rd  (Etob) 

Lions  Gate,  s  s  Waterford  dr  (Etob) 

Littiana  Apts  The,  27  Bergamot  av  (Etob) 

Lloydbrook  Apts,  1643  Bloor  w 

Locksley  Hall,  1268  King  w 

Lois  May  Apartments,  127  William  (Wstn) 

London  Terrace  Apts,  83  St  Clair  av  w 
Loney  Courts  Apts,  88  Mattson  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Lonsdale  Manor  Apts,  312  Lonsdale  rd  (Fst  H) 
Lonsgate  Apts,  1594  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Lord  Carlton  Apts,  2140  Bloor  w 

Lord  Dufferin  The,  200  Dufferin 

Lord  Elgin  Apt,  124  Broadway  av 

Lord  Nelson  Apts,  437  Jarvis 

Lord  Seaton  Court  Apts,  24  The  Links  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Lorenzo  The,  10  Hill  Heights  rd  (Etob) 

Lome  Robt  Apts,  215  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

A  .  tment  Houses 


Lorraine  Apts,  318  Clinton,  610-616  Ontario,  63  Roe- 
hampton  av,  781  Shaw  and  20  Triller  av 
Louise  Apts,  1483  Dundas  e  and  118  Vaughan  rd  (York 

Louvain  Apts,  6  Walker  av  and  545  Danforth  av 
Lovaine  Apts,  170  Palmerston  av 
Lowther  Apts,  181-183  Lowther  av 
Lucelle  The,  3  Hill  Heights  rd  'Etob) 

Lucerne  Apts,  85  Lowther  av  and  2  Newholm  rd  (Etob) 

Lucille  Apts,  565  Ontario  and  2  Prospect 

Luella  Apts,  8  Appleton  av 

Luffman  Bessie  L  Apts,  320  Seaton 

Lugano  View,  21  Maynard  av 

Luxor  Apts,  549  Jarvis 

Luxury  Apts.  829  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 

Lyndale  Apts,  501  Markham 

Lynn  Laird  Manor  "A",  892-894  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 
and  "B"  894  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Lynn  Manor  Apts,  937-Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Lynraven  Apts,  9  Crown  Hill  pi  (Etob) 

Lynwood  Apts,  470-474  Avenue  rd  and  2-4  Lynwood 


Lytton  Court  Apts,  2676  Yonge 
Mackay  Apts,  49-51  Mackay  av 

Macpherson  Apartments,  28  Macpherson  av  and  130 

Macpherson  av 

Madison  Apts,  93-99  Madison  av 
Mainway  Apts,  1693  Weston  rd  iWstn) 

Maitlands  The,  36-42  Maitland 
Majestic  Terrace,  2  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 

Major  Apts,,  93-95  Major 
Mallon  Block,  1734  and  1740  Dundas  w 

Mallory  Gdns  Apts,  1  Mallory  gdns  and  8  Mallory 

Mallory  The,  15  Mallory  cres  (E  Y) 

Mallory  Towers,  5  Mallory  gdns 
Mandell  Apts,  420  Crawford 

Manhattan  Apts,  68-70  Charles  e  and  628-632  Church 

Manhattan  Towers,  585  Avenue  rd 

Manhattan  Towers,  75  Broadway  av 

Manor  Apts,  2  Manor  rd  e 

Manor  Arms  Apts,  5  Manor  rd  w 

Manor  Blanc  Apartments,  806  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Manor  Court  Apts,  313-315  Lonsdale  rd  ( ( Fst  H) 

Manor  Mansions,  2263-2269  Queen  e 

Maple  Glen,  36  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 

Maple  Grove  Apts,  16-18-20  Hotspur  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Maple  Villa  Apartments,  105  Kenwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Maples  The,  n  and  s  s  Bain  av 
Maplewood  Mansions,  172-174  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Mar-Alda  Court  Apts,  177  Stephen  dr  (Etob) 
Marbella  Apts,  5  Agate  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Marcan  Apts,  450  and  460  Winona  dr  (York  Twp) 
Marguerite  Apts,  421  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Margull  Court,  2100  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Mari  Li  Apts,  2430-2432  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Maria  Garden  Apartments,  1620  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth 

Marie  Antoinette  Apartments,  5950  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
and  100  University  av 
Marilyn  Manor  Apts,  1989  Yonge 
Marine  Grove  Apts,  220,  230  and  240  Lake  Promenade 
(Long  B  and  21  and  31  Park  blvd  (Long  B) 
Marine  Heights  Apts,  3-29  Cliffside  dr  (Scar) 

Marine  Heights  Apts,  1-35  Cliffside  dr  (Scar) 

Marion  Apts,  113  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Marion  Court  Apts,  59  Roncesvalles  av 
Markdale  Manor  Apts,  1654  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 
Markham  Road  Apartments,  45  Greencrest  circuit 

Marlborough  Court,  26  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 
Mar-Lin  Court,  167  Stephen  dr  (Etob) 

Marlyn  Apts,  1535  and  1539  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 
Marquessa  Apts,  2121  Bathurst  (Fst  H) 

Marquette  Apts,  22  Robina  av  (York  Twp) 

Marquis  Plaza,  6-8  Anglesey  blvd  (Etob) 

Marthamac  Apartments,  330-332  Chisholm  av  (E  Y) 
Martin  Grove  Gardens,  2  Clement  rd  (Etob),  and  20 
Clement  rd  (Etob) 

Martin  Terrace  Apts,  1395  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Martindale  Manor  Apts,  1140  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Martinique  Apts,  120  Rosemount  av  and  893-905 
Avenue  rd 

Massey  House  Apts,  108  Isabella 
Matheson  Apts,  606-608  Ontario 
Mattawa  Apts,  269  Sherbourne 

Maxwell  Apts,  397  Harbord,  591  Ossington  av  and 
131  Mountjoy  av 

Maxwell  and  Sheila  Apts,  72  Isabella 
Maxwellton  Apts,  48  Maxwell  av 
May  Manor,  8  Hill  Heights  rd  (Etob) 

Mayfair  Apts,  394-6  Avenue  rd 
Mayfair  Apts,  2  Kings  Point  dr  (Etob) 

Mayfair  Mansions,  398  Avenue  rd 
Mayflower  Apts,  1057  Don  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Maynard  Court  Apts,  32  Maynard  av 
McCormick  Park  Apartments,  1525  Dundas  w 
McLean  Apts,  2174  Queen  e 
Medford  Apartments,  6-8  Medford  av  (Scar) 

Medley  Apts,  2239  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Melba  Apts,  680  Roselawn  av  (Fst  H) 

Melbourne  Apts,  100  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Melcourt  Apts,  338-342  Donlands  av  (E  Y)  and  391- 
393  Sherbourne 

Meldrum  Court  Apts,  388  Brunswick  av 
Melody  Apts,  387  Sherbourne 
Melrose  Apts,  828  Shaw 
Melville  Apts,  119-123  Melville  av 
Merlan  Apts  The,  81-83  Isabella  . 

Merro  Gardens  Apts,  672  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Merton  Terrace,  375  Merton 

Metropolitan  Apts,  1  Lansdowne  av  and  89  Queen  e 
Midland  Apts,  815  Midland  av  (Scar) 

Midlar  Apartments,  2700  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Mido  Apts,  540  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 

Midtown  Apts,  137  Isabella 
Mid-Wood  Apartments,  2  Treewood  (Scar) 

Mikado  The,  265  Markland  dr  (Etob) 

Millicent  Apts,  254  Beresford  av 
Millwood  The,  870-872  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 

Millwood  Manor  Apts,  715  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 

Mimico  Manor  Apts,  2660-2666  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 

Minto  Apts,  831  St  Clarens  av  and  156-158  Brandon 

Mirador  Apts,  2890  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 

Molin  Elms  Apartments,  1  Shendale  dr  (Etob) 

Monaco  Towers,  555  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Monarch  Apts,  118  Eglinton  av  w 
Monarch  Heights  Apts,  19-23  and  14-26  Englehart  cres 
(Scar)  and  64-68-76  Harris  Park  dr  (Scar) 
Montclair  Apts,  1554-1560,  1570-1574  Bathurst  (York 
Twp),  60  Montclair  av  (Fst  H)  and  383  Spadirta 

Montebello  Towers  The,  21  Mayfair  av  (Fst  H) 

Monte  Carlo  Apts,  135  Keewatin  av 
Monte  Fleur  Apts,  3690  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Monterey  Apartments,  3  Swift  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Montgomery  Apts,  118  Montgomery  av 
Monticito  Apts,  467-469  Spadina  rd  (Fst  H) 

Monticello  Apartments,  323  Parklawn  rd  (Etob) 
Montview  Garden  Apts,  1778  Bloor  w 
Moore  Park  Plaza  Apts,  309  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Morley  Court.  279  Woodfield  rd 
Morningside  Manor,  9  Morningside  av  (Swan) 
Mortimer  Manor,  470  Mortimer  av  (E  Y) 

Moss  Park  Apts,  Bldg  1,  275  Shuter,  Bldg  8,  285 
Shuter,  Bldg  9.  295  Shuter 
Mountbatten  The,  14  Rayoak  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Mountjoy  Apts.  99  Mountjoy  av 
Mt  Sherwood  Towers,  172  Sherwood  av 
Mulgrave  Apts,  378-378A  Markham 
Mulock  Apts,  105  Isabella 
Munro  Park  Apts,  55  Munro  Park  av 
Nalgar  The,  35  Raglan  av  (York  Twp) 

Nanton  Court  Apts,  7-19  Nanton  av 
Navarre  Apts,  The,  337-341  Sherbourne 
Nedwod  Apts,  207  Earlscourt  av 

Neptune  Apts,  90-94  Neptune  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Neville  Park  Apts,  2479-81  Queen  e 

New  Grange  Apts,  91  Grange  av 

New  Haven  Apts,  787  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

New  Rusholme  Apts,  19-21  Rusholme  rd 

Nicholas  Apts,  510  Jarvis 

Nicholson  Block  Apts,  97  Pape  av 

Norfolk  Apts,  860  Palmerston  av  and  34A  Vermont  av 

Norma  Mansions,  1576  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Norman  Apts,  59  Clinton 

Normandy  Apts,  1845  Gerrard  e,  95  Lawton  blvd  and 
102  Trethewey  dr  (York  Twp) 

Norseman  Apts,  800  Royal  York  rd  (Etob) 

North  Drive  Apts,  2  North  dr  (Scar) 

North  Glen  Court,  1685  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
North  Shore  Apts,  79  Jameson  av 
Northcliffe  Apts,  97  N orthcl iff e  blvd 
Northcliffe  Manor,  240  Northcliffe  blvd  (York  Two) 
Northcliffe  Terrace,  682  Northcliffe  blvd  (York  Twp) 
Northcliffe  The,  4  Hill  Heig.its  rd  (Etob) 

Northgate  Apts,  1531  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Northview  Manor,  98  Northcliffe  blvd  and  4900 
Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

North  Town  Estates,  1901  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Northview  Terraces,  2515  Bathurst  (Fst  H) 

Northview  Towers  Apt,  4866  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Northwood  Terrace,  1436-1494  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Nortown  Apts,  1998  Bathurst  (York  Twp)  and  2515 
Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Norval  Apts,  229  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Norway  Apts,  505  Kingston  rd 
Norway  Manor,  204-206  Kingston  rd 
Norwood  Apts,  925  St  Clair  av  w  and  29  Kildonan  rd 
Norwood  Terrace  Ltd,  200  Ridley  blvd  (Nth  Y) 
Nouville  Apts,  50  Underhill  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Oakcrest  Mansions,  250  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Oakdale  Manor  Apartments,  2265  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Oak  Lawn  Gdns  Apts,  2-8  and  3-9  Oak  Lawn  gdns 
Oaklyn  Court,  1500  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Oak  Royal  Apts,  267  St  George 

Oaks  The,  n  s  and  s  s  Bain  av 

Oaks  The,  77  Clarendon  av 

Oakwood  Chambers,  147  Oakwood  av 

Oakwood  Mansions,  921-923  St  Clair  av  w 

Ogden  Apts,  60  Huron 

O'Hara  Mansions,  22  O'Hara  av 

Old  Yonge  Court  The,  16  The  Links  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Olwen  Apts,  597  St  Clair  av  w 
One  Hundred  and  Eleven  The,  111  The  West  Mall 

One  Hundred  &  Fifty  St  Clair  Ave  West,  150  St 
Clair  av  w 

One  Hundred  and  Ten  Wellesley  Apts,  110  Wellesley  e 
One  Hundred  and  Ninety  Jameson  Av,  190  Jameson  av 
One  Hundred  Raglan  Avenue  Ltd,  100  Raglan  av 
(York  Twp) 

One  Hundred  and  Sixty-Nine  St  George  Apts  Ltd,  169 
St  George 

One  Thirty  Old  Forest  Hill  Apts,  130  Old  Forest  Hill 
road  (Fst  H) 

Orcadia  Court  Apts,  6-8  Pinewood  av  (York  Twp) 
Orchard  Manor  Apts,  27-35  Orchard  View  blvd 
Orchard  Park  Apts,  833  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Oriole  Apts,  73-75  Oriole  gdns 

Oriole  Parkway  Apts,  480  Oriole  Parkway 

Oriole  Road  Apts,  37  Oriole  rd 

Oriolton  Apts,  243-251V2  Eglinton  av  w 

Orton  Park  Towers,  15  Orton  Park  rd  (Scar) 

Osborne  Apts,  1434  King  w 

Osgoode  Mansions,  456  Palmerston  blvd 

0-we-go  Apts,  775  St  Clair  av  w 

Oxford  Apts,  88-90  Oxford 

Oxford  The,  320  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 

Oxton  Court  Apts,  130  Oriole  Parkway 

Packard  Apts,  110  Jameson  av  and  100  University  av 

Paisley  Apts,  85  Beech  av 

Palamar  Apts,  214  Wellesley  e 

Palazzo  Apts,  .0  Shallmar  blvd  (Fst  H) 

Pall  Mall  Apts,  3110-3112  Yonge  and  41-45  Lorin- 
dale  av 

Palm  Beach  Courts,  3000  and  3015-3017  Queen  e 

Palmerston  Apts,  481  Palmerston  blvd 
Palmetto  Apts,  45  Pembroke 
Panoramic  Apts  The,  88  Bernard  av 
Parisienne  The,  915  and  921  Midland  av  (Scar) 

Park  Apartments,  2204  Dufferin  (Y  Twp) 

Park  Avenue  Apts,  494  Avenue  rd 

Parkdale  Manor,  95  Jameson  av 

Parkdale  Mansions,  1501  Queen  w 

Park  Field  Apts,  12  and  14  Birchbank  lane  (Nth  Y) 

Park  Forest  Manor  Apts,  831  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Park  Gables,  10  Lessard  av  (York  Twp) 

Park  Hill  Terrace  The,  221  Russell  Hill  Rd 
Parkholme  Apts,  1A  Vermont  av 
Park  Lake  Apts,  100  Tyndall  av 
Park  Lane  Apts,  110  St  Clair  av  w  and  3635  Bathurst 
(North  York) 

Park  Lane  Terrace,  109  Jameson  av 
Parklawn  Manor,  317  Parklawn  rd  (Etob) 

Parklawn  Towers  Apts,  301  Park  Lawn  rd  (Etob) 
Parklea  Manor,  1291  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Park  Manor,  285  Parklawn  rd  (Etob) 

Park  Rd  Apts,  40  Park  rd 

Parkside  Apartments,  2460  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Parksview  Terrace,  340  Lonsdale  rd  (Fst  H) 

Park  Terrace  Apts  Ltd,  3000  Yonge 

Park  Towers,  400  Walmer  rd 

Parkvale  Manor,  58  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 

Parkview  Apts,  1990  Bloor  w,  492-496  Montrose  av 
and  263  Russell  Hill  rd 
Parkview  Apts,  1751  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 

Park  View  Apts,  841  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 

Parkview  Court  Apartments,  19-23  Craigton  dr  (Scar) 

Parkview  Manor,  1065  Bathurst 

Parkview  Manor,  150  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 

Parkview  Mansions,  150  Fermanagh  av 
Parkview  The,  991,  993,  995  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 
Parkview  Towers,  106-108  Goodwood  Pk  ct  (E  Y)  and 
50  Gulliver  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Park  Vista  Apts,  2,  6  and  8  Park  Vista  (E  Y) 
Parkway  Apts,  137  Eglinton  av  w 
Parkway  Plaza,  111  Oriole  Parkway 
Parkwood  Apts,  893  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Parkwood  The,  2177  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Patricia  The,  5  Kinsdale  blvd  (Etob) 

Patrician  Apts,  1955  Weston  rd  (Weston) 

Patrick  Apts,  291  Ontario 

Pavilion  Apts,  150  Dowling  av 

Paxtonia  Apts,  27  and  31  Paxtonia  blvd  (Nth  Y) 

Pearl  Apts,  308  Brunswick  av 

Penrose  Court  Apts,  15  and  17  Penrose  rd 

Petman  Manor,  75  Petman  av 

Pharmacy  Apts,  417-423  Pharmacy  av  (Scar) 

Piccadilly  The,  346  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 

Pines  The,  100  Bain  av 

Pinewood  Apts.  30  Pinewood  av  (York  Twp) 

Pinewood  Court  Apts,  790  Bay 

Plains  Apartments,  268  Poplar  Plains  rd 

Playter  Apts,  1  Chester  av 

Pleasant  Manor  Apts,  501  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Pleasant  Rd  Apartments,  1047  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Premier  Apts,  120  Dowling  av  and  1463  King  w 

Preston  Apts,  2208  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 

Prima  Jane  Apts,  1848  Jane  (Wstn) 

Prince  Arthur  Apts,  1120-6  Dundas  w  and  145  St 

Prince  Charles  Terrace  Apts,  45  Gardiner  rd  (Fst  H) 
Prince  Edward  Apts,  81-83V2  B'eech  av 
Princess  Park  Aparaments,  220  Woolner  av  (Y  Twp) 
Princeton  Apts,  183  Berry  rd  (Etob) 

Promenade  Apts.  1  Oriole  rd 
and  301  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

Provincial  The,  139  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 

Quebec  Apts,  466  Quebec  av 
Queen  Apts,  957A  Bloor  w 

Queen  Laing  Apts,  1317-25  Queen  e  and  85  Laing 
Queen's  Court  The,  52  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 

Queen's  Court  Apts,  581-3  Jarvis 
Queensboro  Apts,  1495  Queen  w 
Queensend  Apts,  3008  Queen  e  (Scar) 

Queensgate  The,  508  Dawes  rd  (E  Y) 

Queensland  Apartments,  1638  Queen  e 
Raglan  Court,  40  Raglan  av  (Y  Twp) 

Raglan  Manor,  105  Raglan  av  (York  Twp) 

Raglan  Mansions,  50-52-54  Raglan  av  (York  Twp) 
Ramona  Apts,  74  Hubbard  blvd 
Ramsden  Park  Apts,  1050  Yonge 
Randolph  Apts,  1357  Dundas  w 
Ranleigh  Manor  Apts,  56  Ranleigh  av 
Rathburn  Gardens  Court,  370-372  The  West  Mall 

Ravine  Garden  Apartments,  150  Culford  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Ravine  Manor  Apts,  127  Glenwood  cres  (E  Y) 

Ravine  Terraces  North,  18  Skipton  ct  (Nth  Y) 

Ravine  Terraces  South,  20  Skipton  ct  (Nth  Y) 

Rayleigh  Apts,  39  Pembroke 

Raymond  Apartments,  86  Mattson  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Raynor  Apartments,  455-457  Sackville 
Recona  Apts,  469  Roncesvalles  av 
Red  Gables  Apts,  2178  Queen  e 
Redfern  Court,  64  Wellesley  e 
Redpath  Apts,  182-188  Eglinton  av  e 
Redpath  Gardens,  197  Redpath  av 
Reedaire  Apts,  1605  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Regal  Apts,  3 253-3255,  3257  and  4918  Bathurst  (Nth 

Regal  Court  Apts,  1652  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Regal  Towers,  2  Regal  rd 

Regent  Park  Apts,  150,  184  River,  251,  295,  274  and 
248  Sackville,  347-399  Parliament,  470,  508, 
and  540  Dundas  e,  415  Gerrard  e,  229  and  259 

Regent  Park  South  Apts,  15  and  63  Belshaw  pi,  14 
and  42  Blevins  pi  and  605  Whiteside  pi 
Regent  The,  316  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 

Reid  Apts,  1A  Olive  av 

Reltuc  Apts,  1434  Queen  e 

Renaissance  The,  240  Markland  dr  (Etob) 

Rene  Apts,  670  St  Clair  av  w 
Revere  Apts,  57  Neptune  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Rexleigh  Gardens  Ltd,  194  and  195  Rexleigh  dr  (E  Y) 
Rhydwen  Apts,  25  Parkette  Place  (Scar) 

Rhylworth  Apts,  93  Christie 
Richview  Apts,  80  Castlef ield  av 
Rideau  Apts,  441  Kingston  rd 

Rideau  Towers,  35  and  43  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 
Ridelle  Plaza,  2  Ridel le  av  (Fst  H) 

Ridgedale  Court  Apts,  1698  Victoria  pk  av  (Nth  Y) 
Ridge  Hill  Manor,  2100  Bathurst  (Fst  H) 

Ridge  Manor  Apts,  20  Anglesey  blvd  (Etob) 

Ridley  Apts,  2  Gamble  av  (E  Y) 

Ridley  Manor  Apts,  2125  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Rita  Apts,,  1306  Gerrard  e  and  3  Redwood  av 
Ritz  Carlton  Apts,  140  Carlton 
Riverdale  Acres,  230  River 
Riverdale  Apts,  98  Riverdale  av 
Riverdale  Courts  (The  Maples  Oaks,  Lindens,  Pines, 
Cedars  and  Aberdeens)  n  s  and  s  s  Bain  av  and 
100  Bain  av 

River  Gate  Court,  140  Berry  rd  (Etob) 

Riverside  Plaza,  143  Stephen  dr  (Etob) 

Riverside  Terrace,  2561  Bloor  w  (Swan) 

Riverview  Plaza,  2645  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Riverwood  Parkway  Court,  34  Riverwood  Parkway 

Riviera  Apts,  56  Maitland 

Riviera  Court,  6  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 

Roberta  Apts,  141-3  Howard  Park  av 
Robinson  May  House,  20  West  Lodge  av 
Robsan  Manor,  6  Crown  Hill  pi  (Etob) 

Rochelle  Manor,  708  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Roma  Apts,  1962  Bloor  w 
Romanus  Apts,  5294  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Romar  Court  Apts,  30  Clearview  Heights  (York  Twp) 
Ronald  Apts,  199  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Ronlyn  Apts,  20  Torbolton  dr  (Etob) 

Rose  Apts,  239  Dovercourt  rd 

Rose  Apts,  2005  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Rose  Apts,  1  Twenty-Ninth  (Long  B) 

Rosecliffe  Apts,  318  The  Kingsway  (Etob)  and  345- 
355-365  Westmount  av  (York  Twp) 

Rosecourt  Apts,  32  Rowanwood  av 

Rosedale  Apts,  4  Sherbourne  n 

Rosedale  Court,  30  Elm  av 

Rosedale  Court  Apts,  57  Bloor  w 

Rosehill  Apts,  5-7  Rosehill  av 

Rosehill  Gardens,  2223  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Roselawn  Apts,  20  Roselawn  av 
Roselawn  Court,  675  Roselawn  av  (Fst  H) 

Roselawn  Manor,  837-839  Roselawn  av  (York  Twp) 
Rosemary  Apts,  1397-99  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Rosemount  Apts,  125  Rosemount  av 
Rosemount  Terrace,  165  Erskine  av 
Rosemount  Tower  Apts,  2225  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Rose  Park  Apts,  99  Howard,  670  Parliament  and  135 
Rose  av 

Rosepoint  Manor  Apts,  158  Kingston  rd 
Rosewell  Court,  435-515  Rosewell  av  and  164-170 
Cheritan  av 

Rosewood  Court  Apts,  158  Berry  rd  (Etob) 

Roslyn  Apts,  871  College 

Roslyn  Apts,  1  and  7  Glen  rd 

Ross  Apts,  461 B  and  461C  St  Clarens  av 

Rosseau  Gdns  Apts,  12  Rosseau  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Rossonia  Apts,  144  Wychwood  av 
Rowanwood  Apts,  1  Rowanwood  av 
Roxton  Apts  The,  12-14  Roxton  rd 
Royal  Apts,  1465  King  w  and  30  Walmer  rd 
Royal  Arms  Apts,  30  Torbolton  dr  (Etob) 

Royal  Court  Apts,  165  Jameson  av 
Royal  Forest  Apts,  3  Ridge  Hill  dr  (Fst  H) 

Royal  George  Apts,  82-84  Maitland 
Royal  Manor  Apts,  2525  Bathurst  (Fst  H)  and  125 
Jameson  av 

Royal  Oak  Apts,  2401  Queen  e 
Royal  Palace  Apts,  247  Gladstone  av 
Royal  Pembroke  Apts,  80-82  Pembroke 
Royal  Terrace  Apts,  168  Erskine  av  and  1480  Eglinton 
avenue  w  (York  Twp) 

Royal  Terrace  Apts,  165  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

Royal  Towers,  145  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

Royal  Wellesley  Apts,  88  Wellesley  e 

Royal  York  Apts,  11-25  Sherwood  av 

Royal  York  Arms,  18  Anglesey  blvd  (Etob) 

Royal  York  Court,  1137,  1139  and  1141  Royal  York 
road  (Etob) 

Royalwood  Apts,  55  Brownlow  av 
Roycroft  Apts,  73  Pepler  av  (E  Y)  and  707  Eglinton 
av  w  (Fst  H) 

Runnymede  Apts,  518  Annette  and  111  Runnymede  rd 

Runnymede  Arms  Apts,  117  Runnymede  rd  (Swan) 
Runnymede  Gdns  Apts,  99  Coe  Hill  Dr  (Swan) 
Runnymede  Terrace,  1  Runnymede  rd  (Swan) 

Rusholme  Apts,  1021-1023  Bloor  w  and  381  Rusholme 
road  and  12-14  Rusholme  dr 
Russell  Hill  Apts,  310  Lonsdale  rd  (Fst  H) 

Russell  Hill  Apts,  265  St  Clair  av  w 
Russell  Hill  Towers,  265  Russell  Hill  rd 
Rutland  Apts,  467  Roncesvalles  av 
Sackville  Apts,  134  Sackville 
Sahara  Apts,  795  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

St  Andrews  Apts,  58  Maitland 

St  Andrews  Towers,  12-58  Carluke  cres  (Nth  Y) 

St  Anne's  Apts,  263  Gladstone  av 
St  Charles  Court  Apts,  30  Charles  e 
St  Clarens  Apts,  95  St  Clarens  av 
St  Clements  Apts,  2522-2530  Yonge 
St  Edmunds  Apartments,  7  Edmund  av 
St  George  Apts,  321  Bloor  w 
St  George  Mansions,  161  St  George 
St  George  Towers,  214  St  George 
St  James  Court,  45  St  Clair  av  w 
St  Joseph's  Court  Apts,  16-18  St  Joseph 
St  Rita  Apts,  294-300  Ontario 
St.  Stevens  Court,  St  Stevens  Court  (Etob) 

Salem  Apts,  3  Salem  av 

Salisbury  Apts,  24  8  Heath  w  (York  Twp) 

Saludo  Apts,  4033  Dundas  w  (York  Twp) 

Sammon  Av  Apts,  135  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 
Sandringham  Apts,  3  Claxton  blvd  (York  Twp) 

Sands  The,  4  Crown  Hill  pi  (Etob)  and  709  Kennedy 
rd  (Scar)  and  711  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

San  Marino  Place,  625  Roselawn  av  (Fst  H) 

San  Remo  Towers,  535  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Saranac  Apts,  28  Balmoral  av 

Sari  Apts  Ltd,  696  Yonge 

Savoy  Apts,  3638  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Saxony  The,  165  Ball iol 

Scarborough  Acres  Apts,  575  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Sea  Breeze  Apts,  135  Tyndall  av 
Sea-Isle  Apts,  77  Coe  Hill  dr  (Swan) 

Sea  View  Apts,  85  Coe  Hill  dr  (Swan)  and  120  Jameson 

Seaton  Apts,  267Vz  Queen  e 
Seaway  Apts,  67  Lake  Shore  dr  (New  T) 

Selhurst  Apts,  927  St  Clair  av  w 
Seneca  Apts,  82-88  St  Nicholas 

Sentinel  Town  Houses,  Blocks  6,  8,  10,  28,  30  and 
32,  w  s  Sentinel  rd  (Nth  Y)  Blocks  5,  7,  21,  31 
and  33  e  s  Sentinel  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Serena  Court,  2202  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Seven  Oaks  Apts,  7  Thornwood  rd 
Seventy-Seven  Wellesley  Apts,  77  Wellesley  e 
Seville  Apts  The,  17  Lascelles  blvd 
Shaftesbury  Apts,  314  Dundas  e 
Shallmar  Gardens,  24  Shallmar  blvd  (Fst  H) 

Shallmar  Manor  Apts,  22  Shallmar  blvd  (Fst  H) 

Shanly  Apartments,  165-67  Shanly 

Sheffield  Apartments,  307  The  Kingsway  (Etob) 

Sheila  Apts,  98  Leuty  av 

Sheldrake  Apts  The,  1-5  Homewood  av 

Shellmar  Court,  308  The  Kingsway  (Etob) 

Shenstone  Court  Apts,  555  Russell  Hill  rd  (Fst  H) 
Sheraton  Gardens  Apts,  15  Rosseau  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Sherbourne  Apts,  383,  543  and  595  Sherbourne 
Sherdun  Apts,  225  Sherbourne 

Sheridan  Apts  The,  1582  Bathurst  (York  Twp)  and 
185  Sheridan  av 

Sheridan  Towers,  128  Sheridan  av 
Sherwell  Apartments,  215-217  Wellesley  e 
Sherwood  Apts,  58  Sherwood  av 
Sherwood  Towers,  206  St  George 
Shetland  Apts,  37  Lord  Seaton  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Sheva  Court  Apts,  740-746  Midland  av  (Scar) 

Shirnan  Apts,  6  Hill  Heights  rd  (Etob) 

Shorecrest  The,  35  Spencer  av 
Shoreham  Apts,  3  Crown  Hill  pi  (Etob) 

Shore-Line  Towers  2313-2323  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 
Shoreliner  Apis,  160  Jameson  av 
Shoreview  Apts,  1475-77  King  w 
Shornclife  Apts,  250  Heath  w  (York  Twp) 

Silver  Court,  514  Dawes  rd  (E  Y) 

Silverbirch  Apts,  83-85  Silverbirch  av 
Silvercliffe  Court,  1546  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Simcoe  Arms  Apts,  162  Berry  rd  (Etob) 

Singleton  Apts,  2367  Queen  e 

Skyliner  Apts,  224  St  George 

Smith  Samuel  Apts,  45  Breadalbane 

Somersby  Apts,  72  Hubbard  blvd 

Somerset  The,  1A  Dale  av 

Sorlyn  Manor,  2243  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

South  Maple  Apts,  156  Huron 
Southampton  The,  146  Dowling  av 
Southern  View  Apts,  18-22  Millwood  rd 
Southgate  Apts,  45  Glen  rd 

Southminster  Manor  Apts,  28  Upper  Canada  dr  (Nth 

Southridge  Apts,  49  Glen  Elm  av 
Southview  Apts,  24  Anglesey  blvd  (Etob)  650  Dawes 
road  (Scar)  and  2696-2704  'Lake  Shore  blvd  w 

Southview  Towers  Apts,  1640  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Sovereign  Apts,  271  Dunn  av 
Spadina  Garden  Apts  41-45  Spadina  rd 
Spanfield  Apts,  2-4  Bartlett  av 

Spencer  Court,  47  Spencer  av  and  4  Grandstand  pi 

Spencer  Court  Apts,  57-59  Spencer  av 

Spencer  Courts,  75  Spencer  av 

Spencer  Gardens,  91  Spencer  av 

Spencer  Terrace,  29-31  Spencer  av 

Spruce  Court  Apts,  Spruce  Court  and  330-342  Sumach 

Spruce  Court  Apts,  100  University  av 

Stamford  Hill  Manor,  2293  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Standard  Apts,  1  Brock  av 

Stanley  Court  Apts,  712  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Staveley  Apts,  812-814  Broadview  av 

Stentonia  Apartments,  1919A  &  1921A  Queen  east 

Stergo  Apts,  32  Wasdale  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Sterling  Plaza  Apts,  15  Craigton  dr  (Scar) 

Sterling  The,  16  Carluke  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Steven  Court  Apts,  197  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Stodio  Court,  12  Castlegrove  blvd  (Nth  Y) 

Stonegate  Apts,  159  Stephen  dr  (Etob) 

Strathavon  Apts,  2-4  Airdrie  rd  (Leas)  and  1351-1353 
Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Strathcona  The,  1387-1389  Queen  w 
Strathearn  Apts,  1065  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Strathearn  Court,  1071  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Strathgowan  Apts,  2770  Yonge 
Strathholm  Apts,  552  Spadina  av 
Struanvaar  Apts,  102  Tyndall  av 
Studio  Court,  75  Lemonwood  dr  (Etob) 

Sultan  Apts,  2  Sultan 

Summerhill  Plaza  Apts,  2507  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 
Summerville  Don  Apts,  1555-1575  Queen  e 
Summit  Place  Apts,  1441  Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Sun  Lake  Apts,  2361  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 

Sun  Valley  Terrace,  4070  Dundas  w  (York  Twp) 

Sun  Valley  Terrace  Apts,  246  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 
Suncrest  Court  Apts,  236  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Sunny  South  Apts,  1920  Bloor  w 
Sunnyview  Apts,  1911  Bayview  av 
Sunrise  Apartments,  15  Dallner  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Sunrise  Apts,  128  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 

Sunset  Apartments,  2369  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 
Sunset  Apartments,  110  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Sunset  Apts,  59  Neptune  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Sunset  Towers,  200  Jameson  av 

Surf  Apts,  2309-2311  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim; 

Surfside  The,  115  Tyndall  av 

Surrey  Apts,  1735  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 

Surrey  Apts,  1739  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 

Sussex  Court,  21-27  Suussex  av 
Sussex  The,  340  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 

Sussex  The,  199  Upper  Canada  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Sutherland  Apts,  410-41 2A  Wellesley  e 
Sutherland  Court  Apts,  1315  Bayview  av  (Leas) 
Swandale  Apts,  15  Kingsway  s  (Swan) 

Sylvan  Apts,  48-66  Havelock 
Sylvan  Apts,  1-11  Sylvan  av 
Sylvania  Apts,  26  Balmoral  av 
Sylvester  Apts,  90  Broadway  av 
Talara  Court,  71  Talara  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Talisman  Apts,  1024  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Temple  Apts,  1  Albany  av  and  9-11  Temple  av 

Ten  Huntley,  10  Huntley 

Terrace  Apts,  765  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 

Terrace  Apts,  55  Mutual 

Terrace  Gardens,  665  Roselawn  av  (Fst  H) 

Terrace  Manor  Apts,  3  Drexel  rd  (Nth  Y)  and  10-14 
Saranac  blvd  (Nth  Y) 

Terri-Ellen  Apts,  600  Kingston  rd 
Terry  Plaza  Apts,  160  Floyd  av  (E  Y) 

Thelma  Manor  Apts,  30  Thelma  av  (Fst  H) 

Thornton  Apts,  779  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H)  &  3 
and  24  Thornton  av  (York  Twp) 

Three  Hundred  Apts,  300  Eglinton  av  e 
Three  Superior,  3  Superior  av  (Mim) 

Tichester  Court  Apts,  10  Tichester  rd  (York  Twp) 
Tichester  Road  Apts,  26  Tichester  rd  (York  Twp) 
Tichester  Towers.  21  Tichester  rd  (York  Twp) 

Tiffany  Apts,  710  Spadina  av 
Tilbury  Manor  Apts,  211  Eglinton  av  w 

Page  7 

Timberlane  Court,  4141  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Tomonaco  Apts,  1059  Don  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Torrens  Apts,  257  Torrens  av  (E  Y) 

Torrens  Court,  39  Torrens  av  (E  Y) 

Torvale  Manor,  25  Leduc  dr  (Etob) 

Torvale  Manor,  2  Torbolton  dr  (Etob) 

Town  Houses,  65  and  75  Bridesburg  dr  (Etob),  42, 
44  and  50  Dixington  cres  (Etob)  and  190  Kings- 
view  blvd  (Etob) 

Town  Houses,  303  and  335  The  East  Mall  (Etob) 

Town  Houses,  1955-1991,  2029-2055  Victoria  Park  av 
(Scar)  and  20  Yellowstone  (Nth  Y) 

Town  &  Country  Apts,  149  St  George 
Townley  Apartments  The,  1765  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Townview  Apts,  1075  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 
Trafalgar  Apts,  78,0  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Tralee  Apts,  124  Tyndall  av 

Travit  Apts,  1809  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Treelawn  Manor  Apts,  1254  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Tree  Line  Towers,  83  Indian  rd 

Trelawney  Apts,  449  Crawford 

Trethewey  Manor  Apts,  40  Trethewey  dr  (York  Twp) 

Trethewey  Park  Apts,  572-594  Trethewey  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Treverton  Park  Apts,  815  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Trevi  Apts,  151  St  George 

Trifold  Court  Apts,  134  Midland  av  (Scar) 

Trillium  The,  1501  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Trinity  Apts,  68-70-72  Erskine  av,  9-19  Gorevale  av 
Triplex  Apartment  Building,  2  Jackson  rd  (New  T) 
Trocadero  Apts,  11  Goldfinch  ct  (Nth  Y) 

Tullamore  Court,  641  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Turena  Apts,  79  Lowther  av 
Tuscarora  Apts,  520  Kingston  rd 
Tweedsmuir  Apts,  320  Tweedsmuir  av  (York  Twp) 
Twenty-Eight  Broadway,  28  Broadway  av 
Twenty-One  Hundred  &  Eighty-Three  Bloor  West  Apts, 
2183  Bloor  w 

Twenty-Two  Hundred  and  Forty  Jane  Apts,  2240  Jane 
(Nth  Y) 

Twenty-Three  Hundred  &  One  Lake  Shore  blvd  w,  2301 
Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 

Two-Twenty  Eglinton  av  e  220  Eglinton  av  e 
Tyndall  Avenue  Mansions,  99  Tyndall  av 
Tyndall  Towers,  118  Tyndall  av 
Tyrone  Apts,  1237  King  w 

Ulster  Apts,  108  Augusta  av  and  164-168  Grange  av 
University  Apts,  6-8  St  Thomas 

Upper  Canada  Apts,  3-5  Lonsdale  rd  and  50  Lawton 

Upper  Canada  Court  Apts,  50  Upper  Canada  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Upton  House,  2  Montye  av  (York  Twp) 

Valdor  Apts,  186  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Valhalla  Court,  40,  55  and  80  The  East  Mall  (Etob) 
Valleycrest  Apts,  7  Crown  Hill  pi  (Etob) 

Valleyview  Apts  Ltd,  1603  Bathurst  (Fst  H) 

Valley  View  The,  101  Brookhaven  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Valleyview  Court,  12  Anglesey  blvd  (Etob) 

Valleyview  Towers,  263  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

Vanderbilt  Apts,  619-621  Spadina  av 
Vardon  Apts,  49-51  Denison  av 
Vaughan  Gardens,  205  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Vaughandale  Apts,  98  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Veneca  Building,  107  Roselawn  av 
Venetian  Towers,  57  and  67  Parkwood  Village  dr 
(North  York) 

Vera  Apts,  292  Greenwood  av 

Verdun  Apts,  2362  Queen  e  annex  2360  same 

Vermont  Apts,  3  Vermont  av 

Vernon  Apts,  56  St  Clair  av  w 

Versailles  Court,  15  Shallmar  blvd  (Fst  H) 

Viceroy  Apts,  3  Broadway  av 

Viclair  Apts,  2902-6  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 

Vicross  Apts,  2892  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 

Victoria  Apts,  758V2  and  764  Queen  e 
Victoria  Court  Apts,  1757  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 
Victoria  Gardens  Apts,  1043-1051  Victoria  Park  av 

Victoria  Gardens  Apts,  2400  Queen  e  (Scar) 

Victoria  House,  70  Dixfield  dr  (Etob) 

Victoria  Manor,  50  Thorncliffe  Pk  dr  (Leas) 

Victoria  Palace  Apts,  242  Gladstone  av 
Victoria  Park  Apts,  2393  Queen  e  and  82-84  Willow 

Victoria  Park  Heights  Apts,  1749  Victoria  Park  av 

Victoria  Suites,  1505  Dundas  w 
Victoria  Terrace,  1150  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Victoria  Village  Towers,  1704  Victoria  pk  av  (Nth  Y) 
View  Crest  Apartments,  460  Heath  e  (E  Y) 

Viewmont  Terrace,  59  Russell  Hill  rd 

Villa  Cassie  Apts,  38  Winchester 

Villa  Nova  Apts,  60  St  Clair  av  w 

Village  Court  Apts,  10  and  12  Craigton  dr  (Fst  H) 

Village  Green,  55  Maitland 

Village  Heights  Apts,  117  Old  Forest  Hill  rd  (Fst  H) 
Village  Manor  Apts  The,  697  and  701  Eglinton  av  w 
(Fst  H) 

Village  Park  Apts,  515-525  Chaplin  cres  (Fst  H) 

Ville  Marie,  71  Parkwoods  Village  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Vincent  Court,  660  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Viola  Apts,  237  Dovercourt  rd 
Viron  Apts  The,  202  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Wadsworth  Arms  Apts,  14  Wadsworth  blvd  (Wstn) 
Waldorf  Apts,  1253-1255  King  w 
Waldorf  The,  80  Charles  e 

Walmer  Apts,  240  Heath  w  (York  Twp),  11  and  14 
Walmer  rd 

Walmsley  Court  Apts,  7  Walmsley  blvd 
Walter  Towers,  700  Kingston  rd 
Walton  Apts,  948  Gerrard  e 
Warrington  Apts,  433  Sherbourne 
Warwick  Manor,  1660  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Waterloo  The,  352  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 

Wedgewood  Court,  85  Gamble  av  (E  Y) 

Wedgewood  House,  136  Broadway  av 
Welleton  Apts,  509  Church 
Wellington  Court  Apts,  5  High  Park  av 
Wellington  Lodge,  4  Milepost  pi  (Leas) 

Wells  Apts,  33  Wells 
Wellsdale  Apts,  222  Wellesley  e 
Wellswood  Apts,  94  Homewood  av 
Wembley  Apts,  338-340  Spadina  rd 
Wentworth  Apts,  182  Palmerston  av 
Wescott  Apts,  2  Fuller  av 

West  Acres  Senior  Citizens  Apts,  Bldgs  1-11  n  s 
Arbordell  rd  (Etob),  'Bldgs  2-14  s  s  Arbordell  rd 
(Etob)  and  Bldg  15,  w  s  Arbordell  rd  (Etob) 
West-End  Apts,  618  and  620  Evans  av  (Etob) 

West  End  Manor,  169  Berry  rd  (Etob) 

West  Mall  Garden  Court,  151  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 
West  Mall  Manor,  129  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 

West  Toronto  Towers,  103-105  West  Lodge  av 
West  Town  Court  Apts,  1197  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Westchester  Apts,  21  Lascelles  blvd 
Westcliffe  Apts,  287  Ossington  av 
Westdale  Apts,  73  Lovilla  blvd  (Nth  Y) 

Westerham  Apartments,  63  Callowhill  av  (Etob) 
Westgate  Apts,  1240  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Westgate  Apartments,  16  Riverwood  Pkwy  (Etob) 
Westlyte  Apts,  2275  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Westmount  Apts,  142  Westmount  av  and  370  West- 
mount  av  (York  Twp) 

Westover  Manor,  169  Jameson  av 
Westview  Apts,  2263  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Westview  Court  Apts,  27-31  Christie 
Westview  Court  Apts,  27  Gamble  av  (E  Y) 

Wexford  Manor  Apts,  1651  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 
Whitehall  Apts,  49  St  Clair  av  w 
Whitehouse  Apts  The,  225-227  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 
Wildon  Terrace,  504  Kingston  rd 
Wiljane  Apts,  1391  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

William  Apts,  78  St  Patrick 
Wm  Dies  Bldg,  41  Oak 
Williamson  Apts,  1883  Queen  e 

WMlingdon  Apts,  2  Glendale  av,  987  Kingston  rd  and 
46  The  Queensway 

Willmarno  Apts,  99-101  Northcliffe  blvd 

Willow  Apts,  2260  Queen  e 

Willow  Glen,  38  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 

Willowvale  Apts,  805  Bloor  w 
Wilma  Apts,  685  Queen  e 
Wilmington  Apts,  220  Delaware  av 
Wilson  Arms  Apts,  12  Bideford  av  (Nth  Y) 

Wilson  Court  Apts,  6  Saranac  blvd  (Nth  Y)  and  30 
Covington  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Wilson  Court  Apts,  1393  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Wilson  Manor  Apts,  211  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Wilsonia  Apts,  85-87  Wilson  av 
Wiltshire  Terrace,  70  Heath  w 

Winchester  Apts,  431-441  Sackville  and  112  Winchester 
Windermere  Av  Apts,  343  Windermere  av  (Swan) 
Windermere  Gardens,  65  Windermere  av  (Swan) 
Windermere  Manor,  75  Windermere  av  (Swan) 

Windsor  Apts,  412-414  Jarvis  and  114  Vaughan  rd 
(York  Twp) 

Windsor  Apts,  186  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Windsor  Court  Apts,  485-487  Duplex  av 
Winett  Apts,  1411  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Winola  Court  Apts,  1705-9  Bloor  w 

Winston  Apts  The,  2260  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Winwood  Court  Apts,  1700  Victoria  park  av  (Nth  Y) 

Wo-He-Lo  Apts,  781  St  Clair  av  w 

Wolverton  Apts,  62-64  Oriole  gdns 

Woodbank  The,  76  Parkwoods  Village  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Woodbine  Acres  Apts,  133  Merrill  av  e 

Woodbine  Garden,  650  Woodbine  av 

Woodcrest  Apts,  68  Hillside  dr  (E  Y) 

Woodhill  Court,  800  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Woodlane  Manor,  2181  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Woodmere  Apts  The,  166  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Woodmount  Apts  The,  14-16  Anglesey  blvd  (Etob) 
Woodrow  Apts,  510  Ontario 
Woodstock  Apts,  18  Elm  Grove  av 
Woodvale  Manor,  56  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 
Woodview  Court  Apts,  20  Tinder  cres  ('Nth  Y) 
Woodview  Manor,  25  Eccleston  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Woodville  Manor,  1243  Broadview  av  (E  Y) 

Wroxeter  Apts,  575  Pape  av 
Wychwood  Apts,  157  Wychwood  av 
Wyndene  Apts,  983  Kingston  rd 
Wynwood  Court,  95  Gamble  av  (E  Y) 

Yonge  St  Court  Apts,  2345  Yonge 

York  Apts,  2  Spadina  rd 

York  Arms  Apts,  2  Maplewood  av  (York  Twp) 

York  Downs  Apts,  4340  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

York  Manor  Apts,  262  Jarvis 

York  Mansion,  40  Clearview  Hts  (York  Twp) 

York  Mills  Gardens  Apts,  3540-3580  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 
Yorkdale  Court,  2961  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Yorkminster  Manor  Apts,  30  Upper  Canada  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Yorkshire  Terrace,  90  Heath  w 
Yorktown  Manor,  1035  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Yorktown  Manor  Apts,  3  Greentree  Court  (York  Twp) 
Yorkville  Towers  Apts,  11  Yorkville  av 


Street  by  Street,  Numbers  indicate  location  of 
Apartment  House  only. 

(See  preceding  list  for  Apartment  names) 

Albert  av  (Mim),  8,  12,  26 

Alexander,  50 

Algoma  (Mim),  11,  53 

Amaranth  Ct  (Nth  Y),  87 

Anglesey  blvd  (Etob)  7  and  26 

Anthony  rd  (Nth  Y),  17,  23 

Arcadian  Circle,  (Long  B)  41,  44  and  65 

Ardmore  rd  (Fst  H),  44 

Arlington  av,  129 

Arlington  av  (York  Twp),  450 

Arrowsmith  av  (Nth  Y),  2,  16 

Ash  Cres  (Long  B),  92 

Auburndale  ct  (Etob),  12,  14 

Austin  Terrace,  7 

Avenue  rd  ,320,  326,  330,  342,  423,  425,  500,  561, 
575,  581  and  609 

Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y),  1682,  1686  and  1906 

Avon  av  (York  Twp),  131 

Balliol,  471,  699 

Balmuto,  6-8 

Balsam  av,  7,  9,  11 

Barrington  av  (E  Y),  114 

Bartley  dr  (Nth  Y),  76,  80,  82,  85 

Basking  Ridge  (Etob),  2 

Bater  av  (E  Y),  1,  3,  5,  and  12 

Bathurst,  550  (York  Twp),  1520-1524,  1525-1529, 





H),  1637-45, 



Y),  3388,  3802-3806 

,  3807-3811, 













3892,  3894, 
















4140,  4234  and  4238 

Bayview  av  (Leas),  1295,  1299,  1303,  1307,  1377- 
1383,  1901  and  (Nth  Y)  2818 
Bedford  rd,  86,  143 
Beech  av,  109 
Bellwoods  av,  180 
Benlamond  av,  21 

Bergamot  av  (Etob),  9,  11,  15,  17,  19,  21,  23  and 

Berry  rd  (Etob),  136  and  177 
Beverley,  80,  82-84 
Bideford  av  (Nth  Y),  15 

Birch  av  (Long  B),  1,  1A,  3,  5,  7,  9,  11,  11A,  15 
Birchmount  rd  (Scar),  534,  553,  555,  1155,  1169, 
1191,  1243,  1245,  1525,  1535,  1545,  1555. 
Birmingham  (New  T),  289,  250,  252,  268  and  272 
Blackfriar  av  (Etob),  15,  25,  80,  90  and  111 
Bloor  e,  327,  362,  372  and  406 

Bloor  w,  131,  745,  795,  797,  1023,  2142,  2146, 
24  0/  (Swan),  2545,  2547  (Etob),  2665,  2671, 
2673,  2675,'  2681,  2682,  2683,  2684-2690, 

2692,  2694,  2810,  2812,  2814,  2816,  2818, 
2844,  2846,  4340 
Blossomfield  dr  (Nth  Y),  51 
Bonnyview  dr  (Etob),  14-18 
Boustead  av,  5 

Briar  Hill  av  (Fst  H),  650,  (York  Twp)  851 
Brimley  rd  (Scar)  1,  1250 

Broadview  av,  294,  435,  471,  678,  882,  (E  Y)  1111 

Broadway  av,  75,  127 

Brookhaven  dr  (Nth  Y)  137-139 

Brookwell  dr  (Nth  Y),  2-22,  3-23,  51 

Brown's  Line  (Etob),  22 

Brunswick  av,  375 

Burnhamthorpe  rd  (Etob),  22-24 

Buttonwood  av,  (York  Twp)  12 

Caledonia  rd  (York  Twp),  478,  480 

Calvington  dr  (Nth  Y)  11  and  17 

Canlish  rd  (Scar),  10,  15 

Carlton,  209,  211,  221,  287-289 

Cassandra  blvd  (Nth  Y),  56,  58,  60,  62,  64,  66 

Castlefield  av  (York  Twp),  1030,  1040,  1050 

Castleton  av  (York  Twp),  8 

Cedar  Springe  Grove  (Nth  Y),  2-4 

Chicora  Av,  21  and  23 

Chisholm  av  (E  Y),  327 

Christie,  563 

Church,  425Vz,  504  and  554 

Clearview  Heights  (York  Twp),  50,  60,  70,  79,  80, 
81,  83 

Cliff  (York  Twp),  56 
Clinton,  322 

Clouston  av  w  (Wstn),  80 
Cloverhill  rd  (Etob),  65,  70 
Cocksfield  av  (Nth  Y),  183,  185  and  187 
Coe  Hill  dr  (Swan),  73,  80,  93,  101 
College,  207 

Confederation  dr  (Scar),  35 
Connaught  Circle  (York  Twp)  2  and  4 
Cordelia  av  (York  Twp),  15,  15A,  17,  17A,  19,  21 
and  23 

Gordova  av  (Etob),  90 

Corinth  Gardens.  8 

Cosburn  av  (E  Y),  20,  30,  50,  111,  120,  130,  140, 
149,  175,  200,  230,  240,  250  and  823-843 
Cotttnwoods  dr  (Nth  Y),  110 
Coxwell  av,  161  and  238 
Crang  av,  2,  5  and  7 
Crawford,  201 
Crescent  rd,  94 
Crown  Hill  pi  (Etob),  10,  11 
Cuffley  cres  n  (Nth  Y),  2,  4,  48,  50  and  52 
Cuffley  cres  S  (Nth  Y),  45,  47  and  49 
Dallner  rd  (Nth  Y),  23,  25  and  27 
Damask  av  (Nth  Y),  3 
Danforth  av,  555,  641,  1538 

Danforth  rd  (Scar),  508,  587,  765,  998  (Scar),  1275 
1284  and  1360 

Dawes  rd  (E  Y)  418,  608  and  612 

Deauville  Lane  (Nth  Y),  1 

Decarie  Circle  (Etob),  95 

Delisle  av,  40 

De  Marco  blvd  (Nth  Y),  2 

Denbigh  cres  (Nth  Y),  14,  16,  18 

Denison  rd  e  (Wstn),  19,  21 

Derrydown  dr  (Nth  Y),  15,  19,  23,  25 

Dewson,  43,  51 

Dixon  rd  (Etob),  327,  333 

Dominion  rd  (Long  B),  37-37A 

Don  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y),  1053,  1055,  1129 

Donora  dr  (E  Y),  10-12 

Donway  e  The  (Ntih  Y),  2,  4,  6,  8,  10,  12,  14,  16,  18 
Donway  w  The  (Nth  Y),  150,  160,  203,  205,  207, 
215,  217,  219,  223,  225,  227,  233,  235,  237, 
423,  245,  247,  253,  255,  257,  267,  269 
Dover  dr  (Etob),  9,  19,  21 

Dovercourt  rd,  675,  757 

Downsview  av  (Nth  Y),  20 

Drexel  rd  (Nth  Y),  6 

Dufferin,  735,  1490  (York  Twp),  2032,  2036,  2339, 

Du  Maurier  blvd,  5 
Dundas  e,  600,  674 

Dundas  w,  134,  140,  146,  1315-1317,  1633,  1734, 
1740,  2794A,  2870,  2901,  2946A,  2952  and  2980 
Dundas  W  (Etob)  4750,  4752,  4754 
Dunn  av,  131,  153  and  183 
Durie,  257 

Dynevor  rd  (York  Twp),  167 
Earl,  40 

East  Mall  The  (Etob),  230,  293,  295,  297,  299, 
301,  303  and  335 
Eccleston  dr  (Nth  Y),  17 
Edgewood  av,  59  and  93 

Eglinton  av  e,  365,  445,  551  (Leas),  791,  793,  795, 
797,  799,  801,  803,  960,  964  (Scar),  2323, 
2354,  2356,  3101,  3111  and  3121 
Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H),  650,  765,  777  (York  Twp), 
1808A  and  3532 
Eighteenth  (New  T),  67 

Eighth  (New  T),  1,  115,  122,  135,  139,  143,  147 
Elder  (Nth  Y),  156-158,  160-162,  164-166,  168-170 
and  172-174 
Elinor  av  (Scar)  145 
Elizabeth,  100A 
Ellesmere  rd  (Scar)  2055 
Ellsworth  av,  2,  4, 

Elm  av,  53 

Emerald  cres  (New  T),  40-42,  44-56 

Erskine  av,  5,  30,  77,  109  and  200 

Esther  Lorrie  dr  (Etob),  60  and  70 

Euclid  av,  119 

Euphrasia  dr  (Nth  Y),  47 

Eva  rd  (Etob),  25 

Evans  av  (Mim),  11 

Fairlawn  av  4-6 

Falmouth  av  (Scar),  80,  84 

Falstaff  av  (Nth  Y)  331 

Fernwood  Gdns  (E  Y),  1,  5,  11,  15,  6,  12,  16,  18 
Fifteenth  (New  T),  60,  66,  68  and  70 
Fifth  (New  T),  122 
Firvalley  Court  (Scar)  40,  1 

Flemington  rd  (Nth  Y),  1,  3,  5,  7,  9,  11,  2,  4,  6,  8, 
14,  16,  18,  20 
Foil  is  av,  84,  86 
Forman  av,  341 

Forty-Second  (Long  B),  45,  55,  87 
Forty-Third  (Long  B),  5,  15,  25 
Fourteenth  (New  T),  18  and  20 
Fourth  (New  T),  50,  121 

Foxden  rd  (Nth  Y),  46 

Foxridge  dr  (Scar),  115,  130 
Gamble  av  (E  Y),  33,  69,  133,  260 
Garden  pi  (Long  B),  16 

Garthdale  Court  (Nth  Y),  6-8,  10-12,  14-16,  18-20, 
22-24,  26-28,  30-32,  34-36,  38-40,  54-56, 

58-60,  62-64,  66-68,  70-72,  74-76,  63-65, 

67-69,  71-73,  75-77  and  81 
Gerrard  e,  183,  189-191,  295,  325,  355,  407,  417, 
463,  2149  (Scar)  2511 
Gilbert  av  (York  Twp),  500,  502 
Gil  lard  av,  138 
Gladstone  av,  334,  339-345 
Gledhill  av  (E  Y)  62,  284 
Glen  rd,  40,  64 
Glen  Haven  (York  Twp),  2 
Glen  Stewart  Cres,  45 
Glenholme  av,  98  (York  Twp),  602 
Gloucester,  50 

Golfdown  dr  (Etob),  90  and  92 
Gray  av  (York  Twp),  15 
Green  Belt  dr  (Nth  Y),  50 
Greenbrae  circuit  (Scar),  25-45 
Green  Briar  rd  (Nth  Y),  23,  25,  27,  29 
Greenbrook  dr  (York  Twp),  5 
Greencrest  Circuit  (Scar),  20 
Greensides  av,  80,  100-102 
Greentree  Ct  (York  Twp),  9 
Grenoble  dr  (Nth  Y),  48,  58,  61 
Gulliver  rd  (Nth  Y),  11,  17,  21,  25,  35,  45,  14,  26, 
34  and  70 
Harbord,  207,  219 
Hartham  pi  (Nth  Y),  3,  4,  5,  6 
Harvie  av  (York  Twp)  524,  526,  554 
Hayden,  39 
Hazelton  av,  22 
Heathrow  dr  (Nth  Y),  28,  32 
Hector  av  (York  Twp)  8 
Heights  dr  The  (Nth  Y),  32 
Heintzman,  18 
Hendrick  av,  55 
High  Park  av,  265 
Hill  Heights  rd  (Etob)  1,  2, 

Hillsboro  av,  41,  43 

Hillsdale  av  e,  55 

Homewood  av,  88 

Hopewell  av  (Y  Twp),  330 

Horner  av  (Etob),  460,  462,  470,  472 

Hotspur  rd  (Nth  Y),  22,  24,  26,  25-27,  30,  32 

Howard,  3,  4 

Howland  av,  5-11 

Humber  blvd  (Y  Twp),  2,  4,  6,  8,  10,  12,  12A,  14, 

Huntington  av  (Scar),  106,  108 

Huntley,  38-40 

Huron,  496,  601 

Inkerman,  11 

Irwin  av,  32 

Isabella,  89 

Islington  av  n  (Etob),  50,  1274,  1276,  1280,  1286. 

Jackson  rd  (New  T),  4,  8 

James  (Long  B),  90,  92 

Jameson  av,  157,  166 

Jane,  157,  181-185,  251 

Jane  (Y  Twp),  585,  596,  900 

Jane  (Nth  Y),  1605,  1607,  2251-2257,  2901 

Jane  (Wstn),  1860 

Janusie  rd  (Etob),  5,  15,  25,  35 

Jarvis,  314,  519,  579 

Jasper  av  (York  Twp),  2,  5A 

John  (Wstn),  78 

Keele  (York 

:  Twp), 



York),  2246, 






2416,  2417, 






2423,  2425, 



2597,  2615,  2548,  2550,  2552,  2428, 






2624,  2625, 






2647,  2788, 






2842,  2843, 






2866,  2868, 






2988,  2990, 





Kendal  av, 



av,  125 

Kennard  av 

(Nth  Y),  174, 


182,  184,  186 

Kennedy  aw 

(Swan),  90 

Kennedy  rd 


,  819, 

859,  875 

Kenrae  rd 



King  w,  1530 
King  High  av  (Nth  Y)  12 
King's  Point  dr  (Etob),  10 
Kingsbridge  ct  (Nth  Y),  8 

Kingston  rd,  654,  (Scar),  1445,  1449,  1457,  1463, 
1469,  1475,  1481  and  1711 
Kingsview  blvd  (Etob),  99,  186,  200 
Kingsway  cres  (Etob),  135 

Kingsway  South  CSwan),  17,  224,  230,  236,  238,  246, 
248-250  254,  288,  302-4-6-8 
Kingsway  The  (Etob),  289,  296,  313,  315 
Kinsdale  blvd  (Etob),  10,  12 
Kipling  av  n  (Etob),  1673-1675,  1685 
Lake  Promenade  (Long  B),  129,  294 
Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim),  2302,  2307,  2377,  2495, 
2517,  2519,  2536,  2566,  2573,  2685,  2701 
(New  Toronto),  2719,  (Long  Branch),  3365 
Lake  Shore  dr  (New  T),  6,  8,  62,  106 
Lakeview  av.  55 

Lambton  av  (York  Twp),  38,  40 

Lamport  av,  10 

Lauder  av,  145  (Y  Twp),  640 

Lawrence  av  e  (Scar)  1725,  1780,  1790,  2702,  2881, 
3210,  3785  (Nth  York),  868,  874,  876,  880, 
882,  944,  946,  1001,  1002 
Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y),  284,  411,  430,  580,  582, 
584,  586,  588,  590,  592,  1049,  1051,  1079, 
1111,  1442,  1524,  1550,  1619,  1728  (Weston), 
1910,  1920 

Leacrest  rd  (E  Y)  33,  35,  37,  39,  55,  57,  63,  69,  75 

Leduc  dr  (Etob),  39,  45 

Leila  Lane  (Nth  Y),  1,  3,  5 

Leyton  av  (Scar)  56,  58 

Locust  (York  Twp)  2A 

Logan  av,  249 

Lola  rd,  2 

Long  Branch  av  (Long  B),  22A,  34-36,  50A,  55A 
Lonsdale  rd  (Fst  H),  306,  308,  311,  317,  319,  345 
and  320 

Lynvalley  cres  (Scar),  5 
Lyon  av  (York  Twp),  131,  184 
Main  (E  Y),  369 
Maitland,  100 
Manning  av,  1,  1A 
Manor  rd  e,  1 

Marina  av  (Long  B),  33,  41,  45 
Marion,  47 

Marquette  av  (Nth  Y),  1 
Mascot  pi  (Nth  Y),  4 
Mattson  rd  (Nth  Y),  99 
Maynard  av,  21 
McAlpine,  26 
McNairn  av,  1,  10 
Meadow  Glen  pi  (Scar),  1,  2 
Midland  av  (Scar),  142,  146,  454,  456 
Millwood  rd  (Leas),  717,  823,  874,  875-875A,  876, 
877-877A,  878,  879 
Minerva  av  (Scar),  121 
Moccasin  Trail  (Nth  Y),  40 
Montrose  av,  339-341A,  496 
Morningside  av  (Scar),  205,  207 
Mortimer  av  (E  Y),  494 
Mossom  rd  (Swan)  25,  27 
Mt  Pleasant  rd,  676 
Mount  Royal  av,  10 
Mulholland  (Nth  Y),  96 
Nairn  av  (York  Twp),  580 
Nashville  av  (Y  Twp),  1,  3,  5,  7 
Neptune  Dr  (Nth  Y),  21,  23,  49,  50,  52,  54,  78, 

82,  84,  86,  88,  89,  91  and  93 
Newbald  av,  3,  4 
Newholm  rd  (Etob),  5,  8 
Ninth  (New  T),  20,  199 
Northcliffe  blvd  (York  Twp),  339 
Northview  Terrace  (Nth  Y),  60 

Oakburn  cres  (Nth  Y),  1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8,  9, 
10,  11,  12,  14,  16,  18,  20,  22,  24,  26,  28, 

30,  32,  34,  36,  38,  40 
Oakwood  av  (York  Twp),  560 

O'Connor  dr  (E  Y),  990,  994,  996,  1001,  1012, 
1016,  1020,  1024,  1127,  1131,  1135,  1139, 

1143,  1153,  1157,  1161 

Old  Meadow  Lane  (Nth  Y)  1,  3 
Old  Weston  rd,  360 
Old  Weston  rd  (York  Twp),  712 
Ontario,  455,  487 
Orchard  View  blvd,  39 
Oriole  Parkway,  240,  484,  486 
Ossington  av,  295 

Overbrook  pi  (Nth  Y),  118,  134-136,  138-140,  142- 
144,  146-148,  150-152,  154-156,  158-160,  236- 
238,  240-242,  244-246 
Overland  dr  (Nth  Y),  4 
Overton  cres  (Nth  Y),  56,  72,  80,  88 
Pacific  av,  6 
Palmerston  blvd,  469 

Pannahill  rd  (Nth  Y),  216-218,  217-219,  221-223, 
225-227,  229,  233-235,  237-239,  240-242, 

241-243,  244-246,  245-247,  248-250,  249-251 
Pape  av  (E  Y),  972,  1311,  1342 
Park  blvd  (Long  B),  21,  31 
Park  rd,  128 

Parkwoods  Village  dr  (Nth  Y),  77 

Parliament,  502,  502A 

Pembroke,  57 

Pharmacy  av  (Scar),  44 

Pine  Hill  rd,  6 

Plains  rd  (E  Y),  388-394 

Prince  Arthur  av,  14 

Pritchard  av  (York  Twp),  83 

Purdon  dr  (Nth  Y),  64-66,  68-70,  72-74,  76-78, 
80-82,  84-86,  88-90 

Queen  e,  1550,  1957,  2236,  2265,  2269,  (Scar),  2368, 
2378,  2412 
Queen  w,  1182 
Queen's  av  (Mim),  6,  60 
Queen's  dr  (Wstn),  166 

Rabbit  la  (Etob),  40,  54,  56,  60,  62,  64,  66,  68 
Raglan  av  (York  Twp),  17,  19-21 

Rajah  (Nth  Y),  102,  104,  106,  108,  110,  112,  119, 

Ranleigh  av,  153 

Rannock  (Scar),  8 

Rathburn  rd  (Etob),  445 

Redgrave  dr  (Etob),  20 

Replin  rd  (Nth  Y),  1,  2,  4,  6 

Richardson  av  (York  Twp),  19,  21,  25 

Ridel le  av  (Y  Twp),  567 

River,  221-223 

Riverside  dr  (Swan),  157,  159,  303,  303A,  305,  307, 

Riverside  dr  (York  Twp),  495,  497,  499,  512,  514, 
516,  518,  520 
Riverview  Heights  (Etob),  17 
Riverwood  Pkwy  (Etob),  10,  22,  25,  33,  47-49 
Roanoke  rd  (Nth  Y),  8,  10 
Rochefort  dr  (Nth  Y),  7,  11,  17,  21 
Rockcliffe  blvd  (York  Twp),  31 
Rockford  rd  (Nth  Y),  12 
Roehampton  av,  100,  245,  250 
Roncesvalles  av,  223-5,  286,  418 

tment  Houses 


Rose  av,  37-39 
Rosedale  rd  1 

Roselawn  av  (York  Twp)  822,  835,  836,  839,  1090 
Rosemount  dr  (Scar),  15,  19 

Rosseau  rd  (Nth  Y),  5,  7,  9,  11,  14,  16,  17,  18,  19, 
20,  21,  22,  23,  24,  25  and  26 
Royal  York  rd  (Mim),  18,  109,  139 
Roywood  dr  (Nth  Y),  235-257,  267 
Runnymede  rd  (Swan)  109 
Rushton  rd,  194,  280 
Rustic  rd  (Nth  Y),  512,  512  Bldg  D 
St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y),  2901,  2903,  2904,  2905,  2906, 
2920  (Scar),  3214  3218,  3222 
St  Clair  av  w,  250,  310,  312,  341,  343,  345,  347, 
349,  497,  593,  595,  596,  680,  915,  917 
St  Dennis  dr  (Nth  Y),  10,  12,  22,  30,  34 
St  George,  153,  282,  316 
St  John's  rd  (York  twp),  370 
St  Mary,  24 

St.  Nicholas,  65,  80,  50-52 
Sand  Beach  rd  (Mim),  8,  12 
Sandown  av  (Scar)  1,  3 
Sandwell  dr  (Etob),  65 

Saranac  blvd  (Nth  Y),  26,  28,  30,  32,  34,  46 
Scarlett  rd  (York  Twp),  125,  127,  129,  131,  133,  135, 
(Etob),  1025 

Scarlettwood  ct  (Etob)  58 

Second  (New  T),  24 

Sedgeley  dr  (Etob),  11,  31 

Seeley  dr  (Nth  Y),  18,  24,  25,  27 

Seventh  'New  T),  114,  148,  170,  227 

Shaftesbury  (Nth  Y),  141-143 

Shelborne  av  (Nth  Y),  125 

Sheldrake  blvd,  314 

Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y),  1385,  1395 

Sherbourne,  211-213,  425,  527 

Sixteenth  (New  T),  10,  103,  104 

Sixth  (New  T),  1,  71,  128,  141,  143,  146,  149 

Southbourne  av  (Nth  Y),  4 

Spadina  av,  363 V2,  381,  387,  397,  403,  718 

Spadina  rd,  70,  342A,  (Fst  H),  466 

Spencer  av,  63,  77 

Springhurst  av,  140 

Stanley  av  (Mim)  23,  49,  89,  91,  110,  147-149,  155-7 

Stanstead  dr  (Nth  Y),  7-9,  10-12,  14-16 

Station  rd  (Mim),  17,  36,  66 

Stephen  dr  (Etob,  186,  135,  193 

Stevenvale  dr  (Scar),  70 

Sumach,  230,  260,  306-308 

Summerhill  av,  464,  468,  470 

Summerhill  Gdns,  14-16 

Sunnybrae  cres  (York  Twp),  2 

Superior  av  (Mim),  1,  2,  38,  40,  56,  57 

Swordbill  dr  (Etob),  35,  45 

Talara  dr  (Nth  Y),  61,  65,  67 

Tavistock  rd  (Nth  Y),  1 

Temple  av,  19 

Tenth  (New  T),  57 

Third  (New  T),  20,  23,  28A,  35,  42,  61,  69 

Thirteenth  (New  T),  3,  24,  54,  69,  71,  73 

Thirty-Eighth  (Long  B),  55 

Thirty-First  (Long  B),  16 

Thirty-Ninth  (Long  B),  12,  14,  16,  24,  26 

Thirty-Third  (Long  B),  9,  9A,  11,  11A,  15,  15A 

Tichester  rd  (York  Twp),  14,  18,  22,  24 

Torbolton  dr  (Etob),  3,  14,  15,  21,  40 

Traymore  cres  (Swan),  2 

Treewood  (Scar)  4 

Trethewey  dr  (York  Twp),  78-100 

Triller  av,  55 

Trudelle  (Scar),  10,  20,  30,  25,  35,  45 

Tweedsmuir  av  (York  Twp),  310 

Twelfth  (New  T),  32,  36,  40 

Twenty-Eighth  (Long  B),  18 

Twenty-Fifth  (Long  B),  80,  90,  95,  100,  105 

Twenty-First  (New  T),  35,  45 

Twenty-Second  (New  T),  19,  21,  26,  39,  46,  125 

Twenty-Seventh  (Long  B),  120 

Twenty-Sixth  (Long  B),  12 

Tyrrell  av,  122 

Ulster,  12-14 

Underhill  dr  (Nth  Y),  26,  60 
Uxbridge  av,  90A,  94A 
Varna  Dr  (Nth  Y),  20,  22 
Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp)  142,  231 
Vendome  pi  (Nth  W),  1,  4,  6,  8 
Verona  av  (York  Twp),  3 

Victoria  Park  av  (Scar),  523,  1055,  1065,  1589, 

1601,  1607,  1689,  1731,  1735,  1744A,  1749, 
1757,  1759,  1765,  1817,  1827,  2126,  2255, 

2265,  2275,  2301 
Villa  rd  (Long  B),  25 
Wadsworth  blvd  (Wstn),  6,  10,  18 
Walker  av,  16 

Walmer  rd,  15,  40,  44,  50,  415 

Walton,  42-44 

Wandle  av  (Nth  Y),  1 

Warden  av  (Scar),  593,  680,  682,  1205 

Warren  rd,  82 

Wasdale  cres  (Nth  Y),  8,  10,  24,  30,  31,  33,  34, 

35,  43,  45,  47,  63,  64,  65,  66,  67 

Waterton  rd  (Etob),  58 
Wellesley  e,  258 

Westgate  blvd  (Nth  Y),  10  and  12 
West  Lodge  av,  25 

West  Mall  The  (Etob),  106,  111,  120,  129,  136, 
139,  146,  150,  151,  300,  305,  359,  360,  370, 

Weston  rd  (Y  Twp),  1321,  (Wstn),  2190,  2260,  2278, 
2336,  3266 

The  Westway  (Etob),  416 
Whitburn  cres  (Nth  Y),  111-117 
Willard  av  (York  Twp)  666 

Wilmington  av  (Nth  Y),  1,  10,  15,  17,  19,  20,  226- 
228,  230-232,  234-236,  240-242,  244-246, 

248-250,  286-288,  290-292,  294-296,  298-300, 
302-304,  306-308,  315-317,  319-321 
Wilson  av  (Nth  Y),  200,  222,  225,  390-398,  409- 
417,  436-438,  490,  795,  797,  823-835,  921, 
923-941,  1303,  1305,  1307,  1309,  1491,  1497, 
1505,  1515,  1525,  1533,  1537,  1738-1750 
Winchester,  71-73 
Windermere  av  (Swan),  25-29,  45 
Winona  dr  (York  Twp),  440 
Woodbine  av,  419 

Woodward  av  (Wstn),  131,  133,  135,  137,  139,  141, 
143,  145 

Woolner  av  (York  Twp),  210,  230 
Wycombe  rd  (Nth  Y),  2,  10 

Yonge,  569Va,  571V2,  1258,  1264,  1266,  1423A, 
1446,  1454A,  1924,  2093,  2099,  2101,  2517V2, 
York,  56 

York  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y),  1210,  1216,  1222,  1230, 
1244,  1254,  1264,  1274,  1284,  1300,  1325 
Yorkville  av,  1 


American  Appraisal  Co  The,  38  King  w 

Analytical  Appraisals  Ltd,  11  Yorkville  av 

Auto  Accident  Services,  862  Egl inton  av  e  (Leas) 

Canadian  Appraisal  Co  Ltd,  38  King  w 

Certified  Jewellery  Appraisal  Co,  21  Dundas  sq 

Collision  Appraisal  Services  Ltd,  1865  Leslie  (Nth  Y) 

Cooper  Appraisals  Ltd,  696  Yonge 

Davis  R  A  &  Company,  50  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Dominion  Appraisal  Co  Ltd,  6  Brentcliffe  rd  (Leas) 

Fidelity  Appraisals  Ltd,  80  Richmond  w 

General  Appraisal  Co,  6  Brentcliffe  rd  (Leas) 

Graphic  Arts  Appraisal  Co,  696  Yonge 
Independent  Inspection  Services  Ltd,  2489  Bloor  w 

Industrial  Appraisals  Ltd,  67  Yonge 
Kavanagh  Appraisal  Service,  7  Dornock  dr  (Etob) 
Kreger  E  H  Appraisal  Services,  794  Eglinton  av  e 

Retail  Grocery  Inventory  Service  of  Canada,  1262  Don 
Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Sterling  Appraisal  Co  Ltd,  696  Yonge 
Warnock  Hersey  Appraisal  Co  Ltd,  250  Madison  av 
Wilkinson  P  I  Appraisals,  1861  Danforth  av 
Williams  0  S,  37  King  e 


See  Towel,  Apron  and  Coat  Supply 


Egos  Products,  425  Spadina  av 


See  Orthopedic  Appliances 


Abram  &  Angleson,  Architects,  290  Merton 
Adamson  Gordon  S  &  Associates,  123  Eglinton  av  e 
Agnew  Herbert  Associates,  37  Maitland 
Akitt  &  Swanson,  181  Eglinton  av  e 
Allward  &  Gouinlock,  245  Davenport  rd 
Andrews  John,  47  Colborne 
Apollonio  Bruno,  51  Prince  Arthur  av 
Architects  &  Planners  Collaborative,  261  Davenport  rd 
Armstrong  &  Molesworth,  188  Davenport  rd 

Armstrong  N  A,  Architect,  67  Yonge 

Arnoldi  E  Telfer,  953  Mount  Pleasant  rd 
Ashworth,  Robbie,  Vaughan  &  Wiliams,  170  Bloor  w 
Banz,  Brook,  Carruthers,  Grierson,  Shaw,  Architects, 

477  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Barker  Kent,  1662 B  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Barnett  &  Rieder,  28  Overlea  blvd  (Leas) 

Bateman  J  Bruce,  26  Deloraine  av 
Bazeley  Gordon,  193  Forest  Hill  rd  (Fst  H) 

Beckstead  Robt  W,  194  'Bloor  w 
Benattar  &  Landau,  180  University  av 
Bennett  Wm,  Architect,  315  Eglinton  av  w 
Bindhardt  &  Cheney,  4  New 
Blezensky  Jack,  4141  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Boigon  Irving  D  Associates,  61  Curlew  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Bradfield  J  H  W,  3765  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Bregman  &  Hamann,  130  Bloor  w 
Brennan  &  Whale,  42-48  Charles  e 
Brenzel  Jack,  2788  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Brown  Benj,  80  Avenue  rd 

Brown,  Brisley  &  Brown,  Architects,  538-540  Eglinton 
avenue  e 

Buchan  George,  39  Prince  Arthur  av 
Bulfoni  Adelsi,  1267A  St  Clair  av  w 
Burston,  Harry  D  Architect,  120  Eglinton  av  e 
Burt  Joan,  Architect,  25  Gerrard  w 
Capes  Basil  L,  5150  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Caspari  Peter,  31  Sunnydene  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Cauley  John  Stuart  Architects,  1619  Bayview  av  (Leas) 
Chapman  &  Hurst,  416  Moore  av  (Leas) 

Christie  George,  616  Church 

Clifford  &  Lawrie  Architects,  153  St  Clair  av  w 

Cluff  &  Cluff,  1984  Yonge 

Composite  Form,  108  Wellington  w 

Coon  S  B  &  Son,  745  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Cooper  Kenneth  R,  2200  Yonge 

Cowan  H  Gardiner  &  Paul  David  Cooke,  Architects, 
1079  Bloor  w 

Cox  &  Moffet,  4894  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Craig,  Zeidler  &  Strong  Architects,  901  Yonge 
Crang  &  Boake,  86  Overlea  blvd  (Leas) 

Daniels  John  H,  2171  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Design  Associates,  3284  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Devore  Sami,  1142  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Dison  Associates,  1277  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Dolphin  Chas  B,  458  Blythwood  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Douglas  D  Bruce,  81  Barber-Greene  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Downing  N  V  Design  Service,  36  Lesmar  dr  (Etob) 
Duerr  Herbert  G,  6  Adelaide  e 

Dunlop,  Wardell,  Matsui,  &  Aitken,  5230  Dundas  w 

Fairbrass  Alan  S,  103  Hill  cres  (Scar) 

Fairfield  &  Dubois,  120  Eglinton  av  e 
Farrugia  John  J,  3092  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Fisher,  Tedman,  Fisher  &  Glaister,  416  Moore  av 

Fleury,  Arthur,  Barclay  &  Stern,  76  Avenue  rd 
Fliess  Henry,  1129  Leslie 
Forster  Leslie,  170  Roxborough  e 
Freedman,  Petroff,  Jeruzalski,  491  Lawrence  av  w 
(North  York) 

Gibson  &  Pokorny,  305  Davenport  rd 
G i I le land  &  Janiss  Architects,  234  Eglinton  av  e 
Goldman  Ralph  M,  465  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Gordon,  Korbee  &  Tirion,  9-11  New 
Govan,  Kaminker,  Langley,  Keenleyside,  Melick,  Dev¬ 
onshire  &  Wilson,  10  Price 
Grossman  Irving,  7  Sultan 
Haffa  James  H,  294  Ontario 
Hall iwel  1  Chas,  64  Avenue  rd 
Hancock,  Little,  Calvert  Associates,  40  Irwin  av 
Hanks,  Irwin  &  Pearson,  2848  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Henry  D  A  Consultants  Ltd,  96  Eglinton  av  e 
Hoare  J  E  Jr,  481  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Horwood  &  White,  229  Yonge 
Ibronyi  Thomas,  160  Eglinton  av  e 
Kalman  Thos  P,  234  Eglinton  av  e 
Kaplan  Harold  S,  17  Davenport  rd 
Karleff  William,  1695A  Avenue  rd 
Keenan  &  Bielaska,  20  Eglinton  av  e 
Kelman  Harold,,  2171  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Kelton  J  G  Associates,  Architects,  1415  Lawrence 
av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Kertland  Douglas  E,  34  Summerhill  gdns 
King  D  Ross,  50  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Klein  Jack  &  Sears  Henry  Architects,  34  Prince  Arthur 

Klein  Maurice  D,  25  Adelaide  w 
Kohl  Harry  B,  17  Prince  Arthur  av 
Kopsa  Michael  M,  131  Davenport  rd 
Kravis  Janis,  606  Jarvis 
Kvedaras  Vytautas,  5417  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Lasko  Alexander  A,  1970  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Layng  John  A,  1955  Yonge 
Lee  Richard  Y,  137  Wellington  w 
Levine  &  Lawrence  Architects,  81  Barber-Greene  rd 
(North  York) 

Lipson  &  Dashkin  Architects,  170  The  Donway  w 
(North  York) 

Ludlow  B  G  &  Partners,  140  Merton 

Ma  John,  652  Davenport  rd 

Mandel  Raymond,  3089  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Margison  &  Keith,  224  Merton 
Marinoff  Ivan  A,  293  Birkdale  rd  (Scar) 

Mark,  Musselman  &  McIntyre,  51  Prince  Arthur  av 
Markson  Jerome,  34  Prince  Arthur  av 
Markus  Isadore,  501  Yonge 
Marsh  &  Associates,  6  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 
Mathers  &  Haldenby,  10  St  Mary 
Mayer  Walter  E,  21  Lascelles  blvd 
McBain,  Lee,  Robb,  Elken  &  Joung,  36  Prince  Arthur 

McCuaig,  Donald  A,  2842  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Mendelow  Martin  L,  101  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 

Moffat  &  Moffat,  55  Eglinton  av  e 

Mollard  &  Whaley,  57  Bloor  w 

Morgan  Earle  C,  2  St  Clair  av  w 

Moriyama  Raymond  Architects,  711  Church 

Murray  Jas  A,  1440  Bayview  av 

Noble  C  Walter,  89  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 

Ogus  &  Fisher  Architects,  1719  Bayview  av  (Leas) 
Page  &  Steele  Architects,  2  St  Clair  av  w 
Pain  Mark  P,  269  Heath  e 

Parkin  John  B  Associates,  1500  Don  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Parrott  Tambling  &  Witme-r,  57  Bloor  w 

Pennington  R  P  G,  119  Davenport  rd 

Pentland  Baker  &  Poison,  490  Jarvis 

Perzia  Steve,  752  St  Clair  av  w 

Prii  Uno,  120  Eglinton  av  e 

Pysklywec  R  W,  204  Merton 

Quednau  Gerd  H,  21  Apted  av  (Nth  Y) 

Rasins  Peter,  16  Isabella 

Reed  Francis  G,  2390  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Regional  &  General  Planning  Ltd,  130  Bloor  w 
Reszetnik  S  D  F,  160  Eglinton  av  e 
Richmond  E  I,  153  St  Clair  av  w 
Robinson  C  E  &  Associates  Ltd,  1173  Bay 
Rosen  Sheldon  D,  106  Avenue  rd 
Ross  Edward,  2461  Bloor  w 

Rounthwaite  &  Dick,  1250  Bay  and  93  Yorkville  av 
Ruoinoff  Alfred  Buliding  Design  Consultants,  550A 
Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Ryrie  Jack,  37  Maitland 
Samuels  Sidney,  310  Bloor  w 
Satok  &  Poizner,  261  Davenport  rd 
Schlein  Wilfrid,  528  Glencairn  av  (Nth  Y) 

Seligman  and  Dick,  1950  Yonge 
Sherbowich  Stefan,  3252  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Sherriff  Wallace,  137  Welington  w 
Shore,  Moffat  &  Partners,  100  University  av 
Shulman  Wilfred  Architect,  99  Avenue  rd 
Silver  Louis  J,  1142  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Silverberg  Jerald,  53  Prince  Arthur  av 
Simonson  L  0  Architect,  201  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 
Simpson  B  Napier  Jr,  220  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Simpson  E  J,  1810  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Sirlin  Morley,  2171  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Sklar  Murray,  2462  Yonge 

Smith,  Carter,  Searle  Associates,  150  Eglinton  av  e 
Smith  Harold  J,  62  Charles  e 
Smyth  A  Rolph,  62  Charles  e 

Solar  Planning  Consultants  Ltd,  2788  Bathurst  (Nth 

Somerville,  McMurrich  &  Oxley,  191  Eglinton  av  e 

Soosaar  Arved,  86  Bloor  w 

Sprachman  Abraham,  33  Asquith  av 

Sprachman  Mandel,  33  Asquith  av 

Sproatt  &  Rolph,  412  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Stalmach  Frank  J,  171  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Stanford  &  Wilson  Architects,  90  Eglinton  av  e 
Stokes  Peter  J,  67  Yonge 

Sullivan  John  A  Architect  &  Town  Planner,  81  Barber- 
Greene  rd  (Nth  York) 

Tamenako  Marvin,  534  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Tampold  Wells  Architects,  39  Prince  Arthur  av 
Templin  Bruno  P,  5  Castle  Frank  cres 
Thom  Ronald  J,  47  Colborne 
Thompson  Clare  P,  71  Bloor  w 
Universal  Drafting  Co  Ltd,  1947  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Upenieks  Visualdis  V,  234  Eglinton  av  e 
Vandewater  Howard  D,  2522  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Van  Huyse  Julien  C,  2400  Finch  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Venchiarutti  &  Venchiarutti,  194  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Vine  A  E,  Architect,  209  Davenport  rd 

Walker  Howard  V,  92  King  e 

Webb,  Zerafa  &  Menkes  Architects,  1910  Yonge 

Weir  Cripps  &  Partners,  1216  Yonge 

West  &  Switzer,  2510  Yonge 

Whitney  William  G,  855  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 

Wilkes,  Wasteneys  &  Associates,  62  Charles  e 
Wilson  &  Newton,  696  Yonge 
Winston  Group  The,  1497A  Yonge 
Woods  Chester  C,  2842  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Yamazaki  George  J,  15  Greenholm  circuit  (Scar) 
Young  &  Young,  519  Jarvis 


See  Landscape  Architects 


Allanson  Mfg  Corp  Ltd,  33  Cranfield  rd  (E  Y) 
Auto  Starter  Ltd,  217-219  Davenport  rd 
Turner  Electric,  6  Thorburn  av 


Brink's  Express  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  60  McCaul 


Fort  York  Armouries,  e  s  Garrison  rd  and  660  Fleet 
Moss  Park  Armouries,  s  s  Shuter  between  George  and 

Signal  Corp  Armouries,  185  Spadina  av 
Spadina  Avenue  Armouries,  185  Spadina  av 


Cummur  Trading  Corp  Ltd,  2  College 
Inter  Armco  (U.K.)  Ltd,  2  College 
Inter  Armco  (Washington)  Ltd,  2  College 
Webley-Scott  Ltd  (Birmingham,  England),  2  College 


Angus  Myron  Art  Gallery  Ltd,  1052  Yonge 

Art  Gallery  of  Toronto  The,  317  Dundas  w 

Atelier,  110  Cumberland 

Bergdon  Galleries  Ltd,  180  Davenport  rd 

Blue  Easel  Studio,  591  Church 

Blue  Wing  Galleries,  109  Oakdale  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Brush  &  Palette  Gallery,  2587  Yonge 
Canadian  High-Arts  Foundation,  96  Bloor  w 
Contemporary  Art  Gallery,  513A  Yonge 
Cooling  Galleries  (Ontario)  Ltd,  475  Yonge 
Damico  Oscar  &  Bros,  50  Avenue  rd 
Galerie  Dresdnere  Inc,  130  Bloor  w 
Gallery  Moos  Ltd,  138  Yorkville  av 
Garfield  Fine  Art  Gallery,  689  Yonge 
Helene-Arthur  Galleries  Ltd,  3457  Yonge 
Isaacs  Gallery  The,  832  Yonge 
Kingsway  Art  Gallery,  3030  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Klaray  L  &  Co,  330  Warren  rd 
Laing  G  Blair  Ltd,  194  Bloor  w 
Laing  Galleries,  194  Bloor  w 
Lamanna  Carmen  Gallery,  840  Yonge 
Lawrence  Elizabeth  Gallery,  44  Avenue  rd 
Masters'  Gallery,  834  Yonge 
Mirvish  David  Art  Gallery,  596  Markham 
Morris  Jerrold  International  Gallery  Ltd,  130  Bloor 

Much-Taas  Gallery,  657  Yonge 

Paintings  &  Prints,  648  Yonge 

Park  Lane  Gallery,  7  Wellington  w 

Pascal  Gallery,  104  Yorkville  av 

Picture  Loan  Society,  3  Charles  w 

Pollock  Gallery  The,  599  Markham 

Roberts  Gallery  Ltd,  641  Yonge 

Rodrik  Paul  Gallery,  598  Markham 

Samou  Gallery,  rear  594  Markham 

Sobot  Gallery,  128  Cumberland 

Society  of  Co-Operative  Artists,  33  Cecil 

Studio  Showcase  Ltd,  45  Overlea  blvd  (Leas) 

Thom  Frederick  W  Ltd,  194  Bloor  w 
Tygesen  Galleries,  94  Scollard 
Ukrainian  Art,  861  Queen  w 
Upstairs  Gallery,  10  Castle  Knock  rd 
Victor's  Gallery,  1192  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
W.  W.  Art  Galleries  (Bloor),  2263  Bloor  w 
Young  Galleries  The,  2023  Yonge 


(See  also  Gift  Shops) 

Britnell  John  Son,  876  Yonge 
Britnell  John  &  Son,  876  Yonge 
Canadian  Art  Shop.  888  St  Clair  av  w 
Hamlet  Art  &  Gifts,  693  Bay 
Trade  Winds,  138  Cumberland 
Tralli's  Art,  1952  Gerrard  e 


See  Embroidery,  Hemstitching  and  Stamping 


See  Opticians  and  Optical  Goods 


Brothers  Development  Co  Ltd,  78  Queen  Elizabeth  blvd 

Continental  Artflower  Co,  252  Adelaide  e 
Creative  Floralkrafts  Ltd,  241  Dovercourt  rd 
Decorative  Flower  Co,  505  Eastern  av 
De  Witt  Josephine  Co  Ltd,  333  King  w 
European  Artificial  Flower  Co,  506  Adelaide  w 
Ice  Box  Flowers  &  Gifts  Ltd,  241  Spadina  av 
Imperial  Flower  of  Canada,  942  Queen  w 
Jolyfleur  Ltd,  294  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Naylor  David  Associates  Ltd,  252  King  e 
Perma-Fleur  Designs  Ltd,  2430  Yonge 
Phantom  Flowers,  2097  Yonge 
Sherring-Porter  Ltd,  184  Bay 
Shurbloom  Bulb  Co,  49  Bertal  rd  (York  Twp) 

Studio  Flowers  Ltd,  78  Queen  Elizabeth  Blvd  (Etob) 


See  Ice  Dealers 


Acme  Artificial  Limb  Co  Ltd,  2184  Dundas  w 
Chamberlain  Geo  L,  295  King  w 
Dew  Superior  Artificial  Limbs,  125-127  Queen  e 
Hanger  J  E  of  Canada  Ltd,  38  Camden 


See  Contractor— Cement  and  Concrete 


Aked  Aleen,  30  Burlington  cres 
Allen  Allan  (comml),  511  Church 
Arculus  Stanley,  111  Yorkville  av 
Armstrong  David,  594  Markham 
Aro  Paul,  225  Donlands  av  (E  Y) 

Art  Associates  Ltd  (comml),  105  Davenport  rd 

Art  by  Linda,  589  Markham 

Art  Circle  Studio,  220  Eglinton  av  e 

Art  Composition  &  Associates,  566  Church 

Art  House  (Commercial),  147  University  av 

Art  Studio,  1982  Bloor  w 

Art  &  Design  Studios  Ltd,  900  Yonge 

Arts  Two  (Commercial),  3  Adelaide  e 

Bakowsky  E  &  Associates  (comml),  3310  Yonge 

Barnes  Archd  G,  57  Bloor  w 

Barnes  Clarence,  107  King  e 

Batty  Malcolm,  588  Markham 

Bist  George  (comml),  2  Carlton 

Bond  Wm,  17  Balmuto 

Browning  Gary  L  (Comml),  159  Bay 

Buckley  Studios  (commercial),  11  Leader  lane 

Buday  Lazio,  33  Avenue  rd 

Burpes  Thos  L  Photo  Retouching,  7-9  Pleaasnt  blvd 
Business  Aids  (comml),  49  Wellington  e 
Campbell  Creative  Graphics  Ltd  (Comml),  162  John 
Canadian  Artist  Agencies,  25  Gilroy  dr  (Scar) 
Catalogue  Productions,  7-9  Pleasant  blvd 
Chapman,  Dunlop,  Crocker  &  Associates,  11  Yorkville 

Chapman  John  Studio  (comml),  876  Eglinton  av  e 

Chiarandini  Albert,  719  Yonge 
Chisholm  &  Matheson,  20  Bloor  w 
Clarke  Lionel  R  Graphic  Artists,  601  Markham 
Commercial  Studios  Ltd,  252-260  Richmond  w 
Cor.n  Art  Studio,  641  Caledonia  rd  (York  Twp) 

Cooper  Al  Graphics  Ltd,  3251a  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Dalrymple  Sign  Studio,  648A  Yonge 
Damico  Oskar,  603  Markham 
Davey  Ian,  3  Adelaide  e 
Davies  Wm  (comml),  33  Avenue  rd 
Davis  Len  Designs,  322  King  w 
Decker  W  Mark  (comml),  160  Eglinton  av  e 
Deer  Studio  (commercial),  245  Yonge 
De  Montfort  Studio,  412  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Design  Group  Advertising  Artists  Ltd,  The,  111 
Eglinton  av  e 

Dick  Earl  Studio,  600  Markham 
Dickinson  Studios  (comml),  394  Bay 
Dollack  Studios  (comml),  2670  Danforth  av 
Dorland  Bruce  (comml),  245  Bartley  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Downtown  Signs  (comml),  370  Yonge 
Duo-Craft  Studios  (comml),  51  Eglinton  av  e 
Duval  Paul,  25  Severn 

Edmunds  David  Studio  (comml),  160  Eglinton  av  e 
Edmunds  David  Studio  (comml),  876  Eglinton  av  e 

Eglinton  Sign  Services  (comml),  1402  Eglinton  av  w 
(Forest  Hill) 

Elphick  John,  697  Bay 

Evans  Ella,  697  Bay 

Fair  Gail  Studio,  494  Avenue  rd 

Falconer  Robt  G,  600  Bay 

Favret  Lucian,  591  Markham 

Federman,  Adams  &  Colopy  Ltd,  661-663  Yonge 

Finch  Kenneth,  44  Asquith  av 

Fischer  Michael,  589  Markham 

Forrester  J  R  (comml),  1133  Leslie  (Nth  Y) 

Galt  Jean,  44  Asquith  av 

Goss  Geoffrey,  119  Yorkville  av 

Graphic  Communication  (comml),  5  Huntley 

Gray  Ross  F,  758  Yonge 

Greer  Stella,  587  Markham 

Griffin  Art  Studio,  211  Avenue  rd 

Guild  Kenneth,  719  Yonge 

Harasymchuk  Wm,  74-6  College 

Hartley  Louis  (commercial),  26  St  Joseph 

Haughton  David  &  Associates,  1407  Yonge 


Page  9 

Hilkers  Evert  Associates  Ltd,  (commi),  100  Simcoe 

Horner  Roy  (commi),  44  Asquith  a v 

Hunt  Paul  D  (commi),  110  Alcina  av 

Illuminated  Lettering,  1152  College 

Impact  Design  Studio  Ltd,  23  Railside  dr  (Nth  Y) 

International  Art,  710  Annette 

J  •&  M  Studio  (commi),  1621  Queen  w 

Janus  Studio,  282  Davenport  rd 

Johnson  Hal  Ltd  (commi),  100  Adelaide  w 

Kavanaugh  F  B  &  Co,  700  Bay 

Kertesz  C  Andrew,  591  Markham 

Kirkpatrick  E  M  (commi),  501  Yonge 

Levey  Signs  (commi),  1402  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Lima  Tom,  585  Markham 

Loo  Enn  Studio  (commi),  230  Adelaide  w 

Lucack  Warren,  591  Markham 

Maclnnes  Alex,  696  Yonge 

Macnamara  Gordon,  25  Severn 

Marks  Studio  (commi),  10  Asquith  av 

Marshall  Associates,  323A  King  w 

Martin  Fred  J,  49  Woodville  av  (E  Y) 

Meecham  Robert  S  (commi),  28  Queen  e 
Mercer  Jim  Studios  (commercial),  411A  Parliament 
Millar  James,  101  Robina  av  (York  Twp) 

Millar  Thos  A  (commi),  57  Kirk  Bradden  rd  e  (Etob) 

Milo  Advertising  Ltd,  589  King  w 

Montgomery  Chas  (commi),  6  Adelaide  e 

Monyo  Art  Studyo,  107  Yorkville  av 

Morrison  Bruce,  137  Wellington  w 

Mulvey  Naomi,  585  Markham 

Myers  Graphics  Ltd,  282  Davenport  rd 

Nasmith  Eric  (commi)  210  Adelaide  w 

Newton  Kenneth  H,  99  Bogert  av  (Nth  Y) 

Noble  &  Wood  Associates,  129  Alcorn  av 
Pacesetter  Studios  Ltd  (commi),  160  Bay 
Pape  Mary  Studio  (commi),  596  Danforth  av 
Parlane  Studios  (commercial),  394  Bay 
Peacock  Clive  Associates  Ltd,  172  King  e 
Peer,  485  Danforth  av 
Peter's  Gordon,  44  Asquith  av 
Petty  Frances,  394  Bay 

Phillips  H  R  Advertising  Art  (commi),  24  Crescent- 
wood  rd  (Scar) 

Podesva  Y,  587  Markham 

Prescott  Ken  (Commi),  1133  Leslie  (Nth  Y) 

Raicus  Ethel,  (rear)  597  Markham 
Rapin  Wm,  589  Markham 
Rapinchuck  Peter  B,  589  Markham 
Redfern  Chas  K,  25  Severn 
Ross  Kit  (Ceramics),  21  Sidney 
Saila  Clement  &  Co  Ltd  (commercial),  110  Adelaide 

Sale  Thomas  G  (commi),  1  Scarlettwood  ct  (Etob) 
Sample  Howard  Studio,  123  Eglinton  av  e 
Self  Studio  Signs  (commi),  87  John 
Sherman  Laws  &  Partners  Ltd  (commi),  345  Adelaide 

Smart  Leslie  &  Associates  Ltd,  153  St  Clair  av  w 

Smith  D  L  Art  Studio,  876  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Smith  Eloise-Noel  (commi),  206  Bloor  w 

Socha  Michel  Art  Studio,  455  King  w 

Spiegel  Natalie,  589  Markham 

Steiger  Frederic,  406  Bloor  e 

Stessel  &  Borden  Ltd,  (commi),  4  Lawton  blvd 

Stevens  John  (commi),  30  Buxton  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Stewart  Jas  &  Associates  (commi),  2  Carlton 

Szorady  Ivan,  68  Cassandra  blvd  (Nth  Y) 

Technical  Commercial  Art  Studio,  111  Vulcan  (Etob) 
Techni-Process  Lettering  Ltd  (commi),  29  Colborne 
Templeton  Wm  R  Studios  Ltd  (commi),  70  Overlea  blvd 

Thornton  Geo  &  Associates  (commi),  801  York  'Mills 
road  (Nth  Y) 

Tomev  Foto  S  (commi),  4  Glebe  rd  e 
Tonoy  Foto  Sport  (commi),  598  Danforth  av 
Town  Harold  (commi),  25  Severn 
Van  S,  143  Pears  av 

Videoart  Productions  Ltd,  (commi),  26  St  Clair  av  e 

Visual  Art  Ltd  (commi),  737  Church 

Wall  Peter,  137  Wellington  w 

Waterman  Studio  (commi),  289A  Church 

Wemhoyer  John  (commi),  5  Huntley 

Williams  Chris,  591  Markham 

Williams  Yvonne,  3  Caribou  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Windsor  Art  Studios  Ltd  (commi),  430  King  w 

Wright  Robt,  44  Asquith  av 

Wynott  Norman  (commi),  206  Bloor  w 


Albert's  Art  Shoppe,  60  Avenue  rd 

Andersen's,  2310  Bloor  w 

Art  Emporium,  3003  Danforth  av  (E  Y) 

Gainsborough  Art  Gallery,  3025  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Greater  Toronto  Ceramic  Centre,  2413  Lake  Shore 
blvd  w  (Mim) 

Grumbacher  M  of  Can  Ltd,  64  Princess 
Hughes  Owens  Co  Ltd,  470  Yonge  and  124  Bermondsey 
road  (E  Y) 

Jordan  Heinz  Co  Ltd,  113-125  Sterling  rd 
Loomis  &  Toles  Ltd,  214  Adelaide  w 
Mosaic  Art  Studio,  1190  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Reeves  &  Son?  (Canada)  Ltd,  16  Apex  rd  ('Nth  Y) 
Robert  John  &  Associates,  8  Taber  rd  (Etob) 

Tigert  E  E  Ltd,  296  King  e 


Albion  Asbestos  Packings  Ltd,  32  Colville  rd  (Nth  Y) 

TED,  37-41  Britain,  Phone  EMpire  4-6131- 

Canadian  Asbestos  (Ont)  Ltd,  27  Front  e, 

Cape  Asbestos  (Canada)  Ltd,  3313A  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Lynn  Sales  Co,  253  Merton 


A  &  A  Liquid  Waste  Removal  Ltd,  399  Old  Orchard 
Grove  (Nth  Y) 

Natale  Disposal  Service,  73  Kootenay  cres  (Scar) 


Canadian  Bitumuls  Co  Ltd,  43  Industrial  (Leas) 

Ferro  Master  Asphalt  Co,  104  Rivalda  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Insul  Mastic  Eastern  Ltd,  1454  Bloor  w 
Repac  Products,  3495  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Spence  W  R  Industries  Ltd,  85  Vulcan  (Etob) 

Toro  Asphalt  Company,  93  Toro  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Universal  Asphalt  &  Mastic  Products  Ltd,  14  Eugene 
(Nth  Y) 


Heys  Thomas  &  Son,  8  Market 

X-Ray  Assay  &  Laboratories  Ltd,  28  Eglinton  av  w 


See  Trustees  Authorized  under  the 
Bankruptcy  Act 


(See  also  Clubs,  also  Societies — Miscellaneous) 

(For  names  of  Executives  see  Alphabetical  section 
under  name  of  Association) 

Actors'  Equity  Assn  (br),  519  Jarvis 
Advisory  Committee  Men's  &  Boy's  Clothing  Industry 
430  King  w 

Aggregate  Producers  Assn  of  Ontario  The,  2171  Avenue 
road  (Nth  Y) 

Agricultural  Press  Assn  of  Can,  100  University  av 
Agudath  Israel  of  Toronto,  608  Bathurst 
Air  Cadet  League  of  Canada,  Ont  Provincial  Committee, 
14  Cawthra  sq 
Allied  Beauty  Assn,  159  Bay 
Allied  Boating  Assn  of  Canada,  92  King  e 
Amalgamated  Clothing  Workers  Benefit  Fund,  346-348 
Spadina  av 

American  Federation  of  Musicians,  101  Thorncliffe 
Park  dr  (Leas) 

American  Guild  of  Variety  Artists,  77  York 
American  Water  Works  Assn  (Candn  Section),  12  St 
Dennis  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Anglican  Church,  Toronto  Diocesan  Board  of  Woman's 
Auxiliary,  145  Adelaide  e 
Anglican  Correctional  Chaplains,  11  Trinity  sq 
Architectural  Conservancy  Assn  of  Ont,  67  Yonge 
Architectural  Metal  Assn,  55  York 
Army,  Navy  &  Air  Force  Veterans  in  Canada,  458 
Dupont,  439  Dundas  e  and  210  Beverley 
Asphalt  Roofing  Technical  Committee,  55  York 
Associated  Medical  Services  Inc,  615  Yonge 
Associated  Milk  Foundation  of  Can  The,  2  Thorncliffe 
Park  dr  (Leas) 

Associated  Senior  Executives  of  Canada,  67  Yonge 
Assn  for  Industrial  Rehabilitation,  69  York 
Association  Canadian  Radio  &  Television  Artists,  105 

Association  of  Administrative  Assistants  or  Private 
Secretaries,  745  Merton 

Association  of  Canadian  Advertisers  Inc,  159  Bay 
Association  of  Canadian  Biscuit  Mfrs,  44  King  w 
Association  of  Canadian  Industrial  Designers,  55  York 
Association  of  Consulting  Engineers  of  Canada,  176  St 

Association  of  Danube  Swabians,  214  Main 
Association  of  M’illinery  Manufacturers  (Ont  Div),  460 
Richmond  w 

Association  of  Motion  Picture  Producers  &  Laboratories 
of  Canada,  55  York 

Association  of  Ontario  Land  Surveyors,  8  King  e 
Association  of  Professional  Engineers  of  The  Province 
of  Ont,  236  Avenue  rd 

Association  of  Radio  &  TV  Employees  of  Canada,  433 

Association  of  Tourists  Resorts  of  Ontario,  37  King 

Association  of  United  Ukrainian  Canadians,  3025  Lake 
Shore  blvd  w  (New  T)  (br  off),  (National  Execu¬ 
tive  Committee),  42  Roncesvalles 
Association  of  Women  Electors,  21  Dundas  sq 
Audit  Bureau  of  Circulations,  357  Bay 
Automobile  Dealer  Assns  of  Ont,  145  Yonge 
Automotive  Parts  Mfrs  Assn  (Canada),  55  York 
Automotive  Transport  Assn  of  Ontario  Inc,  439  Queen's 
Quay  w 

Bakery  Council  of  Canada,  347  Bay 

Bakery  Foods  Foundation  of  Canada,  6  Crescent  rd 

Betar-Brit  Trumpeldor,  3417  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Bethune  Norman  Centre,  24  Cecil 
Better  Business  Bureau  of  Metropolitan  Toronto  Inc, 
85  Richmond  w 

Big  Brother  Movement  Inc,  504  Jarvis 
Big  Sister  Assn,  34  Huntley 
B'nai  B'rith,  164  Eglinton  av  e 
B'Nai  B'Rith  Hillel  Foundation,  186  St  George 
B'nai  B'rit'h  Women  Dist  22,  2828  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
B'nai  B'rith  Youth  Organization,  968  Eglinton  av  w 
(Fst  H) 

B'nai  Zion  Association,  181  Marlee  av  (Nth  Y) 

Board  of  Trade  of  Metropolitan  Toronto,  11  Adelaide  w 
Book  Publishers  Assn  of  Can,  60  St  Clair  av  w 
Boy  Scouts  of  Canada  (Ont  Hdqtrs),  9-11  Jackes  av 
Greater  Toronto  Region,  1158-1164  Bay,  n  s 
Clive  (Etob),  129  Seventh  (New  T) 

Boys  Village,  1651  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

British  Canadian  Trade  Assn  The,  100  University  av 
British  Imperial  Comrades  Assns,  58  Austin  av 
British  Israel  World  Federation  (Canada)  Inc,  313 

Broker-Dealers'  Association  of  Ontario  The,  11  King  w 
Bureau  of  Jewish  Education,  22  Glen  Park  av 
CCB  Textiles  Services  Inc,  90  Eglinton  av  e 
Campaign  For  Nuclear  Disarmament  (Nat'l  Head¬ 
quarters),  60  Lowther  av 

Campaign  For  Nuclear  Disarmament  (Tor  Br),  65 
Murellen  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Canada  U.S.S.R.  Association,  84  Avenue  rd 
Canadian  Apparel  &  Textile  'Mfrs  Assoc,  460  Richmond 

Canadian  Anaesthetists  Society,  178  St  George 
Canadian  Appliances  Manufacturers  Assn,  10  Price 
Canadian  Assn  for  Adult  Education,  113  St  George 
Canadian  Assn  for  Adult  Education  Citizens  Forum,  113 
St  George 

Canadian  Association  for  Health,  Physical  Education  and 
Recreation  Inc  The,  703  Spadina  av 
Canadian  Association  For  Retarded  Children,  87  Bed¬ 
ford  rd 

Canadian  Assn  of  Advertising  Agencies,  2  Carlton 
Canadian  Assn  of  Broadcasters,  12  Richmond  e 
Canadian  Assn  of  Garment  Manufacturers,  460  Rich¬ 

mond  w 

Canadian  Assn  of  Labour  Israel,  14  Viewmount  av 
(North  York) 

Canadian  Assn  of  Occupational  Therapists,  331  Bloor 


Canadian  Assn  of  'Painting  &  'Decorating  Contractors 
(Natl  Office),  331  Bloor  w 
Canadian  Assn  of  Purchasing  Agents,  357  'Bay 

Canadian  Assn  of  Real  Estate  Boards,  20  Eglinton  av  e 
Canadian  Automatic  Sprinkler  Assn,  38  King  w 
Canadian  Automotive  Electric  Assn,  2792  Yonge 
Canadian  Banker's  Assn  The,  50  King  w 
Canadian  Baptist  Foreign  Mission  Board,  188-190  St 

Canadian  Boiler  Society,  3335  Yonge 

Canadian  Book  Publishers  Council,  60  St  Clair  av  w 

Canadian  Bottlers  of  Carbonated  Beverages,  159  Bay 
Canadian  Brush,  Broom  &  Mop  Mfrs  Assoc,  55  York 

Canadian  Business  Equipment  Mfrs  Assn,  44  Victoria 
Canadian  Business  Press,  100  University  av 
Canadian  Carpet  Institute,  170  Bay 

Canadian  Catholic  Students  Mission  Crusade,  67  Bond 
Canadian  Chamber  of  Commerce,  The,  21  Dundas  sq 
Canadian  Circulation  Audit  Board  Inc,  73  Scollard 
Canadian  Civic  Liberties  Assn,  62  Richmond  w 
Canadian  Colportage  Society  The,  10  Adelaide  e 
Canadian  Commi  Coal  Dock  Operators  Assn,  159  Bay 

Canadian  Conference  on  Children,  52  St  Clair  av  e 
Canadian  Copper  &  Brass  Development  Assn,  55  York 

Canadian  Corps  Assn  (Ont  Command),  201  Niagara 
Canadian  'Council  of  Christians  and  Jews,  229  Yonge 
Canadian  Council  of  Churches,  40  St  Clair  av  e 
Canadian  Council  of  Distribution,  330  Bay 

Canadian  Council  of  War  Veterans  Assn,  924A  St 

Clair  av  w 

Canadian  Council  on  Hospital  Accreditation,  150  St 


Canadian  Credit  Institute,  6  Crescent  rd 
Canadian  Credit  Men's  Assn  Ltd  (Head  Office),  6 

Crescent  rd 

Candn  Cystic  Fibrosis  Foundation,  City  View  dr  (Etob) 
Canadian  Daily  Newspaper  Publishers  Assn,  55  Univer¬ 
sity  av 

Canadian  Dairy  Foods  Service  Bureau,  30  Eglinton  av  e 
Canadian  Dairy  Industry  Supplier's  Assn,  6  Crescent  rd 

Canadian  Dental  Association,  234  St  George 
Canadian  Diabetic  Assn  (National  Office),  1491  Yonge 
Canadian  Diamond  Drilling  Assn,  38  King  w 
Canadian  Dietetic  Association  The,  1393  Yonge  and 
7-9  Pleasant  blvd 

Canadian  Education  Assn,  151  Bloor  w 
Canadian  Electrical  Manufacturers  Assn,  10  Price 
Canadian  Electronics  Conference  &  Exposition,  1819 

Canadian  Federation  of  Insurance  Agents  &  Brokers 
Assns,  80  Richmond  west 

Canadian  Federation  of  Property  Owners  Association, 
71  Bloor  w 

Canadian  Federation  of  the  Blind,  1010  Gerrard  e 
Canadian  Federation  of  The  Blind — National  Campaign 
office,  1010  Gerrard  e 

■Canadian  Federation  on  Alcoholic  Problems,  11  Prince 
Arthur  av 

Canadian  Federation  to  Aid  Polish  Jews  in  Israel,  150 

Canadian  Feed  Manufacturers'  National  Assn,  2901 
Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Canadian  Fibre  Board  Technical  Committee,  55  York 
Canadian  Foundation  for  the  Advancement  of  Pharmacy 
The,  175  College 
Canadian  Freight  Assn,  159  Bay 
Canadian  Friends  of  the  Hebrew  University,  3101 
B'athurst  (Nth  York) 

Canadian  Friends  Service  Committee,  60  Lowther  av 
Canadian  Fruit  Wholesalers  Assn,  333  S  Bldg,  Ontario 
Food  Terminal,  165  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Canadian  Furniture  Mfrs  Assn,  91  Yonge 
Canadian  Gas  Association  The,  55  Scarsdale  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Canadian  Guild  of  Potters,  100  Avenue  rd 
Canadian  Health  Insurance  Assn,  1303  Yonge 
Canadian  Heart  Foundation,  1130  Bay 
Canadian  Home  and  School  and  Parent  Teacher  Federa¬ 
tion  Inc,  370  Dundas  w 

Canadian  Home  Bible  League,  2590  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Canadian  Home  Furnishings  Institte,  1260  Bay 
Canadian  Home  Owner's  Assn,  19  Ashley  Park  rd  (Etob) 
Canadian  Horse  Shows  Assn  Inc,  57  Bloor  w 
Canadian  Hospital  Association,  25  Imperial 
Canadian  Human  Relations  Institute  2245  Yonge 
Canadian  Importers  Assn  Inc,  2249  Yonge 
Canadian  Industrial  .Management  Assoc  National  Council, 
51  Eglinton  av  e 

Canadian  Industrial  Safety  Assn,  159  'Bay 
Canadian  Industrial  Traffic  League  The,  20  Bloor  w 
Canadian  Institute  of  Cultural  Research,  21  'Dundas  sq 
Canadian  Institute  of  International  Affairs,  230  Bloor 

Canadian  Institute  of  Public  Opinion,  49  Wellington  w 
Canadian  Institute  of  Quantity  Surveyors,  606  Jarvis 
Canadian  Institute  of  Realtors,  20  Eglinton  av  e 
Canadian  Institute  of  Steel  Construction  Inc,  1815 

Canadian  Institute  of  Traffic  &  Transportation,  20 
Bloor  w 

•Canadian  Institute  on  Public  Affairs,  244  St  George 
Canadian  Inter-American  Assn,  100  Adelaide  w 
Canadian  Italian  Assn,  1801  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Canadian  Italian  Business  &  Professional  Men's  Assn, 
1674  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Canadian  Jewellers  Association,  800  Bay 
Canadian  Jewellers  Institute,  800  Bay 
Canadian  Jewellery  Travellers  Assn,  800  Bay 
Canadian  Jewish  Congress,  150  Beverley 
Canadian  L  P-Gas  Assn,  160  Bay 
Canadian  Labour  Congress,  120  Eglinton  av  e 
Canadian  Ladies  Golf  Union,  164  Eglinton  av  e 
Canadian  League  For  Ukraine's  Liberation,  140  Bath¬ 

Canadian  Life  Ins  Officers  Assn,  The,  302  Bay 
Canadian  Lithographers  Assn,  74  Victoria 
Canadian  Machine  Builders  Assn,  3335  Yonge 
Canadian  Machine  Tool  Dealers  Assn,  55  York 
Canadian  Manufacturers  Assn  Inc,  67  Yonge 
Canadian  Medic-Alert  Foundation,  176  St  George 
Canadian  Medical  Assn,  150  St  George 
Canadian  Mental  Health  Assn  (Ont  Div.),  32  Berwick  av 
and  52  St  Clair  av  e 

Canadian  Mental  Health  Assn  (Tor  Br),  111  St  Georgs 
Canadian  Mobile  Home  &  Travel  Trailer  Assn,  55  York 
Canadian  Motion  Picture  Distributors  Assn,  320  Bay 
Canadian  Mutual  Funds  Assn  (br),  67  Yonge 
Canadian  National  Exhibition  Assn,  Exhibition  Park 
Canadian  National  Recreation  Assn,  109  Cottingham, 
Canadian  Nuclear  Assn,  19  Richmond  w 
Canadian  Opera  Co,  131  Bloor  w 
Canadian  Opera  Guild,  131  Bloor  w 
Canadian  Orienteering  Services,  77  York 
Canadian  Paper  Bax  Manufacturers  Assn,  77  York 
Canadian  Paper  Trade  Assn,  55  York 
Canadian  Paraplegic  Assn,  153  Lyndhurst  av 
Canadian  Pharmaceutical  Assn  Inc,  The,  175  College 
Canadian  Physiotherapy  Association,  64  Avenue  rd 
Canadian  Picture  Pioneers,  21  Dundas  sq 
Canadian  Players  Foundation,  280  Bloor  w 
Canadian  Plumbing  &  Mechanical  Contractors  Assn,  583 

Canadian  Polish  Congress,  1475  Queen  w 
Canadian  Professional  Golfers  Assn,  1173  Bay 
Canadian  Public  Health  Assn,  150  College 
Canadian  Public  Health  Association,  1255  Yonge 
Canadian  Radio  Technical  Planning  Board,  200  St 
Clair  av  w 

Canadian  Restaurant  Assn,  60  Avenue  rd 
Canadian  Retail  Federation,  159  Bay 
Canadian  Retail  Furniture  Assn,  159  Bay 
Canadian  Retail  Hardware  Association,  290  Merton 
Canadian  Save  The  Children  Fund,  70  Hayter 
Canadian  Scholarship  Trust  Foundation,  160  Eglinton 
avenue  e 

Canadian  Secondary  Materials  Assn,  100  Adelaide  w 
Canadian  Shoe  Retailers  Assn,  61  -Hayden 
Canadian  Steel  Warehouses  Assn  Inc,  55  York 
Canadian  Telephone  Employees  Assn,  2  Carlton 
Canadian  Textbook  Publishers'  Institute,  60  St  Clair 
avenue  w 

Canadian  Textiles  Institute,  170  Bay 
Canadian  Thoroughbred  Horse  Society,  e  s  Renforth  dr 

Canadian  Tourist  Assn,  37  King  e 
Canadian  Transit  Association,  1130  Bathurst 

Canadian  Trotting  Assn,  122  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 
Canadian  Underwriters  Assn,  Ontario  br,  36  Toronto 
Canadian  Underwriters  Assn  (Plan  Div),  277  Victoria 
Canadian  Warehousing  Assn,  129  Adelaide  w 
Canadian  Weekly  Newspapers  Assn,  2  Bloor  e 
Canadian  Wholesale  Hardware  Assn,  3335  Yonge 

Canadian  Wine  Institute,  111  Richmond  w 
Canadian  Women's  Christian  Temperance  Union,  11 
Prince  Arthur  av 

Canadian  Wood  Council,  131  Bloor  w 

Canadian  Yachting  Association,  91  Yonge 

Canadian  Youth  Hostels  Assn,  606  Jarvis 
Canadian  and  Allied  Merchant  Seaman's  Association, 
716A  College 

Care  of  Canada,  1000  Yonge 
Catholic  Youth  Organization,  67  Bond 
Ceda  Inc,  212  King  w 

Central  Canada  Broadcasters  Assn,  12  Richmond  e 
Certified  General  Accountants  Assn  of  Ont,  67  Yonge 
Certified  Pblic  .Accontants  Assn  of  Ontario  The,  69 
Bloor  e 

Channel  Islands  Breeds  Milk  Producers  Assoc,  290 
Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Chartered  Institute  of  Secretaries,  The,  119  Adelaide 

Chinese  Y.M.C.I.,  177  Beverley 
Christian  Business  Men's  Committee  of  Toronto,  74-76 

Christian  Education  Council  of  Metropolitan  Toronto 
The,  121  Avenue  rd 

Christian  Drama  Council  of  Canada,  202  St  Clair  av  w 
Christian  &  Missionary  Alliance,  rear  1634  Bayview  av 
Christian  Science  Committee  on  Publication  for  Ont, 
120  Bloor  w 

Citizens  Repatriation  League  Inc,  41  Isabella 
Civil  Service  Assn  of  Canada,  Regional  Office,  151-5 

Civil  Service  Assn  of  Ontario  The,  Tor  br,  574  Yonge 
Color  Photographic  Assn  of  Can  Inc,  165  Yonge  blvd 
(Nth  Y) 

Commercial  Travellers  Assn  of  Canada,  The,  17 

Communications  Workers  of  America  (Dist  10),  32 
Front  w 

Communist  Party  of  Canada,  National  Office,  24  Cecil 
Community  Planning  Assn  of  Can,  32  Isabella 
Community  Services  Organization,  121  Avenue  rd 
Composers,  Authors  &  Publishers  Assn  of  Canada  Ltd, 
1263  Bay 

Confectionery  Assn  of  Canada,  44  King  w 
Construction  Safety  Assns  of  Ont,  48  Yonge 
Contracting,  Lathing  &  Plastering  Assn  of  Ont,  1220 

Contracting  Plasterers  Assn  of  Toronto,  1220  Yonge 
Coombe  J  P  &  Associates  Ltd,  79  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 
Co-Operative  Press  Assn,  33  Cecil 
Cotton  Institute  of  Canada,  170  Bay 
Council  of  Catholic  Charities  of  Toronto,  67  Bond 
Council  of  Printing  Industries  of  Ontario  The,  181-185 

County  of  York  Law  Assn,  City  Hall,  n  s  Queen  w 
Cretans  Assn  of  Toronto,  367  Yonge 
Dairy  Foods  Service  Bureau,  30  Eglinton  av  e 
Dental  Laboratories  Assn  of  Ontario,  460  Richmond  w 
Diamond  Taxi  Benevolent  Association,  249  Queen  e 
'Dominion  Automobile  Association,  57  Bloor  w 
Dominion  Civil  Service  War  Veterans  Assoc  Inc,  1403 
Gerrard  e 

Dominion  Marine  Assn,  170  University  arv 
Dominion  Mortgage  &  Investments  Assn,  302  Bay 
Downtown  Business  Men's  Association  of  Toronto  Inc, 
4  Richmond  e 

Downtown  Church  Workers  Assn,  145  Adelaide  e 
Draftsmen's  Assn  of  Ont,  Local  164,  641-643  Yonge 
Dress  &  Sportswear  Mfrs  Guild  of  Toronto,  410  Adel¬ 
aide  w 

Dror  Zionist  Youth  Organization,  3018  Bathurst  (Nth 

Dry  Cleaners  &  Launderers  (Ont)  Institute,  69  Eglinton 
avenue  e 

Eastern  Canada  Pro  Soccer  League,  137  Yonge 
Electric  Service  League  of  Ontario,  191  College 
Electrical  Bureau  of  Canada,  10  Price 
Electrical  Contractors  Assn  of  Ont,  43  Eglinton  av  e 
Electrical  Contractors  Assn  of  Toronto,  43  Eglinton  av 

Electrical  Utilities  Safety  Assn,  74  Victoria  and  207 
Queen's  Quay  w 

Electronic  Industries  Assn  of  Canada,  200  St  Clair  av  w 
Engineering  Institute  of  Can,  Tor  Office,  160  Eglinton 
avenue  east 

English  Catholic  Education  Assn  of  Ontario,  164 
Eglinton  av  e 

Envelope  Makers  Institute  of  Canada,  55  York 
Express  Traffic  Assn  of  Canada,  88  Simcoe 
Fair  Play  for  Cuba,  165  Spadina  av 
Family  Service  Assn  of  Metropolitan  Toronto,  22 
Wellesley  e  (For  list  of  branches  see  Alphabetical 

Federated  Women's  Institute  of  Ont,  20  Spadina  rd 
Federation  of  Automobile  Dealers  Associations  of 
Canada,  145  Yonge 

Federation  of  British  Industries,  100  University  av 
Federation  of  Camera  Clubs,  62  Richmond  w 
Federation  of  Catholic  Parent-Teacher  Assns  of  Ont, 
67  Bond 

Federation  of  Russian  Canadians,  799  College 
Federation  of  Women  Teachers  Assns  of  Ontario  1260 

Fellowship  of  Evangelical  Baptist  Churches  in  Canada 
15  Spadina  rd 

Food  Brokers  Assn  of  Canada,  159  Bay 
Forest  Hill  'Fire  Fighters  Association,  Local  560,  641 
Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Forest  Products  Accident  Prevention  Association,  74 

Forty-Eighth  Highlanders  Association,  The,  519  Church 
Forty  Eighth  Highlanders  Old  Comrades  Assn,  519 

Fur  Trade  Association  of  Canada  (Ont)  Inc,  147  Spadina 

Garage  Operators  Association  of  Ont,  79  Ellesmere  rd 

Garment  Salesmens-Ont  Market  Inc,  454  King  w 
Gee  Dack  Tong  Assn  of  Ont,  80-80A  Elm 
German-Canadian  'Business  Assn,  100  University  av 
Gideons  International  in  Canada  The,  90  Thorncliffe 
Park  dr  (Leas) 

Girl  Guides  of  Canada  (National  Office),  50  Merton 
Goethe  House  Toronto,  1055  Yonge 
Golf  House  of  Canada,  1173  Bay 
Great  Lakes  Waterways  Development  Assn,  2  Carlton 
Greek  Ladies  Philanthropic  Assn  Inc,  115  Bond 
Grocery  Products  Manufacturers  of  Canada,  150  Eglin¬ 
ton  av  e 

Habonim  Labour  Zionist  Youth,  14  Viewmount  av 
(North  York) 

Hadassah-Wizo  Organization  of  Torinto,  188  Marlee  av 
'North  York) 

Hashomer  Hatzair  Zionist  Youth  Organzation,  658  Shep¬ 
pard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Health  League  of  Canada,  111  Avenue  rd 
Heating  &  Air  Conditioning  Wholesalers  Assn,  3335 

Hebrew  National  Assn,  37  Cecil 

Holland  Herring  Fisheries  Assn,  207  Queen's  Quay  w 
Home  Owners  Association,  18  Grenville 
Home  Service  Assn,  941  Bathurst 
Hospital  Medical  Records  Institute  The,  24  Ferrand 
dr  (Nth  York) 

Hubbard  Association  of  Scientologists,  International, 
81  Bloor  e 

Independent  Grocers  Alliance  Ltd  Candn  Headquarters, 
790  Bay 

Independent  Insurance  Conference,  347  Bay 
Independent  Mutual  Benefit  Federation  Branch  No  12 
350  Dundas  w 

Independent  Order  of  Odd  Fellows  Hal!  Assn  of  Toronto 
Ltd,  229  College 

Indian-Eskimo  Association  of  Canada,  47  'Dundonald 
Industrial  Accident  Prevention  Assn,  74  Victoria 
Industrial  Contractors  Assn  of  Canada,  57  Bloor  w 
Inside  Canada  Public  Relations  Ltd,  159  Bay 
Institute  of  Accredited  Public  Accountants  of  Ontario, 
1949  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Institute  of  Association  Executives,  159  Bay 
Institute  of  Chartered  Life  Underwriters  of  Canada, 
41  Lesmill  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Institute  of  Edible  Oil  Foods  The,  11  Adelaide  w 
Institute  of  Electrical  &  Electronics  'Engineers  The, 
1819  Yonge 

Institute  of  Public  Administration  of  Canada,  The, 
188  Davenport  rd 

Insurance  Institute  of  Can,  The,  86  Adelaide  e 
Integrated  Industrial  Developments  Ltd,  85  Richmond 

Inter-Fraternity  Cerebral  Palsy  Assn,  1244  Dufferin 
International  Association  of  Machinists,  1216  Yonge 
International  Woodworkers  of  America,  2088  Weston  rd 

Inter-Provincial  Creditors  Assns  Ltd,  97  Eglinton  av  e 
Investment  Dealers  Assn  of  Canada,  55  Yonge 
Israel  Medical  Association,  188  Marlee  av  (Nth  Y) 
Italian  Chamber  of  Commerce  of  Toronto,  159  Bay 
Japan  National  Tourist  Assn,  165  University  av 
Jesuit  Seminary  Association,  43  Eglinton  av  e 
Jewish  Family  &  Child  Service,  150  Beverley 
Jewish  Folk  School  &  Camp  Assn,  12  Viewmount  av 
(North  York) 

Jewish  National  Fund,  188  Marlee  av  (Nth  Y) 

Jewish  Vocational  Service,  68  D'Arcy 

Junior  League  of  Toronto,  21  Thelma  av  (Fst  H) 

Keren  Hatarut,  188  Marlee  av  (Nth  Y) 

A  nations 


Kiwanis  Music  Festival  Assn,  1  Austin  ter 
Knitters  Assn  of  Canada,  170  Bay 
Kwong  Hoi  Yourg  People's  Assn,  11A  Foster  place 
Labour  Zionist  Movement  of  Can,  14  Viewmount  av 
(North  York) 

Latin  American  Mission  (Canada)  Inc,  110  Wellesley  e 
Latvian  National  Federation,  491  College 
Lem  Kow  Mock  Benevolent  Assn,  55-56A  Centre  av 
Liberal  Assn  of  Toronto  &  District,  100  Adelaide  w 
Liberal  Liaison  Office,  1177  Bloor  w 
Liberal  Party  in  Ontario,  100  Adelaide  w 
Library  of  Human  Relations  (Candn  Council  of  Christians 
&  Jews),  229  Yonge 

Life  Underwriters  Assn  of  Toronto  The,  55  York 
Lithuanian  Community  Assn,  1129  Dundas  w 
Lithuanian  Sons  &  Daughters  Mutual  Benefit  Assn, 
160  Claremont 

London  House  Assn  of  Canada,  57  Bloor  w 
Lord's  Day  Alliance  of  Canada  The,  40  Park  rd 
Lung  Kong  Ten  Yee  Assn,  105  Elizabeth 
Lung  Kong  Youth  Assn,  94A  Elizabeth 
Magazine  Advertising  Bureau  of  Canada  The,  210 
Dundas  w 

Magazine  Publishers  Assn  of  Canada,  210  Dundas  w 
Man-Made  Textiles  Assn,  170  Bay 
Masonic  Temple  Corp  Ltd,  888  Yonge 
Master  Photo  Dealers  &.  Finishers  Assn,  150  King  w 
Meat  Packers  Council  of  Canada,  5230  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Mechanical  Contractors  Association  of  Toronto  ,43 
Eglinton  av  e 

Men's  Clothing  Mfrs  Assn  of  Ont,  430  King  w 
Men's  &  Boy's  Wear  Travellers  Assn  of  Ont,  465  Wilson 
av  (Nth  Y) 

Metal  Prime  Window  &  Curtain  Wall  Assn,  55  York 
Methods  Association  Campaign  Managers  Ltd,  49 

Chauncey  av  (Etob) 

Methods  Association  For  Church  Finance  Ltd,  49 
Chauncey  av  (Etob) 

Metro  Lathing  Contracting  Association  The,  2836 
Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Metropolitan  Educational  Television  Assn,  84  Queen's 

Metropolitan  Toronto  Assn  for  Retarded  Children,  186- 
194  Beverley 

Metropolitan  Toronto  Convention  &  Vistitors  Assn,  37 
King  east 

Metropolitan  Toronto  Police  Assn,  2200  Yonge 
Metropolitan  Toronto  Sewer  &  Watermain  Contractors 
Assn,  165  Cartwright  av  (Nth  Y) 

Mines  Accident  Prevention  Assn  of  Ontario.  320  Bay 
Mining  Assn  of  Canada  The,  372  B'ay  and  12  Richmond 

Mizrachi  riapdel  Hamizrachi  (Toronto  Central  Region), 
86  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Morrow  F  K  Foundation,  67  Yonge 
Motion  Pictures  Theatres  Assn  of  Ontario,  21  Dundas 

Motor  Vehicle  Manufacturers  Assn,  160  Bloor  e 
Muscular  Dystrophy  Assn  of  Canada,  The,  160  Bay 
National  Associated  Women's  Wear  Bureau,  410  Adelaide 

National  Assn  of  British  Manufacturers  The,  100 

University  av 

National  Assn  of  Broadcast  Employees  and  Technicians, 
105  Carlton 

National  Auto  League  of  Canada  Ltd,  533V2  Eglinton 
avenue  w  (Fst  H) 

National  Committee  Motion  Picture  Exhibitors  Assns 
of  Canada,  21  Dundas  sq 
National  Concrete  Products  Assn,  55  York 
National  Council  of  Canada  YMCA,  2160  Yonge 
National  Council  of  Jewish  Women  (National  Section), 
4700  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

National  Council  of  Jewish  Women  (Tor  Section),  4700 
Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

National  Council  of  Jewish  Women  of  Canada  (Natl 
Office),  4700  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

National  Garment  Manufacturers  Assn,  460  Richmond 

National  Hairdressing  Association  of  Canada,  648A 


National  House  Builders  Assn  Inc,  The,  37  King  e 
National  Sanitarium  Assn,  223-225  College 
Nat:onal  &  Provincial  Parks  Assn  of  Canada,  43 

Navy  League  of  Canada,  109  St  George 
Navy  League  of  Canada  The  (National),  36  Prince 
Arthur  av 

Navy  League  of  Can,  109  St  George 
Navy  League  of  Canada  (Ont  Division),  109  St 

Negro  Citizenship  Assn,  1497  Dundas  w 
New  Democratic  Party  of  Ontario,  IIV2  Spadina  rd 
New  Fraternal  Jewish  Association,  120  Overbrook  PI 
(North  York) 

North  Western  Y.M.C.A.,  2475  Finch  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Nursery  Education  Association  of  Ontario,  370  Dundas 

Oil  Heating  Assn  of  Canada,  2  St  Clair  av  w 
Ontario  Assn  for  Curriculum  Development,  1260  Bay 
Ontario  Assn  for  the  Mentally  Retarded  The,  77  York 
Ontario  Assn  of  Agricultural  Societies,  20  Eglinton  av 

Ontario  Association  of  Architects,  50  Park  rd 
Ontario  Association  of  Certified  Engineering  Techni¬ 
cians  and  Technologists,  236  Avenue  rd 
Ontario  Association  of  Children's  Aid  Societies,  32 

Ontario  Association  of  Ice  Cream  Mfrs,  2  Thorncliffe 
Park  dr  (Leas) 

Ontario  Assn  of  Radio  TV  &  Appliances  Dealers  Inc, 
129  Adelaide  w 

Ontario  Assn  of  Real  Estate  Boards,  20  Eglinton  av  e 
Ontario  Association  of  Registered  Nursing  Assistants,  86 
Bloor  w 

Ontario  Beauty  School  Association,  648A  Yonge 
Ontario  Bowlers  Council,  240  Chisholm  av 
Ontario  Bureau  for  Lathing  &  Plastering,  1220  Yonge 
Ontario  Camping  Assn,  501  Yonge 
Ontario  Cancer  Treatment  &  Research  Foundation,  69 
Bloor  e 

Ontario  Carbonated  Beverages  Assn,  159  Bay 
Ontario  Cattle  Breeder's  Assn,  East  Block,  Parlia¬ 
ment  Bldgs,  21  Queen's  Park 
Ontario  Chamber  of  Commerce  The,  21  Dundas  sq 
Ontario  Concentrated  Milk  Manufacturers  Assn,  2 
Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 

Ontario  Concentrated  Milk  Producers  Assn,  409 

Ontario  Concrete  Pipe  Assn,  55  York 
Ontario  Council  of  Christian  Education,  77  York 
Ontario  Cream  Producers  Marketing  Boaird,  409 

Ontario  Curling  Association,  85  Eglinton  av  e 
Ontario  Dairy  Processors  Council,  2  Thorncliffe  Park 
drive  (Leas) 

Ontario  Dental  Assn,  230  St  George 
Ontario  Dunbrik  Mfrs  Assn,  55  York 
Ontario  Educational  Assn,  3101  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Ontario  Egg  &  Fowl  Producers  Marketing  Board,  409 

Ontario  English  Catholic  Teachers  Association,  1260 

Ontario  Federation  of  Agriculture,  409  Huron 
Ontario  Federation  of  Construction  Assn,  57  Bloor 

Ontario  Federation  of  Home  &  School  Assns  Inc, 
10  Adelaide  e 

Ontario  Flour  Millers  Assn,  95  King  e 
Ontario  Food  Processors  Assn,  309  S  Bldg  Ont  Food 
Terminal,  165  Queensway  (Etob) 

Ontario  Forest  Industries  Assn,  159  Bay 
Ontario  Forest  Information  Service,  159  Bay 
Ontario  Forestry  Associaton,  229  College 
Ontario  Fruit  &  Vegetable  Growers  Assn,  303  S  Bldg 
Ont  Food  Terminal,  165  Queensway  (Etob) 

Ontario  Funeral  Services  Assn,  83  Bloor  w 
Ontario  General  Contractors  Assn,  57  Bloor  w 
Ontario  Golf  Assn,  1173  Bay 

Ontario  Grain  &  Feed  Dealers  Assn,  67  Yonge 
Ontario  Hairdressing  Council,  648A  Yonge 
Ontario  Heart  Foundation,  247  Davenport  rd 
Ontario  Highway  Construction  Safety  Assn,  48  Yonge 
Ontario  Hockey  Association,  432  Church 
Ontario  Hog  Producers  Assn,  4198  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Ontario  Hog  Producers  Marketing  Board,  4198  Dundas 
w  (Etob) 

Ontario  Horticultural  Assn,  20  Eglinton  av  e 
Ontario  Hotel  and  Motel  Assn,  37  King  e 
Ontario  Insurance  Adjusters  Assn,  347  Bay 
Ontario  Insurance  Agents  Assn,  67  Yonge 
Ontario  Medical  Assn,  244  St  George 
Ontario  Mental  Health  Foundation,  6  Crescent  rd 
Ontario  Milk  Distributors  Association,  2  Thorncliffe 

Park  dr  (Leas) 

Ontario  Milk  Marketing  Board,  409  Huron 
Ontario  Mining  Assn,  320  Bay 

Ontario  Mortgage  Brokers  Assn,  169  Yonge 
Ontario  Motor  League,  2  Carlton  and  160  Bloor  e 
Ontario  Municipal  Association  The,  77  York 
Ontario  Pharmacists  Assn,  175  College 

Ontario  Plowmen's  Assn,  20  Eglinton  av  e 
Ontario  Poultry  Council,  67  Yonge 
Ontario  Progressive  Conservative  Assn,  2  Carlton 

Ontario  Property  Owners  Assn,  71  Bloor  w 
Ontario  Public  School  Men  (Ont  Teachers  Federation), 
1260  Bay 

Ontario  Pulp  &  Paper  Makers  Safety  Assn,  74  Victoria 
Ontario  Retail  Gasoline  &  Automotive  Service  Assn 

456  Spadina  av 

Ontario  Retail  Lumber  Dealers  Assn  Inc,  150  Eglinton 
avenue  e 

Ontario  Revolver  Association,  2093  Yonge 
Ontario  Road  Builders  Assn,  3  Rowanwood  av 
Ontario  Safety  League,  208  King  w 
Ontario  School  Trustee's  Council,  1290  Bay 
Ontario  School  Trustees  &  Rate  Payers  Assn,  77  York 
Ontario  Secondary  School  Teachers  Federation,  1260 

Ontario  Separate  School  Trustees  Assn,  38  Berwick  av 
Ontario  Sheep  Breeders  Assn,  East  Block  Parliament 
Bldgs,  21  Queen's  Park 

Ontario  Soils  &  Crop  Improvement  Assn,  East  Block, 
Parliament  Bldgs,  21  Queen's  Park 
Ontario  Swine  Breeders  Assn,  4523  East  Block,  Par¬ 
liament  Buildings,  21  Queen's  Park 
Ontario  Teachers  Federation,  1260  Bay 
Ontario  Temperance  Federation  The,  39  Davenport  rd 
Ontario  Tender  Fruit  Institute,  231  N  Bldg,  Omt 
Food  Terminal,  165  Queensway  (Etob) 

Ontario  Welfare  Council  Inc,  96  Bloor  w 
Ontario  Welfare  Council,  Section  of  Aging,  96  Bloor  w 
Ontario  Whole  Milk  Producers,  409  Huron 
Ontario  Young  Progressive  Conservative  Assn,  2  Carlton 
Open  Air  Campaigners  Ltd,  292  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 
Optometrical  Assn  of  Ontario,  83  Bloor  w 
Outdoor  Advertising  Assn  of  Canada,  80  Richmond  w 
Oxfam  of  Canada,  97  Eglinton  av  e 
Packaging  Assn  of  Canada,  25  Merton 
Periodical  Press  Association,  100  University  av 
Personnel  Assn  of  Toronto  Inc  The,  170  Bloor  w 
Pioneer  Women's  Organization,  14  Viewmount  av  (Nth 

Plastering  Industrial  Assn,  1220  Yonge 
Plastering  Information  Centre,  1220  Yonge 
Plumbing  &  Heating  Wholesalers  Assn,  3335  Yonge 
Plywood  Manufacturers  Assn  of  BC,  1593A  Wilson  av 
(North  York) 

Police  Association  of  Ont,  199  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 
Polish  Alliance  Hall  Br,  No.  7,  175  Seventh  (New  T) 
Polish  Alliance  of  Canada,  1475  Queen  w 
Polish  Army  Veterans  Assn  (Br  114),  783  College 
Polish  Combatants  Assn,  206  Beverley 
Polish  National  Union  of  Canada,  905  Queen  w 
Portland  Cement  Association,,  100  University  av 
Poultry  Products  Inst  of  Can  Inc,  120  Eglinton  av  e 
Prisoners  of  War  Assn,  159  Bay 
Progressive  Convervative  Council  of  Metropolitan  Toronto, 

2  Carlton 

Progressive  Conservative  Party  (Ont  Organization  Head¬ 
quarters)  2  Carlton,  Natl  Headquarters  for  Ontario, 

4  King  w 

Property  Owners  Assn  of  Metropolitan  Toronto,  71  Bloor 

Proprietary  Assn  of  Canada  The,  250-2  Eglinton  av  e 

Protestant  Youth  Council,  121  Avenue  rd 

Public  Accountants  Council  for  the  Province  of  Ont, 

2  Bloor  e 

Publishers  Collection  Association,  105  Bond 
Radio  Sales  Bjreau,  321  Bloor  e 
Ready  Mixed  Concrete  Assoc  of  Ontario,  2171  Avenue 
rd  (Nth  Y) 

Registered  Nurses  Assn  of  Ontario,  33  Price 
Rehabilitation  Foundation  for  the  Disabled,  12  Overlea 
blvd  (Leas) 

Rehabilitation  Industries  (Ont)  Inc,  156  Bentworth 
avenue  (Nth  York) 

Retail  Clerks  International  Association,  167  Church 
Retail  Council  of  Canada,  159  Bay 
Retail  Merchants  Assn  of  Canada  (Ont)  Inc,  17  Queen  e 
Retail  Merchants  Assn  of  Can  Inc,  1260  Bay 
Roberts  Oral  Evangelistic  Assn  of  Canada,  164  Eglinton 
avenue  e 

Royal  Agricultural  Winter  Fair  Assn,  Exhibition  Grounds 
Royal  Canadian  Air  Cadets  No.  707  Etobicoke  Squadron, 
4709  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Royal  Canadian  Air  Force  Benevolent  Fund,  14 
Cawthra  Sq 

Royal  Canadian  Golf  Assn,  1173  Bay 
Royal  Canadian  Institute,  191  College 
Royal  Canadian  Legion  (Ont  Provincial  Command)  218- 
220  Richmond  w  (For  list  of  branches  see  Alpha¬ 
betical  Section) 

Rubber  Assn  of  Canada,  212  King  w 
Rural  Learning  Assn,  409  Huron 
St  John  Ambulance  Ontario  Council,  46  Wellesley  e 
St  John  Ambulance  Assn  &  Brigade  The,  (Toronto 
Corps),  60A  Wellesley  e 

St  John's  Ambulance  Assn  &  Brigade  (Metro  Toronto 
Branch),  60  Wellesley  e 

St  John  Ambulance  Brigade,  48  Civic  rd  (Scar) 

St  Mary's  Catholic  Literary  and  Athletic  Assn,  125 

St  Vadimir  Ukrainian  Institute,  651  Spadina  av 
School  Bus  Operators'  Association  of  Ontario,  1682A 
Victoria  Park  av  (Nth  Y) 

Scottish  Council  The,  100  University  av 
Seafarers  International  Union  of  North  America  (Candn 
Dist),  272  King  e 

Shantymen's  Christian  Assn  of  North  Amer,  21  Spa¬ 
dina  rd 

Sheet  Metal  Workers  International  Assn,  Local  Union  30, 
22  College 

Sheet  Metal  &  Air  Handilng  Assn,  150  King  w 
Sign  Assn  of  Canada,  159  Bay 

Silver  Cross  Women  of  the  British  Empire  Canadian 
Widows  &  Mothers  of  the  Great  War,  88  Prince 
Arthur  av 

Silverman  Saul  A  Family  Foundation,  68  Yonge 
Silversmiths  Guild  of  Canada,  800  Bay 
Society  of  Cost  Accountants  of  Ont,  44  Victoria 
Sokol  Gymnastic  Assn  of  Toronto,  1621  Dupont 
Sons  of  Scotland  Benevolent  Assn,  19  Richmond  w 
Specification  Writers  Assn  of  Canada,  57  Bloor  w 
State  of  Israel  Bonds,  22  Glen  Park  av  (Nth  Y) 

Station  Representatives  Assn  of  Canada  Inc,  12  Rich¬ 
mond  e 

Stationery  &  Office  Equipment  Guild  of  Canada  Inc, 
159  Bay 

Steel  Erectors  Accident  Prevention  Assn,  48  Yonge 
Student  Christian  Movement  of  Canada,  Natl  Office, 
1139  Bay  and  Book  Room,  23  St  Thomas 
Sunnydale  Nursery  School  Assn  Etobicoke  Inc,  10 
Delsing  dr  (Etob) 

Tanners  Assn  of  Canada,  67  Yonge 
Terrazzo  Tile  &  Marble  Assn  of  Canada,  1727A 
Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Thorncrest  Homes  Assn,  35  Thorncrest  rd  (Etob) 

Toilet  Goods  Mfrs  Assn,  250-2  Eglinton  av  e 
Toronto  Anglers  &  Hunters  Assn,  85  King  e 
Toronto  Assn  of  Construction  Consultants,  221  Victoria 
Toronto  Automobile  Dealers  Assn,  145  Yonge 
Toronto  Cloak  Manufacturers  Assn,  410  Adelaide  w 
Toronto  Construction  Assn,  1104  Bay 
Toronto  Council  Assn  of  United  Ukrainian  Canadians, 
300-302  Bathurst 

Toronto  District  Jewellers  Assn,  800  Bay 
Toronto  Executives  Assn  Inc,  37  King  e 
Toronto  Hebrew  Free  Loan  Assn,  152  Beverley 
Toronto  Hotel  Assn,  37-63  King  e 
Toronto  Italia  Soccer  League,  1349  St  Clair  av  w 
Toronto  Jewish  Assn  of  Hungarian  Descent,  881  Eglinton 
av  w  (York  Twp) 

Toronto  Junior  Board  of  Trade,  11  Adelaide  w 
Toronto  Men's  Model  Railroad  Club,  7  Oakland  av 
(North  York) 

Toronto  Metropolitan  Home  Builders  Assn,  2160  Yonge 
Toronto  Milk  Producers  Assn,  409  Huron 
Toronto  Milk  Transport  Assn,  439  Queen's  Quay  w 
Toronto  Municipal  Employees  Assn,  4  Albert 
Toronto  Musicians  Association,  101  Thorncliffe  Park 
dr  (Leas) 

Toronto  Newspaper  Guild,  129  Adelaide  w 
Toronto  Public  Library  Staff  Assn,  214  College 
Toronto  Retail  Pharmacists  Assn,  115  Tycos  dr  (Nth 

Toronto  Theosophical  Society,  52  Isabella 
Toronto  United  Negro  Association  &  Credit  Union,  355 

Toronto  Wholesale  Fruit  &  Produce  Merchants  Assn, 
The, 201-3  N  Bldg,  Ont  Food  Term,  165  The 
Queensway  (Etob) 

Traffic  Employee's  Assn,  77  York 
Transportation  Safety  Assn  of  Ont,  74  Victoria 
Trust  Companies  Assn  of  Canada  The,  302  Bay 
Ukrainian  National  Federation,  105-105A  Edwin  av 
Ukrainian  Natl  Federation  of  Canada  (Tor  Branch) 

297  College 

Union  of  Canada  Retail  Employees,  7-9  Pleasant  blvd 
United  Community  Fund  of  Greater  Toronto,  100  Uni¬ 
versity  av 

United  Empire  Loyalist  Association  of  Canada,  21 
Prince  Arthur  av 

United  Jewish  People  Orders  of  Mutual  Benefit  Society, 
585  Cranbrooke  av  (Nth  Y) 

United  Jewish  Welfare  Fund,  150  Beverley 
United  Nations  Assn  in  Canada  (Natl  Office),  341 
Bloor  west 

United  Nations  Association  in  Can,  Tor  Branch,  341 
Bloor  w 

United  Nations  High  Commissioner  for  Refugees  (Branch 
Office  in  Canada),  329  Bloor  w 
United  Organization  for  Histadruth,  14  Viewmount  av 
(North  York) 

United  Synagogues  of  America,  3101  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Universal  Negro  Improvement  Assn  Inc  The,  355  College 
University  of  Toronto  Athletic  Assn,  Hart  House,  e  s 
University  Grounds 

University  of  Toronto  Student  Christian  Movement,  44 
St  George 

University  of  Toronto  Women's  Athletic  Assn,  320 

Upper  Canada  College  Foundation,  200  Lonsdale  rd 
Upper  Canada  College  Old  Boys  Assn,  200  Lonsdale  rd 
Urban  Development  Institute,  37  King  e 
Visites  Interprovinciales,  113  St  George 
Visiting  Homemakers  Assn,  400  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Voice  of  Women  (Natl  Office),  341  Bloor  w 
War  Amputations  of  Canada,  62  Wellesley  w 
War  Amputations  of  Canada  ODom  Headquarters),  140 

Wholesale  Lumber  Dealers  Assn  Inc  The,  2259  Bloor  w 
Women's  Canadian  0  R  T,  534  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth 

Women's  Internatonal  Liaison  Committee  for  Inter¬ 
national  Co-operation  Year,  341  Bloor  w 
Women's  Sheltered  Work  Shop,  90-92  Isabella 
Women's  Sheltered  Work  Shop,  80  Winchester 
Wool  Textile  Assn  of  Canada,  170  Bay 
Worker's  Benevolent  Assn,  300  B’athurst 
Worker's  Educational  Assn,  577  Jarvis 
World  University  Service  of  Canada,  328  Adelaide  w 
Yarn  Mfrs  Credit  Bureau  Inc,  90  Eglinton  av  e 
Yoga  Forum  of  Canada,  719  Yonge 
Yonge,  Bloor,  Bay  Assn,  788  Yonge 
Young  Christian  Workers,  559V2  Bloor  w 
Young  Judaea  Organization,  188  Marlee  av  (Nth  Y) 
Young  Men's  &  Young  Women's  Hebrew  Association, 
750  Spadina  av 

Young  Men's  Christian  Assn,  36  College  (For  branches 
see  Alpha  section) 

Young  Women's  Christian  Assn  (central  br),  21  McGill 
(For  Branches  see  Alpha  Section) 

Youth  Aliyah  of  Toronto,  188  Marlee  av  (Nth  Y) 
Zionist  Organization  of  Canada,  188  Marlee  av  (Nth  Y) 
Zionist  Revisionist  Organization  of  Toronto,  4140 
Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 


University  of  Toronto  Athletic  Field,  279  Bloor  w 
University  of  Toronto  Athletic  Field,  e  s  Devonshire  pi 
University  of  Toronto  Schools  Athletic  Grounds,  205, 
Avenue  rd 


(See  Sporting  Goods) 


(See  Barristers) 


Dantury  Sales,  1415  Bathurst 

Four  Hundred  and  One  Car  Auction  Ltd,  75  Birch- 
mount  rd  (Scar) 

Knight  Edward  (Auctions)  Ltd,  245  Queen  w 
Koch  Geo  Auction  Ltd,  n  s  Steeles  av  w,  after  Jane 
(North  York) 

Maynard's  Auctioneers  Ltd,  4  King  w 

Spadafora  J  Co  (Canada)  Ltd,  129  Adelaide  w 

Tapp-City  Sales,  369  Yonge 

Waddington  Frank,  128  King  e 

Ward-Price  Limited,  28  College  and  25  Grenville 

Wilson  M  &  Co.  1069  Bathurst 

Yonge  Furniture,  564  Yonge 


See  Motels  and  Auto  Courts 


Fischer  and  Porter  Canaad  Ltd,  2808  Jane  (Nth  York) 



A.P.  Parts  Corp  (Can)  Ltd  The,  80  Enterprise  rd 

Accurate  Generator  Service,  1  Hannaford 
American  Brake  Blok  Div  of  Domiinon  Brake  Shoe  Co 
Ltd,  11988  Caledonia  rd  (Nth  York) 

Appleby  D  &  Co,  18  Ingram  dr  (Nth  York) 

Armstrong  Beverley  Engineering  Ltd  (Ont  div),  71 
Sheffield  (Nth  Y) 

Asbestonos  Corp  Ltd,  919  Oxford  (Etob) 

B  W  H  Service  Parts  Ltd,  23  Apex  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Berg  Mfg  (Canada)  Ltd,  2  Bulwer 
Blue  Streak-Hygrade  Motor  Products  Ltd,  626  King  w 
Bumper  King  Ltd,  198  Walnut  av 
Canadian  Acme  Screw  &  Gear  Ltd,  207-321  Weston  rd 
Cedar  Rapids  Kwik-Way  Co  Ltd,  381  Comstock  rd 

Capco  Rebuilding  Ltd,  131  Pears  av 
Chicago  Rawhide  Products  Canada  Ltd,  79  Colville  rd 
(North  York) 

Chrysler  Canada  Ltd,  650  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

D  &  B  Mfg  Co  (Canada)  Ltd,  1283  Caledonia  rd 
(North  York) 

Docap  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  1  Leswyn  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Dominion  Auto  Lamp  Ltd,  420-440  Keele 
Do-Ray  Lamp  Co  (Canada)  Ltd,  81  Millwick  dr  (Nt'h 

Dupont  Auto  Gar  Transmissions,  927  Dupont 
Oynamo  Auto  Electric  Co,  1266  Queen  w 
Echlin-United  of  Canada  Ltd,  254  Attwell  dr  {'Etob) 
Fenwick  'Bros  Automotive,  2785-2801  Dufferin  (Nth 

Flexo  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  1283  Caledonia  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Gabriel  of  Canada  Ltd,  3600  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(Long  Branch) 

Gidon  Industries  Ltd,  22  Iron  (Etob) 

Gobi  Co  Ltd  The,  (affiliate  of  Jos.  St.  Mars  Eastern 
Ltd),  67  Colville  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Goshen  Rubber  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  3675  Weston  rd 
(North  York) 

Graham  Automotive  Mfg  Ltd,  76  Orfus  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Industrial  Engine  Parts  &  Supplies  Ltd,  517  Jarvis 
Liquid  Glaze  of  Can  Ltd,  13  Ingram  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Marquette  Equipment  Canada  Ltd,  296  Rexdale  blvd 

McQuay-Norris  Mfg  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  s  s  Ray  av 
(York  Twp) 

Monahan  Supply  Corp  Ltd,  87  Colville  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Motive  Parts  &  Equipment  Ltd,  101-105  Ontario 
Muffler  Corp  of  Canada  Ltd,  406  Comstock  rd  (Scar) 
Nelmor  Corp  Canada  Ltd,  3600  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(Long  Branch) 

Newco  Manufacturers  &  Distributors,  1177  Finoh  av  w 
(North  York) 

Niehoff  C  E  &  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  55  Brydon  dr 

Oberman  J  &  Sons,  107  Tycos  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Ontario  Remanufacturing  Centre  (Div  of  Ontario  Auto¬ 
mobile  Ltd),  981-985  Bay 
Pitt  Products  Ltd,  87  Wingold  av  (Nth  Y) 

Plaza  Fibreglas  Mfg  Ltd,  5  Leswyn  rd  (Nth  Y  ) 

Powell  Muffler  Co  Ltd,  406  Comstock  rd  (Scar) 
Precision  Automotive  Co  Ltd,  35  Booth  av 
Raceway  Manufacturing  Ltd,  118  Laird  dr  (Leas) 
Regent  Automotive  Products,  1200  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth 

Regent  Equipment  Mfg  Co,  296  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 
Replacement  Unit  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  23  Apex  rd  (Nth 

Scovill  Mfg  Co,  (A  Schrader's  Son  Division),  334  King 

Slip-On  Corporation  (Canada)  Ltd,  40  Fima  cres 

Smith  S  &  Sons  Canada  Ltd,  105  Scarsdale  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Tiger  Belt  Manufacturing  'Ltd,  1202  Woodbine  av 
(East  York) 

Unimatic  Ltd,  68  Densley  av  (Nth  Y) 

United  Auto  Parts  Inc,  230-240  Bridgeland  av  (Nth  Y) 
Versnich  'Mfg  Co,  1283  Caletdonia  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Wellman  S  K  Co  of  Can  Ltd  The,  1198B  Caledonia 
road  (Nth  Y) 

Wells  Manufacturing  (Can)  Ltd,  14  Plastics  av  (Etob) 
Wolfe  Bros  Mfg  Ltd,  1401  The  Queensway  (Etob) 


Abex  Industries  of  Canada  Ltd,  1198B  Caledonia  rd 
(North  York) 

Accurate  Crankshaft  Grinding  Ltd,  142  George 
Acklands  Ltd,  12  Richmond  e 
Acme  Auto  Electric,  495  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Adams  J  Co,  266  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 

Advanced  Car  Specialties  Ltd,  2  Thorncliffe  Park  dr 

Air  Cooled  Engine,  197  Laird  dr  (Leas) 

Alhan  Field  Coil  Co,  1207  Roselawn  av  (York  T) 

Alhar  Sales,  49  Bertal  rd  (York  Twp) 

Atlas  Supply  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  111  St  Clair  av  w 
Auto  Body  Supply  Co  Ltd,  531  College  and  1062 
Coxwell  av  (E  Y) 

Auto  Electric  Service  (Pacific)  Ltd,  1009-1027  Bay 
Auto  Electric  Service  (Victoria)  Ltd,  1009-1027  Bay 
Auto  Electric  Service  (Western  Ltd),  1009-1027  Bay 
Auto  Electric  Service  Co  Ltd,  51  Comstock  rd  (Scar) 
Autolec  Services  (Quebec)  Ltd,  1009-1027  Bay 
Automotive  Dealers  Supply  Co,  837-857  Yonge 
Automotive  Finishes  &  Supply  Ltd,  280  Kipling  av  s 

Automotive  Supply  Co  (Tor)  Ltd,  277-279  Davenport  rd 
Bacher  S  F  &  Co  Ltd,  44  York 

Bennet  &  Elliott  Co  Ltd,  1198  Caledonia  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Big  "A"  Co  Tor  Ltd,  The,  128  Sunrise  av  (Nth  Y) 
Blue  Streak-Hygrade  Motor  Products  Ltd,  626  King  w 
Body  Shop  Supply  Co,  974  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Bowman  Products  (Canada)  Ltd,  40  Colville  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Brake  Bonding  Co  Ltd,  944  Yonge 
Brunswick  Automotive  Supply  Co  Ltd,  39  Chauncey 
Avenue  (Etob) 

Burston  Automotive  Machine  Co,  239  Bering  av 

C  &  B  Automotive  Accessories  Ltd,  32  Gordon  Mackay 
road  (Nth  Y) 

Canadian  Automotive  Warehousing  Ltd,  230-240 
Bridgeland  av  (Nth  Y) 

Canadian  Fitzgerald  Ltd,  26  Densley  av  (Nth  Y) 
Canadian  Speaker  Corp  Ltd,  666  King  w 
Canadian  Trade  Corporation  Ltd,  58  Colville  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Car-Need  Distributors,  2206  Danforth  av 
Carter  Equipment  &  Supplies  Ltd,  517  Jarvis 
Chmel-Viezner  Ltd,  72-74  Stafford 
Colonial  Traders  Ltd,  569  King  e 
Connecting  Rod  Specialty,  4  Widmer 
Cowan  Jas  Co  Ltd,  230-240  Bridgeland  av  (Nth  Y) 
Curtis  Industries  of  Canada  Ltd,  17  Daybsr  av  (Etob) 
Custom  Sports  Car  Accessories,  42  Lombard 
Dash  Auto  Centres  Ltd,  271  Front  e 
Delex  Automotive  Sales  Ltd,  773  Queen  w 
Diamond  T  Trucks  Toronto  Ltd,  265  Front  e 
Dodge  Manufacturing  (Can)  Ltd,  156  Islington  av  s 

Dominic  Auto  Trim,  2960  Danforth  av  (E  Y) 

Dominion  Auto  Accessories  Ltd,  420-440  Keele 
Dominion  Cable  &  Automotive  Products,  1  Leswyn  rd 
(North  York) 

Don  Mills  Auto  Electric  Ltd,  132  Railside  rd  (Nth 

Eagle  Automotive  Products,  14C0  Weston  rd  (York 

Egan  H  B  Mfg  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  22  Canmotor  av  (Etob) 
Eglinton  Automotive  Supply  Co  Ltd,  1754  Eglinton 
av  w  (York  Twp) 

Eurocan  Motor  Products  Ltd,  (rear)  299  Adelaide  w 
Europe  Car  Parts  Co,  1078  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 
Fairmount  Motor  Products  (Canada)  Ltd,  87  Wingold 
avenue  (Nth  Y) 

Pag©  1 1 

Fina  Centres  Ltd  (Br),  835  York  'Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Foster  Anthony  &  Sons  Ltd,  296-306  Church 
Fulco  Automotive  Parts,  840  Eastern  av 
G  F  Automotive  Supply  Co  Ltd,  4  Belrose  av  (Nth  Y) 
Garage  Supply  Co  Ltd,  111  Thorncliffe  Pk  dr  (Leas) 
General  Auto  Parts  and  Service  Co,  1084  Kipling  av 
north  (Etob) 

Glynn-Gordon  Co  Ltd,  14  Elrose  (Nth  Y) 

Guaranteed  Parts  Ltd,  616  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Guardian  Automotive  Mfg  Co,  1  Leswood  rd  (Nth  Y) 
H  &  M  Sales,  636  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

H  &  S  Distributors,  42  Rowley  av  (Nth  York) 

H  &  T  Automotive  Parts  Supply,  1770  Egl inton  av  w 
(York  Township) 

Hawkinson  Tire  Equipment  Co,  9  Taymall  av  (Etob) 
Helpert  Supply  Ltd,  32  Colville  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Hi-Line  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  119  Toryork  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Howard-Paul  Ltd,  1283  Caledonia  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Imperial  Automotive  Co,  666  King  w 
International  Parts  (Canada)  Ltd,  763  Warden  av 

Involute  Gear  Co,  321-323  Howland  av 
Jeffery  Harold  Automotive  Products  Ltd,  156-158 

Korne  M  A  Co  Ltd,  74  Colville  rd  (Nth  Y) 

L  &  M  Truck  Parts  Ltd,  132  St  Helens  av 
Levy  Auto  Parts  Co  (Div  of  Levy  Industries  Ltd),  1400 
Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Long  Branch  Auto  Parts  Co  Ltd,  3679  Lake  Shore 
blvd  w  (Long  B) 

Lubek  Automotive  Supply,  29  South  Station  (Wstn) 
Lucky's  Automotive  Distributors  Ltd,  48  Power 
Marvel  Products  Ltd,  773  Richmond  w 
McLean  Jobbers  Service  Ltd,  49  Bertal  rd  (York  Twp) 
McNulty  D  A  &  Co  Ltd,  22  Canmotor  av  (Etob) 
Merit  Automotive  Products  Ltd,  439  Wellington  w 
Mintex  Federal  Ltd,  189  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 

Mobile  Automotive  Products  Ltd,  56  Colville  rd  (Nth 

Mobomak  Automotive  Products  Ltd,  498  Gilbert  av 
(York  Township) 

Monahan  Supply  Corp  Ltd,  87  Colville  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Motor  Accessory  •&  Supply  Co  Ltd,  415-421  Queen  w, 
and  352  Front  w 
Moto-Rite  Ltd,  100  Adelaide  w 
New  Motor  Equipment  Ltd,  313  College 
New  Process  Equipment  Co  Ltd,  740  Dundas  e 
Nickam  Instruments  &  Supply  Ltd,  99  Floral  Parkway 
(North  York) 

North  End  Auto  Supply  (Toronto)  Ltd,  268  Jane  and 
115  Merton 

Nourse  Automotive  Parts  Ltd,  1915  Danforth  av 


Distributors  Chrysler  Corp,  Parts  and  Accessories, 
1001  Bay,  Phone  922-6161,  Nights  921-2161 
Pabco  Panels,  199A  Christie 

Pacco  Automotive  Canada  Ltd,  88  Millwick  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Parmaco  Products  Ltd,  763  Warden  av  (Scar) 

Paulin  H  &  Co  Ltd,  55  Milne  av  (Scar) 

Premier  Automotive  Units,  43  Britain 
Provincial  Automotive  Trading  Co  Ltd,  2113  Dundas  w 
Pyroil-Master  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  87  Colville  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Reinholdt  Herb  Ltd,  184  Hymus  rd  (Scar) 

Replacement  Sales  Ltd,  77  North  Queen  (Etob) 
Replacement  Units  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  23  Apex  rd 
(North  York) 

Rex  Motor  Products  Ltd,  1935  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Ron's  Automotive  &  TV  Supplies,  980  Pape  av  (E  Y) 
Rowley  Co  Ltd,  120  Barbados  blvd  (Scar) 

Russell,  Willis  &  Crispo  Ltd,  1375-7  Bathurst 
St  Mars  Joseph  Eastern  Ltd,  67  Colville  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Sale  &  Martin  Ltd,  56  Connie  (Nth  York) 

Scholl  &  Associates  Ltd,  37-41  Britain 

Scott  Automotive  Supply  Co,  542  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Smyth  &  Williams,  966  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Southorn  Bearing  Service  Ltd,  1244  Dundas  w 
Speedy  Auto  Glass  Ltd,  150  Simcoe 
Stambler  Geo  Co  Ltd,  54  Jarvis 

Standard  Motor  Replacements  Ltd,  1212  Yonge  and 
2235  Dundas  w 

Star  Auto  Parts  Ltd,  3009  Dundas  w 
Stone's  Auto  Supply,  1000  Queen  e 
Stratford  Fred  Ltd,  287  George 

Superior  Automotive  Supplies  Co  Ltd,  3143  Eglinton 
avenue  e  (Scar) 

Sylvester  Allan  G  Co,  616  Vaugihan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Thompson  Products  Ltd,  19  Colville  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Torgis  &  Son  Ltd,  16  Market  and  1  Sinclair  (Etob) 
Trans-O-Matic  Ltd,  43  Britain 

Unique  Automotive  Supplies  Ltd,  3437-3439  Bathurst 
(North  York) 

Upton  Automotive  Products,  1244  Caledonia  rd  (Nth 

Van  Der  Hout  Associates  Ltd,  3600  Lake  Shore  blvd 
west  (Long  B) 

Walker  Marketing  of  Canada  Ltd,  156  Bentworth  av 
(North  York) 

Warner-Patterson  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  87  Colville  rd 
(North  York) 

Weston  Auto  Supply  Ltd,  1839  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 
Wheel  &  Rim  Co  of  Can  Ltd,  32  Atomic  av  (Etob) 
Willis  J  E  Ltd,  224  Evans  av  (Etob) 

Wohlert  Corp  (Can)  Ltd,  1283  Caledonia  rd  (Nth  Y) 


Ace  Automotive  Parts  Ltd,  772  Broadview  av 
Acme  Auto  Glass,  rear  3211  Danforth  av  (Scar) 
Active  Auto  Wreckers,  518  Queen  e 
Adanac  Auto  Parts,  1858  Davenport  rd 
Addison  Equipment  Ltd,  915  Oxford  (Etob) 

Aimco  Automotive  Parts  Co,  295-319  Dufferin 
Air  Cool  Machine  Shop  Co,  31  Malley  rd  (Scar) 
Allatt  Auto  Supply  Ltd,  1100  Finch  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Allied  Muffler  Shop,  2834  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Anderson  Automotive  Equipment  Co  Ltd,  1736  Avenue 
road  (Nth  Y) 

Ashton  S  M  Ltd,  315  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 

Atlas  Auto  Parts,  2836  Dundas  w 

Auto  Body  Supplies  Co  Ltd,  5304  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Auto  Electric  Service  Co  Ltd,  1009-27  Bay 

Auto  Glass  Installation  Co,  147  Adelaide  e 

Auto  Glass  Replacements  Co,  3694  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Autorex  Automotive  Parts,  14  Thora  av  (Scar) 

B  &  B  Automotive  Supply,  1173  Victoria  Park  av 

Beacon  Automotive  Supply,  1407  Gerrard  e 
Brake  Supply  &  Parts,  614  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 
Britannia  Automotive  Products,  1200  Lawrence  av  w 
(North  York) 

British  Auto  Supply  Co  Ltd,  341-343  Queen  w 
Brock's  Auto  Radio  &  TV,  884  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Budd's  Auto  &  Cycle  Supply,  1046  Gerrard  e 
Byco  Products,  14  Thora  av  (Scar) 

C  &  S  Auto  Parts  Ltd,  3211  Danforth  av  (Scar) 
Canadian  Auto  Parts  &.  Accessories,  3679  Lake  Shore 
blvd  w  (Long  B) 

Canadian  Foreign  Car  Supply,  2431  St  Clair  av  w 
Canadian  Tire  Corp  Ltd,  837-857  Yonge 

(For  list  of  branches,  see  Alphabetical  Section) 
Certified  Automotive  Products,  1000  Martin  Grove  rd 

Checkered  Flag  Co,  24-32  Birch  av 
Christie  Electronics,  287  Christie 
Dawes  Automotive  Paint  &  Supplies  (subsidiary  Dawes 
Road  Motors  Ltd),  436  Dawes  rd  (E  Y) 

Devon  Auto  Supplies,  353  Greenwood  av 
Domelle  Geo  B  Ltd,  1776  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Don  Auto  Parts,  54o  Queen  e 

Donell  Automotive  Supplies  Ltd,  2081  Dufferin  (York 

Drag  Engineering,  128  Manville  rd  (Scar) 

Du-Kane  Automotive  Supplies,  620A  Bloor  w 

Elm  Tire  Shop  The,  1984  Yonge 

Enco  Seat  Covers  Ltd,  2836  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Equipment  Rebuilders  Ltd,  64  Colville  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Exchange  The,  43  Laing 

Fincham  Bros,  295  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 

Firestone  Stores,  2951  Danforth  av  (E  Y) 

Flash  Auto  Glass  Co  Ltd,  810  Eastern  av 

Forward  Sales  Co,  133  Tecumseth 

Gary's  Auto  Seat  Covers,  71-73  Huron 

Genuine  Autotronics  of  Canada  Ltd,  140  Kendal  av 

Gladiator's  Speed  Shop,  2226  Dundas  w 

Goodyear  Tire  &  Rubber  Co,  650  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 

Haka  Auto  Radio,  1304  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Handy  Andy  Shell  Automotive  Service  Centre,  2192 
Bloor  w 

Harcourt  Lloyd  Ltd,  1580  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Highway  Automotive  Supply  Co  Ltd,  31  Chauncey  av 

Hoda'er  W  &  Co  Ltd,  559  King  e 

Imperial  Three  Star  Centre,  1681  Eglinton  av  e 
(North  York) 

Insurance  Glass  Replacement  Co  Ltd,  31  'Haas  rd 


Ivans  Auto  Parts  &  Service  Ltd,  882  Eastern  av 
Jackson  Supply  ltd  (Br),  4511  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Kawnik  Automotive  Co  Ltd,  481-483  Dupont 
Kwik-Way  Equipment  Co,  97  Davenport  rd 
Lake  Shore  Auto  Parts,  2864  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(New  Toronto) 

Langsair  (Canada)  Ltd,  1244  Caledonia  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Lawrence  Auto  Parts  &  Accessories  Ltd,  2008  Law¬ 
rence  av  e  (Scar) 

Leaside  Hose  &  Clutch  Ltd,  132  Laird  dr  (Leas) 

Levy  Auto  Parts  Co  (Div  of  Levy  Ind  Ltd),  1400 
Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Levy  Industries  Ltd,  1400  Weston  rd  (York  T) 

Leyden  Auto  Radio,  459  Roncesvalles  av 
Long  Branch  Auto  Parts  Co  Ltd,  3679  lake  Shore 
blvd  west  (Long  Branch) 

Manville  Lloyd  Vipond  Co  Ltd,  2451  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Midas  Muffler  Shops  Ltd,  5541  Dundas  w  (Etob)  and 
2583  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Midway  Used  Auto  Parts,  117  Manville  rd  (Scar) 

Mimico  Auto  Centre  Ltd,  286  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 

Motor  Accessory  &  Supply  Co  Ltd  (service  centre),  380 
Richmond  w 

Motor  Truck  &  Bus  Parts  Co,  2075  Lawrence  av  w 

Motorcade  Stores  Ltd,  201  Schell  av  (York  Twp)  and 
(br)  271  Front  e 

New  World  Sales,  856  Richmond  w 
Ontario  Auto  Supply  Co,  583  College 
Peter's  Automotive  Supply,  2574  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Plaza  Auto  Parts,  5  Leswyn  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Puddicombe  Motors  (1956)  Ltd  (Parts  Dept),  2311 
Dundas  w 

Quality  Auto  Seat  Cover  Ltd,  1202  Woodbine  av  (E 

Queen  City  Auto  Parts  Co  Ltd,  773  Queen  w 
Radex  Automotive  Ltd,  1288  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Red  Arrow  Distributors  Ltd,  2208  Danforth  av 
Redfern  Automotive  Supply  Ltd,  1200  Castlef ield  av 
(York  Twp) 

Resupco  Auto  Parts,  25  Vanley  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Rhelco  Automotive  Supplies  Ltd,  76  Industry  (York 

Rocket  Auto  Parts,  305  Parliament 
Rogers  Automotive  Parts  Supply  Co  Ltd,  460  Rogers 
road  (York  Twp) 

Rogram  Corp  Ltd,  254  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 

Roy's  Auto  Supply,  924  Queen  w 
Royal  Auto  Parts  &  Accessories,  1899  Avenue  rd 
(Nth  Y) 

Royal  Auto  Supply  Co,  467  Queen  w 
Safety  Auto  Glass,  297  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 

St  Clair  Automotive  Supply  Ltd,  835  St  Clair  av  w 
Saxony  Manufacturing  Ltd,  9  Phoebe 
Scarboro  Automotive  Supply,  278  Morningside  av 

Schwartz  Auto  Parts  Ltd,  218  Evans  av  (Etob) 

Service  Centre  Ltd,  940  Yonge 

Shell  Automotive  Centre,  1698  Eglinton  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Shell  Centre,  2291  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Simplex  Motor  Parts  Ltd,  (rear)  862  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 
Simpson's  Auto  Accessories,  31  Richmond  w 
Smith  M  F  Co  Ltd,  975  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Speed  Shop  The,  1970  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Speedy  Auto  Glass  Ltd,  150  Simcoe 
Speedy  Muffler  King,  1941  Yonge  (head  office),  2325 
St  Clair  av  w,  2789  Danforth  av,  2918  Eglinton 
av  e  (Scar)  and  5517  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Spooner  Auto  Supplies  Ltd,  2251  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Sports  Car  Accessories  (Tor)  Ltd,  252  Sheppard  av  w 
(North  York) 

Standard  Auto  Parts,  1163  Bloor  w 
Superior  Automotive  Supplies  Ltd,  120  Donlands  av 
(East  York) 

Toronto  Automotive  Machine  Co  Ltd,  90  Shaftesbury  av 
Toronto  Transmission  &  Gear  Co,  850  Richmond  w 
Train  Auto  Glass,  1441  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Truckar  Ltd,  12  Market 
United  Equipment,  1260  Yonge 
United  Transmission  Service,  58  Berkeley 
Universal  Speedometer  Ltd,  4  Maitland 
Warden  Automotive,  2157  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Weatherhead  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  250  Bridgeland  av 
(North  York) 

Wemp  Ross  Motors  Ltd  (Parts  'Dept),  2747  Lake 
Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Whitehead-German  Ltd,  1539  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Winder  C  A  Ltd,  2727  Dundas  w 
Yamashita  Robert,  3  Mozart  av  (Scar) 


See  Battery  Dealers  and  Service 


(See  also  Automobile  Garages) 

A  &  E  Auto  Body,  138  Sixteenth  (New  T) 

A  &  J  Auto  Body,  9  Racine  rd  (Etob) 

Adelaide  Auto  Body,  876  Adelaide  w 
Adolph's  Auto  Body,  2053  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Advance  Body  &  Fender,  (rear)  417  Dundas  w 
Ango  Auto  Body,  13  Gower  (E  Y) 

Aprile  Auto  Body,  1365  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Archer  Collision,  33  Leyton  av  (Scar) 

Art  Auto  Repair  &  Collision  Works,  72  Moira  av 

Athens  Auto  Body  Shops,  278  King  e 

Auto  Collision  Service,  717-721  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Auto-Rite  Collision  Service,  81  Lombard 

B  &  I  Body  Repair  Shop,  94  Sinnott  rd  (Scar) 

B  &  S  Auto  Body,  3403  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

B  &  S  Collision  Ltd,  807  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Baer  Auto  Body,  366  Munster  av  (Etob) 

Baltic  Body  Shop,  445  King  e 
Bart's  Auto  Service,  111  Ossington  av 
Beach  Auto  Body,  (rear)  2286  Queen  e 
Becker's  Auto  Body  Ltd,  14  Belvia  rd  (Etob) 

Beeler's  Auto  Collision,  52  Sumach 
Bellair  Auto  Body,  68  Eugene  ( Nt’h  Y) 

Beverley  Auto  Body,  32  Beverley 
Bodyland  Automotive  Ltd,  2620  St  Clair  av  w  (York 

Brennen  Doug  Auto  Body  Ltd,  623  Keele 
Brothers  Auto  Trim  Ltd,  1760  Dundas  w 
Bruce  Auto  Body,  6  Dewhurst  blvd 
Cam's  Collision,  100  Bronoco  (York  Twp) 

Cameron  Collision  Service  ltd,  (rear)  921  Millwood 
road  (Leas) 

Canada  Auto  Collision,  (rear)  39  Connaught  av 
Care  Collision  Ltd,  434  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 

Carl's  Auto  Body,  190  Richmond  e 
Central  Body  &  Fender  Co  Ltd,  589  King  e 
Christie  Auto  Body  Ltd,  75  North  Queen  (Etob) 

City  Auto  Body  Repair,  (rear)  928  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 
Clausner's  Body  &  Fender  Repair  Ltd,  1107  Castle- 
field  av  (York  Twp) 

Connolly  Auto  Body,  4  Index  rd  (Etob) 

Coxwell  Auto  Body  Shop,  439  Coxwell  av 
Crown  Collision,  8  Taber  rd  (Etob) 

Custom  Auto  Body  Co,  393-395  Keele 

Davies  Auto  Body,  65  Wade  av 

Dawes  Rd  Motors  Ltd,  436  Dawes  rd  (E  Y) 

Don's  Collision  Centre,  5  Canmotor  av  (Etob) 

Dundas  Auto  Body,  418  Bathurst 
E  M  Auto  Body,  534  Evans  av  (Etob) 

East-Way  Auto  Body,  2  Elward  blvd  (Scar) 

Ed's  Truck  &  Auto  Body,  39  Portland  (Mim) 

Eglinton  Caledonia  Motors,  80  Summit  av  (York  Twp) 
Elbrim  Motors,  1302  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 

Elward  Auto  Body  Co  Ltd,  551-559  Dupont 
Evans  C  R  &  Sons  Motors  Ltd,  362  Olivewood  rd 

Fitzsimmons  Auto  Body,  379  Bering  av  (Etob) 

Florida  Garage,  3687  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Forest  Hill  Auto  Body  Ltd,  2829  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Four-0-0ne  Collision  Works,  812  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Frank's  Auto  Body,  42  Advance  rd  (Etob) 

Fraser's  Auto  Body,  105  Richmond  e 
Fred's  Body  Shop,  (rear)  78  Vaughan  rd 
G  B  Auto  Body,  266  Dalesford  rd  (Etob) 

Gallant  Auto  Body,  65  Shornecliffe  rd  (Etob) 

Garney  Auto  Service,  34  Jutland  rd  (Etob) 

Gateway  Auto  Collision,  (rear)  68  Broadview  av 
Gazzola  Bros  Auto  Body,  2  Rosemount  av  (Wstn) 
Gerrard  Auto  Body,  44  Gerrard  w 
Golden  Auto  Body,  2190  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Golden  Mile  Collision  Refinishing  Ltd,  27  Faukland  rd 

Gough  Motors  Ltd,  66  Gough  av 
Grant's  Collision,  1999  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Guild  Auto  Body,  4141  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Hearn  Pontiac  Buick  Ltd,  3353  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(Long  Branch) 

Henry's  Auto  Body,  3325  Danforth  av  (Scar) 
Herbert's  Auto  Body  Repairs,  3371  Dundas  w  (York 

Humber  Service  Collision,  3517  Dundas  w  (York  Twp) 
Humberside  Collision,  150  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Hutchinson  Auto  Body  Ltd,  79  Don  Roadway  e 
Hutchinson  Industries  Ltd,  1050  Finch  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Hymus  Auto  Body,  188  Hymus  rd  (Scar) 

Ideal  Auto  Body,  (rear)  3459  Dundas  w  (York  Twp) 
Imperial  Auto  Collision  Ltd,  561-567  Keele 
Industrial  Auto  Body,  64  Golden  av 
Jarvis  Auto  Body,  259  Richmond  e 
Jeavons  Auto  Body,  15  Jeavons  av  (Scar) 

Kane  Max  Auto  Body  Ltd,  430  Bathurst 
Kendall  Collision  Co,  (rear)  1236  Dundas  w 
Kennedy-Car-Collision,  300  Raleigh  av  (Scar) 

Kessner's  Carl  Collision  &  Body  Repair,  3584  St  Clair 
av  e  (Scar) 

King  Auto  Collision,  487  King  e 
Kingsdale  Auto  Body  &  Fender  Repairs,  499  Bathurst 
Kingsway  Collision  Service  Ltd,  3803  Dundas  w  (York 

Kipling  Collision,  8  Hyde  av  (York  Twp) 

Krohnert  Paul  Mfg  Ltd,  4537  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

L  &  G  General  Auto  Body  Ltd,  4656  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 
L  P  V  Auto  Body,  85  Portland  (Mim) 

Lakeside  Auto  Body  Repair,  3122  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(New  Toronto) 

Lambton  Collision,  82  Lambton  av  (York  Twp) 

Leaside  Auto  Body  Ltd,  117  Laird  dr  (Leaside) 
Lorenzo  Auto  Body,  3575  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Main  Auto  Body,  1408  Victoria  Park  av  (E  Y) 

Mario's  Auto  Body,  (rear)  235  Spadina  av 
Marshall's  Auto  Body,  (rear)  147A  Cedarvale  av  (E  Y) 
Maxwell  Church  Holdings  Ltd,  121  Kennedy  av  (Swan) 
May's  Auto  Body  Repair  Ltd,  257-261  Queen  e 
Mid-City  Collision  Motor  Co,  110  Dupont 
Midway  Auto  Body,  2342  Gerrard  e 
Moos  Auto  Body,  205  College 

Mt  Dennis  Auto  Body,  1140  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Nashville  Body  Shop,  22  Nashville  av  (York  Twp) 
Niagara  Auto  Body  &  Motor  Service  Ltd,  499  King  w 
Oakwood  Auto  Body,  476  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 
Olympic  Body  Shop,  20  Gladstone  av 
Ontario  Auto  Body,  288A  Adelaide  w 
Parkway  Auto  Body  Repair,  1974  Dundas  w 
Plaza  Auto  Body,  13-15  Bentworth  av  (Nth  Y) 
Precision  Auto  Body,  2125-2131  Dundas  w 
Price  Auio  Body,  191  Thirtieth  (Etob) 

Progress  Auto  Body,  31  Gladstone  av 
Puddicombe  Motors  (1956)  Ltd,  (body  shop),  2311 
Dundas  w 

Quality  Auto  Body,  139  Sixteenth  (New  T) 

Raleigh  Auto  Body,  260  Raleigh  av  (Scar) 

Reliable  Auto  Body,  282  Spadina  av 
Riviera  'Motors,  21  Wade  av 

Robertson's  Auto  Body  Refinishers,  (rear)  2075  Law¬ 
rence  av  w  (Wstn)  and  (br)  997  Weston  rd  (York 

Rogers  Road  Auto  Body,  189  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 
Roy's  Hydraulic  Jack  Service,  19  Oakland  av  (Nth  Y) 
Royal  Auto  Body,  2526  St  Clair  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Rulli  Bros,  5  Tangiers  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Scarboro  Auto  Body,  801  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Sherbourne  Auto  Collision,  57  Sherbourne 
Smoke  Body  Works  Ltd,  10A  Dawes  rd 
Sterling  Richmond  Auto  Service  Ltd,  638  Richmond 

Suburban  Auto  Body,  s  s  Woodbine  av  and  Sheppard 
avenue  e  (Nth  Y) 

Thora  Auto  Body  Ltd,  7  Thora  av  (Scar) 

Top's  Auto  Body,  477  Richmond  w 
Turner  Ted,  3672  St  Clair  av  e  (Scar) 

United  Auto  Body  Shop,  (rear)  256  Sherbourne 
Varsity  Auto  Body  Shop,  (rear)  403  Huron 
Vern's  Auto  Body,  2270  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Vince's  Auto  Body,  (rear)  316  Clinton 
Wagner  U  &  Sons  Auto  Body  'Ltd,  2528  St  Clair  av  w 
(York  Twp) 

Walnut  Auto  Body,  858  King  w 

Wells  Auto  Body  Co  Ltd,  (repairs),  3120B  Lake  Shore 
blvd  w  (New  Toronto) 

Wemp  Ross  Motors  Ltd,  4  Dwight  av  (New  T) 

West  End  Auto  Body,  4165  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

West  Toronto  Body  Works,  (rear)  27  Edwin  av 
Wiggins  Auto  Body,  (rear)  ll  MacDonell  av 
Wolfy's  Auto  Body,  960  Bathurst 
York  Auto  Body,  3583  Dundas  w  (York  Twp) 

York  Town  Auto  Collision  &  Body  Shop,  70  LePage 
ct  (Nth  Y) 


Action  Motors,  1284  Bay 

Addison  on  Bay  Ltd,  832  Bay  and  1029  Bay 

Allan  &  Stacy  Ltd,  2727  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Allen  Auto  Sales,  611  Keele 

Anthony  Used  Cars,  1501  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Ashley  Motors,  1861  O'Connor  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Austin  Motor  Co  Canada  (1963)  Ltd  The,  737  Church 
Ayers  Auto  Sales,  3469  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

B  P  (Canada)  Ltd,  92  Birmingham  (New  T)  and  1880 
Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Baker  Motor  Sales  Ltd,  1435  Queen  e 
Ballard  Jerry  Ltd,  2990  Danforth  av  (E  Y) 

Bannerman  Bob  Motors  Ltd,  1730  Eglinton  av  e 

(North  York) 

Barreca  Motor  Sales,  851-857  Bloor  w 
Barter  Bill  Motors  Limited,  1655  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Bauer-Taunzen  Ltd,  703-705  Bloor  w  and  2770 

Dundas  w 

Bay  Grosvenor  Motors  Ltd,  2709  Yonge 

Bayne  Motor  Sales  1728  Bloor  w 

Bean  Motors,  890  St  Clair  av  w 

Beatles  Motors,  692  King  w 

Bel-Air  Motors,  326-344  Jarvis 

Belmont  Chevrolet  Ltd,  1945  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Bernie's  Motor  Sales,  1135  Queen  w 

Beverley  Motors,  1341  Danforth  av 

Borland's  Auto  Sales,  36  Ainsdale  rd  (Scar) 

Braemar  Motors  Ltd,  2401  Yonge  and  1085  Bay 
British  American  Oil  Co  Ltd,  2874  Eglinton  av  e 

British  Auto  Electrics,  (rear)  407  Huron 
British  Motor  Corp  of  Canada  Ltd,  737  Church 
British  Motors  Ltd,  2709  Yonge 
British  &  American  Chevrolet  Oldsmobile  Ltd,  65-85 
Avenue  rd 

Brown  Grant  G  Motors  Ltd,  1576  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 
and  ]  579-1581  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Bryant  Motors  Ltd,  920  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Burnside  Motors  Ltd,  2245  Danforth  av 
Cameo  Auto  Sales,  672  St  Clair  av  w 
Canadian  Motor  Industries  Holdings  Ltd,  2000  Eglin¬ 
ton  av  e  (Scar) 

Car  Care  Services,  2387  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Car-Lane  Motors,  747  St  Clair  av  w 
Car-Rite  Ltd,  46  Oxford 

Central  Autorama  (owned  and  operated  by  Ray  Evans 
Ltd),  1680  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Central  Chevrolet  (Toronto)  Ltd,  2665  Yonge 


1001  Bay,  Phone  922-6161,  Nights  922-8990 
Chucks  Motor  Sales,  2196  Dundas  w 
Church  Motors,  1500  Bloor  w,  1660  and  1638  Bloor 

Citation  Motors  Ltd,  1438  Bathurst 
Citroen  Canada  Ltd,  623  Yonge 
City  Buick  Pontiac  Vauxhall  Ltd,  2494,  2501  &  2400 
Danforth  av 

Clough  Tom  Motors  Ltd,  2239  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Coby  Car  Sales,  2797  Danforth  av 
Commercial  Car  &  Truck,  344  Gerrard  e 
Correct  Motors,  138  Bathurst 
Country  Motors,  3323  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Courtesy  Car  Company,  3060  Danforth  av  (E  Y) 
Coventry  Motor  Cars  Ltd,  395  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Cragg  Motors  Ltd,  35  Hayden 

Crang  Plaza  Motors,  1640  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Cruickshank  Motors  Ltd,  2071-2073  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 
D  &  H  Motors,  473  Dupont 
Dabor  Motors  Ltd,  1638  Bloor  w 

Davee  Motors,  327  College 

Davidson  Motors,  2425  Danforth  av 
Davy  Ted  Holdings  Ltd,  901  Danforth  av 
Divco  Ontario  Sales  Ltd,  200  Bedford  rd 
Dominion  Riverdale  Motors  Limited,  755-763  Danforth 
avenue,  1045  Pape  av  (E  Y)  and  n  s  Cavell  av 
and  777-797  Danforth  av 
Don  Mills  Auto  Brokers,  666-672  Bay 
Donway  Ford  Sales,  1975  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Downsview  Chrysler  Plymouth,  1077  Wilson  av  (Nth 


Dra-Ton  Motors,  3085  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Dundas  Datsun  Car  Sales  •&  Service  Ltd,  2868-2870 
Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

East  City  Motors  Ltd,  1745  Danforth  av 
East  End  Car  Mart,  1161  Queen  e 
Ecclestone  Motors  Ltd,  1500  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Eglinton  Caledonia  Motors  Ltd,  2343  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Twp) 

Eldon  Motors,  (rear)  2994  Danforth  av  (E  Y) 

Elgin  Motors  Co  Ltd,  1386  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Elite  Motors,  1061  Bathurst 

Embassy  Motors  Ltd,  1740-1744  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Ensign  Motors  Ltd,  80  The  Queensway  (Swan)  and  3020 

Evans  C  R  &  Sons  'Motors  Ltd,  3280  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Evans  Car  Market,  3280  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Evans  Ray  Ltd,  1680  Eglinton  av  w  (Y  Twp) 

Evans  Wm  G  &  Sons  Ltd,  2112  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 

Fair  City  Motors,  2453  Danforth  av 

Fairway  Motors,  2795  Danforth  av 

Farmer  John's  Motors  Ltd,  1401  Danforth  av 

Fiat  Motors  of  Canada  Ltd,  58  Northline  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Forum  Motors  (used),  1177  Queen  e 

Foss  Roy  Motors  Ltd,  6167  Yonge  (Willowdale) 

Fox  &  Lang  Motors,  348  Munster  av  (Etob) 

Frank's  Car  Market,  1294  Bay 
Friendly  City  of  Cars  Ltd,  1301  Danforth  av 
Gallinger  Motors  Ltd,  2491  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 
General  Motors  Products  of  Can  Ltd,  68-70  Richmond  e 
Gerwey  Motors,  949  Queen  e  and  3475  Danforth  av 

Goebbles  Auto  Sales  &  Service,  724  and  726  The 
Queensway  (Etob) 

Golden  Mile  Motors  Ltd,  1897  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Goliath  Motors,  845  St  Clair  av  w 
Goodwill  Used  Cars,  839-853  'Bay 
Gorrie  A  D  &  Co  Ltd,  28  Gerrard  e 
Gorrie's  Chevrolet-Oldsmobile  Ltd,  28  Gerrard  e 
Grand  Rambler  Limited,  1380  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H), 
1750  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp)  and  s  s  York- 
dale  Shopping  Centre  e  s  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Granger  Auto  Body  Ltd,  15  Granger  av  (Scar) 

Green  Bert  Motors,  3202  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Hainan  Ken  Motors  Ltd,  3400  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(Long  Branch) 

Hamilton-Stiles  Motors,  999  Danforth  av 
Hamilton-Stiles  Motors  Ltd,  895  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 
Happy  Andy's  Car  Sales,  1253  Dundas  w 
Harold's  Motors,  2185  Danforth  av 
Harvey  Ron  Ltd,  1824  St  Clair  av  w 
Hastings  Motors,  179  Sweeney  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Hayman  Motors  Ltd,  2325  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Hearn  Pontiac  Ltd  (new),  3180  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(New  T)  and  (used)  3320  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long 

Henderson  Motors,  1419  Danforth  av 
Herman  Motors,  843  St  Clair  av  w 
High  Park  Car  Sales  &  Service  Ltd,  332  High  Park  av 
Hillcrest  Motors  'Ltd,  1700-1710  Eglnton  av  w  (York 

Hi-Park  Motors,  2342  Dundas  w 
Hogan  Pontiac  Buick  Ltd,  348-50  Danforth  av  (For 
branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Humberview  Motors  Ltd,  3200  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Irvine  Alex  Motors  Ltd,  2655  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Irwin  Bob  Motors,  1660  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Islington  Chrysler  Plymouth  Ltd,  5476  Dundas  w 

Ison  M  Ltd,  1042  Danforth  av 

J  R  Auto  Brokers  Ltd,  1165  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
J  &  W  Used  Cars,  1818  St  Clair  av  w 
Johnny  Dollar  Motor  Sales,  601  St  Clair  av  w 
Johnson  Motors,  3319  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Kaddy  Kleen,  2  Thora  av  (Scar) 

Kaiser  Jeep  of  Canada  Ltd,  28  Greensboro  dr  (Etob) 
Kelly  Motors  (Danforth)  Ltd,  3111  Danforth  av  (Scar) 
Kenny  Kars  Co  Ltd,  1075  Danforth  av 
Kingsgate  Motors  Ltd,  2460  and  2500  Bloor  w  (Swan) 
Knob  Hill  Speed  &  Custom,  2691  Eglinton  av  e 

Laird  Motors,  80  Laird  dr  (Leas) 

Leavens  Motors  Ltd,  3130  and  3200  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Leonard  Dodge  Chrysler  Ltd,  711  and  696  St  Clair 
avenue  w  and  1177  Danforth  av 
Lindsay  Motors  Toronto  Ltd,  3060  Danforth  av  (E  Y) 
Lippay  Motors  'Limited,  2097  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Little  Bros  (Weston)  Ltd,  2209  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Lockhart  H  L  Ltd,  3354  Dundas  w 

Lorimer-Moore  Motors  Ltd,  2000  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Mack  Motors,  2211  Danforth  av 

Main  Motor  Sales,  3180  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

McArthur  Motor  Sales  Ltd,  1455  Gerrard  e 
McBride  Tom  Rambler  Ltd,  2318  and  2324  Lake 
Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 

McConnell  Motors  Ltd,  1824  St  Clair  av  w 
McDowell  W  A  (Toronto)  Ltd,  3300  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Medwid  'Motors,  2500  Eglinton  v  e  (Scar) 

Mehls  Automotive  Services  'Ltd,  1530  Midland  av 

Mercedes-Benz  of  Canada  Ltd,  100  Davenport  rd,  849 
Eglinton  av  e  (Leas)  and  36  Yorkville  av 
Midtown  Collision,  1351  Dufferin 

Automobile  Dealers 


Mills  &  Hadwin  Ltd,  3145-3147  Yonge  and  3132  Yonge 
Mitchell  Ford  Motors  Ltd,  1386-1400  Bathurst  and 
829  St  Clair  av  w 
Morton  Motors,  1042  Danforth  av 
Mount  Pleasant  Automobile  Co  Ltd,  630-640  and  730 
Mount  Pleasant  rd 
Muirhead  Motors,  737  Queen  w 
Murray  Gill  Motors,  325  Kingston  rd 
National  Motors  Ltd,  931-933  and  1065-1069  Bay 
North  Park  Motors,  3057  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Northwest  Motors  Ltd,  2321  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

0  K  Used  Cars,  3359  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 
Oakclair  Motors,  881  St  Clair  av  w 
O'Donnell-Mackie  Ltd,  945  Bay 

Ontario  Automobiles  Ltd,  1001  Bay,  Used  Car  Lot 
994  Bay 

Ornstein  W  British  Motors  Ltd,  2709  Yonge 
Owen  &  Thompson  (used),  3465  Danforth  av  (Scar) 
Park  Manor  Motors  Ltd,  3080  Yonge 
Parkwood  Motors  Ltd,  2400  Yonge  (For  branches  see 
Alphabetical  Section) 

Personal  Automobile,  3250  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Pine  Hill  Auto  Brokers  Ltd,  627  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 
Plaza  Pontiac  Buick  Ltd,  963  and  989  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Township) 

Puddicombe  Motors  (1956)  Ltd,  1543  Bloor  w,  2295 
and  2333  Dundas  w 

Queensway  Volkswagen  Ltd,  1306  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Ready  Motors  Import  Ltd,  700  and  703-705  Bloor  w 

Regent  Motor  Sales,  239  College 

Repository  Compound  Sales  Ltd,  2194  'Dundas  w 

Riedl's  Used  Cars,  1191  Queen  e 

Risen  Motors  Co  Ltd,  1744  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Roadsport  Car  Co,  1901  Danforth  av 

Robert  Motors,  2678  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Robertson  Motors  Ltd,  1515  and  1557  Danforth  av 
Romaldi  Frank  Motors  Products,  1411  Bloor  w 
Rootes  Motors  (Canada)  Ltd,  1921  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Rover  Motor  Co  of  North  America  Ltd  The,  s  s 
Mobile  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Rowland  Frank  Motors  Ltd,  1800  O'Connor  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Ruddell  Enterprises  Ltd,  54  Esplanade 
Rumble  Porrtiac  Buick  Vauxhall  Ltd,  1860  Bayview  av 
(North  York) 

St  Clair  Auto  Sales,  909  St  Clair  av  w 
Sanci  Motors,  1099  Danforth  av 
Saunders-Cook  Ltd,  2660  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Sava  Motors,  1329  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Scott  Mercury  Sales  Ltd,  3130  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Scott  Motor  Sales,  1345  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Seager  Ken  Motors  Ltd,  1366  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Shelly  Auto  Sales,  554  Winona  dr  (York  Twp) 

Shelly  D  G  Ltd,  554  Winona  dr  (York  Twp) 


J.  T.  Hogan,  President  and  General 
Sales  Manager;  Tim  Hogan,  Vice- 
President  &  General  Manager.  Falcon, 
Fairlane,  Galaxie,  Thunderbird,  Mus¬ 
tang  Dealers.  3077  Lake  Shore  Blvd. 
W.,  Phone  259-4671. 

Simpson  Motors,  3077  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T), 
and  3120  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Sisley  M  M  Limited,  4709  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 

Six  Six  Six  Auto  Brokers,  066  St  Clair  av  w 
Smith  Don  Auto  Sales  Ltd,  1682  St  Clair  av  w 
Somerville  Motors  Ltd,  1968-1980  Bloor  w 
Spivak  Motors  Ltd,  1674  St  Clair  av  w 
Sports  Car  Shack,  215  Dundas  e 
Standard-Triumph  (Can)  Ltd,  1463  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Sunoco  Motors  Co,  16  Fraserwood  av  (Nth  Y) 

Susan  Motors,  3258  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Thorncrest  Motors  Ltd,  4865  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Toronto  Motor  Car  (1961)  Ltd,  112  Adelaide  e 
Totty  Bert  Auto  Sales,  294  Danforth  av 
Trans-Canada  Auto  Sales,  21-23  Roncesvalles  av 
Troohy  Auto  Brokers,  80  Laird  dr  (Leas) 

Twin  Cam  Motors,  2584  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Uptown  Motor  Sales  Ltd,  1775  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Veal  Motors  Ltd,  2475  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Viking  Car  Sales,  315-327  College 
Vinko  Motors,  892-902  Dundas  w 
Volkswagen  Canada  Ltd,  1920  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Volkswagen  Sales  &  Service,  2300  Danforth  Ltd, 
2300  Danforth  av 

Volkswagen  (Yonge)  Ltd,  1360  Yonge 
Volkswagen  Yonge  (1965)  Ltd,  1345  Yonge 
Volvo  (Canada)  Ltd,  1  Prince  Andrew  pi  (Nth  Y) 

Vopni  Don  Motors,  2156  Danforth  av 

Ware  Ken  Auto  Sales,  3193  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Watson  Motors  Ltd,  2795  Danforth  av 
Webb  A  E  Motors,  16  Ray  (York  Twp) 

Wembley  Motors  Ltd,  2427-2445  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Twp) 

Wemp  Ross  Motors  Ltd,  2732-2749  and  2750  Lake 
Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

West  End  Chrysler  Dodge  Ltd,  1865  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 
West  Gate  Automobile,  1771  St  Clair  av  w 
West  York  Motors,  1500  St  Clair  av  w  and  1492  St 
Clair  av  w 

West  York  Motors  (Canada)  Ltd,  1785-87  St  Clair 
av  w  and  1671  St  Clair  av  w 
Westbury  Car  Service,  (rear)  1014  Grosvenor 
Williamson's  Ted  Discount  Lot,  3111  Danforth  av 

Will ison  Paul  Ltd,  799  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Will ison  Paul  Toronto  Ltd,  1743  Eglinton  av  e  (Nth 

Wolfson  Ed  Motors,  875-877  College 
Wood-Larkin  Ltd,  2401,  2424-2428  Dufferin  (York 

Wood  Thomas  Motors  Ltd,  1173  Roselawn  av  (York  Twp) 
and  2460  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 

York  Mills  Pontiac  Ltd,  3501  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 

York  Ticknor  Volkswagen  Ltd,  1132  Weston  rd  (York 


Chrysler  Truck  Centre  Ltd,  650  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

Street,  Phone  922-6161,  Nights  922-6165 

General  Motors  Products  of  Canada  Ltd,  208-212 
Spadina  av 

Hayes  Paramount  (Ont)  Ltd,  201  Ninth  (New  T) 

International  Harvester  Co  of  Can  Ltd,  51  Bathurst 
and  2336  St  Clair  av  w 

Mack  Trucks  Mfg  Co  of  Can  Ltd,  1350  The  Queens¬ 
way  (Etob),  (Toronto  Br)  1352  The  Queensway 

Newhouse  &  Co,  95  King  e 

White  Motor  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  The,  1041  The 
Queensway  (Etob) 


Action  Drive  Away,  1284  Bay 

Car  &  Truck  Shuttle  Service,  2400  Finch  av  w 
(North  York) 

Pacific  Driveaway,  1  Vendome  pi  (Nth  Y) 

Trans  Canadian  Couriers,  119  Adelaide  w 
Western  Drive-Away.  3013  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 


ABC  Driving  School,  2300  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Aal-Bloor  &  Weston  Driving  School,  152  Clearbrooke 
Circle  (Etob) 

Abel  Driving  School,  160  Oakwood  av 
Academy  of  Driving,  2348  Danforth  av 
Accurate  Driving  School,  173  Eglinton  av  e 
Across  Town  Roberts  Driving  School,  648A  Yonge 
Alberto  Driving  School,  1292  St  Clair  av  w 
Anthony's  Driving  School,  223  Church 
Arcade  Driving  School,  2611  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Atlas  Driving  School,  443B  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

Audy  Driving  School,  715  Bloor  w 
Beach  Driving  Academy,  1973A  Queen  e 
Benson's  Driving  School,  2166  Danforth  av 
Broadview  Driving  School,  219  Danforth  av 
Bruno's  Driving  School,  1243V2  St  Clair  av  w 
Bryce  Driving  School,  217  Delhi  av  (Nth  Y) 

Care  Driving  School,  258  Runnymede  rd 
Central  Driving  School,  615A  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
1511  Gerrard  e  and  67  Harbord 
City  Driving  School,  572A  Bloor  w,  2857  Lawrence 
avenue  e  (Scar)  and  3419  Yonge 
Clare's  Driving  School,  2  Jackson  av  (Etob) 

Crosstown  Driver  Training  School,  2857  Danforth  av 

D'Angelo's  Driving  School,  1255  St  Clair  av  w 

De  Angelis  Driving  School,  1262  St  Clair  av  w 

De  Angelis  Joe  Driving  School,  637  College 

Dominic  Driving  School,  549  College 

Dorken  Driving  School,  420 Vz  Roncesvalles  av 

Downsview  Driving  School,  156  Codsell  av  (Nth  Y) 

Drivex  Driver  Training  Centre  Ltd,  1055  Yonge 

Dundas  Driving  School,  892  Dundas  w 

East  York  Driving  School,  2385A  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Ella's  Driving  School,  733  Queen  e 

Etobicoke  Driving  School,  139  Martin  Grove  rd  (Etob) 

Europa  Driving  School,  1353A  St  Clair  av  w 

Frank's  Driving  School,  897  Bloor  w 

Frank's  Driving  School,  211  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Galaxy  Driving  School,  415  Bloor  w 
Gino's  Driving  School,  1670  Eglinton  av  w  (.York 

Globe  Driving  School,  1929  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Gold  Star  Driving  School,  602A  Bloor  w 
Graham's  School  of  Safe  Driving,  2069  'Lawrence  av  w 

Gus's  Driving  School,  845  College 
Howard's  School  of  Safe  Driving,  2  Wellesley  w  and 
2400  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Italia  Driving  School,  162  Lauder  av 

Ivano's  Driving  School,  1662A  St  Clair  av  w 
Jeff's  Driving  School,  91  Elizabeth 

Kew  Beach  Driving  School,  1932  Queen  e 
Lakeshore  School  of  Safe  Driving,  3469A  Lake  Shore 
blvd  w  (Long  B) 

Lancia  Driving  School,  1215  St  Clair  av  w 

Lavery's  Auto  Driving  Academy,  3452  Yonge 
Linton  School  of  Driving,  2453  Yonge 
Lock's  Driving  School,  (rear)  8  Tower  dr  (Scar) 

Lupiani's  Driving  School,  200  Delaware  av 
MacBoyd's  Driving  School,  148  Seventh  (New  T) 
MacKay's  Auto  Driving  Academy,  2311V2  Yonge 
Margaret's  Driving  School,  628  St  Clair  av  w 
Matthews  Driving  School,  34  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Metro  Driving  School,  1162  Danforth  av 
Nick's  Driving  School,  910  Dundas  w 
Nino's  Driving  School,  341  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 
O'Neill's  Driving  School,  3667  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 

Progress  Driving  School,  829  College 
Safety  Driving  School,  3236  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Saturnia  Driving  School,  657  College 

Scarboro  Driving  School,  15  Greenholm  Circuit  (Scar) 

Scotland's  Driveway  School,  528  St  Clair  av  w 

Silva  Driving  School,  620  Dundas  w 

Starlite  Driving  School,  330  Queen  w 

Sunnyroad  Driving  Institute  The,  1438  Bloor  w 

Superior  Drivers,  1609  Bloor  w 

Toronto  School  of  Safer  Driving,  71  'Bloor  w 

Universal  Driving  School,  777  Dundas  w 

Victoria  Driving  School,  1316  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Waldi's  Driving  School,  859  College 

Willey's  Driving  School,  653  Bloor  w 

Wilson  Driving  Academy,  1878  Queen  e 


(See  Finance  Companies) 


(See  also  Automombile  Body  Repairers) 

A  &  B  Garage,  1  Thora  av  (Scar) 

A  &  L  Service  Station,  262-270  Queen  w 
ABC  Garage  Service  Centre,  1504  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

A  0  A  Motors  Garage,  280  Adelaide  w 
Abbott  George  A,  887  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Abbott  Gordon,  542  Scarlett  rd  (Etob) 

Academy  Auto  Collision,  2207  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Ace  Automatic  Transmission,  1401  The  Queensway 

Ace  Automatic  Transmission  Service,  665  Adelaide  w 
Aces  Fina  Service,  481  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

Ackley's  Service  Station,  320  Burnhamthorpe  rd  (Etob) 
Adam's  Texaco  Station,  702  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Adanac  B  P  Service  Station,  1858  Davenport  rd 
Ainsworth's  B  A  Service  Centre,  1240  Yonge 
Airport  B  P  Service,'  916  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

WFt  BP  Service,  3280  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Al's  Garage,  126  Park  Lawn  rd  (Etob) 

Al's  Texaco  Service  Station,  e  s  Warden  av,  at  Hymus^-— Bub  &  Ken  Service,  1686  Jane  (Wstn) 

^-Atnold's  Auto  Service,  1733  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Arnold's  Harry  B  A  Service  Station,  3868  Bloor  w 

Arrow  B  A  Service,  2250  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Art's  Service  Station,  483  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 

Art's  Supertest,  4800  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 

Art's  White  Rose  Service  Station,  2435  Finch  av  w 
•c=32^  (North  York) 

Artenal  Motors,  (rear)  398  Eastern  av 
Arundel  Garage,  (rear)  105  Arundel  av 
Atchison  Service  Station,  1044  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Atlanta  Motors,  39  Arvance  rd  (Etob) 

Atlas  Motor  and  Body  Works,  291  Rogers  rd  (York 

Attrell  &  Cook,  1733  Eglinton  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Austen  Cities  Service,  3290  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Auto  Clinic  Ltd,  300  St  Helen's  av 

Auto  Repair  Service,  (rear)  327-9  College 

Auto  Service  Unlimited,  50A  Mack  av  (Scar) 

Auto  Test  Service  (Pape)  Ltd,  1009  Pape  av  (E  Y) 
Automobile  Radiator  Works,  19  Lappin  av 
Automotive  Body  &  Fender  Repairs  Ltd,  12  Church 
Autowares  Texaco  Service,  431  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

B  &  A  Radiator  Service,  221  New  Toronto  (New  T) 

B  &  B  Garage,  37  St  Paul 

B  P  Canada  Ltd,  (For  list  of  branches  see  Alpha¬ 
betical  Section) 

B  P  York  Garage,  126  Adelaide  w 
Badali  Bros  Service  Station,  1386  Bayview  av 
Badali  Esso  Service  Station,  1871  O'Connor  dr  (Nth 

Badali  Salvadore,  1090  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Bade's  Service  Station,  909  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Baker  Ken  Service  Station,  759  Eastern  av 
Baker  Wm,  767-771  Dundas  w 
Baker's  Esso  Service,  673  Lake  Shore  blvd  e 
Baker's  Service  Centre,  1498  Royal  York  rd  (Etob) 
Balamut  Service  Centre,  2150  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Ball  Wm  E  &  Co,  (rear)  433  Queen  e. 

Ballantyne  R  A,  455  College 
Ball iol  Service  Centre,  410  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Balshin  A  Service  Station,  1835  Danforth  av 
Baltic  Garage,  549  King  e 

Bannon's  Auto  Centre  Ltd,  1165  Weston  rd  (York 

Bannon's  Esso  Service,  1095  Bloor  w 
Barclay  Gerry,  1144  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 

Barney's  Service  Centre,  1097  Bay,  599  Yonge  and 
956  Bay 

Barnicke  B  A  Service,  3211  Dufferin  (Nth  Y)  and  1214 
Caledonia  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Barrett  Howard  A,  2480  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 
Barrett's  General  Auto  Repairs,  99  Stanley  av  (Mim) 
Bart's  Auto  Service,  111  Ossington  av 
Barthorpe's  Auto  Repair  Ltd,  61  Shorncliffe  rd  (Etob) 
and  5324  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Bassingthwaite  Garage,  (rear)  1911-13  Queen  e 
Bates  Jack,  389  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 

Bates  Neil,  214  McRae  dr  (Leas) 

Bath  Autobody,  18  Austin  av 

Bat'hclair  Service  Stations  Ltd,  1467  Bathurst  (York 

Bathurst  Manor  Service  Centre,  219  Wilmington  av 
(North  York) 

Bathurst  &  Sheppard  Service  Station  Ltd,  4384 
Bathurst  (North  York) 

Baubie  Bros  Service  Station,  62  Laird  dr  (Leas) 
Baulch  B  A  Service  Station,  770  Sheppard  av  e 
(North  York) 

Baxter  David,  861  Avenue  rd 
Bay-Adelaide  Garage  Ltd,  65  Adelaide  w 
Bay-Bloor  Garage,  1219  Bay 
Bayview  Ignition,  601  Eglinton  av  e 
Bayview  Motors,  360  McRae  dr  (Leas) 

Bayview  Service  Station,  709  Soudan  av 

Beach  Auto  Electric,  2286  Queen  e 

Bear  Equipment  &  Services  Ltd,  334-340  Parliament 

Beardwood's  Garage,  1634  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Beaul's  Service  Station,  766  College 

Beauvais'  Esso  Service  Station,  5045  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Becker's  Auto  Body  Ltd,  14  Belvia  rd  (Etob) 

Becker's  Auto  Repair,  335  Perth  av 

Beckwith  Ashell  M,  656  Kingston  rd 

Bee  Line  Roadway  Alignment,  482  King  e 

Bell  Garage,  rear  49  St  Clair  av  w 

Bell's  Auto  Service,  929  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Bellamy  B  P  Service  Station,  197  Bellamy  rd  (Scar) 

Bellamy  Fina  Station,  3270  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Bellwoods  Motors,  316  Clinton 

Beloff's  Service  Station,  995  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Beltsos  Bill  Queen  Street  Service  Centre,  929  Queen 

Ben's  B  A  Service,  3340  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Ben's  Service  Centre,  419  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Benko  Julius,  1391  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Benny  Alexander,  1128  Yonge 
Bertram's  Motor  Service,  2730  Dundas  w 
Bestway  Motors  Ltd,  35-41  Jarvis  and  165  King  e 

Better  Deal  Service  Centre,  2526  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Bill's  B  P  Service,  547  Gerrard  e 
Bill's  Imperial  Gas  Station,  3015  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
-^Bill's  Rexdale  Sunoco,  103  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 

?  Bill's  Service  Centre,  1095  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Bill's  Texaco,  364  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Bill's  Servicentre,  1071  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Binetti  Bros  Texaco  Service  Station,  2803  St  Clair 

avenue  e  (E  Y) 

Birch  Cliff  Garage,  280  Raleigh  av  (Scar) 

Birchmount  Radiator  Service  Centre,  15  Jeavons  av 


Black  Chas,  71-73  Carlton 

Black  Fred,  3879  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Bland  John,  1201  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 

Blatt  Morris  Esso  Service,  1553  Victoria  Pk  av  (Scar> 
Bloor  Autorite  Garage,  296  Brock  av 
Bloor  Islington  Motors  Ltd,  3401-3405  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Bloor-Ossington  Garage,  871  Bloor  w 
Bloor  Texaco  Service,  362  Bloor  w 
Bloor  Texaco  Service  Centre,  2  Walmer  rd 
Blue  Top  Garage,  1170  Dundas  w 

road  (Scar) 

Albert-Bay  Garage,  105  Richmond  w 

Alberta  Motor  Service,  66  Trethewey  dr  (York  Twp) 

Albion  B  A  Servicentre,  380  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Albion  Garage  &  Auto  Body  Repair,  859  Albion  rd 

Aldcroft  Wilfred,  144  Berry  rd  (Etob) 

Alders  Laimon  Service  Station,  1151  Queen  e 
Aldon  Transmission  Service,  (rear)  70  Crockford  blvd 

Alexander  Howard  W,  1535  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Alexander's  Bodv  &  Motor  Service,  190  Richmond  e 

Alfy's  Auto  Body,  13-17  Cummings 

Allen  F  Service  Station,  620  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Allen's  Esso  Station,  241  Church 

Allen's  Sunoco,  170  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 

Allison  Towing,  30  Ingleside  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Alpine  Texaco,  1100  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Amodeo's  B  P  Service  Station,  186-188  The  Queens¬ 
way  (Etob) 

Anderson  Body  Repairs,  3  Maitland 
^Amferson's  Esso  Service,  2685  Yonge 

Anderson's  Shell  Service  Station,  1286  King  w 
Andy's  Garage,  (rear)  596  Ossington  av 
Angelo  Service  Station,  1879  Dundas  w 
Annette  Service  Centre,  628  Annette 
Anthony  James  J,  1570  Davenport  rd 
Anthony's  Garage,  1 25  Bloor  w 
Apec  Auto-Matic  Centres  Ltd,  3270  Eglinton  av  e 

Apex  Auto  Body  Co,  921  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Apps  Esso  Service,  600  Markham  rd  (Scar) 

Arcade  Motors,  1539  Dundas  w 

Ardila  Cy  Service  Station,  1140  Warden  av  (Scar) 
Argent  Larry  Service  Station,  603  Davenport  rd 
Argent's  Service  Station,  442-6  Bloor  w 
Argier  A,  2067  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Etob) 

Armstrong  W  Specialized  Equipment,  327  Kingston 

Bob's  BP  Service,  3484  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Bob's  Esso  Service,  4142  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Bob's  Fina  Service,  1200  Queen  e 
Bob's  Fina  Service,  239  Scarlett  rd  (York  Twp) 
Bob's  White  Rose  Service  Station,  691  Old  Weston 
road  (York  Twp) 

Boimal  Service  Station,  1260  Dundas  w 
Bonakoski  Donald,  3929  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Bongiorno's  Service  Station,  3750  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Booth  Auto  Electric  Co,  61  Peter 

Borovoy  Service  Station  &  Garage,  1334  Dundas  w 

Borshay's  Garage  Ltd,  455  Adelaide  w 

Bouwman  John,  35  Scarlett  rd  (York  Twp) 

Bowden's  Service  Station,  5952  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Box  Wm,  2827  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Boyle  Supertest  Service  Station,  3255  Lawrence  av  e 

Bracco  Bros  Auto  Service,  48  Newcastle  (Mim) 
Bracken's  Harvey  Esso  Service  Station,  270  Islington 
avenue  n  (Etob) 

Bradbury  Fred,  325  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

Brickell  &  Bonnett  B  P  Service,  436  Dawes  rd 
(East  York) 

Bright  Fina  Station,  1475  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Brigstock  Garage,  1338  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Brioux  Garry,  288  Jane 

Brioux  Norm  Servicentre  Ltd,  2192  Bloor  w 
British  American  Oil  Co  Ltd,  800  Bay  (For  list  of 
Service  Stations  see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Brittain's  Garage,  75  Cedarvale  av 
Broadview  Auto  Service,  146  Broadview  av 
Broadview  Garage,  844  Broadview  av 
Brod  Auto  Motors,  2321  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Broderick  Shell  Service  Station,  1800  Bayview  av 
Bromley  Wm  G,  1974  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Brooker  &  Murphy  Automatic  Transmission  Service 
Ltd,  (rear;  31  Birch  av 

Brown  George,  5251  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Brown  Grant  G  Motors  Ltd,  1569  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 
Brown's  Auto  Service,  521  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Brown's  BA,  80  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 

Brown's  Garage,  123  Twenty-Fourth  (Long  B) 

Brown's  Line  Garage,  370  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 

Browne  Ken  (Service)  Garage,  365  Dupont 

Bruce's  Automotive  Service,  2128  Yonge 

Bryant  Harry  J  Service  Station,  2499  Bloor  w  (Swan) 

Buck's  Fina  Service  Station,  2783  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Bud's  Esso  Sercvice,  1335  Warden  av  (Scar) 

Bulka's  Service  Station,  2  Gladstone  av 
Burgess  BA  Service  Station,  545  Warden  av  (Scar) 
Burke  Bros  Fina  Service  Station,  200  Royal  York  rd 

Burns  Texaco  Service,  2008  Yonge 

Burry's  Max  Esso  Service,  452  Rathburn  rd  (Etob) 

Byers  Motors  Ltd,  1673  O'Connor  dr  (Nth  Y) 

C  C  C  Garage,  1365  Gerrard  e 
C  M  L  Motors  Ltd,  1390  Dufferin 
C  W  T  Ltd,  563  Church 
Caines  Vernon,  251  Bridgeland  av  (Nth  Y) 

Camaco  Oil  Distributors  Ltd,  720  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 
Camden  Garage,  29  South  Station  (Wstn) 

Campbell  Bros  Fina  Service,  2148  Queen  e 
Campbell's  Esso  Servicentre,  1840  Lawrence  av  e 

Campolin  Umberto,  2747  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Canadian  General  Automatic  Transmission,  1417  Ger¬ 
rard  e 

Canadian  Oil  Companies  Ltd  (for  list  of  branches  see 
Alphabetical  Section) 

Canadian  Petrofina  Ltd  (For  list  of  branches  see 
Alphabetical  Section) 

Canadian  Tire  Corp  Service  Station,  164  Avenue  rd, 
2681  Danforth  av,  5365  Dundas  w  (Etob)  and 
s  s  Elsmere  av  (Wstn) 

Canadian  Tire  Gas  Bar,  2701  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Candler  Wm  Co  Ltd,  157  Stephenson  av 
Car  Care  Reconditioning  Centre  'Ltd,  10  Leswyn  rd 
(North  York) 

Card  Motors,  168-170  Mulock  av 
Caris  John  BA  Service,  2300  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Carl's  Service  Station,  943  Kingston  rd 
Carlaw  Auto  Repair,  839  Carlaw  av 
Carleton's  Esso  Service,  1869  Yonge 
Carlo's  Garage  &  Service,  after  2270  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Township) 

Carlton  Service,  (rear)  32  D'Arcy 
Caron  Laval,  2611  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Carr  Gordon  H,  2233  Queen  e 

Carson  Ken  Esso  Service  Centre,  793  Spadina  rd  (Fst  H) 
Cascone  Armand,  2  Jane 
Catalina  Frank,  128  Richmond  e 
Ceasar's  B.P.  Station,  1561  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Cedar  Brae  Sunoco  Service,  780  Markham  rd  (Scar) 
Cedar  Heights  Fina  Service  Station,  707  Markham  rd 

Cedarvale  B  A  Service,  1451  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Center  Town  'B  P,  820  Church 

Central  Auto  Works,  873  Eastern  av 

Central  Automatic  Transmission,  21  Camden 

Central  Chevrolet,  2672  Yonge 

Central  Garage,  677  Adelaide  w 

Central  Supertest,  2500  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Centre  Auto  Collision  Ltd,  120  Adelaide  e 
Chambers  Austin,  3383  Yonge 
Charlie's  Auto  Service,  558-560  Parliament 
Chartrand  Frank,  4  Crystal  Arts  Square 
Chassis  Service  Ltd,  11  Suntract  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Chiarot  Garage,  8  Hyde  av  (York  Twp) 

Chippy's  Garage,  (rear)  301  Manning  av 
Chopp's  Garage,  560  Bay 

Chris's  Texaco  Service  Station,  s  s  Sheppard  av  e, 
after  Woodbine  av  (Nth  York) 

Christie  Repair  Centre,  1121  Castlefield  av  (York  Twp) 
Christopher  Garage,  15  Carlyle 

Church  Newcastle  Motors,  360  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 
Church  Texaco  Service,  1624  Bloor  w 
Cities  Service  Oil  Co  Ltd,  (For  list  of  Service 
Stations  see  Alphabetical  Section) 

City  Auto  Service  Ltd,  293  Palmerston  av 
City  Buick  Vauxhall  Ltd,  2500  Danforth  av 
City  Parking  Ltd  Service  Station,  47-61  Carlton 
City  Wide  Automatic  Transmission  Service,  2785-2801 
Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Clark's  Auto  Service,  31  Roncesvalles  av 
Clark's  Service  Station,  352  Harbord 
Clausen's  Service  Station,  1596  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 
Clayson  Walter,  1000  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Cliff's  Fina  Service  Station,  2821  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Cliff's  Texaco  Station,  1590  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Clifton's  B  P  Service,  1967  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Clinton  Garage,  (rear)  631  Clinton 
Clintwood  Plaza  B  P  Service  Station,  1970  Victoria 
Park  av  ('Nth  Y) 

Close  Charles,  382  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Cloverdale  Auto  Body,  65  Shorncliffe  rd  (Etob) 
Cloverdale  B  P  Station,  5511  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Cloverdale  Texaco  Service  Station,  5470  Dundas  w 

Cockburn  &  Mclnnis,  401  Dawes  rd  (E  Y) 

Cohen's  Joe  Sunoco  Service  Station,  3390  Bathurst 
(North  York) 

Cole's  Service  Station,  952  King  w 
Collin  Scott  Texaco  Service,  1950  Lawrence  av  e 

Colling  Tire  &  Service  Ltd,  15  Grosvenor 
Comet  Auto  Repairs,  393  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Condie's  Shell  Service  Station,  3446  Yonge 
Conn  Marc  Texaco  Service,  60  Shuter 
Connelly's  Doug  B  P  Service,  76  Kingston  rd 
Conroy  Ray,  4187  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Continental  B  P  Service,  606  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

Cook  Ernest,  975  Danforth  av 

Cooney's  White  Rose  Station,  1197  Birchmount  rd 

Cooper's  Service  Station,  1549  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Copeland's  Esso  Service,  2660  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Cornish  Gord  Auto  Service,  34  Manitoba  (Etob) 
Corrado  Joe,  998  College 
Correct  Wheel  Alignment,  1016  Bathurst 
Cosburn  Auto  Centre,  716  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 

Coston  Kenneth  A,  305  Lansdowne  av 

Coulson's  Service  Station.  226  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 

Cozens  Texaco  Service,  163  Queen  e 

Crangle's  Garage  Ltd,  474-478  College 

Crockford  Collision,  61  Crockford  blvd  (Scar) 

Cross  Allyn,  465  Dundas  e 
Crowe  George,  470  Sherbourne 

Crowe's  Ed  Service  Station,  (operated  by  Ed  Crowe 
Tire  Sales  Ltd),  2190  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Croxall  Harmon,  3321  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Croystan  Motors,  3587  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Cruickshank  Motors  Ltd,  2062  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 
Cummings  Auto  Body  Ltd,  327-333  Shuter 
Curphey  Bros  Ltd,  15  Jeavons  av  (Scar) 

Customs  Automotive  Machines  Shops,  3696  Dufferin 
(North  York) 

Cutler  Bros,  1245  Davenport  rd 
D  &  D  Service  Centre,  1340  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

D  &  F  Auto  Repairs,  3215  Dundas  w 
D  &  V  Service  Station,  3204  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Dack's  Esso,  1865  Leslie  (Nth  Y) 

Dale's  BP  Service,  921  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 

Dancey  Calder  Motors  Ltd,  3116  Danforth  av  (Scar) 
Dancey-Calder  Texaco,  2294  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Danforth  Radiator,  (rear)  119  Danforth  av 
Daniels  Fina  Service,  1193  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Daval  Petroleums  Ltd,  2223-2225  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Davares  Joao,  436  Spadina  av 
Dave's  Fina  Service,  3655  St  Clair  av  e  (Scar) 
Davenport-Dufferin  Garage,  1399  Davenport  rd 
Davidson  Andrew,  1091  Yonge 

Davidson  Russell  Body  &  Fender  Shop,  650  Kingston 


Davies  Esso  Service,  3449  St  Clair  av  e  (Scar) 

Davies  Mel  Automotive  Service,  s  s  Albion  rd  (Etob) 
Davies  Service  Station,  1095  Bloor  w 
Davis  Bill  Service  Station  &  Garage,  526  Sherbourne 
Davis  Brothers  Texaco  Service,  2507  Eglinton  av  e 

Davis  Nick,  1285  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Davisville  Auto  Repairs,  108  Merton 
Davy  Ted  Holdings  Ltd,  901  Danforth  av 
Dawson  Robert  B,  919  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Dawson's  Esso  Service,  42  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
De  Groot  Bros,  4418  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Dell  George  J  Ltd,  3069  Bathurst  (Nth  Y)  and  788 
Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Delville  David,  1623  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Detering  Auto  Repairs,  964  Eastern  av 

Delvin's  Texaco  Service  Station,  124  Eglinton  av  w 

Di  Bari's  Service  Station,  723  College 

Dick's  Esso  Service,  3142  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Dick's  Sales  &  Service,  rear  1390  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Diesel  Truck  Repairs,  16  Lockport  av  (Etob) 

Diesel  &  Automotive  Service,  61  Ca/son  (Etob) 

DiFonzo  Anthony  Texaco  Service,  250  The  Queensway 

Di  Fonzo  Bros  Texaco  Service  Station,  3009  Bloor 
west  (Etob) 

Di  Fonzo  Harold  Shell  Service,  276  Islington  av  s 

DiFonzo  John  L,  680  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Dino's  Garage,  1250  Dupont 

Do  It  Yourself  Garage  Co  Ltd,  rear  300  Greenwood  av 

Doindis  Paul,  1550  Bayview  av 

Dolan  Les  Shell,  220  McRae  dr  (leas) 

Dollar  Johnny  B  P  Station,  1277  Caledonia  rd 
(North  York) 

Dorn's  Fina  Service  Station,  2185  Gerrard  e 
Domestic  Brake  Service,  388  Mount  Pleasant  rd 
Dominion  Auto  Radiator  Service,  2376  Dundas  w 
Don  Mills  BP  Service  Centres  Ltd,  1095  Don  Mills 
road  (Nth  Y) 

Don  Mills  Esso  Station,  843  Don  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Don  Mills  Sunoco,  1131  Leslie  (Nth  Y) 

Don  Mills  Texaco,  905  Don  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Don's  B  A  Station,  274  Bloor  w 
Don's  Texaco  Service  Station,  3227  Weston  rd  (Nth 

Donreid  Mufflers  Ltd,  5541  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Doria  Albert,  1201  Dundas  e 

Dorset  B  A  Service  Centre,  2320  Lawrence  av  e 

Dorset  Park  Texaco,  1293  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Dorset  Supertest,  1210  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Doucette's  Esso  Service  Station,  s  s  Ellesmere  rd 
and  Markham  rd  (Scar) 

Doug's  Garage,  3575  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Dougheny  &  Daniels,  790  Spadina  rd  (Fst  H) 
Dovercourt  Motor  Sales,  1104  Dovercourt  rd 
Downey  Ronald,  675  Millwood  rd 
Downsview  Towing,  812  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Downtown  Auto  Radio,  744  Bay 

Downtown  B  P  Service  Station,  123  Dundas  e 

Downtown  Garages  Ltd,  26  Queen  e 

Downtown  Porsche,  125  Huron 

Drive-In  BP,  901  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Dubeau  Fredk,  207  Queen's  Quay  w 

Duff  Jim,  1797  St  Clair  av  w 

Duff's  Doug  Esso  Service,  2007  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Duff's  Esso  Service,  2296  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Dufferin  B  P  Service,  2806  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Dufferln  Motors,  2863  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Dufferin-Orfus  BA  Station,  3296  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Duke's  Garage,  485  Logan  av 

Duncan  Wm  C,  1957  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Dundas-Dovercourt  Garage  Ltd,  1244  Dundas  w 

Dundas  &  Jopling  Esso  Service,  5240  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Dunn  James  R,  343  Coxwell  av 

Dunn's  Kenneth  B  P  Service,  1533  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Dupont  Texaco,  1093  Dupont 

Dupuis  Rene,  671  Davenport  rd 

Duxbury  Jim  Service  Station,  300  Painted  Post  dr 

Dyer's  Service  Station,  1255  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Dykeman's  Harry  Supertest  Service  Station,  1147 
Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Ealey  Donald,  3933  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Earlscourt  Service  Station,  1276  St  Clair  av  w 
Eason  Shell  Oil  Station,  870  St  Clair  av  w 
East  Spring  Service,  (rear)  59  Granger  av  (Scar) 

East  Toronto  Auto  Service,  1237  Woodbine  av  (£  Y) 
East  Toronto  Spring  Service,  5  Raleigh  av  (Scar) 

East  West  Service  Centre,  2485  Queen  e 

Eastway  Auto  Electric,  3590  St  Clair  av  e  (Scar) 

Eastway  Collision  Service,  4587  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Eastwood  B  P,  1583  Kingston  rd  (Scar  ) 

Eaton  Harry  Texaco  Service,  487  Pharmacy  av  (Scar) 
Eaton's  Automotive  Centre,  w  s  Bay  at  Gerrard  w 
Economy  Service  Centre,  3293  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Ed's  B  P  Service  Centre,  3199  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Eddie's  B  P  Service  Station,  Albion  rd  after  27 

Highway  (Etob) 

Edmonds  John  D,  184  Danforth  av 
Edwards  Grant  A,  225  New  Toronto  (New  T) 

Edwin's  Automatic  Transmission  Service,  140  St  Clarens 

Eglinton  Garage,  1504  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Einhorn  Hans,  1439  Danforth  av 

Elgin  Motors  Co  Ltd,  655  Bay 

Elias  Danny,  1762  Dundas  w 

Eliopoulos  Jim,  989  College 

Elley  Ronald,  200  Avenue  rd 

Ellis  Park  Sunoco  Service  Station,  1997  Bloor  w 

Elward  Motors  Ltd,  565-567  Dupont 

Embassy  Motors,  1746  Eglinton  av  w  (York  'iwp) 

Emerson  Alfred  J,  1710  Queen  e 

Emerson  Garage,  rear,  167  Emerson  av 

Emerson's  Esso  Service,  1265  York  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Emery  Motors  Ltd,  927  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

Emond  Harry  E.  e  s  Victoria  Park  av  after  Lawrence 
avenue  e  (Scar) 

Empire  Automatic  Co,  6  Croft 
Emslie  Fred,  1848  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

English  Car  Service,  (rear)  3180  Danforth  av  (Scar) 
Ensign  Motors  Shell  Service  Station,  70  The  Queens- 
wav  (Swan) 

Ensign  Motors  White  Rose  Station,  3018  Yonge 
Erie's  Fina  Service,  66  North  Queen  (Etob) 

Ernie's  Garage,  702  St  Clarens  av 
Ernie's  Shell  Service,  575  King  e 
Errington  Bob,  219  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Erro  Volkswagen  Service,  4  Rosemount  av  (Wstn) 

Eugene  Collision  &  Auto  Repairs  Ltd,  8  Eugene 
(North  York) 

Euro  Motors,  1078  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 

Evan's  Avenue  Supertest  Station,  540  Evans  av  (Etob) 
Evans  C  R  &  Sons  Motors  Ltd,  3286  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Evans  E  J,  38  Spadina  av 

Evans  Flash  Service  Centre,  423  Evans  av  (Etob) 

Evans  L  Thos,  423  Donlands  av  (E  Y) 

Excelsior  Garage,  14  Gladstone  av 
F.  B.  Motors,  5  Robert 
F  &  D  Transmissions.  682  Gerrard  e 
F  &  F  Motor,  637  Keele 

F  &  J  Car  Simonizers,  850  Roselawn  av  (York  Twp) 
Fabbri  BP  Service  Station,  198  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 
Farano  Tony  Ltd,  3075  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Farrow's  Esso  Service,  1104  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Faywood  Service  Station,  530  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Fejers  Garage,  192-194  Brunswick  av 
Ferguson  Lome,  250  Eglinton  av  w 
Ferrey  Gord,  1865  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Ferriman  Henry,  61  Overlea  blvd  (Leas) 

Ferris  Joe  Auto  Service,  573  Gerrard  e 
Fessey  Norm,  2243  Bloor  w 

Fews  Ken  BA  Station,  2500  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Fiddes  Earl  A.  1195  Danforth  av 
Fielder's  Garage,  3857A  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 
Fina  Service  Stations  (For  stations  see  Alphabetical 

Page  13 

Firmac  Services  Limited,  262  Adelaide  w 
Fisher  Fred,  891  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Fisher  Harry,  995  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Five  "K"  Brothers,  85  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 

Five  Wheels  Auto  Collision  Ltd,  154  Vaughan  rd 
(York  Twp) 

Five  Wheels  Ltd,  171  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Fix-It-Yourself  Automotive  Ltd,  155  McCormack  (York 

Flanagan  Harold  H,  707  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Flannigan  James,  136  Orton  Park  rd  (Scar) 

Flash  Petroleum  Ltd,  980  Broadview  av  (E  Y) 

(For  Service  Stations  see  Alphabetical  Section) 
Flemingcfon  Park  Shell  Centre,  751  Don  Mills  rd  (Nth 

Fleet  Lube,  230  Pellatt  av  (Nth  York) 

Fleet  Service  Station,  153  Dundas  w 
Fleetway  Service  Station,  374  Dupont 
Fletcher  J  R,  1634  Gerrard  e 
Florens  Supertest,  445  Pharmacy  av  (Scar) 

Fogg  John,  2628  Yonge 

Follis  Garage,  3  Foil  is  av 

Foote  Sam  J,  4384  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Forli  BP  Service  Station,  134  Parliament 
Forrest  John,  2422  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Forrest's  Auto  Electric  Ltd,  956-960  Gerrard  e  and 
2444  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Forster  Esso  Service,  615  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Francis  Al  Service  Station,  1678  Queen  e 
Frank's  Automatic  Transmission  Sales  &  Service  Ltd, 
2359  Danforth  av 

Frank's  BA  Service,  555  Markham  rd  (Scar) 

Frank's  Garage,  118  Esplanade  e 

Frank's  Service  Centre,  2154  Jane  (Nth  York) 

Frank's  Service  Station,  3310  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Frank's  Shell  Service,  20  Scadding  ct 
Franks  Wally  Shell  Service  Station,  1542  Jane  (Nth 

Fraser  &  Barnes,  260  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 

Fred's  Auto  Service,  620  Ontario 
Fred's  B  A  Service  Station,  3790  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Fred's  Esso  Service,  1509  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Fred's  Fina  Station,  2520  Gerrard  e 
Fred's  Service  Centre,  s  s  Rexdale  Blvd  and  Hightway 
27  (Etob) 

Fred's  Texaco  Service,  706  Scarboro  Golf  rd  (Scar) 
Fred's  Texaco  Service  Centre,  556  St  Clair  av  w 
Freeman  Sunoco  Service  Station,  1410  Victoria  Park  av 
(Nth  Y) 

Frick's  Fina  Service  Station,  1328  Victoria  Park  av 
(E  Y) 

Friedberg  Sami  J,  1677-79  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Front  Truck  Servicenters  Ltd,  265  Front  e 
Frontenac  Towing,  4  Jackson  pi 
Frost's  Texaco  Service,  3849  Lake  Shore  blvd  west 
(Long  Branch) 

Frosts'  Pete  Texaco  Station,  3175  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Future  Fuel  Oil  Ltd,  945  Bloor  w 

Gabriele's  Texaco,  '2010  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Gadsden  Harkness  B  A  Service,  450  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Gailus  Garage  Ltd,  182-184  Bedford  rd 

Galaxy  Motors,  415  College 

Gallant's  BA  Service,  470  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 

Gallant's  Eric  BA,  825  St  Clair  av  w 

Gal  lei  lo  BP  Service  Station,  3374  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Gal  lei  lo's  Auto  Service,  355  Keele 
Gallinger  &  Bird  Ltd,  1130  Davenport  rd 
Galmif  Fina  Station,  3193  Dundas  w 
Garell's  Service  Station,  2799  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New 

Garrad  Benj  A,  1610  Keele  (York  Twp) 

Gartshore's  (rear)  81  Salem  av 

Gay  Ernest,  2852  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Generator  Engineering,  355  Beech  av 
Generator  &  Electric  Co  Ltd,  1186  Caledonia  rd 
(North  York) 

George  Bros,  14  Lockport  av  (Etob) 

George  Sunoco  Service,  3720  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

George  &  Den  Garage,  1315  Queen  e 
George  &  Jack's  Supertest  Service  Station,  30  East- 
wood  road 

George's  Garage,  3  Towns  rd  (Etob) 

George's  Service  Station,  2444  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 
Gerber  Howard  C,  3224  Yonge 
Gerrard  Motors,  843  Gerrard  e 

Gettel  Frank  B  A  Station,  1234  The  Queensway 

Geyer  Michael  Garage,  (rear)  256  Sherbourne 
Gibson  Don,  2329  Bloor  w 
Gibson  Donald  K,  715  Kingston  rd 
Gibsons  White  Rose,  21  John  (Wstn) 

Gilbert  Sunoco,  360  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

Gilbert's  Auto  Repair  Shop  Ltd,  1746  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Twp) 

Gilbertson's  Motor  Service,  299  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

Gladstone  Garage,  1155  Queen  w 

Glencairn  BP  Service,  512  Glencairn  av  (Nth  Y) 

Glenforest  Garage,  4  Glenforest  rd 

Glenlake  BP  Service,  2486  Dundas  w 

Glenlee  Auto  Body,  2549  Dundas  w 

Glenn's  BP,  894  Roselawn  av  (York  Twp) 

Gold  Star  Motors,  (rear)  1423  Dufferin 
Golden  Mile  BP,  1518  Victoria  Park  av  (Nth  Y) 
Golden  Mile  Sunoco  Service,  1971  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Goodman's  Esso  Service  Station,  908  Sheppard  av  w 
(North  York) 

Goodwin  &  Bustard  Service  Station,  70  Coxwell  av 
Goodyear  Service  Store,  3310  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Goodyear  Service  Stores,  2337  Keele  (Nth  York) 

Gordon  Bros  Autobody  Ltd,  1014  Martin  Grove  rd 

Gordon  Ray.  3388  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Gordon's  BA  Service  Station,  2250  Victoria  Park  av 
(North  York) 

Gortz  J.  287  Davenport  rd 
Gough  Harold,  2522  St  Clair  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Grandview  Service  Centre,  2746  Yonge 
Grant  Bruce  Shell  Service,  435  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 
Grant  George  Service  Station,  2028  Islington  av  n 
(North  York) 

Grant  James,  1207  Queen  w 

Green's  Esso  Service,  1539  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Greensides  Howard  Garage,  116  Winona  dr 
Greensides  John  H,  2  Hendrick  av 
Greenwood  Garage,  264  Greenwood  av 
Greenwood  Garage,  310  Greenwood  av 
Greenwood  Service  Station,  331  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 
Grice  Garnet  S,  726  Bloor  w 

Grittani's  Fred  Mt  Dennis  Service  Centre,  1000  Weston 
road  ^York  Twp) 

Grosbein's  Service  Station,  339  College 
Grove  Auto  Electric  &  Service  'Ltd,  1243-1245  Dun¬ 
das  w 

Guaranteed  Service  Centre,  31  Avenue  rd 
Guerra  Frank,  141  Cartwright  av  (Nth  Y) 

Guildwood  Texaco  Service.  3800  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Gunter's  Garage  (rear)  521  Keele 

Gus'  Elm  Grove  Garage,  80  Elm  Grove  av 

Gus  &  George  Service  Station,  101  Sherbourne 

Gus's  Service  Centre,  236  Sherbourne 

H  &  M  Garage,  89  Lewis 

Haines  Arthur  A,  415  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Hall's  Service  Station,  1483  Gerrard  e 

Hallmark  Supertest,  3420  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Hainan  Kenneth,  3400  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 
Hans  B  A  Service,  1391  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Hans  Garage,  1386  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Hansen  Hans,  n  s  Dixon  rd  at  Airport  rd  (Etob) 
Hansen  N  Garage,  2  Overend 
Harbord  Auto  Service,  283  Harbord 
Harden  Herbert  F,  1390  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Harold's  BA  Service  Centre,  2272  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 

Harris  Bros  Beach  B  P,  2215  Queen  e 
Harrison's  Harp  Esso  Service,  2189  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 

Harry  &  Gus  Service,  660  St  Clair  av  w 
Harry's  Garage,  2  Price 

Harry's  Service  Station,  4317  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Harry's  Shell  Service  Station,  860  York  Mills  rd 
(North  York) 

Harry's  Texaco  Station,  1647  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 
Harry's  &  Tony's  Service  Station,  1364  Kingston  rd 

Hart's  Garage,  362  Dundas  e 
Harvey's  Esso  Station,  1708  Queen  e 
Haskett's  Shell  Station,  1570  Wilson  av  (Nth  York) 
Haucks  Garage,  391  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Hawke  Wm  R,  195  Davenport  rd 
Hawkes  Donald,  3545  Dundas  w  (York  Twp)  and  3517 
Dundas  w  (York  Twp) 

Hayes  Jack,  2155  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Hearl's  Courtesy  Corner,  2151  Jane  (Nth  York) 

Heary's  Sunoco  Service  Station,  3480  Lake  Shore 
blvd  w  (Long  B) 

Heimrath  Porsche  Service  Ltd,  777  Warden  av  (Scar) 
Hein  Fred,  686  Bay 

Hellebrandt's  Max  White  Rose,  412  Church 
Henkel  Auto  &  Body  Repairs,  473-475  Rhodes  av 
Henning's  Garage,  1083  Dundas  w 
Hennings  Garage,  3609  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 
Hennings  Ted,  3609  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 
Henry's  Sunoco  Service,  963  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Heppell  Frank,  4021  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 

Hepped  Robt  V,  1  St  Johns  rd 

Herb  and  John's  Service  Centre,  5320  'Dundas  w 

Herb's  Sunoco  Service,  4618  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Hercules  Gas  Sales,  1654  Queen  e 
Hercules  Sales  Ltd,  429  Roncesvalles  av,  631  Lake 
Shore  blvd  w,  1978  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  and 
2190  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Hercules  Sales  Service  Station,  201  Davenport  rd 
Herrold  Sales  &  Service  Ltd,  6  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 
Hewlett  Bros  Service  Station,  3021  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(New  Toronto) 

High  Park  Garage,  119  Fermanagh  av 
High  Performance  Tuning,  24-32  Birch  av 
Hillside  Esso  Service  Station,  821  Brimley  rd  (Scar) 
Hilltop  Sunoco  Service  Station,  2485  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Twp) 

Hineberg  Motors,  1  Ray  av  (York  Twp) 

Hoadley  Esso  Service,  6000  Dufferin  (Nth  York) 

Hodge  Service  Station,  535  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Hogan  Pontiac  Buick  Ltd,  1077  Broadview  av  (E  Y) 
Hogan  Pontiac  Buick  Shed  Station,  242  Danforth  av 
Holley  Park  Sunoco,  2353  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Hollister  Harold  W,  2548  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Holmes  BA  Service  Station,  1270  Brimley  rd  (Scar) 
Holobeck  Don,  1873  Danforth  av 
Homecko  Bros  Service  Station,  873  Queen  w 
Hood  William,  2495  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Hooper  Sami  M,  1046  Broadview  av  (€  Y) 

Hopmans  John,  4201  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Horvat  A  Auto  Body  Repairs,  846  Richmond  w 
Horvath  Leslie  Motors,  507  Dupont 
Howard  Park  Auto  Service,  60  Howard  Park  av 
Howden  Petroleum  Ltd,  3270  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Howden  Road  Collision  Ltd,  2121  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Howe  Gas  Stn,  556  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

Hub  Auto  Ltd,  260  Fulton  av 

Humberview  Motors  Ltd,  3100  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Hunt  Jim  Sunoco  Service,  870  Jane  (York  Twp) 

Huston  Stewart  S,  492  Oriole  Parkway 
Hutchinson  Gordon,  1966  Yonge 
Ideal  Service  Station,  1201  College 
Imperial  Garage,  407  College 

Imperial  Oil  Co  Ltd  (For  list  of  stations  see  Alpha¬ 
betical  Section) 

Imperial  Safety  Centre,  3110  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Industrial  Street  Garage,  5  Industrial  (Leas) 

Ingram's  Esso  Service,  316  Burnhamthorpe  rd  (Etob) 

Ingrassia  Joseph,  1005  Lansdowne  av 

Inn  on  the  Park  Shell  Service,  1109  Leslie  (Nth  Y) 

Innes  John  &  Son,  2688  Dundas  w 

Innis  John,  199  Adelaide  w 

Introcaso  Supertest  Service  Station,  4251  Kingston 
road  (Scar) 

Invermay  Sunoco  Service  Station,  3874  Bathurst  (Nth 

Ireland's  Sunoco  Service  Station,  1161  Kingston  rd 

Irwin's  Automotive  Machine  Shop,  5  Adele  av  (Nth  Y) 
Islington  BP  Service,  4860  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Ivan  &  Ray  Texaco  Service,  1684  Danforth  av 
Ivan's  Texaco  Service,  158  Islington  av  s  (Etob) 

Izzy's  White  Rose  Service,  3330  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

J  &  H  Auto  Service,  280  Raleigh  av  (Scar) 

J  &  V  Auto  Repair,  402  Main  (E  Y) 

Jack's  Gas  Station,  1348  Queen  e 

Jack's  Service  Station,  801  O'Connor  dr  (€  Y) 

Jack's  Service  Station,  3070  Dufferin  (Nth  York)  and 
3115  Dufferin  (Nth  York) 

Jack's  Supertest,  624  St  Clair  av  w 
Jackson  Glen,  134  Laird  dr  (Leas) 

Jackson  W  G,  709  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 

Jacob  George  E,  305-307  Sherbourne 

Jan's  Auto  Service,  2231  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 

Janeway  Supertest,  441  Jane  (York  Twp) 

Jepson's  Texaco,  1386  Gerrard  e 
Jerry's  Esso  Service,  2678  Danforth  av,  118  Dawes 
road  (E  Y)  and  650-652  Dundas  w 
Jim  Dandy  Auto  Supplies,  899  Queen  e 
Jim  &  Frank  Supertest  Station,  20  Rogers  rd  (York 

Jim's  Sunoco  Service,  288  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 

Jim's  Texaco  Service,  1819  Keele  (York  Twp) 

Jim's  Texaco  Service,  551  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Jim's  Texaco  Service  Station,  1810  Wilson 
Joe  &  Gerry's  Texaco  Service,  4550  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Joe's  Flash  Service  Station,  410  Eastern  av 
Joe's  Sunoco  Service  Station,  743  St  Clair  av  w 
John  &  Andy's  Fina  Service,  932  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 
John's  Esso  Service,  470  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
John's  Fina  Station,  1897  Wilson  av  (Nth  York) 
John's  Garage,  rear,  26  Heintzm^n 
John's  Shell  Service  Station,  3464  Lake  Shore  blvd 
west  (Long  Branch) 

John's  Texaco  Service,  801  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

John's  White  Rose,  2105  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Johnson's  Garage,  1002  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Johnston  Jas  E,  1077  Yonge 
Johnston  Merle  D,  1839  Davenport  rd 
Johnston  Orville  Ltd,  261  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

Johnston  &  Buchan  Garage,  167  Richmond  e 
Jolin's  BP  Service,  1320  Gerrard  e 
Jones  Albert  M,  827  Bay 

Jones  BP  Service  Station,  5901  Bathurst  ('Nth  Y) 

Jones  Melvin  C,  2633  Yonge 

Jones  Nick,  2425  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 

Jules  BP  Service  Station,  1400  Eglinton  av  w 
(Fst  Hill) 

K  &  C  Auto  Service,  246  Boulton  av 
K  &  G  Repair  Service,  690  Martin  Grove  rd  (Etob) 

K  &  K  Auto  Service,  259  Danforth  av 
K  &  Z  Service  Station,  912  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Kalyna  Motors,  (rear)  159  Delaware  av 
Kane's  Servicentre,  3157  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Karas  Geo  Service  Station,  345  Front  e 
Karl's  Esso  Service,  4403  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Keele  Auto  Service,  1750  Keele  (York  Twp) 

Keele  &  Eglinton  Service,  2615  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Keeler  Harold,  1088  Yonge 

Keelesdale  Motor  Service,  1822  Keele  (York  Twp) 
Ken's  BA  Service  Station,  4220  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Ken's  Texaco  Service,  209  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 

Kennedy  Eglinton  Shell  Service  Centre,  2424  Eglinton 
avenue  e  (Scar) 

Kennedy  Esso,  1814  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Kennedy  Park  Sunoco  Station,  636  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 
Kenny  Mike  Service  Station,  43  Underhill  dr  (Nth 

Kenny's  Jim  Tune-Up  Service,  (side  entrance)  995 
Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Kenny's  Super  Service,  125  Thirtieth  (Etob) 
Kerr-MacDonald  White  Rose,  1100  The  Queensway 

Keystone  Generator  &  Starter  Ltd,  11  Gordon  Mackay 
road  (Nth  Y) 

King  and  Dufferin  Garage,  (rear)  298  Dufferin 
King's  Garage,  4387  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

King's  Texaco,  293  Kingston  rd 
King-High  Sunoco,  434  Wilson  av  (Nth  York) 

King  West  Fina  Station,  751  King  w 
Kingston  Road  Garage,  355  Beech  av 
Kingsway  Service  Station,  3101  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Kingwood  Sunoco  Service,  300  Kingston  rd 
Kipling  Garage,  678  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 

Kipling  Heights  B  A  Service,  1665  Kipling  av  n 

Kipling  Service  Centre  Ltd,  289  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 
Kipling  Sunoco,  75  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 

Kirk's  BP  Service  Station,  1651  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 
Kitchener  Supertest  Service  Station,  n  s  Albion  rd  at 
Steeles  av  (Etob) 

Klein  Sam  King  &  Brant  Service  Station,  540  King  w 
Kliaman  Wallie,  799  York  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Knob  Hill  BP,  2788  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Kncb  Hill  Sunoco  Service,  1339  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 
Knowles  Arthur  L,  1023-25  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Knowles  Esso  Service,  2400  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Koch  Stan  Texaco,  2270  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Koch's  George  Esso  Service,  1815  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Township) 

Konyen  M,  624-634  Dundas  w 

Korderas  Chris  Texaco,  3359  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Kovac  Motors  Ltd,  186  Laird  dr  (Leas) 

Kunzer  Jacob,  851  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 

Kurzrock  Edward,  999  Dundas  e 
L  B  Towing,  2839  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

L  &  H  Texaco  Service  Station,  1325-1329  Queen  w 

Laimon's  Auto  Service,  603  Gerrard  e 

Lake  Shore  Auto  Body,  143  Sixteenth  (New  T) 

Lake  Shore  Auto  Body  Service  Centre,  209  New 
Toronto  (New  T) 

Lakeshore  Flash  Service  Station,  3725  Lake  Shore 
blvd  w  (Long  Branch) 

Lakeshore  Garage,  164  Thirtieth  (Etob) 

Lamb's  Texaco,  2365  Bloor  w 
Lambert  Oil  Co  Ltd,  2145  Dundas  w 
Lambton  Park  Auto  Electric,  24  Earlington  av  (Etob) 
Lansdowne  Automotive  Service,  235  Spadina  av 
Larry  Service  Station,  2050  Yonge 
Larry's  Esso  Service  Station,  933  Warden  av  (Scar) 
Larry's  Sunoco  Station,  1695  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
•Larry's  BP  Service  Station,  1571  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth 

Lawrence  Motors,  1145  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Lawrence  Park  Service  Station,  3091  Yonge 
Lawrence  &  Bellamy  Texaco,  3300  Lawrence  av  e 

Lawrence's  Esso,  1375  Queen  w 
Lawson  Geo  M,  1587  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Leaside  Auto  Repairs,  833  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 

Leaside  Sunoco  Service  Station,  827  Millwood  rd 

Lee's  B  P  Station,  2310  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Leeder  Albert  E,  505  Jarvis 
Lehman  Harold  J,  1840  Bayview  av  (Nth  Y) 
ten's  B  A  Service  Centre,  2454  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 

Leo's  Garage,  404  Roxton  rd 

Leo's  Sunoco  Station,  689  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  York) 
Leon  &  Renzo  BP  Service,  2296  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Leon's  Auto  Service  Centre,  1110-1112  Dupont 
Leonard  Dodge  Chrysler,  700  St  Clair  av  w 
Lepco  Automatic  Transmission  Service,  47  Raleigh  av 

Leroux  Ernie  Service  Centre,  280  Jane 
Leslie's  Lion  Service  Station,  769  Bathurst 
Lewis  John  R  C,  2329  Queen  e 
Libby  John  W,  4135  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Lion  Oil  Co  Ltd,  636  Richmond  w  (For  list  of  stations 
see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Lipp  Michl,  1132  Bay 

Little's  Auto  Service,  (rear)  1138  Dufferin 

Lloyd  Glen  Esso  Service,  615  McCowan  rd  (Scar) 

Lloyd's  Fina  Station,  550  Warden  av  (Scar) 

Lloyd's  Service  Station,  491  Glencairn  av  (Nth  Yk) 
Locke  Donald,  939  Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Lockhart  H  L  Ltd,  291  Jane 

Loftus  Jos  H,  866  Avenue  rd 

Longhurst  Sunoco  Service,  799  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Lonsdale  Garage,  374  Dupont 

Lorraine  Collision  Ltd,  1463  Davenport  rd 

Lou's  Auto  Service,  3459  Dundas  w  (York  Twp) 

Lou's  Esso  Station,  3157  Dundas  w 
Lou's  Service  Station,  835  Bloor  w 
Luc's  Esso  Service  Station,  2891  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 
Luc's  Esso  Service  Station,  3212  St  Clair  ev  e  (Scar) 
Lumsden's  Shell  Service  Station,  4926  Bathurst  (Nth 

Lyle's  Cut  Rate  Gas,  4151  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

M  &  J  Motors,  2839  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

M  &  S  Hi-Way  Auto  Service  Ltd,  3308  Lake  Shore 
blvd  w  (Long  B) 

MacDonald  Al,  1774  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Macdonald  Wm  L,  433  Roncesvalles  av 
Macey's  Service  Station,  1241  Bay 
Macey's  Service  Station,  542  St  Clair  av  w 
Machell's  Garage,  (-rear)  1396  Queen  w 
MacKasey  John  F,  1900  O'Connor  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Mackenzie  Donald  J,  2180  Bloor  w 
Mackereth  Bros,  3090  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 
MacNeill  A  B  Sunoco  Service,  2308  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 

MaoNevin's  B  P  Service,  1295  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Maddy's  Automatic  Transmission  Ltd,  39  Jarvis 
Madison  Service  Station,  316  Bloor  w 
Main  Auto  Body,  1408  Victoria  Park  av  (E  Y) 

Mainline  Garage,  401-403  College 
Maislin  Bros  Transport  Ltd,  81  Shorncliffe  rd  (Etob) 
Maislin  Service  Centre  Ltd,  81  Shorncliffe  rd  (Etob) 
Major's  Service  Station,  1800  St  Clair  av  w 
Malich  Edmund,  368  Jane 

Manley's  B  P  Service  Centre,  8  Kingsway  s  (Swan) 
Manson  Motors,  2248  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Manuge  John  Shell  Service,  446  Spadina  rd  (Fst  H) 
Manville  Auto  Repairs,  122  Manville  rd  (Scar) 
Markham  &  Eglinton  Texaco,  3192  Eglinton  av  e 

Markland  Woods  B-A,  4325  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Marr  Jack,  1092  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Marr's  Service  Station,  780  Danforth  av 
Marshall-Dunk  Service  Station,  2945  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Marshall's  Bruce  BA  Station,  2544  Bayview  av  (Nth 

Marshall's  Dixon  Rd  Sunoco  Service,  408  Dixon  rd 

Marshall's  Esso  service,  875  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 
Martin  •&  Keystone  Ltd,  150  Spadina  av  and  3537 
Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Martin's  Automatic  Transmission  Service,  3  Tupper 
avenue  (Etob) 

'Martin's  Doug  Shell,  577  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 
Martin's  Garage,  1  Towns  rd  (Etob) 

Martin's  Texaco,  910  Markham  rd  (Scar) 

Martin's  Transmission  Service,  1  Towns  rd  (Etob) 
Martingrove  Shell,  1140  Martingrove  rd  (Etob) 

Martino  Bros,  3355  Dundas  w  (York  Twp) 

Martino  Bros  Co  Ltd,  3371-3381  Dundas  w  (York 

Marushiak  Mike  Service  Station,  92  Birmingham  (New 

Mason's  Service  Station,  2830  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Mason's  Sunoco  Service,  160  Islington  av  (Etob) 

Massicotte  George  Supertest  Service  Station,  1646 
Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 

Mastermatic  Transmission  Service,  1710  Midland  av 

Mat's  Auto  Service,  122  Harbord 

- - - - - - 

A  mobile  Garages 


Mathewson  Kenneth  S,  1145  St  Clair  av  w 
Maxwell  Service  Station,  33  Parliament 
May  &  McDougall  Supertest  Service  Centre,  260 
Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

McArthur  Robert,  940  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
McArthur's  Collision  &  Body  Shop,  2488  Dufferin 
(York  Township) 

McBride  Motors  Ltd,  142  Pears  av 
McBride's  Esso  Service,  130  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 
McCann's  Esso  Service,  411  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 
McConnell  Ray  Service  Station,  1889  Egl inton  av  e 

McConnell's  Texaco  Service  Station,  732  Mt  Pleasant 

McCullough  Gordon,  1387  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

McEachern  Alex,  2765  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

McGregor  Harry  J,  1942-4  Gerrard  e 
McGuire's  Garage,  44  Hyde  av  (York  Twp) 

McIntosh  B  A  Service  Station,  2735  Danforth  av 
McIntosh  Hugh,,  2294  Queen  e 

McIntyre's  White  Rose  Service  Station,  4503  King¬ 
ston  rd  (Scar) 

McMann's  Garage,  3260  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long 

McNorton's  Auto  Repairs,  503  Keele 
McQuade  Archie  J,  965  Jane  (York  Twp) 

Medical  Arts  Service  Station,  274  Bloor  w 
Meinecke  Fred,  2739  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Mel's  B  P  Service  Station,  524  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 
Merchant  J  E,  643  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Merlin  Auto  Repairs.  218  Old  Weston  rd 
Merton  Auto  Repairs,  267  Merton 
Metro  Auto  Body  Repair,  238  Niagara 
Metro  Central  Garage,  801  St  Clarens  av 
Metro's  ‘B  P  Service  Station,  1385A  Warden  av 

Midclair  Texaco,  863  St  Clair  av  w 
Midghall  W  Fred,  311  Spadina  av 
Mike's  Auto  Service  309  Adelaide  w 
Mike's  BP  Service,  92  Birmingham  (New  T) 

Mike's  Garage,  249  Berkeley 

Mike's  Service  Centre,  1993  Danforth  av 

Mike's  Service  Station,  2205  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Mill  Rose  Service  Centre,  900  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 
Millen's  Esso  Station,  22  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

Miller  Jack,  1455  Royal  York  rd  (Etob) 

Millwood  Texaco  Service  Station,  1951  Yonge 
Mitchell  Mike  Service  Station,  2915  St  Clair  av  e 
(E  Y) 

Mitchell's  B  A  Service  Centre,  500  Brown's  Line 

Moase  Wm  C,  416  Danforth  av 
Montgomery  James  R,  3400  Yonge 
Monteith's  White  Rose,  1500  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 
Moorcroft  Bros,  1274  Gerrard  e 

Moore  Raymond  B  P  Service,  1045  Albion  rd  (Etob) 
Morgan  Thos  C,  1014  Gerrard  e 
Morita  Jim  Texaco  Service  Station,  1286  College 
Mor  Power  Gas  Bar,  1009  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Mor  Power,  1780  O'Connor  Dr  Associates,  1780  O'Con¬ 
nor  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Morrison  John,  334  High  Park  av 
Morrison's  Garage,  2916  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Morton  Alexander,  54-56  Avenue  rd 

Mount  Pleasant  Automotive,  632  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Mount  Royal  Motors,  3  Aukland  rd  (Etob) 

Muiholland's  Sunoco  Service,  2610  Eglinton  av  e 

Munro  Al  Shell  Service,  3460  Bathurst  (Nth  Y)  and 
3075  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Murphy  Oil  Co  Ltd,  3561  Danforth  av  (Scar)  and 
399  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 

Murphy  Oil  Co  (Spur),  1039  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 
Murray's  Esso  Service,  249  Scarlett  rd  (York  Twp) 
Murray's  Sunoco  Station,  1225  Danforth  av 
Muyen  Lambert  J,  3391  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

N  B  Motors,  1880  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Nagy's  Garage,  148  Harrison 
Naiman  Sami,  576  Church 
Nash  Garage,  1183-5  Queen  e 

Natale's  Service  Station,  1615  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 
National  Fleet  Fina,  2563  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
National  Truck  &  Car,  379-383  Comstock  rd  (Scar) 
Nayduk  Auto  Repairs,  116  Esplanade  e 
Neamtzu  John,  954  Scarlett  rd  (Etob) 

Neil's  B  P  Service,  1105  Dundas  e 

Nelson  Garage,  (rear)  435  Spadina  av 

Nelson  Leslie  E,  2261  Queen  e 

New  Centre  Garage,  400  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Newcombe  Elmer  E,  1121  Broadview  av  (E  Y) 

Newell  &  Ruddell  Service  Ltd,  54  Esplanade 
Newman  Thomas  L,  72  Secord  av  (E  Y) 

Newth  Gord  Esso,  561  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Nichols  Fina  Centre,  2333  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Nichols  &  Bryon  Garage,  828  Dovercourt  rd 
Nicholson  John  B  P  Station,  2012  Jane  (Nth  Y) 
Nick's  Auto  Repairs,  1015A  Queen  e 
Nick's  B  P  Service,  636  Bloor  w 
Nick's  Service  Station,  1709-15  Dundas  w 
Nick's  Service  Station,  114  Front  e 
Nightingale  B  A  Service  Centre,  1358  Islington  av  n 

Noble's  Texaco  Service  Station,  333  Davenport  rd 
Noble-Clark  Auto  Electric,  165C  Geary  av 
Noonan's  B  P  Service  Station,  2601  Eglinton  av  e 

Norkus  Texaco  Station,  1442  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 
Norman  &  Wietzes  Motors,  893  Mount  Pleasant  rd 
North  Bathurst  Motors,  3595  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
North  Park  BP  Service,  1289  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
North  York  Collision  Ltd,  215  Toryork  dr  (Nth  Y) 
North  York  Garage,  1050  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Nortown  Service  Station,  842  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Nortown  Transmission  Service  Ltd,  2468  Dufferin 

(York  Township) 

Nyman  Herb  Service  Station,  453  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
O'Connell  Paul,  2281  Queen  e 

O'Connor  Fina  Service  Station,  968  O'Connor  dr  (E 

Official  Hotel  Parking,  35-37  Colborne 

Old  Mill  Service  Station,  2676  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

O'Leary  Steve,  486  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Oliphant  Shell  Service,  640  Scarlett  rd  (Etob) 

Olson  Jim  Shell  Service  Station,  627  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 
Olympia  BA  Service  Station,  1300  Weston  rd  (York 

Omega  Auto  Service,  238  Niagara 

Ontario  Auto  Trim,  289  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 


Chrysler,  Plymouth,  Valiant,  Dodge,  Fargo,  1001 
Bay  Street,  Phone  922-6161,  Nights  922-6161 
Ontario  Gasoline  &  Oil  Co  Ltd,  556  Rogers  rd  (York 

Orlando  &  Angelo  Garage,  1135  Castlefield  av  (York 

Osborn  Wm  A,  675  Church 

Owen's  B  A  Service,  943  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

Owttrim  George,  895  Jane  (York  Twp) 

Oxford  Auto  Body,  2401  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

P  &  D  Supertest  Service,  240  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

P  &  G  B  A  Service  Station,  3823  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(Long  Branch) 

P  &  G  Motors,  1311  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Paddick  Shell  Service,  1296  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 
Painted  Post  B  A  Service,  820  Markham  rd  (Scar) 
Palmatier  Service  Station,  1087  Davenport  rd 
Panagos  John,  170  Dundas  w 

Pape  &  O'Connor  Texaco  Station,  128  O'Connor  di 
(East  York) 

Paramount  Auto  Repair,  2562  St  Clair  av  W  (York 

Paramount  Transmission,  395  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Park  Centre  Motors,  10  Evergreen  av  (Long  B) 
Parkdale  B  A  Service  Station,  1181  Queen  w 
Parkdale  White  Rose,  1668  Queen  w 
Parker's  Don  BP  Service  Station,  1200  Victoria  Park 
avenue  (E  Y) 

Parkway  Motors.  47  Southport  (Swan) 

Parkway  Sunoco  Service,  2020  Victoria  Park  av  (Nth 


Parkway  Texaco,  2059  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 
Parliament  Motors,  262-264  Parliament 
Parton  Cal  Shell  Service  Station,  960  Warden  av 

Pary  Auto  Electric  Service,  4165  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Patterson  Robert  C,  325  Bloor  w 
Paul's  Imperial  Service  Station,  1460  Castlefield  av 

(York  Twp) 

Pawlett  Bros  Service  Station,  3342  Danforth  av 

Pawlett  George  White  Rose  Service  Station,  2485 

Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 

Peerless  Auto  Collision  Ltd,  433-435  Bathurst 
Peerless  Specialized  Automotive  Service,  768  Paipe  av 
Penny-Owens  B  P,  431  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Perry's  Esso  Service,  4696  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 

Pet's  Sunoco  Service,  724  Scarlett  rd  (Etob) 

Peter's  Shell  Station,  780  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 
Peter's  Service  Station,  536  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Peters  BP  Station,  1882  Wilson  av  (Nth  York) 

Peters  Fina,  450  Horner  av  (Etob) 

Petrofina  Ltd,  n  s  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Pfeffer  &  Greene  Garage,  129  Queen  e 
Phil's  B  P  Service  Station,  e  s  Martin  Grove  rd 
before  Bel  field  (Etob) 

Phil's  B  P  Station,  1502  Queen  e 
Phillips  Auto  Body,  145  Tecumseth 
Phillips  Chas  Four  Seasons  Shell,  413  Jarvis 
Phillips  Maurice,  453  Spadina  av  (Fst  H) 

Pickard  Byron  C,  2659  Dundas  w 
Pickering  R,  Service  Station,  117  Jarvis 
Pickering  R  Service  Station,  n  s  Richmond  e 
Pickrem's  Service  Stn,  143  Avenue  rd 
Pinehill  Supertest,  411  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Pine  Hill  White  Rose,  427-429  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 
Pintier  Auto  Body  Shop,  662  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Plaza  Car  Wash  Service  Station,  900  Dufferin 
Plester's  Esso  Service  Station,  2944  Eglinton  av  e 

Plumb's  Garage,  5  Kiswick 

Plumpton's  Towing  Service,  1871  O'Connor  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Portland  Auto  Body,  68  Portland 

Power  Bros  Service  Station,  700  Trethewey  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Precision  Motors,  192  Mulock  av 

Premier  Auto,  89  Sunrise  av  (Nth  Y) 

Premium  Oil  Co  Ltd,  3471  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (L 
Branch),  789  St  Clair  av  w,  201  Davenport  rd 
and  3466  Dundas  w  (York  Twp) 

Presto  Bumper  Service  Ltd.  230  King  e 
Pritchard's  Sunoco  Service  Station,  760  The  Queens¬ 
way  (Etob) 

Probert  John  Service  Station,  1300  Pape  av  (E  Y) 
Prosser  Jerry,  650  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Puddicombe  Motors  (1956)  Ltd  (Truck  Service  Dept), 
2317  Dundas  w 

Purser's  Guy  Imperial  Station,  439A  Spadina  rd  (Fst 

Pye  Nelson,  511  Dawes  rd  (E  Y) 

Quarrie's  Collision  Ltd,  1172  Dovercourt  rd 
Quebec  Motors,  490  Quebec  av 
Queen  Auto  Body,  rear,  949  Queen  e 
Queen  Ontario  Motors,  107-111  Ontario 
Queensway  B  A  Service,  156  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Queensway  Esso  Service,  1000  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Queensway  Supertest,  515  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Queensway  Texaco,  1608  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Queensway  Volkswagen  Auto  Refinishers,  340  Evans  av 

Quibell  Glenn  L,  839-841  Queen  w 
Quik-Way  Service  Centre,  3592  St  Clair  av  e  (Scar) 
R  &  J  Motor  Service,  2069  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 
Radford  Sales  &  Service,  458  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 
Raita's  Texaco,  2059  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Etob) 
Ramat  Auto  Service,  8  Bowie  av  (York  Twp) 

Ramsay's  B  P  Service  Centre,  3529  Kingston  rd 

Ray's  Esso  Service,  404  Church 

Ray's  Sunoco  Service  Station,  4219  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Rea's  Gord  Sunoco  Service,  2760  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Reaves  Esso  Service,  2485  Bloor  w 
Red's  Radiator  Service,  125  Laird  dr  (Leas) 

Rees  Roger  M,  2739  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Reg's  B  P  Service  Centre,  104  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 
Regent  Auto  &  Motor  Service,  2264  Dundas  w 
Regent  Service  Station,  3565  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Reid  Tom,  (rear)  2033  Yonge 

Reiks  Karl,  2665  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Reliable  Auto  Body.  519  Dundas  w 
Remis'  Garage,  519  Eastern  av 
Reshnyk  Nick,  1021  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Revere  Motors  Ltd,  2  Racine  rd  (Etob) 

Rex  Mar  Fina,  280  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 

Rexdale  Supertest,  1450  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 

Rexdale  Texaco  Service  Station,  1151  Islington  av  n 

Rexdale  Transmission  Service,  12  Taber  rd  (Etob) 
Rexmar  Fina  Service,  Martin  Grove  rd  and  Rexdale 
blvd  (Etob) 

Reynolds  Richard,  3748  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Richie  Supertest,  1121-1123  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Richmond  Esso  Service,  3312  Danforth  av  (Scar) 
Richmond  Gardens  B  P,  265  Wincott  dr  (Etob) 

Rick  &  Ridding,  256  Eglinton  av  w 
Rick's  Esso  Service  Station,  875  York  Mills  rd  (Nth 

Rieschi's  Vince  Service  Station,  9T0-920  King  w 
Rijamax  B  P  Gas  Station,  1005-1007  Queen  e 
Rijamax  Motors  Limited,  1001  Queen  e  and  2002 
Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
Ritchie  Ian,  2265  Danforth  av 
Riverside  Service  Station,  2515  Bloor  w  (Swan) 

Rix  Harry  Service  Station,  1125  Pape  av  (E  Y) 
Roberts  R  Shell  Service,  3210  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Robertson  Motors  Ltd,  1549  Danforth  av 
Robertson  Walter  F,  2560  Yonge 
Robinson  Sunoco  Service  Station,  2765  Lake  Shore  blvd 
west  (New  T) 

Robot  Springs  Ltd,  177  Mutual 
Rocca  Bros  Service  Station,  285  Queen  e 
Rocco  Service  Station,  1071  Bloor  w 
Rodgers  Fina  Service,  560  Evans  av  (Etob) 

Rogers  D'Arcy,  1347  St  Clair  av  w 

Rogers  James  A,  28  Roncesvalles  av 

Rogers  Shell  Service,  135  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 

Rolling  Motor  &  Radiator  Service  Ltd,  174V2  Mutual 
Roman's  Esso  Service,  2308  St  Clair  av  w 
Ron's  B  P  Service  Station,  1051-1061  Dupont 
Ron's  Texaco  Service,  581  Parliament 
Ron's  White  Rose,  3875  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Roncesvalles  Texaco,  382  Roncesvalles  av 
Rosedale  B  P  Service,  597  Bloor  e 
Rosemount  B  P  Service  Centre,  190  Rosemount  av 

Rossiter  Bruce  Sunoco  Service,  150  Clonmore  dr 

Roth  Motor  Service,  830  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Rowland  Auto  Electric,  87  Portland  (Mim) 

Roxton  Auto  'Body,  1243  Dundas  w 

Rubinoff  Roy,  875-881  Dundas  w 

Rubinoff  &  Friedman,  330  College 

Rudy's  Service  Centre,  1763  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Rudy's  Texaco,  2089-2091  Davenport  rd 

Ruffo  Anthony  Esso  Service,  2010  Dundas  w 

Ruffo's  Esso  Service,  969  Queen  w  and  1221  Dundas  w 

Rutledge  Paul,  3470  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Ryan's  Garage,  47  Guestville  av  (York  Twp) 

S  &  A  Garage,  2692  Dundas  w 
S  &  M  Garage,  180  Hallam 
S  &  S  Service  Garage,  101  Portland 
St  Clair  Avenue  East  B  P  Service  Centre,  3560  St 
Clair  av  e  (Scar) 

St  Clair  Fina,  2815  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 

St  Clair  Motor  Service,  3262  Dundas  w 
St  John's  Texaco  Service  Station,  509  Jane  (York 

Salem's  Garage,  3-5  Glasgow 

Sam's  Es«o  Service,  2854  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Sam's  Texaco  Station,  500  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 
Sammon  Av  Garage  &  Service  Station,  482A  Sammon 
avenue  (E  Y) 

Sampo  Motors,  (rear)  78  Vaughan  rd 
Sandown  Garage,  2314  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Sandy's  Fina  Station,  695  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Sanford  Gordon,  4664  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 

Sauter's  Jack  Garage,  807-9  Broadview  av 
Savage's  Esso  Service,  3514  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Scalier  Service  Station,  164  Front  e 
Scandia  Motors,  3371  Dundas  w  (York  Twp) 

Scanlon  Clutch  &  Parts  Service  Ltd,  889  O'Connor  dr 
(East  York) 

Scarboro  Car  Wash  Ltd,  3325  Danforth  av  (Scar) 
Scarboro  Motor  Service,  3312  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Scarboro  Village  Fina,  3095  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Schlotter  Frank  BA  Station,  260  Scarlett  rd  (York  Twp) 
Schmidt  &  Schlotter  Service,  1795  St  Clair  av  w 
Schneider's  Esso  Service,  s  e  corner  Ellesmere  rd 
and  Pharmacy  av  (Scar) 

Schwiebert  Herbert,  838  Broadview  av 
Scott  Frank,  1530  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Scott  Jack  S,  1619  Queen  e 

Scott's  Service  Station,  1790  Avenue  rd  (Nth  York) 

Scuccimarri  Joseph,  743  St  Clair  av  w 

Seager  Motor  Repair,  1638  Victoria  Park  av  (Nth  Y) 

Secord  Motors,  68  Secord  av  (E  Y) 

Sefchik  Julius,  928  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 

Select  Cab  Garage,  3849  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (L  B) 
Sentinel  Service  Station,  163  Dundas  e 

Sentinel  Service  Station,  200  Jarvis 

Shappit  G  &.  J,  3890  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Sharp's  Service  Station,  1750  Bloor  w 

Shaw  Ken  Motors,  4005  Dundas  w  (York  Twp) 

Shaw  Ken  Sunoco,  3715  Dundas  w  (York  Twp) 

Sheahan  James,  2372  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Sheldon's  Esso  Station,  1345  Martin  Grove  rd  (Etob) 
Shell  Canada  Ltd,  505  University  av 

(For  list  of  Service  Stations  see  Alphabetical 

Shelley's  Cloverleaf  Sunoco  Service  Station,  613  Evans 
avenue  (Etob) 

Sherman's  White  Rose  Service  Centre,  1882  Avenue 
road  (th  Y)  and  1300  Don  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Shimbos  William,  432  Gerrard  e 
Shorty's  Service  Centre,  827  Bloor  w 
Silverthorn  Auto  Electric,  484  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 
Simkin  &  Thornley,  415  King  w 
Simpson  Motors,  3083  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 
Simpson  Shell  Service  Station,  3051  Lawrence  av  e 

Sinclair  Douglas,  1060  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Sisca  Dominic,  150  Dupont 

Six  Points  Fina,  5186  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Six  Points  Repair  Centre,  5451  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Skyline  Fina  Service  Station,  645  Dixor.  rd  (Etob) 
Sloan's  Moe  White  Rose  Service  Station,  802  Eastern 

Smith  Bros,  3120  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Smith  Bros  Service  Centre,  1772  Jane  (Wstn) 

Smith  Bruce  Sunoco  Service,  30  Laird  dr  (Leas) 

Smith  Vern,  3655  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Smith  Wm  G,  715  Kingston  rd 

Smith's  Bros  British  Petroleum,  1010  Albion  rd 

Snappy  Service  Station,  400  Front  w 
Snyders  Spee-D-Auto  Wash  Ltd,  3677  Dundas  w  (York 

Sommerville  Donald  W,  2590  Yonge 

Sonnwald's  Gerd  Supertest,  562  Annette 

Sorauren  Garage,  22-24  Sorauren  av 

Spadina  Wellington  BP  Servicentre,  55  Spadina  av 

Speedy  Motors  Ltd,  764  'Dupont 

Speedy  Muffler  King,  373-377  King  w 

Speedy  Muffler  King,  1941  Yonge 

Spencer's  Service  Siation,  1167  Queen  e 

Spotlight  Service  Centre,  111  Strachan  av 

Spur  Service,  1039  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Square  Deal  Garage,  4  St  Clair  gdns 
Stade's  B  P  Service  Station,  2575  Eglinton  av  e 

Stadium  Garage,  1281  Queen  e 

Staff's  Automotive  Repairs,  153  Weston  rd 

Stallon  &  Jamieson  Service  Station,  2908  Yonge 

Stanford  Jim  Service  Station,  375  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Stapley  Ray  Brake  &  Motor  Service,  208  Gerrard  east 

Star  Garage,  (rear)  371  Spadina  av 

Star  Motors,  3441  Dundas  w  (York  Twp) 

Stark's  Service  Station,  381  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
State  Garage,  1521  Queen  w 
Station  Garage,  161-169  Bay 
Stedman  Shell  Service,  570  Eastern  av 
Stephan's  B  A  Service  Station,  1888  O'Connor  dr 
(North  York) 

Stephenson  Automotive  Service,  24  Industrial  (Leas) 
Stephenson  Robert,  223  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Steve's  Garage,  378  Gerrard  e 

Stevenson  Bob  Sunoco  Service  Station,  2753  Weston 
rd  i Nth  Y) 

Stewart  G  Basil,  1730  Bloor  w 
Stockill  Walter,  1400  Bloor  w 
Stockley  Jack,  4152  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Stocklin  Esso  Service,  553  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
Stocks  Red  Shell  Service,  n  s  Rexdale  blvd  at  High¬ 
way  27  (Etob) 

Stokes  Esso  Service,  130  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 

Stryker  Relining  Service,  47  Clarkson  av  (York  Twp) 
Stubbs  Edgar,  1213  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Sullivan  M  Austin,  198  Jane 
Sullivan  Vin  Service  Station,  141  Queen  e 
Sullivan's  Brake  &  Steering,  64  North  Queen  (Etob) 
Summerhill  Collision,  10  Birch  av 
Summit  Automotive  Engineering,,  1911  Queen  e 
Sumner  Equipment  Ltd  (Trucks),  100  Bronoco  (York 

Sun  Motor  Co  (Toronto)  Ltd,  787  Ossington  av 
Sun  Motors,  3143  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Sun  Oil  Co  Ltd,  85  Bloor  e 

(For  list  of  Branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 
Sunhawk  Alignment  Services  Ltd,  (rear)  995  Pape  av 
(East  York) 

Super  Fleet  Motor  Repairs,  1084  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 
Superior  Motors,  938  Queen  w 

Supertest  Petroleum  Corp  Ltd,  (For  list  of  Service 

Stations  see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Sutherland  Owen,  735  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Sutton  A  E  Shell  Service,  1586  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 
Swann's  BA  Service  Station,  42  Parliament 
Swansea  Supertest,  90  The  Queensway  (Swan) 

T  &  L  Service,  800  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Taber  Hill  Sunoco  Station,  3304  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Tack's  Garage,  (rear)  413  Dundas  w 

Tamburro  Service  Station,  796  Bloor  w 

Tarola  Service  Center,  165  Rogers  rd  (vork  Twp) 

Taurins  Ed  Esso  Service,  663  Kingston  rd 

Taylor  Jack,  4020  Dundas  w  (York  Twp) 

Taylor  Walter  T,  625  Queen  e 
Ted  &  Evans,  536  St  Clair  av  w 
Ted's  Esso  Service  Station,  3197  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Ted's  Sunoco  Service  Station,  3279  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Teffer  Max  Texaco  Service,  1725  Eglinton  av  e  (Nth 

Terminal  Esso,  west  side  Ont  Food  Terminal,  165 

Queensway  (Etob) 

Termini  Garage,  629  Northcliffe  blvd  (York  Twp) 
Terry  Ernest  A,  1232  Bayview  av 
Texaco  Canada  Ltd,  (For  list  of  Service  Stations  see 
Alphabetical  Section) 

Thacker  F  W,  2571  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Thistletown  B  P  Service,  1045  Albion  rd  (Etob) 
Thistletown  Fina  Service,  930  Albion  rd  (etob) 
Thistletown  Sunoco  Service,  959  Albion  rd  (Etob) 
Thomas  Bert  Electric  Repair  ltd,  4578  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 
Thomas  Harry,  951  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Thompson  George  F,  233  Eglinton  av  w 
Thomson  John  M  S,  2114  Yonge 

Thorncliffe  Service  Station,  3-7  Thorncllffe  Park  dr 

Timmins  Garage,  139  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 

Tip's  Service  Station,  283  Spadina  av 

Tisis  Service  Station,  1263  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Tobin  Arnold,  680  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Todt  Auto  Service,  242  Birmingham  (New  T) 

Todt  Fina  Service,  248  Birmingham  (New  T) 

Tome  Joseph,  300  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 

Tompkins  Esso  Service  Station,  1890  Jane  (Wstn) 

Tong  Percy  White  Rose,  181  Sheppard  av  e  (Scar) 

Toni  >&  Roly's  Shell  Service,  3221  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Tony-Mario  Garage  (rear)  350  Ryding  av 
Tony  &  Nick  Fina  Service  Station,  1128  Wilson  av 
(North  York) 

Tony's  B  P  Service,  1779  St  Clair  av  w 
Tony's  Garage,  246  Harbord 
Toole  Richard  A,  1700  Queen  e 
Topping  Bros,  95  Stanley  av  (Mim) 

Toronto  Auto  Collision,  22-24  Cumberland 
Toronto  Automatic  Transmission  Service,  24  Walton 
Toronto  Brake  &  Steering  Service,  472  King  e 
Toronto  Engine  Rebuilders,  1244  Dundas  w 
Town  Fina,  1741  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Traviss  Charles  W,  2239  Bloor  w 

Traxler  Hans,  369V2  Sorauren  av 

Tri  Service  Stations  Ltd,  1056  Queen  w 

Triangle  Texaco  Service,  671  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Trimble  Eldon  W,  842  Gerrard  e 

Tripp's  Esso  Service,  2314  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Truck  Wheel  Alignment  Ltd,  1033  Martin  Grove  rd 

Truway  Alignments,  1251  Queen  e 

Tsuji  S  Tori,  1835  Danforth  av 

Tucker  Wayne,  370  Danforth  av 

Tucker's  Auto  Service,  102  Cartwright  av  (Nth  Y) 

Turner's  Fina,  565  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Tweedie's  -B  A  Service,  2020  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Twentieth  Century  Automatic  Transmission  Service, 
252Va  Carlton 

Twomey  Bert,  3132  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Unger  Julius  Cities  Service  Station,  1156  The  Queens¬ 
way  (Etob) 

Universal  Auto  Sales  &  Service  Ltd,  2301  Queen  e 
Universal  Garage,  3A  Melville  av 
Universal  Transmission  Service,  12  Gladstone  av 
Van  Wagner's  (Toronto)  Ltd,  1136-1142  College 
Vaneck  Jerry  White  Rose,  229  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 
Vaughan  Road  B  P  Service,  463  Vaughan  rd  (York 

Vaughan  Service,  350  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Velvet  Auto  Motor  Repairs,  217-219  Old  Weston  rd 
Vic  &  Tony's  Texaco  Station,  800  Wilson  av  (North 

Vic's  Supertest,  2395  Bloor  w 
Victor's  Auto  Service,  450  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Victoria  Park  Sunoco  Station,  1723  Victoria  Park  av 

Visco  Petroleum  Co,  1024  Avenue  rd 
Visco  Petroleum  Products  Ltd,  3405  Bloor  w  (Etob), 
854  Pape  av  and  2190  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Visco  Petroleum  Service  Station,  854  Pape  av  (E  Y) 
Visco  Service  Station,  3486  Dundas  w  (York  Twp) 
Vita  Service  Station,  96-98  Shuter 
Vita  Towing  Service,  96-98  Shuter  and  5355  Dundas 
west  (Etob) 

Vitale  Texaco  Service,  4401  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Vito  &  Pat  Service  Centre,  700  Wilson  Heights  blvd 
(North  York) 

Volkswagen  Accessories,  74  Market 
Volkswagen  Canada  Ltd,  930  Warden  av  (Scar) 
Volkswagen  Yonge  Ltd,  1366  Yonge 
Von's  Esso  Service,  84  John 
W  M  Garage,  IB  Bellwoods  av 

Walker  Jim  Service  Station,  1440  Royal  York  rd 

Wally's  Service  Station,  1507  Dupont 
Wally's  Shell  Service,  291-293  Dundas  w 
Walsh  John,  1830  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Walter's  Garage  &  Lion  Service  Stn,  1778  Jane  (Wstn) 
Walter's  Service  Station,  168  Bathurst 
Walters  Howard,  793  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Wani  Herb,  1353  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

War-Dan  Sunoco  Service,  63  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 
Wardlaw  Service  Station,  2044  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Warner's  BA  Service  Station,  2874  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Watson  Harry,  796  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Watson  Murray,  1507  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Watson's  Bud  Service  Station,  593  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 
Watt's  B  A  Station,  1856  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Weatherall's  Automotive  Service,  91  Spadina  av 
Weiss  Bob  Shell  Service,  4722  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 
Wellesley  Garage,  2-65  Bleecker 
Wells  Len,  461  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Werenich  Fred  Fina  Service  Station,  2012  Bloor  w 
Werner's  Auto  Service,  (rear)  68  Broadview  av 
West  Lodge  Auto  Body  Service,  81-83  West  Lodge  av 
West  Side  BA  Service,  513  The  Queensway  at  Parklawn 
rd  (Etob) 

West  Toronto  Service  Centre,  1664  Dupont 
West  York  City  Service,  1791  St  Clair  av  w 
Weston  Auto  Service,  4  Rosemount  av  (Wstn) 

Westway  BA  Service  Station,  365  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 
Wexford  Fina  Service,  1909  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Whalen  Lloyd  F,  733  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Wheel  Shop  The,  42  Shaftesbury  av 

White  Rose  Service  Station,  5480  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

White  Rose  Service  Station,  2351  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

White  Rose  Service  Station,  1440  Royal  York  rd 

White  Shield  Fina  Service,  1138  Kennedy  rd  Scar) 
White's  Garage  (rear),  13  Erskine  av 
Whyte  Osmond,  3587  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Wickes  White  Rose  Service  Station,  776  Sheppard  at/ 
east  (Nth  Y) 

Wiederhold  Auto  Mechanics,  39  Bonnington  av  n  (Scar) 
Wilcock  Geo,  431  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 

Wilkinson  Gord,  3811  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Wilkv's  Sales  &  Service  Ltd,  2835  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Willi's  Garage,  874  Broadview  av 

Williams  BA  Service,  2319  Keele  (Nth  York) 

Williams  B  P  Service,  20  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 
Williams  Jack  Service  Station,  800  Royal  York  rd 
(North  York) 

Williams  Walt  Service  Station,  816  Glencairn  av 
(North  York) 

Wilton  Wesley  H,  3115  Kingston  rd  (Scar' 

Winona  Service  Centre,  861  St  Clair  av  w 
Wolfe  Transmissions  Ltd,  1401  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Woodbine  BP  Service,  1174  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 
Woodbine  Service  Station,  1285  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 
Woodbine  White  Rose,  n  w  corner  Rexdale  blvd  and 
Hwy  27  (Etob) 

Wood-Larkin  Ltd,  1002  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Woods  Service  Station,  980  Broadview  av  (E  Y) 
Woodward  Service,  24  Woodrow  blvd  n  (Scar) 
Worgan  Bros,  4758  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Wray  Mark  K,  5286  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Wright's  White  Rose  Service  Station,  3091  Lawrence 
av  e  (Scar) 

Wycliffe  Gas  Bar,  2514  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Yellow  Automatic  Transmission,  (rear)  499  Dupont 
Yewer  Geo  Service.  4159  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

York  Car  Repairs,  (rear)  2120  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Yorkdale  B  P  Station,  3320  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Yorkdale  Motors,  3670  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Youles  Geo,  1500  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Your  Service  Station,  1080  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Zadravetz  Ludwig,  1197  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Zasidko,  Nick,  1586  Queen  w 
Zeagman  Jos,  1683  Jane  (Nth  Y) 


See  Hardware 

Page  15 



1001  Bay  Street,  Phone  922-6161 


(See  Automobile  Renting) 


Chrysler  Canada  Ltd  (Simca  Div),  1054  Kipling  av  n 


Allied  Auto  Paint  Shops,  165B  Geary  av 
Allied  Auto  Paint  Shop  No.  1  Ltd,  743  Kennedy  rd 

Bennett's  Auto  Refinishers,  382  Dawes  rd  CE  Y) 
Brewer's  Stan  Auto  Body  &  Paint  Shop,  434  Dawes  rd 
(East  York) 

0  &  A  Auto  Refinishers,  3252  Danforth  av  (Scar) 
Downtown  Auto  Refinishing,  441  Queen  e 
Fleming's  Auto  Re-Finish,  919  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Gilbert's  Auto  Refinishers,  1675  O'Connor  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Greater  Toronto  Auto  Refinishers,  (rear)  4  Mansion  av 

Madelaine  Auto  Body,  3151  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Martin  &  Keystone  Ltd,  440  Richmond  w 
Milne  Auto  Refinishers,  (rear)  792  Broadview  av 
Mount  Pleasant  Automotive  Refinishing,  6  Industrial 

One  Day  Auto  Paint  Shops  Ltd,  310  King  e 
One  Day  Auto  Paint  Shops  of  Toronto  Ltd,  2568  St 
Clair  av  w 

Pape  Auto  Body,  921A  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Perma-Grip  Car  Undercoating,  1201  Lawrence  av  w 
(Nth  Y) 

Prestige  Auto  Refinishers,  3360  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Robertson  Motors  Ltd,  318  Greenwood  av 
Superior  Auto  Refinishing  Co,  291  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 
Toronto  Auto  Painting,  (rear)  12  Gladstone  av 
Worrall's  Auto  Refinishers  Ltd,  123  Laird  dr  (Leas) 


Abrams  Carl  and  Sons  Ltd,  5-13  Maitland 
Acme  Parking  Lot  Ltd,  69  Shuter 
Almac  Parking,  181  Church 
Bay-Grosvenor  Parking,  902  Bay 
Beatles  Parking,  694  King  w 
Best  Parking  Co,  before  177  Mutual 
Brant  Parking  Ltd,  359-373  Bloor  e 
Brant  Parking  Lot,  1  Brant  pi 

Car  Park  Management  Ltd,  27  Duncan  and  215  Queen 

Car  Park  Management  Services  Ltd,  73-75  Elm,  142- 
150  and  154  Wellington  w 
Carlton-Jarvis  Parking  Station,  249  Mutual 
City  Parking  Ltd,  65  King  e  (For  list  of  branches  see 
Alphabetical  Section) 

Empire  Parking  Ltd,  before  72  Victoria 
E-Zee  Parking  Ltd  (For  list  of  branches  see  Alphabetical 

George's  Parking  Stations,  98-100  John  (For  list  of 
branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Imperial  Parking,  w  s  Leader  lane 
Imperial  Parking  Co,  32  Wellington  e  and  74  York- 
ville  av 

Imperial  Parking  Stations,  after  55  Dundas  e,  170, 
212-220,  237-239  and  370  Victoria 
Mack  Parking  Ltd,  4-14  Walton 
Market  Parking,  136-138  King  e 
Metropole  Parking  Stations,  38  Church 
Municipal  Parking  Area  (For  list  of  branches  see 
Alphabetical  Section) 

0  K  Parking  Stations  Ltd,  59  Lombard  (For  list  of 
branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Paul's  Auto  Park,  1517  Yonge 
Richmond-Adelaide  Throughway,  105  Richmond  w 
Richmond  St  Parking,  after  445  Richmond  w  and 
444-450  Richmond  w 

Silver  Auto  Parks  Ltd,  59  Lombard  (For  list  of  branches 
see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Simcoe  Ltd  Parking  Garage,  210-212  Simcoe 
Simpson's  Parking  Ltd,  39  Richmond  w 
Sixty-Four  Front  Parking,  64  Front  w 
Soho  Parking,  27-33  Soho 
Speedy  Parking  Co,  211  University  av 
Steer-In  Parking,  252-256V2  Queen  w 
System  Parking  Co,  145  King  w 
Three  Way  Parking,  325-335  Jarvis 
Toronto  Auto  Parks  Ltd,  (For  list  of  branches,  see 
Alphabetical  Section) 

Transit  Auto  Park,  51-65  McGill 
Wellesley-Yonge  Parking  Lot,  2  Wellesley  e 
Western  Auto  Park,  370-2  Bathurst 
Yonge-Eglinton  Parking  Station,  s  s  Eglinton  av  e 


See  Automobile  Accessories 



(Piston  Ring  Manufacturers),  888  Don  Mills  Road, 
Ontario,  Phone  444-4481 


Performance  Improvements,  1268  The  Queensway  (Etob) 


Admiral  Auto  Leasing  Ltd,  134  Laird  dr  (Leas) 
Ainsworth  Drive-Urself  Systems  Ltd,  1211  Caledonia 
rd  (Nth  York) 

Algonquin  Leasing  Co,  26  St  Albans  rd  (Etob) 

Arrow  Leasing  Ltd  (br),  2733  Yonge 
Atlas  Auto  Leasing  Ltd,  35  Crockford  blvd  (Scar) 
Avis  Car  &  Truck  Rental  Service  (br),  137  Front  w, 
(br)  2848  Danforth  av  and  (br)  1147  Lawrence 
avenue  w  (Nth  Y) 

Avis  Rent-A-Car  System  of  Canada  Ltd,  137  Front  w 
Avis  Transport  of  Can  Ltd,  2848  Danforth  av 
Big  M  Car  &  Truck  Leasing  Ltd,  3369  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Blake  Auto  Livery,  50  Baltray  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Bristol  Auto  Rentals  Ltd,  1485  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Budget  Car  Rentals,  2346  Yonge 

Budget  Car  Rentals  Toronto  Ltd  (br),  161-169  Bay 

Budget  Rent-A-Car,  161  Bay 

Burrows  Livery  Ltd,  2566  St  Clair  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Carman's  Car  Rental  Ltd,  1248  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
and  141  York 

Car-U-Drive  Co  Ltd,  161  Bay 

Catalina  Auto  Rentals  Ltd,  465  Wilson  av  (North 

Chrysler  Leasing  Co  Ltd,  15  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 
City  Leasing  Ltd,  69  Comstock  rd  (Scar) 

Coulson  Cadillac  Limousine  Service,  40  Coulson  av 
(Forest  Hill  Village) 

Courtesy  Auto  Rental  System,  62  Edward 
Culliton's  Auto  Livery  Ltd,  40  Coulson  av 
Davy  J  Car  Hire  Ltd,  2  College 

Del  Bodkin  Leasing  Ltd,  2747  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(New  Toronto) 

Diversified  Rentals  of  Canada  Ltd,  2478  Eglinton  av 
west  (York  Twp) 

Dominion-U-Drive  (Toronto)  Ltd,  1045  Pape  av  (E  Y) 
Don  Mills  Car  Rentals  Ltd,  1875  Leslie  (Nth  York) 
Dufferin  Car  &  Truck  Rentals  Ltd,  3013  Dufferin 
(North  York) 

Econo-Car  Toronto,  241  Church 
Elgin  Motor  Rentals  Ltd,  655  Bay 
Elross  Truck  Rental  Ltd,  1088  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 
European  Cars  Service,  62  Richmond  w 
Five  Wheels  Ltd,  154  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Gordon's  Truck  Lease,  1541  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Hearn  Leasing  Co,  3180  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 
Hertz  Car  &  Truck  Rental  Stations  of  Ont  Ltd,  10-34 

Hertz  Drive  Yourself  Stations  of  Ont  Ltd,  25-7  and 
2355  Dundas  w,  2360-78  Yonge 
Hertz-Rent-A-Car,  100  Front  w 
Hertz  Rent-A-Car  Agency,  3219  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Hillcrest  Auto  Lease  Ltd,  1303  Bathurst 
Hogan  Pontiac  Leasing  Ltd,  351  Danforth  av 
Leaside  Car  Rentals  Ltd,  199  Laird  dr  (Leas) 

Melson  Leasing  Ltd,  48  St  Clair  av  w 
Moore's  Hearse  Livery,  193  Brunswick  av 
National  Fleets  Ltd,  1211  Caledonia  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Pelt  Thompson  Leasing  Ltd,  2489  Bloor  w  (Swan) 

Plaza  Auto  Leasing  Ltd,  979  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Professional  Leasings  Ltd,  159  Bay 

R  A  Auto  Leasing  Ltd,  244  Eglinton  av  e 

Regent  Car  Rentals  Ltd,  239  College 

Reid  Robertson  &  Co  Sales  Ltd,  4  Lytton  blvd 

Rent-A-Car  Co  Ltd,  916  Yonge 

Rexdale  Car  &  Truck  Rentals  Ltd,  65  Racine  rd 
(Etobicoke)  and  271  Front  e 
S  A  S  Auto  Leasing  Ltd,  3077  Bathurst  (Nth  York) 
Scott  R  D  Auto  Leasing  Ltd,  3130  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Somerville  Car  &  Truck  Rental  Ltd,  1968-1980  Bloor 

Stanley  Drive  Yourself  System  Inc,  1284  Bay 
Stanley  Fleet  Leasing  Ltd,  1284  Bay 
Stanley  Rent-A-Car  Truck  Co  1284  Bay 
Tilden  Rent-A-Car,  1871  O'Connor  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Tilden  Rent-A-Car  Ltd,  65  Adelaide  w 
Tilden  Rent-A-Car  Systems  (br),  347  Bay 
Union  Leasing  Co  Ltd,  212  King  W 
World-Wide  Automobile  Driveaway  Ltd,  1211  Cale¬ 
donia  rd  (Nth  York) 

York  Mills  Leasing  Ltd,  2000  Yonge 


See  Map  Publishers 


See  Automobile  Garages,  Etc. 


See  Automobile  Accessories,  Supplies,  Etc. 


See  Headings  under  Tire 


Canadian  Campers,  77  Pelham  av 
Sarco  Truck  Equipment,  542  Keele 


American  Auto  Trailers,  911  Eastern  av 

Atlas  Transport  Equipment  Ltd  (repairs),  542  Keele 


Belcraft  Auto  Trim,  974  College 

Brant's  Auto  Trim  Shop,  4698  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 

Brimley  Auto  Trim  Ltd,  2584  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 


Auto  Body  Rust  Proofing  (Canada)  Ltd,  36  Six  Point 
road  (Etob) 


See  Upholsterers 


Avenue  Lawrence  Car  Wash,  1537  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Bayview  Car  Wash,  1802  Bayview  av 
Cedarbrae  Car  Wash,  3361  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Center  Town  Car  Wash,  822  Church 
Citywide  Mobile  Wash  Ltd,  228A  Toryork  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Coin-Op  Car  Wash,  1908  Gerrard  e 
Cross-Town  Car  Wash  Ltd,  1467  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 
Do-It-Yourself  Coin-Operated  ’Car  Wash,  179  Elizabeth 
Don  Mills  Car  Wash,  862  York  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Driv-t'hru  Car  Wash  Ltd,  3310  Yonge 
Eglinton  Two  Minute  Car  Wash  Ltd,  1525  Eglinton 
avenue  w  (York  Twp) 

Evans  Ave  Car  Wash  Ltd,  540  Evans  av  (Etob) 
Farb's  Car  Wash,  326  King  w,  70-84  John  and  1666 
O'Connor  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Florida  Car  Wash  Ltd,  1775  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Four  Hundred  &  One  Car  Wash,  3748  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Gee  Whiz  Carwash  Co  'Ltd,  2145  Lawrence  av  e 

Gerrard  In  'N'  Out  Car  Wash.  43  Gerrard  w 
Imperial  Auto  Wash,  212-220  Victoria 
Jane  Wilson  Car  Wash  Co  Ltd,  2010  Jane  (Nth  Y) 
Jimmy's  Auto  Simonizing,  (rear)  123  Scott  rd  (Y  Twp) 
Kennedy  &  Eglinton  Car  Wash  Ltd,  2422  Eglinton  av  e 

Kingsway  Service  Centre,  3005  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Kipling  Auto  Plaza  Ltd,  289  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 

Mike's  Auto  Clean,  (rear)  4  Mansion  av  (Scar) 

Minit-Car  Wash  Ltd,  786  Bay 

Minit-Man  of  Canada,  786  Bay 

Mr.  Car  Wash  Ltd,  786  Bay 

O'Connor  Car  Wash,  1471  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Pacific  Car  Wash,  444  Pacific  av 
Plaza  Car  Wash  (Dufferin)  Ltd,  900  Dufferin 
Red  Arrow  Car  Wash,  2222  Danforth  av 
Rocket  Car  &  Truck  Wash  Systems,  116  Front  e 
St  Lawrence  Car  &  Truck  Wash,  116  Front  e 
Scarboro  Car  Wash  Ltd,  3325  Danforth  av  (Scar) 
Spadina  Car  Wash  (Tororrto)  Ltd,  436  Spadina  av 
Speedy  Mobile  Truck  Wash,  146  Rivalda  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Tait's  Car  Wash,  2500  Gerrard  e  (Scar) 

Weston  Car  Wash  &  Instalube,  1865  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 


Fox  &  Moses  Enterprises,  116  Front  e 
Power-Wash  Equipment  Co  Ltd,  70  Belfield  rd  (Etob) 
Sherman  Equipment  &  Supply  Ltd,  116  Rivalda  rd 

Solar  Systems  (div  of  Joed  Mfg  Ltd),  (rear)  2147 
Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 


A-B-A  Auto  Wreckers,  512-516  Queen  e 
Ace  Auto  Wreckers,  475  Front  e 
Alf's  Auto  Wreckers,  637  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 
American  Auto  Wreckers  &  Importers  Ltd,  914  Eastern 

Appleby  Auto  Wreckers,  361  Eastern  av 

Bloor  Auto  Wreckers  Ltd,  1405  Bloor  w 

Brenman  Limited,  43  Laing 

Central  Auto  Wreckers,  575-585  Keele 

Dorn's  Auto  Parts,  81-113A  McCormack  (York  Twp) 

Duipont  Auto  Wreckers,  562  Dupont 

East  End  Auto  Wreckers,  465  King  e 

Evergreen  Auto  Wreckers,  110  Twenty-Sixth  (Long  B) 

Greenwood  Auto  Wreckers,  3  Kiswick 

Horin  Auto  Wreckers,  352'8  Dundas  w  (York  Twp/ 

Jones  Clifford  W,  1  T'hora  av  (Scar) 

New  York  Auto  Wrecker,  75-77  McCormack  (York  Twp' 
Philpott  H  Auto  Wreckers  Ltd,  70  North  Queen  (Etob) 
Sam's  Salvage  &  Auto  Wrecking,  842  Eastern  av 
Staiman  M  Auto  Wreckers  Ltd,  8  Parliament 
Target  Auto  Wreckers,  846  Eastern  av 
Toronto  Auto  Wreckers,  415-21  Queen  w  and  352  Front 


(See  Air  Transportation  and  Airports) 


(See  also  Canvas  Goods) 

American  Tent  &  Awning  Co  Ltd,  877  Yonge 

Bartlett  Wm  &  Son  Ltd,  616  St  Clarens  av 

Billings  Awnings,  496  Brock  av 

Gosling  John  B  &  Son,  211  Coxwell  av 

Long  Branch  Tent  &  Awning  Co,  436  Horner  av  (Etob) 

Owen  Trevor  Ltd,  13  Hamilton 

Pike  D  Cc  Ltd,  125  King  e 

Provincial  Aluminum  Awning  Corp  Ltd,  2  Millwick  dr 
(Nth  Y) 

Roberts  Wm  &  Son  Ltd,  828  Dupont 
Selkirk  Awning  Co,  1604  Dupont 
Truck  Canopy  Co,  11  Nelson 
Universal  Tent  &  Awning  Co,  401  Pape  av 
Western  Tarpaulin  &  Textile  Ltd,  925  Weston  rd  (York 

Westhead  Geo  H,  102  Lombard 


See  Metal 


Ba  Bee-Tenda  Sales  &  Service,  38  Tunbridge  cres 

Jay's  Pram  &  Toy  Shop,  1100  Danforth  av 
Knob  Hill  Pram  Shop,  2643  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Macklem's  Baby  Carriage  Store,  2237  Dundas  w 
McFarlane-Gendron  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  381-411  Richmond  e 
Pram  Shop  The,  1165  St  Clair  av  w 
Ranger  Baby  Carriage  Repair,  123  Essex 
Sidley  M  Ltd,  108-112  Danforth  av  and  1808  Eglinton 
avenue  e  (Scar) 

Stork  Centre,  The,  3581  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 


Active  Home  Services,  888  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Baby  Sitters  Club  Reg'd,  1082V2  Queen  w 
Christopher  Robin  Service,  1111  Bay 
Delta  Family  Services,  30  Allanhurst  dr  (Etob) 
Northern  Baby  Sitting  Bureau,  12  St  Dennis  dr 
(North  York) 


Cello  Bags  Ltd,  309  Horner  av  (Etob) 

Dominion  Burlap  Co,  409  Front  e 
J  &  J  Bag  Co  (cellulose),  53  Fraser  av 
Jackson  Bags,  251-253  College 
Modern  Wrappings  Ltd,  44  Racine  rd  (Etob) 

Molson  Bag  &  Paper  Co,  230  Eighth  (New  T) 

Morris  Burlap  Mfg  Co,  130  Liberty  e 
Ontario  Plastic  Bag  Company,  124  Cartwright  av 
(North  York) 

Pearl  A  &  Co,  130  Liberty  e 

St  Regis  Consolidated  Packaging  Ltd,  100  University 

Transparent  Bag  Specialties,  3  Boultbee  av 
Trojan  Manufacturing  Ltd,  30  Tangiers  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Union  Carbide  Canada  Ltd,  (Polyethelene  Bag  Div),  14 
Dorchester  av  (Etob) 

Vizo-Bag  Limited,  45  Wingold  av  (Nth  Y) 


Beverand  Bag  &  Burlap,  (rear)  49  Sheffield  av  (Nth 

Bonar  Thomas  Co  (Canada)  Ltd,  100  Paton  rd 
Burlap  Bag  Products  Ltd,  251-253  College 
Central  Bag  &  Burlap  Co,  109  Chestnut 
Eisen  H  Bag  Co  Ltd  The,  251-253  College 
Mel's  Bag  Supply  Ltd,  367  Sorauren  av 
Obelnycki  Jos,  88  Westminster  av 
Toronto  Bag  &  Burlap  Co,  (rear)  34  D'Arcy  and  9 

Western  Bag  &  Burlap  Co,  87  Front  e 
York  Bag  Co  Ltd,  3581  Dundas  w  (York  Twp) 


Burstein  Bag  Co,  2393  Dundas  w 
Campbell  Bag  Supply  Co,  13-15  Jarvis 


See  Trunks  and  Bags,  also  Leather  Goods 


A  J  Bailiffs  Co,  70  College 
Acme  Bailiffs  •&  Liquidators,  62  Richmond  w 
Adanac  Bailiff  &  Auctioneers  Ltd,  324A  Eglinton  av 

Associated  Bailiffs  &  Co,  170  Ossington  av 
Automobile  Recovery  Bureau,  1575  Bloor  w 
Commercial  Administrators  (Toronto)  Ltd  6  Adelaide  e 
Hanna-Anderson  Bailiff  Co  Ltd,  85  Richmond  w 
Harker  &  Co,  1575  Bloor  w 
Kay  Bailiff  &  Adjustment  Ltd,  842  Danforth  av 
Laidlaw  Bailiff  Service,  62  Richmond  w 
Lawrence  Bailiffs  Ltd,  4789  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 

Provincial  Bailiffs,  6  Adelaide  e 
Toronto  Adjusters,  62  Richmond  w 
Universal  Bailiff  Service,  2283  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Ward  M  &  Co  Ltd,  3435  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 


Suite  520,  85  Richmond  Street  West,  Phones 

Woods  E  W  &  Co  Ltd,  26  Queen  e 


Berrie's  Bait  Store,  4565  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Conroy  Live  Bait,  (rear)  39  Gladstone  av 
Feurstein  Paul,  47  Helena  av 
Humber  Valley  Live  Bait,  2657  Dundas  w 
Jonathan  Live  Bait,  298  Seaton 
National  Bait  Co,  18  Croft 

Weston  Bait  Company  Ltd,  3465  Dundas  w  (York 

York  Baits  Regd,  915  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 


A  A  Bakery,  602  Yonge 

Acme  Bakery,  305V2  Pape  av 

Adison's  Bakery,  32  Advance  rd  (Etob) 

Agrigento  Bakery,  1279  Bloor  w 
Albion  Bakery,  1042  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Alexander's  Cake  Studio,  1758  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Allen's  Bakery,  1077  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Amjarv  A  Sweets  Ltd,  131  Bloor  w 
Annette  Bakery,  45  Algie  av  (Etob) 

Annette  'Bakery  &  Delicatessen,  517  Annette 
Arlington  Scotch  Bakery,  770  St  Clair  av  w 
Astoria  Bakery,  865  Bloor  w  and  452  Danforth  av 
Atlas  Bakery,  808  St  Clair  av  w 
Bagel  Bar  The,  874  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Bagel  K'ing,  3519  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Bagel  King  (Yorkdale)  Ltd,  J15  Yorkdale  Shopping 
Centre,  e  s  Dufferin  before  Hwy  401  (Nth  Y) 
Bagel  World  Bakery,  336  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Baird  John  Bakery,  2141  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Baird  Scottish  Bakery,  1286  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Bake  Sho.p,  1172  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Bake  Shop,  The,  1982  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Bake  Shop  The,  44  Wellesworth  dr  (Etob) 
Baker-Guennel,  3533  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar)  and  n  s 
Eglinton  sq  (Scar) 

Baker  Guennel  Co,  120  Barbados  blvd  (Scar) 

Bakery  Bargain  Store,  382  Parliament 
Bakery  Clearance  Centre,  1522  Dupont 
Bakery  Clearance  Centre,  878  Queen  w 
Bakery  Thrift  Shop,  1298  Bloor  w,  652  Dupont  and 
244  Carlton 

Bari  Pasticceria,  920  Danforth  av 
Beaver  Bread  Co  Ltd,  103  Lightbourn  av 
Bell-Noil  Woman's  Bakery  (1963)  Ltd,  67  Walker  av 
Bellwoods  Pastry  Co  Ltd,  13  Jutland  rd  (Etob) 
Berry  Road  Bakery,  232  Berry  rd  (Etob) 

Better  Bakers,  370  College 

Blue  Bird  Bakery,  14  Eglinton  sq  (Scar) 

Blue  Bonnet  Bakery,  984  Kingston  rd 
Bond's  Bakery,  489  Parliament  and  IO86V2  Queen  w 
Borden's  Baketeria  &  Delicatessen,  3853  Bloor  w 

Brighton  Bakery,  2584  Danforth  av 
Brown's  Bread  Ltd,  462-470  Eastern  av 
Brown's  Bread  Ltd  (Mimico  Br),  925  The  Queensway 

Bruce's  Bakery,  1277  York  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Buck's  Pastry,  333  Danforth  av 

Budapest  Bakery,  169-171  Brunswick  av 

Burke's  Scottish  Bakery,  1156  Danforth  av 

But  "N"  Ben  Scottish  Bakery,  619  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Butter  Gem  Bakery  Ltd,  704  Lansdowne  av 

COB  Bakery,  2689  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Cake  Fair,  287  Coxwell  av 

Cake  Master  Ltd,  116  Bloor  w 

Camarra's  Pastries,  2879  Dufferin  (Nth  York) 


21  Vincent,  Phone  534-7941,  1478-1490  Bloor 
West,  Phone  534-7941,  196  Bartley  Drive,  Phone 

Canadian  Home  Made  Jelly  Doughnuts  Co,  335  King  w 
Canadian  Style  Donuts,  3473-3475  Lake  Shore  blvd 
west  (Long  B) 

Capri  Bakery,  1617  Dupont 

Capri  Pizzeria,  825  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 

Carmel  Bakery,  658V2  Bloor  w  and  3856  Bathurst 
(Nth  Y) 

Caradoc  Cookie  Co,  123  Wendell  av  (Nth  Y) 

Carousel  The,  11  St  Lawrence  Mkt 
Ceniti  Home  Bakeries,  108  Clinton 
Central  Bakery,  130  Cawthra  av 
Chase's  Bakery,  858  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Chicchi  D'Oro  Bakery,  138-140  Ossington  av 
Christie  Brown  &  Co,  Ltd,  2150  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 

Christie's  Bread  (Div  of  Nabisco  Ltd),  130  Manville 
road  (Scar)  and  2150  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Etob) 
Cliffside  Bakery,  2292  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Cohen's  Bakery,  1348  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H)  and  3776 
Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Colosseo  Bakery,  872  Bloor  w 

Commisso  Bros  &  Racco  Italian  Bakery,  8  Kincort 
(York  Township) 

Consolidated  Bakeries  of  Can  Ltd,  555  King  w 
Consumers  Bakey,  547  Danforth  av 
Continental  Bakery,  202  Augusta  av  and  3543  Bathurst 
(North  York) 

Cookie  Jar  The,  1962  Queen  e 

Country  Style  Donuts,  2075  Lawrence  av  w  (Wstn) 
2115  Yonge,  2929  Danforth  av  and  4850  Dundas 
west  (Etob)  and  939  Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Cowan's  Bakery,  470  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

Crawford  Wm  &  Sons  Ltd,  12  Richmond  e 
Cress  Pastry,  235  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

Crupi  Bros  Bakery,  840  Dundas  w 

Dad's  Cookie  Co  (Ont)  Ltd,  940  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Danish  Bakery,  507  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 

Danish  Home  Bakery,  2887  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Danish  Pastry  Shop,  1017  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Danish  Patisserie,  385  Jane 

David  Biscuits  (Ont  Div),  110  Tycos  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Daw's  Bakery,  2032  Queen  e 

Be  s 


De  Jong's  Bakery,  483  Church 
Del's  Pastries,  131  Lappin  av 

Deluxe  Bagel  &  Bread  Bakery,  824  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth 

Dempsters  Bread  Ltd,  2  Fraser  av 
Diana  Sweets  Hostess  Shop,  409  Bloor  e 
Dolman's  Kosher  Bakery,  4132  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Dolomiti  Bakery,  1348  St  Clair  av  w 
Dominion  Bakery,  1658  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Donlands  Bakery  &  Delicatessen,  411  Donlands  dr 
(East  York) 

Donut  House  Co  Ltd,  762-764  Queen  w 
Dots  Pies,  1327  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Dovercourt  Bakery  &  Delicatessen,  987  Bloor  w 
Dutch  Swiss  Home  Bakery,  4154  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Edna's  Food  Shop,  968  Bathurst 

Egon's  Danish  Bakery,  255  Morningside  av  (Scar) 

El lenzweig  Bakery  Ltd,  1040  Martin  Grove  rd  (Etob) 
Elliott's  Bakery  Ltd.  399  Evans  av  (Etob) 

Esto  Bakery  Ltd,  136  Sears 

Family  Bakery,  346  Wilson  av  ^Nth  York) 

Famous  Pastries,  628  Bloor  w 
Famous  Pastries,  2885  Dundas  w 
Finchhurst  Bakery,  4917  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Forzley's  Oriental  Bakery,  3612  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Freddie's  Do-Nuts,  5116  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Freimann's  Pastry,  rear  1244  Bloor  w 
Freimann's  Pastry,  140  Yonge 
Freimann's  Pastry  Co  Ltd,  31  Bloor  e 
Freimann's  Pastry  &  Delicatessen,  1244  Bloor  w 
Fren'Dor  Bakery,  1084  St  Clair  av  w 
Future  Bakery,  739  Queen  w 

Gainsborough  Kitchens,  120  Eglinton  av  e,  3344  Yonge, 
137  Yonge,  2650A  Eglinton  av  e,  3003  Danforth 
av  (E  Y),  812  Yorkdale  Shopping  Centre,  e  s 
Dufferin  before  Highway  401  (Nth  Y)  and  939 
■Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

General  Bakeries  Ltd,  21  Carr  and  170  The  Donway 
west  (Nth  Y) 

Gerda's  Pastry  &  Delicatessen,  415  The  Westway 

Gerrard  Bake  Shop,  1021  Gerrard  e 
G  i  I  do's  Bakery,  859  Jane  (York  Twp) 

Glen  Agar  Bakery,  50  Firwood  cres  (Etob) 

Glen  Stewart  Pastry,  623  Kingston  rd 
Goetze  Home  Bakery,  946  Kingston  rd 
Golden  Harvest  Bakery,  356  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Gor-Kae  Made  Products,  1508  Keele  (York  Twp) 
Gourmet's  Pattisserie,  466  Eglinton  av  w 
Grand-Bakery,  1801  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Greenwood  Bakery,  1281  Gerrard  e 
Guennel  Guenther,  2621  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Harbord  Bakery,  113-115  Harbord  and  3007  Bathurst 
(North  York) 

Harding's  Bakery,  2285  Bloor  w 
Harry's  Bakery  &  Delicatessen,  1058  Wilson  av  (Nth 

Health  Bread,  850  Dufferin 

Health  Bread  Bakery  Ltd,  Bathurst  Shopping  Centre 
(North  York) 

Heidmann's  Homemade  Bread  Ltd,  (rear)  741  Palm¬ 
erston  av 

Heinz  Bakery,  1611  Dupont 

Henri's  Pastry  Shop,  5084  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Henrietta  Shoppe.  2311  Bloor  w 

Herb's  Bakery  &  Delicatessen,  956  Brimorton  dr 

Herme's  Bakery,  924  St  Clair  av  w,  2885  Bathurst 
(North  York),  642  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  York), 
and  515  Yonge 

Hillside  Bakery  &  Delicatessen,  2851  Lawrence  av  e 

Hole-in-One  Donut  Ontario  Ltd,  103  Milvan  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Hoi  land ia  Bakery,  2009  Yonge 
Home  Bakery  &  Appetizer  (br),  440  Bloor  w 
Home  Bread  Bakery  Ltd,  404  Spadina  av 
Hometown  Bakery  Ltd,  164  Kane  av  (York  Twp) 

Honey  Flavour  Pies  Co,  551  Eastern  av 
Humber  Valiev  Bread  51  Juliet  cres  (York  Twp) 

Hunt's  Ltd  (Division  of  Canadian  Food  Products  Ltd),  67 
WalkeF  av  (For  list  of  branches  see  Alphabetical 

Hunt's  Pastries,  135  Yonge 
Iberica  Bakery,  209  Augusta  av 
Ideal  Knishe  Co,  768A  St  Clair  av  w 
Ingemar's  Pastry  Shop,  2055  Yonge 
Irene's  Bakery  &  Delicatessen,  1369  Wilson  av  (Nth 

Isabella  Pasticceria  Bakery,  680  Bloor  w 
Italian  Home  Bakery,  118-120  Claremont 
Italo  Canadian  Bakery,  1196  Bloor  w 
Jill's  Bakery  &  Grocery,  3327  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

John  &  Milans  Home  Bakery,  2284  Kingston  rd 

John's  Home  Bakery,  1933  Gerrard  e 
Johnston's  Steak  Pies,  398  Queen  e 
Karasek  Bakery,  1278  Queen  w 
Kern's  Pastry,  855  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 

King  Bakery,  932  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

King  Dcnut  Plaza,  2896  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Kinghorn's  Quality  Bakery,  631  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Kingston  Bakery,  96  Carlaw  av 
Konigsberg  Bakery,  3300  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Lake  Shore  Bakery  Ltd,  3043  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New 

Lamont's  Bakery,  826  Danforth  av 
Lapp's  Bakery,  955  Kingston  rd 
La  Rinascente  Bakery  Ltd,  1870  Danforth  av 
Lawrence  Bakery,  1800  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Leon's  Bakery,  228  Gledhill  civ  (E  Y) 

Leon's  Bakery,  371  Roncesvalles  av 
Linda's  Bakery  &  Delicatessen,  890  Wilson  av  (Nth 

Linse's  Home  Bakery-Delicatessen,  2179  Lawrence  av  e 

Lisbon  Bakery,  287-289  Augusta  av 
Lisbon  Bakery,  60  Oxford 

Little  Home  Bakery  The,  1774A  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Little  Pie  Shoppe,  2568  Yonge 
Lorraine's  Bake  Shop,  800  St  Clair  av  w 
Lottman's  Imperial  Bakery  Ltd,  181  Baldwin,  2347 
Eglinton  av  e  (Scar),  3787  Bathurst  (Nth  Y), 
3515  Lake  Shore  blvd  west  (Long  B),  2262  Keele 
(Nth  Y),  564  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y)  and  883 
Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Louis  Bakery,  1098  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H> 

Louis  Bakery,  221  Wilmington  av  (Nth  Y) 

Louis  Bakery  (Bayview)  Ltd,  2901  Bayview  av  (Nth  Y) 

Ma's  Bakery,  410  Dundas  e 

MacDonald  Wm  &  Sons  Ltd,  12  Richmond  e 

Macdonald's  Bakery,  868  Danforth  av 

MacDougall  Bake  Shop  Ltd,  35  Etobicoke  dr  (Etob) 

MacFarlane  Lang  &  Co  Ltd,  12  Richmond  e 

MacNeill's  Bakery,  2564  Danforth  av 

Magic  Oven,  7  Parnell  av  (Scar) 

Mammy's  Bread  Ltd,  555  King  w 
Manning  Biscuit  Co  of  Can  Ltd,  45  Torbarrle  rd 
(North  York) 

Manor  Bakery,  515  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Mansion  House  Products  Ltd,  23  Malley  rd  (Scar) 
Maple  Leaf  Bakery  Ltd,  1149  Davenport  rd 
Margaret's  Bakery  &  Delicatessen,  1424  Queen  w 
Margo  Bakery,  2850  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Margo  Cake  Shop,  371  Eglinton  av  w 
Marjory's  Bakery,  1619  &  2021  Eglinton  av  w  (York 
Twp),  1856  Keele  (York  Twp)  and  2770  Keele 
(North  York) 

Marrello's  Pastry  Shop,  822  Wilson  (Nth  Y) 

Mascott  Bakery,  568  Yonge 

Master  Chef  Fine  Food,  345  Midwest  rd  (Scar) 

May's  Cake  Shop,  1027  Kingston  rd 
McBride's  Bakery,  3184  Yonge 

McCall's  Cake  &  Pastry  Shop,  3864  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
McCormick's  Ltd,  1841  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

McFarlane's  Bakery,  718  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
McQuaide's  Hygrade  Ltd,  30  Milford  av  (Nth  Y) 
Meri's  Cake  Shop,  2338  Bloor  w 
Metro  Bakery  &  Variety  Shop,  706  Bloor  w 

Metropolitan  Bakery,  (rear)  160  Galt  av 
Micaelense  Home  Bakery,  319  Augusta  av 
Midtown  Bakery,  586  Bloor  w 
Milne's  Cake  Shop,  221  Roncesvalles  av 
Mimico  Bakery  The,  59  Hay  av  (Mim) 

Mister  Donut,  2109  Jane  (Nth  Y)  and  27  Ellesmere 
rd  (Scar) 

Mixing  Bowl  The,  786  Broadview  av 
Modern  Bakers,  2623  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Modern  Italitan  Bakery,  2  Nairn  av 

Mona  Lisa  Pizzeria,  2956  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Montmarte  Bakery,  105  Midwest  rd  (Scar) 

Mother's  Bakery,  650  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Mount  Dennis  Bakery,  1027  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Napoli  Bakery,  812  College 

New  Health  Bread  Bakery  Ltd,  630  and  634  College 
(For  list  of  branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 
Niepage's  Bakery,  77  Thirty-Second  (Long  B) 

Nolte's  Bakery,  1304  King  w 
North  Pole  Bakery,  1210  Danforth  av 
Ogino  Food  Processing,  (rear)  125  River 
Old  Vienna  Pastry  Shop,  1219  Dundas  w 
Olympia  Bakery,  (rear)  779  Dundas  w 
Olympic  Bakery,  13  Denison  av 
Ontario  Bread  Co  Ltd,  178  Ossington  av 
Open  Window  Bakery  Ltd,  3459  and  3507  Bathurst 
(North  York),  2910  Dundas  w,  38  Marlee  av 
(North  York),  336  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y)  and  1500 
Royal  York  rd  (Etob),  4949  Bathurst  (Nth  Y), 
2223  Jane  (Nth  York)  and  1125  Finch  av  w  (Nth 

Palermo  Bakery,  363A  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp)  and 
1656  St  Clair  av  w 
Palm  Bakery,  382  College 
Pane  Vittoria  Bakery  Co  Ltd,  785  Dundas  w 
Parisian  Bakery,  208  Wellesley  e 
Parkway  Bakers,  290  Queen  w 
Party  Cake  Bakery,  653  McCowan  rd  (Scar) 

Pastry  Chef,  2202  Bloor  w 
Patisserie  Alfred,  282  Eglinton  av  w 
Patisserie  Francaise  Ltd,  1423  Yonge,  2910  Bloor  w 
(Etob),  1661  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Patisserie  Parisienne,  2438  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Patty  Cake  Shops,  1665  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 

Peek  Frean  (Canada)  Ltd,  1200  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Peg's  Bakery,  113  Danforth  av 

Peoples  Thrifty  Bakery,  331  Queen  w 

Perlmutar's  Bakery,  175  Baldwin 

Petit  Paris  Cake  &  Coffee  Shop,  2384  Bloor  w 

Phipps  Bakery,  3468  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Phyll's,  4410  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Pinkerton's  Bakery,  813  Brimley  rd  (Scar) 

Pizza  King,  332  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Plaza  Bakery,  1361  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Polish  National  Bakery,  1550  Queen  w 
Polish  National  Bakery,  2280  Bloor  w 
Polish  National  Bakery,  175  Roncesvalles  av 
Portuguese  Bakery  Co,  606  Dundas  w 
Price  home  Bakery,  1950  Danforth  av 
Primo  Biscuit  Co,  56  Huxley  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Primrose  Baking  Co  Ltd,  2101-2105  Dundas  w  and 
246  Parliament 

Progress  Bakery,  996  Dovercourt  rd 
Queen's  Bakery,  1284-6  Queen  e 
Raymer's  Bakery,  2159  Danforth  av 
Real  Bakery,  83  Blake 

Red  Balloon  Bakery  &  Ice  Cream  Parlour  Ltd,  The, 
65  Humbertown  Centre  (Etob) 

Red  Rose  Delicatessen  &  Bake  Shop,  609  Oakwood  av 
(York  Twp) 

Richman's  Bakery  &  Appetizer,  4119  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Rist  Bakery  &  Delicatessen,  281  Danforth  av 
Roma  Bakery,  671  College 

Roncesvalles  Bakery  &  Appetizers,  173  Roncesvalles 

Rooneem'e  Bakery  &  Delicatessen,  484  Queen  w  and 
2220A  Queen  e 

Rowntree  Baking  Co,  546  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

Royal  Patisserie,  732  St  Clair  av  w 
Rudolph's  Specialty  Bakeries  Ltd,  390  Alliance  av 
(York  Township) 

St.  Francesco  Bakery,  1410  Danforth  av 
Savoy  Bakery,  1392  Danforth  av 
Scandia  Bakeries  Ltd,  385  Jane 
Schofield's  Home  Bakery,  2843  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Shamrock  Home  Bakery,  3671  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long 

Sherman's  Bakery,  38  Baldwin 

Sherman's  St  Clair  Bakery,  1123  St  Clair  av  w 

Short's  Bakery,  46  Winchester 

Short's  Bakery,  457  Parliament 

Sicilia  Bakery,  784  College 

Sicilia  Bakery,  1185  St  Clair  av  w 

Sicilia  Bakery  Co  Ltd,  1720  Jane  (Wstn) 

Sieverling's  Bakery,  642  Danforth  av 
Silver  Clair  Bakery,  1744  St  Clair  av  w  and  2992 
Dundas  w 

Silverman's  Bakery,  2827  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Silverstein's  Bakery  Ltd,  193-197  McCaul 
Silvio's  Bakery,  1269  St  Clair  av  w 
Sky's  Bakery,  3435  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Smily's  Bakery  &  Delicatessen,  3476  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Sorrento  Bakery,  464  Danforth  av 

Sovereign  Fine  Cookies,  679  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Sunbeam  Bread,  610  Dupont 

Sunchase  Bakeries  Ltd,  370 V2  College 

Suomi  Bakery,  3220  Yonge 

Suomi  Bakery  &  Delicatessen,  2993  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Superior  Bakery,  73  Marlee  av  (Nth  Y) 

Surplus  Bakery  Products,  217  Parliament 
Swiss  Cake  &  Coffee  Shop,  2372  Bloor  w 
Swiss  Patisserie,  1662  Victoria  Park  av  (Nth  Y) 
Taormina  Bakery,  3056  Dundas  w  and  2522  Jane  (Nth 

Tasty  Bagel  Bakery  Co  Ltd,  557-559  Dundas  w 
Thistle  Bakery,  1193  Brimley  rd  (Scar) 

Thorpe's  Pork  Pies,  113  Boultbee  av 

Toscana  Bakery,  1984  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

'ire  Mari  Bakery,  1311  St  Clair  av  w 
Trent  Valley  Baking  Co  Ltd,  555  King  w 
Trethewey  Cake  Shop,  612  Trethewey  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Unique  Bakery  Co  Ltd,  505  Eastern  av 

United  Bakers,  The,  338  Spadina  av 

Vachon  Cakes  Incorporated,  80  Crockford  blvd  (Scar) 

Variety  Bakery,  1055  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Venezia  Bakery,  114  Ossington  av 

Vesuvio  Bakery,  576  College 

Vic's  Bakery,  5  Thirty-Ninth  (Long  B) 

Victor's  French  Pastry,  616  Bloor  w 
Vienna  Home  Bakery,  532  Eglinton  av  w,  2432  Bloor 
west,  609  Mt  Pleasant  rd  and  626  Queen  w 
Viking  Bakery  Inc,  231  Maria 

Walker's  Food  Service  Ltd,  1130  Martin  Grove  rd 

Wedding  Cake  Enterprise,  282  Parliament 
Weiszner's  Bagel  Bakery  &  Coffee  Shop,  3331  Bath¬ 
urst  (Nth  Y) 

Weston  Bakeries  Ltd,  610  Dupont,  1070  Pape  av  (E  Y), 
and  100  University  av 

Weston  Geo  Ltd,  25  King  w,  329  Geary  av,  134 
Peter  and  3107  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Williams  Bakery,  59  Ossington  av 
Willstrop  Bakery,  188  Avenue  rd 
Willstrop  Crumpets,  166  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Windsor  Home  Bakery,  155  Main 
Windsor  Pastry  Shoppe,  1566  Dundas  w 
Woman's  Bakery,  65  Walker  av  (For  list  of  branches 
see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Wonder  Bakeries  Ltd  (Hd  Off),  555  King  w  (For  list  of 
branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 


266  Royal  York  Road  (Mimico)  Phone  362-5392 
Executive  Offices:  555  King  Street  West,  Phone 

Woodbine  Bakery,  1566  Queen  e 


(See  also  Confectioners'  Supplies,  also 
Grocers'  Sundries) 

Alkron  Agencies,  154  Bathurst 

Brokay  of  Canada  Ltd,  2424  Finch  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Commonwealth  Food  Co,  47  Camden 

Confectioners  Machinery  Co,  26  Taber  rd  (Etob) 

Griffith  Laboratories  Ltd  The,  757  Pharmacy  av  (Scar) 

Gumpert  S  Co  of  Can  Ltd,  27-31  Brock  av 

Hol'n  One  Donut  (Ont)  Ltd,  103  Milvan  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Ottens  Mfg  Co  The,  3  Jarvis 

Pendrith  Machinery  Ltd,  775  King  w 

Rees  Geo  E  Ltd,  265  Adelaide  w 

Sperry  D  L  Sales  Co,  3605  Dundas  w  (York  Twp) 

Wilson  G  D  Co,  555  Davenport  rd 


Diversified  Research  &  Sales  Limited,  3456  Yonge 


See  bearings — Ball  and  Roller— Mfrs. 


Alter  Murray  and  Orchestra,  44  Fairleigh  cres  (Fst  H) 
Armitage  Gus,  23  Ivordale  cres 
Bogart  Frank  Orchestra,  840  Eglinton  av  w 
48th  Highlanders  of  Canada  Band,  Captain  Donald  Keel¬ 
ing,  bandmaster,  134  Eastbourne  av 
48th  Highlanders  of  Canada  Pipe  Band,  Pipe  Major 
Archie  Dewar,  28  Lippincott  w  (Weston) 

411  (F)  Sqdn  RCAF  (A)  Band,  Flying  Officer  Bernard 
H  Clark  (Director  of  Music),  1107  Avenue  rd, 
Toronto  12 

Ginsberg  Murray  Orchestra,  86  Laurelcrest  av  (Nth  Y) 
The  (  Governor-General's  Horse  Guards  Band,  Lieut  G  F 
Fitzgerald,  474  Merton 
Graf  Ed,  344  Jarvis 

HMCS  York  Band,  Lieut  Robt  H  Plunkett,  54  Antioch 
dr,  Islington 

King  Geo  Entertainment  Service,  404  Huron 

Lindon  Johnny,  22  Glenellen  dr  e 

Louis  Benny,  5  Lady  York  av  (Downsview) 

MacPherson  Ian,  21  Boxwood  rd  (Etob) 

McLintock  Ellis  Orchestra,  5  Cheviot  pi  (Etob) 

Moss  Len  Trio  &  Orchestra,  17  Finehurst  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Originals'  Club  Band,  Lieut  John  D  Wilson,  114  Ran¬ 
dolph  rd,  Toronto  17 
Perkins  Johnny,  82  Duplex  av 
Posen  Curly  S  &  His  Orchestra,  21  Dundas  sq 
Queen's  Own  Rifles  Band,  W  T  Atkins  bandmaster,  301, 
3110  Yonge 

Queen's  York  Rangers  Regiment,  A  J  Robbins,  9  Ash- 
grove  pi 

Royal  Canadian  Army  Service  Corps  Band,  Lieut  Earl 
Roy  Simard,  19  Wythenshawe  Wood  (Scar) 

The  Royal  Regiment  of  Canada  Band,  Lieut  Stanley  H 
Clark,  14  Kingscross  sq,  Islington 
Silver  Sam  &  Orchestra,  588  Cattlef-eld  av 
Simmons  Paul,  125  Dupont 
Snider  Art,  1356  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Sniderman  Bill,  908  Avenue  rd 
Sons  of  The  Saddle,  20A  Ashdale  av 
The  Toronto  Garrison  Artillery  Band,  Capt  Maurice  M 
Dunmall,  5,  288  Lauder  av 

Toronto  Scottish  Pipe  Band,  Pipe  Major,  John  Wakefield, 
158  Elmhurst  dr,  Rexdale,  Ont. 

Toronto  Sympnony  Orchestra,  178  Victoria 


(See  Engravers  —  Card) 


Bank  of  Canada  (Toronto  Agency),  250  University  av 



50  King  Street  West,  Phone  366-6941  (For 
list  of  Branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 


44  King  Street  West,  Phone  866-6161 
(For  list  of  branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 
Bank  of  Tokyo  Ltd,  The,  4  King  w 
Canadian-Imperial  Bank  of  Commerce,  25  King  w  (For 
list  of  Branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 
Mercantile  Bank  of  Canada  The,  210  Bay 
National  Canadian  Bank,  The,  1  King  e 
Province  of  Ontario  Savings  Office,  Parliament  Bldgs, 
Queen's  Park  (For  list  of  Branches  see  Alpha¬ 
betical  Section) 

Provincial  Bank  of  Canada,  112  King  w 


20  King  Street  West,  Phone  367-5151 

(For  list  of  Branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 


Head  Office,  Corner  King  and  'Bay,  Phone 
366-9141  (For  list  of  Branches  see  Alphabetical 


G  B  S  Barbecues  Ltd,  1  Halifax  (Nth  Y) 

Hong  Fatt,  171  Dundas  w 


Aro  Lady  of  Canada,  145  Church 
Bathurst  Designs,  1354  Bathurst 
Bathurst  Sales  'Ltd,  1373  Bathurst 
Bonat  of  Canada  Ltd,  10  Plastics  av  (Etob) 

C.  B.  C.  Beauty  Agencies  Ltd,  10  Elm 
Charlescraft  Corp  Ltd,  421  Islington  av  s  (Etob) 
Chemart  Ltd,  1570  Midland  av  (Scar) 

Connors  J  J  Barber  Supplies,  771-773  Yonge 
Dominion  Beauty  Supplies  Ltd,  1028  Bloor  w 
Helene  Curtis  Ltd,  296  Richmond  w 
Hiscott  Beauty  Supplies,  771-773  Yonge 
Hiscott  Thos  E  Ltd,  771-773  Yonge 
Larry's  Beauty  Supply  Ltd,  1125  Bloor  w 
Leader  Beauty  Supply  Co,  716  Yonge 
Monarch  Massage  Equipment  Ltd,  1580  Bayview  av 
Nestle-Le  Mur  Co  (Can)  Ltd,  980  Lawrence  av  w 
(North  York) 

Niagara  Cyclo  Massage  of  Toronto  Ltd,  1580  Bayview 

Noramerica  Glamouraids  Ltd,  450A  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Radiant  Beauty  Supplies  Ltd,  1356  Bathurst 
Reinholdt  John  Barber  Supplies,  8  Penzance  dr  (Scar) 
Rex  Beauty  Supply,  35  Glen  Ames 
Rilling-Wahl  Co,  80  Orfus  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Salon  Sales  &  Service  Ltd,  282  Davenport  rd 
Silhouette  Products  Ltd,  282  Davenport  rd 

Swenson  &  Son  Ltd,  80  Orfus  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Toronto  Barber  &  Beauty  Supply  Ltd,  108-110  Dundas 

United  Beauty  Supply  Tor  Ltd,  3284-3286  Yonge 
Vincent  &  Tony  Beauty  Supplies,  716  Yonge 
Wahl  Manufacturing  Co  (Clippers)  80  Orfus  rd  (Nth 

Williams  Larry  Beauty  Supplies  Ltd,  2223  Dundas  w 


A  &  Z  Barber  Shop,  399  Eglinton  av  e 
Absrnethy  Herbert  S,  4  Lawlor  av 
Adams  Barber  Shop,  867  Jane  (York  Twp) 

Adolf's  Barber  Shop,  283  Roncesvalles  av 

Advance  Barber  Shop,  1612  Bloor  w 

Al's  Barber  Shop,  1474  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Al's  Barber  Shop,  176  Queen  w 

Al's  Regent  Park  Barber  Shop,  296A  Gerrard  e 

Albert's  Barber  Shop,  1982  Bloor  w 

Albion  Mall  Barber  Shop,  1530  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Alderwood  Barbers,  273  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 

Aldo's  Barber  Shop,  234  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Alex  Barber  Shop,  1293  Gerrard  e 

Alex's  Barber  Shop,  2266  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Alex's  Barber  Shop,  1048  Gerrard  e 
Alex's  Barber  Shop,  853  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Alexander  Barber  Shop,  792  Carlaw  av 
Amato's  Barber  Shop,  1034  Coxwell  av 
Amerigo  Calisto,  381  Arlington  av  (York  Twp) 

Amedeo  Barber  Shop,  1363A  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
And-ews  Barber  Shop,  387  Church 
Andy  &  Tony,  1798  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Andy's  Barber  Shop,  914  Wilson  av  ON th  Y) 

Angelo's  Barber  Shop,  935  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Angelo's  Barber  Shop,  578  St  Clair  av  w 
Angelo's  Barber  Shop  &  Hairstyling,  503  Danforth  av 
Antanavicius  Barber  Shop,  2003  Dundas  w 
Anthony's  Barber  Shop,  862  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Aprea  Isidoro,  1128  Queen  w 

Arcade  Barber  Shop,  130  Bloor  w 

Arcade  Barber  Shop,  137  Yonge 

Archer's  Bob  Barber  Shop,  877  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Arena  Barber  Shop,  111  Carlton 

Armando's  Barber  Shop,  2033  Eglinton  av  w  (York  T) 
Arsenault  Gerald  G,  2945  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 
Art's  Barber  Shop,  2513  Danforth  av 
Artistic  Barber  Shop,  499  St  Clair  av  w 
Artistic  Barber  Shop,  2901  Bayview  av  (Nth  Y) 
Atkinson  &  Son  Barber  Shop,  336  Weston  rd  (York 

Aube  Eclid  J,  357  Bay 

Avenue  Barber  Shop  The,  182  Avenue  rd 

Avenue  Barber  Shop,  1698  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Avenue  Barber  Shop,  403  Spadina  av 
Avenue  Barber  Shop,  1673  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

B-A  Barber  Shop,  328  Spadina  av 

B  &  M  Barber  Shop,  178  Parliament 

Bagley  W  Weir,  1290  St  Clair  av  w 

Bainerman  Bros  Barber  Shop,  3426  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Baker  Bill,  80  Vaughan  rd 

Barber  Shop,  3517  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 
Bathurst  Manor  Barber  Shop,  221  Wilmington  av  (Nth 

Bathurst  Village  Barber  Shop,  Bathurst  Village  Shop¬ 
ping  Centre,  w  s  Bathurst 
Bauer  Karl  L,  1520  Dupont 
Bayview  Barber  Shop,  1551  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Beach  Barber  Shop,  2304  Queen  e 

Beacom  Christopher,  834  Yonge 

Bell's  Barber  Shop,  2855  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 

Belle  Barber  Shop,  1707  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 

Benedetto  Anthony,  738  Yonge 

Benny's  Barber  Shop,  886  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Benny's  Barber  Shop,  2020  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Benny's  Hair  Styling,  283  College 

Bentley  Archd  F,  IIV2  Queen  e 

Beresford  Barber  Shop,  255  Beresford  av 

Bernard's  Barber  Shop,  3413  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Bernie's  Barber  Shop,  659  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Bernie's  Barber  Shop,  5  Salem  av 

Berry  John,  94  Queen  e 

Bert's  Barber  Shop,  1692  Danforth  av 

Bert's  Barber  Shop,  4  Keewatin  av 

Bertucci  Barber  Shop,  299  Harbord 

Bill's  Barber  Shop,  3  Brunswick  av 

Bill's  Barber  Shop,  1078  Danforth  av 

Bill's  Barber  Shop,  3102  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Bill's  Barber  Shop,  414  Horner  av  (Etob) 

Bill's  Barber  Shop,  467  St  Johns  rd  (York  Twp) 
Bill's  Barber  Shop,  3249  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 
Birchmount  Barber  Shop,  1515  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 
Blake's  Barber  Shop,  1269  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Bloor  Subway  Barber  Shop,  31  Bloor  e 
Bloorvale  Barber  Shop,  1558  Bloor  w 
Blue  Bird  Barber  Shop,  1875  Davenport  rd 
Bob's  Barber  Shop,  234  Greenwood  av 
Bob's  Barber  Shop,  390  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 
Bohoniuk  Harry,  1572  Dupont 
Bologh  Henry,  23  Lippincott 

Boulevard  Barber  Shop,  2383  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 
Bowman  George  D,  3847  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Brass  Brothers  Barber  Shop,  823  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst 

Briarcrest  Barber  Shop,  44  Wellesworth  dr  (Etob) 

Brimclair  Barber  Shop,  3750  St  Clair  av  e  (Scar) 

Brister  Wm  G,  49  Roncesvalles  av 

Broadview  Barber  Shop,  694  Queen  e 

Brock  Building  Barber  Shop,  198  Bay 

Brown  Jas,  217  Hallam 

Bruno's  'Barber  Shop,  1666  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Bruno's  Barber  Shop,  3224  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Bruno's  Barber  Shop  •&  Men's  Hairstyling,  509  Yonge 
Buckler's  Barber  Shop,  5  John  (Wstn) 

Bud's  Barber  Shop,  2835  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New 

Budd  Harold,  624  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Bukac^ewsky  Taras,  1370  Queen  w 
Butseff  Elia  N,  406  King  e 
Calabria  Barber  Shop,  1261A  St  Clair  av  w 
Calabria's  Barber  Shop,  50A  Clinton 
Calanchie  Nick,  642  Pape  av 
Calandra's  Barber  Shop,  2906  Danforth  av 
Campbell  Hugh,  6  Roxborough  w 
Campbell  James,  129  Victoria 
Canada  Square  Barber  Shop,  2200  Yonge 
Canadian  Pacific  Railway  Barber  Shop,  2297  St 
Clair  av  west 

Card i I lo  Barber  Shop,  1760A  Victoria  Park  av  (Nth  Y) 
Carino  John,  2353  Yonge 
Carino  Joseph,  1878  Danforth  av 
Carles  M  &  Son,  797  Queen  w 
Oarmello's  Barber  Shop,  218  Ossington  av 
Carmelos  Barber  Shop,  753A  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 
Carmen  &  Rocky  Barber  Shop,  (basement)  11  Adelaide 

Carter  Russell,  994  Dovercourt  rd 
Caruso  Barber  Shop,  1710  Jane  (Wstn) 

Cavoto's  Barber  Shop,  90  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 
Central  Barber  Shop,  129  Adelaide  w 
Chaply's  Morris  Barber  Shop,  122  Dundas  w 
Charles  Barber  Shop,  1843  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Charles  Barber  Shop,  1020  Queen  w 
Charles  Barber  Shop,  69  Marlee  av  (Nth  Y) 

Charles  Barber  Shop,  1652  St  Clair  av  w 

Chertos  Gus,  1528  Danforth  av 

Chiste  Joseph,  790  Bay 

Chuchmach  Nicolas,  197  Franklin  av 

Church-Bloor  Barber  Shop,  (basement)  649  Church 

City  Limits  Barber  Shop,  6  Yonge  blvd 

Ciufo  Philip,  110  Mimico  av  (Mim) 

Clairlea  Barber  Shop,  631  Pharmacy  av  (Scar) 

Classee  Barber  Shop,  1997  Yonge 
Cliff's  Barber  Shop,  3311  Lake  Shore  Blvd  w  (Long 

Cliffcrest  Barber  Shop,  2887  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Cliffside  Barber  Shop,  2249  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 


Page  17 

Clinton  Barber  Shop,  3b3Vz  Clinton 
Cloverdale  Barber  Shop,  35  Etobicoke  dr  (Etob) 
Colangelo  Barber  Shop,  2001  Danforth  a v 
Colantonio  Constanzo,  1089  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Colonnade  Barber  Shop,  131  Bloor  w 
Commerce  Barber  Shop,  (basement)  25  King  w 
Community  Barber  Shop,  305  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 

Como's  Barber  Shop,  1  Chelwood  rd  (Scar) 

Comrie  Colin  M,  823  Lansdowne  av 
Concord  Barber  Shop,  298  Concord  av 
Connie  &  Son  Barber  Shop,  661  Christie 
Continental  Barber  Shop,  364V2  Yonge 
Continental  Barber  Shop,  250  Wincott  dr  (Etob) 
Continental  Barber  Shop  •&  Men's  Hairstyling,  3296 
Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 

Corbett  W  Harold,  1607  Keele  (York  Twp) 

Cordi's  Barber  Shop,  1A  Sorauren  av 

Corrado's  Barber  Shop,  162  Bathurst 

Corvette  Plaza  Barber  Shop,  611  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Cosentino  Joe,  1234  College 

Cosimo's  Barber  Shop,  3092  Dundas  w 

Cosy  Parlour  Barber  Shop,  934  Queen  e 

Covelli  John,  7  Fairbank  av  (York  Twp) 

Cox  Albert  R,  1862  Davenport  rd 
Craft  Percy,  1181  Davenport  rd 
Crino's  Barber  Shop,  252  Dundas  e 
Crystal  Barber  Shop,  703  Queen  w 
Culp  Floyd  A,  200  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Dalby's  Barber  Shop,  465A  Bay 

D'Amelio  Barber  Shop,  696A  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Damm's  Barber  Shop,  55  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 

Damyanoff  Bogatin,  20  Eastern  av 

Dan's  Barber  Shop,  81  Queen  e 

Danforth  Barber,  2191  Danforth  av 

Danny  &  Joseph,  820  Danforth  av 

Danny's  Barber  Shop,  4  Coxwell  av 

Danny's  Barber  Shop,  4866  'Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Danny's  Barber  Shop,  797  St  Clair  av  w 

Danny's  Barber  Shop,  3425  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long 

Danny's  Barber  Shop,  1057  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Dave  &  Guido's  Barber  Shop,  3443  St  Clair  av  e 

Davey  Hedley,  883  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Deer  Park  Barber  Shop,  813  Yonge 
De  Luxe  Barber  Shop,  607  Queen  w 
Demarsico  John,  (basement)  600  University  av 
Denison  Barber  Shop,  551  Queen  w 
Dennis  Barber  Shop,  2083  Lawrence  av  w  (Wstn) 
Dernick  Michl,  2162  Queen  e 
De  Villers  Fred,  98  Waverley  rd 
Devlin  H  Roy,  1742  Jane  (Wstn) 

Di  Bacco's  Barber  Shop,  785  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Dick's  Barber  Shop,  134  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Di  Giacome  Domenico,  170  St  George 

Di  Santis  Lou  Barber  Shop,  69  Eglinton  av  e 

Di  Stasi  Michele,  13  Clinton 

Dmytryshyn  Nat,  244  Jane 

Domenic's  Barber  Shop,  1129  St  Clair  av  w 

Dominic's  Barber  Shop,  558  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

Don  &  Frank  Barber  Shop,  3790  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Don  Mills  Barber  Shop,  939  Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Don's  Barber  Shop,  1283  St  Clair  av  w 
Don's  Barber  Shop,  422  Spadina  av 
Donwood  Barber  Shop,  65  Underhill  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Doug's  Barber  Shop.  908V2  Kingston  rd 
Downsview  Barber  Shop,  1074  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Dufferin  Barber  Shop,  1690  Dufferin 
Duilio  Barber  Shop,  2189A  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 
Dundas  Barber  Shop,  756  Dundas  w 
Dupont  Barber  Shop,  637  Dupont 
Eakin's  Barber  Shop,  726  St  Clair  av  w 
Easson  Chas  S,  67  Yonge 

Eastown  Barber  Shop,  2676  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Ed's  Barber  Shop,  4  Crescent  rd 
Eddie's  Barber  Shop,  417  Spadina  av 
Eddie's  Barber  Shop,  3206  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 
Eduardo  Italian  Barber  Shop,  125  Monarch  Park  av 
Eglinton  Barber  Shop,  408  Eglinton  av  w 
Eglinton-Keele  Barber  Shop,  2607  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Elane  Barber  Shop,  2800  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Eleftherion  Jangtakes,  149B  Dundas  e 
Elmhurst  Barber  Shop,  1364  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 
Elvino  &  Peter's  Barber  Shop,  522  Oakwood  av  (York 

Emanuele's  Barber  Shop,  2981  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Empire  Barber  Shop,  404  Queen  e 

Enrico  Barber  Shop,  1346  St  Clair  av  w 

Enrico  Barber  Shop,  638  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Eric's  Barber  Shop,  (rear)  1169  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 

Ernie's  Barber  Shop,  1093  Bathurst 

Ernie's  Barber  Shop,  137  Wellington  w 

Ernst  David,  91  York 

Errington  Nathaniel,  2223  Gerrard  e 

Erwin's  Barber  Shop,  640  Yonge 

Esco  Manny,  724  Annette 

Etobicoke  Mall  Barber  Shop,  555  Burnhamthorpe  rd 

Eugene's  Barber  Shop,  68A  Third  (New  T) 

Europe  Barber  Shop,  718  Gerrard  e 

Evans  Barber  Shop,  532  Evans  av  (Etob) 

Excelsior  Barber  Shop,  (basement)  36  Toronto 

Falvo's  Barber  Shop,  2889  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Fazzolari  Joseph,  2489  iDuffer in  (York  Twp) 

Fechtner  Joseph,  3375  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 
Fedoruk  Sami,  333  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 

Felix  Barber  Shop,  457  Spadina  av 

Fernandes  Barber  Shop,  49  Dawes  rd 

Fiducia  Joseph,  1871  Gerrard  e 

Figaro's  Tonsorium  Academy,  777  Warden  av  (Scar) 

Filippelli  Enrico,  2477V2  Bloor  w  (Swan) 

Filippelli's  Barber  Shop,  1189  Brimley  rd  (Scar) 
Filleti  Rocco,  1033  College 
First  Class  Barber  Shop,  4  Craighurst  av 
First  Class  York  Barber  Shop,  1856A  Keele  (York 

Firtel  Joseph,  7 4-6  Bathurst 

Flemingdon  Park  Barber  Shop,  747  Don  Mills  rd 
(North  York) 

Fiorina  'Barber  Shop,  6  Donlands  av 
Floyd's  Barber  Shop,  457  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Folino's  Barber  Shop,  G3,  Yorkdale  Shopping  Centre 
e  s  Dufferin  before  Hwy  401  (Nth  Y) 

Foran's  Barber  Shop,  438  Dundas  e 
Ford  Hotel  Barber  Shop,  595  Bay 
Forest  Heights  Barber  Shop,  525  Eglinton  av  w 
(Forest  Hill) 

Forest  Hill  Barber  Shop,  408  Spadina  rd  (Fst  H) 
Forum  The,  882  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Franco  Barber  Shop,  2268  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Frank  &  Tony,  1468  Dundas  w 

Frank  &  Tony's  Barber  Shop,  2111  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Frank's  Barber  Shop,  2A  Asquith  av 

Frank's  Barber  Shop,  2045V2  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Frank's  Barber  Shop,  1320  Bloor  w 

Frank's  Barber  Shop,  695  College 

Frank's  Barber  Shop,  884  College 

Frank's  Barber  Shop,  1256  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Frank's  Barber  Shop,  70  Holland  Park  av  (York  Twp) 

Frank's  Barber  Shop,  356  Queen  e 

Frank's  Barber  Shop,  1024V2  Shaw 

Frank's  Barber  Shop,  61  Scarlett  rd  (York  Twp) 

Frank's  Barber  Shop,  830  Dundas  w 

Frank's  Barber  Shop,  2830  Dundas  w 

Frank's  Barber  Shop,  163  Gary  dr  (Nt'h  Y) 

Frank's  Barber  Shop,  491  Jones  av 
Frank's  Barber  Shop,  320  Old  Weston  rd 
Frank's  Barber  Shop,  3178  Yonge 
Frank's  Barber  Shop,  2  Follis  av 
Frank's  Barber  Shop,  9  Clintwood  Gate  (Nth  Y) 
Frank's  Barber  Shop,  188  Wallace  av 
Frank's  Barber  Shop,  304  Scott  rd  (York  Twp) 
Frank's  Barber  Shop,  1155  Davenport  rd 
Frank's  Barber  Shop,  322  Harbord 
Frank's  Barber  Shop  &  Beauty  Salon,  838  Danforth  rd 

Frank's  Men's  Hair  Styling,  1956  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Frank's  Razor  Barber  Shop,  439  Yonge 

Fred's  Barber  Shop,  2817  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Fred's  Barber  Shop,  1719  Bloor  w 
Fred's  Barber  Shop,  7  Brentwood  rd  n  (Etob) 

Fred's  Barber  Shop,  458  Dawes  rd  (E  Y) 

Fred's  Barber  Shop,  1632  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 
Fred's  Barber  Shop,  18  Mimico  av  (Mim) 

Fred's  Barber  Shop,  1921  Queen  e 
Fred's  Barber  Shop,  1124  Queen  e 
Fred's  Barber  &  Beauty  Salon,  2869  Kingston  rd 

Freddie's  Barber  Shop,  2785  Dundas  w 

Fredy  &  Fiumy  Barber  Shop,  2532  Keele  (Nth  York) 

Friendly  Barber  Shop,  533  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Gabriel's  Barber  Shop,  409  Yonge 
Gardiner's  Barber  Shop,  185  Roncesvalles  av 
Gear's  Barber  Shop,  1895  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Genova  Barber  Shop,  660  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Gentle  Barber  Shop,  12  College 

George  Barber  Shop,  499  Bloor  w 

George's  Barber  Shop,  2250B  Bloor  w 

George's  Barber  Shop,  521  Gilbert  av  (York  Twp) 

George's  Barber  Shop,  435  Ossington  av 

George's  Barber  Shop,  1032  Queen  e 

George's  Barber  Shop,  1153  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Gerrard  Barber  Shop,  238V2  Gerrard  e 

Gerry's  Barber  Shop,  112A  Anaconda  av  (Scar) 

Gerstein  Isadore,  322  College 

Gilbert's  Barber  Shop,  223  Rexleigh  dr  (E  Y) 

Gino  &  Frank  Barber  Shop,  4  Altas  av 
Giusti  Alfiero,  1  Oakwood  av 
Glenholme  Barber  Shop,  (rear)  120A  Glenholme  ov 
Glenn's  Barber  Shop,  2191  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Glover  Arthur  G,  2019  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Golden  Barber  Shop,  372 V2  College 

Golden  Gate  Barber  Shop,  1722  Eglinton  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Good  Friend  Barber  Shop,  131  Dundas  w 

Goodhand's  Barber  Shop,  428A  St  Clarens  av 

Graiham  Harvey  J,  301  Main 

Gray  John,  479  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 

Green  E  Chas,  8V2  Lombard 

Greenwin  Centre  Barber  Shop,  3478  Keele  (Nth  Y) 
Greenwood  Barber  Shop,  (rear)  1196  Danforth  av 
Gregory's  Barber  Shop,  2317  Bloor  w 
Gus  Barber  Shop,  1A  Will ingcfon  blvd  (Etob) 

Gus's  Barber  Shop,  3343  Bloor  (Etob) 

Haebe  Robert,  1099  Queen  e 
Hagan  John,  690  Jane  (York  Twp) 

Hal's  Barber  Shop,  142  O'Connor  dr  (€  Y) 

Hamilton's  Barber  Shop,  381  Donlands  av  (E  Y) 

Hans  Barber  Shop,  292  Dundas  w 

Hanson's  Colonial  Barber  Shop,  367  Church 

Harold's  Barber  Shop,  1914  Gerrard  e 

Harry's  Barber  Shop,  1091  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Harry's  Barber  Shop,  1048  Kingston  rd 

Harry's  Barber  Shop,  674  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Heather  Heights  Barber  Shop,  27  Sian  av  (Scar) 

Henri's  Barber  Shop,  4  Elm 

Henry's  Barber  Shop,  1868  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Henry's  Barber  Shop,  1273  Dundas  w 

Henry's  Barber  Shop,  1572  Dundas  w 

Henry's  Barber  Shop,  2735  Lakeshore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Higiena  Barber  Shop,  2186  Dundas  w 

Hios  Demetros,  1  Raglan  av 

Hoare  Fredk  W,  712  Kingston  rd 

Hochreiter  Frank,  1648  Dupont 

Hoffman  Walter,  200  Woodbine  av 

Hollywood  Barber  Shop,  566  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Horn  Arthur,  923  Kingston  rd 

Howard  John  E,  120  Danforth  av 

Hub  Barber  Shop,  663  McCowan  rd  (Scar) 

Hubbert  Edwin  A,  2A  Buttonwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Hugill's  Barber  Shop,  3108  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New 

Huk's  Barber  Shop,  3882  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Humber  Barbers,  48  Humbertown  Centre  (Etob) 

Huro  Barber  Shop,  384  Harbord 

Hygiene  Barber  Shop,  708  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 

Ideal  Barber  Shop,  636  Queen  w 
Imperial  Barber  Shop,  805  Bathurst 
Ingram's  Frea  Barber  Shop,  200  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 
Irish  Barber  Shop  The,  817  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 
Islington  Barber  Shop,  4931  Dundas  west  (Etob) 

Italian  Barber  Shop,  701  Bloor  w 

Italian  Barber  Shop,  271  Christie 

Italian  Barber  Shop,  198  'Montrose  av 

Italian  Barber  Shop,  443A  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

Iuvara  Vince,  1878  Danforth  av 

Jack's  Barber  Shop,  383  Adelaide  w 

Jack's  Barber  Shop,  1452  Dufferin 

Jack's  Barber  Shop,  558  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Jack's  Barber  Shop,  1954  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Jack's  Barber  Shop,  50  Firwood  cres  (Etob) 

Jack's  Barber  Shop,  1027  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Jack's  Barber  Shop,  314V2  Queen  w 

Jack's  Barber  Shop,  1386  Yonge 

James  Barber  Shop,  1202  Bay 

James  Barber  Shop,  223  Broadview  av 

James  Barber  Shop,  625  Gerrard  e 

James  Barber  Shop,  (rear)  2566  Yonge 

Jan's  Barber  Shop,  1510  Dundas  w 

Jay's  Barber  Shop,  2B  Kensington  av 

Jelovica  Stanley,  255  Willard  av 

Jerry's  Barber  Shop,  644  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Jewell  Fernley  J,  603  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

Jim's  Barber  Shop,  188A  Adelaide  w 

Jim's  Barber  Shop,  547  Annette 

Jim's  Barber  Shop,  368  Broadview  av 

Jim's  Barber  Shop,  1608  Dundas  w 

Jim's  Barber  Shop,  56  Guestville  av  (York  Twp) 

Jim's  Barber  Shop,  1415  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Jim's  Barber  Shop,  585  Parliament 
Jim's  Barber  Shop,  1540  Queen  w 
Jimmie  &  Carmen's  Barber  Shop,  107V2  Fourth  (New 

Jimmy's  Barber  Shop,  781  St  Clair  av  w 
Jimmy's  Barber  Shop,  101  Mutual 
Jimmy's  Barber  Shop,  IQlVz  Queen  e 
Jimmy's  Barber  Shop,  402  Bloor  w 
Jimmy's  Barber  Shop,  1100  Eglinton  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Jimmy's  Barber  Shop,  195V2  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Jimmy's  New  Style  Barber  Shop,  3659  Lake  Shore 
blvd  w  (Long  Branch) 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  593  Annette 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  937  Bloor  w 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  3319B  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  546  College 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  1162  Danforth  av 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  3254  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  842  Dufferin 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  1187  Dundas  w 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  2921  Dufferin  (Nth  York) 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  2224  Dundas  w 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  1560  Dupont 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  2480  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  119  Guildwood  Parkway  (Scar) 
Joe's  Barber  Shop,  2424  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  1801  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  3184  Dundas  w 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  3397  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  616  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  492  Parliament 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  392  Pacific  av 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  1190  Queen  w 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  417  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  313  St  Johns  rd  (York  Twp) 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  775A  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Joe's  Barber  Shop,  2103  Yonge 

Joe's  Barber  Shop  &  Cigar  Store,  498  Queen  w 

John's  Barber  Shop,  908  Broadview  av 

John's  Barber  Shop,  2736  Danforth  av 

John's  Barber  Shop,  1244  Gerrard  e 

John's  Barber  Shop,  449  Pharmacy  av  (Scar) 

John's  Barber  Shop,  2190  Queen  e 

John's  Barber  Shop,  3593  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 

John's  Barber  Shop,  2  Melrose  av 

John's  Barber  Shop,  99V2  Yonge 

John's  Fair  Play  Barber  Shop,  215V2  Queen  e 

Johnny's  Barber  Shop,  2842  Dundas  w 

Johnny's  Barber  Shop,  1624  Gerrard  e 
Johnson  Kenneth,  399A  Jane 
Johnston  Archie,  417  Bloor  e 
Jones  Jas  G,  40  Scarlett  rd  (York  Twp) 

Joseph  Rocky  Barber  Shop,  1962  Sheppard  av  w 
(North  York) 

Joseph's  Barber  Shop,  3027  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Joseph's  Barber  Shop,  3392  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long 

Joseph's  Barber  Shop,  152  Main 

Joseph's  Barber  Shop,  1130  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Joseph's  'Barber  Shop,  423A  Yonge 

Joy  Tobacco  &  Barber  Shop,  302  Eglinton  av  w 

Kaloczkay  Gerald,  684  Kingston  rd 

Kapler  Joseph,  50  Grange  av 

Karl's  Barber  Shop,  727  Queen  e 

Kay  Harry,  688  Yonge 

Kaye's  Barber  Shop,  71  Roncesvalles  av 

Keller  Hans,  254  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 

Ken's  Barber  Shop,  2257A  Bloor  w 

Kennedy  Plaza  Barber  Shop,  2363  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Kilty  Bill  Barber,  1409  Gerrard  e 

Kinghurst  Plaza  Barber  Shop,  160  Springhurst  av 

Kingsway  Barber  Shop,  2904  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Kipling  Heights  Barber  Shop,  1665  Kipling  av  n 

Kipling  Plaza  Barber  Shop,  1495  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 

Klodner  Franz,  433  Spadina  av 

Knob  Hill  Barbers,  2697  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Knowles  John  G,  333  Kingston  rd 

Koladich  Konan,  982  Queen  w 

Kon  John,  911  Queen  w 

Kuna  Andrew,  3068  Dundas  w 

Kurt's  Barber  Shop,  2536  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Kuruza  Anthony,  35o  Queen  w 

Lambert  William,  1713A  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Lamour  John,  502  Pape  av 

Lang's  Barber  Shop,  123  Queen's  av  (Mim) 

Larga  Michael,  3304  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Larry's  Barber  Shop,  3476  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

La  Scala  Barber  Shop,  2555  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 
La  Selva  Barber  Shop,  312  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Latorre's  Barber  Shop,  2063  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 

Laub  Mathias,  742  Windermere  av 
Lauder  Barber  Shop,  164  Lauder  av 
La  Voie  Lucien  A,  347  Bay 

Lawrence  Plaza  Barber  Shop,  530  Lawrence  av  w 
(Nth  Y) 

Laws  Barber  Shop,  784  Gerrard  e 

Leaside  Barber  Shop,  864  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 

Leaside  Barber  Shop,  423  Sutherland  dr  (Leas) 

Leider  Rudolph,  1322  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Lemche  Barber  Shop,  715  Jane  (York  Twp) 

Len's  Barber  Shop,  106  Northcote  av 

Leo's  Barber  Shop,  300  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 

Leon's  Barber  Shop,  2064  Dundas  w 
Leon's  Barber  Shop,  132B  Sixth  (New  T) 

Leone  Frank,  48  Vaughan  rd 

Leone's  Barber  Shop,  3461  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Leslie's  Barber  Shop,  1098  Queen  w 

Lightfoot  Barber  Shop,  162  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Lima's  Barber  Shop,  122A  Carlton 

Lisboa  Barber  Shop  &  Cigar  Store,  618  Dundas  w 

Little  Barber  Shop,  986A  Kingston  rd 

Livia  Barber  Shop,  2437  Finch  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Livingston  Alec  A,  2128V2  Queen  e 

Lloyd  Cecil,  739  Ossington  av 

Lloyd's  Barber  Shop,  671  Queen  w 

Longo  Frank,  602  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Longo  Vincent  Barber  Shop,  226  Nairn  av 

Longo's  Barber  Shop,  706A  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Lord  Simcoe  Barber  Shop,  150  King  w 
Loren's  Barber  Shop,  310  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 

Lother  Barber  Shop,  9  Castlef ield  av 
Louis  Barber  Shop,  1944  Davenport  rd 
Louis  Barber  Shop,  840  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Lowery  Wm  J,  1958  Yonge 

Luigi's  Barber  Shop,  1535A  Queen  w 

Luksenberg  Morris,  132  Arlington  av 

Lustig  David,  289  Dundas  w 

Mac's  Barber  Shop,  515  Annette 

Mac's  Barber  Shop,  390  Roncesvalles  av 

MacLean  Howard  E,  3765  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 

Mager's  Joe  Barber  Shop,  357  Spadina  av 

Malayny  Chas,  478  Queen  w 

Mamounis  Stylianos,  1370  Queen  e 

Manning  Albert  E,  210  Glebemount  av  (E  Y) 

Manor  View  Barber  Shop,  1715  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Mantia  &  Domenic  Barber  Shop,  1061  Bloor  w 

Mario  Barber  Shop,  2352  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 

Mario  &  Julio's  Barber  Shop,  1699  Jane  (Nth  York) 

Mario's  Barber  Shop,  856  Bathurst 

Mario's  Earber  Shop,  428V2  Queen  w 

Mario's  Barber  Shop,  820  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

'Mario's  'Barber  Shop,  66V2  Wellesley  e 

Mario's  Barber  Shop,  201  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 

Marr  Thomas,  285  Dundas  w 

Mars  Barber  Shop,  101  Spencer  av 

Marshall's  Barber  Shop,  136  Islington  av  s  (Etob) 

Martel's  Barber  Shop,  171  Bay 

Martella's  Barber  Shop,  1836  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Martella's  Barber  Shop,  2638  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 

Martin  Grove  Barber  Shop,  5  Lavington  dr  (Etob) 

Martin's  Barber  Shop,  556  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Martin's  Barber  Shop,  15  West  Deane  Park  dr  (Etob) 

Martinelli  Barber  Shop,  39  Victoria 

Matteo's  Barber  Shop,  1066  Bloor  w 

Max's  Barber  Shop,  3185  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

McBain  Kenneth  A,  1 856  Queen  e 
McGovern  Percy,  105  Dundas  e 
McGuffin  Barber  Shop,  878C  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
McGuire  Barber  Shop,  898  College 
McLeod  Angus,  26  Erskine  av 
MoMath  John,  6  Delisle  av 
McRae  Drive  Barber  Shop,  207  McRae  dr  (Leas) 
Menechella  Barber  &  Beauty  Salon,  361  Wilson  av 
(North  York) 

Meskauskas  Kostar,  209  Harbord 
Miceli  Michl,  210  Ossington  av 
Michael's  Barber  Shop,  2298  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Michael's  Barber  Shop,  437  Parliament 
Michael's  Barber  Shop,  875A  St  Clair  av  w 
Michael  Barber  Shop,  1047  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Michael's  Barber  Shop,  1114  Wilson  av  (Nth  York) 
Michel I's  Barber  Shop,  711  Lawrence  av  w  (North 

Middleton  Walter,  1318  Queen  w 

Mielo's  Barber  Shop,  277  Queen  w 

Mike's  Barber  Shop,  1568  Avenue  rd  (North  Y) 

Mike's  Barber  Shop,  2175  Danforth  av 

Mike's  Barber  Shop,  1426  Dundas  w 

Mike's  Barber  Shop,  3267  Dundas  w 

Mike's  Barber  Shop,  3270  Dundas  w 

Mike's  Barber  Shop,  664  Manning  av 

Mike's  Barber  Shop,  503  Parliament 

MTike's  Barber  Shop,  361  Queen  e 

Mike's  Barber  Shop,  477  Queen  w 

Mike's  Barber  Shop  The,  940  The  Queensway  (Etob' 

Mike's  Barber  Shop,  319  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

Mike's  Barber  Shop,  257  Runnymede  rd 
Mike's  Barber  Shop,  577  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Mike's  Barber  Shop,  1280A  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Mike's  Barber  Shop,  2646  Yonge 
Mimico  Barber  Shop,  207B  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 
Mimico  Plaza  Barber  Shop,  2461  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 

Mr  Christian  Hair  Grooming  for  Men,  2094V2  Yonge 

Mr  Mario,  559A  Bloor  w 

Mr  Paul,  292  Eglinton  av  w 

Modern  Barber  Shop,  2247  Dundas  w 

Modern  Barber  Shop,  2340  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 

Modern  Billiard  Barber  Shop,  334  Queen  w 

Molner  John,  2059  Dundas  w 

Moncada  Salvatore,  338  Bloor  w 

Moore  Ave  Barber  Shop,  410  MToore  av  (Leas) 

Moretti  Barber  Shop,  1212  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 
Moretti's  Barber  Shop,  1126  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Morningside  Barber  Shop,  225  Morningside  av  (Scar) 
Morra  Barber  Shop,  5823  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Morriello  Jos,  2A  Emerson  av 

Morris  Barber  Shop,  338  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Morrow  Percy  W,  103  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 

Muir  Barber  Shop,  2187  Queen  e 

Munroe  Alonzo,  608  Logan  av 

Murphy  John,  468  Parliament 

Murphy  Patrick,  525  Parliament 

N-A  Barber  Shop,  360A  Old  Weston  rd 

Nalli's  Barber  Shop,  1230  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Naples  Barber  Shop,  2620  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Nat  Hair  Styles  for  Men,  1852  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Nat's  Barber  Shop,  1172A  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Neil  &  Smith  Barber  Shop,  139  Martin  Grove  rd 

New  Hair  Styles,  1984A  Queen  e 
New  Style  Barber  Shop,  5A  Walton 
Nick  &  Cas  Barber  Shop,  980  Yonge 
Nick  &  Cas  Barber  Shop,  1204  Yonge 
Nick's  Barber  Shop,  1930  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Nick's  Barber  Shop,  817  Bloor  w 

Nick's  Barber  Shop,  362  Broadview  av 

Nick's  Barber  Shop,  983  Dovercourt  rd 

Nick's  Barber  Shop,  867  Dundas  w 

Nick's  Barber  Shop,  1736  Dundas  w 

Nick's  Barber  Shop,  2786  Dundas  w 

Nick's  Barber  Shop,  2667  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Nick's  Barber  Shop,  1468  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Nick's  Barber  Shop,  719  Pape  av 

Nick's  Barber  Shop,  2222  Queen  e 

Nick's  Barber  Shop,  877  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Nikolopoulos  Andreas,  389  Dundas  e 

Nino's  Barber  Shop,  1577  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 

Nordale  Barber  Shop,  3257  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Norm's  Barber  Shop,  2383  Queen  e 
North  Park  Barber  Shop,  1371  Lawrence  ac  w  (Nth  Y) 
North  Toronto  Barber  Shop,  3433  Yonge 
Nova  Scotia  News  Stand  &  Barber  Shop,  (basement) 
44  King  w 

Novak's  Barber  Shop,  2533 V2  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Novel lo  &  Vetere,  415  The  Westway  (Etob) 

Nufrio  Barber  Shop,  2968  Danforth  av  (E  Y) 

Nu-Star  Barber  Shop,  662  Queen  w 
Olsen  Les  Barber  Shop,  1352  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Oriole  Barber  Shop,  1269  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Orlando  &  Frank's  Barber  Shop,  12B  Flemington  rd 
(North  York) 

Orlando's  Barber  Shop,  1108  Bloor  w 
Orton  Park  Barber  Shop,  968  Brimorton  dr  (Scar) 
Osgoode  Barber  Shop,  133  Richmond  w 
Ostrowski  Barber  Shop,  593  Queen  w 
Ottavio  Barber  Shop,  2860  Keele  (Nth  York) 

Otto's  Barber  Shop,  4I6V2  Roncesvalles  av 
Palace  Barber,  139A  Dundas  w 
Palace  Barber  Shop,  4  Silverthorn  av 
Palermo  Giovanni,  249  Ossington  av 
Paris  Barber  Shop,  1216A  Dufferin 
Park  Barber  Shop,  2227  Dundas  w 
Parker's  Barber  Shop,  3563  Dundas  w  (York  Twp) 
Parklawn  Barber  Shop,  81 A  Prince  Edward  Dr  s  (Etob) 
Parkwoods  Centre  Barber  Shop,  1277  York  Mills  rd 
(North  York) 

Pasquale  Barber  Shop,  1  Baldwin 

Pasquale's  Barber  Shop,  629A  Bloor  w 

Pasquale's  Barber  Shop,  118  Boon  av 

Pat  Anthony  Mens  Hairstyling  &  Designing,  823  Yonge 

Pat's  Barber  Shop,  3452  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Pat's  Barber  Shop,  135  Dundas  e 

Pat's  Barber  Shop,  255  Scarlett  rd  (York  Twp) 

Patrick's  Barber  Shop,  2146  Yonge 

Patz  Ludwig,  3333  Dundas  w 

Paul's  Barber  Shop,  1649  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Paul's  Barber  Shop,  220  Christie 

Paul's  Barber  Shop,  1483  Dundas  w 

Paul's  Barber  Shop,  726  Gerrard  e 

Paul's  Barber  Shop,  1020  Gerrard  e 

Paul's  Barber  Shop,  226  Jones  av 

Paul's  Barber  Shop,  339  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 

Paul's  Barber  Shop,  832  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Pearce  James,  996  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Pelmo  Park  Barber  Shop,  1882  Jane  (Wstn) 

People's  Barber  Shop,  267  Danforth  av 
People's  Barber  Shop,  987  Queen  e 
Peter  &  Sal  Barber  Shop,  2175  Victoria  Park  av 

Peter  •&.  Vince  Barber  Shop,  1565  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Peter's  Barber  Shop,  194  Bathurst 

Peter's  Barber  Shop,  4949  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Peter's  Barber  Shop,  130  Bloor  w 
Peter's  Barber  Shop,  750  Broadview  av 
Peter's  Barber  Shop,  493  Carlaw  av 
Peter's  Barber  Shop,  770  Danforth  av 
Peter's  Barber  Shop,  337  High  Park  av 
Peter's  Barber  Shop,  748  Dovercourt  rd 
Peter's  Barber  Shop,  2848  Dufferin  (Nth  York) 

Peter's  Barber  Shop,  1627  Dupont 
Peter's  Barber  Shop,  416A  Parliament 
Peter's  Barber  Shop,  269  Queen  e 
Peter's  Barber  Shop,  812  Queen  e 
Peter's  Barber  Shop,  1150  Queen  e 
Peter's  Barber  Shop,  551V2  St  Clair  av  w 
Peter's  Barber  Shop,  734  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Peter's  Barber  Shop,  3  Woodmount  av 
Phalen  Arthur,  1545  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Phil's  Barber  Shop,  71  Elm 

Phil's  Barber  Shop,  5  Silverthorn  av 

Phillip's  Barber  Shop,  2  Alcorn  av 

Phillip's  Barber  Shop,  1092  Bathurst 

Phillip's  Barber  Shop,  2505  Yonge 

Plant  Morris  Barber  Shop,  1020  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Plaza  Barber  Shop,  T63A  Spadina  av 

Pooley's  Barber  Shop,  96C  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 

Porco  Louis,  320  Bloor  w 

Porterfield  Barber  Shop,  105  Porterfield  rd  (Etob) 

Portolese  Vincent,  414  Dupont 

Portugal  Barber  Shop,  62  Nassau 

Portuguese  Barber  Shop,  336  Spadina  av 

Posa  Sigismondo,  1A  Chester  av 

Primor  Pavlo,  1421  Bloor  w 

Prince  Barber  Shop,  1664  Victoria  Park  av  (Nth  Y) 
Prince  George  Hotel  Barber  Shop,  131  King  w 
Prochilo  Armando,  279  Lumsden  av  (E  Y) 

Pru  Barber  &  Coffee  Shop,  2  King  w 

Prus  S  Barber  Shop,  456  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 

Puma  Aid,  40  Harbord 
Queen  City  Barber  Shop,  675  Queen  w 
Quinteri  Michael,  618  Trethewey  dr  (Nth  York) 
Quintino's  Barber  Shop,  235  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

Raffaele  Barber  Shop,  410  Danforth  av 
Ralph's  Barber  Shop,  380  Eglinton  av  w 
Ralph's  Barber  Shop,  356  King  w 
Ralph's  Barber  Shop,  743  Lansdowne  av 
Ralph's  'Barber  Shop,  859  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Ratis  Theo,  839  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Ray's  Barber  Shop,  1479  Gerrard  e 

Ray's  Barber  Shop,  2175  Queen  e 

Raymer  Chester  Barber  Shop,  1969  Queen  e 

Razio's  Barber  Shop,  991  Dupont 

Razor's  Edge  The,  354  Yonge 

Red's  Barber  Shop,  1410  Gerrard  e 

Regent  Park  Barber  Shop,  (basement)  33  Belshaw  pi 

Reilly  Joseph,  1383  Queen  w 

Rene's  Barber  Shop,  2404  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Rennie's  Barber  Shop,  718  Scarlett  rd  (Etob) 

Reno's  Barber  Shop,  3054  Dundas  w 
Rexdale  Barber  Shop,  1125  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 
Richard's  Barber  Shop,  (rear)  1228  Kingston  rd 

Riehl  Alfred  E,  7  Howard 

Ristow  Herbt  C,  3224  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Robert's  Barber  S'hop,  2841  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Robert's  Barber  Shop,  490  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

Rocco  &  Gus's  Barber  Shop,  519  King  w 
Rocco's  Barber  Shop,  325  Burnhamthorpe  rd  (Etob) 
Rocco's  Barber  Shop,  145A  Danforth  av 
Rocco's  Barber  Shop,  926  Dundas  w 
Rocco's  Barber  Shop,  133  Elmwood  av 
Rochon  Real,  84  Queen  e 

Be  rs 


Rocky's  Barber  Shop,  2861  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Rogers  Jos  J,  1001  Duffer  in 

Rolf's  Barber  Shop,  234  Jones  a v 

Roma  Barber  Shop,  773  Queen  e 

Roma  Barber  Shop,  568  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

Roman's  Barber  Shop,  2439  Yonge 

Rome  Barber  Shop,  2159  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Ronny's  Barber  Shop,  2090  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Rosehill  Barber  Shop,  1406  Yonge 

Roselawn  Barber  Shop,  838  Roselawn  av  (York  Twp) 

Rota's  Barber  Shop,  73  Queen  e 

Roxboro-Yonge  Barber  Shop,  1108  Yonge 

Roy's  Barber  Shop,  43  Eglinton  av  e 

Royal  York  Plaza  Barbers,  1500  Royal  York  rd  (Etob) 

Rudy's  Barber  Shop,  2402  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Rudy's  Barber  Shop,  1356  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Rumolo's  Barber  Shop,  4410  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Runnymede  Barber  Shop,  238  Runnymede  rd 
Sackler  Jack,  1627  Queen  w 
St  Clair  Barber  Shop,  2881  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 

St  George  Barber  Shop,  178  Dupont 

Sal's  Barber  Shop,  1360  Queen  e 

Sam  &  Nick's  Barber  Shop,  6-8  Teraulay 

Sam's  Barber  Shop,  674  College 

Sam's  Barber  Shop,  420  Collgee 

Sam's  Barber  Shop,  3210  Yonge 

Sam's  Barber  Shop  &  Men's  Hair  Stylists,  927B  St 
Clair  av  w 

Sams  &  Tonys  Barber  Shop,  391  Donlands  av  (E  Y) 
Sanders  Barber  Shop,  41  Dunblaine  av  (Nth  Y) 
Sandy's  Smoke  &  Barber  Shop,  5080  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Sanitary  Barber  Shop,  2993  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Sanitary  Barber  Shop,  668  Queen  e 
Sannutto  Michael,  1902  Jane  (Wstn) 

Saroli  John,  2398  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 

Sassones  Barber  Shop,  277  Humbercrest  blvd  (York  Twp) 

Scala  Louis  j,  523  Yonge 

Schmidt  Tao,  1659  Dundas  w 

Scordamaglia  Guiseppa,  584A  College 

Scott  Avery,  823  Lansdowne  av 

Scott  Randy  Barber  Shop,  450  Kingston  rd 

Serafims  Barber  Shop,  3  Robert 

Service  Barber  Shops  Ltd,  100  Front  w 

Shamrock  Barber  Shop,  2380  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Shea's  Barber  Shop,  415  Jane  (York  Twp) 

Sheldrake  Barber  Shop,  2614  Yonge 
Sheppard  Plaza  Barber  Shop,  4404  Bathurst  ( NtTi 

Sherbourne  Barber  Shop,  50  Sherbourne 
Shoppers  Barber  Shop,  3003  Danforth  av  (E  Y) 

Shupka  Paul,  1807  Gerrard  e 

Sicily  Barber  Shop,  906  Ossington  av 

Sid's  Barber  Snop,  74  Lippi  ncott 

Sid's  Barber  Shop,  1316  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Silvio's  Barber  Shop,  1786  Danforth  av 

Simmons  Barber  &  Beauty  Shop,  2145  Danforth  av 

Simone  Barber  Shop,  3368  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Six  Points  Barber  Shop,  5144  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Smalley  Robt  R,  904  Kingston  rd 

Smith  Dan  Barber  Shop,  110  Broadview  av 

Smith  Wm  A,  1905  Danforth  av 

Sofron  Barber  Shop,  841  Dovercourt  rd 

Sone's  Classic  Barber  Shop,  763  Dundas  w 

Sonnino's  Barber  Shop,  847  College 

Soudan  Barber  Shop,  256  Soudan  av 

Soulis  Barber  Shop,  802  College 

Spence  Wm,  1004  Coxwell  av  (E  Y) 

Sperakos  Steve,  2907  Dundas  w 

Sport  Barber  Shop,  655  College 

Stairway  Barber  Shop,  2867B  Dundas  w 

Stalker  Hector  W,  2V2  Crang  av 

Stan's  Barber  Shop,  1545  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Stan's  Barber  Shop,  1162  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Standard  Barber  Shop,  151  Harbord 
Standard  Barber  Shop,  305  Spadina  av 
Star  Barber  Shop,  84  King  w 
Star  Barber  Shop,  1088  Victoria  Pk  av  (E  Y) 
Stempkowski  Benedict,  652  Spadina  av 
Steve's  Barber  Shop,  286  Augusta  av 
Steve's  Barber  Shop,  4128  Bathurst  (Nth  York) 

Steve's  Barber  Shop,  1962  Gerrard  e 
Steve's  Barber  Shop,  673  Lansdowne  av 
Steve's  Central  Barber  Shop  &  Billiard  Parlour,  332 
Queen  e 

Stevens  Barber  Shop,  28  Mattson  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Stonegate  Barbers,  150  Berry  rd  (Etob) 

Stop  20  Barber  Shop,  3083  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Style  Barber  Shop,  45  Overlea  blvd  (Leas) 

Sugarman's  Barber  Shop,  3618  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Sunnyside  Barber  Shop,  7  Roncesvalles  av 
Sunshine  Barber  Shop,  3054  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Superior  Barber  Shop,  2386  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 

Szabo  Charles,  230  Jane 

Szacelo  Sam,  385  Arlington  av  (York  Twp) 

T  &  V  Barber  Shop,  651  Dupont 
Ted's  Barber  Shop,  828  Broadview  av 
Ted's  Barber  Shop,  57  Eglinton  sq  (Scar) 

Ted's  Barber  Shop,  525  Queen  w 

Ted's  Barber  Shop,  1182V2  Queen  e 

Ted's  Barber  Shop,  1105  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 

Temple  Barber  Shop,  62-76  Richmond  w 
Terminal  Barber  Shop  &  Shoe  Shine,  598  Bay 
Terminal  Barber  Shop,  (basement)  N  Bldg,  Ont  Food 
Terminal,  165  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Theatre  Barber  Shop,  364  College 
Thistletown  Barber  Shop,  988  Albion  rd  (Etob) 
Thomas  Barber  Shop,  1614  Queen  w 
Thomas  Gordon  E  Barber  Shop,  687  Markham  rd 

Thompson  D  H  Mrs,  11  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

Thompson  Herbt  B,  1828  Queen  e 

Times  Barber  Shop,  4  Times  rd  (York  Twp) 

Times  Square  Barber  Shop,  4  Edward 

Tito's  Barber  Shop,  1786  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Tkachuk  Mack,  171  King  e 

Tom  &  Ben's  Barber  Shop,  342  Adelaide  w 

Tom's  Barber  Shop,  1418  Dundas  w 

Tom's  Barber  Shop,  627  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Tony  &  Frank's  Barber  Shop,  2843  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Tony's  Barber  Shop,  474  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 

Tony's  Barber  Shop,  870  Broadview  av 

Tony's  Barber  Shop,  1439  Dufferin 

Tony's  Barber  Shop,  912  Dundas  w 

Tony's  Barber  Shop,  220  Egl  nton  av  e 

Tony's  Barber  Shop,  865  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Tony's  Barber  Shop,  93  Harbord 

Tony's  Barber  Shop,  1676  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 

Tony's  Barber  Shop,  621  Keele 

Tony's  Barber  Shop,  2228  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Tony's  Barber  Shop,  2976  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 
Tony's  Barber  Shop,  3160C  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 
Tony's  Barber  Shop,  1646  St  Clair  av  w 
Tony's  Barber  Shop.  372  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Tony's  Barber  Shop,  324  Sheppa-d  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Tony's  Barber  Shop,  769  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Tony's  Barber  Shop,  3811  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long 

Tony's  Barber  Shop,  1160  Warden  av  (Scar) 

Tony's  and  John's  Barber  Shop,  185  Dundas  e 
Tony's  &  Pat's  Barber  Shop,  99  Avenue  rd 
Townsman  Barber  Shop,  2788  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Townsman's  Barber  Shop,  79  King  e 
Traviss  Barber  Shop,  3355  Yonge 
Travolo  Barber  Shop,  380  Keele 
T riantaty  1 1  idis  Anestis,  410  Bloor  e 
Tropical  Barber  Salon,  457  Dundas  w 
Turai  Steve,  870A  Kingston  rd 

Twenty  Three  Eleven  Barber  Shop  Men's  Hair  Groom¬ 
ing,  2311  Yonge 

Union  Station  Barber  Shop,  main  floor  Union  Station 

University  Barber  Shop,  201  Dundas  w 

Valentini's  Barber  Shop,  1680  Dufferin 

Van's  Barber  Shop,  1214  King  w 

Vandenberg  Henry,  4  Dorval  rd 

Varik's  Barber  Shop,  1223  Danforth  av 

Varsity  Barber  Shop,  83  Varsity  rd  (York  Twp) 

Vasil  Barber  Shop,  988  Bathurst 

Venice  Barber  Shop,  320Vz  Rustic  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Ventura  Guisseopi,  799  Yonge 

Vern's  Barber  Shop,  1755  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Vic's  Barber  Shop,  2379  Dundas  w 

Vic's  Barber  Shop,  785  Markham  rd  (Scar) 

Vic's  Barber  Shop,  715  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Vic's  Barber  Shop,  36  Yonge 
Victoria  Barber  Shop,  386  Victoria  Park  av 
Vienese  Barber  Shop,  320  Painted  Post  dr  (Scar) 
Vienna  Barber  Shop,  678  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Viennese  Barber  Shop,  2611  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Village  Barber  Shop,  437  Spadina  rd  (Fst  H) 

Vince  &  Romano  Barber  Shop,  12  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

Vince's  Barber  Shop,  247  Eglinton  av  e 

Vito's  Barber  Shop,  1258  Bloor  w 

Vito's  Barber  Shop,  1504  Dundas  w 

Vito's  Barber  Shop,  1316  Victoria  Park  av  (E  Y) 

Volpe's  Barber  Shop,  1  Jackson  av  (Etob) 

Volpe's  Barber  Shop,  1596  Queen  e 
Wallace  Bruce,  503  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 

Walter's  Barber  Shop,  874  College 
Walter's  Barber  Shop,  2708A  Dundas  w 
Walter's  Barber  Shop,  641  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Warnock  Russell,  1991  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Warren  Geo  L,  202V2  Wellesley  e 
Warren's  Barber  Shop,  1024B  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Warren's  Barber  Shop,  229  Pape  av 
Watson's  Barber  Shop,  45  Richmond  w 
Watterson  Wm,  1347  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Weaver's  Barber  Shop,  1210  Yonge 

Wellesley  Barber  Shop,  6  Wellesley  w 

Wells  Walter  W,  155  Jane 

Westdale  Barber  Shop,  2727  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 

West  Hill  Barber  Shop,  4324  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Weston  Rd  Plaza  Barber  Shop,  2157  Weston  rd 

Westway  Barber  Shop,  855  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 
W'hibbs  Thos  A,  751  Dovercourt  ro 
White  Shield  Barber  Shop,  2300  Lawrence  av  e 

White's  Barber  Shop,  4300  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
William's  Barber  Shop,  6IV2  Bellevue  av 
William's  Barber  Shop,  1201  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
William's  Barber  Shop,  2409  Yonge 
Williams  Regd,  (rear)  1750  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Willy's  Barber  Shop,  3254  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Wilson  Robt  G,  (rear)  1016  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Wimmer's  Barber  Shop,  150  Eglinton  av  e 

Wolaniuk  Barber  Shop,  486V2  Queen  w 

Wong's  Barber  Shop,  117  Elizabeth 

Wood  Henry,  3030  Yonge 

Woodbine  Barber  Shop,  2087  Danforth  av 

Woodbine  Barber  Shop,  1234  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Woodgreen  Barber  Shop,  898  Queen  e 

Woodview  Barber  Shop,  3216  Weston  rd  (Nth  York) 

Yoksimovich  Geo,  585A  Jones  av 

York  Barbers,  939  Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

York  Mills  Barber  Shop,  2522  Bayview  av  (Nth  Y) 
York  Plaza  Barber  Shop,  1593B  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Young  Sinclair  Barber  Shop,  15  St  Clair  av  w 
Ziggie's  Barber  Shop,  169V2  Spadina  av 


Alexander  Bag  &  Barrel  Ltd,  87  Fenmar  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Ball  H  A  &  Sons  Ltd,  61  Leslie 

Barber  Barrel  &  Drum  Co  Ltd,  30  Nashville  av  (York 

Bergman  Barrel  &  Drum  Co  Ltd,  465  Leslie 
Canadian  Cooperage  Co,  133  Shorncliffe  rd  (Etob) 
MacDonald  Drums,  70  Coronet  rd  (Etob) 

Maple  Leaf  Drum  Reconditioners  Ltd,  90  Glen  Scarlett 

National  Steel  Drums,  70  Coronet  rd  (Etob) 

Philips  Barrels  &  Drums,  137  Tecumseth 

Queen  City  Barrel  &  Drum  Co,  2121  Bathurst  (Fst  H) 


Aaron  Irving.  QC,  372  Bay 

Abramsky  Jos  H,  943  St  Clair  av  w 

Abramsky  Joseph  &  Sons  Ltd,  347  Bay 

Adams,  Fraser,  Smith  &  Shaver,  200  University  av 

Adams  &  Rush,  2773  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Addy  J  James,  QC,  85  Richmond  w 
Addy  &  Addy,  85  Richmond  w 
Adler  Chas,  4  Richmond  e 
Aiken  Zender,  Reiter  &  Mandel,  26  Queen  w 
Alexander  R  G  H,  QC,  11  Adelaide  w 
Allen,  Hunter,  Regan  &  Allen,  38  King  w 
Allen  W  mR  QC,  372  Bay 
Allen  &  Meyrick,  372  Bay 
Alles  Howard  W,  QC,  302  Bay 
Ambrozic  Anthony,  861  College 
Anderson  Douglas  B,  1560  Bayview  av 
Anderson,  Sinclair,  Walters  &  Associates,  2881  Dundas 

Anderson  Stanley,  85  Richmond  w 
Archer  J  Dean,  1429  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Armour  &  Burson,  365  Bay 
Armstrong  G  Warren,  7  King  e 
Armstrong  John  S,  19  Richmond  w 
Armstrong,  Kemp  Young  &  Burrows,  372  Bay 
Arnold  Lawrence  C,  21  Dundas  sq 
Arnott  &  Osborne,  366  Bay 

Arnup,  Foulds,  Weir,  Boeckh,  Morris  &  Robinson,  250 
University  av 

Aghall  &  Major,  12  Richmond  e 

Ashbourne  Elmo  L,  QC,  67  Richmond  w 
Atkinson  W  A  Ronald,  100  Adelaide  w 
Atlin,  Goldenberg  &  Horwitz,  17  Queen  e 
Atlin  Gordon,  4  Richmond  e 
Atwell  &  Stone,  500  University  av 
August  W  Donald,  7  Superior  av  (Mim) 


Suite  300,  19  Richmond  Street  West,  Phone 


Austin  Frank,  1802  Danforth  av 

Axler  David  W,  21  Dundas  sq 


&  DENISON,  Rooms  1009-1020,  67  Yonge 
Phone  364-4264 
Bagwell  &  Catalano,  372  Bay 
Baker  Anne  E  Mrs,  500  University  av 
Baker  Louis  B,  347  Bay 
Baker  Walter  G,  1437  Yonge 
Baker  &  Cuttler,  794  Bathurst 
Band  Philip  E,  360  Bay 
Barkin  •&  Epstein,  374  Bloor  w 

Bassel,  Sullivan,  Holland  &  Lawson,  11  Adelaide  w 

Baum  David,  17  Queen  e 

Bazos  Anthony,  1030  Broadview  av  (E  Y) 

Beaton,  Leake,  Fellowes,  Hoolihan  &  Elaschuk,  372  Bay 

Beatty  Edward  S,  6  Adelaide  e 

Beaudoin  Pepper  &  Van  Camp,  500  University  av 

Beckett  Hollis  E,  QC,  302  Bay 

Bell  B  D  Gordon,  57  Bloor  w 

Bell,  Griffiths,  Temple  &  Genest,  481  University  av 

Belobradic  Jack  J,  4  Richmond  e 

Ben  &  Haesler,  1134  Dundas  w 

Fenedetto  &  Chiappetta,  12  Richmond  e 

Bennett  Jacob  M,  QC,  48  Yonge 

Benson  Max,  100  Adelaide 

Benson  &  McMurtry,  85  Richmond  w 

Bergart  Percy,  69  Eglinton  av  e 

Berman  &  Rosenblatt,  215  Victoria 

Bernhard  Hans-Dieter,  330  Bay 

Bernhard  &  Bernhard,  330  Bay 

Best  &  Hornell,  67  Yonge 

Beube  Victor,  26  Queen  e 

Biback  Norman,  320  Bay 

Bicknell  &  Lynde,  85  Richmond  w 

Bielski  &  Bielski,  347  Bay 

Bigelow,  Hendy  &  Shirer,  590  Jarvis 

Biles  &  Wratten,  171  Yonge 

Birenbaum  J  N,  111  Richmond  w 

Birks,  Langdon,  McComiskey  &  MacLatchy,  85  Richmond 

Biro  Stephen,  394  Bloor  w 

Bitter  Donald  H,  60  Yonge 

Bjarnason  &  Copeland,  360  Bay 

Black  Bruce  &  Black,  69  Yonge 

Black  Edith  M,  2175  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 

Black  Hugh  A,  85  Richmond  w 

Black  &  Black,  12  Richmond  e 

Blackwell,  Hilton,  Treadgold  &  Spratt,  372  Bay 


24th  Floor,  Canadian  Bank  of  Commerce  Building, 
25  King  west,  Phone  362-2868  Area  Code  416 
(See  Adv  Alphabetical  Section) 

Blaney,  Pasternak,  Smela,  Eagleson  &  Watson,  365 

Bloomenfeld,  Bomza  &  Bender,  55  Yonge 
Blotti  Anthony  F,  637  College 
Bocknek  Harold,  429  College 
Bogart,  MacMaster  &  Watson,  330  Bay 
Bolton  &  Dillon,  1407  Yonge 

Borden,  Elliot,  Kelley  &  Palmer,  250  University  av 

Borman  Alex,  55  Yonge 

Borski  Norman,  2256'B  Bloor  w 

Bostrom  Leonard,  58  McNairn  av 

Botelho  D  Joseph,  12  Richmond  e 

Botiuk  Y  R,  527A  Bloor  w 

Botnick  Harry  P,  62  Richmond  w 

Botnick  Solomon  P,  62  Richmond  w 

Bouck,  Hetherington,  Fa  1 1  is,  Trivett  &  Park,  365  Bay 

Bourdon  &  Burgess,  2853  Dundas  w 

Bowlby  &  Bowlby,  330  Bay 

Bowman  Eric,  2642  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Bradbury  Donald  A,  67  Yonge 
Braden  Jas  R,  69  Yonge 

Braithwaite  Leonard  A,  1500  Royal  York  rd  (Etob) 
Branscombe  Harry  B,  QC,  46  MacKay  av 
Braund  Garry,  QC,  32  Front  w 
Braverman  &  Longo,  4198  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Breglia  Joseph  R,  688  Coxwell  av 

Brigden  Geo  W,  80  Richmond  w 

B'right  Jas  R  A,  800  Bay 

Brodey  Peter  E,  38  King  w 

Broley  'Maxwell  W,  1117  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Brocks  D  A,  340  Bay 

Brown  Edmund  A,  QC,  80  Richmond  w 

Brown  Mannie,  394  Bay 

Brown  Ralph,  133  Richmond  w 

Brown,  Masters  &  Brown,  4  Richmond  e 

Brown  &  Atkinson,  1  St  Thomas 

Brown  &  Beck,  44  King  w 

Bruce  A  H  Clair,  QC,  67  Yonge 

Bruce  Hugh  J,  1162A  St  Clair  av  w 

Brudner  Jack,  121  Richmond  w 

Bryson  Gordon,  67  Yonge 

Bull  &  Ashbourne,  43  King  (Wstn) 

Burden  &  Burden,  17  Queen  e 

Burke,  Pancer  &  Bloom,  150  Eglinton  av  e 

Burke  Robt  H,  284A  Yonge 

Burki  F,  20  University  av 

Burnese  Albert  0  L,  QC,  1048V2  Kingston  rd 

Burt,  Burt,  Wolfe  &  Bowman,  4  Richmond  e 

Burtnick  Daniel  W,  86  Bloor  w 

Burton  Bernard,  4  Richmond  e 

Busby  &  Youngs,  1884  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Bussin  John  J,  4  Richmond  e 

Bynoe  B  Clive,  320  Bay 

Byrne  Thomas  F,  8  King  e 

Caccia  M  Emilia,  30  Bloor  w 

Camblin  W  L.  QC,  2390  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Cameron,  Brewin,  McCallum  &  Scott,  372  Bay 

Campbell  Alan  R,  QC,  220  Bay 


80  King  Street  West,  Phone  362-2401 
Campbell,  Jarvis,  McKenzie  &  Fulton,  372  Bay 
Campbell  M  Fasken  B,  QC,  675A  Yonge 
Campbell  Robt  S  W,  7  Queen  e 
Campbell  &  Rogers,  372  Bay 
Canton  Ruth,  869  Jane  (York  Twp) 

Caplan  Sidney,  1216  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Capp,  Futerman  &  Aarons,  62  Richmond  w 

Cappe  Nathan  R,  QC,  365  Bay 

Carrick,  O'Connor,  Coutts  &  Foy,  320  Bay 

Carriere  Sami  W,  QC,  330  Bay 

Carter  Geo  E,  372  Bay 

Casey  Jas  E,  1000  Yonge 

Cassels,  Brock,  Kelley,  Des  Brisay  &  Guthrie,  165  Uni¬ 
versity  av 

Caswell  Moira  L,  80  King  w 
Catzman  &  Wahl,  133  Richmond  w 
Chadwick  Jack,  330  Bay 
Chamandy  &  Gray,  330  Bay 
Chambers  Edward  J,  2922  Dundas  w 
Chambers  Francis  H,  244  Bay 
Chambers  &  Chambers,  244  Bay 
Chaplin  Harold  S,  QC,  221  Victoria 
Chappell,  Walsh  &  Davidson,  350  Bay 
Charney  Gerald  J,  121  Richmond  w 
Charron  Colin  Guy,  10  Adelaide  e 
Charron  &  Walker,  10  Adelaide  e 
Chernin  &  Kirsh,  1497  Yonge 
Chertkoff  Sydney,  111  Richmond  w 
Christie  Kenneth  A,  QC,  350  Bay 

Chumak  Olga,  92  Roncesvalles  av 
Chykaliuk  Wm,  80  Richmond  w 
Ciglen  Samuel,  QC,  67  Richmond  w 
Ciglen  Samuel  &  Associates,  67  Richmond  w 
Cimetta  Angelo,  57  Bloor  w 

Cimetta  Samuel,  57  Bloor  w 

Cimetta  &  Cimetta,  57  Bloor  w 

Clark  (Mortimer),  Baird,  Cawthorne  &  Gray,  12  Rich¬ 
mond  e 

Clarke  Jas,  H,  44  King  w 
Clarke,  Swabey.  McLean  &  Ross,  66  King  w 
Clarke  W  E,  80  King  w 
Climans  Jack  S,  500  University  av 
Coatsworth,  Richardson  &  Hart,  85  Richmond  w 
Cobban,  Woolley  &  Dale,  372  Bay 
Cocomile  &  Feldman,  568A  College  &  1929  Eglinton 
avenue  west  (York  Twp) 

Cohen  David,  347  Bay 

Cohen  Gerald,  133  Fifth  (Nth  T) 

Cohen  Harold  H,  121  Richmond  w 

Cohen  Lawrence  M,  62  Richmond  w 

Cohen  Marshall  A,  85  Richmond  w 

Cohen  &  Salem,  326  Adelaide  w 

Cohl,  Murray  &  Osak,  480  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  York) 

Constable  Dell  L,  QC,  2  Bloor  e 

Coon  H  Augustus,  QC,  17  Queen  e 

Cooper  Austin  M,  85  Richmond  w 

Cooper,  Gordon  E,  85  Richmond  w 

Cooper  Irwin,  347  Bay 

Cooper  Joel  N,  143  Yonge 

Copeland  Irving,  326  Adelaide  w 

Copeland  •&  McKenna,  2836  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Cork  Stuart  David,  62  Richmond  w 

Corner  Floyd  E,  QC,  95  King  e 

Cornish  F  Joseph,  QC,  85  Richmond  w 

Cosentino  J  A,  QC,  394  Bay 

Cosway  Donald  J,  330  Bay 

Coughlin  James  F,  Q.C.,  85  Richmond  w 

Cowitz  Ronald,  4  Albert 

Cox  Wallace  D,  QC,  19  Richmond  w 

Cox  &  Armstrong,  19  Richmond  w 

Crabtree  &  Crabtree,  320  Bay 

Cravit  Harry  C,  121  Richmond  w 

Crawford  Cecil  R,  4  Richmond  e 

Creed  Raymond  S,  2522A  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Creighton  Donald  H,  80  Richmond  w 
Creighton  Thos  M,  QC,  85  Richmond  w 
Croll  &  Borins,  44  King  w 
Crozier  John  E  V,  1176  St  Clair  av  w 
Cumberland,  Lindzon  &  Weisman,  2970  Lake  Shore 
blvd  w  (New  T) 

Cundari  Gino  A  J,  1166A  St  Clair  av  w 
Cunningham  Sutherland,  9  Bloor  e 
Currie  Percy  N  W,  58  Brinloor  blvd  (Scar) 

Cuttell  Wm  C,  121  Richmond  w 

Da  Costa  James  M,  11  Adelaide  w 
Daiter  Harvey  R,  330  Bay 
Dales  Bernard  S,  62  Richmond  w 
Dales  J  F,  557  Danforth  av 
Dales  Lutes,  557  Danforth  av 
Daly,  Cooper,  Guolla  &  O'Gorman,  25  King  w 
Daniels  &  Urman,  1172  Danforth  av  and  3768  Bath¬ 
urst  (Nth  Y) 

Danyliw  W  George,  530  Bloor  w 
Dashwood  &  Dashwood,  930  Kingston  rd 
Davidson  Alex  W,1429  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Davidson  Louis  QC,  21  Dundas  sq 

Davidson  Philip,  QC,  111  Richmond  w 

Davidson  &  Davidson,  17  Queen  e 

Davies  Robt  A,  QC,  4  King  w 

Davies  V  Stanley,  4  King  w 

Davis  Oscar,  347  Bay 

Davis  &  Grass,  19  Richmond  w 

Day,  Wilson,  Campbell  •&  Martin,  250  University  av 

Day  &  Ault,  48  Yonge 

Deacon  &  Benevides,  357  Bay 

Deakon  Walter  C,  19  Richmond  w 

Dean  E  G  P,  QC,  12  Richmond  e 

Delaney  Michael  J.  67  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 

Delany  John  E,  85  Richmond  w 

Del  Zotto  &  Zorzi,  1331V2A  St  Clair  av  w 

Demianenko  Paul,  4  Richmond  e 

Denberg  Dan  S,  347  Bay 

Denny,  Dewan  &  Morris,  55  Yonge 

Denny  J  Ronald,  QC,  55  Yonge 

Denton  &  Denton,  330  Bay 

Deutch  Wm  G,  QC,  67  Yonge 

Dewar  Angus  M,  QC,  33  Bloor  e 

Dewar  &  Graham,  4889  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Dicker  Ernest,  326  Adelaide  w 
Dicker  &  Freeman,  326  Adelaide  w 
Dickler  Irvine  P,  372  Bay 
Dignam  Dean  S,  9  Richmond  e 
Di  Leila  &  Hornsby,  160  Eglinton  av  e 
Dillon,  Cronin  &  Lamb,  111  Richmond  w 
Doidge  Terence  R,  6  Thorncliffe  sq  (Leas) 

Donnelly,  Kentish  &  Daigneault,  1130  Bay 
Douglas  &  Johnston,  140  Seventh  (New  T) 

Downey,  Shand,  Robertson  &  Sahaidak,  2490  Bloor  w 

Doyle  &  Mclver,  44  King  w 

Draper  Darrell  QC,  133  Richmond  w 

Drukarsh  Chas,  QC,  372  Bay 

Drynan  &  McGregor,  20  Bloor  w 

Drysdale  John,  95  Toynbee  Trail  (Scar) 

Duchart  George,  80  King  w 

Duggan  Gorrie  &  Demonte,  17  Queen  e 

Duncan  Fredk  R,  QC,  82  Church 

Duncan,  Goldsmith  &  Caswell,  11  Adelaide  w 

Duncan  Joseph  M,  QC,  62-76  Richmond  w 

Dunn  G  William,  4  King  w 

Dunn  &  Dunn,  67  Yonge 

Dutrizac  Reginald  J,  1977A  Avenue  rd  (Nth  York) 

Du  Vernet,  Carruthers  &  Eastman,  121  Richmond  w 

Dyment  Alex  D  QC,  330  Bay 

Eades  L  Murray,  121  Richmond  w 

Eagleson  Franklin  B,  QC,  7  Queen  e 

Easser  Percy,  26  Queen  e 

Eckler  Henry  H,  837  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Edgar  John  M,  2901  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Edison,  Aird  &  Berlis,  111  Richmond  w 
Edmonds  &  Bell,  80  King  w 
Elgie  Goldwin  C,  QC,  330  Bay 
Elia  James,  62  Richmond  w 
Elliott,  McKague  &  Rodd,  320  Bay 
Endicott  &  Rothman,  360  Bay 

Enfield,  Kimberley  &  Hemmerick,  577  Kingston  rd 

Evans,  Noble  &  Hunter,  80  Richmond  w 

Evans  &  Stewart,  350  Bay 

Ezrin  Sydney,  4  Richmond  e 

Fagan  Sydney  J,  2600  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Fagan,  Rose  &  Kruger,  3089  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Fair  W  Walker,  55  York 
Farano  Ronald  J,  85  Richmond  w 

LISTON  &  SWACKHAMER,  Barristers, 

etc.,  1007  Excelsior  Life  Building,  36  Toronto, 
Phone  364-2475 

Feigman  &  Chernos,  133  Richmond  w 
Feldman  &  Weisbrot,  88  Richmond  w 
Ferguson  Alan,  2433  Yonge 
Ferguson,  Montgomery,  Cassels  &  Mitchell,  85 
Richmond  w 

Fetzer  Ernest  C,  23  Lawrence  av  w 
Fienberg  Wm,  QC,  2788  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Finkelstein  Albert  C,  296  Spadina  av 

Finlayson  Smith  &  Magee,  17  Queen  e 

Fitzgerald  F  G,  357  Bay 

Fitzpatrick  Lloyd  A,  330  Bay 

Fleischmann  Ivan,  326  Adelaide  w 

Fleming,  Smoke,  Burgess  &  Phillips,  80  King  w 

Ford  Gordon  W,  QC,  320  Bay 

Ford  Harry  M,  12  Richmond  e 

Foreht  &  Rovazzi,  1944  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Forrest  David  W,  3495  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Foster  J  Ward,  Q.C.,  86  Bloor  w 
Foy  Terrence  E,  67  Yonge 
Fram  Wallace,  410  Adelaide  w 
Fram  &  Bergstein,  410  Adelaide  w 
Frame  G  R  Russell,  2  College 
Frankel  Mannis,  21  Dundas  sq 


&  STEWART,  14th  Floor,  320  Bay,  Phones 
Fraser,  Meen  &  Pennington,  44  King  w 
-raser  &  Simms,  1944  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Freedman  Arnold,  62  Richmond  w 
Freeman  Harvey,  111  Richmond  w 
Freeman,  Miller  &  Draper,  33  Bloor  e 
French,  French  &  Turner,  121  Richmond  w 
Friedman  J  Manning  QC,  133  Richmond  w 
Friedman  Jack,  QC,  121  Richmond  w 
Friedman  &  Taub,  121  Richmond  w 
Frolick  S  W,  80  Richmond  w 
Frost  &  Heath,  44  King  w 
Fruitman  Herbert  L,  342  Queen  w 
Fullerton  Jos  A,  7  Queen  e 
Futerman  Harvey,  333  Wilson  av  (Nth  York) 

Gambin  &  Bratty,  1801  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Gamble  John  A,  17  Queen  e 

Gangbar  Sydney,  330  Bay 

Ganz  &  Rose,  4  Richmond  e 

Garfinkle  &  Biderman,  121  Richmond  w 

Garvey,  Ferriss,  &  Murphy,  80  Richmond  w 

Garvey  &  Garvey,  12  Richmond  e 

Gauld,  Hill,  Kilgour  &  Friend,  320  Bay 

Gebirtig  Sol,  QC,  100  Adelaide  w 

Gelman  Leon,  133  Richmond  w 

Gemmell  James  W,  320  Bay 

Georgas  &  Eisen,  21  Dundas  sq 

Gibson  Eugene  E,  181  Eglinton  av  e 

Gibson,  Thomson  &  Gibson,  372  Bay 

Gilbert  David  R,  62  Richmond  w 

Gilbert  Jack,  121  Richmond  w 

Gilbert  John,  80  Richmond  w 

Gilmore  Andrew  P,  62  Richmond  w 

Givens  Philip  G,  QC,  133  Richmond  w 

Givertz  Marvin,  2436A  Bloor  w 

Godfrey  &  Corcoran,  12  Richmond  e 

Goff  S  Armstrong,  2279  Yonge 

Goldhar,  Nemoy  &  Rusonik,  26  Queen  e 

Goldstein  &  Rosen,  1648  Victoria  Park  av  (Nth  York) 

Goldstick  &  Goldstick,  54  Westmount  av 

Gonos  Walter,  4  Albert 

Goodenough  Higginbottom,  McDonnell  &  Colville,  320 

Goodman,  Cooper,  Cohen  &  Farano,  85  Richmond  w 

Goodman,  Wolfe  D,  85  Richmond  w 

Goodman  &  Carr,  44  Victoria 

Goodman  &  Goodman,  85  Richmond  w 

Goodman  &  Hartney,  43  Dundas  w 

Gora  John  L  Z,  200  Bay 

Gordon  Wilferd,  QC,  347  Bay 

Pag©  19 

Gotfrid,  Dennis  &  Burnett;  133  Richmond  w 
Gottlieb  Simon,  394  Bay 
Goulding  H  Jerome,  QC,  330  Bay 
Grafstein  Jerry  S,  111  Richmond  w 
Graham  A  Kingsley,  1900  Yonge 
Graham  Allan,  696A  Coxwell  av 
Gra'ham,  Parsons  &  Liscombe,  372  Bay 
Graham  &  Greenley,  696A  Coxwell  av 
Graner  &  Graner,  62  Richmond  w 
Grant,  Grant  &  Fraser,  12  Riohmond  e 
Gray  Jos  J,  80  Richmond  w 
Graydon  &  Cook,  44  King  w 
Grayson  B  Michael,  330  Bay 
Green  Elliott,  330  Bay 
Green  Mendel  M,  121  Richmond  w 
Green  &  Dunn,  1856  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
and  (br)  2300  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar  ) 

Greenbloom  Murray,  12  Richmond  e 
Greenstein  Herbert  J,  111  Richmond  w 
Greenstein  Rose,  861  College 
Griesdorf  Allan  H,  86  Bloor  w 
Griesdorf  Morman  D,  121  Richmond  w 
Grossman  Benj,  111  Richmond  w 
Grossman  Helen,  QC,  100  Adelaide  w 
Gruedeff  John,  QC,  330  Bay 
Gunn  Donald,  4681  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Gurland  Albert,  133  Richmond  w 

Haffey,  Carton,  Giies,  Sherwood  &  Sillers,  2  Carlton 

Haffey  Ralph  J,  Q’C,  44  Brooke  av  (Nth  Y) 

Haines,  Thomson,  Macaulay,  Howie  &  Freeman,  85 
Richmond  w 

Hall  Robert  R,  347  Bay 

Hames  C  Marshall,  372  Bay 

Hamilton  John  F,  7  King  w 

Hamilton  &  Marks,  7  King  w 

Hammond  C  A,  2390  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Hardy  Donald  K,  3310  Yonge 

Harries,  Houser,  Brown  &  Houlden,  80  Richmond  w 
Harrington  Altan  L  B,  12  Richmond  e 
Harrington  Murray  P,  1723A  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Harris,  Keachie,  Garrow,  Davies  &  McLean,  165  Uni¬ 
versity  av 

Harris  &  Darragh,  100  Adelaide  w 
Harris  &  Rubenstein,  133  Richmond  w 
Harris  &  Silver  Law  Offices,  534  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth 

Hartney  Thomas  F,  43  Dundas  w 
Hass,  Floras  &  Jonas,  360  Bay 
Hawkins  Bruce  C,  4  King  w 
Heakes  Alfred  C,  1923  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Heifetz  Gerald,  188  University  av 
Heinrich  &  Hryciuk,  1014  Bathurst 
Henderson  Roland  E,  1130  College 
Henderson  &  Murray,  12  Richmond  e 
Henry  J  K  &  Associates,  200  Bloor  e 
Henry  &  Brown,  133  Richmond  w 
Henry  &  Lyonde,  674  Kingston  rd 
Herberman  Harry,  648  Danforth  av 
Herlick  Carl  M,  QC,  88  Richmond  w 
Herman  Alfred  H,  1938  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Herman,  Moses,  Spring  &  Greenbaum,  100  Adelaide 

Herman  Theodor  S,  330  Bay 

Herman  &  Herman,  26  Queen  e 

Hermant  Louis,  169  Yonge 

Hermant  Seymour,  QC,  394  Bay 

Hess  Paul  A  H,  QC,  320  Bay 

Himel  Irving,  QC,  121  Richmond  w 

Himel  Sydney,  455  Spadina  av 

Himel  &  Green,  121  Richmond  w 

Hlinka  Mike,  1486  Dundas  w 

Hoffman  Norman,  1810  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Hogg  Stanton,  8  King  e 

Holden,  Murdoch,  Walton,  Finlay,  Robinson,  Pepall  & 
Harvey,  44  King  w 
Hollingworth  &  Stanbury,  2200  Yonge 
Holmes  Isaac  &  Atkinson,  100  Adelaide  w 
Holmested,  Sutton,  Hill  &  Kemp,  7  King  e 
Honeyford  &  Honeyford,  12  Richmond  e 
Hooper  &  Robinson,  171  Yonge 
Horkins  Wm  E,  QC,  330  Bay 
Horne  Richard  J,  223  Church 
Hornsby  Brian  J,  160  Eglinton  av  e 
Hotz  John,  67  Richmond  w 
Howard  Benson  C,  347  Bay 
Howell  Gourley  L,  443  University  av 
Howell  J  Edward,  1407  Yonge 
Hueber  Yaroslav,  347  Bay 
Hughes,  Amys,  Steen  &  Wigle,  357  Bay 
Hughes  &  Archer,  372  Bay 
Hume,  Martin  &  Allen,  110  Church 
Humeniuk  Walter,  330  Bay 

Humphrey,  Locke,  Ecclestone  &  Kane,  3  Sultan 

Hyde  Edwin  G,  21  Dundas  sq 

Hyde  &  Arnold,  21  Dundas  sq 

Isaac  Elmer  J,  100  Adelaide  w 

Iseman  Seymour,  62  Richmond  w 

Ivany  Wylie,  111  Richmond  w 

Jackson  David  F,  19  Richmond  w 

Jacobs  Wm  F,  62  Richmond  w 

Jacobson  Harvey,  3089  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Jansen  Joanna,  35  Hayden 
Jaychuk  Nicholas,  1437  Yonge 
Jeffery,  Jeffery,  Frost  &  Robertson,  2  Carlton 
Jenkins  &  Jenkins,  42  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Jenner  &  Brunt,  171  Yonge 

Jennings  Clute  Lovatt,  &  Jones,  80  Richmond  w 

Johnson  Douglas  S,  133  Richmond  w 

Johnson  J  Ragnar,  QC,  8o  Richmond  w 

Jolliffe,  Lewis  &  Osier,  85  Richmond  w 

Kallmeyer  R  Bruce,  2896  Dundas  w 

Kaplan  Igor,  121  Richmond  w 

Kaplan  Jacob,  4  Albert 

Kaplan  Murray,  QC,  347  Bay 

Kaplan  Sidney,  360  Bay 

Karal  Neil  H,  55  Eglinton  av  e 

Katz  &  Solnicki,  51  Prince  Arthur  av 

Katzman  'Mervin  M,  111  Richmond  w 

Kaye  Alexander  R,  365  Bay 

Kazman,  Sidenberg  &  Applebaum,  4  Albert 

Keith,  Ganong,  Mahoney  &  Keith,  25  Adelaide  w 

Kellermann  Max  W,  QC,  12  Richmond  e 

Kelner  Martin,  360  Bay 

Kelner  Sami  J,  347  Bay 

Kelz  Chas  J,  330  Bay 

Kennedy  &  Kennedy,  67  Richmond  w 

Kerbel  Harvey  M,  133  Richmond  w 

Kerbel  Martin,  121  Richmond  w 

Kerr  Donald  W,  21  Imperial 

Kerr  John  E,  QC,  133  Richmond  w 

Kerson  A  E,  4  Richmond  e 

Kert  &  Kert,  62  Richmond  w 

Kerzner  Albert,  347  Bay 

Kettner  David  L,  147  University  av 

Kettner  •&  Morris,  147  University  av 

Keyes  Ralph,  137  Wellington  w 

Keyfetz  Carl  K,  QC,  34  7  Bay 

Keys  Norman  A,  QC,  330  Bay 

Kidd  J  Kennedy,  QC,  85  Richmond  w 


&  SMITH,  Suite  100,  12  Richmond  Street 
East,  Phone  364-3347 
Kimber  &  Dubin,  111  Richmond  w 
King  Edwd  0,  12  Richmond  e 
King  Terrence  A  S,  8  King  e 
Kinosmill  C  D'Arcy,  21  Dundas  sq 
Kingsmill,  Mills,  Price,  Barrett  &  Finlayson,  111  Rich¬ 
mond  w 

Kitchen  Clifford  E,QC,  350  Bay 

Klotz  Sidney,  1175  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Kostuk  Roy  M,  527A  Bloor  w 

Kotich  Stanley,  2  Carlton 

Kott  Bernard,  330  Bay 

Kovach  Michael  W,  60  Yonge 

Kremer  Elias  A,  44  Clinton 

Krepakevich  Stephen,  QC,  85  Richmond  w 

Kroll  Gerald,  121  Richmond  w  

Kronby,  Chercover,  Coxe  &  Posen,  62  Richmond  w 

Kurata  Lucien  C,  62  Richmond  w 

Kutney  &  Wren,  330  Bay 

Kuzmochka  John,  4  Albert 

Labrie  F  E,  200  University  av 

Lackner  Kenneth  D  L,  500  University  av 

Laird  Wm  W,  QC,  151  Bloor  w 

Laker  Benj,  347  Bay 

Lamerton  Wallace,  85  Richmond  w 

Lamont  &  Lamont,  62-76  Richmond  w 

Landriau  Lawrence  A,  QC,  68  Yonge 


Bank  of  Montreal  Building,  50  King  Street  West, 
Phone  368-2931 
Langdon  Chas  V,  QC,  7  Queen  e 
Langille  &  Clark,  4  King  w 
Larin  Geo  A,  4180  Dundas  w  (Etob) 


PRINGLE,  Room  801,  21  King  Street  East, 
Phone  362-2311 
Latimer  Hugh  R,  344  Bloor  w 
Laughlin  Stephen  W,  1180  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Lawlor,  Leclaire  &  Bannon,  80  Richmond  w 
Lawlor  Patk  D,  154  Lake  Promenade  (Long  B) 

Lawr  &  Forster,  67  Yonge 

Lawson,  Cannon  &  Fediow,  4195  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Laxton,  Glass  &  Swartz,  80  Richmond  w 

Lea  Charles,  1381  Queen  w 

Lee  Ernest  M,  QC,  12  Richmond  e 

Lee  Robt,  481  University  av 

Lee,  Wootten  &  Dyson,  111  Richmond  w 

Legge  &  Legge,  40  St  Clair  av  e 

Lencki  Wm  A,  100  Adelaide  w 

Letterio  B  J  B,  890V2  Dundas  w  and  1279  St  Clair 
avenue  w 

Levine  Peter,  165  Spadina  av 
Levine  &  Shiff,  2788  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Levinson  Martin  L,  85  Richmond  w 
Levinter,  Grcssberg,  Dryden,  Rachlin,  Bliss  &  Raphael, 
100  Adelaide  w 
Levitt  Sol  H,  55  Yonge 
Levy  Earl  J,  8  King  e 
Levy  Norman,  100  Adelaide  w 
Lewis  Frank  F,  944  Wilson  av  (Nth  York) 

Lewis,  Marrus  &  Finkler,  121  Richmond  w 
Lewis  &  Birenbaum,  3284  Keele  (Nth  York) 

Lieberman  Reuben,  QC,  20  Shallmar  blvd  (Fst  H) 
Linden  &  Gordon,  25  Adelaide  w 
Lipton  C  Harold,  170  University  av 
Lipton  Harry,  1259  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Lipton  Murray  M,  8  King  e 

Litowitz  &  Offman,  2020  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Litwin,  Lew  W,  575  Queen  w 
Lorenzetti,  Mariani  &  Wolfe,  133  Richmond  w 
Lucas  J  Douglas  QC,  6  Adelaide  e 
Luck  &  Harris,  235.  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

Ludwig,  Fisher  &  Holness,  320  Bay 
Lundy  Arthur,  188  University  av 
Lutes  Earl  L,  557  Danforth  av 


Room  2123,  44  King  Street  West,  Phone 

Lynde  Sidney  W  85  Richmond  w 

Macartney  Gordon  A,  365  Bay 

Macauley  Leopold,  QC,  85  Richmond  w 

MacBeth  &  Johnson,  133  Richmond  w 

MacCorkindale  J  C,  2143  Danforth  av 

MacDonald  Betty  J,  85  Richmond  w 

MacDonald  Donald  G  R,  500  University  av 

MacDonald  Fraser  W,  3065A  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

MacDonald  Wm  E  QC,  2977  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Macdonald  &  Kennedy,  330  Bay 

MacDonald  &  MacDonald,  1923  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Macdonald  &  Macintosh,  357  Bay 

Macdonell  &  Boland,  62-76  Richmond  w 

MacGregor  &  Wilson,  12  Richmond  e 

Mackenzie,  Wood  &  Goodchild,  80  King  w 

MacKerrow  R  E,  330  Bay 

MacLean  Gerrard  S,  27  Bloor  e 

MacLean  Hugh  J,  27  Bloor  e 

M’acMahon,  Hazel  &  O'Connor,  2489  Bloor  w  (Swan) 

Macnaughton  &  Macnaughton,  12  Richmond  e 

MacRobie  Alan  C,  QC,  2200  Yonge 

MacVicar  John  A,  80  Riohmond  w 

Mador  Harold,  229  Yonge 

Magerman  Alfred  S,  4  Richmond  e 

Magerman  &  Page,  1630A  Wilson  av  (Nth  York) 

Magwood,  Frith  &  Casey,  44  King  w 

Mahon  Joseph  A,  392  Bay 

Mahoney  John  J,  170  University  av 

Malcolm  Donald,  121  Richmond  w 

Male  W  Harold,  QC,  85  Richmond  w 

Maloney  Arthur,  QC,  320  Bay 

Mandell  Harry  S,  175  Bloor  e 

Manley,  Grant  &  Armstrong,  366  Bay 

Manning,  Bruce,  Paterson  &  Ridout,  85  Richmond  w 

Margies  Harold,  8  King  e 

Marks  H  David,  7  King  w 

Markus  Jacob,  133  Richmond  w 

Marsden  Eric  R  QC,  1  Delorafne  av 

Marsh  John  Meadows,  QC,  320  Bay 

Marshall  Fredk  R,  QC,  12  Richmond  e 

Martin  Thomas,  794  Bathurst 

Martin  Walter  M,  QC,  320  Bay 

Martin  &  Gravely,  121  Richmond  w 

Martin  &  Hartt,  320  Bay 

Marzec  Edward,  60  Yonge 

Matheson  A  MacKenzie  QC,  1912A  Avenue  rd  Nth  Y) 

Mathews,  Dinsdale  &  Clark,  366  Bay 

Matura  Ernest  V,  10  Adelaide  e 

Maynard  &  Johnston,  164  Eglinton  av  e 

Mayzel  Ha^iy,  330  Bay 

McAlpine  A  D,  QC, -20  King  w 

McBride  Joseph,  7  Superior  av  (Mim) 

McCarthy  &  McCarthy, 

Canada  Life  Building,  330  University  av,  Phone 
366-7771,  Telex  02-2785 
McCormack  C  S,  600  Bay 
McCreath  Ralph  S,  QC,  250  University  av 
McCulla  Wm,  326  Bathurst 

McDermott  John  J  J,  170  The  Donway  w  (Nth  Y) 
McDonald,  Davies  &  Ward,  4  King  w 
McDonald  Joseph  J,  181  Eglinton  av  e 
McGarry  &  McKeon,  62  Richmond  w 
McGraw  Bernard  J,  17  Queen  e 
McGuire  Bruce,  2643  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
McGuire,  Worrall  &  Price,  12  Richmond  e 
McKague  Andrew  E,  QC,  330  Bay 
McKenzie  Robert  M,  500  University  av 
McKeown  C  K  Stewart,  26  Queen  e 
McKeown,  Yoerger  &  Hudson,  121  Richmond  w 
McLaren  Dalton  A,  57  Bloor  w 

McLaughlin,  Howard  E  L,  1268  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

McLaughlin,  may,  soward, 

MORDEN  &  BALES,  200  University  Avenue, 
Phone  368-2385 

McLean  Gordon  W,  67  Richmond  w 

McLean,  Lyons  &  Kerr,  372  Bay 

McLintock  &  Devry,  939  Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

McMahon,  Rogers  &  Mingay,  302  Bay 

MoMaster,  MoMaster  &  McIntyre,  2859  Dundas  w 


Fifth  Floor,  133  Richmond  West,  Phone 
363-5261-6,  Office  Hours  9  A.M.  to  5  P.M., 
Residence  Phones  483-3723,  483-6767  and 


McMichael  Rupert  C,  QC,  17  Queen  e 

mcmillan,  binch,  stuart,  berry, 

20  King  Street  West,  Phone  364-5121  (See 
adv  Alphabetical  Section) 

IVTcNeill  Donald,  10  Adelaide  e 

McNish  &  McNish,  75  Eglinton  av  e 

McVey  Robt  W,  67  Richmond  w 

Medcof  John  C,  330  Bay 

Melnick  Norman  J  P,  12  Richmond  e 

Melnik  David,  143  Yonge 

Mendelsohn,  Beatty  &  Wood,  6  Adelaide  e 

Menzies  J  Alex,  1072  Bloor  w 

Mercer  Thos,  357  Bay 

Mercer  &  Bradford,  217  Bay 

Merrick  &  Young,  53  Prince  Arthur  av 

Merwin  Miles  R,  20  King  w 

Metcalfe,  Blainey  &  Burns,  347  Bay 

Meyer  Willem  J  B,  914  St  Clair  av  w 

Meyrick  Donald  F,  372  Bay 

Michener  D  Roland,  QC,  50  King  w 

Miller  George  C,  47  Colborne 

Miller  Gerald  R,  133  Richmond  w 

Miller,  Thomson,  Hicks,  Sedgewick,  Lewis  &  Healy,  21 

King  e 

Mills  Cochrane  &  Littlejohn,  8  King  e 
Mills  &  Mills,  481  University  av 
Minden  Alexander,  81  Grenville 
Minden  &  Gross,  111  Richmond  w 
Mingay  Paul  W  J,  302  Bay 
Minsky  Jos  J,  QC,  12  Richmond  e 
Mintz  Allan,  330  Bay 

Mintzer  Norman  A,  695  Markham  rd  (Scar) 

Mitchell  Michael  J,  334  Queen  e 

Mitchell  8c  Robinson,  336  Bay 

Monaco  Emanuela  L,  1276A  St  Clair  av  w 

Montgomery  G  F,  2896  Dundas  w 

Montgomery  &  Gardner,  44  King  w 

Morawetz  &  Strauss,  360  Bay 

Morgan  J  H  L,  QC,  229  Yonge 

Morris  Gerald  J,  147  University  av 

Morris  &  Morris,  85  Richmond  w 

Mortimer,  Colebourn  &  Andrews,  85  Richmond  w 

Morton  &  Malo,  1067  Bloor  w 

Moscoe  8c  Moscoe,  88  Richmond  w 

Moses  Lawrence,  3218  Yonge 

Mostyn  Louis,  44  Victoria 

Mott-Trille  Frank  R,  200  Bay 

Mowat,  Maclennan  &  Titus,  67  Yonge 

Mulhol land  Jos  N,  QC,  2200  Yonge 

Mulock,  Milliken,  Clark  ■&  Redman,  68  Yonge 

Mungovan  &  Mungovan,  80  King  w 

Murphy  Arthur  V,  85  Richmond  w 

Murphy  Thos  H,  800  Bay 

Muskat  C  M,  100  Adelaide  w 

Naiman  Allan  L,  347  Bay 

Nash  Frank  L,  130  Stratford  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Nashman  Harold  B,  821  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Nasso  Frank  D,  62  Richmond  w 

Neiman,  Bissett  8c  Seguin,  35  Hayden 

Nepom  Gordon,  62  Richmond  w 

Nesbitt  W  Rankine,  111  St  Clair  av  w 

Ness  8c  Ness,  133  Richmond  w 

Newman  Harry  A  &  Newman,  12  Richmond  e 

Newman  Joseph,  QC,  188  University  av 

Newman  •&  Newman,  7  Queen  e 

Newman,  Reiber  &  Weinstpck,  2  Carlton  and  1364 

Islington  av  n  (Etob) 


Barristers  and  Solicitors,  (Mining  and  Corpora¬ 
tion),  Room  1107,  330  Bay  St.,  Phone  363-0226 
Noble  Herbt  B,  26  Queen  e 
Noble  Leonard,  330  Bay 
Norman  &  Hopperton,  330  Bay 
Norman  &  Lipson,  3101  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

O'Brien  J  Bruce,  QC,  50  King  w 
O'Brien  James  V  A,  85  Richmond  w 
O'Brien  Richd  P,  1993  Keele  (York  Twp) 

O'Connell  Bernard  T,  85  Richmond  w 
O'Connor,  Devine  &  Tait,  188  University  av 
O'Donnell  Francis  L,  171  Yonge 
O'Driscoll,  Kelly  &  McRae,  320  Bay 
Oiye  Kazuo  G,  2  Carlton 
Olanick  Maurice  K,  80  Richmond  w 
Olch,  World  &  Torgov,  111  Richmond  w 
O'Malley  Wm  D,  62-76  Richmond  w 
O'Neill  Thos  B,  1482  Bathurst 
O'Neill  '8c  O'Neill,  1482  Bathurst 
Ongley  David  J,  QC,  320  Bay 
Onizuka  Thomas  T,  221  Victoria 
O'Reilly  Cyril  I,  330  Bay 
Orzech  Morris,  4597  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Orkin  Mark  M,  133  Ricmmond  w 
Orliffe  Herbert,  QC  ,  133  Richmond  w 
Oryschak  Andrew,  330  Bay 
Orzech  Morris,  4597  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 


The  Prudential  Building,  4  King  Street  West, 

Toronto  1,  Phone  362-1631 
Otto  Steven,  752  Broadview  av 
Page  Albert,  4  Richmond  e 
Page  C  Gordon,  QC,  62  Richmond  w 
Page  &  Kamin,  12  Richmond  e 
Palamar  &  Herbert,  17  Queen  e 
Palmer  Bruce  D  QC,  229  Yonge 
Papernick  &  Papernick,  100  Adelaide  w 
Parker,  Clark  &  Hart,  44  King  w 
Parkinson,  Gardiner  Roberts,  365  Bay 
Parkinson  &  Parkinson,  372  Bay 
Parsons  &  Lewis,  10  Adelaide  e 
Pasic  Nicholas,  490  College 
Paskaleff  Victor  L,  330  Bay 
Paul  Nicholas  P,  62  Richmond  w 
Payne  Murray  E  T,  67  Yonge 
Payton,  Biggs  &  Graham,  250  University  av 
Pearlstein  Jacob  D,  QC,  372  Bay 
Pearlstone  Alex,  59  Avenue  rd 
Pearson  Richd  H,  33-39  Primrose  av 
Penman  Wm  M,  2  John  (Wstn) 

Pepper  P  Barry  C,  QC,  4  King  w 

Peters  &  Wetstein,  245  Coxwell  av 

Peterson  8c  Peterson,  2350  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 

Peterson  &  Peterson,  855  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 

Petropoulos  Peter,  2200  Yonge 

Pezzack  John,  QC,  62  Richmond  w 

Phelan,  O'Brien,  Rutherford,  Lawer  &  Shannon,  85 

Richmond  w 

Philip  John  D,  330  Bay 

Phillips  John  C,  800  Bay 

Phillips  Paul,  6  Adelaide  e 

Phillips  8c  Phillips,  111  Richmond  w 

Pickett  Paul,  330  Bay 

PidruChny  Walter,  12  Richmond  e 

Pivnick  Edwin  J,  85  Richmond  w 

Pivnick,  Givens  &  Chusid,  133  Richmond  w 

Plaxton  8c  Co,  80  King  w 

Pocock  Joseph  A,  44  King  w 

Pollit  Henry  M,  21  Dundas  sq 

Pollock  &  Eisen,  3089  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Pomer  &  Orbach,  417  Parliament 
Pomerant  Joseph  B,  320  Bay 
Powell  Newton  J,  QC,  62  Richmond  w 
Preszler  Robt  P,  25  Adelaide  w 
Proudfoot,  Tisdall  &  Logan,  85  Richmond  w 
Prousky  &  Prousky,  133  Richmond  w 
Purcell  Vernon  E,  893  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Purvis  Charles  E,  1429  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Purvis  &  Purvis,  590  Jarvis 
Pyne  Gordon  'M,  3329  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Qualer  Nahum,  330  Bay 

Quirk,  McGillicuddy  &  Sutton,  1661  Dufferin 

Rapoport  Maxwell  L,  QC,  121  Richmond  w 

Raymond  Harry,  1477  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Raymond  &  Honsberger,  85  Riohmond  w 

Rechtshaffen  Oscar,  143  Yonge 

Rechtshaffen  &  Melnik,  143  Yonge 

Reid  Wilmer  H,  QC,  2092  Danforth  av 

Reid  8c  Robinson,  330  Bay 

Reilly  Dorothy  J,  701  Coxwell  av 

Reingold  &  Reingold,  100  Adelaide  w 

Reiter  Edwd,  319  Spadina  av 

Renwick  Thomas  &  Walden,  106  Adelaide  w 

Reycraft  &  Reycraft,  330  Bay 

Rich  Byron  W,  QC,  19  Richmond  w 

Richardson,  MacMillan,  Rooke  &  MacLennan,  365  Bay 

Riches  Geo  H,  QC,  67  Yonge 

Richman  Arthur  S,  25  Adelaide  w 

Ricketts,  Farley  &  Lowndes,  372  Bay 

Riley  W  Francis,  7  Gledhill  av 

Risk,  Cavan,  Garfield  &  Gardner  4  Richmond  e 

Robb  Malcolm,  QC,  365  Bay 

Roberts,  Archibald,  Seagram  &  Cole,  320  Bay 

Roberts  &  Anderson,  2249  Yonge 

Robertson  Hugh  S,  500  University  av 

Robertson  John  F,  2481  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Robertson  Lane,  Perrett,  Frankish  &  Estey,  105 

Adelaide  w 

Robins  &  Robins,  133  Richmond  w 

Robinson  Averell,  QC,  443  University  av 

Robinson  W  Kenneth,  330  Bay  and  731A  The  Queensway 


Robinson  &  Haines,  372  B'ay 
Rodness  Reuben,  17  Queen  e 
Rodney  &  Ash,  1491  Yonge 
Roebuck  Sidney  R,  344  Bloor  w 
Roebuck,  Walkinshaw  &  North,  372  Bay 
Roebuck  &  Roebuck,  9  Richmond  e 
Rogers  and  Bereskin,  123  Eglinton  av  e 
Rogers  &  Rowland,  133  Richmond  w 
Rohmer,  Cory,  Morris  &  Haley,  728  Bay 
Rollo  Douglas  E,  17  Queen  e 
Romanick  Marshall  B,  QC,  80  Richmond  w 
Romanko  Julian,  372  Bay 
Rose  Daphne  J  M,  347  Bay 
Rose  David  R  K,  150  King  w 
Rose  Walton,  QC,  12  Richmond  e 
Rose  Perisko  &  Arnold,  121  Richmond  w 
Rosen  Wm  S,  QC,  1127  Bloor  w 
Rosenberg  Lewis  H,  4  Richmond  e 
Rosenberg,  Walsh,  Smith  &  Paton,  119  York 
Rosenberg  &  Atlin,  4  Richmond  e 
Rosenfeld,  Allen  &  Schwartz,  11  Adelaide  w 


80  King  West,  Phone  364-0256 
Rossman,  Allen  G,  163  Spadina  av 
Rotenberg  Harry  I,  221  Victoria 
Rotenberg  Henry  D,  62  Richmond  w 
Rotenberg  &  Eustace,  123  Edward 
Rotstein  Maxwell  L,  100  Adelaide  w 
Rowan  Hugh,  4  King  w 
Rowland  Geo  A,  2436A  Bloor  w 
Rowntree  H  L,  QC,  60  Yonge 
Rowntree  &  Beard,  60  Yonge 
Rubinoff  &  Rubinoff,  76  Avenue  rd 
Rumack  &  Dolman,  133  Richmond  w 
Russell  Gordon  A,  QC,  443  University  av 
Ruwald,  Poolman  &  Ratchford,  330  Bay 
Ryan,  McAlpine  &  Ryan,  1865  Danforth  av 
Sachter  &  Zackheim,  2788  Bathurst 
Salter,  Reilly,  Jamieson  &  Apple,  302  Bay 
Samuel  David  M,  443  University  av 
Samuel  Lewis,  217  Bay 
Sanderson  &  Cochrane,  8  King  e 
Sandler  &  Gordon,  464  Yonge 
Saunderson  Geo  S,  QC,  67  Yonge 
Sax  8c  Isaacs,  6  Adelaide  e 
Saxe  Eli  A,  1  Sherwood  av 
Scandiffio,  Horgan  &  Cassidy,  67  Yonge 
Schacter  Leo  E,  QC,  481  University  av 
Scherer  Bernard,  3768  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Schnall  Ignatius  372  Bay 
Schwartz  Saul,  3089  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Scott  Eugene  W  V,  2094  Yonge 

Scott  Norman  D,  360  Bay 

Scott  W  Alan,  4945A  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Scott  &  Hodgson,  2346-2348  Danforth  av 

Scott  8c  Walton,  2092  Danforth  av 

Scroggie  Geo  T,  QC,  85  Richmond  w 

Scully  Gerald  P.  8  King  e 

Searles  Edsworth  M,  501  Yonge 

Seed,  Neild,  Long  &  Howard,  220  Bay 

Service  &  Stark,  2200  Yonge 

Shapiro  B  Barry,  QC,  100  Adelaide  w 

Shapiro  J  Arnold,  QC,  21  Dundas  sq 

Shapiro  &  Williams,  21  Dundas  sq 

Shaul  8c  Draimin,  2970  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Shearer  Coo  &  Liber,  347  Bay 

Sher,  Loftus  &  Golden,  347  Bay 

Sherizen  Lily  I,  QC,  455  Spadina  av 

Sherman,  Midanik,  Starkman  8c  Ross,  21  Dundas  sq 

Sherman  Norman,  330  Bay 

Sherwin  Nathan,  QC,  lllRichmond  w 

Shibley,  Righton,  Scane  &  McCutecheon,  365  Bay 

Shier  Stanley  I,  12  Richmond  e 

Shiff  J  Richard,  105  Adelaide  w 

Shuber  Basman  &  Gluckstein,  133  Richmond  w 

Shulman  &  Rittersporn,  4  Albert 

Shuyler,  Ecclestone  &  Green,  320  Bay 

Siegal,  Fogler  &  Greenglass,  372  Bay 

Sifton  Clifford,  320  Bay 

Sigel  Schuyler  M,  121  Richmond  w 

Silver  Louis  D,  347  Bay 

Silverman  Hugh  W,  500  University  av 

Silverman  Jack,  177  Harbord 

Silverman  Peter  A,  68  Yonge 

Silverman  Sydney,  17  Queen  e 

Silverman  &  Freed,  17  Queen  e 

Simbrow  Lionel,  347  Bay 

Simmonds  Monty  M,  159  Bay 

Simon  Morris,  26  Queen  e 

Sinclair  &  Sinclair,  191  Ohuroh 

Singer  Burrell  M,  55  York 

Singer,  Keyfetz,  Cass  &  Lissaman,  121  Richmond  w 
Singer  &  Hurowitz,  188  University  av 
Singer  &  Singer,  62-76  Richmond  w 
Sintzel  James  R  N,  85  Richmond  w 
Sipper  Wm,  600  Bay 

Sitzer  &  Sitzer,  2600  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Skells  James  T,  QC,  372  Bay 
Smiley  8c  Allingham,  80  Richmond  w 
Smi^h  Albert,  695  Markham  rd  (Scar) 

Smith  Arthur  L,  330  Bav 

Smith  Bernard  J,  7  Superior  av  (Mim) 

Smith,  Caudwell,  Svmmes  &  Ferron,  80  Richmond  w 
Smith  Chester,  7  Riverview  gdns  (Swan) 

Smith  Dana  L  I,  2033  Danforth  av 

Smith  Gary,  133  Richmond  w 

Smith  George  T,  7  King  e 

Smith  Gordon  W,  534  Broadway  av 

Smith  Harold  M,  80  Richmond  w 

Smith  Henry  A,  7  Riverview  gdns  (Swan) 

Smith  J  Frank,  302  Bay 


1202,  50  King  West,  Phone  364-4203 
Smith  Russell  P,  330  Bay 

Smith  &  Mintzer  Barristers,  695  Markham  rd  (Scar) 
Smither  Stanley,  1437  Yonge 
Smookler  Kenneth,  284A  Yonge 
Sneath,  Rapson  &  Cameron,  44  Victoria 
Solish  Lloyd,  133  Richmond  w 
Solnik  &  Solnik,  2981  Dundas  w 
Solomon  Michl  R,  200  Bay 
Solomon, Singer  &  Solway,  44  King  w 
Solomon  &  Gora,  200  Bay 
Soloway  Gerald  M,  1267A  St  Clair  av  w 
Somers  Arnold,  85  Richmond  w 
Sommerville,  Scace,  White  &  Lamson,  120  Bloor  e 
Sorokiwsky  Boris  J,  2259  Bloor  w 
Sparham  Francis  J.  100  Adelaide  w 
Sparling  E  Lloyd,  QC,  80  Richmond  w 
Sparrow  Wm  H,  125  Lytton  blvd 
Spence,  Shoemaker  &  Spence,  302  Bay 
Sn^ncer,  Romberg,  Kaf^irer  &  Cadsby,  21  Dundas  sq 
Spiegel  Harvey,  360  Bay 
Spring  Manny,  825  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Stainton  R  Keith,  469  Manor  rd  e 
Stainton  Ronald  H,  2903  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New 
Stanbrook  R  Joel,  657A  Yonge 
Stancer  Raymond,  330  Bay 

B  sters,  Solicitors,  etc. 


Staniszewski  Paul  I,  2881  Dundas  w  and  372  Bay 
Stanley  R  Austin,  9  Bloor  e 

Stapel Is,  Sewell,  Stapells,  Patterson  &  Rodgers,  33 
Adelaide  w 

Stark  Alexander  QC,  170  University  av 

Starkman  N  David,  330  Bay 

Starr,  Allen  &  Weekes,  188  University  av 

Stauth  Ronald  E,  2906  Lake  Snore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Stein  Fredk,  21  Dundas  sq 

Stein  Samuel,  121  Richmond  w 

Steiner  Sydney  J,  25  Adelaide  w 

Stephens  James  H,  242  Runnymede  rd 

Sterling  Athol,  2450A  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Stevens,  Hassard  &  Elliott,  48  Yonge 
Stewart  &  Tinker,  963  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Stinson  &  Opper,  11  Adelaide  w 

Stirrett  John  R,  QC,  372  Bay 

Stitt  Hubert  J,  121  Richmond  w 

Stitt  Jack  M,  347  Bay 

Stokal  Danl  D,  21  Dundas  sq 

Stone  Carl  A,  330  Broadview  av 

Stone  Marvin  H  M,  326  Adelaide  w 

Strathy,  Cowan  &  Setterington,  44  Victoria 

Strauss  &  Strauss,  372  Bay 

Stroz  John  F,  1530  Bloor  w 

Sukornyk  &  Martyn,  238  Blcor  w 

Sullivan  Glenn  A,  QC,  17  Queen  e 

Sutton  Ralph,  160  Bay 

Swartz  H  Max,  QC,  49  Wellington  e 

Sylvester  Thos  QC,  330  Bay 

Symons  D  Martin,  QC,  220  Bay 

Tait  R  Glenn,  103  Cavell  av  (Mim) 

Tanner  John  E,  12  Richmond  e 
Tanner  Roland  C,  3240  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Tanney  Maurice  W,  42  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Tarum  Mart,  372  Bay 

Tatulis  Konstantine  P,  62  Richmond  w 

Taub  Gerald  M,  121  Richmond  w 

Taube  Louis,  793  Bathurst 

Taube  Stanley,  793  Bathurst 

Taylor  James  A,  QC,  372  Bay 

Taylor,  Joy  &  Baker,  320  Bay 

Tedman  Helen  Mrs,  92  Lawton  blvd 

Telfer  Walter  E,  6  Adelaide  e 

Temins  Irving  D,  QC,  62  Richmond  w 

Tepper  Benj,  429  College 

Teskey  Frank  C,  330  Bay 

Teskey  J  Wilfrid.  57  Bloor  w 

Thompson  Alex  C,  QC,  4  Richmond  e 

Thompson,  Tooze,  Muir  &  McLean,  100  Adelaide  w 

Thompson  Wm  H,  330  Bay 

Thomson  Claude  R,  365  Bay 

Thomson  Robt  G,  159  Bay 

Thornton  &  Aprile,  2670  Danforth  av 

Tilley,  Carson,  Findlay  &  Wedd,  44  King  w 

Timmins  &  Bristow,  4  Richmond  e 

Tomlinson  Lloyd  J,  3065A  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Torrance  Fredk  W,  QC,  4  Richmond  e 

Tory,  Tory,  Deslauriers  &  Binnington,  11  King  w 

Trotter  James  B,  372  Bay 

Tugwood  Arthur,  3458  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Tureck,  Wengle  &  Henderson,  790  Bay 
Turville  Frank  D,  QC,  60  Yonge 
Tytler  &  Sproule,  320  Bay 
Underhay  Bruce  M,  159  Bay 
Urquhart,  Urquhart  &  Aiken,  330  Bay 
Usprech  Irvine,  21  Dundas  Square 
Vanek  David,  QC,  17  Queen  e 
Vano  George,  528  St  Clair  av  w 
Vass,  Mitchell  &  Kerenyi,  263  College 
Velanoff  Louis,  55  Eglinton  av  e 
Verbeek  Leonard,  7  Superior  av  (Mim) 

Vesa  Peter  A,  1028  Danforth  av 
Vine  David  R,  80  Richmond  w 
Vipavec  Carl  P  J,  278  Bathurst 
Waclawski  Michael,  38  King  w 
Wadsworth  Wm  R,  QC,  6  Adelaide  e 
Wagman  &  Elkind,  62  Richmond  w 
Walfish  David,  156  Danforth  av 
Walfish  Henry,  169  Yonge 
Walker,  Milton,  Rice  &  Ellis,  21  King  E 
Walker  Robert  E,  10  Adelaide  e 
Wallace  James,  302  Bay 
Wallace  Wm  L,  QC,  4  Sherbourne  n 
Walsh  Geo  T,  QC,  330  Bay 
Walsh  John  W,  729  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Walsh  &  Walsh,  85  Richmond  w 
Wardlaw  &  Whittaker,  44  King  w 
Warren  Donald  P,  7-9  Pleasant  blvd 
Wasserman  Melvin,  443  University  av 
Watson  &  Eagleson,  1111  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Wcislo  S  F,  689  Queen  w 

Weatherhead  &  Weatherhead,  19  Richmond  w 

Webster  J  David,  11  Adelaide  w 

Webster  R  L  &  J  H,  2600  Danforth  av 

Wegenast  &  Hyndman,  17  Queen  e 

Weinberg  Bernard,  QC,  44  King  w 

Weinberg  Gerald  M,  964  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Weinert  Irving.  600  Bay 
Weingust  &  Halman,  221  Victoria 
Weinstein  Ben,  62  Richmond  w 
Weinstock  Gilbert,  319  Spadina  av 
Weir  Chalmers  H,  107  Heath  w 
Weiss  Warren  B,  62  Richmond  w 
Weiss  &  Weiss,  62  Richmond  w 
Weldon  Roy,  372  Bay 
Weldon  &  Sproule,  17  Queen  e 
Wengle  Lawrence,  121  Richmond  w 
Westell  &  Hanley,  164  Eglinton  av  e 
Wexler  Lyon,  55  Yonge 
White,  Bristol,  Beck  &  Phipps,  335  Bay 
Whiteacre  J  A  Wm,  244  Bay 
Whiteacre  &  Bradbury.  2406  Bloor  w 
Whitehead  Armond  T,  QC,  85  St  Clair  av  e 
Whitely  Russell,  CC,  80  King  w 
Whitely  Sharp  &  Robson,  80  King  w 
Whitney  C  J  &  Associates,  68  Yonge 
Wickett  &  Belyea,  25  King  w 
Widman  Barry  B,  62  Richmond  w 
Wiens  John  C,  885  Dundas  w 
Willard  &  Devitt,  155  Roncesvalles  av 
Williams  Jos  S,  QC,  21  Dundas  sq 
Willis  Dingwall  &  Newell,  4  King  w 
Wilson  Allan  C,  1810  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Wilson  Marie,  QC,  6  Adelaide  e 

Wilson  Melville  W,  QC,  Estate  of,  229  Yonge 

Wilson  Ronald  C.  10  St  Clair  av  e 

Wilson  &  Bartlett,  229  Yonge 

Wilson  &  Wilson,  12  Richmond  e 

Wilton  Glen  M,  QC,  80  Richmond  w 

Wineberg  Manuel,  QC,  225  Queen  w 

Winer  Morris  J,  360  Bay 

Winters  &  Jackson,  12  Richmond  e 

Wise  Ben,  821  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Wohl  Ted,  121  Richmond  w 
Wolfe  Harold  B,  330  Bay 
Wolfson  Herbert,  111  Richmond  w 
Wolman  Wilfred,  QC,  372  Bay 
Wood  Jas  R,  933  St  Clair  av  w 

Woodsworth  &  Rutherford,  1218  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 
Woolfe  Michael,  2404  Danforth  av 
Woolfson  E  Sidney,  QC,  3077  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Wray,  Russell,  Rogers,  Beck,  Smith  &  Sands,  663 
Greenwood  av  and  731  Dovercourt  rd 
Wright  John  S,  80  King  w 
Wright  &  McTaggart,  365  Bay 
Wunder  Ronald  S  1659  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Wylie  Ian  M,  1709  Bloor  w 
Yip  K  Dock.  117A  Elizabeth 

Young  J  Eric,  4937A  Dundas  w  (Etob)  and  229  Yonge 
Young  Perry  C,  752  Broadview  av 
Zuhumeny  Stephen,  62  Richmond  w 
Zaldin  &  Fine,  121  Richmond  w 
Zarowsky  Bohdan  B,  21  Dundas  sq 
Zeldin  John  L,  12  Richmond  e 
Zeldin  &  Aaron,  12  Richmond  e 
Zimmerman,  Haywood,  Winters  &  Chambers,  111  Rich¬ 
mond  west 

Zinko  Peter,  1728  Queen  w 
Zuker  Louis  J,  292  Spadina  av 
Zutis  Arthur,  12  Richmond  e 


Fruit  &  Vegetable  Container  Co  Ltd,  58  Hyde  av  (York 


Birohmount  Pool,  Birchmount  &  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
East  York  Memorial  Swimming  Pool,  Cedarvale  av  (E  Y) 
after  Cosburn  av 

Etobicoke  Swimming  Pool,  50-54  Montgomery  rd 

Pelmo  Park  Swimming  Pool,  1986  Jane  (Nth  Y) 
Riverdale  Park  Swimming  Pool,  Broadview  av  and  Mont- 
crest  blvd 

Sunnyside  Bathing  Pavilion,  s  s  Lakeshore  blvd  w 
Sunnyside  Beach,  after  1601  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
Weston  Area  Swimming  pool,  s  s  Lawrence  av  w 


Jantzen  of  Canada  Ltd,  121  Richmond  w 


Beverley  Steam  Baths,  137  Beverley 

Finnish  Steam  Baths,  56-58  Widrner 

Harrison  Public  Baths  &  Pool,  13-15  Stephanie 

Ideal  Steam  Bath,  471-473  Dundas  w 

Luxur  Steam  Bath,  3505  Bathurst  (Nth  York) 

Modern  Steam  Baths,  392  av 

Oakleaf  Steam  Baths  Ltd,  218  Bathurst 

Roman  (Sauna)  Baths,  740  Bay 

Sanitary  Steam  Baths,  410-412  Bathurst 

Taara  Saun,  26  Ladysmith  av 

Torok's  Finnish  Health  Baths,  20  Madison  av 


Finlandia  Sauna  of  Can  Ltd,  68  Broadview  av 


Commercial  &  Industrial  Battery  Services  Ltd,  14 
Arnold  (Etob) 

Durable  Battery,  21  Davenport  rd 

East  End  Battery  Service,  597  Gerrard  e 

Fred's  Tire  &  Battery,  1152  Dufferin 

Glendale  Battery  &  Mower  Service,  196  Main 

Lakeview  Battery  Service,  1212  Dundas  w 

Lee's  Battery  Service,  1017  Dufferin 

Miller's  Battery  Service,  40  Lavender  rd  (York  Twp), 

Regent  Battery  Co  Ltd,  400  Eastern  av 

Star  Batteries,  228  Greenwood  av 

Toronto  Battery  Exchange,  11  Caroline  av 

Town  Batteries  &  Accessories  Ltd,  1212  Yonge 

Weston  Battery  Service,  1  Little  av  (Wstn) 


Burgess  Battery  Co,  207  Queens  Quay  w 
Electric  Storage  Battery  Co  Can  Ltd,  (Fxide  Div), 
663  Warden  av  (Scar) 

Gould  National  Batteries  of  Can  Ltd,  20  Densley  av 
(North  York) 

Ideal  Batteries,  388  George 

Prestolite  Co  Ltd,  (Battery  Div),  1352-1360  Dufferin 
and  135  St  Clair  av  w 
Ray-O-Vac  (Canada)  Ltd,  1137-39  Dupont 


Ball  and  Roller— Mfrs. 

BGS  Bearings  &  Equipment  Ltd,  24  Medota  rd  (Etob) 
Canadian  Bearings  Ltd,  65  Granby 
Canadian  SKF  Co  Ltd,  1057-1063  Bay  and  2201 
Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Fafnir  Bearings  Canada  Ltd,  1  Meridian  rd  (Ftob) 
Federal  Mogul  Service  Ltd,  2343  Keele  (Nth  York) 
Fischer  Bearings  (Canada)  Ltd,  23  Lesmill  rd  (Nth 

Genbearco  Ltd,  370  Olivewood  rd  (Etob) 

Kenscott  Ltd,  2341  Keele,  201  Ashtonbee  rd  (Scar) 
and  1270  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Kilian  Manufacturing  Ltd,  90  Queen  Elizabeth  blvd 

Monarch  Fabricating  Co  Ltd,  45  Colville  rd  (Nth  York) 
Timken  Roller  Bearing  Service  &  Sales  Ltd,  35  Kelfield 

Torrington  Co  Ltd,  The,  925  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 
Vandervell  (Canada)  Ltd,  401  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 


(See  Barber  and  Beauty  Shop  Equipment  and 


(See  also  Hairdressers) 

Aarons  Bamoore  Beauty  Lounge,  416  Moore  av  (Leas) 

Ace  Beauty  Salon,  911  Davenport  rd 

Ada's  Beauty  Nook,  875  Pape  av 

Ada's  Beauty  Salon,  1188  Dufferin 

Adele's  Beauty  Salon,  1862  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Adel le's  Beauty  Salon,  1050  Kingston  rd 
Adorne  Coiffure  Salon,  1021  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Adrian  Beauty  Salon,  2137  Bloor  w 
Advance  Hair  Style,  2891  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Agnes  Beauty  Salon,  195  Harbord 

Alberto's  Hair  Stylists,  138  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Al  Dor  Beauty  Salon,  1233  Queen  w 

Alexandra  Beauty  Salon,  1030  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Alfonso's  Beauty  Salon,  35  Etobicoke  dr  (Etob) 

Amaryllis,  1A  Browning  av 

Anita's  Beauty  Salon,  372  Harbord 

Ankica  Beauty  Salon,  1171  Dundas  w 

Ann's  Beauty  Nook,  952A  Bloor  w 

Ann's  Beauty  Salon,  2022  Queen  e 

Ann's  Beauty  Salon,  1747  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Anna  Hair  Stylist,  10)  4A  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Anna's  Beauty  Salon,  1066  Dundas  w 
Anne  of  London,  428  St  Clarens  av 
Annette  Beauty  Salon,  1697  St  Clair  av  w 
Annis  Nancy  Beauty  Salon,  6  College 
Anny's  Beauty  Salon,  487  Bloor  w 
Antoine  Coiffures,  4127  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Antcnett's  Beauty  Salon,  649  College 

Antonio's  Hair  Stylists,  916  Wilson  av  (Nth  York) 
Armand's  Beauty  Salon,  880  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 
Armond  Beauty  Salon,  2664  Yonge 
Art  Beauty  Salon,  200  Queen  w 
Artistic  Beauty  Salon,  219  Roncesvalles  av 
Artistic  Hair  Creation,  176  Davenport  rd 
Artistic  Hair  Styling,  2356  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 
Astaire  Elizabeth  Beauty  Centre,  1238  Eglinton  avenue 
west  (Fst  H) 

Asure  Curl  Beauty  Studio,  2208  Dundas  w 
Avenue  Coiffures,  116  Avenue  rd 
Baker's  Beauty  Salon,  281  Roncesvalles  av 
Bayview  Hair  Stylists,  1493  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Beauti  Que  Hairdressing,  1522  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Beauty  Box  Hairdressing  109  High  View  av  (Scar) 
Beauty  Box,  The,  1316V2  King  w 
Beauty  Centre  The,  176  Davenport  rd 
Beauty  Fair,  706  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Beauty  Fair  Hair  Stylist,  2800  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Beauty  Flair  Hairstyling,  319  Queen  w 

Beauty  Salon  Femina  The,  380  Bathurst 

Beauty  Salon  Kay,  1590  Bloor  w 

Beauty  Salon  Rose  Marie,  689  Broadview  av 

Bel-Air  Beauty  Salon,  2125  Yonge 

Bella  Vista  Coiffures,  1797  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Yk) 

Belle  Beauty  Salon,  1707  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 
Belvedere  Beauty  Salon,  137  Danforth  av 
Bendale  Beauty  Salon,  3256  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Bennett  Beauty  Salon,  2583  Yonge 
Bernard's  Hair  Stylists,  820  Wilson  av  (Nth  York) 
Bernette  Hairdressing,  60  Mimico  av  (Mim) 

Beryl's  Beauty  Salon,  533A  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 
Betty-Anne  Beauty  Parlor,  1811  Gerrard  e 
Beverley  Hills  Beauty  Salon,  1678  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Bioderma  Beauty  Centre,  9  Bloor  e  and  487  Bloor 

Birkdale  Beauty  Salon,  1241  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 
Blanche's  Hairdressing,  473  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 
Bobbie's  Beauty  Lounge,  586  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Bobbie's  Hair  Stylists,  555  Parliament 
Bo-Belle  Fashion  House,  52  Mimico  av  (Mim) 

Bonnie  Beauty  Salon,  198  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 

Bo-Peep  Beauty  Salon,  1346  Danforth  av 
Boyce  Beauty  Parlor,  311  Roncesvalles  av 
Brentwood  Beauty  Salon,  3  Brentwood  rd  n  (Etob) 
Bfenzel  Betty  Beauty  Shop,  932  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Briarcrest  Beauty  Lounge,  44  Wellesworth  dr  (Etob) 
Broadview  Beauty  Parlor,  741  Queen  e 
Broadway  Hair  Stylists,  896  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Brown's  Line  Beauty  Salon,  256  Brown's  Line  ('Etob) 
Bruno  &  Paul  Hair  Stylists,  1160  Warden  av  (Scar) 
Bruno's  Beauty  Boutique,  3  Manor  rd  e 
Cal-Mar  Beauty  Salon,  1085  Dovercourt  rd 
Cameo  Beauty  Salon,  1036  Gerrard  e 
Cameo  Coiffure,  2359  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Cameron  Beauty  Salon,  6  Church  (Wstn) 

Camille  Beauty  Lounge,  1522  Queen  w 

Canadiana  Hair  Fashions,  1515  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 

Capitol  Beauty  Salon,  26  Erskine  av 

Capri  Beauty  Salon,  1582  Dundas  w 

Carousel  Beauty  Lounge,  50  Firwood  cres  (Etob) 

Caruso  Peter  Beauty  Salon,  1474  Bathurst 

Castle  Beauty  Salon,  8  Castle  Knock  rd 

Castle  Coiffure  Salon,  11  Castlefield  av 

Catherine's  Beauty  Salon,  1745  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Cedar  Heights  Beauty  Lounge,  695  Markham  rd  (Scar) 

Charles  Vogue  Beauty  Salon,  435  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Charm  Beauty  Salon,  167  Gary  Dr  (Nth  Y) 

Charm  Beauty  Studio,  16  Cumberland 
Charmaine  Beauty  Salon,  1465  Yonge 
Charmette  Beauty  Salon,  1061  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Chatelaine  Beauty  Salon,  680  Church  and  364  Bloor  e 
Chez  Capri  Hair  Styling,  2364  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 

Chez  Gabriel le,  2035  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Chez  Marcel  Beauty  Salon,  3750  St  Clair  av  e  (Scar) 
Chez  Margot  Coiffure,  146-148  Davenport  rd 
Chez  Marie  Beauty  Shop,  316  Parliament 
Chriss  Mario  Beauty  Salon,  852  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 
Christine's  Beauty  Salon,  949  Dundas  w 
Christine's  Hair  Stylists,  3356  Yonge 
Ciarlo's  1432  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Cinderella  Beauty  Salon,  324  Bathurst 
Cindy-Lou  Beauty  Salon,  3747  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Classic  Beauty  Salon,  1075  St  Clair  av  w 
Claudette's  Beauty  Salon,  924  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Cliffcrest  Beauty  Salon,  2875  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Cloverleaf  Beauty  Salon,  516  Evans  av  (Etob) 

Coiffure  Cottage,  3  Oakwood  av 

Coiffure  By  John,  1756A  Victoria  Park  av  (Nth  Y) 

Coiffures  by  Leonard,  410A  Spadina  rd  (Fst  H) 

Colette  Beauty  Salon,  2263  Bloor  w 
Colorama  Hair  Stylists,  1592  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Concord  Beauty  Salon,  285  Concord  av 
Connie's  Beauty  Salon,  628  St  Clair  av  w 
Continental  Beauty  Salon,  706  Danforth  av 
Continental  Coiffure  Salon,  5086  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Corazza  Hair  Stylist,  4744  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Coronet  Beauty  Salon,  3189  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Ccsimo  Hair  Stylists,  3387  Bathurst  (Nth  York) 

Cosy  Beauty  &  Barber  Shop,  2424  Danforth  av 
Crescendo  Coiffures  Ltd,  60  St  Clair  av  w 
Crescent  Beauty  Salon,  2  Crescent  rd 

Crest  Beauty  Lounge,  2555  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 
Crofton  Beauty  Studio,  717  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Cross  Elizabeth,  1404A  Yonge 

Crown  Beauty  Salon,  2813  Bathurst  (Nth  York) 
Curran's  Beauty  Salon,  2520  Bayview  av  (Nth  Y) 
Curran's  Beauty  Salon,  160  Springhurst  av 
Curran's  Beauty  Salon,  747  Don  Mills  rd  (Nth  York) 
Curran's  Beauty  Salon,  939  Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Cy-Mar  Beauty  Bar,  621  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Daddio  of  Italy,  110  Lyons  av  (York  Twp) 

Daffodil  Beauty  Salon,  3463  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long 

D'Antonio  Hair  Design,  1720  Eglinton  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Dary's  Coiffure,  560  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Dawn's  Beauty  Salon,  3251  Yonge 
Day  J  Nelson  Ltd,  18  Temperance 
Days  Helen  Beauty  Shop,  1286  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Del  Marz  Beauty  Salon,  1554  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Delacourt  Beauty  Salon,  (rear)  898  College 
Delphine's  Beauty  Lounge,  1203  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Denise  Beauty  Salon,  804  Dunoas  w 
Diane's  Beauty  Salon,  1949  Queen  e 
Dianne's  Beauty  Lounge,  4937  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Distinctive  Coiffures,  157  Fal lingbrook  rd  (Scar) 
Domenic  &  Carmen  Hair  Stylists,  201  The  West  Mall 

Dominic's  Beauty  Salon,  1648  Victoria  Park  av  (Nth 

Don  Aileen  Beauty  Lounge,  939  Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Dcnaldo's  Hair  Stylists,  195  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Donlands  Beauty  Salon,  375  Donlands  av  (E  Y) 

Donovan's  Beauty  Salon,  689  Pape  av 

Dora  Beauty  Salon,  177  College 

Doris  Leslie  Salon,  2352  Yonge 

Dorjean  Beauty  Salon,  2706  Dundas  w 

Dorothy  Ann  Beauty  Salon,  28  Mimico  av  (Mim) 

Dorothy  Mae  Beauty  Salon,  1916  Gerrard  e 

Dorothy's  Beauty  Salon,  491  Church 

Dorothy's  Hair  Design,  590  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Dorset  Park  Beauty  Salon,  197  Shropshire  dr  (Scar) 

Drew's  Gerda  Hairstylist,  2218  Queen  e 

Duchess  Beauty  Shop,  94  Queen  e 

Duffy's  Hair  Styling,  602  and  602A  Danforth  av 

Duke  Beauty  Salon,  1070  Dovercourt  rd 

Edith's  Beauty  Salon,  3383  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Editha  Beauty  Salon,  2194  Danforth  av 
Edwards  Beauty  Parlor,  262  Dupont 
Eglinton  Beauty  Salon,  247  Eglinton  av  w 
Egyptian  Studios,  833  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Eileen's  Beauty  Salon,  1005  Albion  rd  (Etob) 
Elaine's  Beauty  Salon,  126A  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 

Elite  Beauty  Parlor,  2106  Queen  e 
Elizabeth's  Beauty  Shoppe,  710  Kingston  rd 

Ella  Beauty  Salon,  2158  Queen  e 

Emilios's  Beauty  Salon,  600  Yonge 

Emily's  Beauty  Salon,  1775  Keele  (York  Twp) 

Ennio's  Beauty  Salon,  2596  Yonge 

Enzo's  Coiffure,  824  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Eugenio  Beauty  Salon,  2634  Danforth  av 
Ev-Lee  Beauty  Salon,  2736  Danforth  av 
Exquisite  Hair  Styling,  354  Eglinton  av  w 
Fair  Lady  Beauty  Salon,  691  McCowan  rd  (Scar) 
Fairline  Beauty  Salon,  1731  Bloor  w 
Fasciano  Beauty  Salon,  156  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Fash'n  Fancy  Beauty  Shop,  3659  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(Long  Branch) 

Fawcett  Beauty  Salon,  3213  Yonge 
Feminet  Beauty  Salon,  1130  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Feminine  Hair  Styling,  2235  Bloor  w 
Fifth  Avenue  Beauty  Salons  Ltd,  3003  Danforth  av 
(East  York)  and  1543  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 
Fisher's  Beauty  Salon,  2048  Queen  e 
Fisher's  Hair  Styling  Salon,  5020  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Five  Star  Beauty  Bar,  1566  Bayview  av 
Fleur-De-Lis  Hair  Stylists,  1101  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Florence-Margaret  Beauty  Salon,  186  Main 
Florence's  Beauty  Salon,  784A  Annette 
Flori's  Beauty  Salon,  519  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Florinda  Beauty  Salon,  996  Dundas  w 
Forget-Me-Not  Beauty  Salon,  803  Gerrard  e 
Francis  Salon,  34  Avenue  rd 

Franel's  Beauty  Lounge,  1790  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Frania's  Beauty  Salon,  469  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 
Frank's  Coiffure,  2798  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Nth  Y) 
French  Room  Beauty  Salon,  2788  Bathurst  (  Nth  Y) 
Gabriel's  Beauty  Salon,  1384  Yonge 
Gaiety  Beauty  Shop,  1821  Gerrard  e 
Gaiety  Beauty  Shoppe,  160  Palmerston  av 
Galaxie  Beauty  Salon,  223  Sorauren  av 
Gardenia  Beauty  Salon,  449  Dovercourt  rd 
Gardner  Coiffures,  2223A  Jane  (Nth  Y)  and  259 
Scarlett  rd  (York  Twp) 

Gardner's  Slenderizing,  734  Yonge 
Gay  Paree  Beauty  Salon,  587  Bloor  w 
Gaynor  Aileen,  910  Kingston  rd 
Gay-Zel  Beauty  Salon,  2209  Gerrard  e 
Gene's  Beauty  Salon,  197  Sorauren  av 
George's  Beauty  Salon,  2756  Danforth  av 
Gerda's  Hair  Fashion,  169  Dupont 
Gerhard's  Beauty  Salon,  659  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Gino's  Hair  Stylist,  881  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Giovanni's  Beauty  Salon,  720  College 
Giovanni's  Beauty  Salon,  342  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Giovanni's  Beauty  Salon  &  Barber  Shop,  3308  Keele 
(North  York) 

Giselle's  Beauty  Salon,  743  Pharmacy  av  (Scar) 

G izel la's  Beauty  Salon,  536  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 
Glamour  Bar  Beauty  Salon,  16A  Scarlett  rd  (York  Twp) 
Glamour  City  Beauty  Salon,  676  Sheppard  av  w 
(Nth  York) 

Glen  Stewart  Beauty  Salon,  6B  Main 
Glenmar  Beauty  Salon,  76A  Marlee  av  (Nth  Y) 

Gloria's  Beauty  Salon,  490  College 

Gordon's  Beauty  Salon,  321-321A  Oakwood  av  (York 

Grace's  Beauty  Salon,  3  Strathgowan  av 

Graham  Beauty  Salon,  251  Gerrard  e 

Griffiths  Victor,  2116  Queen  e 

Grover  Beauty  Salon,  2658  Danforth  av 

Guiliani  House  of  Beauty,  436  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

H  &  R  Beauty  Salon,  343  Pape  av 

Haircraft  House,  31  Dupont 

Halden  Myra  Hair  Stylist,  12  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

Hallam  Beauty  Salon,  77  Hallam 

Halo  Styling  Shoppe  The,  1822  St  Clair  av  w 

Harmon  Hair  Fashion,  986  Bathurst 

Harmony  Beauty  Salon,  1482  Danforth  av 

Harper  Beauty  Salon,  17  Dwight  av  (Mim) 

Harper  Method  Shop  The,  50  St  Clair  av  e 
Hart-Rogers,  3313  Yonge 

Helen's  Beauty  Salon,  393  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Henriette's  Beauty  Salon,  207  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 
Henson's  Roy  Beauty  Shoppe,  1274  Bloor  w 
Hermy's  Beauty  Salon,  705A  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
High  Fashion  Beauty  Salon,  2298  Keele  (Nth  York) 
High  Fashion  Coiffures,  759  Dovercourt  rd 
High  Park  Beauty  Salon,  1547  Bloor  w 
Highway  Beauty  Shoppe,  7  Superior  av  (Mim) 

Hilda's  House  of  Beauty,  1657  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 
Hildegarde's  Beauty  Salon,  1958  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Hill's  Beauty  Salon,  3882  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Hillsdale  Beauty  Shoppe,  606  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Hillside  Beauty  Salon,  2859  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Hilma  May  Beauty  Salon,  160  Oakwood  av 
Hilton-Stauffer  Systems  Ltd,  1173  Bay 
Hi-Style  Beauty  Bar,  510  Lansdowne  av 
Hodder's  Beauty  Salon,  2038A  Danforth  av  (For 
branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Hollywood  Beauty  Parlor,  1694  St  Clair  av  w 
House  of  Bu  Mont,  1391  Yonge 
House  of  Bu  Mont,  3862  Bathurst  (Nth  York) 
Howard's  Beauty  Salon,  1959  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Howard's  Beauty  Salon,  2018  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Hughsette  Beauty  Salon,  321  Jane 
Hughsette  Beauty  Salon,  1973  Yonge 
Humberside  Beauty  Salon,  25  Humberside  av 
Ingrid's  Beauty  Salon,  1510  Bayview  av 
Ingrid's  Beauty  Salon,  579  Coxwell  av 
Inn  On  The  Park,  Coiffure,  1100  Eglinton  av  e  (Nth 

Institut  de  Beaute  Parisien,  124  Cumberland 
Irena  Beauty  Salon,  275  Windermere  av  (Swan) 

Irene  Ann  Beauty  Parlor,  (rear)  864  Millwood  rd 

Irene  Rudet  Hairdressing,  49  St  Clair  av  w 
Irene  &  Tina  Hair  Stylists,  2637  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Irene's  Beauty  Salon,  383  Broadview  av 
Irene's  Beauty  Salon,  326  Spadina  av 
Irene's  Hairdressing,  279  Queen  w 
Irene's  Hair  Stylist,  1068  Bloor  w 
Irene's  Hair  Stylist,  1022  Danforth  av 
Irja's  Beauty  Salon,  323  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

Irma's  Beauty  Salon,  3319C  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Islington  Beauty  Salon,  4972  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

J  &  J's  Beauty  Salon,  1895  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Jack  &  Frank's  2831  Bathurst  (Nth  Yorr.) 

Jacques  Hair  Stylist,  218  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

James  Hair  Styles,  1734  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Jane  Beauty  Shoppe  The,  17  Harshaw  av  (York  Twp) 

Jane  Coiffure  Salon,  1321  St  Clair  av  w 

Janet  Beauty  Salon,  460  Kingston  rd 

Jeannine's  Beauty  Salon,  670  Yonge 

Jean-Marie  Beauty  Salon,  130  Main 

Jerry's  Hair  Styling,  3301  Yonge 

Jewel  Box  Beauty  Salon,  1627  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Joan's  Beauty  Lounge,  814  Jane  (York  Twp) 
Joanne's  Beauty  Salon,  3343  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Jobet  Hair  Stylist,  855  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 

Jodi-Lyn  Beauty  Salon,  980  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 
Johanna's  Beauty  Studio  &  Barber  Shop,  450  Wilson 
avenue  (Nth  Y) 

Johnny's  Hair  Styling,  222  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Johnny's  House  of  Beauty,  1214  Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Jones  Beauty  Salon,  223  Jones  av 
Jones  Beauty  Shoppe,  2892  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Josef's  Hair  Styling,  1693  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Joseph  Anthony  Coiffure,  806  Yonge 

Joseph  Beauty  Lounge,  2242  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Joseph  Hair  Stylist,  90  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 

Joseph's  Coiffures,  69  Marlee  av  (Nth  Y) 

Joy  Beauty  Shop,  189  Dundas  e 

Judith  Hair  Styling,  393  Roncesvalles  av 

Julie's  Beauty  Salon,  139  Dundas  e 

Julio  &  Peter's  Hair  Styists,  129  Adelaide  e 

Kara's  Beauty  Salon,  438  Summer  Hill  av 

Karel's  Beauty  Salon,  2823  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Kay's  Beauty  Salon,  4597  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Kay's  Beauty  Salon,  447  Pharmacy  av  (Scar) 

Kay's  Beauty  Salon,  477  Queen  w 


Page  21 

Kaye's  Hairdressing,  69-71  Roncesvalles  av 
Kazmiera's  Beauty  Salon,  2942  Lakeshore  blvd  w 
(New  Toronto) 

Kennedy  Park  Beauty  Salon,  680  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 
Kenneth  Hair  Design,  126  Cumberland 
King  Edward  Hotel  Beauty  Sa;on,  37  King  e 
Kings-Lea  Beauty  Salon,  4B  Wendover  rd  (Etob) 
Kingsway-Wendover  Beauty  Salon,  2914  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Klara's  Beauty  Salon,  1512  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Knight's  Beauty  Salon,  1203A  St  Clair  av  w 
Knowles  Olava  Beauty  Salon,  656  Pape  av 
Korwins  Beauty  Salon,  1635  Gerrard  e 
La  Belle  Beauty  Parlour,  1079  College 
Lake  Shore  Beauty  Salon  &  Barber  Shop,  3013  Lake 
Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

La  Petite  Beauty  Salon,  116  Anaconda  av  (Scar) 

Lauder  Beauty  Salon,  165  Lauder  av 
Laurette  Beauty  Salon,  1151  College 
Laurie  Beauty  Salon,  184  Carlton 
Leah's  Beauty  Salon,  279  Linsmore  cres  n  (E  Y) 
Lela's  Hair  Stylists,  2600  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Leone  Aldo  Beauty  Salon,  1565  Danforth  av 
Leone  Jimmy  Beauty  Salon,  50  Dundas  w,  3074  Bloor 
west  (Etob)  and  3459  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Leone  P  Coiffure  Salon,  2533  Yonge 
Leone's  Hairdressing  Salon.  854  Bathurst 
Lidia's  Beauty  Salon,  316  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 
Lilian's  Beauty  Salon,  2274  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Lillian's  Beauty  Salon,  2217  Dundas  w 
Linden  Hair  Style  Salon,  2051  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Lisa  Beauty  Shop,  1360  Queen  e 
Little  Miss  Hairstyles,  11  Yorkville  av 
LoFranco's  House  of  Beauty,  894  Eglinton  av  vv  (Fst  H) 
Logan  Beauty  Salon,  6IOV2  Logan  av 
Ionia's  Beauty  Salon,  2104  Dundas  w 
Lord  Simcoe  Beauty  Salon,  150  King  w 
Lorelei  Hairstyling  The,  1674  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Loreto  Coiffure  &.  Beauty  Salon,  3418  Bathurst  (Nth 

L'Originale  Beauty  Salon,  887  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Lou  Ann  Beauty  Shop,  3397  Yonge 
Lou  Marie  Beauty  Studios  Ltd,  461  Eglinton  av  w 
(Fst  H) 

Lu  Bette  De  Paris  Cosmetic  Bar,  504  Eglinton  av  w 
Lucille  Beauty  Shop,  520  Annette 
Luigi's  Beauty  Salon,  928  Dundas  w 
Lydia's  Coiffure,  823  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Ly lay's  Beauty  Salon,  588  Parliament 
Lynn  Park  Beauty  Salon,  1918  Danforth  av 
Lynn's  Beauty  Salon,  1101  Bathurst 

MacFarlane  Beauty  Salon,  282  Avenue  rd 
Madame  Cartier  Beauty  Salon,  90  Harbord 
Madeleine's  Beauty  Salon,  3341  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(Long  Branch) 

Madelon  Beauty  Salon,  566  St  Clair  av  w 
Mae  Francis  Beauty  Salon  The,  90  Richmond  w 
Magdalene  Beauty  Salon  Ltd,  95A  Yonge 
Maison  Beauty  Salon,  365  Yonge 

Mam'selle  Hair  Stylist  Salon,  346  Weston  rd  (York 

Marcel  Beauty  Salon,  144  Bloor  w 

Marcelle's  Beauty  Salon,  6  Bowood  av 
Mardell  Beauty  Lounge,  815  Brimley  rd  (Scar) 
Margaret  Beauty  &  Health  Studio,  774V2  Yonge 
Margaret's  Vienna  Beauty  Salon,  978  The  Queensway 

Margdale  Beauty  Salon,  258  Beresford  av 
Maria  Beauty  Salon,  3122  Dundas  w 

Maria  Beauty  Salon,  3  Nairn  av 
Maria  &  Vincent  Hair  Stylists,  1231  Weston  rd 
(York  Twp) 

Maria's  Beauty  Salon,  842  Dovercourt  rd 
Marianne's  Beauty  Lounge,  1342  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Marianne's  Beauty  Salon,  1583  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 
Mariea's  Beauty  Studio,  660  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 
Marietta  Beauty  Shop,  1633  Queen  w 
Marly's  Beauty  Salon,  1757  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Marny's  Beauty  Salon,  520  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Marsanelle  Beauty  Salon,  812  Q’ueen  e 
Martinique  Beauty  Salon,  1991  Queen  e 
Mary  Linda  Beauty  Salon,  4  Shortt  (York  Twp) 

Mary  Louise  Hairdressing  Parlor,  1497  Queen  w 
Mary  M  Beauty  Salon,  182A  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 
Mary's  Beauty  Salon,  843  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Mary's  Beauty  Salon,  1126  Dovercourt  rd 

Mary's  Beauty  Salon,  349  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 

Mary's  Beauty  Salon,  1868  Queen  e 

Mary's  Beauty  Salon,  428  Queen  w 

Mary's  Hair  Stylist,  865  Lansdowne  av 

Marya's  Beauty  Parlor,  216  Bathurst 

Masha  &  Nives  Beauty  Salon,  1288  St  Clair  av  w 

’Massimo  Hair  Stylists,  5976  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Mattia  Beauty  Salon,  ^07  Yonge 

Mattia  Beauty  Salon,  439  Yonge 

Mavis  Beauty  Shop,  884  Kingston  rd 
May  Jack  Beauty  Salon,  551V2  St  Clair  av  w 
Mayfair  Beauty  Salon,  5  Dorval  rd 
Mayfair  Beauty  Shoppe,  690  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
McKenzie  Marion  Beauty  Salon,  2255  Bloor  w 
McLean  Anne  Beautician,  1226  Yonge 
Melben  Beauty  Salon,  1564  Yonge 
Melizande's  Beauty  Salon,  2829  Dundas  w 
Melody  Beauty  Salon,  64  Milverton  blvd 
Menka's  Coiffure,  1498  Yonge 
Michael's  Beauty  Salon,  790  Bay 
Mignon  Mademoiselle  Beauty  Salon,  256V2  Runnymede 

Mildred's  Beauty  Salon,  (rear)  2881  St  Clair  av  e 
(East  York) 

Millie's  Beauty  Salon,  636  Pape  av 

Mimico  Beauty  Lounge,  424  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 

Mino  Hair  Stylists,  2347  Yonge 
Min-U-ette  Beauty  Salon,  1593A  Wilson  av 
Mister  Paul  Beauty  Salon,  3212  Yonge 
Moda  Coiffures  Ltd,  37  King  e 
Model  Beauty  Salon,  109  Moberley  av 
Modella  Hair  Fashion,  988  Coxwell  av  (  E  Y) 

Modern  Beauty  Salon,  851  College 

Modern  Hair  Fashion,  2851  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Modern  Miss  Hairstylists,  3003  Danforth  av  (E  Y) 
Monarch  Park  Beauty  Salon  Ltd,  2385  Eglinton  av  e 

Moran  Doris  Salon  The,  3062  Yonge 

Moretti's  Coiffure,  1212  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 

Morgan's  Beauty  Salon,  56  Bloor  w 

Mt  Pleasant  Beauty  Salon,  959A  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Mulloy  Beauty  Salon,  988A  Kingston  rd 

My  Lady's  Beauty  Parlor,  867  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 

Nana's  Beauty  Salon,  3074  Dundas  w 

Nancy's  Beauty  Salon,  1164  Queen  e 

New  Look  Beauty  Salon,  117  Glenholme  av 

Nick's  Beauty  Salon,  978  Dovercourt  rd 

Nick's  Beauty  Salon,  576  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Nina's  House  of  Beauty,  927  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Noel  la's  Beauty  Salon  &  Barber  Shop,  504  Queen  e 

Nolan's  Beauty  Salon,  344  Leslie 

North  End  Harper  Method,  2756  Yonge 

Nu-Jene  Beauty  Salon,  1654  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Nuna  Beauty  Salon,  639  Annette 

Oak  Bude,  549  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 

O'Connor  Beauty  Salon,  835  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Olga's  Beauty  Parlour,  2231  Dundas  w 

Olga's  Beauty  Salon,  169  Avenue  rd 

Ollie's  Beauty  Shop,  1559  Dupont 

Orchid  Beauty  Salon,  1096  Victoria  Park  av  (E  Y) 

Orient  Coiffures,  1858  Queen  e 

Oriental  Coiffure  Salon,  986  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Oscar  &  Josef  Salon,  60  Avenue  rd 

Otti's  Beauty  Parlor,  2524  Eglinton  av  w  (Y  Twp) 

Painted  Post  Beauty  Salon,  799  Markham  rd  (Scar) 

Paisley  Beauty  Salon,  416  Roncesvalles  av 

Panni's  Beauty  Salon,  (base)  86  Bloor  w 

Paragon  Hairdressing,  337  Roncesvalles  av 

Parisienne  Beauty  Salon,  3015  Dundas  w 

Park  Beauty  Lounge,  3289  Yonge 

Parkdale  Beauty  Salon,  IB  Sorauren  av 

Parkhurst  Beauty  Salon,  1745  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Parkside  Beauty  Lounge,  476  Roncesvalles  av 

Parkway  Beauty  Salon,  53  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 
Parliament  Beauty  Salon,  647  Gerrard  e 
Patti's  Beauty  Salon,  2007A  Bloor  w 
Peggy  Beauty  Salon,  597  Sherbourne 
Pegi's  Beauty  Salon,  3489  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Pelmo  Park  Beauty  Salon,  1882  Jane  (Wstn) 

Penrose  Hairdressing,  519  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Personality  Beauty  Shoppe,  1386  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 
Personally  Yours,  2145  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Peter  &  Vincent,  1589  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Petit  Palais  Coiffure,  333A  Lonsdale  rd  (Fst  H) 
Pickfair  Hair  Stylists,  1043  Avenue  rd 
Pina's  Beauty  Salon,  778  Gerrard  e 
Pogue  Paul  Salons  Ltd,  (For  list  of  branches  see 
Alphabetical  Section) 

Port  of  Beauty  Salon,  1823  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Powder  Puff  Beauty  Salon,  680  Pape  av 

Preston's  Beauty  Parlor,  147  Silverthorn  av 

Pretty  Miss  Beauty  Salon,  2918  Dufferin  (Nth  York) 

Prince  George  Hotel  Beauty  Salon,  91  York 

Princess  Beauty  Salon,  2487  Bloor  w  (Swan) 

Queensway  Beauty  Lounge,  759  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Raemelia's  Beauty  Salon,  2  Alvin  av 

Rae's  Beauty  Salon,  4902  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Rainbow  Beauty  Salon,  804  College 
Rayko  Coiffure  Co  Ltd,  514  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Regent  Beauty  Salon,  1005-1005A  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Twp) 

Reith's  Beauty  Salon,  315  Roncesvalles  av 

Renoir  Salon,  313  Jane 

Revlan  Beauty  Salon,  853  College 

Robert  Beauty  Salon,  947  Kingston  rd 

Robert  Jay  Beauty  Salon,  865  Jane  (York  Twp) 

Roberta  Beauty  Parlour,  637  Dupont 

Roberts  Beauty  Salon,  186  5:xth  (New  T) 

Rccco's  Hair  Styling,  857  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 

Rolf's  Beauty  Salon,  1966  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Roma  Beauty  Salon,  1701  Jane  (Nth  York) 

Roma  Beauty  Salon  &  Barber  Shop,  501  College 
Rosaria  Beauty  Salon,  201  Delaware  av 
Rosario  Beauty  Salon,  3462  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Rose  Beauty  Lounge,  1642  Dupont 
Rose  Marie  Beauty  Shop,  190  Wallace  av 
Rose  Petal  Hairdressers,  1411  Gerrard  e 
Rose  &  Pierre  Hairdressing,  1132  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 
Pose's  Beauty  Shoppe,  997  Broadview  av  (E  Y) 
Rosetta  Beauty  Salon,  1841  Danforth  av 
Rosia  Beauty  Salon,  66  Wellesley  e 
Rudy's  Beauty  Salon,  3423  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long 

Rudy's  Fashion  Hair  Styling,  2372  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Rusholme  Beauty  Salon,  1338  Dundas  w 
St  Clair-Vaughan  Hair  Stylists,  543  St  Clair  av  w 
Sal's  Hairstylist,  1933  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Sally's  Beauty  Lounge,  1120  Queen  w 

Salon  De  Bleu,  713  Spadina  av 

Sam-On  Beauty  Salon,  344  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 

Sandra  Beauty  Salon,  792A  Carlaw  av 
Sara's  Beauty  Salon,  3011  Bathurst  (Nth  York) 
Satellite  Beauty  Lounge,  1484  Queen  w 
Scandinavian  Beauty  Salon,  2785  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 
Scarboro  Heights  Beauty  Salon,  3091  Kingston  rd 

Schatz  Rene  Beauty  Parlour,  270  Avenue  rd 
Schiavo  Mario  La  Beauty  Salon,  1849  Yonge 
Scott's  Beauty  Salon,  2867B  Dundas  w 
Seija's  Beauty  Salon,  1564  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Selby  Beauty  Salon,  612  Sherbourne 
Shelly's  Beauty  Salon,  1210  Victoria  Park  av  (E  Y) 
Shirley's  Beauty  Salon,  2836A  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(New  Toronto) 

Shop  "85"  Coiffure  Ltd,  85  Yorkville  av 
Silhouette  Beauty  Salon,  248  Jane 
Silva  Beauty  Salon,  1263  Gerrard  e 
Silva-Rene  Hair  Stylists,  2396  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Silvana  Beauty  Salon,  1464A  Dufferin 
Silvana  Beauty  Salon,  1A  Harvie  av 
Simpson  Flora  Harper  Method  Beauty  Salon,  2309 
Bloor  w 

Sky-Light  Beauty  Salon,  121  Lyon  av  (York  Twp) 

Skyline  Salon,  269  Yonge 

Smits  Austra  Mrs,  737  Bloor  w 

Snider  Wm  Beauty  Salon,  863  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Sonja  Beauty  Salon,  360  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Sophie-Ann  Beauty  Salon,  384  Bathurst 

South  Regent  Park  Beauty  Salon,  33  Belshaw  pi 

Spry  Beauty  Salon  The,  758  St  Clair  av  w 

Starlite  'Beauty  Lounge,  4292  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Star-Lite  Beauty  Salon,  2167  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Stauffer  System  Ltd,  831  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H  Vill) 

Stefano's  Coiffure,  491  Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Stella's  Beauty  Parlor,  633  Queen  w 

Stephen  Hair  Stylists,  8  Mimico  av  (Mim) 

Sterling  Hairdressing,  2  Temperance 
Sterling's  Beauty  Salon,  1421  Bloor  w 
Stinson  Hazel  Beauty  Salon,  792  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 
Stonegate  Beauty  Salon,  150  Berry  rd  (Etob) 

Studio  of  Hair  Design,  3  Riverview  gdns  (Swan) 

Style  Lounge  Beauty  Salon,  17  John  (Wstn) 

Stylon  Beauty  Salon,  3352  Dundas  w 
Suleslie  Coiffure  Francaise,  2034  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Sunshine  Beauty  Salon,  1478  Eglinton  av  w  (York 


Suzanne's  Beauty  Salon,  2745  Dundas  w 

Swan  Beauty  Parlor,  1019  Bloor  w 
Sylvia's  Beauty  Parlor,  1981  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Sylvia's  Coiffure,  2290  Dundas  w 

Terry's  Beauty  Lounge,  1568  Avenue  rd  (Nth  York' 
Terry's  Beauty  Salon,  238  Pape  av 
Thano's  House  of  Beauty,  750  Markham  rd  (Scar) 
Thistle  Beauty  Salon,  913  Queen  e 
Thorncliffe  Park  Beauty  Salon  Ltd  45  Overlea  blvd 


Tony's  Studio  of  Hair  Design,  832  Sheppard  av  w 
(Nth  York) 

Tower  Beauty  Saldn,  8  Tower  dr  (Scar) 

Town  Shop  Beauty  Salon,  144  Victoria 
Trudie's  Beauty  Salon,  57  Avenue  rd 
Turay  Salon,  338  College 
Unique  Coiffures,  67  Marlee  av  (Nth  York) 

Val's  Beauty  Salon,  1333  Dundas  w 

Vales  Beauty  Salon,  117  Roncesvalles  av 

Van  Joseph  Beauty  Salon,  1413  Gerrard  e 

Vanity  Beauty  Salon,  936  Queen  e 

Vel-Gina  Beauty  Salon,  1545  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Venezia  Beauty  Salon,  701  Bloor  w 

Venice  Coiffure,  2111  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Venta  Beauty  Salon,  3  Westmoreland  av 
Verne's  Beauty  Lounge,  1216  King  w 
Vicki's  Beauty  Lounge,  1171A  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 
Vienna  Beauty  Salon,  350  Bathurst 
Viennese  Beauty  Salon,  2605  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Village  Hairdressing  The,  394V2  Spadina  rd 
Vince  Beauty  Salon,  2870  Danforth  av 
Vincent  &  Tony,  8  Charles  e 
Violet  Beauty  Shop,  1578  Queen  e 
Waimer  Beauty  Shoppe,  366  Bloor  w 
Warden  Beauty  Salon,  1413V2  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Warren  Park  Beauty  Salon,  85C  Varsity  rd  (Yk  Twp) 
Warwick  Beauty  Salon,  1652  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 
Westdale  Beauty  Salon,  2727  Weston  rd  (Nth  York) 
White's  Beauty  Parlor,  10  Terauley 
Willow  Beauty  Shoppe,  1003  Kingston  rd 
Wimmer's  Beauty  Salon,  164  Eglinton  av  e 
Winn's  Beauty  Salon,  1431  Gerrard  e 
Women's  World  Beauty  Salon,  574  Jarvis 
Women's  World  Beauty  Salon,  4373  Kingston  rd 

"Wright's",  1262  Danforth  av 


(See  also  Spring  Manufacturers) 

Gerrard  Bedding  Co  Ltd,  1279  Queen  w 


(See  also  Mattress  Mfrs.) 

Ace  Bedding  &  Upholstering,  2A  Earnbridge 
Allan  Bedding  Co  Ltd,  1180  King  w 
Bedford  Bedding  Co,  1451  Cast lef ie Id  av  (York  Twp) 
Beverley  Bedding  Co  Ltd,  147  Tycos  dr  (Nth  York) 
Bodi-Gard  Canada  Ltd,  36  Gordon  MacKay  rd  (Nth 

Burrell  Bedding  Co,  27-31  Davies  av 
Clover  Leaf  Bedding  Co  Ltd,  49  Rivalda  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Comet  Bedding  Ltd,  893  Queen  e 
Consolidated  Bedding  Co  Ltd,  36  Milford  av  (Nth  Y) 
Coral  Bedding  Ltd,  basement  992  Roselawn  avenue 
(York  Twp) 

Ervisda  Bedding  Co  Ltd,  1451  Cast  lef  ield  av  (York 

Esmond  Mills  Ltd  The,  25  Wellington  w 
Jahns  Bedding  &  Supplies,  908  Bathurst 
Lincoln  Bedding  and  Furniture  Co,  54  Moutray 
Luxor  Pillow  Case  Mfg  Co,  1054  Bloor  w 
Montreal  Quilting  Co  Ltd,  160  Bay 
Perma  Foam  Ltd,  2  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 

Queen  City  Bedding  Co  Ltd,  103  Orfus  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Toronto  Bedding  Co  Ltd,  245  Bridgeland  av  (Nth  Y) 
Toronto  Feather  &  Down  Ltd,  70  Buttonwood  av  (York 

Toronto  Quilting  &  Embroidery  Ltd,  352  Adelaide  w 
Union  Bedding  Co  Ltd,  26  Noble 


Ease-Maker,  1556  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

London  Bedding  Co,  875  Queen  w 
McCallum  &  Craigie  Ltd,  137  Wellington  w 
Mattress  King,  893  Queen  e 

Oakland  Bedding  &  Radio,  338  Oakwood  av  (York 

Star  Bedding  Products  Ltd,  37  Bethridge  rd  (Etob) 


(See  Meat  Packers) 


Cling-Surface  of  Canada  Ltd,  36  Brydon  dr  (Etob) 


Berk  Belt  Ltd,  1379  Dufferin 
Lancer  Belts  Ltd,  500  King  w 
Opera  Belt  Co  Ltd,  193  Spadina  av 
Tail-A-Belts,  322  King  w 


Beardmore  &  Co  Ltd,  37  Front  e 
Brammer  H  Canada  Ltd,  25  Jutland  rd  (Etob) 
International  Metal  Textiles  'Ltd,  (rear)  1186  Shep¬ 
pard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

McLaren  D  K  Ltd,  436  Wellington  w 
McLaren  J  C  Belting  Co  Ltd,  51  Colborne 
Monarch  Belting  Co,  436  Wellington  w 
Tindall  Geo  W  Ltd,  111  King  e 
York  Belting  Co,  135  King  e 


See  Societies— Benevolent  and  Fraternal 


See  also  Bottlers  —  Carbonated  Beverages, 
also  Distillers 

Alien  S  Ltd,  409  Evans  av 

Dean's  Beverages,  111  Barber-Greene  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Dr.  Pepper  Company,  207  Queen's  Quay  w 
Webb's  Apple  Cider,  5509  Dundas  w  (Etob) 


Canada  Cycle  and  Motor  Company  Limited,  2015  Law¬ 
rence  av  w  (Wstn) 


See  Tires 


(Repairers  and  Supplies) 

Acme  Cycle  and  Sports,  861  Bloor  w 
All  Star  Sports — Cycle  &  Hobbies,  1801  Lawrence  av  e 

Bathurst  Bicycle  &  Sporting  Goods,  758  Bathurst 
Bloor  Cycle  &  Sports,  1165  Bloor  w 
Chianelli  Cycle  &  Sport  Shop,  925  Sheppard  av  w 
(Nth  Y) 

Cycle  &  Sports  Shop,  2125  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 

D.  J.  Cycle  Shop,  1364  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 

Duke's  Ltd,  619-625  Queen  w 

Fasano  Cycle  &  Sports,  1670  St  Clair  av  w 

Gib's  Cycle  &  Sports,  890  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Grove  Cycle  &  Lock  Works,  335  College 
Guildford  Art  Cycle  &  Sports,  2393  'Dufferin  (York 

Hopkins  Ken  Cycle  &  Sports,  2610  Yonge 
International  Cycle  Sport,  2863  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Jane  Cycle  &  Sport  Shdp,  243  Jane 
Lane  Stan  Ltd,  2135  Danforth  av 
Laurie  Doug  Sporting  Goods,  62  Carlton 
Marathon  Bicycle  Works,  1340  Gerrard  e 
Marsala  Wm,  1584  Queen  e 

Mount  Dennis  Cycle  Shop,  1297  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
North  Bathurst  Cycle  &  Hardware,  3683  Bathurst 
(North  York) 

Owen's  Cycle  &  Sports  Shop,  2797  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(New  Toronto) 

Plasco  Corporation,  44  Rivalda  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Plymouth  Bicycle  Co,  1242  Danforth  av 
St  Clair  Cycle  &  Sport,  1251  St  Clair  av  w 
Stan's  Cycle  &  Sports,  328  Silverthorn  av  (York  Twp) 
Taylor's  Sport  and  Cycle,  2641  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Tom's  Cycle  &  Sports  Shop,  1247  Dundas  w 
Toronto  Cycle  Products,  130  Ossington  av 
Warren  Cycle  &  Key  Works,  890  Queen  e 
Wilson  Bike  Repair  Shop,  626  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Wright's  Al  Bike  Shop,  1708  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 


See  Advertising,  also  Signs 


Chapman  Billiard  Supplies,  1186  Queen  w 
Ontario  Billiard  Supply  Ltd,  52  Newcastle  (Mim) 


A.  G.  St  Clair  Billiards,  1163  St  Clair  av  w 

Academy  Billiards,  1288  Bloor  w 

Alex  Billiards,  456  Spadina  av 

Aprile  Lanes  Billiards,  1199  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Aquila  Billiards,  816  St  Clair  av  w 

Arcade  Academy,  1529  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Athens  Billiards,  151  Dundas  e 

Attilio  Billiards,  1269  St  Clair  av  w 

Beach  Billiard  Academy,  2175  Queen  e 

Benito's  'Billiards,  652A  College 

Benny's  Billiards,  3392  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 

Billiard  Hall,  3310  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Billiards,  1166  Dundas  w 
Bloor  Billiards,  574V2  Bloor  w 
Bloor-Dovercourt  B’i  1 1  iards,  954  Bloor  w 
Bloorway  Billiards,  935  Bloor  w 
Boytchuk  Wasyl,  1615  Dupont 
Broadview  Billiard  Parlor,  723  Queen  e 
Brock's  Billiards,  468V2  Spadina  av 
Carl's  Billiards,  2343A  Dundas  w 
Cedar  Heights  Billiard  Academy,  669  Markham  rd 

Citta  Nova  Billiards,  813  Bloor  w 
Club  Billiards,  415  Danforth  av 
College  Billiards,  962  College 

Coronation  Billiard  Academy,  1954  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Cosenza  Billiards,  918  Danforth  av 

Cue  The,  31  Bloor  e 

Danforth  Billiard  Academy,  1500  Danforth  av 
Danforth  Billiards,  676  Danforth  av 
Danforth-Main  Billiard  Parlour,  2362  Danforth  av 
Daniel's  Billiards,  440  Queen  w 

Davenport  Billiard's,  1138  Davenport  rd 
Debonis  Dominic,  688  College 
DelMonte  Billiards,  324  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 

Derby  Billiards,  360  Yonge 
Dufferin  Billiards,  1483  Dundas  w 
Dundas  Billiards,  2819  Dundas  w 
Dupont  Billiards,  333  Symington  av 
East  Lynn  Billiards,  1855  Danforth  av 
Embassy  Billiards,  82  Bloor  w 

Fairbank  Billiards,  1940  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Gerrard  Billiards,  1401  Gerrard  e 

Golden  Mile  Billiards,  1543  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 
Harrison  Billiards,  2230  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Hillcrest  Billiards,  1085  Bathurst 
H  i -Q-B  i  1 1  iards,  832  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Horodeczny  John,  585  Queen  w 

Hub  Billiard  Parlor,  305  Spadina  av 
Imperial  Billiards,  2852  Dundas  w 
Jack's  Billiards,  685  Bloor  w 

John's  Billiards,  3084  'Dundas  w 
Junction  Billiards,  2907  Dundas  w 
K  &  K  Billiards,  1063  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Karry's  Billiards,  579  Yonge 
Keninton  Billiards,  2380A  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Lakeshore  Billiards,  3771  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long 

Lawrence  Billiards,  3011  Bathurst  (Nth  York) 

Logan  Billiards,  (basement)  909  Queen  e 

Louis'  Billiards,  1020  Queen  w 

Main  Billiard  &  Smoke  Shop,  170  Main 
Mannie's  Billiards,  296A  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Mantini  Edwd,  141  Danforth  av 
Mar's  Billiards,  411  College 
Marina  Billiards,  876  Dundas  w 
Markham  Billiards,  633  Markham 
Mayfair  Billiards,  349  Jane 
McDermott  Billiards,  701  Queen  e 
Metro  Billiards,  2115A  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Meyer's  Billiards,  3517  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 
Midtown  Bill  iards,  2878  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 
Mike's  Billiard  Room,  199  Seventh  (New  T) 

IVfimico  Billiards  &  Coffee  Shop,  415  Royal  York  rd 

Modern  Billiard  Parlor,  334  Queen  w 
Monte  Carlo  Billiards,  587A  College 
Mount  Pleasant  Billiards,  618  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Nardi's  Sports  &  Billiards,  1249  St  Clair  av  w 
New  Garden  Billiard  Academy.  290  College 
New  Midtown  Billiards,  290V2  Yonge 
New  Toronto  Billiards,  2979  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New 

Niagara  Billiards,  815-817  Queen  w 

Norm's  Billiard's  (basement)  1355  St  Clair  av  w 

North  Cote  Billiards,  1182  Queen  w 

North  End  Billiards,  799  Yonge 

North  West  Billiards,  2437  Finch  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Olympia  Billiard  Academy,  8  Edward 

Palmerston  Billiards,  658  Queen  w 

Par-Gee  Billiards,  421  Parliament 

Parkdale  Billiards,  1290  Queen  w 

Peppino's  Billiards,  517  Parliament 

Pharmacy  Billiards,  3200  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Plantation  Billiards,  5419-21  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Plaza  Billiard  Academy,  598V2  Bay 
Prince  Edward  Billiards,  3250  Yonge 
Rack  &  Cue  Billiards  Lounges  The,  1395 B  Lawrence  av 
west  (Nth  Y) 

Rainbow  Billiards  Ltd,  2290  'Dundas  w 
Regent  Billiards,  352V2  Queen  e 
Risorgimento  Billiards,  549  College 
Riverside  Billiard  Parlor,  813  Queen  e 
Rogers  Billiards,  523-525  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 
Sam's  Billiard  Academy,  1219  St  Clair  av  w 
San  Remo  Billiards,  582  College 
Sheppard  Billiards,  767B  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Silva  Antonio,  205  Augusta  av 
Silver  Cue  Billiards  Lounge,  3032B  Danforth  av 
(East  York) 

Silverthorn  Billiard  Parlor,  1764A  St  Clair  av  w 
Spadina  Billiard  Parlor,  318  Spadina  av 
Stan's  Billiards  &  Restaurant,  1292  Queen  w 
Studio  Billiards,  2560  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Superior  Billiards,  2386  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 
Talamo's  Billiards,  708  Bloor  w 
Tivoli  Billiards  &  Snack  Bar,  268  Augusta  av 
Tony  &  Peter  Billiard  Hall,  1770  Danforth  av 
Tony's  Billiards,  1197  Bloor  w 

Tony's  Billiards  &  Snack  Bar,  2871  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Town  Billiards  Ltd,  14-16  Queen  e 
Triangle  Billiards  Co  Ltd,  638A  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth 

United  Billiards,  551  Queen  w 

Vaughan  Billiard  Academy,  615-615A  Vaughan  rd  (York 

Weston  Billiards,  1899  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

White  Rose  Billiards,  816A  College 
Woodbine  Billiards,  2057  Danforth  av 
Woodrow's  Billiards,  1A  Arundel  av 


See  Pet  Shops  and  Supplies 


Clark  Kennedy  Co  Ltd,  931  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Ewing  John  Co  Ltd,  (rear)  14  Thor  aav  (Scar) 
Watton  Robt,  1561  Dundas  w 


Modern  Album  of  Canada  Ltd,  1244  Dufferin 



(See  Bedding  Manufacturers) 


(See  Concrete  and  Cinder  Block  Mfrs.) 



Abart  Engineering  Ltd,  64  Vaughan  rd 
Diamond  Specialty  Ltd,  290  Lawrence  av  w 
Leader  Fan  Co  Ltd,  1228-1230  Dupont 
Research-Cottrell  (Canada)  Ltd,  33  Bloor  e 
Roots-Connersville  Blower  (Canada)  Ltd,  21  Coronet 
road  (Etob) 


Abso  Blue  Prints  Ltd,  2848  Bloor  w  (Etob),  5122 
Dundas  w  (Etob)  and  525  Logan  av 
Atlas  Helio  Co  Ltd,  140  Avenue  rd  and  124  Merton 
Canadian  Photo  Copy  Co  Ltd,  2069  Yonge 
Central  Photo  Service,  2  St  Clair  av  w 
Commercial  Photoprints  Ltd,  593  Yonge 
Copi-Rite  Reproductions  Co  Ltd,  111  Vulcan  (Etob) 
Crabtree  H  S  Ltd,  38  Wellington  e 
Diamond  Reproductions  Ltd,  8  Tabor  rd  (Etob) 
Etobicoke  Blue  Print  Co  Ltd,  3741  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Ferrania  Photo  Sales  Ltd,  34  Greensboro  dr  (Etob) 
Galbraith  Reproductions  Ltd,  28  Front  w 
Grimson  Robert  Co  Ltd,  97  Eglinton  av  e 
Homograf  Co  Canada,  228  King  e 
International  Photostat  Service,  455  Spadina  av 
Kcpy  Kats,  5  Adelaide  e  and  60  Adelaide  e 
McKeown  J  A  Co  Ltd,  1  Alexander  pi 
Metro  Blueprint  Co,  97  Eglinton  av  e  and  60  Adel¬ 
aide  e 

Midtown  Reproduction  Services  Ltd,  1109  Bay 
National  Blueprint  Ltd,  111  Vulcan  (Etob) 

Ontario  Blueprint  Co  Ltd,  123  Queen  e 
Paragon  Industrial  Photographic  Reproduction  Ltd,  108 
Crockford  blvd  (Scar) 

Plaza  Reproduction  Service  Ltd,  465  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Queensway  Reproductions  Ltd.  4900  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Rapid  Blue  Print  Ltd,  88  Wingold  av  (Nth  York) 
Reprodux  Co,  1277  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Rexdale  Reproductions,  1  Daybar  av  (Etob) 

Stat  Cooy  Service,  80  Hymus  rd  (Scar) 

Tech  Reproductions  Ltd,  126A  Bloor  w 

Topley  Reproduction  Services  Ltd,  90  Eglinton  av  e 

Trident  Graphic,  435  Midwest  rd  (Scar) 

Trident  Production  Services,  435  Midwest  rd  (Scar) 
Wade  Norman  Co  Ltd,  891  and  2291  Yonge 


See  Associations 


(See  also  Ship  Builders,  also  Sporting  Goods) 
Amalgamated  Trades,  42  Northline  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Avenue  Rd  Marine  Ltd,  1600  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Blue  Star  Marine  Enterprizes,  38  Milne  av  (Scar) 

Bradley's  Boats  &  Motors,  1255  Queen  e 

Brown  A  E  Motors  Ltd.  59  Main 

Canada  Yacht  &  Boat  Centre  Ltd,  40  Stadium  rd 

Charboneau  Joan  &  Bill  Ltd,  1681  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Crate  Marine  Sales  Ltd,  2915  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Croce  &  Lofthouse  Sailcraft  Ltd,  4226  Kingston  rd 

Guaranteed  Yacht  &  Marine  Ltd,  150  Simcoe 
Hughes  Industries,  33  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Humber  Boats  Ltd,  131  Wendell  av  (Nth  York) 

Jane  Park  Marine,  899  Jane  (York  Twp) 

Kettle  Marine,  227  Pape  av 

Lackie's  Marina  Ltd,  4  Kingsway  South  (Swan) 

Leaside  Outboard  Marine,  1653  Bayview  av  (Leas) 
Manfredo's  Marine,  527  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

Murdon  Marine  (Toronto)  Ltd,  1525  O'Connor  dr  (E 

Nalco  Boats  Mfg  Co,  42  Crockford  blvd  (Scar) 
Nipissing  Watercraft  Sales,  1681  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 
O'Day  Associates  of  Canada  Ltd,  40  Stadium  rd 
Ogilvie  Wm  G,  7-9  Adelaide  e 
Quinn  Ted  Marine,  40  Laird  dr  (Leas) 

Riegger  Fiberglass  &  Boats  Ltd,  280  Davenport  rd 
Roper's  Lighthouse  Marine  Ltd,  2902  Eglinton  av  e 

Sansom  A  J,  191  McRoberts  av 

Sansom  Marine  Supply,  1279  Dundas  w 

South  Wind  Sailcraft  Ltd,  100  Penn  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Taylor  J  J  &  Sons  Ltd,  2  Stadium  rd 
Watercraft  Equipment  Co.  5140  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Weston  Marine,  2600  Weston  rd  (Nth  York) 


Rent  A  Cruiser,  213  Bingham  av 


Bulmer  Currey  Marine  Ltd,  2919  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Ontario  Outboard  &  Mower  Services  Ltd,  25  Ron- 
cesvalles  av 


Automatic  Boiler  Control,  1220  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 
Boiler  Repair  Co  (Toronto)  Ltd,  37  Carlaw  av  and 
office  40  Marilyn  cres  (E  Y) 

Carr  Boiler  Repairs,  7  Glencrest  blvd  (E  Y) 

Fernbank  Boiler  &  Furnace  Repairs.  7  Breadalbane 
General  Maintenance  &  Service,  625  Glencairn  av 
(North  York) 

Mourne  Boiler  Service,  74  Calstock  dr  (Etob) 

Rock  Combustion  (Ont)  Ltd,  5  Oakland  av  (Nth  Y) 
Webor  Ltd,  5  Oakland  av  (Nth  York) 


Thermidaire  Corp  Ltd,  31  Railside  rd  (Nth  Y) 


Babcock-Wilcox  &  Goldie  McCulloch  Ltd,  321  Bloor 

Eclipse  Fuel  Engineering  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  20 
Upjohn  (Nth  Y) 

Inglis  John  Co  Ltd  The,  14  Strachan  av 
Lloyd  &  Westwood  Machinery  Co,  492  Gilbert  av 
(York  Township) 

McDonnell  &  Miller,  1541  Davenport  rd 
Orr  &  Sembower  (Canada)  'Ltd,  644  Rogers  rd  (York 

Pendell  Boilers  Ltd,  50  Bartlett  av 
Waterloo  Manufacturing  Co  Ltd,  2  Thorncliffe  Park 
drive  (Leas) 

Weil-McLain  (Canada)  Ltd,  31  City  View  dr  (Etob) 

Wood  John  Co  Ltd,  101  Hanson 

York  Shipley  Boiler  Co,  284  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 


Boyce  Boiler  &  Machinery  Co  Ltd,  (reconditioning), 
246  Esplanade  e 

Campbell  C  R  &  Co  Ltd,  3077  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Davis  Equipment  Ltd,  1  Glen  Allan  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Rock  Combustion  (Ontario)  Ltd,  5  Oakland  av  (Nth 


See  Sausage  Mfrs. 


Apex  Bolt  Products  of  Canada  Ltd,  28  Milford  av 
(North  York) 

Federal  Bolt  &  Nut  Corp  Ltd,  55  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 
Freeway  Washer  Ltd,  122  Judge  rd  (Etob) 

Heads  •&  Threads  (Div  of  M.S.L.  Industries  Canada 
Ltd),  30  Lido  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Robertson  P  L  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  1395  Bloor  w 
Steel  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  3  Windermere  av  (Swan) 
Titan  Supply  Co,  698  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 



320  Bay,  Phone  363-6611 


55  Yonge  Street,  Phone  362-5751 


Anstey-Graphic  Ltd,  951  Queen  w 
Art  Bookbinding  &  Novelty  Co,  135  Bentworth  av 
(North  York) 

Beck  Bindery  Service,  68  Broadview  av 
Blackhall  Bertram  C,  20  Fallowfield  rd  (Etob) 
Black-hall  &  Co  Ltd,  77-79  Peter 
Brooker  Trade  Bindery  Ltd,  622  Fleet 


360  Adelaide  Street  West,  Phone  363-1467 
Canada  Binding  Ltd,  230  Richmond  e 
Canada  Book  Hospital,  35  Mutual 


245  Bartley  Drive,  Phone  757-4175 
Chapman  Chas  Co  Ltd,  713  Spadina  av 
Couchman  Trade  Bindery  Ltd,  221  Broadview  av 
Dak  Bindery,  206  Main 

E  B  Loose  Leaf  Ltd,  190  Milvan  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Ebco  Design  &  Mfg  Ltd,  135  Bentworth  av  (Nth  Y) 
Folding  and  Bindery  Systems  of  Canada,  92  Geary 

Graham  G  Wl  &  Co  Ltd,  35  Mutual 


355  King  West,  Phone  366-6294-5 


517  Richmond  Street  East  Phone  363-4189 
Henderson  &  Laing  Ltd,  406  Adelaide  e 
Holmes  Graphic  Service,  431  Dundas  e 
Kidd  Bindery  Ltd,  132  Railside  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Kinsley  &  McColeman  Bindery,  (rear)  11  Lavender  rd 
(York  Twp) 

Lumley  James  E  Ltd,  237  Front  e 

Martin  Bookbinding  Ltd,  24  Advance  rd  (Etob) 

McDonnell  Thos,  Co,  329  Church 

Mumart  Studios,  118  Hazelton  av 

North  Western  Bindery  Ltd,  8  Tabor  rd  (Etob) 

Reliable  Bookbinders  Ltd,  58  Raleigh  av  (Scar) 
Sanderson  Binding  Ltd,  (west  wing)  48  Abell 
Starr  H  &  Sons,  463  Dundas  w 
T  &  D  Bookbinding  Co,  2222  Dundas  w 
Thomas  E  G  &  Son  Ltd,  191  Niagara 
Toronto  Bindery  Service  Ltd,  90  Ontario 
Universal  Bookbindery  Service,  443  King  w 


Elbe  File  &  Binder  Co  Inc,  209  Davenport  rd 
General  Binding  Corporation  (Canada)  Ltd,  49  Railside 
road  (Nth  Y) 

Simcoe  Paper  &  Binder  Supply  Co  Ltd,  6  Crescent  rd 
Spicers  (Export)  Ltd,  78  Crockford  blvd  (Scar) 
Woodcliff  Distributors  Ltd,  284  King  w 


Affiliated  Theatrical  Offices  of  America,  224  Adelaide 

Associated  Booking  Service,  21  Dundas  sq 
Independent  Theatre  Services,  600  Bay 
Moodey's  Ticket  Office  (br),  131  Bloor  w 
Mota  Entertainment  Ltd,  106  Avenue  rd 
National  Ballet  Guild  of  Canada,  66  Temperance 
Producers  Services,  150  King  w 
Stevens  Talent  Agency,  779  Yonge 
Theatrical  Attractions,  121  Front  w 
Train  Sylvia  Ltd,  404  Jarvis 

Universal  Associates  Ltd,  697  Bay  and  53  Gerrard  w 
Variety  Findings,  697  Bay 
Warlow  Harry,  29  Colborne 


(See  also  Adding  Machines) 

CANADA,  LTD/  222  Lansdowne  av,  Phone 
537-1241,  Sales  Office,  117  Eglinton  Avenue 
east.  Phone  481-5141 


Acme  Bookkeeping  Service,  398  Bloor  w 
Atkinson's  Bookkeeping  Agency,  23  Innisdale  dr  (Scar) 
Bookkeeping  Services,  2477A  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 
Hansen  A  M  Systems,  3149  Danforth  av  (Scar) 
Reliable  Bookkeeping  &  Income  Tax  Service,  427  Dan¬ 
forth  avenue 

Tancredi  Bookkeeping  Service,  210  Christie 



Bantam  Books  of  Can  Ltd,  156  Front  w 
Canadian  Merchandisers,  200  Bay 
Coles  Wholesale  Ltd,  17  Apex  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Compton  F  E  of  Canada  Ltd,  151  Bloor  w 
Consolidated  Book  Service,  8  Berkeley 
Co-Operative  Book  Centre  of  Canada  Ltd,  ’125A  Ber¬ 
mondsey  rd  (North  York) 

General  Reference  Research  Co  Ltd,  159  Bay 
Gordon  Magazine  Enterprises  Ltd,  251  Spadina  av 
Harvard  Classics,  55  York 

House  of  Grant  (Canada)  Ltd,  29  Mobile  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Les  Editions  Champlain  Ltd,  82  Church 
McLean  Merchandise  Sales  Ltd,  37  Industrial  (Leas) 
Paulist-Newman  Distributors  Ltd,  (basement)  455 
King  w 

Permac  Industries  Ltd,  251  Spadina  av 

Progress  Books,  44-48  Stafford 

School  Book  Fairs  Ltd,  73  Bathurst 

Smith  W  H  &  Son  Wholesale  Ltd,  113  Merton 

Technical  Book  Co,  228  King  e 

Wff  'N  Puff,  200  Bay 

Wonder  Books  Inc,  156  Front  w 


A  &  A  Book  Store,  351  Yonge 
Anglican  Book  Centre  The,  600  Jarvis 
Arka  Book  Store,  575  Queen  w 
Balint  Kalman,  272  Spadina  av 
Bathurst  Sheppard  Book  Store,  592  Sheppard  av  w 
(North  York) 

Book  Boutique  The,  593  Markham 
Book  Cellar  -Ltd  The,  1184  Bay 
Book  Exchange  &  Pet  Supplies:  518  Rogers  rd  (York 

Book  Fair  Ltd,  56  Peter  and  45  Overlea  blvd  (Leas) 
Book  World,  72  Gerrard  w 
Bockbin  Ltd,  492  Yonge 
Britnell  Albt  Book  S-hop  The,  765  Yonge 
Calderone's  Book  &  Stationery  Store,  35  Ellesmere 
road  (Scar)  and  2901  Bayview  av  (Nth  Y) 
Canadian  Bible  Society  (Natl  Office),  1835  Yonge 
Canadiana  Library  Service,  677  Spadina  av 
Carnival  Magazine  Store  (used),  348  Queen  w 
Central  Book  Store,  632  Yonge 
Centrum  Press,  130  Bloor  w 
Classics  Little  Books,  Inc,  131  Bloor  w 
Cole  C  &  Co  Ltd,  (book  exchange),  7424-6  Yonge  (For 
list  of  branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 

DeLuxe  Book  Co,  62  Richmond  w 
Economy  House  (Div  of  The  Grolier  Society  Ltd),  16 
Overlea  blvd  (Leas) 

Editions  Bradmarc  Ltd,  39  Gerrard  w 
Eglinton  Book  Store,  406  Eglinton  av  w 
Evangelical  Book  Shop,  4  Albert 
Evangelical  Book  Shop,  241  Yonge 
Evangelical  (Publishers),  17  Eglinton  sq  (Scar) 

Ford  Hing  Book  Store,  I6OV2  McCaul 
German  Book  &  Gift  Shop  Lending  'Library,  457V2 
Spadina  av 

Hank's  Bock  Shop,  489V2  Parliament 

Happy  Hours  Book  &  Stamp  Shop,  1240  Dundas  w 

Hood's  Dora  Book  Room  Ltd,  34  Ross 

Hyman's  Booksellers  &  Stationers,  412  Spadina  av 

Irwin  Company  The,  413  Brock  av 

Jack's  Book  Store,  232  Queen  e 

John  Book  Store,  333  Queen  w 

Kameoka  Books  Trading  Co,  113  McCaul 

Librarie  L'Alouette,  39  Gerrard  w 

Magazine  Store  (used),  353  Queen  w 

Marlborough's  Book  &  Stationery,  2346  Bloor  w 

McAinsh  &  Co  Ltd,  748  Bay 

Midland  Collegiate  Book  Store,  708  Midland  av  (Scar) 

Mike's  Books  &  Magazines,  369  Queen  w 

Montgomery's  Book  Store,  384  Queen  e 

Munro  The  Bookman,  301  Spadina  av 

Nelson  J  A  Book  Centre  Ltd,  329V2  Yonge 

Old  Favorites  Book  Shop,  30  Front  w 

Old  Vienna  Book  Shop,  112  Avenue  rd 

Olympia  Bocks,  587  Yonge 

Pannonia  Books,  2  Spadina  rd 

Parisienne  Books,  316  Queen  w 

Park  Plaza  Book  Shop,  12  Avenue  rd 

Ply  Co-op  Ltd,  769  Queen  w 

Pollock's  Book  &  Gift  Centre,  1032  Eglinton  av  w 
(Forest  Hill) 

Reid  Books  &  Magazines,  130  King  w 
Reid's  Used  Books,  623  Gerrard  e 
Rendezvous  Book  Shop,  734  Yonge 
Reger's  Magazine  Exchange,  309  Queen  w 
Ryerson  Book  Store  (Ryerson  Press),  85  St  Clair  av  e 
St  Paul  Catholic  Book  Centre,  1063  St  Clair  av  w 
School  Book  Fairs  Ltd,  73  Bathurst 
Smith  W  H  &  Son  Can  Ltd,  35  Etobicoke  dr  (Etob), 
113  Merton,  1500  Yonge,  100  Yonge  and  J10 
Yorkdale  Shopping  Centre,  e  s  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Times  Square  Books  &  Magazines,  329V2  Yonge 
Troyka  Ltd,  799A  College 
United  Church  Book  Room,  85  St  Clair  av  e 
United  Church  Publishing  House,  (Mail  Order  Dept), 
299  Queen  w 

University  of  Toronto  Students  Book  Store,  63A 
St  George 

Vanguard  Bookstore,  824  Yonge 
Village  Book  Store,  29  Gerrard  w 
Vintage  Book  Shop  The,  325  Bloor  e 
Walter's  Book  &  Gift  Store,  456  Dundas  w 
World  Wide  Books,  371  Queen  w 
York  Book  Shop  The,  128  Bloor  w 
Young's  Paper  Back  Books,  277V2  Yonge 
Zoel  Book  Store,  763  Queen  e 

Zucker's  Jewish  Books  &  Arts,  363  Wilson  av  (North 


See  Shoe  Shiners 


See  Shoes— Mfrs.  and  Whol. 



See  Shoes— Retail 


Twenty  Mule  Team  Products,  164  Eglinton  av  e 


CANADA  LTD,  275  Wallace  Avenue,  Phone 


(Carbonated  Beverages) 

Bernard  Beverages  Ltd  The,  2  Stewart 
Beverage  Canners  Ltd,  24  fenmar  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Broken  Arrow  Enterprises  Ltd,  120  Barbados  blvd 

Canada  Dry  Ltd,  2  Champagne  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Coca-Cola  Ltd,  42  Overlea  blvd  (Leas)  and  81  Turn- 
berry  avenue 

Crush  Beverages  Ltd,  100  Sunrise  av  (Nth  Y) 

Crush  International  Ltd,  1590  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y)  and 
100  Sunrise  av  (Nth  Y) 

Cynar  Dry  .Co  Ltd,  6  Eugene  (Nth  Y  ) 

Dominion  Dry  Ginger  Ale  Co  Ltd,  105-107  Manning  av 
Dominion  Seven-Up  Co  Ltd,  12  Cranfield  rd  (E  Y) 

Fresh  Maid  Ltd,  1875  Leslie  (Nth  Y) 

Harvey  Beverages  Co,  117  Galloway  rd  (Scar) 

Home  Beverage  Co  The,  26  Eugene  (Nth  York) 
International  Beverages  Ltd,  61  Markham 
Magda  Soda  Water,  521  Keele 
Mio  Manufacturing  Ltd,  30  Arrow  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Miore  Distributing  Ltd,  30  Arrow  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Nehi  Canada  Limited,  86D  Northline  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Nu-Grape  (Toronto)  Ltd,  1100-4  Queen  w 

Nu-Jersey  Creme,  229  Manning  av 

Pepsi  Cola  Can  Ltd,  1435  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Private  Brand's  Beverages  Ltd,  844  Bathurst 

Seven  Up  (Ontario)  Ltd,  21  Essex 

Sia  Mfg  Beverage  Co  Ltd,  78  Summit  av  (York  Twp) 

Stubby  Co  The,  335  Judson  (Etob) 

Sunnyside  Beverages,  (rear)  1068  Queen  w 

Vernor's  Ginger  Ale,  2  Stewart 

Vito  Beverages  Ltd,  118  Rivalda  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Wilson  Chas  Ltd,  509-523  Sherbourne 
Wynola  Corporation  Ltd,  1100*1104  Queen  w 


Anchor  Cap  &  Closure  Corp  of  Canada  Ltd,  275 
Wallace  av 

Bernardin  of  Canada  Ltd,  413  Islington  av  s  (Etob) 
Crown  Cork  &  Seal  Co  Ltd,  7900  Keele 
Formold  Plastics  of  Canada  Ltd,  390  Weston  rd  (York 

Jet  Spray  of  Canada  Ltd,  80  Advance  rd  (Etob) 

Meyer  Geo  J  Mfg  Co  Milwaukee  Div,  1912A  Avenue 
road  (Nth  Y) 

Mundet  Cork  &  Insulation  Ltd,  90  Clayson  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Purity  Milk  Cap  Co  Ltd,  1190  King  w 
Willson  &  Warden,  2533  Gerard  e  (Scar) 


Consolidated  Bottle  Co  Ltd,  51--53  Vine  av 
Dominion  Bottle  Co,  80  Ontario 
Roher  Fred,  407  Shuter 

Toronto  Milk  Bottle  Exchange  Ltd,  1293  Dundas  w 


Ace  Bowling  Supply,  1850-1852  Queen  e 
Argo  Bowling  Services  Ltd,  82  Bloor  w 
Bowling  Displays,  2533  Gerrard  e  (Scar) 

Mechanical  Pin  Re-Setter  Co  Ltd,  93  Kenhar  dr  (Nth 

T.  C.  Bowling  Equipment  Ltd,  141  Oakdale  rd  (Nth  Y) 


(See  also  Billiards  and  Pool) 

Albion  Bowl,  962  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

All  Canada  Bowling  Ltd,  1654-6  Avenue  rd  (Nth  York) 
and  115  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 

Aprile  Lanes  Bowling,  1199  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 
Bayview  Bowl  Ltd,  1500  Bayview  av 
Belvedere  Bowling  Alley,  2057  Danforth  av 
Bowlaway  Bowling  Lanes,  1453  Bathurst 
Bowlerama  Ltd,  45  Overlea  blvd  (Leas) 

Bowl-O-Drome,  2411  Yonge 
Brimley  Bowl  Ltd,  2646  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Canadian  Bowlerama  Ltd,  (rear)  851  Jane  (York  Twp) 
Cedarbrae  Bowl  Ltd,  3440  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Cliffside  Bowling  Lanes,  2477  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Cloverdale  Bowling  Centre,  35  Etobicoke  dr  (Etob) 
Comet  Bowling  Lanes,  803A  Brimley  rd  (Scar) 

Danforth  Bowling,  124-26  Danforth  av 
Don  Mills  Bowl,  s  s  Lawrence  av  e  at  The  Donawy  w 
•(North  York) 

Dufferin  Plaza  Bowling  Lanes,  786  Dufferin 
Eglinton  Bowling  Centre,  378  Eglinton  av  w 
Fermack  Bowling  Ltd,  737  Danforth  av 
Golden  Mile  Plaza  Bowling  Lanes,  1870  Eglinton  av  e 

Janeway  Bowling  &  Billiards,  74  Mattson  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Karry's  Recreation  Club  Ltd,  14-24  Teraulay 
Kingsway  Bowling  Alley  Ltd,  3056  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Kingsway  Lambton  Bowling  Alley,  4133  Dundas  west 

Knob  Hill  Bowling  Alley,  2791  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Lakeside  Recreation  Academy,  1499  Queen  w 
Long  Branch  Bowling  Lanes,  3299-3301  Lake  Shore 
blvd  w  (Long  Branch) 

Midtown  Bowling  Academy,  505  Bloor  w 
Mimico  Bowl,  2487  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 

Mount  Dennis  Bowling  Alley  &  Billiards,  1120  Weston 
road  (York  Township) 

New  Shamrock  Bowl,  282  Coxwell  av 

New  Sportsmen's  Bowl  Ltd,  160  Seventh  (New  T) 

New  Toronto  Bowling  Academy,  2733  Lake  Shore  blvd 
west  (New  T) 

North  Park  Bowling,  1359  Lawrence  av  w(Nth  York) 
Nortown  Bowling  Lanes,  1410  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Oakwood  Bowl,  524  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 

O'Connor  Bowl,  1401  O'Connor  Dr  (€  Y) 

O'Connor  Bowl  West,  136  Islington  av  s  (Etob) 
Olympia  Fallingbrook  Bowling  Club,  1234  Kingston 
road  (Scar) 

Olympia-St  Clair  Bowling  Alley,  1430  Yonge 
Plantation  Bowling  Lanes  Ltd,  5429  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Playtime  Bowl  Ltd,  45  Samor  rd  (Nth  V) 

Plaza  B’owling,  1554  Danforth  av 

Queen  City  Bowling  Club,  909  Queen  e 

Queensway  Bowl,  773  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Riverdale  Bowling  Alleys,  339-341  Queen  e 
Rockmount  Bowl,  2456  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 

Royal  York  Bowling  Alley,  1500  Royal  York  rd  (Etob) 
St  Clair  Recreation  Club,  1670  Dufferin 
Shea's  Bowling,  2300  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Shea's  Bowling  Centre,  1654-6  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Shea's  Bowling  Centres,  3497  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Shea's  North  Bathurst  Bowl,  2788  Bathurst  (Nth 

Shea's  Parkdale  Bowl,  1435  King  w 
Shea's  Parkway  Bowl,  65  'Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 

Shea's  Rexdale  'Bowl,  115  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 
Shopper's  Bowling  Centre,  3003  Danforth  av  (E  Y) 
Spadina  Bowling  Academy,  450  Spadina  av 
Studio  Bowl,  2560  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Sunnyside  Bowling,  11-15  Roncesvalles  av 
Sunrise  Bowling  &  Billiard  Centre,  1294  Weston  rd 
(York  Twp) 

Vaughan  Bowling  Academy,  601-611  Vaughan  rd 
(York  Township) 

West  Pen  Theatres  Ltd,  67  Richmond  w 
Weston  Bowling  Lanes,  1736  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Willow  Bowl,  4728  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 

York  Bowling  Lanes  Ltd,  545  Wiison  av  (Nth  Y) 


Blue  Star  Lunch,  402  Queen  e 
Brien  Catering,  289  Broadview  av 
Daily  Coffee  Service,  256  Lansdowne  av 
Diamond  Box  Lunch,  162  McCaul 

Page  23 

Gil's  Lunch  Service,  1158  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Luigi's  Lunch  Service,  2563  Dundas  w 

Morris  Box  Lunch,  382  Queen  e 

Scott's  Box  Lunch  Ltd,  30  Canmotor  av  (Etob) 

Scott's  Snack  Service,  142  Davenport  rd 

Toronto  Box  Lunch,  188  Adelaide  w 


Accurate  Co  (paper),  7  Dohme  av  (E  Y) 



Corrugated  Containers  —  Corrugated  Products 
Wirebound  Boxes  and  Crates 
Nailed  Wooden  and  Plywood  Boxes 


1000  Gerrard  Street  East,  Toronto,  Ontario 
Phone  461-9494 

St.  Laurent,  Cue.;  Montreal;  St.  Thomas;  Hamilton; 
St.  Boniface,  Manitoba;  Lancaster,  New  Brunswick. 

Bathurst  Containers  Ltd,  1000  Gerrard  e 
Beck  C  Co  Ltd,  10  Parliament 
Botting  Boxes,  (rear)  576  Ontario 
Brock  Corrugated  Carton  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  37  Iron  (Etob) 
Chadwick  M  St  Sons,  103  Manville  rd  (Scar) 
Continental  Can  Co  of  Canada  Ltd  (Corrugated),  66 
Ray  av  (York  Twp) 

Corrugated  Carton  Supply,  124  Manville  rd  (Scar) 
Dominion  Corrugated  Paper  Co  Ltd,  142  Old  Weston 

Dupont  Paper  Box  Ltd,  1244  Dufferin 

Elvidge  Paper  Box  Co  Ltd  The,  124  Portland  (Mim) 

Guthrie  Containers  Co  Ltd,  17  Newbridge  rd  (Etob) 

Jones  Box  St  Label,  145  Yonge 

Lome  Press  Ltd  (Paper),  136  Rivalda  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Lynch  Packing  Cartons,  (rear)  576  Ontario 

Metro  Carton  Service,  58  Hyde  av  (York  Twp) 

Package  Master  Ltd,  3620  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 
Pembroke  Shook  Mills  Ltd,  408  University  av 
R  &  P  Carton  Ltd  (Paper),  26  Soho 
Select  Carton  Service  Ltd,  54  Six  Point  rd  (Etob) 
Tamblyn  Robert  G  Paper  Box  Ltd,  58  Scarsdale  rd 
(North  York) 

Thompson  Boxes,  150  Wildwood  cres 


Folding  Boxes  and  Cartons,  44  Norwood  Terrace, 
Phone  691-1168 

Toronto  Packaging  Ltd,  22  Research  rd  (Leas) 

Tube  Sales  St  Service,  406  Adelaide  e 
Universal  Box  &  Bag  Co,  519  Bay 
Wilson  Box  Co,  85  Belsize  dr 



Sales  Offices  at  1000  Gerrard  Street  East,  Toronto, 
Phone  461-9494;  Cavell  Avenue,  Hamilton;  643 
Dundas  Sreet  East,  London;  Talbot  Street,  St. 
Thomas;  1035  Hodge  Street,  St.  Laurent,  Quebec; 
450  Dawson  Road,  St.  Boniface,  Manitoba;  730 
Dever  Road,  Lancaster,  New  Brunswick. 


Ace  Boxes  Ltd,  120  Mill 

Business  Boxes  Unlimited  (Regd),  36  Tilson  rd 

Curran  Cartons,  60  Barbados  blvd  (Scar) 

McColl  Carton  Service,  145  Queenslea  av  (Nth  Y) 
Natale  Anthony,  38  McGee 



Sales  Offices  at  1000  Gerrard  Street  East,  Toronto, 
Phone  461-9494;  6251  Notre  Dame  Street  East, 
Montreal,  Quebec. 


(See  also  Foundries) 

Anaconda  American  Brass  Ltd,  w  s  Eighth  (New  T) 
and  28  Torlake  cres  (Etob) 

Atkins  &  Hoyle  Ltd,  69-71  Portland 
Brascop  Products  Ltd,  328  Dupont 
Coulter  Copper  St  Brass  Co  Ltd,  44  Coronet  rd  (Etob) 
Dominion  Brass  Products  Ltd,  53-65  Saulter 
National  Brass  &  Aluminum  Foundry,  117  St  Patrick 
Non  Ferrous  Castings  Ltd,  65  Frederick 
Noranda  Copper  Mills  Ltd,  975  Martin  Grove  rd 

Queen  City  Brass  Foundry,  28-30  Dalhousie 


Esther's  Brassieres,  585  Bathurst 
Exquisite  Form  Brassiere  (Canada)  Ltd,  215  Spadina 

Lovable  Brassieres  of  Canada  Ltd,  590  King  w 
Maiden  Form  of  Canada  Ltd,  35  Dufflaw  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Naturflex  Canada  Ltd,  301  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Styline  Specialties,  3034  Yonge 



297  Victoria  Street,  Phone  366-7211 
Canadian  Breweries  Ltd  (research  div),  369  Lake 
Shore  blvd  e 

Carling  'Breweries  Ltd,  25  Carlingview  dr  (Etob)  and 
1047  Yonge 

Dow  Brewery  (Ontario)  Ltd,  (sales  office),  276  Simcoe 
Labatt's  Ontario  Breweries  Ltd,  311  King  e 
Molson's  Brewery  (Ont)  Ltd,  640  Fleet 
O'Keefe  Brewing  Co  Ltd,  285  Victoria 


Brewers  Warehousing  Co  Ltd,  42-8  Charles  e  and 
1015  Lake  Shore  blvd  e  (For  list  of  branches  see 
Alphabetical  Section) 

Dow  Brewery  (Ont)  Ltd,  250  Dundas  w 
Labatt's  Ont  Breweries  Ltd,  383  'King  e 
O'Keefe's  Retail  Beer  Store,  n  s  'Dundas  e 


Freyseng  Cork  Co  Ltd,  69-71  Sumach 
Golden  Gate  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  102  Eglinton  av  e 
Toby  F  J  Ltd.  102  Eglinton  av  e 


Booth  Brick  Co  Ltd,  w  s  Edgar  av  (Nth  Y)  and  320 
Horner  av  (Etob) 

Canadian  Refractories  Construction  Ltd,  16  Bethridge 
road  (Etob) 

Diamond  Clay  Products  Ltd,  (office)  262  Wilson  av 
(North  York) 

Green  A  P  Brick  Co  Ltd,  234  Rosemount  av  (Wstn) 

Harbour  Brick  Co  Ltd,  499  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 

Ontario  Brick  Ltd,  8  King  e 

Plibrico  (Canada)  Ltcf  (plastic),  215  Horner  av  (Etob) 

Rowland  Fire  Brick  Co,  1347  Dufferin 

Toronto  Brick  Co  Ltd,  1425  Bayview  av  (Leas)  (For  list 
of  branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 



35  Old  Mill  Road  (Etobicoke),  Phone  922-5158 


Bailey  B  B  Bridge  St  Equipment  Ltd,  79  Racine  rd 

Dominion  Bridge  Co  Ltd,  665  Trethewey  dr  (Nth  Y) 



Collins  St  Taylor  Ltd,  65)  Church 
Greenwood  Peter,  129  Adelaide  w 
McLean  A  C  &  Co  Ltd,  330  Bay 
S'herrin  Geo  A,  697  Bay 
Tierney  Francis  Ltd,  129-Adelaide  w 

(Custom  House) 

Active  Customs  Brokers  Ltd,  32  Front  w 
Airspeed  Brokers  (1962)  Ltd,  60  Front  w 
Alpina  Custom  House  Brokers  Ltd,  160  Bay 
Argue  Sophie,  67  Yonge 
B  &  K  Shipping  Agency  Ltd,  160  Bay 
Bathgate  Wm  T  Ltd,  7  King  e 
Benness  S  G  Ltd,  159  Bay 
Bertram  St  Cumming  Ltd,  159  Bay 
Best  Foreign  Forwarders  St  Custom  Brokers  (Canada) 
Ltd,  319  Spadina  av 

Border  Brokers  Ltd,  60  Front  w  and  363  Keele 
Caledonia  Customs  Brokers,  36  Caledonia  rd 
Callaghan  Edwd  Ltd,  77  York 
Carson  Custom  Brokers  Ltd,  159  Bay 
Chamberlain  W  G  Ltd,  32  Front  w 
Clavir  Albert  A,  159  Bay 
Commercial  Customs  Brokers  Ltd,  69  Yonge 
Crickmore,  LeRoy  &  Davis  Ltd,  11  Jordan 
Cromar  Peter  G,  25  Chauncey  av  (Etob) 

Currier  &  Smith  Ltd,  200  Bay 
Davis  Beatrice  M,  159  Bay 
Dawson  Customs  Brokerage  Co,  77  York 
Dennison-Raines  Ltd,  159  Bay 

Federated  Custom  Brokers  Ltd,  1608  The  Queensway 

Fowler  &  Col  lard,  25  Wellington  w 
Gordon  Agencies  Ltd,  77  York 
Gurza  Max,  32  Front  w 
Henderson  Bros,  8  King  e 
Import  Customs  Brokers,  60  Front  w 
International  Custom  Brokers  'Ltd,  159  Bay  and  215 

Jackson  W  R  &  Co,  25  Wellington  w 

MacKinnon  &  McCaskill  Ltd,  215  Mavety 

Martin  W  H  (Canada)  Ltd,  53  Yonge 

Maritime  Agency  Inc,  160  Bay 

Mayhue  Henry  D,  100  Adelaide  w 

McKay  W  G  Ltd,  159  Bay 

McLean  Neil  C,  2995  Dundas  w 

Metro  Custom  Brokers  Ltd,  32  Front  w 

Mills  J  W  &  Son  Ltd,  159  Bay 

Moffatt  P  J  Customs  Brokers,  25  Wellington  w 

Murray  St  Robinson  Ltd,  11  Adelaide  w 

Norris  James  C  St  Son,  2834  Dundas  w 

O' Hearn  J  D  •&  Co  Ltd,  1608  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Peace  Bridge  Brokerage  Ltd,  32  Front  w 

Qua  Robt  J,  67  Yonge 

Robinson  &  Heath,  32  Front  w 

Rutherford  Wm  L  Ltd,  219  N  Bldg,  Ont  Food  Term, 
165  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Ryder  Gus,  2977  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Sanders-Hawkyard  Ltd,  32  Front  w 

Stewart  D  M,  Customs  Broker,  137  Wellington  w 


40  Yonge,  Phone  366-2761  (See  adv  Alpha¬ 
betical  Section) 

Thomson  J  MacD  Ltd,  160  Bay 
Tower  C  J  &  Sons,  160  Bay 
Trans  World  Custom  Brokers  Ltd,  277  Victoria 
United  Customs  Brokers  (Ont)  Ltd,  160  Bay  and 
209  N  Bldg,  Ont  Food  Terminal,  165  The  Queens¬ 
way  (Etob) 

Universal  Customs  Brokers  Ltd,  159  Bay 
Unsworth  E  W  Ltd,  53  Yonge 
Weiner  Henry  Ltd,  119  Spadina  av 
Wingate  W  St  Johnston  (Canada)  ltd,  217  Bay 
Yeomans  J  M  Ltd,  35  Front  e 

(Food  Products) 

Adamson  Mark  T>  Co,  253  Ont  Food  Term,  165  Hhe 
Queensway  (Etob) 

Allison  W  W  Sales  Ltd,  1500  Royal  York  rd  (Etob) 
Arthur  J,  32  Front  w 
Bain  Donald  H  Ltd  (gro),  159  Bay 
Bendon  S  G  Utility  Co  Inc,  35  Fraser  av 
Boyington  M  MacLean  Ltd,  862  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 
Canada  Food  Distributors  Co,  (rear)  66  Colville  rd 
(North  York) 

Canadian  Lecithin  Co  Ltd,  4195  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Cork  Thos  Brokerage  Ltd,  16  Goodrich  rd  (Etob) 
Cowling  &  Braithwaite  Co  Ltd,  2  Berkeley 
Cruickshank-Guild  Ltd,  (gro),  214  Laird  dr  (Leas) 
Cudney,  Ruse  St  Sulker  Ltd,  77  Fima  cres  (Etob) 
Czarnikow  (Canada)  Ltd,  191  Eglinton  av  e 
Deslauriers  Geo  Toronto  Ltd,  337  S  Bldg,  Ontario 
Food  Terminal,  165  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Dunne  Wm  M  St  Associates  Ltd,  135  Oakdale  rd  (Nth 

Dynatrade  Canada  Ltd,  32  Front  w 

Fahn  Products  Co  Ltd,  32  Ingram  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Food  Wide  of  Canada  Ltd,  75  Torbarrie  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Great  Lake  Trading  Co,  2788  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Green  Philip  &  Co  Ltd,  70  Bartor  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Griffiths  F  D  Co  Ltd,  191  Eglinton  av  e 
Higgins  St  McClory,  (frozen),  1870  'Davenport  rd 
Hoogstraten  Henry  F  Co  Ltd,  3645  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Imco  Trading  Co  Ltd  (br),  833  King  w 
International  Brokerage  Co,  346  S  Bldg,  Ont  Food 
Terminal,  165  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Jan-Warren  (Can)  Ltd,  201  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 
Jeffries  Commodity  Brokers  Ltd,  57  Bloor  w 
Jenkins  V  R  Co  Ltd,  1961  Queen  e 
Johnston  Harry  E  Sales  Ltd,  2231  Bloor  w 
Kaell  S  &  Co  Ltd,  129  Adelaide  w 
King  St  Raphael  Co  Ltd,  212  N  Bldg,  Ont  Food  Term, 
165  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Lauder  W  E  (Harry)  Co  Ltd,  168  Wicksteed  av  (Leas) 
Lee  Brokerage  Ltd,  217  N  Bldg,  Ont  Food  Term,  165 
The  Queensway  (Etob) 

May  A  S  &  Co  (gro),  11  Jordan 
McCrea  F  R  &  Co,  164  Lascelles  blvd 
Moase  S  Y  Potato  Dealer,  208  N  Bldg,  Ont  Food 
Terminal,  165  The  Quecnsway  (Etob) 

Mooney  Gordon  H,  67  Yonge 

Mortson  Gus  Sales  Ltd,  57  Carson  (Etob) 

Myers  C  K  Sales  Co,  329  Ont  Food  Terminal,  165 
The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Nicholson  Jay  I  Ltd,  220  Eglinton  av  e 
Nixon  John  S,  1  Rex  Gate  (Etob) 

Overweel  Jan  K  Ltd,  207  Queens  Quay  w 

Paru  Bocki  St  Robertson  Ltd,  2489  Bloor  w  (Swan) 

Powell  C  B  Ltd,  207  Queens  Quay  w 

Red  &  White  Foods  Ltd,  73  Torbarrie  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Rex  Brokerage  Central  Ltd,  315  S  Bldg,  Ont  Food 
Terminal,  165  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Reynolds  L  N  Co  Ltd,  3246  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Riddell  J  A  Ltd,  3689  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Ruttan  Sales,  3  Overend 
Sainsbury  A  H  &  Co  Ltd,  1491  Yonge 
Sainsbury  International  Agencies  Ltd,  1491  Yonge 
Scott  Thomas  St  Co,  2842  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Smith  Alexander  Ltd,  603  Evans  av  (Etob) 

Taylor  G  F  Ltd,  4208  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Taylor  Wm  E  (Canada)  -Ltd,  5  Thorncliffe  sq  (Leas) 
Thomas  Large  St  Singer  Ltd,  412  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Thomas  Trading  Co,  656  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Van  de  Water-Boyd  Ltd,  11  Adelaide  w 
Wade-Ryans  Sales  Ltd,  2  Homewood  av 
Ward  F  W  &  Sons  Ltd,  228  N  Bldg,  Ont  Food  Term, 
165  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Warren  Jan  (Canada)  Ltd,  201  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 
Watt  St  Scott  Ontario  Ltd,  105  Cocker  (Etob) 
Weinreb  Herbert  H  &  Sons  Ltd,  339  S  Bldg,  Ont 
Food  Terminal,  165  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Wiley  A  F  St  Co,  7  Riverview  gdns  (Swan) 


(See  Insurance  Brokers) 


Borthwick  Hugh  T  Ltd,  10  Adelaide  e 
Latimer  W  D  Ltd,  244  Bay 
Mackay  R  P  &  Co  Ltd,  6  Adelaide  e 
Macpherscn  A  C  &  Co  Ltd,  62  Richmond  w 
Metro  Investments,  133  Fifth  (New  T) 


(See  Brokers — Food  Products) 


(See  Brokers  Stocks  and  Bonds) 

Ackwin  Investments  Ltd,  943  St  Clair  av  w 
Atlas  Credit  Corporation  Limited,  62  Richmond  w 
Bekies  Limited,  1540  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Bell  Frank  H,  9  Richmond  e 

Empire  Mortgage  Brokers,  137  Wellington  w 

General  Fiscal  Service  Corp  of  Canada  Ltd,  68  Yonge 

Greenaway  A  M  &  Co  Ltd,  169  Yonge 

Kirkwood  Alexander,  128  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Klever  Klad  Dresses  Ltd,  163  Spadina  av 

Knapp  Arthur  W,  2470A  Yonge 

Mack  John  W  &  Co,  88  Richmond  w 

Maroldt  E  Company,  229  Yonge 

Mayer  Mike  Investments,  2828  Bathurst  (Nth  York) 

Municipal  Bankers  Corporation  (1931)  Ltd,  80  King  w 

Prokai  Flori  C,  86  Bloor  w 

Rubinstein  Sam,  22  Kirkland  blvd  (Nth  York) 

Sherman  Philip,  121  Richmond  w 
Sky  Norman  Enterprises  Ltd,  825  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst 


Catania  Michl  L  St  Co,  224  N  Bldg  Ont  Food  Terminal 
165  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Chisholm  Ronald  A  Ltd,  130  Bloor  w 
Dick  Hugh  H,  331  S  Bldg,  Ont  Food  Terminal,  165 
The  Queensway  (Etob) 

McArthur  Charles  Potatoes,  S  Bldg,  Ont  Food  Terminal, 
165  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Minacapelle  Produce,  406  Ontario  Food  Terminal,  165 
The  Q’ueensway  (Etob) 

Mutual  Brokers  (Toronto)  Ltd,  210  N  Bldg,  Ont  Food 
Terminal,  165  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

(Real  Estate) 

(See  also  Real  Estate) 

Agnelli  Agencies  Ltd,  96  Charles  w 
Aloi  Julius  Real  Estate,  794  St  Clair  av  w 
Barker  Mary  Real  Estate,  1661  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Blainey  Real  Estate  Ltd,  17  Queen  e 

Boddington  Walter  C  Realtor,  1878  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Bothmann  H  U,  171  Yonge 

Cassidy  Leonard  I,  26  Montgomery  rd  (Etob) 

Ceci  G  Real  Estate  Broker,  86  Cedarvale  av 
Cianciusi  Luciano,  1279  St  Clair  av  w 
Commins  James  J,  1000  Yonge 
Consolidated  Investors  Ltd,  67  Vonge 
Dal ler  H,  3495  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Davis  &  Bookbinder  Ltd,  825  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

DeMacio  Peter  Ltd,  3089  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Dicker  William  Real  Estate  Ltd,  4335  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Foster  Bruce  Ltd,  34  Prince  Arthur  av 
Goodman  Ernest  Ltd,  3101  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Gunn  J  H  Real  Estate  &  Mortgage  Broker,  3444 
Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 

Heldt  Helena,  186  Wilson  av  ON th  Y) 

Hinch  Truman  A,  536  Broadway  av  (Leas) 

Howard  Geo  S  Ltd,  2848  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Johnston  &  Daniel  Ltd,  Tamblyn  lane 

Kalesky  L  H  Realty  Corp  Ltd,  44  King  w 

Kaplun  Hyman,  502B  Eglinton  av  w 

King  A  Franklin,  150  Eastwood  rd 

Martin  Ross  I  Ltd,  347  Bay 

McKenna  Real  Estate,  1017  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

McRae  St  Cutts,  623  St  Clair  av  w 

Millen  Norman  R  Ltd,  170  The  Donway  w  (Nth  Y) 

Mizzoni  James,  1986  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Murphy  Austin  R,  121  Sutherland  dr  (Leas) 

Nicoll  Robt  A,  100  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Ozolin  E  Realty  Ltd,  1102  College 
P  M  A  Realty  Ltd,  333  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Papailias  Peter,  700  Pape  av 

Passarelli  Manin,  2019  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 

Reiss  Eugene,  2298  Yonge 
Riley  Geo  St  Co,  21  Sultan 

Sturkenboom  Real  Estate,  220  Jeffcoat  dr  (Etob) 
Turner  Gunter,  3466  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Wallace  C  B,  102  Eglinton  av  e 
Watson  Wm  J,  1360  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Weinstock  Frank,  153  Shelborne  av  (Nth  Y) 

Yankou  Louis  A,  229  Yonge 
Zafer  Alexander,  14  Ghent  ct  (Scar) 


Canadian  Chartering  (New  York)  Ltd,  67  Yonge 

(Stocks  and  Bonds) 

Adelaide  Securities  Ltd,  121  Richmond  w 

Allen  John  C  L  Ltd,  112  King  w 

Andras,  Hatch  &  Hetherington  Ltd,  320  Bay 

Annett  Partners  Ltd,  220  Bay 

Appleby  J  Securities  Ltd,  837  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Armada  Corp  Ltd,  160  Bay 

Asta  Corp  Ltd,  55  York 

Bache  &  Co,  360  Bay 

Baker,  Weeks  St  Co,  60  Yonge 

Barclay  St  Crawford,  38  King  w  and  30  Eglinton  av  e 

Barrett  Goodfellow  &  Co  Ltd,  330  Bay 

Bernette  Corp  Ltd,  121  Richmond  w 

Bongard  &  Co  Ltd,  20  King  w 
Borthwick  Hugh  T  Ltd,  10  Adelaide  e 
Bouchard  St  Co  Ltd,  21  Richmond  w 
Brawley,  Cathers  Ltd,  11  King  w 
Breckenridge,  McDonald  St  Co,  19  Richmond  w 
Brewis  &  White  Ltd,  25  Adelaide  w 
Brooks  S  J  &  Co,  185  Bay 

Brown,  Baldwin,  Nisker  Ltd,  100  Adelaide  w  and  82 
Spadina  av 

Bunting  Alfred  St  Co,  68  Yonge 
Burgess  C  H  &  Co  Ltd,  44  King  w 
Burns  Bros  St  Denton  Ltd,  44  King  w 
Cannon  J  P  &  Co  Ltd,  372  Bay 
Cassels,  Blaikie  St  Co,  66  King  w 
Chisholm  Hector  M  St  Co  Ltd,  82  Richmond  w 
Cochran,  Murray  St  Hay  Ltd,  7  King  e 
Crang  J  H  &  Co,  20  King  w 
Creighton  D  D  St  Co  Inc,  11  King  w 
Creighton  D  D  St  Co  Ltd,  44  King  w 
Cumco  Corp  Ltd,  The,  330  Bay 
Davidson  Sc  Co,  25  Adelaide  w 
Deacon  F  H  St  Co  Ltd,  181-185  Bay 
Doherty  Roadhouse  Sc  McCuaig  Bros,  335  Bay,  130 
Bloor  w,  13  St  Clair  av  w  and  150-C7  Yorkdale 
Shopping  Centre,  e  s  Dufferin  before  Hwy  401 
(North  York) 

Domick  Corp  of  Canada,  11  King  w 
Dominion  Securities  Co,  50  King  w 

TION  LIMITED,  50  King  West,  Phone 

Draper,  Dobie  St  Co  Ltd,  25  Adelaide  w 
Dunn  A  S  St  Co  Ltd,  160  Bay 
Dupont  Francis  I  St  Co  (br),  11  Adelaide  w 
Durham  Securities,  100  Adelaide  w 
Equitable  Brokers  Ltd,  60  Yonge 
Evans  Jenkin  &  Co  Ltd,  360  Bay 
Factors  Corp  of  America  Ltd,  330  Bay 
Fergusson  G  Tower  &  Co,  8  King  e 
Fleetwood  Financial  Corp,  165  Bloor  e 
Flood,  Wittstock  St  Co,  60  Yonge 
Foster-Day  Sales  of  Canada  Ltd,  60  Front  w 
Fraser,  Dingman  &  Co,  217  Bay 
Freeman  D  H  St  Co  Ltd,  159  Bay 
Fry  &  Co  Ltd,  7  King  e 
Gardiner,  Wardrop  &  Co,  330  Bay 
Gardiner,  Watson  Ltd,  335  Bay 
Gardon  John  &  Co  Ltd,  185  Bay 
Glandfield  &  Co  Ltd,  80  King  w 
Goad  J  L  Sc  Co,  7  King  e 
Goldmack  Securities  Corp  Ltd,  100  University  av 
Goodwin  Harris  Sc  Co  Ltd,  347  Bay 
Goulding,  Rose  &  Turner  Ltd,  11  King  w 
Greene  M  St  Associates  Ltd,  660  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 
Greenshields  Ltd,  11  Adelaide  w 
Haeglof  Lars,  25  Adelaide  w 
Harris  F  H,  91  Waverley  rd 
Hevenor  &  Co,  11  Jordan 
Hodgson  C  J  Sc  Co  Ltd,  8  King  e 
Housser  &  Co  Ltd,  44  King  w 
Houston  &  Co  Ltd,  335  Bay 
Hutchison  R  A  &  Co,  80  King  w 
Isard  Robertson  &  Co,  217  Bay 
Isard  Robertson  Easson  Co  Ltd,  217  Bay 
Jones  Heward  St  Co,  44  King  w 
Kee  C  A  &  Co,  80  King  w 
Key  Trading  Ltd,  100  Adelaide  w 
King  Chas  &  Co,  8  King  e 
Laidlaw  St  Co,  68  Yonge 
Leslie  Frank  S  &  Co  Ltd,  200  Bay 
Lynch  E  T  Sc  Co,  10  Victoria  and  801  Eglinton  av  w 
(Forest  Hill) 

Mackay  Hugh  Sc  Co  Ltd,  366  Bay 
Manning  E  A  Ltd,  825  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Marchment  St  Dixon  Ltd,  11A  Adelaide  w 
McKenzie  W  Securities  Ltd,  825  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst 

McLeod  Young  Weir  &  Ratcliffe,  50  King  w 

Mills,  Spence  &  Co  Ltd,  112  King  w 

Milner  Spence  &  Co  Ltd,  112  King  w 

Mitchell  W  G  &  Co,  11  Adelaide  w 

Mooney  J  R  &  Co  Ltd,  330  Bay 

Morgan,  Ostiguy  &  Hudon  Inc,  20  Toronto 

Morgan  Ostiguy  &  Hudon  Ltd,  20  Toronto 

Moss  Lawson  &  Co  Ltd,  48  Yonge 

Newkirk  Securities  Ltd,  2  St  Clair  av  w 

Nicholson  G  W  &  Co  Ltd,  67  Richmond  w 

Norwich  Investments  Ltd,  77  York 

O'Brien  St  Williams,  7  King  e 

Osier  A  E  ■&  Co  Ltd,  11  Jordan 

Osier  St  Hammond  Ltd,  55  Yonge 

Oswald,  Drinkwater  Sc  Graham  Ltd,  44  King  w 

Pellatt  Reg,  7  King  e 

Playfair  &  Co  Ltd,  60  Yonge 

Pooler  E  H  &  Co  Ltd,  302  Bay 

Richardson  James  &  Sons,  2-8  King  e 

Richardson  T  A  St  Co  Ltd,  4  King  w 

Robertson  Malone  St  Co  Ltd,  129  Adelaide  w 

Ross  Knowles  St  Co  Ltd,  105  Adelaide  w 

Royal  Securities  Co,  360  Bay 

Ryder  A  W  St  Co,  94  Wellington  w 

Saman  Investment  Corp  Ltd,  100  Adelaide  w 

Savage  T  L  St  Co  Ltd,  6  Adelaide  e 

Smith  H  E  Securities  Ltd,  67  Richmond  w 

State  of  Israel  Bonds,  825  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  Hill) 

Stewart  James  Ltd,  160  Bay 

Streit  J  Bradley  St  Co  Ltd,  80  Richmond  w 

Thomson  Kernaghan  &  Co  Ltd,  365  Bay 

Tom  St  Barnt,  80  Richmond  w 

Waite,  Reid  &  Co  Ltd,  200  Bay,  2881  Dundas  w 
and  939  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Walwyn,  Stodgell  St  Co  Ltd,  7  King  e 
White  J  B  St  Co  Ltd,  320  Bay 
Wills  Bickle  St  Co  Ltd,  44  King  w 


Ogilvie  Wm  G,  7-9  Adelaide  e 


Boeckh  Co  Ltd,  8-24  Noble 
Dixon  Wm  E  Mfg  Ltd,  107  McGill 
Fuller  Brush  Co  Ltd  (For  list  of  branches  see  Alpha¬ 
betical  Section) 

Gi'bson  Broom  Co,  (rear)  168-170  Christie 
L  Sc  L  Brush  Mfg  Ltd,  1266  Queen  w 
Meakins  St  Sons  Ltd,  834  Caledonia  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Morganite  Canada  Ltd,  49  Mobile  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Prophylactic  Brush  Co  (Can)  Ltd,  727  King  w 
Pyroil-Master  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  87  Colville  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Simms  T  S  St  Co  Ltd,  30  Bertal  rd  (York  Twp) 
Stevens-Hepner  Co  Ltd,  797  Don  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Superior  Brush  Mfg  Co,  212  King  w 
Tafler  Broomcorn  Co  Ltd,  37  Front  e 
Trisi  Frank  Sales,  (rear)  61  Hepbourne 



Contract  Division,  1325  Lawrence  Avenue  East, 
Phone  447-9181  (See  outside  top  stencil  edge) 


Ace  Janitorial  Service,  349  Brooke  av  (Nth  York) 
Adelaide  Building  Services  Ltd.  92  King  e 
Adelaide  Maintenance  Ltd,  92  King  e 

Br  ng  Maintenance 


Advance  Building  Maintenance,  137  Glebemount  av 
(East  York) 

All  Buildings  Maintenance  &  Construction  Ltd,  480 
Queen  e 

Alleway  &  Nicholson  Building  Maintenance,  881  O'Con¬ 
nor  dr  (E  Y) 

Allied  Building  Services  Ltd,  208  King  w 
Amalgamated  Building  Maintenance,  257  Jarvis 
American  Building  Maintenance  Co  of  Canada,  234 
Davenport  rd 

Any  Service  Ltd,  25  Bridesburg  dr  (Etob) 

Ascad  Building  Maintenance  Ltd,  21  Jarvis 
Atlas  Building  Maintenance  Ltd,  223  Church 
Award  Maintenance  Co,  105  Isabella 
Bestway  Floor  Maintenance,  69  Lanyard  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Brown  Ernest  W  Services,  227  Clearbrooke  Circle 

Careful  Janitorial  Service,  4  Thwaite  av  (Nth  Y) 
Centennial  Bldg  Cleaners,  129  Adelaide  w 
City  Office  Maintenance,  160  Eglinton  av  w 
Cleanmaster  Services,  28  Damask  av  (Nth  Y) 
Diamond  Mobile  Power  Cleaning,  165  Geary 
Dirk  Janitor  Service,  22  Gladsmore  cres  (Etob) 
Doran  Janitor  Service,  31  Newlin  cres  (Nth  Y) 
Etobicoke  Industrial  Maintenance  Co,  36  Lesmar  dr 

Express  Office  Painting  and  Cleaning  Co,  987  Mt 
Pleasant  rd 

Frank's  Janitor  Service,  57  Vernon 

Gedor  Maintenance  Service,  3  Larchwood  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Gem  Cleaning  Services,  48  Epsom  av  (E  Y) 

Gibson  Thos  &  Co  Ltd,  90  Crockford  blvd  (Scar) 

Golden  Mile  Maintenance  Ltd,  2478  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Hamilton  Fred  Maintenance  Ltd,  9  Phoebe 
Hansen  Maintenance,  1  Groveland  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Hodge  Bruce  Building  Maintenance,  505  Eglinton  av 
w  (Fst  Hill) 

Homeservice  Club  of  Canada,  185  Avenue  rd 
Industrial  Caretakers,  8  Penhale  dr  (Etob) 

Industrial  Floor  Service  Ltd,  3107  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Janitorial  Services  Unlimited,  415  Bloor  w 
Knott  Wm  T,  84  Haliburton  av  (Etob) 

Lancaster  Janitorial  Service,  84  Lynvalley  cres  (Scar) 
Master  Window  &  Maintenance  Co,  511  Church 
McKee  Industrial  Services,  70  Coronet  rd  (Etob) 

Metro  Janitor  Service  Ltd,  1695  Avenue  rd  (Nth  York) 
Miracle  Maintenance,  3173  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Modern  Building  Cleaning  Service  of  Canada  Ltd,  14B 
Gail  Grove  (Nth  Y)  and  2  Thorncliffe  Park  dr 

National  Maintenance  Co  Ltd,  1354  Queen  e 
Poli-Floor  Cleaning  Services  Ltd,  5302  Dundas  w 

Progressive  Cleaning  Service,  96  Canlish  rd  (Scar) 
Progressive  Floor  &  Office  Cleaners,  2  H ighcl iff  cres 

Scarborough  Building  Maintenance,  23A  Morton  rd 
Scollard  Maintenance  Ltd,  204  King  e 
Scot  Young  Ltd,  212  King  w  and  69  Eglinton  av  e 
Severn  Office  Service,  129  Adelaide  w 
Slipetz  Michael  Floor  Service,  18  Byng  av  (Scar) 
Tom's  Maintenance  Service,  1005  Albion  rd  (Etob) 
Topper  Caretaker  Services,  22  Wolverton  av  (E  Y) 
Toronto  Building  Cleaning  &  Tuckpointing  Ltd,  21 
Bprtrand  av  (Scar) 

Tri-Clean  Services  Ltd,  40  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Weeks  Arthur  F,  95  Barker  av  (E  Y) 

White  Star  Cleaning  Services,  135  Pickering 
Wynne  Stanley  R  Maintenance,  34  Clearbrooke  Circle 

York  Maintenance  Service  Ltd,  1969  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 


(See  also  Contractors7  Supplies) 

Advance  Building  Supplies  Ltd,  658V2  Old  Weston  rd 
Advance  Lumber  &  Wrecking  Co,  658V2  Old  Weston  rd 
Allen  Tile  &  Interiors,  1325  St  Clair  av  w 
Allont  Ltd,  120  Eglinton  av  e 
All-Purpose  Equipment  Sales  &  Rentals  Ltd,  70  Bel- 
field  rd  (Etob) 

Alright  Distributing  Co  Ltd,  218  Front  e 
Alumicor  Sealents  Ltd,  371C  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 
Angelo's  Hardware,  2111  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Arcade  Tile  Ltd,  17  Peacham  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Armstrong  Cork  (Can)  Ltd,  4174  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Asbestos  Bldg  Supply  Ltd,  1548  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Associated  Fibre  Glass  Industries  Ltd,  1876  Wilson  av 
(North  York) 

Atlas  Asbestos  Co  Ltd,  131  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 

B  &  G  Design  Home  Remodelling,  127  Manville  rd 

Barreca  Sales  Ltd,  5415  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Baxenden-Kirk  Ltd,  1571  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Bedford  L  B  Cinder  Supply,  101-103  Ossington  av 
Bell  Supply  Ltd,  1194A  Caledonia  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Berger  Louis,  25  Adelaide  w 

Blair  Supply  Co  Ltd,  97  Rivalda  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Block-Lok  Ltd,  202  Milvan  dr  (NthY) 

Bray  John  J,  92  Twenty-Ninth  (Long  B) 

Bray-Mac  Building  Products  Ltd,  1656  Islington  av  n 

Builders  Products  &  Supply  Co  Ltd,  5415  Dundas  w 

Builders  Supplies  Ltd,  79  Burlington  (Mim) 

Builders  Supplies  Ltd,  80  Howden  rd  (Scar) 

Builders  Supplies  Ltd,  1011  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Building  Products  Ltd,  46  Challenge  rd  (Etob) 

Building  Specialties  Inc,  355  Dufferin 


LIMITED,  H.  C.  Graham,  President  & 
General  Manager;  F.  S.  Vanstone,  Vice- 
President,  Finance.  951  Wilson  Avenue 
(Nth  York),  Phone  638-4110.  Ready 
Mix  Concrete,  Phone  638-4760;  Building 
Supplies,  Phone  638-3730;  Concrete 
Block,  Phone  638-1355.  Locations:  50 
Industrial  Street  (Leas.),  Bathurst  and 
Fleet,  3701  Bloor  St.  West,  943  Wilson 
Avenue,  1176  Yonge  Street,  2895  Eglin¬ 
ton  Avenue  East;  Oakville  (8th  Line), 
No.  7  Highway  at  Maple,  No.  7  High¬ 
way  at  Woodbridge. 

Canada  Building  Materials  Ltd,  951  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
(For  Branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Canada  Crushed  &  Cut  Stone  Co  Ltd,  203  New  Toronto 
(New  T) 

Canadian  Gypsum  Co  Ltd,  790  Bay  and  21  Oak  (Wstn) 
Carey  Philip  Co  Ltd,  279  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 
Chapman  Builders  Supplies,  4189  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Charter  Supply,  21  Princess 
Chem  Sales  Corp  of  Canada,  5  Grand  av  (Mim) 
Chemspec  Ltd,  36  Brydon  dr  (Etob) 

Community  Building  Supplies  Ltd,  Warren  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Corby's  Home  Improvements,  1572  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Crown  Zellerbach  Building  Materials  (Eastern)  Ltd, 
415  Comstock  rd  (Scar) 

D  &  M  Building  Supplies,  229  Wallace  av 
Danforth  Tile  &  Building  Supplies,  3491  Danforth 
avenue  (Scar) 

Derrett  &  Grant  Ltd,  4652  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 

Desco  Chemical  Co  Inc,  3637  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Desco  Vitro-Glaze  (Ontario)  Ltd,  4  Kincort  (York 

Devon  Builders  Supplies,  10  Darrell  av 
Domico  Building  Supplies,  309  Merton 
Domtar  Construction  Material  Ltd,  99  Vanderhoof  av 

Drummond  &  Reeves  Ltd,  355  Dufferin 



(at  Briar  Hill  Ave.) 

PHONE:  789-3311  —  Accounts  &  Manager 

All  Orders  and  Inquiries 
Concrete,  781-4628 
Building  Materials,  782-4437 
Stone,  924-8736 


(Scarborough),  Brimley  Rd.  &  CNR  Tracks. 
(Etobicoke),  Martingrove  Rd.  &  CNR  Tracks. 
(Water  Front),  Commissioners  &  Leslie  Sts. 

Dufferin  Materials  &  Construction  Ltd,  2700  Dufferin 
(Nth  Y),  477  Brimley  rd  (Scar)  and  n  s  Com¬ 
missioners  (at  Leslie)  and  1185  'Martin  Grove  rd 

Dundas  Tile  &  Building  Supplies,  1283  Dundas  w 
Dundee  Tile,  16  Ly.nnford  dr  (Etob) 

Dynmark  Ltd,  2  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 

Easy  Tile  &  Building  Supply  Stores  Ltd,  881  Yonge 
and  3832  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Econo  Tile,  1200  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Edwil  Industries  Ltd,  395  Carlingview  dr  (Etob) 

Emery  Tubewell  Ltd  (office),  3409  Yonge 

Fast  Builders  Supplies  Ltd,  3077  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Featherock  of  Ont,  49  Merton 

Flintkote  Co  of  Can  Ltd,  e  s  Thirtieth  (Etob) 

Fraser  Industries,  121  Laird  dr  (Leas) 

Grant  Industries  (Div  of  Eddy  Match  Co  Ltd),  24 
Coronet  rd  (Etob) 

Hanford  Lumber  Ltd,  45  Bethridge  rd  (Etob) 

Harvey's  Building  Supplies,  2803  Bathurst  (Nth  York) 
Home  Owners  Centre,  2  Mulock  av 
International  Ceramic  Mining  Ltd,  391  Vaughan  rd 
(York  Twp) 

International  Panel  Boards  Ltd,  150  Eglinton  av  e 
Jones  H  Building  Supplies  Ltd,  55  Eglinton  av  e 
Joybern  Sales  Ltd,  430  Comstock  rd  (Scar) 

Kelco  Products,  88  Richmond  w 
Kenmore  Construction  Supplies,  1060  Dupont 
Kilgore  Removable  Walls  Ltd,  1548  Queensway  (Etob) 
King  Builders  Supply  Co,  78  Martin  Ross  av  (Nth  Y) 
Kingsway  Counter  Tops  Ltd,  (arborite),  13-15  Advance 
rd  (Etobicoke) 

L  &  M  Tile  Products  Ltd,  15  Colville  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Laminated  Building  Materials  Ltd,  86-88  Osier 
Lansing  Building  Supply  Ltd,  258  Sheppard  av  e 
(North  York) 

Lawrence  Building  Specialties  Ltd,  2828  Bathurst 
(North  York) 

Lifetime  Home  Improvement  Co,  3689A  Bathurst  (Nth 

Lime  Sand  Mortar  (Toronto)  Ltd,  w  s  of  Symes  rd 
(York  Twp) 

Livingston-Goehrmg  Ltd,  29  Jutland  rd  (Etob) 
Manhattan  Products  (Canada)  Ltd,  1260  Caledonia  rd 
(North  York) 

Maple  Leaf  Building  Supplies  Ltd,  860-862  Dundas  w 
Marbolite  Building  Supply  Co  Ltd,  41  Kipling  av  s 

Master  Builders  Co  Ltd,  79  Kincort  (York  Twp) 
Mastic  Maintenance  Co,  596  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 


Head  Office,  611  King  East,  Phone  363-3241, 
Yards  Eglinton  Avenue  East  at  McCowan  Road 
(Scar),  Phone  261-3377  and  Lawrence  Yard,  1224 
Lawrence  Avenue  West,  Phone  787-6121 
Meadows  W  R  of  Canada  Ltd,  130  Toryork  dr  (Nth 

Mel  Mix  Concrete  &  Asphalt,  949  Wilson  av  (Nth  York) 
Muttart  Builders  Supplies  Ontario  Ltd,  100  University 

National  Specialty  Compounds  Ltd,  524  Front  w 
Ontario  Building  Materials  Ltd,  5  Grand  av  (Mim) 
Pape  Lumber  Ltd,  754  Pape  av 
Parkdale  Lumber  Co,  1258  Queen  w 
Parkdale  Tile  &  Supplies,  2535  Dundas  w 
Parmenter  Devices  (Canada)  Ltd,  524  Front  w 
Perma-Stone  of  Ontario  Ltd,  49  Merton 
Philmar  Lumber  Ltd,  2470  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Precast  Building  Products  Co,  190  Bridgeland  av  (Nth 

Pre-Con  Murray  Ltd,  980  Yonge 

Premier  Building  Materials  Ltd,  1-15  Basin  &  55 
Eglinton  av  e 

Ramer  Building  Supplies  Ltd,  2555  Steeles  av  w  (Nth 

Ramset  Fasteners  Ltd,  11-15  Laplante  av 
Reliable  Builders  Supplies,  89  Rivalda  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Renown  Specialties  Co  (Div  of  Tumac  Mfg  Co  Ltd), 
46  Racine  rd  (Etob) 

Rex  Building  Materials,  401  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 
Rickett  Building  Specialties,  1432  Victoria  Park  av 
(North  York) 

Robertson-Irwin  Ltd,  696  Yonge 
Romac  Lumber  Ltd,  1  Bestobell  rd  (Etob) 

St  Clair  House  Wrecking  Co  Ltd,  75  Hyde  av  (York  Twp) 
Saivo  Tile  Co  Ltd,  124  Cartwright  av  (Nth  York) 
Siporex  Co  (Div  of  Domtar  Construction  Materials  Ltd), 
126  Davenport  rd 

Sonneborn  Building  Products  (div  of  De  Soto  Chemical 
Products  Ltd),  120  Twenty  Fourth  (Long  B) 
Standard  Building  Supplies,  383  Weston  rd  (York 

Star  Parquet  Mfg  Ltd,  8  Oak  (Wstn) 

Sterne  G  F  &  Sons  Ltd,  79  Torbarrie  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Sylglas  Division  of  Denso  of  Canada  Ltd,  47  Cran- 
field  rd  vE  Y) 

Thoro  Building  Materials  Ltd,  391-393  Birchmount  rd 

Tile  &  Building  Supply  Stores,  1540  Midland  avenue 

Trojan  Chemical,  20  Fenside  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Tumac  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  46  Racine  rd  (Etob) 

Victoria  Building  Supply  Ltd,  28  Musgrave 
Wall  Covering  Centre  Ltd,  664  Vaughan  rd  (York 

Warden  Lumber  Distributors,  1319  Bloor  w 
Webster  &  Sons  Ltd,  1912  St  Clair  av  w,  2457 
Eglinton  av  e  (Scar)  and  2400  Finch  av  w  (Nth 

Western  'Builders  Supply  Co  Ltd,  311  Queen  e 
Wheeler  J  S  Enterprises  Ltd,  5  Grand  av  (Mim) 
White  D  A  &  Co  Ltd,  15  Colville  rd  (Nth  York) 


(See  also  Halls) 

Adams  Building,  204  King  e 
Adelaide  Building,  119-131  Adelaide  w 
Adrian  Building,  4-10  Camden 
Albion  Building,  72  Carlton 

All  Canada  Building,  1000  Yonge 
Alliance  Building,  62  Alness  (Nth  Y) 

Alwyn  Building,  251  Spadina  av 

Anderson  Building,  284-286  King  w 

Annedel  Building,  1076  Bathurst 

Aragon  Building,  440  Adelaide  w 

Archives  &  Canadiana  Building,  14  Queen's  Park 

Arlington  Building  The,  130  Dundas  w 

Art  Centre  The,  1132  Leslie  (Nth  Y) 

Ash-Temple  Building,  243  College 
Associated  Medical  Bldg,  615  Yonge 
Atkin  Building,  2970  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 
Avalon  Building,  442  Adelaide  w 
Avenue  Building,  196-198  Spadina  av 
Avenue  Road  Medical  Centre,  99  Avenue  rd 
Aziz  J  &  A  Building,  266-268  King  w 
Bailey  Building,  (rear)  42  Murray 
Balfour  Building,  119-121  Spadina  av 
Banack  Building,  32-36  Camden 
Bank  of  Canada  Bldg,  250  University  av 
Bank  of  Commerce  Chambers,  2  College,  165  and 
480  Spadina  av 

Bank  of  Montreal  Building,  50  King  w 
Bank  of  Nova  Scotia  Building,  44  King  w 
Bank  &  Office  Building,  2953  'Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Bathurst  Building,  3768  Bathurst  (Nth  York) 

Bathurst  Medical  Building,  312  Bathurst 
Bathurst  Towers,  2828  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Bay-Charles  Building,  1139  Bay 

Bay-Front  Building,  160  Bay 

Bay  Grosvenor  Building,  880  Bay 

Beattie,  Cadillac,  Chevrolet,  Oldsmobile  Bldg,  832  Bay 

Beaunit  Building,  176-180  John 

Bell  Building,  619  King  w 

Bell  Telephone  Building,  50  Eglinton  av  e  and  789 
Briar  Hill  av  (Fst  Hill) 

Benson  Building,  320  Huron 

Berkeley  House,  360  Bay 

Blake  Building  The,  1229  The  Qfueensway  (Etob) 

Bloor  Building,  57  Bloor  w 

Bloor  Building,  344  Bloor  w 

Bloor  Humber  Building,  2490  Bloor  w  (Swan) 

Bloor  Medical  Building,  310  Bloor  w 
Bloor  Medical  Centre,  605  Bloor  w 
Bloor-Sherbourne  Building,  612  Sherbourne 
Bloorhill  Building,  2842  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Blue  Bird  Building,  444  Adelaide  w 
Board  of  Trade  Building,  11  Adelaide  w 
Bockner  Building,  732  Danforth  av 
Breithaupt-Milsom  Building,  120  Eglinton  av  e 
Brill  Building,  240-6  Richmond  w 
Britannica  House,  151  Bloor  w 
British  American  Building,  60-62  College 
British  American  Oil  Building,  800  Bay 
Brock  Building,  200  Bay  and  49  Wellington  w 
Brooks  Building,  22  Duncan 

Brown  John  S  Building  The,  91-93  Wellington  w 
Brown's  Office  Building,  2977  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New 

Bulucon  &  Ivales  Bldg  The,  4-20  Edward 
Burns  Building,  18  Temperance 
Byron  Building,  47  Granby 
C.I.L.  Building,  130  Bloor  w 
Caldwell  Building,  447  Jarvis 
Camden  Building,  20  Camden 
Camden  Fashion  Centre,  14  Camden 
Canada  Health  &  Accident  Insurance  Corp  Building, 
257  Jarvis 

Canada  Life  Building,  320-340  University  av 
Canada  Permanent  Building,  320  Bay 
Canada  Permanent  Trust  Co  Building,  255  Bay 
Canadian  Bank  of  Commerce  Building  The,  19-25  King 
west  and  796  Yonge 

Canadian  Bank  of  Commerce  Chambers,  2-6  Bloor  w 
Canadian  Imperial  Bank  of  Commerce  Building,  365- 
375  Bay 

Canadian  Imperial  Bank  of  Commerce  Cnambers  Build¬ 
ing,  90  Danforth  av 
Canadian  Insurance  Building,  223  Church 
Canadian  Legion  Memorial  Building,  22  College 
Canadian  Medical  Association  House,  150  St  George 
Canadian  Mortgage  Building,  10  Adelaide  e 
Canadian  National  Express  B’uilding,  s  s  Station  and 
20  York 

Canadian  Oil  Building,  188  University  av 
Canadian  Pacific  Building,  69-71  Yonge 
Canadian  Perfect  Garment  Building,  163V2  Church 
Canadian  Press  Building  The,  55  University  aw 
Capitol  Building,  366-378  Adelaide  w 
Capitol  Theatre  Building,  2498  Yonge 
Caplan  Building,  30  Duncan 
Carlton  Professional  Building,  2  Homewood  av 
Carlton  Tower,  2  Carlton 
Carswell  Building,  145-149  Adelaide  w 
Carty  Building,  4  Albert 
Cassidy's  Building,  20-22  Front  w 
Catholic  Office  Building,  67  Bond 
Caulk  Building,  172  John 
Cawthra  Square  Building,  14  Cawthra  sq 
Cedar  Heights  Medical  Centre  and  Offices,  695  Mark¬ 
ham  road  (Scar) 

Central  Building,  45  Riohmond  w  and  204  Spadina  av 

Ceramics  Building,  7  Wellington  w 

Challenger  Building,  18-20  Duncan 

Chartered  Accountants  Bldg  The,  69  Bloor  e 

Chartered  Trust  Building,  34  King  w 

City  Hall,  n  s  Queen  w  cor  Bay 

City  Hall  Annex,  465  Bay 

Clemes  Building,  105  King  e 

Cliffcrest  Medical  Centre,  2969  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Cockfield  Brown  Building,  185  Bloor  e 
Coghlan  Building,  7  King  w 
Coleman  Studio  Building  The,  1407  Yonge 
Colonnade  Building,  131  Bloor  w 
Commerce  &  Transportation  Building,  159  Bay 
Commercial  Building,  147  Spadina  av  and  218  John 
Commercial  Travellers  Assn  of  Can  Building,  The,  17 

Commercial  Travellers  Building,  51  Yonge 
Commodore  Building,  317-321  Adelaide  w 
Comstock  Building,  73-77  Victoria 
Concourse  Building,  100  Adelaide  w 
Confederation  Life  Building,  321  Bloor  e 
Consumers  Building,  84-86  Market 
Continental  Can  Building,  790  Bay 
Continental  Companies  Building,  160  Bloor  e 
Coroner's  Building,  86  Lombard 
Credit  Foncier  Building,  244  Bay 
Crown  Life  Building,  120  Bloor  e 
Crown  Office  Building,  26  Queen  e 
Crown  Trust  Building,  302  Bay 
Currie  Building,  50-54  York 
Custom  House,  1-21  Front  w 
Danforth  Medical  Centre,  846  Danforth  av 
Darling  Building,  96-104  Spadina  av 
David  Building,  1912A  Avenue  rd  (Nth  York) 

David  Building  The,  88-90-96  Eglinton  av  e 
Davis  Building,  253-259  Spadina  av 
Decalcomania  Building,  507-511  King  e 
Deer  Park  Library  Building,  40  St  Clair  av  e 
DeMarco  Building,  1415  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Dept  of  Labour  Building  (Ont),  8  York 
Dept  of  Public  Works  Building,  225  Jarvis 
Dickinson  Building,  184  Bay 
Dineen  Building,  2-6  Temperance 
Dinnick  Building,  10-12  King  e 
Doctors  Building,  345  Bloor  w 
Doctors  Hospital  Medical  Centre,  25  Brunswick  av 
Doherty  Building,  310-316  Spadina  av 
Dominion  Bank  Building,  66-74  Yonge 
Dominion  Bank  Chambers,  394  Bay 
Dominion  of  Canada  General  Insurance  Co  Bldg,  165 
University  av 

Dominion  Public  Building,  1-21  Front  w 
Doubleday  Building,  105  Bond 

Downtown  Office  Centre,  No.  1,  12  Richmond  e,  No  2, 
4  Richmond  e.  No.  3,  17  Queen  e,  No.  4,  7 
Queen  e,  No.  6,  169  Yonge 
Dun-Bay  Building,  108-10A  Dundas  w 

Dundas  Chambers,  371  Keele 
Dunlap  Building,  e  s  University  av 
Duplate  Building,  48-50  St  Clair  av  w 
Dupont  Bldg,  85  Eglinton  av  e 
Dupont  Textiles  Building,  533-535  College 
Du-Sel  Building,  485  King  w 
Dyment  Building,  245  Carlaw  av 
East  York  Medical  Building,  901  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 
Education  Centre  Building,  155-57  College 
Eglinton  Medical  Centre,  51  Eglinton  av  e 
Ehmann  Corporation  Building,  42  Wellington  e 
Eighty-Fight  Riohmond  w,  88  Riohmond  w 
Electrical  Building  (U  of  T),  w  s  University  Grounds 
Elgin  Building,  7-11  Sheppard  and  63  Temperance 
Elliott  Building  The,  2281  Yonge 
Ellis  Building,  384-388  Adelaide  w 
Embassy  Building,  82  Bloor  w 
Empire  Building,  25  Wellington  w 
Engineering  Building,  w  s  University  Grounds 
Etobicoke  Medical  Centre,  150  The  East  Mall  (Etob) 
Excelsior  Life  Building,  36  Toronto 
Exchange  Building,  590  Keele 
Ezay  Building,  471-Richmond  w 
Fairbank  Professional  Building,  1928  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Twp) 

Fairweathers  Furs  Ltd  Building,  30-36  Bloor  w 
Falaise  Building,  429  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
Fashion  Building,  126-138  Spadina  av 
federal  BuMding,  83-95  Richmond  w 
Federal  Govt  Offices,  25-55  St  Clair  av  e 
Federated  Consultants  Building,  209  'Davenport  rd 
Federation  House  Building,  1260  Bay 
Fifty-Nine  Wellington  w,  59-61  Wellington  w 
Film  Exchange  Building,  277-279  Victoria 
Forest  Hill  Building,  825  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Foster  Building,  460-470  Richmond  w 
Foundation  House,  2200  Yonge 

Four  Hundred  &  Fifteen  Bloor  West  Building,  415 
Bloor  w 

Foy  Building,  32-34  Front  w 

Frederick  Building,  102-108  Peter 

Fremes  Building,  333  Adelaide  w 

Frontwell  Building,  50  Front  e  and  45-47  Wellington  e 

Galbraith  Building,  35  St  George 

Gale  Building,  24-30  Spadina  av 

Garden  City  Press  Building,  263-267  Adelaide  w 

Gasee  Building,  108  Wellington  w 

Gasoline  Retail  Building,  454  Spadina  av 

Gay-Town  Building,  438  Adelaide  w 

Gelber  Building,  217-225  Richmond  w 

General  Assurance  Building,  353-357  Bay 

General  Motors  Buidling,  68-70  Richmond  e 

Glengowan  Building,  505  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Globe  Display  Bldg,  41  Chauncey  av  (Etob) 

Gooderham  Building,  49  Wellington  e 

Goulding  Building,  380  Victoria 

Goulding  Building,  55-57  Wellington  w 

Graphic  Arts  Building,  71-75  Richmond  w 

Gross  Building,  14-16  Queen  e 

Guaranty  Trust  Building,  366  Bay 

Halifax  Insurance  Bldg,  1301-1303  Yonge 

Halliday  Building,  717  Pape  av 

Hallman  &  Sable  Building,  400  Richmond  w 

Harbour  Administration  Building  60  Harbour 

Hargraft  Building,  29  Colborne 

Hart  Building,  489-493  King  w 

Hartz  Building,  32-34  Grenville 

Harvey  Building,  646  Adelaide  w 

Harvey-Alan  Building,  66-68  Temperance 

Hayhurst  Building  The,  55  Eglinton  av  e 

Heintzman  Hall,  193  Yonge 

Helena  Building,  452-454  Richmond  w 

Hendry  Building,  262  St  Clair  av  w 

Herbert  House,  335  Bay 

Hermant  Annex,  254-8  Victoria 

Hermant  Building,  21  Dundas  sq 

Hertel  Building,  326-328  Spadina  av 

Highview  Building,  333  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Hillman  Building,  197-205  Spadina  av 
Hobberlin  Office  Building  The,  9  Richmond  e 
Holiday  Building,  93-99  Spadina  av 
Holland  Life  Building,  1130  Bay 
Hollinger  Building,  328-338  Adelaide  w 
Holt  Renfrew  Building,  144-146  Bloor  w 
House  of  Daltons,  227-237  Front  e 
Household  Finance  Corp  of  Can  Building,  85-89  Bloor 

Howarth  Building,  318  Richmond  w 
Hutchinson  Building,  79  Don  Roadway  e 
Imperial  Bank  Buildings,  171  Yonge,  179  Bathurst,  530 
Bloor  w,  51  King  w  and  304  Bay 
Imperial  Life  Building,  16-32  Victoria 
Imperial  Life  Tower,  44  Victoria 
Islington  Professional  Centre,  3329-3331  'Bloor  w 

Jewish  Community  Services  Building,  150  Beverley 

Joel  Building,  54  Esplanade  e 

Joseph  Gibbons  Building,  14  Carlton 

Kantel  Building,  187-189  Church 

Keele  Medical  Centre,  3042  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Kemp  House,  18  Gifford 
Kennedy  Building,  116  Wellington  w 
King  Building,  309-311  King  w 
King-Simcoe  Building,  208-210  King  w 
Kingsley  Building,  79-83  Wellington  w 
Kingsway  Building,  675  King  w 

Kipling  Plaza  Professional  Building,  1495  Kipling  av  n 

Knight  Building  The,  25  Adelaide  w 
Knob  Hill  Medical  Centre,  2620-2632  Eglinton  av  e 

Knowles  Bailey  Bldg,  6  Crescent  rd 
Krangle  Building,  445-447  King  w 
Kruger  Building,  47  Camden 
Labor  Temple  Building,  167-169  Church 
Lamport  Building,  981-983  Bay 
Lancaster  Building,  767  Yonge 

Lawrence  Av  Medical  Bldg,  3000  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Lawrence  Ave  Medical  Dispensary,  3000  Lawrence  av 
e  (Scar) 

Legg  A  M  Building,  132-136  St  Patrick 

Le  Page  A  E  Building,  2237-9  Yonge 

Leslie  Building,  394  Bloor  w 

Letros  Building,  2  Toronto 

Lever  House,  299  Eastern  av 

Levine  Building,  42-44  Camden 

Liberty  Building,  37  Hanna  av 

London  &  Lancashire  House,  65  Adelaide  e 

Lorie  Building,  200-6  Adelaide  w 

Lowes  Building,  90-94  Sherbourne 

Lumsden  Building,  6  Adelaide  e 

MacIntyre  Building,  92  Adelaide  w 

Mackenzie  Building,  36  Adelaide  e  and  1  Lombard 

Maclean  Building,  345-349  Adelaide  w 

MacLean-Hunter  Building,  210  Dundas  w 

MacLean-Hunter  Building,  481  University  av 

MacMillan  Building,  70  Bond 

Mall  Building  The,  12-14  Sheppard 

Manufacturers  Building,  312-318  Adelaide  w 

Manufacturers  Life  Building,  200  Bloor  e 

Marine  Building,  85  King  e 

Marine  Building,  307  Lake  Shore  blvd  e 

Markad  Building,  430  King  w 

Mayzel  Building,  170  University  av 

McBrien  Building,  1900  Yonge 

McCall  Building,  94-98  Wellington  w 

McConnell  Eastman  Building,  234  Eglinton  av  e 

McKinnon  Building,  69  York 

McKnight  Building,  600  Bay 

McLennan  Laboratory  (U  of  T)  w  s  University  Grounds 
Mechanical  Building  (U  of  T)  w  s  University  Grounds 
Medical  Arts  Building,  170  St  George 
Medical  Arts  West  Block,  280  Bloor  w 
Medical  Building,  2221  Keele  (N th  Y) 

Medical  Centre,  5150  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Medical  Centre,  Upper,  1125  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 
Medical  Centre,  1746  Jane  (Wstn) 

Medical  Centre,  1543  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 

Medical  Centre,  2160  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Page  25 

Medical  Centre  Office  Building,  120  Overbrook  pi  (Nth 

Medical  Office  Building,  174-178  St  George 
Medical-Dental  Building,  1849  Yonge 
Medico-Dental  Building,  455  Spadina  av 
Mercantile  Building,  9  Wellington  w 
Mercantile  Finance  Building,  435-7  Yonge 
Merchants  Fire  Building,  86  Adelaide  e 
Metro  Building,  3185A  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Midtown  Building,  1216  Yonge 
Mights  Building,  192  Spadina  av 
Miller  Building,  44-46  York 
Miller  Lithographic  Building,  593-605  Adelaide  w 
Milo  Building,  589  King  w 
Model  Building,  171  John 
Modern  Building,  457  Richmond  w 
Monarch  Building,  42-48  Charles  e 
Monarch  Building,  436-8  Wellington  w 
Montreal  Trust  Building,  61-67  Yonge  and  15  King  w 
Montreal  Trust  Tower,  11-15  King  w 
Municipality  of  Metropolitan  Toronto  Building  387 
Bloor  e 

Murray  Building,  1  St  Clair  av  e  and  1437  Yonge 
Mutual  of  Omaha  Building  The,  500  University  av 
Nash  Building,  1554  Yonge 
National  Building,  347  Bay 
National  Fibre  Building,  107  Atlantic  av 
National  Trust  Building,  7-21  King  e 
Nelson  Building,  80  Nelson 

Nestle  Building,  The,  27-29  Carlton 
New  Strand  Building,  287  Spadina  av 
New  Textile  Building,  205-215  Richmond  w 
New  Toronto  Municipal  Building,  185  Fifth  (New  T) 
New  Wellington  Building,  137-143  Wellington  west 
New  York  Life  Insurance  Building,  441-443  University 

Newell  Building,  90-98  Ontario 
Nicho'lls  Building,  220  King  w 
Ninety-Six  Bloor  West  Building,  96  Bloor  w 
Nord'heimer  Building,  75-77  York  and  6-8  Colborne 
North  American  Life  Building,  105  Adelaide  w 

North  American  Life  Building,  112-118  King  w 

North  Chambers,  71  Bloor  w 

North  Toronto  IVTedical  Building,  250  Lawrence  av  w 
Northern  Miner  Building,  112-116  Richmond  w 
Northern  Ontario  Building,  330  Bay 
Northgrave  Building,  183-9  Bathurst 
Northview  Building,  2280  Eg  I  i’nton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Northwest  Building,  420  Wellington  w 
Northwestern  Building,  2600  Eglinton  av  w  (Nork  Twp) 
Norwich  Union  Building,  60  Yonge 
Nova  Scotia  Bank  Chambers,  495  Bathurst 
Oddfellows  Temple,  229  College 
Odeon  Building  The,  20  Carlton 
O'Keefe  House,  297  Victoria 

Old  Colony  Building,  53  Yonge 
One  Eleven  Queen  East  Building,  111  Queen  e 
One  Fifty  One  Eglinton  W  Bldg,  100  University  av 
One  Hundred  and  Eleven  Richmond  St  Building,  111 
Richmond  w 

One  Hundred  Sheppard  av  w  Building,  100  Sheppard 
av  w  (Nth  Y) 

One  Twenty-Four  Cartwright  Building,  124  Cartwright 
av  (Nth  Y) 

Ontario  Food  Terminals,  East  Wing,  Ont  Food  Term¬ 
inal,  165  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Ontario  Government  Building,  145  Queen  w  and  204 
Richmond  w,  67  College  and  434  University  av 
Ontario  Hydro  Building,  between  126-128  Westrose  av 

Ontario  Hydro  Electric  Building,  620  University  av 

Osgoode  Hall,  132  Queen  w 

Osier  Building,  11  Jordan 

Otto  Higel  Building,  680  King  w 

Pacific  Building,  2940  Dundas  w 

Park  Plaza  Professional  Suites,  170  Bloor  w 

Parkland  House,  1129  Leslie  (Nth  Y) 

Parliament  Buildings,  Queen's  Park,  East  Block,  21 
Queen's  Park 

Parsons  Building,  504-506  Wellington  w 
Patrick  Building,  51-53  Wellington  w 
Peerless  Building,  545  Kinq  w 
P'hoenix  Building,  43  Victoria 
Phoenix  House,  350  Bay 

Physicians  &  Surgeons  Building,  86  Bloor  w 
Physicians'  Services  Inc  Building,  2221  Yonge 

Pilkington  Building,  165  Bloor  e 

Postal  City  Delivery  Building,  w  s  Bay  cor  Lake  Shore 

blvd  w 

Powell  Building,  36-40  Dundas  e 
Prato  F  P  Building,  6-8  Teraulay 
Premier  Trust  Building,  19  Richmond  w 
Procter  &  Gamble  Building,  69  Eglinton  av  e  and  2 
St  Clair  av  w 

Professional  &  Medical  Centre,  30  Humbertown  Centre 

Professional  Offices,  964  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Province  of  Ontario  Treasury  Building,  87-89  Grosvenor 
Prudential  Building,  4  King  w 
Prudential  House,  51-55  York 

Public  Utilities  Building,  w  s  Eighth,  cor  Lake  Shore 
blvd  w  (New  T) 

Puretex  Building,  426  Queen  e 
Quality  Building,  441-443  Richmond  w 
Queen  Medical  Centre,  1192  Queen  e 
Raw  Building  The,  103-105  Church  and  65  Richmond 

Reading  Building,  116-124  Spadina  av 
Reford  Building,  217  Bay 
Regal  Building,  103-105  Simcoe  and  119  Pearl 
Regent  Building,  455  King  w 
Remmgton  Rand  Bldg,  984  Bay 
Rent-A-Car  Building,  916  Yonge 
Resulta  Building,  1166  Dundas  w 
Reynolds  Building  The,  154-158  University  av 
Richmond  Building,  342-344  Richmond  w 
Ripley  Building,  1251-1253  Yonge 
Ritchie  Building,  296-298  Richmond  w  and  2453  Yonge 
Rochelle  Building,  686  Bathurst 
Rose  Building,  271  College 
Rosenberg  Building  The,  159  McCaul 
Roy  Robt  G  Building,  44-50  Wellington  e 
Royal  Bank  Building,  2-8  King  e  and  2-16  Bloor  e 
Royal  Bank  Chambers  The,  648-650  Danforth  av  and 
454  King  w 

Royal  Bank  of  Canada  Building,  20  King  w 

Royal  Building,  326  Adelaide  w 

Royal  Trust  Building,  66  King  w 

Rubin  Building,  487-493  Adelaide  w 

Rumely  Building,  w  s  Abell 

Russell  Chambers  Building,  663  Greenwood  av 

Ryrie  Building,  229  Yonge 

Sadler  Building,  65  Market 

Safety  Supply  Building,  214-218  King  e 

Sainlee  Building,  100  Claremont 

St  George  Medical  Centre,  158  St  George 

Salvation  Army  Building,  471  Jarvis 

Salvation  Army  Building  The,  257-9  Victoria 

Samuel  Building,  431-439  King  w 

Samuel  &  Benjamin  Building,  4‘68-474  King  w 

Saxony  Building,  26-28  Duncan 

Scarboro  Board  of  Education  Administration  Bldg,  2472 
Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Scarboro  Medical  Arts,  2374  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Score  Building,  349-351  Queen  w 

Seagram  House,  242  Bay 

Shannon  Building,  720-724  Bathurst 

Shaw  Cecil  M  Building,  711-717  Church 

Shell  Building,  505  University  av 

Shepard  Building,  92  Jarvis 

Sheridan  Building  90  Chestnut 

Shiftman  &  Axsmith  Bldg,  579  Gerrard  e 

Silknit  Building,  590  King  w 

Silverberg  Bldg  The,  5-7-9  Soho 

Simcoe  House,  150  Simcoe 

Sir  William  Mulock  Building,  241  Jarvis 

Sixty  Front  West  Building,  60  Front  w 

Smith  Building,  179-189  John 

Soho  Phoebe  Holdings  Ltd  Building  The,  26  Soho 

Spadina  Arcade,  161  Spadina  av 
Spadina  Building,  129-139  Spadina  av 
Splendid  Building,  230  Adelaide  w 
Sports  Building,  230  Bay 
Staffordshire  House,  20-2  Wellington  w 
Standard  Fuels  Bldg,  81  King  e 
Star  Building,  70-88  King  w 
Starkman  Building,  459  Bloor  w 
Sterling  Tower,  372  Bay 
Stevens  Building,  145  Wellington  w 
Stewart  Building,  149  College 
Strand  Building,  91-93  Yonge 
Strabhgowan  Building,  2249  Yonge 
Stuart  House,  207-211  Adelaide  e 
Sun  Life  Assurance  Building,  200  University  av 
Systems  Building,  46-56  Spadina  av 
Teamster's  Bldg,  112  Merton 
Telemark  Building,  38-40  Charles  e 
Temma  Building,  468-472  Wellington  w 
Temple  Annex,  392  Bay 
Temple  Building,  62-76  Riohmond  w 
Ten  Toronto  Street,  10  Toronto 
Terminal  Warehouse,  207  Queen's  Quay  w 
Texaco  Building,  246  Bloor  w 
Thomson  Building,  425  University  av 
Three  Hundred  and  Eighty-Four  Bloor  W  Building 
384  Bloor  w 

Three  Hundred  and  Twenty-Nine  Bloor  w  Building,  329 
Bloor  w 

Tip-Tcp  Tailors  Building,  252-260  Richmond  w 
Toronto  Construction  Assn  Bldg,  1104  Bay 
Toronto-Dominion  Bank  Building  The,  254  Bay 
Toronto-Dominion  Bank  Chambers  The,  2440  Bloor  w 
Toronto  Merchadise  Mart,  500  King  w 
Toronto  Mortgage  Centre  Building,  74-76  Church 
Toronto  Professional  Building,  123  Edward 
Toronto  Stock  Exchange  Building,  232-240  Bay 
Toronto  Union  Hall  Building,  386  Ontario 
Toronto  Western  Medical  Building,  25  Leonard  av 
Tower  Building,  106-1 10  Spadina  av 
Traders  Building,  625  Church 
Travers  J  P  Building,  148-150  St  Patrick 
Trent  Building,  15  St  Mary 
Twentieth  Century  Building,  431  Richmond  w 
Twentieth  Century  Theatres  Building,  175  Bloor  e 
Two  Hundred  St  Clair  Av  W  Building,  200  St  Clair 
avenue  w 

Two  Hundred  &  Forty  Four  Bloor  w  Building,  244 
Bloor  w 

Two  Hundred  &  Six  Bloor  w  Building,  206  Bloor  w 
Tyrrell  Building,  95-97  King  e 
Ukrainian  Labor  Temple,  1579-81  Dupont 
Unico  Building,  76  Avenue  rd 
Union  Building,  212  King  w 
Union  Carbide  Building,  123  Eglinton  av  e 
Union  Station,  s  s  Front  w  bet  Bay  and  York 
Union  Trust  Building,  105  Victoria 
United  Church  House  The,  85  St  Clair  av  e 
University  Club  Building,  380-384  University  av 
University  Motors  Building,  147  University  av 
University  of  Toronto  Anatomy  Building,  w  s  Queen's 

University  of  Toronto  Arts  Building,  92-108  St  George 
University  of  Toronto  Biological  Building,  w  s  Queen's 

University  of  Toronto,  Botany  Building  w  s  Queen's 

University  of  Toronto  Charles  H  Best  Bldg,  112-116 

University  of  Toronto  Chemical  Building,  w  s  University 

University  of  Toronto  Convocation  Hall,  w  s  University 

University  of  Toronto  Dental  Building,  124  Edward 
University  of  Toronto  Edward  Johnson  Bldg,  The,  (rear) 
86  Queen's  Park 

University  of  Toronto  Engineering  Building,  e  s  King's 
College  rd,  e  s  University  Grounds 
University  of  Toronto  Hart  House,  e  s  University 

University  of  Toronto,  Library  Building,  e  s  University 

University  of  Toronto  Lillian  Massey  Bldg,  153-157 
Bloor  w 

University  of  Toronto  Mechanical  Building,  e  s  King's 
College  rd,  e  s  University  Grounds 
University  of  Toronto  Medical  Building,  e  s  University 

University  of  Toronto  Mining  Building,  e  s  University 

University  of  Toronto  Physics  Building,  w  s  University 

University  of  Toronto  Press  Building,  w  s  University 

University  of  Toronto,  Wallberg  Memorial  Building, 
184  College 

Victoria  Building,  221  Victoria  and  439-441  Wellington 

Victoria  Medical  Building,  215-9  Victoria 

Viscount  House,  308  Adelaide  w 

Victory  building,  78-82  Richmond  w 

Walker  Building,  705-707  Yonge 

Walters  Building,  299  Main 

Waltman  Building,  1147  Dundas  w 

Wanless  Building,  243  Yonge 

Ward  Price  Ltd  Building,  25  Grenville 

Weld  Building,  358-362  Adelaide  w 

Wesley  Building  299  Queen  w 

Weston  Municipal  Building,  2000  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Wilson  Medical  Centre,  262  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Winton  &  Robbins  Ltd  Building,  1560  Bayview  av 

Woolworth  Building,  33  Adelaide  w 

Worth  Building,  3089  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Wright  Wm  H  Building,  140  King  w 

Yonge  &  Bloor  Chambers,  774V2  Yonge 

York  County  Registry  Office,  60  Richmond  e 

York  Street  Building,  119  York 

Zarnett  Building,  422  Adelaide  w 

Zeller  Building,  20-24  Bloor  w 

Zion  Centre,  188  Marlee  av  (Nth  Y) 


Alert  Auto  Alarm  Co,  342  Adelaide  w 
Amplitrol  Electronics  Ltd,  737  Church 
Automatic  Alarms  &  Signals  Ltd,  1900  St  Clair  av  w 
Chubb-Mosler  &  Taylor  Alarms  Ltd,  1290  Bay 
Dominion  Electric  Protection  Co  92  Adelaide  w  and 
2399  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp)  and  1880  O'Con¬ 
nor  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Falcon  Protective  System  Co  of  Canada,  181  Eglinton 
avenue  e 

Federal  Alarms  Ltd,  1726  Jane  (Wstn) 

National  Time  &  Signal,  175  Wicksteed  av  (Leas) 
Potter  Electric  Signal  &  Mfg  Ltd,  110  Bartley  dr 
(North  York) 

Security  &  Investigation  Services  Ltd,  737  Church 


D  W  S  Concrete  Products  Ltd,  109  Niagara 
Reilly  Concrete  Burial  Vaults,  99  Wesley  (Etob) 

St  Thomas  Metallic  Industries  Ltd,  8  King  e 
Seal-Tite  Concrete  Burial  Vault  Co,  246  Scarlett  rd 
(York  Township) 


Colonial  Coach  Lines,  610  Bay 

Gray  Coach  Lines  Ltd,  1900  Yonge  nd  610  Bay 

Greyhound  Coach  Lines,  610  Bav 


(See  Schools,  Colleges  and  Academies) 


Autographic  Business  Forms  Ltd,  209  Davenport  rd 
B  C  L  Equipment  Co,  286  Kipling  av  s  (Etob)  and 
113  Merton 

Block  &  Anderson  (Canada)  Ltd,  67  Curlew  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Bruning  Charlotte  Machines  Ltd,  1166  Dundas  w 
Burroughs  Business  Machines  of  Canada  Ltd,  752  Bay 
Burroughs  Business  Machines  Ltd,  35  Bertrand  av  (Scar) 
Burroughs  Business  Machines  Ltd  (general  offices),  443 
University  av 

Business  Equipment  Machines,  (rear)  489  King  w 
Canadian  Totalisator  Co  Ltd,  Woodbine  Race  Track, 
Rexdale  blvd 

Commodore  Business  Machines  (Canada)  Ltd,  946 
Warden  av  (Scar) 

Cummins  Business  Machines,  103  Blake 
Curta  Calculators  Ltd,  3286  Dundas  w 
Dashew  Business  Machines  (Canada)  Ltd,  90  Thorn- 
cliffe  Pk  dr  (Leas) 

Data  Surplus  Sales  Ltd,  3077  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Donaldson  Adding  Machine  Co,  (basement)  1554  Yonge 
Executive  Aids  of  Canada,  819  Yonge 
Facit  Canada  Ltd,  59  Curlew  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Friden  Div  of  Singer  Co  of  Canada,  36  Mobile  dr 
(North  York) 

Fulford  A  E  J  Co  Ltd,  946  Warden  av  (Scar) 

Glcmor  Services  Ltd,  819  Yonge 
Graphic  Calculator  Co,  209  Davenport  rd 
Hofstetter  M  P  Ltd,  265  Davenport  rd 
International  Business  Machines  Co  Ltd,  600  Eglinton 
avenue  e 

International  Business  Machines  Ltd,  844  Don  Mills 
road  (Nth  Y) 

International  Business  Machines  Co  Ltd,  (sales  office) 
36  King  e 

International  Business  Machines  Ltd,  24  Ferrand  dr 
(North  York) 

Kaydon  Business  Machines,  2300  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Lawrence  Business  Machines  Ltd,  4789  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 
Mackie-Walker  Ltd,  845  Danforth  av 
Monroe  International  of  Can  Ltd,  (Div  of  Litton 
Industries)  81  Advance  rd  (Etob) 

Monroe  International  of  Canada  Ltd,  430  King  w 
Monroe  Sweda  Cash  Register  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  430 
King  w 

Monroe  Sweda  Cash  Register  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  81 
Advance  rd  (Etob) 

Murritt  Business  Machines  Ltd,  286  Kipling  av  s 

North  America  Business  Equipment  Ltd  (Sales  Office), 
57  Bloor  w 

Olympia  Business  Machines  Co  (Can)  Ltd,  58  Prince 
Andrew  pi  (Nth  Y) 

Ontario  Business  Equipment  Ltd,  102-108  Peter 
Pierce  John  Holdings  Ltd,  103  Blake 
Rand  Equipment  Ltd,  1290  Bay 
Resulta  Adding  Machines,  1166  Dundas  w 
Seinecliffe  Industries  Ltd,  612  Sherbourne 
Therm-A-Bind  Ltd,  65  Crockford  blvd  (Scar) 
Underwood  Ltd,  8  Spadina  rd 
Universal  Busineses  Machine  Co,  264  Dupont 
Vari-Typer  Corp  of  Canada  Ltd,  355  Church 
Victor  Comptometer  Ltd,  27  Mobile  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Walker  Business  Machines  (Div  of  Mackie-Walker  Ltd), 
845  Danforth  av 

Wright  Line  of  Canada  Ltd,  The,  80-82  Industry  (York 

York  Business  Machines  Ltd,  605  Yonge 


Automated  Business  Forms  Ltd,  69  Barbados  blvd  (Scar) 
Canadian  Tabulating  Card  Co,  w  s  Brockport  dr  (Etob) 
Continuous  Forms  &  Envelopes  Ltd,  702  Weston  rd 
(York  Township) 

Drummcnd  Business  Forms  Ltd,  48  St  Clair  av  w 
Egry  Business  Systems  Ltd,  100  Judson  (Etob) 

McBee  Co  Ltd,  179  'Bartley  dr  (Nth  Y)  and  289 
Bridgeland  av  (Nth  Y) 

Moore  Business  Forms  Ltd,  5110  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
and  3019A  'Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Moore  Corporation  Ltd,  330  University  av 
Norflex  Ltd,  60  Sumach 

Postrite  Systems  'Ltd,  68  Colville  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Redi-Set  Business  Forms  Ltd,  36  Scarsdale  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Shannon  Systems,  137  Wellington  w 
Systems  Equipment  Ltd,  348  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 
Visirecord  of  Canada  Ltd,  1141  Roselawn  av  (York 

Visible  Records  (1960)  Ltd,  1566  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 



Carter's  Wholesale  'Meats,  46  Paulart  dr  (Etob) 

Club  Provisions  Ltd,  105  Blake 

Freeland  Wholesale  Meats,  952  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 

Gerrie  Norm  Ltd,  128  Sears 

Hosking  George  H,  92  Eastwood  av  (Scar) 

Kesteven  H  C  &  Son  Ltd,  (rear)  231  McRoberts  av 
Marie  F  Ltd,  15A  Coldwater  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Redford  Steak  Service,  476  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

Royal  Dressed  Meats.  2  Tecumseth 

Seebring  Products  Ltd,  71  York 

Una  Food  Distributors,  (rear)  1819  Davenport  rd 


Abe's  Kosher  Meats,  3195  Bathurst  (Nth  Yk) 

Abrams  Meat  &  Poultry  Market,  38  Kensington  av 
Abruzzi  Meat  Market,  1202  Bloor  w 
Acme  Farms  Meat  Market,  413  Dundas  e 
Albert's  Meat  Market,  2825  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Albion  Meat  Market,  1046  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Alder  Farms,  86  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 

Alderwood  Farm  Toronto  Ltd,  86  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 
Alderwood  Meat  Market  &  Delicatessen,  304  Brown's 
Line  (Etob) 

Alexander  Meat  Market,  1215  Dundas  w 

All-Rite  Meats,  1540  Bloor  w 

Anderson's  Market,  1056  Queen  e 

Anton's  Meat  Market,  633  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Arcade  Meat  Market  1284  Bloor  w 

Archie's  Meat  Market,  475  Danforth  av 

Armadale  Meat  Market,  2404  Bloor  w 

Ashdale  Market,  103  Ashdale  av 

Astra  Meat  Market,  2246  Bloor  w 

Augusta  Meat  Market,  204  Augusta  av 

Avis  C  Meats,  4190  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Baby  Point  Meat,  361  Jane 
Baldwin  Kosher  Meat  Market,  171  Baldwin 
Bamford  Meat  Co,  12-14  St  Lawrence  Market 
Barney's  Quality  Meats,  16  Eglinton  sq  (Scar) 

Bathurst  Kosher  Meat  Market,  3774  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Bathurst  Market,  230  Bathurst 

Bathurst  Village  Kosher  Meat  Market,  5974  Bathurst 

(North  York) 

Bavaria  Meat  Market,  219  Ossington  av 
Bayview  Meat  Market,  1555  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Beacom's  Meats,  1601  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 

Belli  Meat  Market,  1229  St  Clair  av  w 
Ben's  Meat  Market,  3325  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Berlin  Meat  &  Sausage,  2210  Dundas  w 
Berlin  William,  22  Baldwin 
Best  Buy  Food  Market,  1018  Bloor  w 
Bill's  Meat  Market,  345  Broadview  av 

Billinger  Sid,  347  Jones  av 

Bilton's  Fine  Foods,  416  Spadina  rd  (Fst  H) 

Binns  Clement,  3189  Yonge 

Binns  Meat  Market,  1466  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Binns  R  Meat  Market,  2766  Danforth  av 
Bittner  0  Ltd,  1566  Bloor  w 

Bittner's  Meat  &  Delicatessen,  1337  Lawrence  av 
west  (North  York) 

Blady's  Meat  Products,  121  Shorncliffe  rd  (Etob) 
Bland  &  Son  Meat  Market,  1705  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Bloor  Cut  Rate  Meat  Market,  2283  Bloor  w 
Bloor  Pork  Store,  2238  Bloor  w 
Boehnke's  Meat  Market,  730  Queen  w 
Bonnet's  Meat  &  Sausage,  790  St  Clair  av  w 
Bradley  F  G  Co  Ltd,  490  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 

Branch  Meat  Market,  The,  3455  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(Long  Branch) 

Brierley's  Meat  Market,  928  Queen  w 
Broadview  Meat  Market,  792  Broadview  av 
Broadway  Meat  Market,  1442  Dundas  w 
Brock's  Meat  Market,  1610  Dundas  w 
Broderick  Jas,  2583  Dundas  w 

Brown  Bros  Ltd,  10  St  Lawrence  Market  and  71  St 
Lawrence  Market 

Brown's  Branch  Meat  'Marketeria,  129  Vaughan  rd 
(York  Township) 

Brown's  Meat  Market,  159A  Lappin  av 
Bruno's  Meat  &  Delicatessen,  1526  Queen  w 
Bryski  J  &  Sons,  598  Queen  w 
Buehler  Bros  Ltd,  2896  Dundas  w 
Bunting  Alex,  1425  Gerrard  e 
Btyne's  Meat  Market,  78  Hal  lam 
Calvin  Meat  Market  Ltd,  1427  Yonge 
Cameron  Kenneth  G,  462  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 

Canadian  Italian  Butcher  Shop,  320  Oakwood  av  (York 

Cappola  Bros  Meat  Market,  2902  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Capri  Meat  Market,  592  College 
Castoro  Bros,  850-852  Dundas  w 
Cauchard  Alex,  2549  Yonge 
Central  Armadale  Meat  Products,  1564  Bloor  w 
Central  Meat  Processing  &  Marketing  Co  Ltd,  535 
Bloor  w,  323  Roncesvalles  av,  928  College  and 
429  Danforth  av 

Centre  Meat  Market,  191  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Chapman's  Meat  Market,  1066  Yonge 

Chapman's  Meats  and  Groceries,  162  Donlands  av  (E  Y) 

Charney's  Meat  Market,  602  Dundas  w 

Christie  Meat  Market,  266  Christie 

Cipriano  Meat  Market,  1832  Danforth  av 

Ciro  Macelleria,  814  Dundas  w 

Clayton's  Meat  Market,  4941  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Cloverdale  Meat  &  Delicatessen,  3889  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Cohen  I  &  Son,  562  Dundas  w 

Continental  Meat  Market,  2913  Dundas  w 

Cook  Boyd  A,  2029  Yonge 

Cooper  Jos  Ltd,  2054  Danforth  av 

Corsetti  A  Marcellera,  2567  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Covell's  Meat  Market,  631  St  Clair  av  w 

Cowieson's  Meats  Ltd,  3060  Yonge 

Crawford's  Meat  Market,  1122  Queen  e 

Cut-Rate  Butcher,  92  Queen  e 

Czehoski  Stanley,  678  Queen  w 

D  &  J  Meat  Market,  2155  Danforth  av 

Dales  Meat  Market,  1823  Gerrard  e 

Dancan  Meat  &  'Delicatessen,  3458  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Danforth  Butcher,  3212  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Danforth  European  Meat  &  'Delicatessen,  2202  Dan¬ 
forth  av 

DeBsheris  Meat  Market,  242  Carlton 
Dermastja  Meat  Market,  194  Augusta  av 
De  Groot's  Meat  Market,  481  Church 
Diamond  Purveyors,  1040  Kingston  rd 
Diana  Meats  &Grocery,  1299  St  Clair  av  w 
Di  Salvo  Elio  Butcher  Store,  667  Bloor  w 
Ditommaso  Meat  Market,  549  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 
Dobson  Chas  J  &  Son,  1030  Bloor  w 
Dobson  Ernest  E,  1728  St  Clair  av  w 
Donadio's  Butcher  &  Grocer,  2481  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 
Donny's  Kosher  Meat  Market,  2835  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Dorian  'Meat  Market,  1120  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Downsview  Meat  'Market,  853  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Duguid  Jas  D,  1258  Yonge 

Dundas-Dovercourt  Butcher  &  Grocer,  1275  Dundas 

Dundas  Kosher  Meat  Market,  821  Dundas  w 
Dupont  Meat  Market,  1534  Dupont 
Economy  Meat  Market,  494  Queen  w 
Eddie's  Meat  Market,  600  College 
Eddie's  Meat  Market,  205  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 

Eddie's  Quality  Meats,  1472  Queen  w 
Edelist  Lou  Meat  Market,  3411  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Eglinton  Kosher  Meat  Market,  468  Eglinton  av  w 
Eglinton  Meat  Market,  379  Eglinton  av  e 
Elane  Meat  Market,  2800  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Elmhurst  'Meats,  1364  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 

Erna  Meat  &  Delicatessen,  2111  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Esto  Meat  Products,  691  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Etobicoke  Meat  &  Delicatessen  Market,  5126  Dundas 
west  (Etob) 

Europa  Meat  Market,  1930  Danforth  av 

Europe's  Meatland,  1686  Queen  w 

European  Meat  Market,  644  Queen  w 

European  Meat  &  Delicatessen,  2899  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

European  Quality  Meats,  178  Baldwin 

Everbody's  Butcher  &  Grocer,  79  Roncesvalles  av 

Fairbank  Farms,  1925  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Felsen  &  Rytwo's  1530  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Finlandia  Meat  &  Delicatessen,  674  Queen  w 

Fiorenze  Meat  Market,  1354  St  Clair  av  w 

Fitzjohn  Robt  W,  2028  Queen  e 

Florento  Meat  Market  &  Delicatessen,  1074V2-1076  St 
Clair  av  w 

Foodbin,  2129-2129V2  Danforth  av 
Forest  Hill  Kosher  Meat  Market,  563  Eglinton  av  w 
(Forest  Hill  Village) 

Fortuna  Meat  &  Delicatessen,  1596  Queen  w 
Francesco  S  Meat  Market,  2885  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Prank's  Meat  Market,  287  Dundas  w 
Franklin's  Portion-Pak  Meats  Ltd,  1809  Lawrence  av  e 
(Scar)  and  1062  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Freedman's  Meat  Market,  347  College 
Friendly  Kosher  Meat  &  Fish  Market,  3523  Bathurst 
(North  York) 

Furberg  &  Charny,  74  Kensington  av 
Garden  Meat  Market,  489  Church 
Geiger's  Meat,  2986  Dundas  w 

German  Canadian  Meat  &  Sausage,  811  Brimley  rd 

Glassen  Adam,  800  Dundas  w 

Gold  Medal  Meat  Market,  427  Yonge 

Goldstein  B,  402  Spadina  av 

Goodman's  Meat  Market,  596  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Gordon's  Meat  Market,  838  College 
Grace  Meat  Market,  644  College 
Graftner's  Meat  Market,  590  Bloor  w 
Graham's  Frank  Meat  Market,  3047  B  Lake  Shore  blvd 
west  (New  T) 

Greenspan  David  &  Son,  4119  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Greenspan  Kalmen  &  Sons,  170  Brunswick  av  and 
5  Brunswick  av 

Greenspan  Philip,  2809  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Grossman  Morris,  798  Dundas  w 
Grossman's  Meat  &  Poultry,  246  Augusta  av 
Grove  Meat  Market,  2800  Dnudas  w 
Grube  Jos  R,  856  Dundas  w 
Gus'  Meats,  18-20  St  Lawrence  Market 
Hanson's  Meat  Market,  1954  Gerrard  e 
Harold's  Meat  &  Poultry,  1092  Eglinton  av  w  F  H) 
Healey's  Meat  Market  Ltd,  2790  Yonge 
Hedley  Wm,  3284  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Helen's  Meat  Market,  517  Bloor  w 
Hick's  Meat  Market,  627  Queen  w 
High  Park  Meat  &  Grocery,  211  Roncesvalles  av 
Hillside  Food  Market,  278  Avenue  rd 
Hoad's  Meat  Market,  32  Vaughan  rd 
Hoag  Meat  Market,  661  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Hobby's  Meat  Market,  73'6  Queen  e 

Butchers  ( Retail ) 


Hub  Meat  Market  The,  G9  Yorkdale  Shopping  Centre, 
e  s  Dufferin  before  Hwy  401  (Nth  Y) 

Humbertown  Meats,  23  Humbertown  Centre  (Etob) 
Hunter's  Meat  Market,  2444  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 
Hy  Grade  Kosher  Meats,  632  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Ideal  Meat  Market,  628A  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Italian-Canadian  Meat  Market,  1132  College 
Italian  Meat  Market,  556  College 
J  &  J  Lakeview  Meat  Market,  225  Roncesvalles  av 
J  &  J  Lakeview  Meat  Market,  697  The  Queensway 

J  &  S  Meat  &  Poultry,  36  Marlee  av  (Nth  Y) 

Jack  &  Sam's  Kosher  Meat  Market,  1352  Eglinton  av 
west  (Fst  H) 

Jack's  Kosher  Meats,  4136  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Jack's  Meat  Market,  782  Queen  e 
Jack's  Meat  &  Delicatessen,  1257  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth 

Jackiw  Nicholas,  472  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

Jakobs  &  Sons  Ltd,  3220  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Jeffery  Meat  Market,  1689  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Jimmy's  Meat  Market,  378  Queen  e 
Joe's  Meat  Market,  748  St  Clair  av  w 
Joe's  Super  Market,  1540  Dupont 
John's  Meat  Market,  289  Roncesvalles  av 
John's  Meat  &  Grocery,  398  Spadina  av 
Johnson  Meats  Ltd,  2819  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 
and  2963  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Jones  Bill  Meat  Market,  2214  Bloor  w 
Karl's  Butcher  &  Grocery,  105  Roncesvalles  av 
Kelly's  Meat  Market,  729  Danforth  av 
Kelly's  Pure  Food  Meat  Market,  501  Parliament 
Ken's  Quality  Meats,  576  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Kennedy  Meat  Store,  2357  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Kennedy  Park  Meat  Market,  678  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 
King  Bros  Meat  Market,  8  McRae  dr  (Leas) 

King's  Meat  Market,  1811  Danforth  av 

King's  Meat  Market,  100  Lambton  av  (York  Twp 

Kingsway  Meat  Market,  2936  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Kosher  Meat  Market  Ltd,  944  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Kristapsons,  1095  Queen  e 

Laird  Meat  Market,  854  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Larkin's  Meat  Market,  2416  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 
Larmour's  Meat  Market,  2839  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Lawrence  Meat  Market,  2986  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Lawrence  Park  Meat  Market,  3186  Yonge 
Leeson's  Pork  Store,  1726  St  Clair  av  w 
Le  Gard's  Meat  Market,  2636  Yonge 
Lein  Butcher  Shop,  3262  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long 

Leslie  Meats  Ltd,  3553  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 
Leslie's  Quality  Meats,  1446  Gerrard  e 
Leslieville  Market,  1160  Queen  e 
Lew  The  Butcher,  3788  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Lines  Meats,  37-57  St  Lawrence  Market 
Lipiec  Steven,  663  Queen  w 
Lisgar  Meat  Market,  1124  Queen  w 
Litman's  Kosher  Meat  Market,  69V2  Nassau 
Littlefair  Meat  Market,  2088  Queen  e 
Long  Branch  Meat  Market,  3785  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(Long  Branch) 

Louis  Marketeria,  1606  Queen  e 

M  L  &  M  Kosher  Meat  Market,  1252  Eglinton  av  w 
(Forest  Hill) 

M  T  I  Meats,  1166  Dundas  w 
Mac's  Meat  Market,  1252  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Macelleria  Aquila  D'Oro,  630  Bloor  w  and  652  Bloor 

Macelleria  Aurora,  786  College 
Macelleria  Avezzano,  974  Bathurst 
Macelleria  F  Luca,  856  Bloor  w 
Macelleria  Venezia,  662  College  and  906  and  916 
Bloor  w 

Macgregor  Peter  Ltd,  6-8  and  64-68  St  Lawrence 

Magyar  Hentes,  78  Kensington  av 
Manor  Red  &  White,  2136  Queen  e 
Maria's  Meat  &  Delicatessen,  2734  Danforth  av 
Martin's  Meat,  999  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Mason  Meat  Market,  2220'B  Queen  e 
Max  Kosher  Meat  Market,  206  Baldwin 
Max  Meat  &  Delicatessen,  1504  Danforth  av 
Max's  Meat  •&  Sausage,  660A  Bloor  w 
McLachlan's  Butcher  &  Grocer,  130  Rogers  rd  (York 

Meadowvale  Farms,  1224  Danforth  av 
Meadwell  Leslie,  998  Kingston  rd 
Meat  Land  Ltd,  2932  Dundas  w 
Meat  Town,  722  Pape  av 
Meat  Town,  748  Markham  rd  (Scar) 

Midway  Meat  Market,  884  Bloor  w 
Midwest  Packers,  821-823  Queen  w 
Milan's  Butcher  &  Grocer  205  Maria 
MNIano  Meat  Market,  2877  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Misity  Walter,  1059  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Modern  Meat  Market,  850  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Monarch  Meat  Market,  1398  Danforth  av 
Monte  Meat  Market,  1775  Danforth  av 
Montrose  Butcher  &  Grocery,  1006  Dundas  w 
Morningside  Meat  Market,  255  Morningside  av  (Scar) 
Morris  Kosher  Meat  Market,  828  Sheppard  av  w 
(North  York) 

Mort's  Market  Ltd,  643  McCowan  rd  (Scar) 

Mortimer's  Meat  Market,  200  Islington  av  s  (Etob) 
Moss  Park  Meats,  230  Queen  e 

Mount  Dennis  Meat  &  Food  Market,  1170  Weston  rd 
(York  Twp) 

Murdock's  Meat  Market,  1639  Dundas  w 

Murray  Sidney,  646  Lansdowne  av 

Murray's  Meat  Market,  3854  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Myer's  Meats  &  Poultry,  3547  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Naftuly's  Kosher  Butcher  Shop,  3032  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Nairn  Meat  Market,  242  Nairn  av  (York  Twp) 

National  Meat  Market,  2577  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Nichols  &  Son,  461  Parliament 
Nicola's  Meat  Market,  298A  Eglinton  av  w 
Niermann's  Meat  Market  Co  Ltd,  666  Bloor  w  and  1801 
Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Nigh  Stanley,  682  St  Clair  av  w 
Northview  Market,  3428  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Northwood  Kosher  Meats  &  Poultry,  292  Wilson  av 
(North  York) 

Nortown  Kosher  Meat  Market,  892  Eglinton  av  w 
(Forest  Hill) 

Oakley's  Meat  Market,  629  Kingston  rd 
Oliver  Thos,  2282  Queen  e 
Olympic  Meat  Market,  9  St  Lawrence  Market 
Ontario  Cut  Rate  Meat  Market,  1538  Queen  w 
Ontario  Meat  Products  &  Grocery,  157  Roncesvalles  av 
Orchard  Park  Meat  Market,  84  Kingston  rd 
Oscar's  Meat  Market,  2443  Yonge 
Pachino  Meat  Market,  1910V2  Gerrard  e 
Paisner  Jack  Kosher  Meats,  662  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth 

Palace  Meat  Market,  1193  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Palermo  Meat  Market,  680  College 
Pal  la's  Meat  Market,  173  Baldwin 
Palumba  M  Meat  and  Groceries,  1115  Dufferin 
Pape  Av  Meat  Market,  1006  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Parkside  Meat  Market,  335  Roncesvalles  av 
Parkview  Hill  Meat  Market.  825  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 
Parkwoods  Meat  &  Delicatessen,  1277  York  Mills  rd 
(North  York) 

Parliament  Meat  Market,  516  Parliament 
Parnassus  Meat  Market,  187  Baldwin 
Parson's  Meat  Market,  2032  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Patrizio  Pasquale,  43Va  Clinton 
Pawych  Geo,  809  Queen  w 
People's  Meat,  996  St  Clair  av  w 
Perl's  Meat  &  Delicatessen,  3013  Bathurst  (Nth  York) 
Pete's  Meat  Market,  928  Bloor  w 
Peterson's  Meat  Market,  3683  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long 

Pharmacy  Meat  Market,  741  Pharmacy  av  (Scar) 
Pickering  Stan  Meat  Market,  226  Christie 
Pitt's  Meat  Market,  1018  Coxwell  av  (E  Y) 

Plaza  Meat  Market,  2151  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Poko's  Meat  Products,  376  College  and  767  Mount 
Pleasant  rd 

Poko's  Meat  Products,  319  Danforth  av 
"Politsky's",  3453  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Popular  Butcher  &  Meat  Products  Ltd,  871  Dundas  w 
Popular  Meat  Market,  1170  Queen  w 
Portuguese  Butcher,  277  Augusta  av 
Prague  Sausage,  638  Queen  w 

Preston's  Meat  Market,  2887  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New 

Prime  Meat  Market,  401  Jane 
Prosser  John,  3306  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Prussky  C  H  Meat  Market,  249  Augusta  av 
Pure  Food  Meat  Market  (For  list  of  branches  see  Alpha¬ 
betical  Section) 

Purity  Meat  Market  1505  Gerrard  e 
Quality  Food  Stores,  250  Westlake  av  (E  Y) 

Quality  Kosher  Meat  &  Fish,  994  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst 

Quality  Kosher  Meats,  2873  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Ra 1 1  is  Meat  Market  3272  Yonge 
Rawly's  Meats,  1537  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Red  Circle  Cut  Rate  Stores  Ltd,  1692  Jane  (Wstn) 
Redmonds  Herbt,  394  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 

Remo  Bros,  914  Bloor  w 

Reiss  Manes,  3544  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Ridsdill  Allan  H,  1098  Bathurst 
Riesberry  Quality  Foods,  239  Parklawn  rd  (Etob) 
Rigby's  Butcher  &  grocer,  4742  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Rivalda  Meats,  2437  Finch  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Riverdale  Meat  Market,  353  Broadview  av 
Rogers  Rd  Cut  Rate  Meat  Market,  450  Rogers  rd 
(York  Twp) 

Roma  Meat  Market,  578  College 
Rudolph's  Kosher  Meat  &  Paultry,  3503  Bathurst  (Nth 

Rudolph's  Meat  Market,  1073-75  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Ruppelt  Herbert  &  Son,  1282  Danforth  av 
Ryport  Butchers  &  Grocers,  516  Queen  w 
S  N  J  Meat  Market,  188  Augusta  av 
St  Antonio's  Butchers,  534  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

St  Clair  Food  Market,  1216  St  Clair  av  w 
St  Patrick's  Meat  Market  &  Delicatessen,  244  Queen 

San  Gicrgio  Meat  Market,  1203  St  Clair  av  w 
Save-On-Meat  Market,  488  Bloor  w 
Save-Rite  Meats,  1002  Kingston  rd 
Savoia  Meat  Market,  420  Royal  Vork  rd  (Mim) 
Scheffler's  Meats  &  Delicatessen,  96B  St  Lawrence 

Schmocker's  Meat  Market,  1492  Dundas  w 
Sealy  Meat  Market,  160  Main 
Seaton  Butcher  &  Grocer,  236  Queen  e 
Seaton  Meat  Market,  346  Dundas  e 
Seaway  Meat  Market,  1960  Queen  e 
Seawright's  Meat  Market,  3505  Lake  S'hore  blvd  w 
(Long  Branch) 

Serve  Rite  Butchers  &  Grocers,  97  Harbord 
Service  Meat  Supply  (Acme  Agency  Ltd)  13  St  Law¬ 
rence  Market 

Sherbourne  Meat  Market,  228  Queen  e 
Shoppers  Meat  Market,  1845  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Shop-Rite  Meat  Market  &  Delicatessen,  1706  Jane 

Sibley  Arthur,  2  Tecumseth 
Slovak  Meat  Market,  654  Queen  w 
Slovenija,  2409  Dundas  w 

Smith's  Meat  Market,  2055  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Smith's  Meat  Market,  1272  Yonge 
Solidar  Meat  Products,  415  Roncesvalles  av 
Sonnabend  Meat  Market,  3111  Dundas  w 
Sparta  Meat  Market,  932  Danforth  av 
Springer's  Meat  Market,  3393  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Steak  Service,  633  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Steer  Meat  Market  The,  161  Gary  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Stein's  Meats  &  Poultry,  1268  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Stewart's  Meat  Market,  413  Jane  (York  Twp) 
Stouffville  Farms  Market,  254  Dundas  e 
Strickland  Meat  Market,  1948  Danforth  av,  1246 
Gerrard  e  and  2442  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Sunnybrook  Farms,  1380  Queen  w 
Sunnybrook  Meat  Packers  Ltd,  756-758  Queen  e 
Sunny  Farms  Meat  Market,  3030  Danforth  av  (E  Y) 
Swiss-Canadian  Meat  &  Sausages,  1622  Bloor  w 
Taygetos  Butcher  Store,  440  Dundas  e 
Tevere  Meat  Market,  1660  Dufferin 
Thomas  Meat  Market,  897  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Thompson  Meat  Market,  939  Lawrence  av  e  ON th  Y) 

Tip  Top  Meat  Market  (br),  J14,  Yorkdale  Shopping 
Center,  e  s  Dufferin  before  Hwy  401  (Nth  Y) 
Tip-Top  Meat  Market,  1727  Bloor  w 
Top  Quality  Meat  Market,  2070  Queen  e 
Topanathenaikon,  991  Bloor  w 
Town  &  Country  Meat,  887-889  Queen  w 
Trieste  Meat  Market,  344  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Trinity  Butcher  &  Grocery,  894  Queen  w 
Truss  Food  Market,  968  Queen  w 
Tubb  Jas  B,  402  Roncesvalles  av 
Tullooh  &  Luxton,  895  Broadview  av 
Turner  E  G  &  Sons  Ltd,  39  Mattson  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Turner  Harold,  699  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Turner's  Meat  Market  Ltd,  6  John  (Wstn) 

Tuske  Meat  &  Delicatessen,  566  Bloor  w 
Universal  Butcher  &  Grocery,  374  Spadina  av 
Utting  Herbert  A,  204  Christie 
Veri-Best  Meats,  565  Danforth  av 
Vienna  Meats,  1050  Burchmount  rd  (Scar) 

Village  Kosher  Meat  Market,  895  Eglinton  av  w  (Y  T) 
Vince  Meat  Market,  1662  St  Clair  av  w 
Vincent's  Meat  &  Groceries,  303  Pape  av 
Walter's  Meat  Market,  656  Annette 
Warden  Meat  Market,  2004  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Weinberger's  Strictly  Kosher  Meat  Market,  850 
Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Weinrod  Kosher  Meat  Market,  342  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Wellesley  Meat  Market,  203  Wellesley  e 
West  End  Butcher  &  Grocer,  3284  Dundas  w 
Westdale  Meat  Market,  1742  St  Clair  av  w 
Westlake's  Meat  Market,  3080  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Weston  Meat  Market,  1905  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Wexford  Meat  Market,  2080  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Whale  Bros,  946  Danforth  av 

White  Corner  Food  Market,  1978  Davenport  rd 

Whytock  Meat  Market,  235  Clinton 

Winze's  Meat  &  Sausage  Market,  307  Roncesvalles  av 

Witer's  Meat  &  Grocery  Market,  500  Queen  w 

Wood  &  Joss,  1156  Bloor  w 

Woodbine  Marketeria,  1190  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Worounig  Bros,  2260  Bloor  w 

Wright's  Market,  714  Wilsdn  av  (Nth  Y) 

Wright's  Meat  Market,  1496  Danforth  av 

Wright's  Meat  Market,  607  Logan  av 

Yarema  Meat  Market,  1029  Gerrard  e 

Your  Marketeria,  918  Carlaw  av 

Zigelstein  Bros  Market,  887  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Zigelstein's  Meat  Market,  362  Wilson  av  (Nth  York) 


Atlantic  Service  Co  Ltd,  62-66  Howden  rd  (Scar) 
Baltes  Chas  Meat  Industry  Supply  Ltd,  71  Kipling  av  s 

Canada  Compound  Co,  1666-1668  St  Clair  av  w 
Cosmos  Paper  &  Butcher  Supply  Ltd,  39  Townsley 
Heller  B  &  Co  (Canada)  Ltd,  45  Chauncey  av  (Etob) 
Leistner  E  Casings  Ltd,  2  Carson  (Etob) 

Tee-Pak  of  Canada  Ltd,  207  Queen's  Quay  w 


(See  also  Cheese— Mfrs.  &  Whol.) 

City  Creamery,  1201 V2-1 213  Queen  e 

Dunn,  Frank  V  Sales  (cheese),  361  Sorauren  av 


(Wholesale  and  Manufacturing) 

Albert  Button  Co,  471  Richmond  w 
Berger  Button  Co,  104  Spadina  av 
Button  Sales  Ltd,  125-133  Niagara 
Canadian  Buttons  Ltd,  base  510  King  w 
Dominion  Button  Mfg,  355  King  w 
High  Fashion  Button  Sales,  48-50  Plaxton  dr  (E  Y) 
Kidd  H  A  &  Co  Ltd,  468  Queen  e 
Kitchener  Button  Industries  Ltd  (br),  326  Adelaide  w 
National  Button  &  Trimming  Co,  379C  Adelaide  w 
Quality  Button  &  Trimming  Co  Ltd,  153'6-15,4’8  Dundas 

Rhinestone.  Button  &  Ornament  Co,  11  Camden 
Schner-Black  (Canada)  Ltd,  330  Bay 
Standard  Pleating  &  Button  Co,  44  Camden 
Sterling  Button  &  Pleating  Ltd,  366  Adelaide  w 
Toronto  Buttonhole  Mfg  Co,  373  Adelaide  w 


(See  also  Furniture  Manufacturers) 

Adanac  Kitchen  Cupboards,  461  Dundas  w 
Artistic  Cabinet  Making,  93  Harbord 
Balatoni  Stephen,  238  King  e 
Beard  Israel,  21  Rabton  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Brill  Sami,  1435-37  Bloor  w 
Canadian  Home  Kitchen  Co,  33  Liberty 
Craftwood  Products,  55  Crockford  blvd  (Scar) 

Custom  &  Production  Artcraft,  25  Liberty 
Czegledi  John,  1747C  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Delrue  A  Ltd,  184  Wallace  av 

Design  Trend  (Sales)  Ltd,  781  Warden  av  (Scar) 

Ford  Cabinet  Shop  &  Hardware,  221  Wellesley  e 
G  &  M  Woodworking  Co,  362  Bathurst 
Guildhall  Cabinet  Shops  Ltd,  11  Jutland  rd  (Etob) 
Kitchen  Ideas  Ltd,  2725  Yonge 
Lehmann's  Max  Cabinet  Shop,  53  Fraser  av 
Len's  Cabinet  Centre,  1105  Queen  e 
Mayzel  Michl,  572  Glencairn  av  (Nth  Y) 

Modern  Furniture,  132  McCaul 
Mc^lTey  John,  350  Davenport  rd 

Moore  Woodworking  (Canada)  Ltd,  16  Dohme  av  (E  Y) 

Morrison  John  &  Sons,  (rear)  200A  Lansdowne  av 

Pick  Ghas  F,  (rear)  507  Danforth  av 

Professional  Cabinet  Co  Ltd,  3  Jarvis 

Reid's  Cabinet  Making,  2176  Dundas  w 

Rejzek  J  Woodwork  Shop,  1030  Queen  w 

Schwabe  John,  230  Toryork  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Sorensen  C  &  Son,  433-435  Queen  e 
Sperling  Woodworking  Co,  45  Thora  av  (Scar) 

Stan's  Furniture  &  Store  Fixtures,  9  Belvia  rd  (Etob) 
Stratton  Wood  Products,  70  Brownville  av  (York  Twp) 
Ted's  Bargain  Centre,  1166  Queen  e 
Waines  Harry.  1435-7  Bloor  w 


(See  Wire  Rope  and  Cable  Mfrs.) 


See  Restaurants 


Ashton-Potter  Chas  Calendars  Ltd,  110  Sudbury 
Harris  Lithographing  Co  Ltd,  482  Wellington  w 
Sanderson  Leonard  W,  105  King  e 


(See  also  Photographic  Apparatus  &  Supplies) 

Black  Eddie  Ltd,  939  Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y),  63 
Eglinton  sq  (Scar)  and  864  York  Mills  rd  (Nth 

Camera  Repair  Centre,  1162  Yonge 
Camerama,  2672  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Canadian  Kodak  Sales  Ltd,  3500  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Click  Camera  Centre,  608  Yonge 
Col  I  is  Camera  Centre,  828  St  Clair  av  w 
Downtown  Camera  Centre,  114  Victoria 
Gabriel  Photo  Service,  92  Gould 
Graflex  of  Canada  Ltd,  47  Simcoe 
Guido's  Studio  &  Camera  Supply,  732  Wilson  av 
(North  York) 

Hayashi  Studio,  1384V2  Queen  w 
International  Camera  Repair  Co,  2259  'Bloor  w 
Jerry's  Camera  Shop,  276  Yonge 
John's  Photo-Hobby  Sales  &  Service,  2188  Danforth 

King  Camera  Centre,  81  Yonge  and  359  Bay 
Kling's  Cameras,  401  Yonge 
Kominek  Michl  (Repairs),  405A  Yonge 
McCutcheon  J  E  Ltd,  122-124  Davenport  rd 
Pat's  Camera  Shop  (Repairs),  747  Broadview  av 
Rainbow  Cameras,  1771  Avenue  rd  (Nh  Y) 

Regiscope  (Eastern  Ontario)  Ltd,  24  Ronson  dr  (Etob) 
Stevens  Jerry  Camera  Shops,  63  Ellesmere  rd  (Scao) 
Toronto  Camera  Centres  Ltd,  293  Church  and  340 


Toronto  Camera  Centres  Ltd  (Candn  Tire  Br),  837 


York  Camera  Centre,  1468  Victoria  Park  av  (Nth  Y) 

Wong's  Camera  &  Florist,  282  Yonge 

Zeiss  Carl  Canada  Ltd,  14  Overlea  blvd  (Leas) 


American  Can  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  4195  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Continental  Can  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  401  Richmond  w, 
54  Birmingham  (New  T),  20  Hafis  rd  (Nth  Y),  790 
Bay  and  55  Medulla  av  (Etob) 


Baillargeon  F  Ltd,  13  Dyas  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Candella  Co,  401  Adelaide  e 

Carol  Candles  Ltd,  13  Dyas  rd  (Nth  York) 

Mr  David's  Candle  Shop,  131  Bloor  w 
Ontario  Candle  Mfg  Co,  176  Toryork  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Vi-Lux  Candle  Co,  176  Toryork  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Weicker  Joan  &  Co,  2139-2143  Dundas  w 


(See  also  Jams  and  Jellies) 

Australia  Products  Ltd,  129  Railside  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Campbell  Soup  Co  Ltd,  n  s  Birmingham  (New  T)  233 
and  235  N  Bldg  Ont  Food  Term,  s  s  The  Queens¬ 
way  (Etob) 

Canadian  Canners  Ltd,  199  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 

Culverhouse  Canning  Co  Ltd,  165  University  av 

Export  Packers  Co  Ltd,  52  Clinton 

Lee's  Food  Products  Ltd,  77  Leslie 

Que  Hing  Co,  127  Dundas  w 

Sun  Pac  Foods  Ltd,  3689  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 


Carnation  Co  Ltd,  4174  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Cow  &  Gate  (Canada)  Ltd,  77  York 
Dominion  Dry  Milk  Ltd,  75  Eglinton  av  e 
Pet  Milk  Canada  Ltd,  1075  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 
Sunrise  Industries  Ltd,  636  Wilson  av  (Nth  York) 


Aljon  Products  Ltd,  424  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 

Anglo  Traders  Ltd,  1315  Davenport  rd 
Canadian  Canopy  Co  Ltd,  86  Advance  rd  (Etob) 
Canadian  Canvas  Co,  489  Queen  e 
Canvas  Specialty  Co,  225  Macpherson  av 
Imperial  Canvas  Goods  &  Luggage  ’Manufacturers  Ltd, 
338  Queen  e 

Master  Canvas  Craft  Co,  573  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Woods  Bag  &  Canvas  Co  Ltd,  401  Logan  av 


Union  Carbide  Canada  Ltd,  123  Eglinton  av  e  and 
805  Davenport  rd 

Union  Carbide  Explorations  Ltd,  805  Davenport  rd 


Budge  Carbon  &  Ribbons  Ltd,  95  King  e 
Cabot  Carbon  of  Canada  Ltd,  121  Richmond  w 
Canada  Carbon  &  Ribbon  Co  Ltd,  1801  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Twp)  and  55  Bridgeland  av  (Nth  Y) 
Challenger  Manifold  Corp  Ltd,  18-20  Duncan 
Peerless  Carbon  &  Ribbon  Co  Ltd,  100  Industry 
(York  Twp) 

Riverdale  Carbon-Ribbon  Co,  95  King  e 
Select  Carbon  &  Ribbon  Supplies,  10  Roslin  av 
Underwood  John  (Canada)  Ltd,  90  Richmond  e 


Liquid  Carbonic  Candn  Corp  Ltd,  41  Mill 


See  Grinding  Wheel  Mfrs. 


(See  Contractors— Carpenters) 


Custom  Carpet  Installations,  2424  Finch  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Girard  Florient,  118  Topcliff  av  (Nth  Y) 

Lamouri  &  Sons,  11  Dervock  cres  (Nth  Y) 

North  West  Carpet  Installations,  1609  Islington  av  n 

Page  Custom  Carpet  Instllations,  63B  Howden  rd 

Prestige  Carpet  Installations  Ltd,  62  Industry  (York 

Savofair  Custom  Carpet  Installations,  27  Benorama 
crescent  <Scar) 


See  Vacuum  Cleaners 


Active  Carpet  &  Furniture  Cleaners,  3  Fordover  dr 

Advance  Carpet  Cleaning,  154  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Anglo-Persian  Rug  Cleaning  Co,  134  Jarvis 
Babayans  Rug  Service,  21  Mobile  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Bagdad  Rug  Co,  339  Melrose  av  (Nth  Y) 

Baker  Garpet  Cleaning  Co,  25  Lightbourn  av 
Baron's  Rug  Cleaning  Co,  629  Gerrard  e 
Bruno  Carpet  Service,  129  Dunington  dr  (Scar) 
Cleanwell  Co,  739  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Correct  Carpet  Cleaning  Ltd,  119  Ronald  av  (York 

Crown  Rug  Renovating  Co,  21  Parkfield  av 
Dollar  Carpet  Cleaners,  374  Parliament 
Dura  Clean  Fabric  Care,  9  Harjolyn  dr  (Etob) 

Eastern  Rug  Cleaning  Co,  10  Croft 
Everkleen  Systems,  574  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 
Indo-Persian  Rug  Cleaning  Co,  15  Windsor  (Mim) 
Kaymar  Rug  Dyers,  507  Clendenan  av 
Malcolm-Howard  Services  Ltd,  583  Church 
Orient  Rug  Co,  975  College 

Service  Master  of  Toronto  Ltd,  3201  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Spindler's  Cleaning  Service,  93  Hearst  Circle  (Nth  Y) 
Stephenson  D,  49  Ossington  av 
Taunton  Gleaners,  10  The  Aberdeens,  s  s  Bain  av 
Turco-Persian  Rug  Renovating  Co,  452  Richmond  e 


(See  also  Rugs) 

(Manufacturing  and  Wholesale) 

Allied  Floor  &  Wall  Covering  Distributors  Ltd,  38 
Dufflaw  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Blackwood  Morton  &  Sons  (Canada)  Ltd,  19  Richmond 

Brinton  Carpets  Ltd,  137  Wellington  w 
Broadloom  Mills  Warehouse,  2847  Danforth  av 
Carpet  Trades  (Canada)  Ltd,  63  Wellington  w 
Craft  Carpet  Mill,  619  King  w 

Crossley  Carpets  (Canada)  Ltd,  61  City  View  dr  (Etob) 
Crossley  Karastan  Carpet  Mills  Ltd,  61  City  View  dr 

Delaware  Mills  Ltd,  63  Wellington  w 
Edandale  Carpet  Co  Ltd,  186  Davenport  rd 
Franco-Belgian  Co  Ltd,  115  Dupont 
Hindustan  Carpet  Co  of  Canada,  87  Bentworth  av  (Nth 

Imperial  Carpet  Distributors  Ltd,  221  Keelesdale  dr 
(York  Township) 

J  &  S  Mat,  172  Toryork  dr  (Nth,  Y) 

K  T  W  Distributors  Ltd,  2424  Finch  av  w  (North  Yk) 
Kreimer  Mills  Ltd,  63  Wellington  w 
Martin  M  W  Wholesale  Ltd,  1072  Kipling  av  n 

McMahon  W  G  (Ontario)  Ltd,  221  Keelesdale  dr  (York 

Oriental  Carpet  Mfrs  (Can)  Ltd,  9  City  View  dr 

Fag©  27 

Pyramid  Distributors  Ltd,  17  Airview  rd  (Etob) 

Quebec  Rug  Co  Ltd,  27  Dufflaw  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Rickey-Reid  Ltd,  25  Wellington  w 

Stradwick's  Ltd,  3222  Yonge 

Templeton  Sur  Lok  Ltd,  7  'Meridian  (Etob) 

Tintawn  Rug  Sales,  2808  Danforth  av 
Toronto  Carpet  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  1179-1189  King  w 
Tuftweve  Mills  Ltd,  176  Bridgeland  av  (Nth  Y) 
Universal  Carpet  Mills  Ltd,  2424  Finch  av  w  (Nth 

Vinamat  Ltd,  17  Colville  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Ward  Derek  Carpet  Distributors  Ltd,  26  Dufflaw  rd 
(North  York) 

Wells  E  A  Ltd,  2424  Finch  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Williamson  Jas  &  Son  (Canada)  Ltd,  57  Bloor  w 
Wilson  W  C  &  Associate  Sales  Ltd)  20  Eglinton  av  e 


Adams  Norm  Carpet  Servicing,  69  Densley  av  (Nth 

Allan  Rug  Co,  1237  Bloor  w 

Apex  Carpets,  1872  Danforth  av 

Argyle  Flooring  &  Furnishings  Co,  160  York 

Art  Floor  Coverings,  1227  Bloor  w 

Artistic  Carpet  Services,  9  Gooderham  dr  (Scar) 

Atlas  Rug  Co,  595  Bloor  w 
Babayan's  Ltd,  103  Yonge 
Balcan  Rug  Co,  661  Bloor  w 

Barnett  Floor  Coverings  Ltd,  85  Nantucket  blvd  (Scar) 
Barton  Rug  Co  (br),  3008  Dundas  w 
Bentley  Floor  &  Wall  Covering  Ltd,  1366  Danforth  av 
Broadloom  Sales  &  Service,  4981  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Buchanan  A  Floor  Coverings  Ltd,  86  Six  Point  rd 

Canada  Rug  Co  Ltd,  170  Davenport  rd 

Carpet  Centre,  2808  Danforth  av 

Carpet  Land,  2808  Danforth  av 

Carpet  Lend  Sales  &  Rentals,  2808  Danforth  av 

Carpet  Remnant  House,  873  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Carpet  Town,  2808  Danforth  av 
Carpets  &  Colours  Ltd,  1058  Albion  rd  (Etob) 
Continental  Flooring  Co,  710  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Danforth  Kitchen  Distributors  Ltd,  1366  Danforth  av 
DeLuxe  Stair  Cushion  Ltd,  40  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 
Discount  Rug  House,  1826  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Duguid  C  J,  435  Midwest  rd  (Scar) 

Federal  Carpet  Company  Ltd,  87  Bentworth  av  (Nth  Y) 
Floorcraft  Distributors,  3041  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Franco  Bros,  300  Greenwood  av 

Greenwood  Home  &  Decorating  Supplies,  1303  Ger- 
rard  e 

Harding  Carpets  Ltd  (br),  2  Carlton 

Huntley  Flooring  Service,  674  Kingston  rd 

Jack's  Carpet  Centre,  1958  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Kay  John  Co  Ltd,  474-6  Yonge 

Knight  Bros  Sales  &  Service  Ltd,  3  Carson  (Etob) 

Linocraft  Company,  1922  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Mercer  Floor  Coverings,  2408  Bloor  w 

Modern  Linoleum,  839  College 

Modern  Rugs,  1622  Bayview  av 

Ontario  Carpet  Industries,  2424  Finch  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Parkdale  Rug,  1612  Queen  w 

Peacock  Floor  Covering  Co,  3365-3367  Lake  Shore  blvd 
w  (Long  Branch) 

Regal  Tile  Ltd,  3079-3081  Danforth  av  (Scar) 
Regency  Flooring  &  Supplies,  2908  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Royal  Broadloom  Co,  3052  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Rugland  Sales  &  Rentals,  2808  Danforth  av 

Rug  Town,  2808  Danforth  av 

Rugs  &  Remnants,  2808  Danforth  av 

Singer's  Floor  Covering,  898  Dufferin 

Tile  Town,  2832  Dundas  w 

Tintawn  Sisal  Woven  Matting,  21-31  McCaul 

Tony's  Floor  Covering,  822  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Wilson  Harvie  M  Co  Ltd,  1289  Caledonia  rd  (Nth  Y) 


LONG  A  E  and  CO  LIMITED, 

Corner  Bermondsey  and  Cranfield  Road,  Toronto 
16,  Phone  755-3354 



1997  Kennedy  Road,  Phone  293-2421 


Anker  Cash  Register  Ltd,  16-18  Breadalbane 

CANADA,  LIMITED,  222  Lar.sdowne 
Avenue,  Phone  537-1241,  Sales  Office  117 
Eglinton  Avenue  East,  Phone  481-5141 


(See  also  Funeral  Directors'  Supplies) 


109  Niagara,  Phone  363-1681 
Ingersoll  Casket  Co  Ltd,  28  Overlea  blvd  (Leas) 
National  Casket  Co,  107-109  Niagara 
Sterling  Casket  Co  Ltd,  92  Brydon  dr  (Etob) 


Alumaloy  Castings,  Ltd,  483  Eastern  av 
Herculock  Ltd  (reprs),  58  Fraser  av 
Impregnated  Castings  Ltd,  2431  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 
Industrial  Fine  Castings  Ltd,  272-274  Geary  av 
J  K  Zinc  Die  Casting  Co  Ltd,  (rear)  48  Crockford 
blvd  (Scar) 

Sorel  Steel  Foundries  Ltd  (steel),  1350  Martin  Grove 
road  (Etob) 

Valentine  &  Grahame  Ltd,  79  Torbarrie  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Wilson  Brass  &  Aluminum  Foundry  Ltd,  21  Jarvis 



Die  Castings  In  Aluminum  and  Aluminum  Bronze 

Permanent  Mould  Aluminum  Castings 

156  ST.  HELENS  AVE.  —  Phone  537-3146 

Precision  Castings  Ltd  (Div  of  Frybrook  Ltd),  156  St 
Helens  av  537-3146 


A-l  Catering,  1160  Dufferin 

Aero  Caterers  Ltd,  55  York 

Aero  Caterers  (Quebec)  Ltd,  55  York 

Andrews  Food  Commissary,  40  Barbados  blvd  (Scar) 

Andy's  Food  Service,  1129  Broadview  av  (E  Y) 
Associated  Inustrial  Caterers  Ltd,  360  Dufferin 
Berry's  Food  Service,  1253  Queen  e 

Brown  Faye  R  Catering  Ltd,  2997  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Brown's  Food  Service  Ltd,  1560-1564  Queen  e 
Bruce's  Take-Out  Delivery,  1392  Yonge 
Burrell  Caterer,  14  Dayton  av  (Etob) 

C  C  Catering  Ltd,  12  Milvan  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Canada  Catering  Co  Ltd,  5  Southvale  dr  (Leas) 

Canterbury  Food  Ltd,  1151  Roselawn  av  (York  Twp) 

Cara  Operation  Ltd,  55  York 

Cara  Trading  Ltd,  55  York 

Catering  Unlimited,  (rear)  3210  Yonge 

Cathay  Foods  (Chinese),  1027  Coxwell  av  >(E  Y) 

Chop  Stick  Foods,  3308  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Church  Caterers  Ltd,  20-22  McGee 
Cliffcrest  Caterers,  127  Manville  rd  (Scar) 

Cliffside  Caterers,  127  Manville  rd  (Scar) 

Club  Lyndhurst,  2197  Bloor  w 

Coles  Walter  Son  Ltd,  366  Eglinton  av  w 
Commercial  Caterers  Ltd,  1376  Bayview  av 
Crawley  &  McCracken  Co  Ltd,  70  Dundas  w 

Crosstown  Caterers  Ltd,  127  Llppincott 
Dairy  Vend  Ltd,  71  Marlee  av  (Nth  Y) 

Dalmar  Foods  Ltd,  150  King  w 

Danforth  Catering,  1734A  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Davis  Snack  Service,  1762  Keele  (York  Twp) 
Dependable  Caterers  Ltd,  40  Crockford  blvd  (Scar) 
Dominion  Catering  Co  Ltd,  6  Crescent  rd 
Eastwood  Foods  Ltd,  36  Densley  av  (Nth  York)  and 
360  Dufferin 

Eby's  Food  Service,  17  Gloaming  dr  (Scar) 

Erie  Caterers  Ltd,  80  King  w 
Executive  Office  Catering  Co  Ltd,  503B  Parliament 
Farband  Hall  Catering  Service,  14  Viewmount  av 
(North  York) 

Frank's  Catering,  461  Pharmacy  av  (Scar) 

Fu  Man  Chu  Chinese  Food,  2655  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Galbraith's  Snack  Service,  1129  Broadview  av  (£  Y) 
Galley  'Box  Lunch,  188  Adelaide  w 
Goldman  Min  Catering,  366  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Good  Guys  Catering  Service  Ltd  The,  732A  The  Queens¬ 
way  (Etob) 

Good-Rich  Foods  Ltd,  105  Midwest  rd  (Scar) 
Greenberg  Caterers,  94  Atlas  av  (York  Twp) 

Grey  Fox  Foods,  206  Grenview  blvd  s  (Etob) 

Hatton's  Caterers,  287  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 

Holima  Food,  1734  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Imperial  Food  Services,  127  Manville  rd  (Scar) 
Industrial  Catering,  (rear)  1129  Broadview  av  (E  Y) 
Jiffy  Foods  Ltd,  123  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 

Joe's  Snack  Service,  3588  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Joe's  Snack  Service,  3541  St  Clair  av  e  (Scar) 

K.M.A.  Caterers  Ltd,  2265  Keele  (York  Twp) 

Kay's  Industrial  Catering  Co  Ltd,  (rear)  214  Queen  w 
King  David  Room,  881  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Lawrence  Caterers,  (rear)  220  Christie 
Leaside  Caterers,  879  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Lewis  Catering,  53.  Fraser  av 
Malloney  Studio  Ltd,  85  Grenville 
Maple  Creek  Farm,  4042  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Margaret's  Fine  Foods  Ltd,  2318  Danforth  av 
Marina  Italian  Catering  Ltd,  549  Christie 
Martindale  Lodge,  235  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Mayfair  Caterers  Ltd,  s  s  Queensway  (Etob) 

Mitchell  Caterers,  37  Southbourne  av  (Nth  Y) 

Nick's  Catering,  3315  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Oram  Betty  Catering  Ltd,  2197  Bloor  w 
Peking  Foods,  2376-2378  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Pizza  City,  1656  Queen  w 

Prince  Arthur  House  Ltd,  77  Lowther  av 

Purdue  Catering,  1100  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 

Quality  Catering,  396  King  e 

Quick  Buffet,  71  Marlee  av  (Nth  Y) 

'Rockstone  Catering,  383  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 

Sani  Snacks  Ltd,  1  Ragian  av 

Scarborough  Entertainments  'Ltd,  777  Warden  av 

Scott's  Catering  Ltd,  10  Eglinton  av  e 
Smith  Ann  Caterers,  20  Vaughan  rd 
Stafford  Jack  D  Enterprises  Ltd,  14  Dickens 
Stephen's  Caterers,  6  77  Dupont 
Stoodleigh  Caterers  Ltd,  80  King  w 
Superior  Caterers,  2B  Follis  av 
Therma  Fresh  Ltd,  310  Church 
Three  Star  Catering,  457  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 
Tomlinson  Caterers,  56  Westlake  av 
Tony's  Snack  Service  Industrial  Catering  Service  Ltd, 
21  Toryork  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Town  House  Caterers,  881  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Town  House  Restaurant  Caterers  Ltd,  881  Eglinton 
avenue  w  (York  Twp) 

Travelway  Services,  1151  Roselawn  av  (York  Twp) 
Variety  Inn  Caterers,  2809  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 
Village  Banquet  Hall,  1750A  Victoria  Park  av  (Nth  Y) 
Village  Caterers,  3696  Dufferin  (Nth  York) 

Vinmon  Caterers,  2164  Queen  e 

Wagon  Wheel  Vending  Ltd,  323  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Walfoods  Ltd,  66  Ronson  dr  (Etob) 

Waller  Catering  (Div  of  Dalmar  Foods  Ltd),  150  King 

Wallers  Caterers  Ltd,  160  Bloor  e 
Zuchter's  Catering,  3101  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 


Harold's  Tableware  Rentals,  517  Oakwood  av  (York 


See  Live  Stock  Dealers  and  Commission 



Clear  -  Metalized  -  Vacuum  Forming 
Transparent  Colours  and  Matte  Finish 


Kingsport,  Tenn. 


Englewood,  N.J. 


TORONTO  16  421-4611 

Paper  Sales  Limited,  140  Sunrise  av  421-4611 


Carton  Trade  Service,  53  Fraser  av 
Clearphane  of  Canada  Ltd,  896-910  Queen  w 
Dominion  Cellulose  Ltd,  1350  Jane  (York  Twp) 
TCF  of  Canada  Ltd,  159  Bay 


Canada  Cement  Co  Ltd,  200  Bloor  e 

Lake  Ontario  Portland  Cement  Co  Ltd,  2  Carlton 

Royal  Manufacturing  Co,  44  Lepage  Ct  (Nt'h  Y) 

St.  Lawrence  Cement  Co,  2700  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
St  Mary's  Cement  Co  Ltd,  2200  Yonge 


Anshe  Minsk  Congregation  Cemetery,  n  s  Roselawn  av 
(Fst  H) 

Beth  Tzedec  Memorial  Park,  5822  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Bethel  Pioneer  Cemetery,  after  741  Kennedy  rd 

Congregation  Anshe  Leibowitz,  n  s  Roselawn  av  (Fst  H) 
Congregation  B'Nei  Moishe  Cemetery,  n  s  Roselawn  av 
(Fst  H) 

Dawes  Rd  Cemetery,  3169  St  Clair  av  e  (Scar) 

Denison  Burial  Grounds,  s  s  Clouston  av  w  (Wstn) 
Glendale  Memorial  Gardens,  n-e  side  Albion  rd  after 
Hwy  27  (Etob) 

Glendale  ’Memorial  Gardens  Ltd  (Office),  1111  Al¬ 
bion  rd  (Etob) 

Goel-Tzedec  Cemetery  (Jewish),  478  Jones  av 
Hebrew  Men  of  England  The,  1293  Royal  York  rd 

Highland  Memory  Gardens  Ltd  (Offices),  150  Eglinton 
avenue  e 

Holy  Blossom  Cemetery  (Jewish),  317  Pape  av 
Holy  Blossom  Memorial  Park,  w  s  Brimley  rd  (Scar) 
Humber  Summit  Cemetery,  2020  Islington  av  n  (Nth 

Jewish  Cemetery,  after  573  Roselawn  av  (Fst  H) 
Memorial  Gardens  Assn  Ltd,  4210  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Military  Cemetery,  e  s  Strachan  av 
Mount  Hope  Cemetery,  305  Erskine  av 
Mount  Pleasant  Cemetery,  after  375  Mount  Pleasant 

Park  Lawn  Cenetery,  2845  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Pine  Hills  Cemetery,  3542  St  Clair  av  e  (Scar) 
Prospect  Cemetery,  s  s  and  n  s  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 
and  office  1450  St  Clair  av  w  and  before  2279 
Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp)  and  n  and  s  s  Kitchener 
avenue  (York  Twp) 

Resthaven  Memorial  Gardens  Ltd,  2700  Kingston  rd 

Riverside  Cemetery,  e  s  Royal  York  rd  (Etob) 

Riverside  Cemetery  Co,  2300  Lawrence  av  w  (Etob) 

St  Andrews  Cemetery,  after  55  St  Andrews  rd  (Scar) 
St  James  Cemetery,  635  Parliament 
St  John's  Cemetery,  w  and  n  s  Kingston  rd  at  Woodbine 
avenue,  office  256  Kingston  rd 
St  Michael's  Cemetery,  (rear)  1408A  Yonge 
Sanctuary  Park  Cemetery,  1570  Royal  York  rd  (Etob) 
bet  Dixon  rd  and  Braecrest  (Etob) 

Toronto  General  Burying  Grounds,  1643-1645  Yonge 
Toronto  Necropolis,  200  Winchester 
Washington  United  Church  Cemetery,  after  5  Scar¬ 
borough  Golf  Club  rd  (Scar) 

Westminster  Memorial  Park  Cemetery,  after  5822 
Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

York  Mills  Baptist  Cemetery,  n  s  York  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Young  Men's  Hebrew  Cemetery,  n  s  Roselawn  av  (Fst  ‘H) 


Acalor  Chemical  Construction  (Canada)  Ltd,  11  Prince 
Andrew  pi  (Nth  Y) 

Canadian  Art  Creation,  (rear)  251  Sorauren  av 

Ceremos,  131  Bloor  w 

Helenic  Trade  Centre,  74-6  College 

St  Lawrence  Ceramics  Ltd,  8  Milford  av  (Nth  Y) 

Village  Ceramic  Studio,  The,  4943  Dundas  w  (Etob) 


Durum  Cereals  Ltd,  4  Shaftesbury  pi 
General  Mills  Cereals  Ltd,  1500  Martin  Grove  rd 

Jackson  Newport  Foods  Company,  3107  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Kellogg  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  453A  Eglinton  av  w  (Forest 
Hill  Village) 


12  ’Monarch  Road,  Phone  766-3411,  Head  Office 
417-419  Queens  Quay  West,  Phone  362-7131 
Shehirian  Bulgor  Co,  14  Elinor  (Scar) 

Short  J  R  Canadian  Mills  Ltd,  70  Wicksteed  av 


Ball  Chain  Canadian  Distributors,  212  Adelaide  w 
Ekblad  Ronald  F  Mfg  Co,  (rear)  22  Cranfield  rd  (E  Y) 
Electric  Chain  Co  of  Canada  Ltd  The,  86  Bathurst 
Morse  Chain  of  Canada  Ltd,  47  Howard  Park  av 


Canadian  Seating  Co  Ltd,  18  Canmotor  av  (Etob) 

Jet co  Manufacturing  Ltd,  36  Milvan  dr  (Nth  York) 

Lasalle  Chairs  Inc,  74  Victoria 

Senior  Chrome  Upholstery,  340  Spadina  av 


(See  also  Coal  Dealers) 

Canadian  Charcoal  Co,  s  s  Shaftesbury  av 

Charcoal  Supply  &  Sales  of  Ont  Ltd,  30  Eglinton  av  e 


See  Accountants— Chartered 


See  Loans;  also  Pawnbrokers 


See  Counter  Check  Book  Mfrs. 


Manufacturing  and  Wholesale 
(See  also  Butter,  Eggs  and  Cheese) 

Cheese  House  The,  3A  Wendover  rd  (Etob) 

Cheesetrade  Ltd,  5  Wellington  w 
Clarke's  A  B  Cheese  Products,  797  Gerrard  e 
Maple  Hill  Foods  Ltd,  793  Gerrard  e 
Old  Oherry  Hill  Cheese  House,  1075  Ellesmere  rd 

Old  World  Cheese  Shop,  36  Wellington  e 
Quality  Cheese  Products,  55  Ossington  av 


Carveth  Metallurgical  Ltd,  901  Yonge 
Quebec  Metallurgical  Industries  Ltd,  7  King  e 


Pfaudler  Permutit  Can  Ltd,  285  Raleigh  av  (Scar) 


Acoustic  Chemical  Co,  81  Millwick  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Advance  Solvents  &  Chemical  Corp  (Can)  Ltd,  333 
Wilson  av  (Nth  York) 

Aerocide  Sales  Co,  10  Dell  Park  av  (Nth  Y) 

Aerosol  D-DT  Bug  Blitzer  Co,  10  Dell  Park  av  (Nth  Y) 
Agricultural  Chemicals  Ltd,  150  The  East  'Mall  (Etob) 
Aldert  Chemicals  Ltd,  110  Dupont 
Allied  Chemical  (Can)  Ltd,  25  Clayson  rd  (Nth  York) 
Allied  Chemical  Canada  Ltd,  100  North  Queen  (Etob) 
Allied  Mfg  Co,  11  Carson  (Etob) 

Apex  Chemical  Co,  294  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 

Armour  Industrial  Chemical  Ltd,  100  University  av 
Art  Chemical  Products  Co,  314-326  Davenport  rd 
Associated  Chemical  Co  of  Can  Ltd,  40  Bartor  rd 
(North  York) 

Bate  Chemical  Corporation  Ltd,  44  Beechwood  dr  (E  Y) 
Bell  Chemicals  Ltd,  156-8  Bathurst 
Blachford  H  L  Ltd,  40  Titan  rd  (Etob) 

Blake  Laboratories  Ltd,  1760  Midland  av  (Scar) 

Brown  R  J  Co  of  Can  Ltd,  The,  150  Bronoco  av  (York 

Caledonia  Chemists  Ltd,  333  Wilson  av  (Nth  York) 
Calgon  Corp  (Canada)  Ltd,  185  Eileen  av  (York  Twp) 
Canada  Colors  &  Chemicals  Ltd,  1090-1104  King  w 
Canada  Packers  Ltd  (Fine  Chemicals  Div),  55  Glen 
Scarlett  rd 

Canadian  Chemical  Co  (1963)  Ltd,  Bldg  3,  3  Thorn- 
cliffe  sq  (Leas) 

Canadian  Helium  Ltd,  477  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Canadian  Mineral  Spirits  Co  Ltd,  44  Beechwood  dr 
(East  York) 

Canadian  Shaler  Products  Co  Ltd,  29-31  Dartnell  av 
Cartier  Chemical  Co,  106  Adelaide  w 
Cem-AI  Spray  Ltd,  777  Warden  av  (Scar) 

Chemagro  Ltd,  3089  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Chemical  Development  Co  Ltd,  36  Kelfield  (Etob) 
Chemical  Resistant  Services  Ltd,  11  Edgecombe  av 
(North  York) 

Chemstrand  Overseas  S  A,  3232  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Chemtex  Products  Ltd,  75  Disco  rd  (Etob) 

Christie  Chemical  Co  Ltd,  777  Warden  av  (Scar) 
Church  &  Dwight,  129  Adelaide  w 
Connecticut-Ohemicals  (Can)  Ltd,  22  Curity  av  (E  Y) 
Continental  Potash  Co  Ltd,  255  Bay 
Continental  Potash  Corp  Ltd,  360  Bay 
Copeland  Laboratories  Ltd,  46  Brydon  dr  (Etob) 
Cromac  Chemical  Co  Ltd,  203  Bentworth  av  (Nth  Y) 
Cyanamid  of  Canada  Ltd,  1  City  View  dr  (Etob) 
Davison  Chemical  Co  Ltd,  347  Bay 
Dearborn  Chemical  Co  Ltd,  2454-2464  Dundas  w 
Deodor-X  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  9  Phoebe 
Dillon's  Chemical  Co  Ltd,  137  Wellington  w 
Domtar  Chemicals  Ltd  (Lime  Div),  135  St  Clair  av  w 
Domtar  Chemicals  Ltd  Canada  Creosoting  Div,  333 
Wilson  av  (Nth  York) 

Dupont  of  Canada  Ltd,  85  Eglinton  av  e 
Eastman  Chemical  Inter-American  Ltd,  164  Eglinton 
av  east 

Easwest  Chemicals  Ltd,  218  Front  e 
Electric  Reduction  Co  of  Canada  Ltd  (Central  Labora¬ 
tories),  321  Davenport  rd 

Electric  Reduction  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  137  Wellington  w 
Electric  Reduction  Sales  Co  Ltd,  137  Wellington  w 
Empire  Chemical  Co,  113  Judge  rd  (Etob) 

Fairfield  Chemical  Co  Ltd,  36  Brydon  dr  (Etob) 
Fairview  Chemical  Co,  56  Newcastle  (Mim) 

Fisons  (Canada)  Ltd,  234  Eglinton  av  e 

Givaudan-Canada  Ltd,  214  Merton 

Grace  W  R  &  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  66  Hymus  rd  (Scar) 

Green  Cross  Products  Ltd,  1-15  Leslie 

Hallmark  Chemical  Corp,  165  Bethridge  rd  (Etob) 

Harchem  Limited,  715  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 

Hercules  Powder  Co  (Canada)  Ltd,  137  Wellington  w 
and  4180  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Hoi  I  i ngshead  R  M  Corp  of  Canada  Ltd,  1  ’Mobile  dr 
(North  York) 

Holt  Douglas  Canada  Ltd,  9  Mobile  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Hudson  Chemicals  Limited,  1766  Midland  av  (Scar) 
Hunt  Philip  A  Co  (Canada)  Ltd,  207  Queen's  Quay  w 
Huron  Chemicals,  67  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 

Hysol  (Canada)  Ltd,  44  Beechwood  dr  (E  Y) 
Inter-Provincial  Co-Operatives  Ltd,  2549  Weston  rd 
(North  York! 

Kert  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  11  Industrial  (Leas) 

Kleen-Flo  Corp,  39  Gurney  cres  (Nth  Y) 

Lastoplex  Chemicals,  11  Oakland  av  (Nth  York) 
Laurentide  Chemicals  Inc,  119-121  Oakdale  rd  (Nth 

Lawrason  S  F  &  Co  Ltd,  115  City  View  dr  (Etob) 
Lawter  Chemicals  (Canada)  Ltd,  29  Iron  (Etob) 

Lee  Chemicals  Ltd,  1119  Yonge 

Lorax  Chemical  Co  767  Warden  av  (Scar) 

Magnus  Chemicals  Ltd,  218  Front  e 
Mallinckrodt  Chemical  Works  Ltd,  1270  Castlefield  av 
(York  Twp) 

Master  Mechanics  Chemicals  Co  (Canada)  Ltd,  216 
Toryork  dr  (Nth  York) 

McArthur  Chemical  Co  Ltd  The,  62  Arrow  rd  (Nth 

McCarney  Products,  (rear)  962  Bathurst 
McGoun  Chemicals  Ltd,  1111  Yonge 
McKibbon  E  Ltd,  127  Raleigh  av  (Scar) 

Micro  Chemicals  Ltd,  20  Advance  rd  (Etob) 

Momar  (Canada)  'Ltd,  124  Cartwright  av  (Nt'h  Y) 
Monarch  Chemicals  Ltd,  1074  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 
Monsanto  Canada  Ltd,  183  Front  e 
Morningstar-Paisley  of  Canada  Ltd,  7  Kenhar  dr  (Nth 

National  Chemsearch  Canada  Ltd,  165  Bethridge  rd 

National  Silicates  Ltd,  695  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 

New  Surpass  Petro  Chemicals  Ltd,  36  Upton  rd  (Scar) 
Ncpio  Chemical  Co,  51  Advance  rd  (Etob) 

Northern  Pigment  Co  Ltd,  after  15  Towns  rd  (Etob) 
Novocol  Chemical  Mfg  Co  of  Can  Ltd,  52  Chauncey  av 

Nu-Way  Chemical  Products  Co,  144V2  Harrison 
Nymoc  Products  Co,  47  Duke 

Ocean  Chemicals  (Can)  Ltd,  98  Crockford  blvd  (Scar) 
Ogilvie  Jonni-Pep  Products  Ltd,  62  Shaft  rd  (Etob) 
Ontario  Chemicals  Co  Ltd,  51  Clarkson  av  (York  Twp) 
Parker  Rust  Proof  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  165  Rexdale 
blvd  (Etob) 

Perolin  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  1151  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 
Pigment  &  Chemical  Co  Ltd,  234  Eglinton  av  e 
Pollution  Control  Systems  Ltd,  1753  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Poly  Plate  Ltd,  126  Sinnott  rd  (Scar) 

Polyresins  Ltd,  44  Beechwood  dr  (E  Y) 

Potash  Co  of  America,  4800  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Process  Solvent  Co  Ltd,  (rear)  50-52  Metcalfe 
Prodon  Industries  Ltd,  7939  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Radiator  Specialty  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  340  Gerrard  e 
Red  Line  Chemicals  Ltd,  71  Portland  (Mim) 

Reichhold  Chemical  (Canada)  Ltd,  1919  Wilson  av  (Nt'h 

Rohm  &  Haas  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  1  Manse  rd  (Scar) 
Russell  Chemical  Co  'Ltd  The,  207  Queen's  Quay  w 
Russell  L  B  Chemcials  (Canada)  Ltd,  12  Carlaw  av 
S.A.C.  of  Canada  Ltd,  204  Evans  av  (Etob) 

Security  Formula  &  Testing  Ltd,  524  Front  w 
Shield  Chemical  Ltd,  17  Jutland  rd  (Etob) 

Sika  Chemicals  of  Can  Ltd,  330  Warren  rd  (F  H) 
Southwest  Potash  Corp,  25  Adelaide  w 
Standard  Chemical  Ltd  The,  60  Titan  rd  (Etob) 
Stein-Hall  Ltd,  55  Shaft  rd  (Etob) 

Superior  Biochemicals  of  Canada  Ltd,  50  Raleigh  av 

Tennant  Charles  &  Co  (Canada)  Ltd,  34  Clayson  rd 
(North  York) 

Union  Carbide  Canada  Ltd,  123  Eglinton  av  e 
Van  Camp  Products  &  Sales  Ltd,  60  Clarkson  tv 
(York  Township) 

Velsicol  Corp  of  Canada  Ltd,  57.  Bloor  w 

Vita  Cult  Co,  1404  Gerrard  e 

Witco  Chemical  Co  Canada  Ltd,  20  Eglinton  av  e 

Witty  Chemical  Mfg  Co,  645  King  e 

Welland  Chemical  of  Canada  Ltd,  24-28  Bathurst 

Zinc  Oxide  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  25  King  w 



Adco  of  Canada,  40  Eugene  (Nth  Y) 

Art  Chemical  Products,  278  Davenport  rd 
Canadian  Aerosols  Ltd,  (insecticides),  1  Daybar  av 

Caadian  Self  Spray  Dispensers,  75  Saulter 
Commercial  Chemicals,  421  Comstock  rd  (Scar) 
Construction  Chemicals  Ltd,  88  Eglinton  av  e 
Crystal  Chemicals  Ltd,  580  St  Clair  av  w 
Dempsey  Frank  E  &  Co  Ltd,  47  Davies  av 
Diamond  Alkali  (Canada)  Ltd,  197  Bartley  dr  (Nth  V) 
Diamond  Alkali  Inter-American  Corp,  197  Bartley  dr 
(Nth  York) 

Dow-Corning  Silicones  Ltd,  1  Tippet  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Enjay  Chemical  Co  Limited,  85  St  Clair  av  e 
Kingsley  &  Keith  (Canada)  Ltd  (br),  2970  Lake 

Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Lomas  L  V  Chemical  Co  Ltd,  134  Bethridge  rd  (Etob) 
Metolux  Sales,  223  Church 

Q'uality  Chemical,  (rear)  3701  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Relco  Chemicals  Ltd,  70  Belfield  rd  (Etob) 

Remefco  Agencies,  4195  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Resco  Chemicals  &  Colours  Ltd,  113  Shorncliffe  rd 

Sanitized  Process  (Canada)  Ltd,  2200  Yonge 
Shawinigan  Chemicals  Ltd,  62  Arrow  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Sindar  Corporation,  214  Merton 

Smith  Charles  Albert  Ltd,  356  Eastern  av 

Uba  Chemical  Ltd,  196  New  Toronto  (New  T) 

Ware  Chemical  of  Canada  Ltd,  152  Norseman  (Etob) 



Division  of  J.  T.  Donald  &  Co.  Limited, 
340  Richmond  Street  West,  Phone  363-4067 
Metallurg  (Canada)  Ltd,  200  Bay 
Smith  Van  H,  25  Adelaide  w 


TORIES  LTD,  222  Adelaide  Street  West, 
Phone  362-5284 


Beliak  Bros,  1  Croft 


Acme  Chemical  Products  Ltd,  229  Niagara 
Airkem  of  Canada  Ltd,  156  Front  w 
Airkem  Sales  &  Service  Canada,  55  Kipling  av  s 

American  Apothecaries  Ltd,  64-66  Gerrard  e 
Ayerst  Laboratories,  Div  of  Ayerst,  McKenna  &  Har¬ 
rison  Ltd,  26  Mallard  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Bromo  Seltzer  Co  Ltd,  Div  of  Warner  Lambert 

(Canada)  Ltd,  727  King  w 
Bullock  G  F  Ltd,  (rear)  207  Queen's  Quay  w 
Burgener  Technical  Enterprises  Ltd,  355  K!>ng  w 
Canadian  Anaesthetic  Gases  Ltd,  13  Musgrave 
Cummings  Chas  C  &  Co,  2-8  Queen  Elizabeth  blvd 


Domtar  Consumer  Products  Ltd,  Javex  Div,  99  Van- 

derhoof  av  (Leas) 

Dow  Chemical  of  Canada  Ltd,  600  University  av 

Eckels  H  S  &  Co  Canada  Ltd,  349  Olivewood  rd 

Filwood  Chemists  Ltd,  2221  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Fountain  Carbon  Dioxide  Supply,  245  MacPherson  av 
Frosst  Chas  E  &  Co,  80  Tycos  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Geigy  Chemical  Corp,  630  Evans  av  (Etob) 

Helfrich  Laboratories  of  Canada  Ltd,  44  Milne  av  (Scar) 
Heritage  'Manufacturing  Co  Ltd,  60  Alness  (Nth  Y) 
Hynson  Westcott  &  Dunning  Ltd,  64-66  Gerrard  e 
Kloro  'Bleach  Co,  911  St  Clarens  av 
Lambert  Pharmacal  Co  (Can)  Ltd,  727  King  w 
Lehn  &  Fink  (Canada)  Ltd.  37  Hanna  av 
Luscoe  Products  Ltd,  559  Bathurst 
Merck,  Sharpe  &  Dohme  of  Canada  Ltd,  30  Drummond 

N-L  Products  Ltd,  37  Hanna  av 
Roma  Bleach,  25  Mulock  av 
Templetons  Ltd,  56  Colborne 
Tre-Stelle  Bleach,  7  Byng  av  (Scar) 

West  Chemical  Products  Ltd,  325  Dalesford  rd  (Etob) 
Wyeth  John  &  Brother  Canada  Ltd,  533 V2  Eglinton 
avenue  w  (Fst  H) 


Cheque  Machines  Service  &  Repair  Co,  102  Hanson 
Paymaster  Cheque  Writers  Canada  Ltd,  2171  Avenue 
road  (Nth  Y) 


Adams  Brands  Ltd,  40  Bertrand  av  (Scar) 

Adams  Brands  Sales  Ltd,  40  Bertrand  av  (Scar) 



Adams  Knitting  Co  Ltd,  559  College 

Bambi,  55  York 

Bing  Children's  Wear,  55  York 

Brown  Dorothy  Children's  Wear  Ltd,  16-18  Breadalbane 

Bunny  Joy  Co,  55  York 

Children's  Wear  Ltd  The,  215  Niagara 

Class  Time  Sportswear  Ltd,  260  Richmond  w 

Coles  H  J  Ltd,  98  Northline  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Dan-Dee  Junior  Wear  Ltd,  201  Weston  rd 

Davis  Henry  &  Co  Ltd,  253-259  Spadina  av 

Donny  Childrens  Wear,  110  Orfus  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Essentials  Mfg  Ltd,  547  Parliament 

Farberman  Reuben  Agencies,  55  York 

Fleischer  W  Ltd,  44  Stafford 

Force  Agencies  Ltd,  55  York 

G  &  M  Children's  Wear,  (rear)  2278  Bloor  w 

Gay  Tegs  Ltd,  55  York 

Goodline  Children's  Wear,  40  Camden 

Hambly-Wilson  Ltd,  79  Wellington  w 

Harley  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  55  York 

Heitner  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  55  York 

Holiday  Sportswear  Mfg  Co,  22  Orfus  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Holliday  G  W  Co  Ltd,  781  King  w 

Honey-Child-Babygro.  55  York 

Indiana  Ltd,  150  King  w 

Junior  Wear  Ltd,  55  York 

Kiddies  Kastle  Manufacturing  Co  Ltd,  80  Nelson 

Manchester  Children's  Wear,  55  York 

Mark  N  Judy  Regd,  55  York 

Melody  Maid  Childrens  Wear  Ltd,  301  Danforth  rd 

Minou,  The  Couturier  for  Little  Girls,  131  Bloor  w 
Miss  Prim  Ltd,  130  Spadina  av 

Nancy-Lou  Ltd,  781  King  w 
Nu-Way  Mfg  Ltd,  502  Adelaide  w 
Orfus  H  L  Sales  Co  Ltd,  204  Spadina  av 
Paradise  Children's  Wear  Ltd,  349  Queen  w  and  55 

Petite  Originals  Co  Ltd,  20  Maud 

Saunders  Elliot  J  Ltd,  248  Bridgeland  av  (Nth  York) 

Scampers  of  Canada  Ltd,  55  York 

Small  World  Ltd,  11  Yorkville  av 

Smocked  Frock  Co,  869  Coxwell  av  (E  Y) 

Sport-Knit  of  Canada  Ltd,  55  York 
Starr-Hollywood  Ltd,  38  Apex  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Taylor  June,  60  Front  w 

Walker  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  55  York 

Webster  John  C,  2-6  Temperance 

Wells  L  E  &  Co,  26-28  Front  w 

Young  Junior  Originals  Ltd,  96  Spadina  av 


Alter  Children's  Wear,  1854  Danforth  av 
Angela's  Fabric  Shoppe  and  Children's  Wear,  357 
Roncesvalles  av 

Angelo's  Children's  Wear,  1270  Danforth  av 
Annabel's  Children's  &  Babies'  Wear,  107  Bloor  w 
Ascot  Children's  Wear,  700  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Audrey's  Children's  Wear,  2149  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 
Auralies  Young  Fashions,  1500  Royal  York  rd  (Etob) 

Baby  Days,  90  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 

Bamby  Children's  Weaar,  1195  St  Clair  av  w 
Bib  N'  Tucker  Children's  Wear,  2021-2023  Avenue  rd 
(North  York) 

Bloor  Children's  Shop,  1078  Bloor  w 
Bonnie  Lad  Shop,  2352  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Brother  &  Sister  Shop,  1031  Pape  av  (E  Y) 
Canadian-European  Children's  Wear,  1275  Bloor  w 
Capri  Clothing  Store,  2000  Danforth  av 
Caroline's  Children's  &  Infants'  Wear,  1040  St  Clair 
avenue  w 

Checker  Store,  1845  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Children's  Fair,  958  Brimorton  dr  (Scar) 

Children's  Own  Shop  The,  1310  St  Clair  av  w 
Children's  Specialty  Fair,  139A  Spadina  av 
Children's  Specialty  Shop,  2900  Dundas  w 
Clare's  Children's  Wear,  300  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 
Coronet  Children's  Wear  Ltd,  144-148  Augusta  av 
Danforth  Children's  Wear,  735  Danforth  av 
Davidson  Specialty  Shop,  914  Kingston  rd 
Di-Anne  Junior  Fashions,  1676  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Di-Anne  Junior  Fashions  Ltd,  1341  Lawrence  av  w 
(Nth  York) 

Dupont  Discount  Store,  631  Dupont 
Eleanor's  Clothes  Cupboard,  1076  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Elenore's  Children's  &  Infants  Wear,  1018A  St  Clair 
avenue  w 

Fabian  Children's  Wear,  2018  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Facecchia  Ginas  Mrs,  438  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 
Fann's  Children's  Wear,  1516  Queen  w 
Florence  Shop  The,  569  St  Clair  av  w 
Fryer  Monica  S,  1173  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Glen  Park  Shop,  2821  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Hamill's,  571  Mt  pleasant  rd 
Happy  Dollar,  519  Parliament 

Heatherbell  Children's  Wear,  255  Morningside  av 

Heaven  Till  Seven,  1205  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

High  Park  Children's  Wear,  163  Roncesvalles  av 
Isabel's  Children's  Wear,  2092  Queen  e 
Jack  &  Jill  Shop,  1560  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Junior  Clothes  Cupboard,  389  Donlands  av  (E  Y) 

Junior  Swank  (Cedarbrae)  Ltd,  3491  Lawrence  av 
east  (Scar) 

Junior  Swank  Shop,  939  Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Junior  Swank  Shop,  E4,  Yorkdale  Shopping  Centre,  e  s 
Dufferin  before  Hwy  401  (Nth  Y) 

Junior  Tog  Stores,  2132  Danforth  av 
Junior  Towne  Shoppe,  700  Danforth  av 
Junior  World,  486  Bloor  w 
Jus'  Boys  Apparel  Shop,  3374  Yonge 
Karen's  Children's  Wear,  443  Danforth  av 
Kay's  Children's  Wear,  1808  Jane  (Wstn) 

Kid's  Town,  1252  St  Clair  av  w 

Kiddie  Fair,  2396  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 

Kiddiville,  221  Wilmington  av  (Nth  Y) 

Kiddyland  Children's  Wear,  679  Markham  rd  (Scar) 

Kim  Soon  Chang,  1452  Danforth  av 

La  Capinera,  1263A  St  Clair  av  w 

Lee's  Children's  Wear,  749  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Little  Folks  Shop  The,  2350  Bloor  w 

M-C  Children's  Wear  &  Shoes,  1363  Dundas  w 

M  W  Children's  Wear,  584  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  York) 

Mack  Anne,  1718  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Maple  Plaza  Store,  647  College 

Martinway  Children  &  Teenswear,  415  The  Westway 

Mary's  Children's  Shoppe,  2514  Yonge 
Metcalfe  Rose  Children's  Wear,  784  Annette 
Mirsky's  Children's  Wear,  1125  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 
Mother  Goose  Stores  Ltd,  3003  Danforth  av  (E  Y) 
and  15  Eglinton  sq  (Scar) 

Norden's  Childrens  Centre,  316  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Old-Fashioned  Baby  Shop  The,  2706  Danforth  av 
Osier  Peter,  843  College 

Red  Robin  Cliffside  Shop,  2466-2468  Kingston  rd 

Red  Robin  Shop,  1972  Queen  e 
Richard's  Fabrics,  238  Berry  rd  (Etob) 

Rinascente,  1245  St  Clair  av  w 
Rossman  Carl  K,  102  Spadina  av 
Ruby's  Children's  Wear,  3  John  (Wstn) 

Sabrina  Children's  Wear,  830A  Danforth  av 
Small  Fry  Shop,  810  Dufferin 
Smarty  Togs,  45  Overlea  Blvd  (Leas 
Stork  Shoppe  The,  956  St  Clair  av  w 
Sunbonnet  Shop,  2144  Danforth  av 
Susan  Shop  The,  687  McCowan  rd  (Scar) 

Susanna  Lynne  Shop,  2410  Bloor  w 

Teddy  &  Neddy  Ltd,  43  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 

Tic  Toe  Baby  Wear  Co  Ltd,  1490  'Birchmount  rd 

Tiny  Tegs,  1595  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Tiny  Togs  Co,  303  York  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y)  and  939 
Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Tiny  Tots  &  Teens,  284  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Toggery  Shop  Ltd,  The,  3042  Bloor  w  (Etob)  and  35 
Etobicoke  dr  (Etob) 

Togs  &  Toys,  510  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y)  and  B7, 
Yorkdale  Chopping  Centre,  e  s  Dufferin  before 
Highway  401  (Nth  Y) 

Tots  Toggery,  3315  Yonge 

Treasure  Cot  Children's  Wear,  75  Underhill  dr  (Nth 

Veronica  Lan,  313  Roncesvalles  av 

Village  Children's  Shop  The,  390  Spadina  rd 

Wee  Togs,  62  Humbertown  Centre  (Etob) 

Westown  Children's  Wear  Ltd,  235  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 
Westway  Children's  World  Ltd,  855  Kipling  av  n 

Willy's  Children's  Wear,  2565  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Wool  &  Baby  Shoppe,  2825  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New 

Young  Ages  Ltd,  1854  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Young  Canada,  678  Kennedy  rd  (Scar)  and  (br)  n  s 
Eglinton  sq  (Scar) 

Young  Canada  Clothes,  42-44  Mattson  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Young  Canada  Shopping  Centre,  644  Sheppard  av  w 
(Nth  Y)  and  1665  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 

Young  Idea  Shop,  978  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Young  Set  Children's  Wear,  2901  Bayview  av  (Nth 

Young  Talk  Children's  Wear,  2652  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Young  Timers  Children's  Shoppe,  2985  Kingston  rd 

Young  Town  Children's  Wear,  1853  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Twp) 

Young  Villager  Children's  Wear,  5978  Bathurst  (Nth 

Young  World  Childrens'  Apparel,  3091  Bathurst  (Nth 


Chimney  &  Fireplace  Service,  178  Symington  av 
Chimney  Industries  Ltd,  82  Sinnott  av  (Scar) 

Custodis  Canadian  Chimney  Co  Ltd,  51  Eglinton  av  e 
East  End  Chimney  Service,  82  Gledhill  av  (E  Y) 
Economy  Chimney  &  Fireplace  Service,  2  Arbutus  cres 

Key  Walter  &  Son,  675  Dufferin 

Nicholls  Industries  Ltd,  74  Halsey  av  (E  Y) 

Ryder's  Complete  Chimney  Service  Ltd,  12  Old  Weston 

Toronto  Chimney  Service,  245  Verobeach  blvd  (Nth  Y) 
Townshend  Walter  J  &  Son,  641  Glenholme  av  (York 


Caffin  E  China  Restoring,  104  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 



Beswick  John  (Can)  Ltd,  32  Front  w 
Blauhut  Martin,  (basement(  511  King  w 
British  Ceramics  &  Crystal  (Canada)  Ltd,  7  Wellington 

Canadian  China  &  Glass  Co  Ltd,  7  Staffordshire 
place  (Etob) 

Cassidy's  Ltd,  95  Eastside  dr  (Etob) 

Coalport  China  (Can)  Ltd,  32  Front  w 
Copeland  &  Duncan  Ltd,  120  Wellington  w 
Doulton  &  Co  (Canada)  Ltd,  s  s  Lawrence  av  e  at 
Carnforth  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Dow  Distributing  Co,  87  Colville  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Hamburg  Import,  939  Bloor  w 
Heiviland  Theodore  &  Co  Ltd,  410  Yonge 
Hughes  W  J  &  Sons  (Cornflower)  Ltd,  102  Tycos  dr 
(Nth  Y) 

Jackson's  Chinaware  Ltd,  20-22  Wellington  w 
Miller  Bros  Ltd,  32  Front  w 
Myott  Son  &  Co  (Can)  Ltd,  32  Front  w 
Sadler  James  &  Sons  (Can)  Ltd,  32  Front  w 
Staffordshire  Sales  Ltd,  25  Wellington  w 
United  China  &  Glass  Co  (USA),  137  Wellington  w 
Worcester  Royal  Porcelain  Co  (Canada)  Lid,  131  Bloor 
west  and  1  Thorncliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 


Ashley  William,  87  Bloor  w 

Bloor  China  &  Gift  Shop,  614  Bloor  w 

British  and  Colonial  Trading  Cc  Ltd,  284-86  Brock  av 

China  Hospital,  638  Yonge 

Easterling  of  Canada  Ltd,  1040  'Martin  Grove  rd 

Fine  Arts  Sterling  Silver  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  15  Ingram 
drive  (Nth  Y) 

Grant's  China  &  Gift  Shop,  970  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst 

Junor  Wm  Ltd,  410  Yonge 

Ketcheson  Ohina  Shop,  678  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

My  Fair  Lady  China  Shoppe,  721  Pape  av 
Old  Country  China  Shop,  508  Danforth  av 
Reid-Rowland  Ltd,  338  Yonge 


Beauvais  Irene  F  Mrs,  1044  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 
Brewton  Oscar  A,  30  Kilbarry  rd 
Bruce  Danl  D,  949  St  Clair  av  w 
Forsyth  Violet  Mrs,  669  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Goldman  A  M,  151  Eglinton  av  w 
Hastings  Frederick  C,  33  Chaplin  cres 
Gunn  Norman,  1  Queen's  dr  (Wstn) 

Hurwitz  Lester  H,  3017  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Johnson  George  A,  137  Yonge 

Kitcher  Albert  E,  313  Oriole  Parkway 

Laine  Wilfred  A,  2489A  Bloor  w  (Swan) 

Laxon  Arthur  R,  229  Yonge 

Le  Poidevin  Ernest,  2  Bloor  e 

MacBeth  R  John,  2  College 

Morgan  Clifford  W,  131  Bloor  w 

Mutch  Ronald,  80  St  Clair  av  w 

Newton  Geo,  2324  Danforth  av 

Orecklin  Archie,  310  Bloor  w 

Rosenthal  Danny  E,  1849  Yonge 

Ryan  Edgar  A,  324  Prince  Edward  dr  s  (Etob) 

Stevens  Thomas,  34  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Walpole  Peter,  6  Lawton  blvd 

Zarras  T  N,  1648  Victoria  Park  av  (Nth  Y) 


Anderson  Howard  A,  1014  Glencairn  av  (Nth  Y) 

Ariko  Blanchard  B,  1371  Bathurst 

Arnet  Werner  J,  109  Dupont 

Artis  David  W,  2932  Dundas  w 

Asada  Paul  K,  728A  St  Clair  av  w 

Baker  Ross  E,  52  Lonborough  av  (York  Twp) 

Balodis  Robert  G,  928A  Kingston  rd 

Barnes  Frederick,  3293  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 

Bayview  Chiropractic  Clinic,  1617A  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Bennett  A  Denton,  2118  Queen  e 

Bennett  Arthur  B,  2118  Queen  e 

Bodgener  Lawrence,  1555  Bloor  w 

Browett  Health  Institute,  140  Chatham  av 

Browett  Roger  W,  140  Chatham  av 

Browett  W  B,  140  Chatham  av 

Brown  Arthur  W,  5  Glenaden  av  w  (Etob) 

Brown  D  M,  2191  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 

Bulman  Ronald,  414  Sutherland  dr  (Leas) 

Campbell  Donald  R,  1807A  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Carter  Harold  G,  1409  Yonge 
Charlton  Wm  E,  671  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Chiropractic  Clinic,  1482  Bathurst 

Chiropractic  Clinic,  2348  Lakeshore  blvd  w  (Mim) 

Clark  Henry  W,  91  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Clubine  Fred  L,  1623  Bloor  w 

Corrigan  W  R  M,  695  Markham  rd  (Scar) 

Croft  B  B,  3086  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Curry  Alice,  2798  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Davis  John  W,  250  Willow  av 

Doxsee  Chiropractic  Health  Centre,  74-76  College 

Doxsee  Clinic,  5140  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Doyle  Wm  A,  53  Yonge 

Ellison  James  W,  102  Annette 

Feegel  Eric  D,  2236  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Fica  Clinic  of  Chiropractic,  224  Roncesvalles  av 

Gibson  Ronald,  1029  St  Clair  av  w 

Gibson  Ronald  E,  68  Shaughnessy  blvd  (Nth  Y) 

Gitelman  Ronald,  1482  Bathurst 

Gluszczak  Carl,  232  Bathurst 

Grice  Adrian  S,  2297  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Grittani  Norman  F,  1180  St  Clair  av  w 
Grizzle  Norman  W,  2020  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Hastings  Ewart  G,  627A  Bloor  w 
Heaps  Glen  W,  1977A  Keele  (York  Twp) 

Hill  Herbert  A,  6  Farnham  av 
Holdaway  Janet  T,  57  Bloor  w 
Homewood  Gweneth,  117  Avondale  av  (Nth  Y) 

Hope  John  C,  2906  Bloor  w  (Etob)  and  1630A  Wil¬ 
son  av  (Nth  Y) 

Hoskins  Douglas  V,  2  Spadina  rd 
Johnston  Lyman  C,  118  Isabella 

Kachuba  Edward  T,  730A  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Kami  Leo,  1491A  Dundas  w 
Kennedy  Geo  E,  740  Broadview  av 
Ketcheson  Melvin,  1884  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Kristensen  Oscar  E,  183  College 

Lach  Chiropractic  Clinic,  124  Roncesvalles  av 

La  Plante  John  G,  2984  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Lavis  Health  Club,  2475A  Bloor  w 

Lavis  Wm  D,  2146  Bloor  w 

Lee  Herbert  K,  636  Church 

Lipsett  Philip  F,  1669  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Loewen  Wm  S,  728  Queen  e 

Logan  Kenneth  C,  166  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 

Luck  Clinic,  1848  Bloor  w 
MacKinnon  Gordon  S,  1554  Yonge 
Malcolm  Geo  A  629  Christie 
Mason  Mary  G,  557  Delaware  av 
Matheson  M  Montgomery,  2806  Danforth  av 
Matthews  James,  86  Bloor  w  and  82  Warren  rd 
McCarthy  J  L,  1029  St  Clair  av  w 
McKinlay  Marion  W,  160  Oakwood  a v 
McLean  John  F,  2477  Bloor  w  (Swan) 

Meissner  Therapy  Clinic,  153  St  Clair  av  w 
Morito  J  T,  1975A  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Morphy  Basil  H,  105  Bingham  av 
Morris  T  Allan,  2629  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Morris  Wm  W,  2146  Bloor  w 

Neale  John  H,  298  Kingsway  South  (Swan) 

O'Connor  Foot  Clinic,  45  Richmond  w 
O'Connor  Maurice  J  Jr,  45  Richmond  w 
Offen  Thomas  R,  174  Shropshire  dr  (Scar) 

Oliver  Peter  L,  722  Coxwell  av 
Park  Cecil,  29  Glenavy  av 

Patterson  Thos  A,  1835A  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Pennington  R  Lloyd,  3458  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Pharmacy  Chiropractic  Clinic,  1807 A  Lawrence  av  e 

Price  Jas  A,  894  Broadview  av 
Purvis  Thos  J,  899  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Queensway  Chiropractic  Clinic,  730  The  Queensway 

Rennicks  J  David,  12  Shuter 

Robinson  Paul  W,  74-76  College 

Rodda  R  H,  2383-87  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Rosenberg  Leo,  1482  Bathurst 
Rushbrook  Gordon  E,  475  Dovercourt  rd 
Ryan  Donald  L,  255  Runnymede  rd 
Sanders  Gary,  402  Jane  (York  Twp) 

Scarborough  Chiropractic  Clinic,  2629  Eglinton  av  e 

Shatilla  K  L,  1807A  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Shorting  Gordon  A,  27  Greenholm  Circuit  (Scar) 

Shrubb  John  R,  725  Coxwell  av 
Sjoman  Clinic,  620  Spadina  av 
Smith  Harry  E,  259V2  Coxwell  av 
Smith  Maxine  J,  59  Aberfoyle  cres  (Etob) 

Soloduka  Frederick,  1615  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Sommacal  Sami  F,  636  Church 
Sowerby  J  Dennis,  1720  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Stolarski  S  W,  2970  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 
Stubbs  Gerald,  (rear)  579  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Taran  Sidney  M,  964  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Taylor  Robt  J,  1029  Coxwell  av  (E  Y) 

Thomson  D  Verne,  3367  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Vear  Herbert  J,  58  Sloane  av  (Nth  Y) 

Viggiani  Donald  H  (basement)  212  St  Clair  av  w 
Warden  Douglas,  893  Bloor  w 
Weir  Arthur  E,  2773B  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 
Weston  Chiropractic  Clinic,  1884  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 
White  John  V,  2452A  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Williams  Harry,  31  Boulton  av 

Wynn  Clinic  of  Chiropractic,  153  St  Clair  av  w 

Yearwood  Kenneth  R,  2083  Lawrence  av  w  (Wstn) 


Kingsway  Chocolate  Co  Ltd,  51  Advance  rd  (Etob) 
Lieberman's  Splendid  European  Home  Made  Quality 
Chocolates,  896  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Michael  David  &  Co  (Can)  Ltd,  51  Advance  rd 


Canadian  Bible  Society,  1835  Yonge 

Canadian  Bible  Society  (Upper  Can  Dist),  1835  Yonge 

Canadian  Sunday  School  Distribution,  2081  Yonge 

Carillon  Publications,  2081  Yonge 

Church  Supply  Company,  504  Church 

Diocesan  Church  Goods,  278  Bathurst 

Home  Evangel  Books  Ltd,  25  Hobson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Labori  Ltd,  2  Green  Coat  rd  (Etob) 

Landy  &  Co  Ltd,  16  Dundas  w 
Leadership  Centre,  3279A  Yonge 
Le  Page  Individual  Communion  Cup  Co,  84  Hallam 
Liturgical  Apostolate,  1590  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Nazarene  Publishing  House,  1592  Bloor  w 
O'Gorman's  Co  Ltd,  650  Yonge 
Rambusch  Decorating  Co  of  Can  Ltd,  162  Parliament 
St  Michael's  Church  Supplies,  810  Danforth  av 
United  Church  Publishing  House  The,  (mail  order  dept), 
299  Queen  w 

Walter  &  Son,  174  Lauder  av  (York  Twp) 


(For  Names  of  ministers  see 
Alphabetical  Section) 


All  Hallows  Church,  393  Main  (E  Y) 

All  Saints  (Anglican)  Kingsway,  2850  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
All  Saints  Anglican  Church,  223  Sherbourne 
Christ  Church,  329  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 

Christ  Church  (Anglican),  155  Markham  rd  (Scar) 
Christ  Church,  Deer  Park,  1570  Yonge 
Christ-The-King  Anglican  Church,  469  Rathburn  rd 

Church  of  Our  Saviour,  1  Laurentide  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Church  of  St  Alban  the  Martyr,  100  Howland  av 
Church  of  St  Andrew,  2339  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 
Church  of  St  Augustine  of  Canterbury,  1847  Bayview 
av  (Leas) 

Church  of  St  Columba,  2723  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 

Church  of  St  Edmund  The  Martyr,  1223  Dovercourt  rd 
Church  of  St  George  The  Martyr,  205  John 
Church  of  St  Jude  (Wexford),  w  s  Inniswood  dr  (Scar) 
Church  of  St  Laurence  The,  2981  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Church  of  St-Martin-in-the-Field,  151  Glenlake  av 
Church  of  St  Michael  and  All  Angels,  611  St  Clair 

av  w 

Church  of  St  Nicholas,  1512  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Church  of  St  Paul  The  Apostle  (Rexdale),  1554  Kipling 
avenue  n  (Etob) 

Church  of  St  Wilfred,  The,  385  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 
Church  of  the  Advent,  40  Pritchard  av  (York  Twp) 
Church  of  The  Annunciation,  157  Florence  av  (Nth  Y) 
Church  of  the  Apostles,  719  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  York) 
Church  of  the  Ascension  (Anglican)  33  Overland  dr 
(North  York) 

Church  of  the  Comforter,  904  Coxwell  av  (E  Y) 

Church  of  the  Epiphany,  1515  Queen  w 

Church  of  the  Good  Shepherd  The,  1149  Weston  rd 

(York  Township) 

Church  of  The  Holy  Trinity,  e  s  Livingston  rd  (Scar) 
Church  of  the  Incarnation  (Anglican),  n  w  side  Victoria 
Park  avenue  (E  Y) 

Church  of  the  Messiah,  240  Avenue  rd 
Church  of  the  Nativity  (Anglican),  201  Monarch  Park 

Church  of  the  Redeemer  The,  162  Bloor  w 

Page  29 

Church  of  the  Resurrection,  before  1128  Woodbine  av 
and  Milverton  blvd  (E  Y) 

Church  of  the  Transfiguration,  111  Manor  rd  e 
Epiphany  Anglican  Church,  704  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 
Grace  Church  on  the  Hill,  344  Russell  Hill  rd 
Holy  Trinity  Church,  19  Trinity  sq 
St  Agnes'  Anglican  Church,  69  Long  Branch  a v  (Long  B) 
St.  Aidan's  after  2405  Queen  e 

St  Andrew's  Anglican  Church,  14  Barkwin  dr  (Etob) 
St  Anne's,  270  Gladstone  av 
St  Barnabas  Church  (Chester),  361  Danforth  av 
St  Barnabas,  s  s  Halton  corner  Givins 
St  Bartholomew's  Church,  509  Dundas  e 
St  Chad's  Anglican  Church,  1695  Dufferin 
St  Christopher  On-The-Heights,  171  Delhi  av  (Nth  Y) 
St  Clement's  173  Jones  av 

St  Clement's  (Anglican)  Church,  59  Briar  Hill  av 

St  Clements  Anglican  Church,  w  s  Duplex  av 

St  Crispins  Anglican  Church,  33  Claremore  av  (Scar) 

St  Cuthbert  Anglican  Church,  1399  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

St  Cyprian's,  102  Follis  av 

St  David's  Church  (Ang),  49  Donlands  av 

St  David's  1796  Lawrence  av  w  ('Nth  Y) 

St  Dunstan's,  722-724  Lansdowne  av 
St  Elizabeth's  Church,  964  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

St  George's  Anglican  Church,  3765  St  Clair  av  e 

St  George's  Church  on  the  Hill,  after  4254  Dundas 
w  (Etob) 

St  Giles  Anglican  Church,  s  e  corner  Kecala  rd  and 
Blaisdale  rd  (Scar) 

St  Hilda's  Church,  2353  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 

St  James  Cathedral,  106  King  e 
St  James  The  Apostle  and  Martyr,  194  Parklawn  rd 

St  James  The  Just  Anglican  Church,  e  s  Ancaster  rd 
(North  Yrk) 

St  John  the  Baptist,  Norway  w  s  Woodbine  av  cor 
Kingston  rd 

St  John  The  Divine  Anglican  Church,  885  Scarborough 
Golf  Club  rd  (Scar) 

St  John's  Anglican  Church  (West  Tor),  288  Humber¬ 
side  av 

St  John's,  2125  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

St  John's  Anglican  Church  (York  Mills),  190  Old 
Yonge  (Nth  Y) 

St  John's  The  Evangelist  Anglican  Church,  50  Portland 
St  Jude's  Church,  437  Roncesvalles  av 
St  Leonard's  25  Wanless  av 

St  Luke's  Anglican  Church  of  Canada,  170  Westwood 
avenue  (E  Y) 

St  Margaret's  Anglican  Church,  156  Sixth  (New  T) 

St  Margaret's  Church  (Anglican),  53  Burnaby  blvd 
St  Margaret's  In  The  Pines  Anglican  Church,  4130 
Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

St  Marks,  21  Blackthorn  av 
St  Mark's,  201  Cowan  av 

St  Mary  Magadalene  (Ang)  Church,  467-479  Manning 

St  Mary  the  Virgin,  28-40  Westmoreland  av 
St  Matthew  the  Apostle  (Anglican),  80  George  Henry 
blvd  (Nth  Y) 

St  Matthew's  Anglican  Church,  3962  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
St  Matthew's  Church,  135  First  av 
St  Matthias,  45  Bellwoods  av 

St  Matthias  (Anglican)  Church,  1428  Royal  York  rd 

St  Monica's  Anglican  Church,  79  Hiawatha  rd 
St  Olave's,  cor  Windermere  av  &  Ostend  av  (Swan) 

St  Paul's  Church,  227  Bloor  e 
St  Paul's  Runnymede,  404  Willard  av 
St  Peter, s  190  Carlton 

St  Peter's  Anglican  Church,  776  Brimley  rd  (Scar) 

St  Philip  The  Apostle  Anglican  Church,  197  Caribou 
road  (Nth  York) 

St  Phillips  Anglican  Church,  27-29  St  Phillips  rd 

St  Richards  of  Chichester  (Anglican)  Church,  n  s  The 
Westway  and  Wincott  (Etob) 

St  Saviour's  before  82  Swanwick  av 

St  Simon  The  Apostle  Church,  after  451  Bloor  e 

St  Stephen's,  103  Bellevue  av 

St  Stephen's  Anglican  Church,  2259  -Jane  (Nth  Y) 

St  Thomas,  385  Huron 

St  Timothy  by  the  Humber  Anglican  Church,  2840 
Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 

St  Timothy's  40  Ridley  blvd 
Trinity,  425  King  e 


Alderwood  Baptist  Church,  511  Horner  av  (Etob) 
Annette  St  Baptist  Church,  200  Annette 
Berean  Baptist  Church,  17  Frith  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Bethany,  1041  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Bethel  Baptist  Church,  645  Millwood  rd 
Beulah  Baptist  Church,  w  s  Tenth  (New  T) 

Beverley  Baptist  Church,  74  Beverley 
B irchcl iff,  72  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 

Blythwood  Rd  Baptist  Church,  80  Blythwood  rd 
Boon  Avenue,  9-11  Boon  av 

Brooke  Avenue  Baptist  Church,  157  Falkirk  (Nth  Y) 
Calvary,  72  Main 
Calvin,  205  Highfield  rd 

Century  Baptist  Church,  12-16  Macpherson  av 
Chinese  Baptist  Church,  155  Spadina  rd 
Christie  Street,  177  Christie 

Churchill  Heights  Baptist  Church,  2085  Ellesmere  rd 

Czechoslovak  Baptist  Church,  1624  Queen  w 
Danforth  Baptist  Church,  295  Danforth  av 
Donway  Baptist  Church,  235  The  Donway  e  (Nth  Y) 
Dovercourt  rd,  140  Argyle 

Downsview  Baptist  Church  The,  197  Downsview  av 
(North  York) 

Dufferin  Street,  1219  Dufferin 

Eastbourne  Baptist  Church,  after  537  Danforth  rd 

East  End  Baptist  Church,  3191  Danforth  av  (Scar) 
Eglinton  Baptist  Church,  150  Roehampton  av 
Fairbank,  134  Branstone  rd  (York  Twp) 

Fallingbrook  Heights  Baptist  Church,  217  Blantyre  av 

Farmer  Memorial,  after  291  Kingsway  s  (Swan) 
Ferndale  Baptist  Church,  614  Brimley  rd  (Scar) 
Finnish  Baptist  Church,  74  Beverley 
First  Av  Baptist  Church,  77  First  av 
First  Baptist  Church,  106  D'Arcy 
First  Hungarian  Baptist  Church,  8  Robert 
First  Polish  Baptist  Church,  2611  Dundas  w 
Floyd  Av  Baptist  Church,  186  Floyd  av  (E  Y) 
Foward,  1885-91  Gerrard  e 
German  Baptist  Church,  257-9  Euclid  av 
Glencairn  Baptist  Church,  701  Glencairn  av  (Nth  Y) 
Grace  Baptist  Church.  587  Oakwood  av  (York  Two) 
Gracefield  Baptist  Church,  200  Gracefield  av  (Nth  Y) 
Greenboro  Community  Baptist  Church,  2000  Keele  (York 

Heron  Park  Baptist  Church,  w  s  West  Hill  dr  (Scar) 
High  Park  Baptist  Church,  9  Hewitt  av 
Humber  Bay  Baptist  Church,  11  Aldgate  av  (Etob) 
Humber  Boulevard  Baptist  Church,  5  Louvain  av  (York 

Humberlea  Baptist  Church,  2810  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Immanuel,  470  Jarvis 
Indian  Road,  754  Indian  rd 

Islington  Baptist  Church,  50  Royalavon  cres  (Etob) 
Jarvis  St  Baptist  Church,  130  Gerrard  e 
Keelesdale  Baptist  Church,  3  947  Keele  (York  Twp) 
Kingsway  Baptist  Church,  39-41  Birchview  blvd  (Etob) 
Kipling  Av  Baptist  Church,  Kipling  av  n  at  Hinton 
avenue  (Etob) 

Kitchener  Park  Baptist  Church,  83  Commonwealth  av 

Lawrence  Ave  Baptist  Church,  3837  Lawrence  av  e 

Long  Branch  Baptist  Church,  3381  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(Long  Branch) 

Martingrove  Baptist  Church,  35  Hedges  blvd  (Etob) 
Melrose  Baptist  Church,  375  Melrose  av  (Nth  Y) 

Mimico,  e  s  George  (Mim) 

Mount  Dennis,  1272  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Mount  Pleasant  Road,  527-533  Mount  Pleasant  rd 
Oakridge  Baptist  Church,  3324  Danforth  av  (Scar) 
Oakwood  Baptist  Church,  421  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Olivet  Baptist  Church,  36  Margueretta 
Ossington  Avenue,  720  Ossington  av 
Pape  Avenue,  114  Pape  av 
Parkdale  Baptist  Church,  1624  Queen  w 
Pelmo  Park  Baptist  Church,  24  Langside  (Nth  Y) 
Queensway  Baptist  Church,  336  Islington  av  s  (Etob) 
Renforth  Baptist  Church,  before  364  Renforth  dr 

Richview  Baptist  Church,  634  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 
Royal  York  Baptist  Church,  1520  Royal  York  rd  (Etob) 
Runnymede  Baptist  Church,  60  Colbeck 
Russian  Ukrainian  Baptist  Church,  74  Beverley 
St  John  The  Baptist  Directorate,  941  Dundas  w 
St  Johns  Road  Baptist  Church,  after  390  St  Johns 
road  (York  Twp) 

Scarboro  Baptist  Church,  1597  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Scarlett  Rd  Baptist  Church,  51  Scarlett  rd  (York  Twp) 
Silve-rthorn,  41  Rowntree  av 
Temole,  14-26  Dewhurst  blvd 

Thistletown  Baptist  Church,  1988  Kipling  av  n  '(Etob) 
Ukrainian  Baptist  Church,  148  Tecumseth 
Victory,  400  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 

Walmer  Road,  before  40  Walmer  rd  cor  Lowther  av 
Waverley  Road  Baptist  Church,  129-135  Waverley  rd 
West  Hill  Baptist  Church,  231  Poplar  rd  (Scar) 

West  Toronto  Baptist  Church,  3049  Dundas  w 
Weston,  1871  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Wilmar  Heights  Baptist  Church,  e  s  Victoria  Park  av 
after  Innismore  cres  (Scar) 

Wilson  Avenue  Baptist  Church,  34  Regent  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Woodbine  Heights,  1171  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Yorkminster  Park,  1585  Yonge 


Broadview  Av  Gospel  Hall,  194  Broadview  av 
Brock  Avenue  Gospel  Hall,  311  Brock  av 
Central  Gospel  Hall,  25  Charles  e 
Glebemount  Gospel  Hall,  230  Glebemount  av  (E  Y) 
Gospel  Hall,  47  Avon  av  (York  Twp) 

Grace  and  Truth  Gospel  Hall,  189  Westmoreland  av 

Olivet  Gospel  Hall,  778  Ossington  av 
Silverthorn  Gospel  Chapel,  223-5  Chambers  av  (York 

(Christian  Reformed) 

Free  Christian  Reformed  Church,  1130  Finch  av  w 

(North  York) 

Second  Christian  Reformed,  265  Albion  rd  (Etob) 
(Christian  Science) 

Fifth  Church  of  Christ,  Scientist,  41  Chatsworth  dr 
First  Church  of  Christ,  Scientist,  196  St  George 
Fourth  Church  of  Christ,  Scientist,  245  Beech  av 

Second  Church  of  Christ,  Scientist,  1015  Danforth  av 

Sixth  Church  of  Christ,  Scientist,  318  Oakwood  av 

(York  Twp) 

Third  Church  of  Christ,  Scientist,  70-80  High  Park  av 

Crawford  St  Congregational  Church,  629  Crawford 

(Disciples  of  Christ) 

Hill  crest  Church  of  Christ,  2  Vaughan  rd 
Keele  St  Church  of  Christ,  e  s  Keele 


Adath  Israel  Congregation,  37  Southbourne  av  (Nth  Y) 
Adath  Israel  Synagogue  &  Centre,  e  s  Westgate  blvd 
(Nth  York) 

Agudas  Israel  Ansher  Sforak  Synagogue,  151  Palmer¬ 
ston  av 

Anshei  Stashow  Congregation,  11  Sultan  av  (Nth  Y) 
Apter  Congregation,  216  Beverley 
Beach  Synagogue,  109  Kenilworth  av 
Beth  Am  Congregation,  3100  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Beth  Emeth  Bais  Yehuda  Synagogue,  100  Elder  (Nth 

Beth  Israel  Synagogue,  73-75  MacKay  av 
Beth  Jacob  Synagogue,  23  Henry 
Beth  Rabbi  Synagogue,  1053  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Beth  Radom  Congregation,  18  Reiner  rd  (Nth  York) 
Beth  Sholom  Synagogue,  1445  Eglinton  av  w  'York 

Beth-Tzedec  Synagogue,  1700  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 

Beth  Yitshak  Synagogue,  119  Barse  (Nth  Y) 

B'nai  Israel  Beth  David  Congregation,  55  Yeomans 
road  (Nth  Y) 

Chevra  Tiferes  Israel  Ansha  Synagogue,  43  Huron 
Clanton  Park  Synagogue,  Lowesmoor  av  (Nth  Y) 

Congregation  Anshei  Libavitch,  91  Denison  av 
Congregation  Bais  Yahuda,  805  Dovercourt  rd 
Congregation  Knesses  Israel  Anshai  Supia,  43  Oxford 

Congregation  M  'Or  Chaim,  33  Wilmington  av  ONth  Y) 
Drillidz  Synagogue,  414  Markham 

Forest  Hill  Synagogue  ,22  Gilgorm  rd  (Fst  H) 

Holy  Blossom  Temple,  1950  Bathurst  (York  Twp) 
Jewish  Synagogue,  61  Brunswick  av,  96  Brunswick  av, 
187-189  Brunswick  av,  37  D'Arcy,  28  Dennison 
square  and  153  Huron 
Kenestis  Israel  Synagogue,  1  Shipman 
Kielcer  Congregation,  2941  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Machzika  B'Nai  Israel,  279  'Dovercourt  rd 

Machzikei  Thorah,  383  Markham 

Minsker  Synagogue,  10-12  St  Andrew's 

Ostrowiec  Synagogue,  58  Cecil 

Pride  of  Israel  Temple,  365A  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Shaarei  Emunah  Synagogue,  139  Overbrook  pi  (Nth  Y) 
Shaarei  Shomayim  Congregation,  840  St  Clair  av  w 
Shaarei  Tefillah  Synagogue,  3600  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Sharetz  Tzedek,  397  Markham 
Shomrai  Shabbot  Congregation,  225  Brunswick  av 
Temple  Emanuel,  100  Old  Colony  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Temple  Sinai,  210  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Torath  Emeth  Congregation,  1344  Bathurst  and  80 

Torath  Emeth  Jewish  Centre,  1  Viewmount  av  (Nth  Y) 
Yeshivah  Maril  Graubart,  80  D'Arcy 


Bethlehem  Lutheran  Church,  81  Harcourt  av 
Emmanuel  Lutheran  Church,  1684  Victoria  Park  av 
North  York) 

First,  116  Bond 

Good  Shepherd  Lutheran  Church,  1630  Lawrence  av  w 
(North  York) 

Grace  Lutheran  Church,  1424  Davenport  rd 
Martin  Luther  Evangelical  Lutheran  Church,  2379  Lake 
Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 

Our  Saviour  Lutheran  Church,  1645  Islington  av  n 

Redeemer  Lutheran  Church,  1691  Bloor  w 
St  Andrews  Church,  after  365  Jarvis 
St  Ansgar  Lutheran  Church,  cor  Lawrence  av  w  and 
Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

St  George's  Lutheran  Church  (German  and  Danish),  410 

St  John  Latvian  Evangelical  Lutheran  Church,  200 
Balmoral  av 

St  John's  Evangelical,  274  Concord  av 
St  Paul's  Lutheran  Church,  54  Clinton 
St  Peter's  Estonian  Evangelical  Lutheran  Church,  817 
Mount  Pleasant  rd 

St  Philip's  Evangelical  Lutheran  Church,  61  West  Deane 
Park  dr  (Etob) 

Trinity  Evangelical  Lutheran  Church,  619  Sherbourne 
University  Lutheran  Church,  6T0-612  Spadina  av 


Albion  Gardens  Presbyterian  Church,  80  Thistle  Down 
boulevard  (Etob) 

Alderwood  Presbyterian  Church,  e  s  Lunness  rd  (Etob) 
Armour  Heights  Presbyterian  Church,  s  s  Wilson  av 
(North  York) 

Beaches,  e  s  Glen  Manor  dr 
Bloor  East  Presbyterian  Church,  378  Bloor  e 
Bonar  Presbyterian  Church,  186  St  Clarens  av 
Calvin  Presbyterian  Church,  26  Delisle  av 
Chalmers  Presbyterian  Church,  1266  Dundas  w 
Chinese  Presbyterian  Church,  177  Beverley 
Clairlea  Presbyterian  Church,  n  s  St  Clair  av  e  before 
Eastgate  (Scar) 

Coldstream  Presbyterian  Church,  500  Coldstream  av 
(North  York) 

Cooke's  Presbyterian  Church,  88  Queen  e 

Davenport  Rd  Presbyterian  Church,  1183  Davenport  rd 

Dovercourt  Rd  Presbyterian  Church,  702  Dovercourt  rd 

Dufferin  Street,  1183  Dufferin 

Emmanuel,  21  Swanwick  av 

Evangel  Hall,  573  Queen  w 

Fairbank,  s  s  Ramsden  rd  (York  Twp) 

Fallingbrook  Presbyterian  Church,  31  Woodglen  ra 

First  Hungarian  Presbyterian  Church,  206  McCaul 
Glebe  Presbyterian  Church,  124  Belsize  drive 
Glenview,  1  Glenview  av 

Grace  Presbyterian  Church,  588  Renforth  dr  (Etob) 
Guildwood  Community  Presbyterian  Church,  140  Guild- 
wood  Parkway  (Scar) 

High  Park,  56-74  Boustead  av 

Hillview  Presbyterian  Church,  106  Ravenscrest  dr  (Etob) 
Knox  Presbyterian  Church,  630-642  Spadina  av 
Leaside  Presbyterian  Church,  672  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 
Logan  Geggie  Memorial  Presbyterian  Church  The,  71 
Chartwell  rd  (Etob) 

Melrose  Park  Presbyterian  Church,  250  Fairlawn  av 
Mimico  Presbyterian  Church,  after  215  Royal  York  rd 

Morningside,  beg  n  s  Morningside  av  cor  Kennedy  av 

North  Park  Presbyterian  Church,  50  Erie  (Nth  Y) 
Oakwood  Presbyterian  Church,  108  Holland  Park  av 
(York  Twp) 

Olivet  Presbyterian  Church,  33  Hazelton  av 
Parkdale  Presbyterian  Church,  250  Dunn  av 
Park  Lawn  Presbyterian  Church,  336  Parklawn  rd  (Etob) 
Patterson,  109-115  Harvie  av 

Pine  Ridge  Presbyterian  Church,  39  Knox  av  (Nth  Y) 
Queen  St  East  Presbyterian  Church,  947  Queen  e 
Rexdale  Presbyterian  Church,  1222  Islington  av  n 

Riverdale,  662  Pape  av 

Rogers  Memorial  Presbyterian  Church,  1038  Woodbine 
av  (E  Y) 

Rosedale  Presbyterian  Church,  129  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Royce  Avenue,  394  Perth  av  and  1543- l551  Dupont 
Runnymede,  680  Annette 
St  Andrew's,  3819  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

St.  Andrew's,  75  Simcoe 

St.  Andrew's  Presbyterian  Church,  1579  Royal  York  rd 

St.  Andrew's  Presbyterian  Church,  115  St  Andrews  rd 

St  Giles  Kingsway  Presbyterian  Church,  15  Lambeth  rd 

St  James  Presbyterian  Church,  140  Dawes  rd  (E  Y) 
and  2  Twenty-Sixth  (Long  B) 

St  Jchns,  415  Broadview  av 

St  Mark's  Presbyterian  Church,  1  Greenland  rd  (Nth  Y) 
St  Matthew's,  31  Eastwood  rd 
St  Paul's  Presbyterian,  912  Bathurst 
St  Stephen's  Presbyterian  Church,  3817  Lawrence  av  e 

St  Stephens  Presbyterian  Church,  3194  Weston  rd 
(North  York) 

Trinity  Presbyterian  Church,  beg  n  s  Truman  rd  (Nth 

Ukrainian  Presbyterian  Church,  20  Claremont 
Victoria  Presbyterian  Church,  152-154  Annette 
Westminster  Presbyterian  Church,  841  Birchmount  rd 

Westminster  Presbyterian  Church,  154  Floyd  av  (East 

Weston,  5  Cross  (Wstn) 

Westview,  215  Westview  blvd  (E  Y) 

Wexford  Presbyterian  Church,  1938  Lawrence  av  e 

Wychwood  Presbyterian  Church,  155  Wychwood  av 
York  Memorial  Presbyterian  Church,  after  1693  Keele 
(York  Township) 

(Roman  Catholic) 

Annunciation  of  The  Virgin  Mary  The,  136  Sorauren 

Annunciation  RC  Church,  3  Combermere  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Blessed  Sacrament,  2982  Yonge 

Canadian  Martyrs  (R  C)  Church  The,  1394  Woodbine 
avenue  (E  Y) 

Christ  The  King  Church,  3674  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(Long  Branch) 

Church  of  the  Holy  Name,  606  Danforth  av 
Church  of  Our  Lady  of  Mt  Carmel,  196-200  St  Patrick 
Church  of  Our  Lady  of  Sorrows,  before  3055  s  s 
Bloor  w  cor  Cliveden  (Etob) 

Church  of  St  Eugene,  13  Regina  av  (Nth  Y) 

Church  of  St  Lawrence  Martyr  (RC),  2210  Lawrence 
av  e  (Scar) 

Corpus  Christi,  1810  Queen  e 

Holy  Angels  Parish  Hall  &  Church,  63  Jutland  rd 

Holy  Cross,  s  s  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

Holy  Family,  1374  King  w 
Holy  Rosary  Church,  354  St  Clair  av  w 
Immaculate  Conception  (R  C)  Church,  w  s  Richardson 
av  at  Lester  av  (York  Twp) 

Immaculate  Heart  of  Mary  (R  C)  Church,  131  Birch¬ 
mount  rd  (Scar) 

Our  Lady  Help  of  Christmas  (RC)  Church,  611  .Manning 

Our  Lady  of  Fatima  (RC)  Shrine,  3170  St  Clair  av  e 

Our  Lady  of  Lourdes,  520  Sherbourne 
Our  Lady  of  Peace  (R  C)  Church,  after  3914  Bloor 
w  (Etob) 

Our  Lady  of  Perpetual  Help  (R  C)  Church,  w  s  Clifton 

Our  Lady  of  the  Assumption  (R  C)  Church,  2565 
Bathurst  (Fst  H) 

Our  Lady  of  the  Miraculous  Medal,  739  Brown's  Line 

Our  Lady  of  Victory  Church,  e  s  Guestville  av  (York 

Precious  Blood  Roman  Catholic  Church,  1737  'Lawrence 
av  e  (Scar) 

Sacred  Heart  Church,  n  s  Carlton 
St  Agnes,  938  Dundas  w 

St  Ambrose  (R  C)  Church,  780  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 
St  Andrew's  Old  Catholic  Church,  336  Pape  av 
St  Anne's  (Roman  Catholic)  Church,  709-711  Gerrard 

St  Anselm's  Church,  n  s  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 

St  Anthony's  1037  Bloor  w 
St  Basil's,  50  St  Joseph 

St  Benedict's  Church  (Rexdale),  1560  Kipling  av  n 

St  Bernard's  1795  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

St  Bonaventure's  Church  (Don  Mills),  1300  Leslie 
(North  York) 

St  Boniface  (R  C)  Church,  142  Markham  rd  (Scar) 

St  Brigids,  300  Wolverleigh  blvd 
St  Cecilia's  163  Annette 

St  Charles  (RC)  Church,  811  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

St  Clare's  1118  St  Clair  av  w 
St  Cyril  Methodius  Church,  38  Claremont 
St  Dunstan's  (RC)  3154  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

St  Elizabeth  of  Hungary  (RC)  Church,  290  Spadina  av 

St  Francis,  101  Grace 

St  Gabriel  Monastry  Parish,  666  Sheppard  av  east 
(North  York) 

St  Gregory's  (R  C)  Church,  122  Rathburn  rd  (Etob) 

St  Helens,  1688  Dundas  w 

St  James,  740  Annette 

St  Joan  of  Arc,  2326  Dundas  w 

St  John  Bosco  Church,  402  Westmount  av  (York  Twp) 

St  John's,  45  George  (Wstn) 

St  John's  786  Kingston  rd 
St  Joseph's  162  Leslie 

St  Jude's  R  C  Chuch,  3265  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 

St  Leo's  (RC)  Church,  281  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 

St  Margaret's  (RC)  Church,  222  Ridley  blvd  (Nth  Y) 
St  Maria  Goretti  (RC)  Church,  717  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 
St  Marks  Church  (RC),  275  Parklawn  rd  (Etob) 

St  Mary  of  the  Angels,  1479  Dufferin 
St  Mary's  (RC)  Church,  (Portuguese  Parish),  before 
138  Bathurst 

St  Mary's  Polish,  1  Gillespie  av 

St  Mary's  Slovak  Catholic  Church,  257  Shaw 

St  Matthew's  710  Old  Weston  rd  (York  Two) 

St  Michael's  Cathedral  corner  Bond  and  Shuter 

St  Monica's  (R  C)  Church,  40  Broadway  av 

St  Patrick's  137  McCaul 

St  Paul  the  Apostle,  3226-40  Dundas  w 

St  Paul's,  after  83  Power 

St  Peters,  840  Bathurst 

St  Peter's  RC  Church,  647  Markham 

St  Philip  Neri's  (RC)  Church,  2124  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

St  Pius  X  Church  (RC),  2305  Bloor  w 
St  Rose  of  Lima  Catholic  Church,  3216  Lawrence  av  e 

St  Stanislaus,  12  Denison  av 
St  Teresa's  104  Tenth  (New  T) 

St  Theresa's  Church-Shrine  of  the  Little  Flower,  2557 
Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

St  Thomas  Aquinas,  1663-5  Eglinton  av  w  (York  T) 
St  Thomas  Aquinas  Chapel  (Newman  Hall),  50  Hnskin 

St  Vincent  De  Paul  Church,  263  Roncesvalles  av 
St  Wenceslaus  Church,  496  Gladstone  av 
Transfiguration  of  our  Lord  Church,  45  Ludstone  dr 

(Seventh  Day  Adventists) 

Seventh  Day  Adventist  Church,  555  Finch  av  w  (Nth 

Toronto  East  Seventh  Day  Adventist,  684  Cosburn  av 
(East  York) 

Ukrainian  College  Street  Church  of  Seventh  Day  Ad¬ 
ventists,  532  Colleqe 

West  Toronto  Seventh  Day  Adventist  Church,  460  Shaw 
Yugoslavia  Seventh  Day  Adventist  Church,  19  Mortimer 
avenue  (E  Y) 

(Ukrainian  Catholic  Churches) 

Holy  Eucharist  Church  (Ukrainian  Catholic),  7  Spark- 
hall  av 

Our  Lady  of  Perpetual  Help,  276  Bathurst 
St  Basil's,  449  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

St  Josaphat,  110  Franklin  av 

St  Michael's  Ukrainian  Greek  Catholic  Church,  182-184 
Sixth  (New  T) 

St  Nicholas  Ukranian  Catholic  Church,  4  Bellwoods  av 

(United  Church  of  Canada) 

Alderwood  United  Church,  44  Delma  dr  (Etob) 
Alhambra  Av,  1573  Bloor  w 

Armour  Heights  United  Church,  65  Dunblaine  av  (Nth 

Asbury  and  West  United  Church,  3180  Bathurst  (North 

Bathurst  Street,  736  Bathurst 
Bedford  Park  United  Church,  100  Ranleigh  av 
Bel lefair  United  Church  of  Can,  2000  Queen  e 
Bethesda  United  Church,  e  s  Larkfield  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Beverley  Heights  United  Church,  60  Mayall  (Nth  Y) 
Birch  Cliff  Heights,  96  Highview  av  (Scar) 

Birchcliff  United  33  East  rd  (Scar) 

Bloor  St  United  Church,  292  Bloor  w 
Bloordale  United  Church,  4258  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Carman  Memorial,  12  Pauline  av 
Centennial  United  Church,  699-701  Dovercourt  rd 
Central  United  Church,  s  s  King  corner  Weston  rd 

Century  United  Church,  118  Ninth  (New  T) 

Chinese  United  Church,  92-94  Chestnut 
Church  of  All  Nations,  423  Queen  w 
Church  of  The  Good  Shepherd  The  (Oriole  York  Mills), 
2609  Bayview  av  (Nth  Y) 

Church  of  the  Master,  3385  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Church  of  St  Bede,  79  Westbourne  av  (Scar) 

Cliffcrest  United  Church,  e  s  McCowan  rd  (Scar) 
College  St  United  Church,  before  460  College 
Cosburn  Avenue,  324  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 

Danforth  Avenue,  310  Danforth  av 
Deer  Park  United  Church,  129  St  Clair  av  w 
Dentonia  Park,  109  Dawes  rd  (E  Y) 

Dewi  Sant  Welsh  United  Church,  33  Melrose  av 
Donlands  Avenue,  40  Donlands  av 
Don  Mills  United  Church,  cor  O'Connor  dr  and  Pape  av 
(E  Y) 

Donminister  United  Church,  40  Underhill  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Donway  United  Church,  230  The  Donway  West  (Nth  Y) 
Downsview  United  Church,  2822  Keele  (Nth  Y) 
Earlscourt.  after  90  Ascot  av 
Eglinton  United  Church,  65  Sheldrake  blvd 
Elverston  Park  United  Church,  280  Culford  rd  (Nth 

Emery  United  Chuch,  3350  Weston  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Emmanuel  United  Church,  240  Roncesvalles  av 
Epworth  United  Church,  40-42  Yarmouth  rd 
Fairbank  United  Church,  2750  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Fairlawn  United  Church,  28  Fairlawn  av 
Forest  Hill  United  Church,  2  Wembley  rd  (Fst  H) 

Glebe  Road,  20  Glebe  rd  e 

Glen  Ayr  United  Church,  57  Brimorton  dr  (Scar) 

Glenmount,  2029  Gerrard  e 

Grace,  1155  College 

High  Park  Avenue,  260  High  Park  av 

Hope,  2550  Danforth  av 

Howard  Park,  58  Marmaduke 

Humber  Valley,  76  Anglesley  blvd  (Etob) 

Humbercrest,  16  Baby  Point  rd  (York  Twp) 

Humbervale  United  Church,  1447  Royal  York  rd  (Etob) 
Iondale  Heights  United  Church,  115  Ionview  rd  (Scar) 
Islington  United  Church,  25  Burnhamthorpe  rd  (Etob) 
Kew  Beach,  140  Wineva  av 
Kimbourne  Park,  200  Wolverleigh  blvd 
Kingston  Road,  975  Kingston  rd 
Kingsway-Lambton  United  Ohurch  of  Canada,  n  e  cor 
of  Kingsway  and  Prince  Edward  dr  (Etob) 

Knob  Hill  United  Church,  23  Gage  av  (Scar) 

Lansing  United  Church,  49  Bogert  av  (Nth  Y) 

Lawrence  Park  Community  Church,  2180  Bayview  av 
(North  York) 

Leaside,  120  McRae  dr  (Leas) 

Manor  Rd  United  Church,  248  Manor  rd  e 
Metropolitan  United  Church,  51  Bond 
Mount  Dennis  United  Church,  71  Guestville  av  (York 

North  Broadview,  1-9  Dearbourne  av 
North  Runnymede  United  Church,  33  Pritchard  av 
(York  Township) 

Northlea  United  Church,  125  Brentcliffe  rd  (Leas) 
Oakwood,  7  Glenora  av  (York  Twp) 

Olde  Davenport  Road  United  Church,  The,  1900 
Davenport  rd 

Parkdale  United  Church,  e  s  Dunn  av 
Parkwoods  United  Church,  85  Parkwood  Village  dr 
(North  Yorw) 

Perth  Avenue,  243  Perth  av 

Presteign  United  Church,  16  Presteign  av  (E  Y) 

Prospect  Park  United  Church,  24  Innes  av 

Queen  Street,  761-769  Queen  w 

Queensway,  42  Rosemeade  av  (Etob)  (United) 


Regent  Park  United  Church,  40  Oak 

Rexdale  United  Church,  87  Elmhurst  dr  (Etob) 

Rhodes  Avenue,  1470  Gerrard  e 

Riohview  United  Church,  149  Wellesworth  dr  (Etob) 

Riverdale,  1117  Gerrard  e 

Riverside  United  Church,  2799  Weston  rd  (Nth  York) 
Rosedale,  159  Roxborough  dr 

Royal  York  Rd  United  Church,  851  Royal  York  rd 

Runnymede,  432  Runnymede  rd 

St  Andrew's,  117  Bloor  e 

St  Clair  Av  United  Church,  729  St  Clair  av  w 

St  Columba,  540  St  Clair  av  w 

St  Cuthberts,  1838  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

St  Davids,  10  Harvie  av 

St  Enoch's,  80  Winchester 

St  George's  33-55  Lytton  blvd 

St  James  Bond,  1066  Avenue  rd 

St  James  Islington  United  Church,  400  Burnhamthorpe 
rd  (Etob) 

St  Luke's  United  Church,  163  Carlton 

St  Luke's  United  Church,  516  The  Kingsway  (Etob) 

St  Mark's  United  Church,  before  95  Orton  Park  rd 

St  Paul's  Avenue  Road,  121  Avenue  rd 

St  Paul's  Italian  United  Church,  1120  Ossington  av 

St  Paul's,  before  35  Sandown  av  (Scar) 

St.  Paul's  United  Church,  after  81  Thirty-First  (Long 

St  Stephen's,  1369  Queen  e 

Scarboro  Junction  United  Church,  3572-3576  St  Clair 
avenue  e  (Scarboro) 

Silverthorn,  33  Scott  rd  (York  Twp) 

Simpson  Avenue,  115  Simpson  av 
Thistletown  United  Church,  1030  Albion  rd  (Etob) 
Thorne  I  iff  e  Park  United  Church,  90  Thorncliffe  Park  dr 

Timothy  Eaton  Memorial  Church,  230  St  Clair  av  w 
Trethewey  Park  United  Church,  1  Brookhaven  dr  (North 

Trinity,  427  Bloor  w 

Victoria  Park  United  Church,  1  Stamford  sq  n  (Scar) 
Victoria  Village  United  Church,  w  s  Gretna  av  (Nth  Y) 
Wanstead,  cor  Denton  av  and  Wanstead  av  (Scar) 
Washington  United  Church,  3739  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Wesley,  w  s  Ossington  av  after  Dundas  w 
United  Church,  n  s  Mimico  av  (Mim) 

West  Ellesmere  United  Church,  37  Marchington  Circle 

West  Hill  United  Church,  62  Orchard  Park  dr  (Scar) 
West  Humber  United  Church,  n  s  Mercury  rd  (Etob) 
Westminster,  69  William  (Wstn) 

Westmoreland,  172  Hallam 

Westway  United  Church,  8  Templar  dr  (Etob) 

Wilmar  Hgts  United  Church,  963  Pharmacy  av  (Scar) 
Wilson  Heights,  68  Collinson  blvd  (Nth  Y) 

Windermere  Avenue  United  Church,  w  s  Windermere 
avenue  (Swan) 

Woodbine  Avenue,  704  Mortimer  av  (E  Y) 
Woodgreen,  875  Queen  e 
Yonge,  1231  Yonge 

Yorkminster  United  Church,  395  Old  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 
Zion  Wexford  United  Church,  2102  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
(Miscellaneous  Denominations) 

Alliance  Tabernacle,  2026  Yonge 

Apostlic  Christian  Church-Nazarene,  274  Weston  rd 

Apostolic  Church,  27  Cast lef i el d  av 

Armenian  Evangelical  Church,  34  Glenforest  rd 

Assemblea  Christiana,  682-688  Ossington  av 

Avenue  Road  Church,  213  Avenue  rd 

Bahai  Centre,  298  Brunswick  av 

Banfield  Memorial  Church,  431  Vaughan  rd  (York 

Bayview  Avenue  Church  of  Christ,  1708  Bayview  av 
Bedford  Park  Chapel,  11  Bedford  Park  av 
Bendale  Bible  Chapel,  w  s  Bellamy  rd  (Scar) 

Bethany  Chapel,  22  McAdam  (Nth  Y) 

Bethel  Apostolic  Church,  997  Dovercourt  rd 
Bethel  Bible  Church,  992  Kingston  rd 
Bethel  Nazarene  Church,  440  Horner  av  (Etob) 

Bethel  Pentecostal  Apostolic  Church,  357  College 
Birchcl iff  Gospel  Hall,  w  s  Warden  av  (Scar) 

Bowood  Gospel  Hall,  108  Bowood  av 
Brimley  Rd  Alliance  Church,  724  Brimley  rd  (Scar) 
British  Methcdist  Episcopal  Church,  460  Shaw 
Britten  Memorial  Church  of  Canada,  657  Lansdcwne  av 
Broadview  Avenue  Free  Methodist  Church,  296  Broad¬ 
view  av 

Byelorussian  Greek-Orthodox  Church  of  St  Euphrosynia, 
1008  Dovercourt  rd 

Byelorussian  Orthodox  Church  &  Community  Hall,  524-6 
St  Clarens  av 

Calvary  Assembly,  3200  Dundas  w 
Calvary  Church,  746  Pape  av 

Canadian  Mission  Church  of  Jesus  Christ  of  Latter-Day 
Saints,  133  Lyndhurst  av 
Chinese  Gospel  Church,  450  Dundas  w 
Christadelph  an  Chu'cn,  728  Church 
Christadelphian  Church,  967  Ossington  av 
Christ  Adelphian  Church,  695  Scarlett  rd  (Etob) 
Christus-Kirche,  804  Broadview  av 
Church  of  Atonement,  252  Sheldon  av  (Etob) 

Church  of  Christ,  47  Harding  av  (Nth  Y) 

Church  of  Christ,  10  Maplewood  av  (York  Twp) 

Church  of  Edith  Cave  1 1,  973  College 
Church  of  Jesus  Christ  of  Latter  Day  Saints  The,  95 
Melbert  rd  (Etob) 

Church  of  Jesus  Christ  of  Latter  Day  Saints,  851 
Ossington  av 

Church  of  Nazareth,  136  Glebemount  av  (E  Y) 

Church  of  the  Christian  Community  in  Canada,  1766 
Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Church  of  the  Crusaders,  1307  Bloor  w 
Church  of  the  Living  Word,  688  Mt.  Pleasant  rd 

Church  of  the  Loving  Service,  1265  Gerrard  e 

Church  of  the  Nazarene,  661  Kennedy  rd 
Church  of  the  Nazarene,  363  Main 
Church  of  the  Resurrection,  1021  College 
Congregazione  Pentecostale,  (Italiana),  65  Ford 
Danforth  Evangel  Mission,  3339  Danforth  av  (Scar) 
Danforth  Gospel  Temple,  1050-1060  Danforth  av 
Danforth  Mennonite  Church,  2174  Danforth  av 
Davenport  Road  Gospel  Hall,  2039  Davenport  rd 
Dawes  Road  Gospel  Church,  383  Dawes  rd  (E  Y) 
Deliverence  Centre,  984-934V2  Queen  w 
Dixon  Gospel  Temple,  145  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 

Door  of  Hope  Tabernacle  93-95  Gl^dstine  av 
Duchess  St  Mission  Incorporated,  529  Richmond  e 
Eglinton  Avenue  Gospel  Hall,  503  Eglinton  av  e 
Emmanuel  Church  (Evangelical),  4  Lessard  av  (Y  Twp) 
Emmanuel  Gospel  Tabernacle,  674  Jane  (Y  Twp) 
Estonian  Baptist  Church,  883-883A  Broadview  av 
Estonian  Convent  Church,  562  Jones  av 
Evanqel  Temple,  76  Dundas  e 
Evangelical  Church  of  the  Deaf,  56  Wellesley  e 
EvangeUstic  Centre,  22  York  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Fairbank  Gospel  Hall,  119  Ennerdale  rd  (York  Twp) 
Faith  Gospel  Chapel,  w  s  Victoria  Park  av  (E  Y) 
Faith  Lutheran  Church,  96  Hucknall  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Family  Church  The,  168  Main 
Fern  Av  Church  of  Christ,  62  Fern  av 
Finnish  Pentecostal  Church,  between  92  and  100  Belmont 
First  Christian  Reformed  Church,  59-67  Taunton  rd 
First  Church  of  The  Christian  Assn,  474  Ontario 
First  Ukrainian  Pentecostal  Church,  557  Bathurst 
First  Unitarian  Congregation,  175  St  Clair  av  w 
First  United  Pentecostal  Church,  719  Greenwood  av 
Free  Church  of  Scotland,  18-20  Davenport  rd 
Full  Gospel  Church,  17  Rhodes  av 
Full  Gospel  Tabernacle,  159  Claremont 
German  Church  of  God,  694  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Gospel  Halls,  56  Tecumseh,  71  Gladstone,  871  Pape  av 
(E  Y)  and  3421  Yonge 
Gospel  Tabernacle  The,  155  Sheridan  av 
Grace  Church  of  the  Nazarene,  624  Annette 
Grant  African  Methodist  Episcopal  Church,  23-5  Soho 
Greenwood  Gospel  Chapel,  949  Greenwood  av  (E  Y) 
Highfield  Road  Gospel  Hall,  33  Highfield  rd 
Highway  Gosoel  Church,  w  s  Midland  av  (Scar) 

Holy  Trinity  Armenian  Church,  2-14  Woodlawn  av  w 
Hope  Gospel  Church,  1992  Yonge 
Islington  Evangel  Centre,  310  Burhamthorpe  rd  (Etob) 
Italian  Pentecostal  Church,  706  College 
Jackson  Davis  Spiritual  Church,  319  Keele 
James  St  Gospel  Tabernacle,  103  James  (Long  B) 
Japanese  United  Church,  699-705  Dovercourt  rd 
Keele  St  Church  of  Christ,  97-101  Annette 
Kingdom  Hall  of  Jehovahs  Witnesses,  (For  list  of 
branches,  see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Kingsview  Free  Methodist  Church,  15  Kingsview  blvd 

Lawrence  Park  Community  Church,  2180  Bayview  av 
(North  York) 

Leaside  Bible  Chapel,  826  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Maple  Leaf  Dr.  Reformed  Church,  176  Maple  Leaf  dr 
(Nth  York) 

Members  In  Christ  Assemblies,  470  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 
Moat  Memorial  Spiritualist  Church,  1781  Danforth  av 
Morningside  Mennonite  Church,  64  Tiago  av  {E  Y) 
Morningside  Park  Gospel  Church,  2851  St  Clair  av  e 
(East  York) 

Mount  Dennis  Tabernacle,  1322  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Muslim  Society  of  Toronto  Islamic  Centre,  3047 
Dundas  west 

Nativity  of  Our  Lord  Church,  480  Rathburn  rd  (Etob) 
New  Apostolic  Church,  407  Dupont,  152  Hazewood 
av  and  661  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

New  Apostolic  Church  of  Canada,  1621  Dupont 
New  Covenant  House,  348  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
O'Connor  Hills  United  Missionary  Church,  36  Broadlands 
blvd  (Nth  Y) 

Olivet  Church  of  New  Jerusalem,  279  Bunhamthorpe 
road  (Etcb) 

Onward  Church,  62  Winchester 
Our  Lady  Queen  of  Croatia  Church,  3-5  Awde 
Overcomers  Church  The,  40  Bain  av  and  312  Palmerston 

Park  Road  Gospel  Church,  1063  Glencairn  av  (Nth  Y) 
Parkway  Bible  Church,  77  Ivordale  cres  (Scar) 
Penticostal  Holiness  Church-Scarboro  Tabemnacle,  44 
Craiglee  dr  (Scar) 

Peop’es  Church  The,  374  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Pierwsky  Polish  Kosciol  Baptystow,  2611  Dundas  w 
Pilgrim  Holiness  Church,  312  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Queensway  Cathedral,  1534-8  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Reorgan;zed  Church  of  Jesus  Christ  of  Latter  Day  Saints, 
1443  Bathurst 

Reorganized  Church  of  Jesus  Christ  of  Latter  Day  Saints, 
247  Park  Lawn  rd  (Etob) 

Reorganized  Church  of  Jesus  Christ  of  Latter  Day 
Saints,  Eppleworth  rd  (Scar) 

Restoration  Revival  Centre,  693  Bathurst 
Rexdale  Alliance  Church,  1363  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 
Rexdale  Gcspel  Hall,  n  s  Bergamot  av  (Etob) 
Riverside  Church  Inc  The,  454-456  King  e 
Rohoboth  Christian  Reform  Church,  800  Burnham¬ 
thorpe  road  (Etob) 

Russian  Greek  Orthodox  Church,  4  Glen  Morris 
Russian  Holy  Trinity  Orthodox  Church,  461-465  Richmond 

Russian  Ukrainian  Church  of  Evangelistic  Christians, 
24  Carr 

St  Casimir's  Church,  w  s  Roncesvalles  av 
St  C I  a :  r  Church  of  the  Nazarene,  1277  St  Clair  av  w 
St  Clair  United  Missionary  Church,  3113  St  Clair 
avenue  e  (Scar) 

St  Cyril  and  Methody  Macedonian  Bulgarian  Orthodox 
Cathedral,  227  Sackville 

St  George  Syrian  Orthodox  Church,  11  Woodlawn 
avenue  w 

St  George's  Greek  Orthodox,  115  Bond 
St  George's  Macedono  Bulgarian  Eastern  Orthodox 
Church,  17  Regent 

St  George's  Romanian  Orthodox  Church,  324  Broadview 

St  John's  Polish  National  Catholic  Church,  182-186 
Cowan  av 

St  Joseph's  Mission,  318  Bathurst 
St  Nicholas  Ukrainian  Catholic  Church,  770  Queen  w 
St  Sava  Serbian  Church,  203  River 
Salvation  Army  Headquarters,  20  Albert  (for  Branches 
see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Scarb^reuoh  Tabernacle,  44  Craialee  dr  (Scar) 
Scarboro  Gospel  Temple,  710  Markham  rd  (Scar) 

Scott  Mission  Chapel,  502  Spadina  av 
Slavic  Pentecostal  Church,  1090  Queen  w 
Springdale  Church,  30  Merritt  rd  (E  Y) 

Star  of  Progress  Spiritual  Church,  641  Queen  e 
Stone  Church  Pentecostal,  45  Davenport  rd 
Strathmore  Church  of  Christ,  346  Strathmore  blvd 
Torah  V'Avodah  Congregation,  86  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
(York  Township) 

Toronto  Apostolic  Tabernacle,  238  Carlton 
Toronto  Buddhist  Church,  918  Bathurst 
Toronto  Gospel  Lighthouse  The,  229  Broadview  av 
Toronto  Mennonite  Brethren  Church,  272  Ranee  av 
(North  York) 

Toronto  Spiritualist  Temple,  233  Ossington  av 
Toronto  United  Mennonite  Church,  2-4  Lark 
Ukrainian  Evangelical  Church,  869  Dovercourt  rd 
Ukrainian  Greek  Orthodox  Church  of  St  Andrew,  1622- 
1630  Dupont 

Ukrainian  Greek  Orthodox  Church  of  St  Demetrius, 
3338  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 

Ukrainian  Orthodox  Church,  400  Bathurst 
United  Apostolic  Faith  Church  The,  212  Delaware  av 
United  Brethren  Church,  48  Bloem  av  (York  Twp) 
Unity  Church  of  Truth,  173  Eglinton  av  w 
V:ctory  Gospel  Church,  764  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Wallace  Memorial  Church,  e  s  Brockley  dr  (Scar) 
Warden  Av  Free  Methodist  Church,  1355  Warden  av 

Warden  Park  Mennonite  Church,  46  Scotia  av  (Scar) 
Webster  Meeting  Rooms  Assn,  93  Beresford  av  (Swan) 
Wesleyan  Methodist  Church,  8  Amroth  av 
West  End  Revival  Centre  (Pentecostal  Assemblies  of 
Canada),  1780  St  Clair  av  w 
West  Hill  Gospel  Hall,  122  Galloway  rd  (Scar) 

West  Memorial  Church,  236  Nairn  av  (York  Twp) 
Westmount  Gospel  Hall,  59  Kingdom  (Etob) 

Westmount  Park  Church  of  the  Associated  Gospel 
Church,  1483  Royal  York  rd  (Etob) 

Westway  Christian  Church,  2  Kilburn  pi  (Etob) 
Yorkdale  Pentecostal  Church,  80  Regent  rd  (Nth  Y) 


Bethel  House,  352  B'athurst 
Bracondale  Gospel  Hall,  5RB  Arlington  av 
Canadian  Gospel  Missions,  75  Birmingham  (New  T) 
Ceylon  &  Indian  General  Mission  &  Pakistan  Christian 
Fellowship,  205  Yonge 
Danforth  Gospel  Hall,  2237  Danforth  av 
Faith  Mission  in  Canada,  86  Woodlawn  av  w 
Fred  Victor  Mission,  147  Queen  e 
Jewels  For  Jesus  Mission,  1076  Midland  av  (Scar) 

Maria  St  Baptist  Mission,  186  Maria 
Merton  St  Gospel  Mission,  399  Merton 
Mimico  Gospel  Hall,  414  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 
Passionist  Missions  (Canada)  The,  1456  Kipling  av  n 

St  Mary's  Mission,  131  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 
Scarboro  Foreign  Mission  Society,  2685  Kingston  rd 

Scott  Mission  Incorporated,  502  Spadina  av 
Scripture  Gift  Mission,  21  Spad:na  rd 
Sudan  Interior  Mission,  405  Huron 
Toronto  City  Mission,  The,  608  Spadina  av 
Toronto  Jewish  Mission,  348  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Unevangelized  Fields  Mission,  132  Crescent  rd 
United  B-ethren  in  Christ  Mission,  277  Scott  rd 
(York  Twp) 

West  Toronto  Gospel  Hall,  425  Pacific  av 
Yonge  St  Mission,  381-3  Yonge 


(Wholesale  and  Mfrs.) 

Barnett  &  Politi  Ltd,  50  Overlea  blvd  (Leas) 
Beaver  Tobacco  Co  Ltd,  114-116  Jarvis 

Beck  Geo  Ltd,  130  Bloor  w  and  15  Dyas  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Benson  &  Hedges  Sales  Co,  121  Railside  rd  ONth  Y) 
Consumers  Wholesale  Tobacconists  and  Importers  Ltd, 
84  Market 

Davis  Tobaccos  Ltd,  162  Queen's  Quay  e 
Dron  E  Ltd  82  Second  (New  T) 

Imperial  Tobacco  Sales  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  810  York 
Mills  rd  (Nth  Y)  and  44  King  w 
Karrys  Bros  Ltd,  101  Gerrard  e 
Katz  Brothers,  312  Adelaide  w 
King  Edward  Cigar  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  76  Stafford 
K ingsmil I  W  H  Ltd,  1076  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Kohl  &  Frisch  Ltd,  1377  Dufferin 

Lopez  J  A,  392  King  e 

Martin  W  R,  4200  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

McAulay  ‘Bros  Ltd,  50  Overlea  blvd  (Leas) 

Miller  K  A  &  Son  Cigar  Co,  443  King  w 

Ontario  Tobacco  Co  Ltd,  76  Stafford 

Platt  M  S  &  Son,  536  Manning  av 

Reliable  Tobacco  Co  Ltd  The,  193-95  Spadina  av 

Robinson  B  H  Ltd,  3091  Dundas  w 

Rock  City  Sales  Ltd,  64  Samor  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Rothmans  of  Pall  Mall  Canada  Ltd,  75  Dufflaw  rd 
(North  York)  and  64  Samor  rd  (North  York),  and 
w  s  Belfield  dr  at  Hwy  27  (Etob)  and  98  Orfus 
rd  (Nth  Y) 

Sang  Yuen  Chong  Co,  80  Elizabeth 
Scales  &  Roberts  Ltd  (Div  of  Hudson's  Bay  Co),  747 
Warden  av  (Scar)  and  121  Richmond  w 
Shifman  J  &  Sons  Ltd,  1335  Davenport  rd 
Sincere  Trading  Co,  143  Dundas  w 
Stafford  Higgins  Ltd,  1870-1874  Davenport  rd 
Taylor  A  S  &  Son  Ltd,  1813  Danforth  av 
Theodorus  Niemeyer  Canada  Ltd,  60  Shorncliffe  rd 

Toronto  Wholesale  Tobacco  Co  Ltd,  11  Brant 
V-Master  Ltd,  114  Manville  rd  (Scar) 

Virgin  F  J  &.  Sons  Ltd,  301  Donlands  av  (€  Y) 
Wilson  Joe,  784  St  Clair  av  w 
Wing  Shang  Co,  11  Baldwin 


A  &  B  Smoke  Shop,  2907  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 
Aiken's  Cigar  Store,  1724  St  Clair  av  w 
Al's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  1605  Queen  e 
Al's  Smokes  &  Gifts,  2337  Dundas  w 
Albert's  Cigar  Store,  481  Queen  e 
Albion  Smoke  &  Gift  Ltd,  1530  Albion  rd  (Etob) 
Alderwood  Smoke  &  Variety,  80  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 
Alex's  Cigar  Store,  968  College 
Alfred's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  400  Queen  e 
Algean  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  1587  Ellesmere  rd  {Scar) 
Allan  Gardens  Variety,  166  Carlton 
Allen's  Variety  Store,  609  Parliament 
Alpine  Smoke  &  Gifts,  1656  Victoria  Pk  av  (Nth  Y) 
Andy's  Gift  &  Smoke  Shop,  522  Annette 
Arcade  Cigar  Store,  26  Queen  e 
Art's  Smoke  &  Variety,  2859  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Ashbourne  Smcke  &  Variety  Store,  3884  Bloor 
west  )Etob) 

Atalanta  Cigar  Store,  115  Carlton 
Audrey's  Smoke  Shop,  1578  Queen  w 
Avenue  Road  Cigar  Store,  136  Avenue  rd 
Avenue  Smoke  Shop,  1024  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Avery's  Confectionery  &  Smokes  Ltd,  50  Overlea  blvd 

Avon  Smoke  Shop,  115  Gerrard  e 
Baker  Lawrence,  268  Howland  av 
Bathurst  Manor  Cigar  Store,  221  Wilmington  av  (Nth 

Bay-Richmond  Smoke  Shop,  67  Richmond  w 
Bayview  Smoke  Shop,  1723  Bayview  av  (Leas) 
Beaumonde  Heights  Variety  Gift  &  Smoke  Shop,  1668 
Islington  av  n  (Etob) 

Bedford  Park  Smoke  Shop,  3200  Yonge 
Bela's  Cigar  Store,  258  Lansdowne  av 
Belmore  Smoke  &  Barber  Shop,  1744  Lawrence  av  e 

Belsize  Cigar  Store,  1981  Yonge 
Ben's  Smoke  Shop,  653  St  Clair  av  w 
Benny's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  419  Yonge 
Best  Smoke  Shop  The,  239  Kingston  rd 
Beta  Smoke  Shop,  531  Evans  av  (Etob) 

B'everley  Hill  Smoke  Shop,  1375  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Bill's  C’gar  Store,  789-791  Dupont 

Bill's  Smoke  Shop,  2877  St  Clair  av  e  (E  Y) 

Bill's  Smoke  Shop,  163B  Spadina  av 
Bill's  Smoke  &  Variety  Store,  537  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 
Bingham  Variety  Shoppe,  1019  Kingston  rd 
Birchlawr  Smoke  &  Gift  Store,  2169  Lawrence  av  e 

Birk's  Smoke  Shop,  2617  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Black's  Cigar  Store,  899  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Blake  Smoke  &  Variety,  360  Gerrard  e 
Bloorway  Smoke  Shop,  870  Bloor  w 
Blue  King  Tobacco  Shop,  672  Queen  w 
Bob's  Cigar  Store,  925  Kingston  rd 
Boulevard  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  2310  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 

Bradmar  Smoke  &  Gifts,  657  McCowan  rd  (Scar) 
Bremner  James,  397  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 
Broadview  Variety  &  Gift  Store,  241  Broadview  av 
Brook  Cigar  Store,  78  Vaughan  rd 
Brooklyn  Discount,  1100  Queen  e 
Bruno's  Cigar  Store,  351  Roncesvalles  av 

C.N.I.B.  Magazine  Stand,  50  Eglinton  av  e 
Caledonia  Smoke  She'D,  2204  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Camilleri  Frank,  1702  Danforth  av 
Campolo  Tony,  28  Yarmouth  rd 
Cap's  Cigar  &  Variety  Shop,  1378  St  Clair  av  w 
Capitol  Smoke  Shop,  2494  Yonge 

Carl's  Smoke  &  Variety  Shop,  1736  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Carlton  Cigar  Store,  120A  Carlton 

Catherine's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  1110  St  Clair  av  w 
Charles  Cigar  Store,  284  Dupont 
Charlie's  Smoke  Shop,  50  Front  e 
Charlies  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  1742  Victoria  Park  av 
(North  York) 

Chester  Variety,  388  Danforth  av 

Chuck's  Smoke  Shop,  1600  Gerrard  e 
Chuck's  Smoke  &  Stationery,  199  Wellesley  e 
City  Hall  Tobacco  Stand,  ground  fir  e,  City  Hall  n 
s  Queen  w 

Claire's  Cigar  Store,  939  Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Claire's  Cigar  Store.  1277  York  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Clancy's  Gift  &  Smoke  Shop,  1460  Kingston  rd 

Clare's  Smoke  Shop,  863  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Cliffside  Plaza  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  2461  Kingston  rd 

Clintwood  Gift  &  Variety,  9  Clintwood  Gate  (Nth  Y) 

Clubb  A  &  Sons  Ltd,  15  Adelaide  e 

College  Gift  Store.  589  College 

College  Variety,  930  College 

Colonnade  Smoke  Shop  The,  131  Bloor  w 

Commerce  News  Stand,  (basement)  25  King  w 

Commodore  Cigar  Stand,  317-321  Adelaide  w 

Community  Smoke  Shop,  466  Danforth  av 

Corner  Cigar  Store,  2216A  Bloor  w 

Corner  Cigar  Store,  850  Millwood  rd  (Leas) 

Corner  Snack  Bar,  323  Wychwood  av  (York  Twp 

Corner  Varieties,  852  Bathurst 

Corvette  Smoke  &  Gift,  617  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Cosburn  Smoke  &  Gift  Shoppe,  472  Cosburn  av  (E  Y) 
Coxwell  Smoke  Shop,  980  Coxwell  av  (E  Y) 
Cross-Town  Cigar  &  Variety  Store,  1184  Eglinton  av 
west  (Fst  H) 

Cullen's  Cigar  Store,  2029  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

D  &  B  Cigar  Store,  1093  Bathurst 
Dan's  Smoke  Shop,  654  Yonge 
Danforth  Smoke  Shop,  2326  Danforth  av 
Daniel's  Cigar  Store,  486  Queen  w 
Daniels  Bros  Tobacco  Shop,  1364  Queen  w 
Danny's  Cigar  Store,  733  Dovercourt  rd 
Dassas  Cigar  Store,  1196  Queen  w 
Dave's  Variety  &  Smoke  Shop,  656  Sheppard  av  w 
(North  York) 

Davenport  Smoke  Shop,  368  Davenport  rd 
Davis  Sami,  343  Bathurst 

De  Havilland  Smoke  Shop,  3312  Keele  (Nth  Y) 
Delaware  Cigar  Store,  929-31  Bloor  w 
Delaware  Cigar  Store,  892  College 
Delta  Smoke  Shop,  605  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Dennis  Public  House,  Cigarette  Stand,  238-240  Broad¬ 
view  av 

Dick's  Smoke  Shop,  1469  Gerrard  e 

Dick's  Smcke  Shop,  134  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Dolores  Smoke  Shop,  84  Gladstone  av 

Don's  Cigar  Stand,  s  s  Danforth  av  before  Luttrell  av 

Don's  Smoke  Shop,  522  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Donlands  Smcke  &  Variety,  383  Donlands  av  (E  Y) 

Dorset  Park  Smoke  Shop,  183  Shropshire  dr  (Scar) 

Dover  Variety  Shop,  839  Dovercourt  rd 

Downtown  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  500  University  av 

Doyle's  Cigar  Store,  724V2  Queen  e 

Dufferin  Smoke  Shop,  1216  Dufferin 

Dufferin  Smoke  Shop,  1493  Dundas  w 

Dundas  Smoke  Shop,  3154  Dundas  w 

Dundas  Variety,  138-140  Dundas  e 

Dupont  Smoke  Shop,  153  Dupont 

Dupont  Smoke  Store,  1538  Dupont 

Eagar  Bros,  1285  Gerrard  e 

Eastown  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  2670  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Ed's  Variety  Shop,  55  Roncesvalles  av 
Edd:e's  Cigar  Store,  1336  Dundas  w 
Eddie's  Smoke  &  Variety  Store,  1302  Gerrard  e 
Eglinton-Kennedy  Smoke  &  Gift  2359  Eglintoh  av  e 

tisenberg's  Smoke  Shop,  168A  Major 
Elane  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  2800  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Elliot's  Cigar  Store,  2790  Danforth  av 
Elmer  Variety,  363  Kingston  rd 
Elru  Variety,  870  College 
Erica's  Variety  Store,  98  Symington  av 
Erskine  Shop  The,  959  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
European  Gift  Centre,  1088  Bloor  w 
Excellent  Sundries  Ltd,  966  St  Clair  av  w 
Exchange  Building  Cigar  Store,  Exchange  Bldg,  590 

Family  Smoke  &  Gift,  3464  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Federal  Tobacco  Co  Ltd,  1139-1143  College 

Ferris  Bob,  Smoke  Shop,  391  Church 

Fine  Wm,  68  Yonge 

Flav's  Smoke  Shop,  297  Wellesley  e 

Fleishman  Maurice,  1234  King  w 

Flynn's  Smoke  Shop,  1169  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 

Ford  Hotel  News  Stand,  595  Bay 

Forest  Hill  Cigar  Store,  402  Spadina  rd  (Fst  H) 

Forty-Eight  Smoke  Shop,  48  Yonge 

Four  Seasons  Newstand,  415  Jarvis 

Frank's  Cigar  Store,  3221  Yonge 

Frank's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  2082A  Lawrence  av  e 

Franklin's  Cigar  Store,  332  Queen  w 
Freedman  Harry,  1110  Bloor  w 
Frey's  Smoke  &  Variety  Store,  672  Kingston  rd 
Fruitman  Joe  Smoke  &  Gifts,  634  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth 

Frymerman  Variety  Store,  1111  Queen  e 
Garber's  Smcke  &  Gift  Shop,  1968  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Twp) 

Garden  Gifts  &  Smokes,  145  Roncesvalles  av 
Garden  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  1495  Bayview  av  (Leas) 
Gene's  Cigar  Store,  189A  Shaw 
George's  Smoke  Shop,  1612  Dupont 
Gerrard  Cigar  &  Variety  Centre,  1919  Gerrard  e 
Gerrard  Smoke  Shoo,  1437  Gerrard  e 
Gerry's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  747  Don  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Gibson's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  596  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 
Gift  Store,  1153  College 
Gilda  Variety  Store,  1067  St  Clair  av  w 
Glen's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop  The,  325  Burnhamthorpe 
road  (Etob) 

Glencairn  Smoke  Shop,  2815  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Glendale  Cigar  &  Gift  Shop,  1670  Avenue  rd  (North 

Glenholme  Variety,  1057  St  Clair  av  w 
Glen-Mar  Variety  &  Smoke  Shop,  75  Marlee  av  (Nth 

Goldhar  Hyman,  686  Bloor  w 
Goldstein  Wm  &  Co  Ltd,  90  King  w 
Goodman's  Cigar  Store,  150  Eglinton  av  e 
Grad's  Smoke  Shop,  584  Lansdowne  av 
Granatstein  Benj,  277  Victoria 
Greenwood  Cigar  Store,  1368  Queen  e 
Gubbay  Smoke  Shop,  1404  Danforth  av 
H  &  L  Smoke  Shop,  1458  Bathurst 
Hal's  Smoke  Shop,  3693  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Halfway  Shop,  398  Lansdowne  av 
Hall  Cigar  Store,  753  Broadview  av 
Hallam  Cigar  Store,  53  Hallam 

Handy  Variety  Smoke  Shop,  1103  Victoria  Park  av 

Happy  Variety  Store,  2360  Danforth  av 

Harper  Raymond  C,  655  Davenport  rd 

Harris  Frank  H,  91  Waverley  rd 

Harry's  Cigar  Store,  1135  Davenport  rd 

Harry's  Cigar  Store,  818  St  Clair  av  w 

Harry's  Smoke  Shop,  1594A  Queen  e 

Harry's  Variety  Store,  340  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 

Harvey's  Variety,  49  Eglinton  av  e 

Harvey's  Variety  Store,  1550  Danforth  av 

Havelock  Cigar  Store,  1059  Bloor  w 

Helen's  Smoke  Shop,  2502  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Helen's  Variety,  1385  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Henry's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  3831  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Herman's  Variety,  3050  Dundas  w 
High  Park  Smoke  Shop,  3023  Dundas  w 
Hillside  Smoke  &  Gifts,  2843  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Holiday  Smoke  Shop,  2923  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Holland  Smoke  Shop,  364  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Houzer  Sami,  937  Bloor  w 

Hub  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop  Ltd,  1801  Lawrence  av  e 

Hubbell's  Variety,  3539  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 
Huck's  Cigar  Store  203  Avenue  rd 
Humber  Smoke  Shoppe,  10  Humbertown  Centre  (Etob) 
Hurl's  Cigar  Store,  660  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 

Hyman's  Cigar  Store,  229  Ossington  av 
I  &  M  Smoke  Shop,  798  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Ian's  Cigar  Store  804  Queen  e 
Imperial  Smoke  Shop,  112  Queen  e 
J's  Smoke  Shop,  294  Spadina  av 
Jack's  Cigar  Store,  834  Dundas  w 
Jack's  Srrrke  &  Gift  Store,  962  Queen  w 
Jack's  Variety,  638  College 
Jack's  Variety,  378  Royal  York  rd  (M'im) 

Jamison's,  291  St  Johns  rd 

Jane  Variety  Shop,  1810  Jane  (Wstn) 

Jane's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  882  Bloor  w 
Jerry's  Cigar  &  Gift  Shop.  1512  Dundas  w 
Jerry's  Cigar  Store,  1358  Bathurst 
Jessel's  Gift  &  Smoke  Shop,  1200  Queen  w 
Jimmie's  Smoke  Shop,  2426  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Joan's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  2894  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Joe  Smoke  Shop,  340  Dundas  e 

Joe's  Cigar  Store,  1084  Queen  w 

Joe's  Smoke  &  G:ft  Shop,  340  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Joe's  Variety,  2804  Dundas  w 

Joe's  Variety  Store,  713  Danforth  av 

Joe's  Variety  Store,  1117  Dufferin 

Joey's  Cigar  Store,  229  Church 

John  &  Pete's  Smoke  Shop,  874  Danforth  av 

Johnson  Gordon,  134  Macdonell  av 

Johnston's  Smoke  Shop,  3373  Yonge 

Joseph's  Cigar  Store,  3027  Bathurst  (Nth  York) 

Jules  Smoke  Shop,  572  Yonge 
Kaneko  Cigar  Store,  2231  Danforth  av 
Kates  Cigar  Store,  244  Queen  e 
Kates  Smoke  Shop,  1072  Dovercourt  rd 
Kathv's  Smcke  &  Gift  Shop,  3218  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 
Ken-Clair  Smoke  &.  Gift  Shop,  3551  St  Clair  av  e  (Scar) 
Ken's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  3262  Lawrence  av  e 

Ken's  Varety  Store,  3407  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 
Kennedy  Smoke  &  Gift,  1346  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Kew  Beach  Cigar  Store,  2185A  Queen  e 
King  Cigar  Store,  575  College 

Page  31 

King-Cowan  Smoke  Shop,  1316  King  w 
King's  Cigar  Store,  3300  Danforth  a v  (Scar) 

King's  Smoke  Shop,  3663  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 
Kinrys  Israel,  266  Jane 

Knob  Hill  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  2701  Egl inton  a v  e 

Knox  Cigar  Store,  162  Main 

Ko's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  809  Brimley  rd  (Scar) 

Kol-Toov  Tobacco,  Variety  &  Delicatessen,  3023 
Bathurst  (North  York) 

Laddie's  Variety,  1261  Bloor  w 

Lakeside  Cigar  Store,  65  Roncesvalles  a v 

Lakeview  Cigar  Store,  1533A  Queen  w 

Landers  Cigars,  3305  Yonge 

Lauder  Smoke  Shop,  1086  St  Clair  av  w 

Laura  Variety,  1574  Dundas  w 

Lawrence  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  1711  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Leaside  Smoke  &  Gift,  864  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 

Lewis  Cigar  Store,  1216  Queen  e 
Lily  Smoke  Shop,  668  Dundas  w 
Lily's  Variety,  730  St  Clair  av  w 
Litol  Vincent,  1691  Dufferin 

Little  Smoke  Shop  The,  Yorkdale  Shopping  Centre,  e  s 
Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Lizar's  Smoke  Shop,  487  Jones  av 

Lloyd's  Smoke  Shop,  952  Brimorton  dr  (Scar) 

Lou's  Cigar  Store,  998V2  Dovercourt  rd 

Lou's  Smoke  Shop,  805  Gerrard  e 

Lou's  Variety  &  Smoke  Shop,  2111  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Louis  Smoke  Shop,  534  Oakwood  av  (Nth  Y) 

Lucki  Wolf,  1158  Bloor  w 

Lucky  Strike  Cigar  Store,  578  Queen  w 

Lyons  Variety  &  Smoke  Shop,  121C  Lyon  av  (York  Twp) 

M  &  G  Smoke  &  Variety  Store,  1355  St  Clair  av  w 

M  &  H  Variety,  5837  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

M.  S.  Smoke  Shop,  1665  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 

Mac's  Cigar  Store,  1625-27  Dundas  w 
Manor  Smoke  Shop,  2102  Yonge 
Maple  Leaf  Cigar  Store,  656V2  Spadina  av 
Marciello's  Smoke  Shop,  1228  Bloor  w 
Marino's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  2881  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Martin  Grove  Smoke  &  Gift,  5  Lavington  dr  (Etob) 
Martinway  Smoke  &  Gift  S'hop,  415  The  Westway 

Mary  J  Smoke  Shop,  647  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Mary's  Smoke  Shop,  2896  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Mary's  Variety  Shop,  782  College 

Mary's  Variety  Store,  675  Broadview  av 

Mason  Wm,  616  Queen  w 

Max's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  1120  Queen  e 

Maxie's  Smoke  Shop,  8  Lombard 

M’ayfair  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  1097  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Twp) 

McCaul  Cigar  Store,  224  Queen  w 

Melrose  Cigar  Store,  3424  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Mendlowitz  Cigar  &  Variety,  466  College 

Metropole  Cigar  Stand,  141  King  w 

Meyer's  Cigar  Store  &  Ticket  Agency,  320  Bloor  w 

Meyer's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  2223  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Mickey's  Smoke  Shop,  443  Dovercourt  rd 

Mike's  Cigar  Store,  1290  Queen  w 

Mike's  Smoke  Shop,  906  Kingston  rd 

Mike's  Smoke  Shop,  2168  Queen  e 

Mike's  Variety,  618  Trethewey  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Millar  Jas  W,  1394  Queen  w 
Miller's  Smoke  Shop,  397  Roncesvalles  av 
Milton  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  1263  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Mirak  Variety  Store  Ltd,  1726  Eglinton  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Monarch  Tobacco  &  Gift  Shop,  1428  Danforth  av 
Moodey's  Cigar  Stores  Ltd,  137  Yonge 
Morgan's  Cigar  Store,  2751  Dundas  w 
Morris  Smoke  Shop,  915  Queen  e 
Mount  Dennis  Sundries,  1343  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Mulligan's  Cigar  Store,  2382  St  Clair  av  w 
Murray's  Variety  Store,  2420  Bloor  w 
Mutual  Variety  Store,  3257  Dundas  w 
Nasello's  Cigar  Store  &  Barber  Shop,  1316  Danforth 

Nat's  Smoke  Shop,  735  Broadview  av 
Nathan's  497  Bloor  w 
Net  Discount,  548  Yonge 
Nicol's  Cigar  Store,  1643  Dupont 
Noguchi  Shinkichi,  1513  Gerrard  e 
Norm's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  3375  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Norman's  Cigar  Store,  209  Dovercourt  rd 
North  Avenue  Smoke  Shop,  1841  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Northcliffe  Variety  Shop,  1751  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Northern  Variety  &  Smoke  Shop,  927  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Northway  Smoke  Shop,  2074V2  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
North-West  Smoke  &  Gift  Centre,  8  Bradstock  rd 
(North  York) 

Nortown  Smoke  Shop,  1416  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Nugent  Jas,  954  Gerrard  e 

O'Connor  Smoke  Shop,  1517  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Oriole  Variety,  253  Eglinton  av  w 
Osgoode  Smoke  Shop,  133  Richmond  w 
Palermo  Smoke  Shop,  842  Ossington  av 
Pape  Smoke  Shop,  1004  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Park  Cigar  Store,  136  Westmoreland  av 

Park  Lane  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  618  Yonge 

Park  Plaza  Cigar  Shop,  168  Bloor  w 

Parkway  Cigar  Store,  2001  Dundas  w 

Pentoni  Cigar  Store,  176  Wallace  av 

Perry's  Cigar  Store,  1301  Bloor  w 

Peter's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  4129  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Pharmacy  Smoke  Shop,  633  Pharmacy  av  (Scar) 

Phil's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  1326  Queen  w 
Phil's  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  36  Eglinton  sq  (Scar) 
Pino's  Cigar  &  Variety  Store,  2240  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Twp) 

Plantation  Smoke  Shop,  5427  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Plaza  Cigar  Stare,  158  Avenue  rd 
Plaza  Smoke  &  Gift,  2300  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Pleasant  Smoke  Shop,  617  M*t  Pleasant  rd 
Plunkett  Graydon,  3282  Dundas  w 
Pop's  Smoke  Shop,  2-4  Wendover  rd  (Etob) 
Prettyman's  Smoke  Shop  &  Variety,  212  Queen  w 
Prince  Charles  Smoke  Shop  &  Snack  Bar,  3191 
Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Prince  Edward  Smoke  Shop,  2889  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Quartet  Smoke  &  Gift,  3472  Keele  (Nth  Y) 
Queensway  Cigar  &  Variety  Store,  816  The  Queensway 

Queensway  Plaza  Smoke  Shop,  1118  The  Queensway 

Rainbow  Smoke  Shop,  654  Pape  av 
Rathburn  Smoke  Shop,  300  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 

Ray's  Discount  Store,  352  Queen  e 
Record  Land  Smoke  Shop,  740  Queen  w 
Reed  Tobacco  &  Gifts,  711  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Regan's  Cigar  Store,  1235  Queen  w 
Reichert  Cigar  Shop,  308  College 
Rexdale  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  1125  Islington  av  n 

Rhonda's  Variety  Store,  3402V2  Yonge 

Roger  Variety  Store,  328  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 

Romas  Smoke  Shop,  716  Bathurst 

Ron's  Cigar  Store,  934  Queen  w 

Ron's  Smoke  Shop,  413  Donlands  av  (E  Y) 

Roncesvalles  Smoke  Shop,  223  Roncesvalles  av 
Rose  Irving,  84  King  w 

Rose's  Smoke  Shop,  1802  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Rosedale  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  1118  Yonge 
Rosenberg  Alex,  910  Bloor  w 
Roiss's  Smoke  &  Gifts,  4410  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Royal  Blue  Cigar  &  Gift  Shop,  2113  Davenpnort  rd 
Royal  Canadian  Smoke  Shop,  106  Queen  e 
Royal  Cigar  Store,  127  Church 

Royal  York  Smoke  Shop,  1500  Royal  York  rd  (Etob) 

Rudan's  Smoke  Shop,  1985  Davenport  rd 
Runnymede  Cigar  Store,  2229  Bloor  w 
Ryan's  Smoke  &  Gift,  2480  Eglinton  av  e 

Salem  Smoke  Shop,  1281  Davenport  rd 
Salsberg  Smoke  Shop,  273  College 
Sam's  Cigar  Store,  858  College 

Sam's  Cigar  Store,  1385  Dundas  w 

Sam's  Cigar  Store,  1925  Queen  e 

Sand  Aaron,  291  King  w 

Sandy's  Smoke  Shop,  2566  Yonge 

Sandy's  Smoke  &  Gift,  5080  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Santy's  Smoke  Shop,  2189  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 
Satchel I's  Smoke  Shop,  552  Danforth  av 
Savein's  Smoke  Shop,  330  Bay 
Scarboro  Gift  Shop,  950  Kingston  rd 
Scarboro  Variety  Store,  792  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Select  Smoke  &  Gift,  2054  Queen  e 
Senior  Smoke  Shop,  1196  Danforth  av 
Service  Cigar  Store,  1238  Yonge 
Shaw  Cigar  Store,  366  Shaw 

Shaw  Howard  Ground  Floor,  Parliament  Bldgs,  Queen's 

S'herbourne  Cigar  Store  &  Snack  Bar,  247  King  e 

Sherwood  Smoke  Shop,  2547  Yonge 

Shirley's  Variety  Store,  136  Hallam 

Sid's  Smoke  Shop,  272  Coxwell  av 

Sid's  Smoke  Shop,  46  Mattson  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Silver  Cigar  &  Variety  Store,  1306  Queen  e 
Silver's  Super  Value,  856  Dufferin 
Smalldridge  Laura  G  Mrs,  1479  Dundas  w 
Smith's  Cigar  Store,  982  Bathurst 
Smoke  Shop,  865  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Smokes  &  Gifts  Unlimited,  1726  Eglinton  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Smokes  'N  Stuff,  1050 Vz  Kingston  rd 

Stan  Smoke  Shop,  86  Kingston  rd 

Stange  Cigar  Store,  1295  Bloor  w 

Stanley's  Cigar  &  Grocery  Store,  910  Bathurst 

Stanley's  Smoke  Shop,  237  Gerrard  e 

Stella's  Smoke  Shop,  3325  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Stella's  Smoke  &  Variety  Shop,  1216  King  w 
Stenzler  E  Cigar,  923  Qeen  w 
Stern  Variety,  330  Parliament 
Steve's  Discount  Shop,  1300  Bloor  w 
Steve's  Smoke  Shop,  1235  Broadview  av  (E  Y) 

Stokes  Tobacconist,  699  College 
Stonegate  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  150  Berry  rd  (Etob) 
Sugar's  Variety,  802  St  Clair  av  w 
Sugarman  Harry,  126  Adelaide  w 
Sunday's  Smoke  Shop,  424  Horner  av  (Etob) 
Sunnybrook  Smoke  Shop,  660  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas) 
Sunnyside  Cigar  Store,  1710  Queen  w 
Sy's  Cigar  Store,  1063  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Symonds  Mary  1  Mrs,  522  Pape  av 
Tanti  M  Toy  &  Tobacco  Store,  786  Annette 
Taylor's  Cigar  Store,  1207  Dundas  w 
Temple  Cigar  Store,  165 V2  Church 
Temple  Cigar  Store,  62  Richmond  w 
Tennyson  Melville,  4  Albert 
Times  Cigar  &  Gift  Store  The,  1212  Dundas  w 
Tivoli  Cigar  Store,  100A  Richmond  w 
Toi's  Smoke  &  Variety,  571  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Tom  &  Betty  Smoke  Shop,  1431  Queen  w 
Transfer  Cigar  Store,  841  College 
Two  Twenty  Smoke  Shop  The,  220  Eglfoiton  av  e. 
Uneed-a  Cigar  Store,  824  College 
United  Cigar  Stores  Ltd,  59  Richmond  e  (For  list 
of  branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Variety  Smoke  Shop,  846  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  York) 
Variety  Square,  1648  Victoria  Park  av  (Nth  Y) 
Variety  Store,  1770  St  Clair  av  w 
Vaughan  Cigar  &  Stationery,  425  Vaughan  rd  (York 

Vi's  Smoke  Shop,  840  Danforth  rd  (Scar) 

Vic's  Cigar  Store,  1098V2  Yonge 

Vic's  Smoke  Shop,  381  Eglinton  av  e 

Victori  Cigar  Store,  827  College 

Victoria  Smoke  Shop,  1846  Davenport  rd 

Victory  Variety  Store,  1422  Bloor  w 

Village  Cigar  &  Gift  Shop,  431  Spadina  rd  (Fst  H) 

Wallace  Smoke  Shop,  654  Lansdowne  av 

Walter's  Variety,  105  Sorauren  av 

Warden  Smoke  Shop,  1979  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Watkins  Smoke  Shop,  2402  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Waverley  Smoke  Shop,  483V2  Church 

Welcome  Smoke  &  Variety,  1586  Queen  e 

Westcott  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  367  Broadview  av 

Western  Smoke  Shop,  321  Roncesvalles  av 

Westmount  Cigar  Store,  1154  St  Clair  av  w 

Westway  Smoke  and  Gift  Shop,  855  Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 

Wilkus  Cigar  Store,  2100  Queen  e 

Willer's  Cigar  Store,  3201  Yonge 

Willy's  Smoke  Shop,  1652  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Wilson  Elizabeth  Mrs,  866  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Wilson's  C'gar  Store,  886  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Winchester  Cigar  &  Gift  Store,  533  Parliament 

Winkler's  Cigar  Store,  220  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Winston  Park  Smoke  Shop,  861  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Wood's  Smoke  Shop,  1198  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Woodbine  Smoke  Shop,  1949  Gerrard  e 

Yonge  Cigar  Store,  3228  Yonge 

York  Downs  Smoke  &  Gift  Shop,  4134  Bathurst  (Nth 

Yorktown  Variety  &  Smoke  Shop,  357  Oakwood  av 
(York  Twp) 

Your  Cigar  Store,  2719  Weston  rd  (Nth  YJ 
Zeldin's  Smoke  Shop,  56  Vaughan  rd 


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A-l  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  1629  Queen  w 
A  S  Cleaners,  926  Kingston  rd 
A  &  M  One  Hour  Martinizing,  1408  Queen  w 
Aar-Dan  Cleaners,  195  Shropshire  dr  (Scar) 

Able  Cleaners,  900  Danforth  av 

Able  Cleaners  Ltd,  2378  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Ace  Cleaners,  1914  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Ace  Cleaners,  1906  Jane  (Wstn) 

Ace  Cleaners,  224  Mavety 

Acme  Cleaners,  1282A  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Acton  Cleaners,  759  Gladstone  av 

Adelphi  Cleaners,  2070  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Aero  Valet  Service,  124  King  w 
Agostino  Cleaners,  297  Harbord 
Ajax  Cleaners,  2931  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

A  I's  Cleaners,  2502  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Albert's  Cleaners,  106  Barton  av 

Albion  Mall  Cleaners,  1530  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Albright  Cleaners  &  Tailars,  272  Avenue  rd 

Alehin  Lewis  C,  864  Broadview  av 

Alexander  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  1290  Danforth  av 

All  Seasons  Dry  Cleaners,  2295  St  Clair  av  w 

Alpine  Cleaners,  2181-2183  Queen  e 

Alton  Cleaners,  1292  Queen  e 

Ambassador  Cleaners,  5  Howard 

American  Cleaners,  203  Delaware  av 

Annette  Cleaners,  29A  Barton  av 

Anton's  Cleaners  &  Presser,  1011  Yonge 

Anytime  Laundromat  Dry  Cleaners,  280  Avenue  rd 

Apex  Cleaners  Ltd,  3319  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Arcade  Cleaners,  31  Bloor  e 
Ardam  Karl,  426  Davenport  rd 
Aristocrat  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  796  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Arlin  Cleaners,  776  St  Clair  av  w 
Arlington  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  423  Vaughan  rd  (York 

Arnold  Palmer  Cleaners,  15  West  Deane  Pk  dr  (Etob) 
Arthur's  Cleaners,  2940  Dundas  w 
Ascot  Cleaners,  136  Ascot  av  and  3321  Dundas  w 
and  2013  Eglinton  av  w  (Yk  Twp) 

Astor  Cleaners,  2248  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Astra  Cleaners,  1909  Davenport  rd 

Atlas  Cleaners  &  Furriers,  529  Evans  av  (Etob) 

Avalon  Cleaners,  416  Parliament 

Avenue  Cleaners,  2076  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

B  &  L  Dry  Cleaners  &  Launderers,  413  Royal  York 
road  (Mim) 

Bachelor  Cleaners,  595  Bay 

Bachelor  Family  Laundry  &  Dry  Cleaners,  182  Carlton 
Bain  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  495  Pape  av 
Baker  Bros  Ltd,  109-111  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp)  (For 
list  of  branches  see  Alphabeical  Section) 

Baltica  Cleaning  &  Pressing,  966  Dundas  w 
Barri-Lea  Cleaners,  1716  Eglinton  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Bassett's  Cleaners,  1703  Bayview  av  (Leas) 

Bathurst  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  1378  Bathurst 

Bathurst  Manor  Cleaners,  221  Wilmington  av  (Nth  Y) 

Beaver  Cleaners,  1986  Davenport  rd 

Bedford  Cleaners  &  Launderers,  244  Bloor  w 

Belga  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  1302  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Bell  Cleaning,  215  Harbord 

Bellwoods  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  760  Queen  w 

Bendale  Cleaners,  1372  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Bennett  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  1047  Gerrard  e 
Benson-Rushton  Cleaners,  202  Rushton  rd 
Bernholtz  Tailoring,  1051  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Bert's  Cleaners,  178  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 

Best  Cleaners  Ltd  (For  list  of  branches  see  Alpha¬ 
betical  Section) 

Bestway  Cleaners  Co  (For  list  of  branches,  see  Alpha¬ 
betical  Section) 

Bett's  Dry  Cleaning,  238  Harbord 
Better  Cleaners,  1779  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Better-Way  Cleaners  &  Launderers,  724  Queen  e 
Betty's  Cleaning,  238  Greenwood  av 
Bill's  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  1269  Gerrard  e 
Billie's  Dry  Cleaners  &  Launderers,  2370  Kingston  rd 

Biltmore  Cleaners,  306  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Birchmount  Cleaners,  2175  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar)  and 
1801  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Blantyre  Cleaners,  1116  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Bloordale  Cleaners,  1602  Bloor  w 

Blue  Ribbon  Cleaners  (br),  1161  St  Clair  av  w 

Bond  Cleaners,  216  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Bonus  Cleaners,  1754  Victoria  Park  av  (Nth  Y) 
Boothe  Cleaners  &  Pressers,  210  Geary  av 
Boulevard  Cleaners  Ltd,  1771-3  Danforth  av 
Boyd  Cleaners,  727  Dovercourt  rd 
Brite-N-Clean  Ltd,  2385  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 
British  American  Cleaners,  690  Bloor  w 
Broadview  Cleaners,  936  Broadview  av 
Brockman  Nathan,  1265  Queen  w 
Brothers  Cleaners,  1519  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Brown  Nathan,  376  Harbord 

Brown's  Speedy  Cleaners,  2391  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 

Bryer's  Dry  Cleaners,  2244  Kingston  rd  (Scar)  and 
111  Guildwood  Pkwy  (Scar) 

B-Sharp  Cleaners,  2312  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Budget  Cleaners,  518  Danforth  (Scar) 

Butler  Cleaners,  99  Gerrard  e 
Butler  Dry  Cleaners,  213  Gerrard  e 
Cadet  Cleaners  (For  List  of  branches  see  Alhpabetical 

Cadillac  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  463  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 
Camelot  Cleaners,  3201  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Canadian  Dyers  &  Cleaners  Ltd,  1593-9  Queen  e 
Canyon  Plaza  Cleaners,  548  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Capitol  Cleaners,  479  Queen  e 
Capri  Cleaners  &  Laundry,  1306  Gerrard  e 
Careful  Cleaners  &  Laundry  Ltd,  66  Humbertown 
Centre  (Etob) 

Carlaw  Cleaners,  524  Carlaw  av 

Carlton  Cleaning  Carousel,  15  West  Deane  Pk  dr 

Carlton's  Cleaning  Carousel,  1812  Eglinton  av  east 

Carlton's  Cleaning  Carousels  Ltd,  63  Humbertown  Centre 

Casa  Loma  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  268  Dupont 
Cascade  Cleaners,  2763  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Castle  Cleaners,  560  Jones  av 
Castlefield  Custom  Cleaners,  24871/2  Yonge 
Cebon  Cleaning  Service,  1864  Queen  e 
Cele's  Custom  Cleaners,  1662  Queen  w 
Central  One  Hour  Cleaners,  659  Yonge 
Central  Overall  Cleaners  &  Supply  Co  Ltd,  8-14 

Century  Cleaners,  3  Sherwood  av 
Champ  Cleaners,  1412  Dundas  w 
Cheerio  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  1172  Queen  w 
Cheeseworth's  Cleaners  &  Weavers  Ltd,  647  Mt 
Pleasant  rd 

Chemical  Cleaners,  134  Cumberland 
Cherry  Cleaners,  1938  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Chester  Rug  &  Drapery  Cleaners,  739  Broadview  av 
Choice  Cleaners,  2223  Bloor  w 
Choice  Cleaners,  5  Lavington  dr  (Etob) 

Choice  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  748  Annette 
Choice  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  50  Firwood  cres  (Etob) 
Choice  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  1080  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Chorner  Ben  Cleaners,  128  Clanton  Park  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Christie  Cleaners  &  Dyers  Ltd,  575  Rogers  rd  (York 

Circle  One  Hour  Cleaners  Ltd,  3022  Dundas  w 
City  Cleaners  (Tor)  Ltd,  1224  Glencairn  av  (Nth  York) 

dayman's  Valet  Service,  251-253  Victoria 
Clayton  Cleaners,  148  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 
Cleaned-In-View  Ltd,  1668  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Clean-It-Eria  Ltd,  1107  Bathurst  (Far  list  of  branches 
see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Cleanol  Services,  495  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Clean-Rite  Cleaners  &  Launderers,  1265  King  w 
Cliffcrest  Cleaners,  2893  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Clifford  Cleaners,  686  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Coles  Cleaners,  2096  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Coles  Drive-In  Cleaners,  2892  Dufferin  (Nth  York) 
Colosseum,  2995  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Comet  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  1218  Dufferin 
Corby's  Cleaners  (Plant),  597  Logan  av 
Corby's  Cleaners  Ltd,  59  Underhill  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Corby's  Cleaners  (Scar)  Ltd,  2414  Eglinton  av  e 

Corby's  Cleaners  Toronto  Ltd,  223  Wellesley  e 

Corry  Cleaners,  1331  Dundas  w 

Corvette  Dry  Cleaners,  613  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Cowan  Press  Shop,  141  Cowan  av 

Cox  Cleaners,  77  Wright  av 

Crest  Cleaners,  649  McCowan  rd  (Scar) 

Cross  Cleaners,  3687  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Crow  Cleaners  Ltd,  1101  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar)  and 
1030  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Croydon  Cleaners,  1000  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Crystal  Cleaners  &  Tailors,,  641  St  Clair  av  w 
Curran's  Cleaners,  1564  Dupont 
Custom  Cleaners,  19  Audley  av 
Cut-Rate  Cleaners,  453  Church 
Daily  Cleaners,  133  Dundas  e 

Danforth  Cleaners  Ltd,  300-302  Jones  av  (For  list 
branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Darby  Cleaners,  807  Yonge 
Davenport  Cleaners,  223  Avenue  rd 
Davis  Cleaners  &  Dyers  Ltd,  204  Carlton  (For  list 

of  branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Day-N-Nite  Cleaners  Ltd,  160  Dundas  e,  633V2  Spa¬ 
dina  av  and  16  Temperance 
Delight  Cleaners,  1012  Bathurst 
Del  Mar  Cleaners  &  Shoe  Repair,  615  Mt  Pleasant 


Delmonte  Dry  Cleaners  &  Shirt  Launderers,  1124  The 
Queensway  (Etob) 

Delray  Cleaners,  2296  Keele  (Nth  Y)  and  586  Par¬ 

Deluxe  Launderers  &  Dry  Cleaners,  15  Gower  (E  Y) 

Denison  Cleaners,  163  Vaughan  rd  (York  Twp) 

Denning  Cleaning  Service  Ltd,  481  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 
Denton  Cleaners,  480  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 

Den-Way  Cleaners,  1  Eastdale  av  (E  Y) 

Dependable  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  1209  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 
(For  list  of  branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Dial  Cleaners,  990  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Diament  Cleaners,  78  Teignmouth  av  (York  Twp) 
Diamond  Cleaners,  1428  Gerrard  e 

Di-Anne  Cleaners  &  Furriers,  744  Annette 
Dignity  Cleaners  &  Tailors  Ltd,  2089  Dufferin  (York 

Diplomat  Dry  Cleaning  Service,  322  Bloor  w 
Discount  Cleaners,  877  Pape  (E  Y) 

Domestic  Cleaners,  456-458  Bloor  w 

Dominion  Cleaners,  1093  Queen  e 

Don's  Dry  Cleaning  Service,  1047  Avenue  rd 

Dorset  Park  Cleaners,  1515  Birchmount  rd  (Scar) 

Downsview  Cleaners,  880  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Draper's  Cleaning  •&  Pressing,  47  Grange  av 
Dressier  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  167  Brunswick  av 
Dress-Well  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  91  Carlton 
Drive  In  Cleaners  Ltd  The,  1020  Eastern  av 
Dufferin  Cleaners,  1369  Queen  w  and  2318  Bloor  w 
Dufferin  Plaza  Cleaners,  838  Dufferin 
Dunblaine  Cleaners,  2030  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Dundas  Valet  Cleaners,  682  Queen  e 
Dunrite  Cleaners  and  Custom  Tailors,  240  Annette 
Dupont  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  249  Christie 
East  Side  Cleaners,  805  Brimley  rd  (Scar) 

East  York  One  Hour  Cleaners,  272V2  Coxwell  av  and 
986  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

Eastern  Cleaners,  390  Plains  rd  (E  Y) 

Eddie's  Cleaning  &  Pressing,  1065  Bloor  w 
Edna  Custom  Cleaning  &  Tailoring,  2381  'Dundas  w 
Elegant  Cleaners,  785-787  Dupont 
Elliott  Cleaners,  640  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

Ellis  Dry  Cleaners,  741  Ossington  av 
Elru  Dry  Cleaning,  870  College 

Embassy  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  1550-1552  Yonge,  3032 
Yonge,  865  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H),  660  Eglinton 
av  e  (Leas),  2300  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar),  1541 
Victoria  Park  av  (Scar)  3457  Lawrence  av  e 
(Scar),  415  The  Westway  (Etob),  77  Ellesmere 
road  (Scar)  and  939  Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Embassy  Cleaners  and  Shirt  Launderers,  521  St  Clair 
av  w  and  1125  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 

Emerald  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  878B  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Emerson  Cleaners,  129  Emerson  av 

Empire  Cleaning  &  Pressing,  1600  Queen  w 

Ernie  Cleaners  &  Tailor,  744  Bathurst 

Ever-Ready  Cleaners  Ltd,  1109  Bathurst 

Evson  Cleaners,  1918  Gerrard  e  and  640  Pape  av 

Excellent  Cleaners,  1154  Queen  e 

Expert  Fur  Cleaning  &  Storage  Ltd,  6  Oxford 

Express  Cleaners,  1538  Bloor  w 

Fair-Lane  Cleaners,  1646  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Fairlawn  Cleaners,  3347  Yonge 

Fairway  Cleaners,  3480  Keele  (Nth  Y)  and  508-510 
Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 

Family  Cleaners,  666  Burnhamthorpe  rd  (Etob) 

Fast  Serve  Ltd,  4781  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 

Fastway  Cleaners,  156  Main 
Fifth  Av  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  790  Broadview  av 
Filomena  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  907  Dundas  w 
Flamingo  Cleaners,  176  Queen  w 
Flamingo  Henry's  Shirts  &  Cleaning  Service,  30 
Queen  e 

Fleming's  Cleaning  &  Pressing,  484  Pape  av 

Florence  Cleaners,  974  Queen  w 
Fong's  Cleaners,  989  Bloor  w 
Four  Seasons  Dry  Cleaners,  1694  Queen  w 
Fourway  Dry  Cleaners  Ltd,  2200  Danforth  av 
Frank's  Cleaners,  758  Danforth  av 
Frank's  Cleaners  &  Launderers,  1C  Sorauren  av 
Fresh  Up  Cleaners,  3024  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Friendly  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  1473  Dundas  w 
Fuji  Cleaners,  649  Dupont 
Garden  Cleaners,  583  Parliament 

Gem  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  277  Linsmore  cres  n  (E  Y) 
Geneva  Cleaners,  368  Gerrard  e 
Gerrard  Custom  Cleaners,  215  Gerrard  e 
Gibson  Textile  Dyers  Ltd,  1171  Queen  w 
Gibson's  Cleaners  Ltd,  4241  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Gilbert's  Cleaners,  973  Dovercourt  rd 

Givens  French  Dry  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  874  Queen  w 

Glenfern  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  2238  Queen  e 

Glenforest  Cleaners  Ltd,  3309  Yonge 

Glenholme  Cleaners,  119  Glerrholme  av 

Glenlake  Cleaners,  2473  Dundas  w 

Golden  Mile  Cleaners,  2383  Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

Goodwill  One  Hour  Cleaners,  1730  St  Clair  av  w 

Granite  Cleaners  &  Launderers,  24  St  Clair  av  e 

Grant's  Cleaners,  2105  Yonge 

Greenlaw  Cleaners,  164  St  Clarens  av 

Groom  Cleaners,  498  Runnymede  rd  and  262  Jane 

Haire  Bros  Ltd,  1117-1119  Davenport  rd 

Hallmark  Ltd,  1500  Midland  av  (Scar) 

Handy  Andy's  Cleaners,  811  Gerrard  e 
Harris  Regd  Cleaners,  2826  Danforth  av 
Harron's  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  320  Bloor  w 
Helen's  Cleaning  &  Pressing,  217  Queen  e 
Hern  Cleaners,  2436  Bloor  w 
Hickey's  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  395  Pape  av 
High  Class  Clothing,  7-9  Boustead  av 
High  Park  Dry  Cleaners,  107  Roncesvalles  av 
Highlander  Dry  Cleaning  Centre,  641  Markham  road 

Hillsdale  Cleaners,  2152  Yonge 
Hilltop  Cleaners,  850  College 

Clec,.  -its  and  Dyers 


Hing  George  161  Main 

Hi-Tone  Cleaners,  747  Don  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Hi-Tone  Cleaners  &  Shirt  Launderers,  2555  Victoria 
Park  av  (Scar) 

Hoffman  Cleaners,  3329  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Holland  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  1198  Weston  rd  (York 

Hollywood  Cleaners,  1521  Yonge 

Home  Cleaners,  394  College 

Hudek's  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  156  Symington  av 

Humber  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  36  Scarlett  rd  (York  Twp) 

Hymie's  Imperial  Cleaners  Ltd,  609  Bay 

Hymo  Cleaners  &  Pressers,  791  Bathurst 

Hyway  Drive-In  Cleaners,  4340  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

I  &  M  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  559  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Ideal  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  509B  Church 

In-N-Out  Cleaners,  1420  Queen  w 

Invasion  Cleaners,  199  Avenue  rd 

Irish  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  1229V2  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Islington  Cleaners  &  Launderers,  4939  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Izet  Dry  Cleaning,  2053  Davenport  rd 

J  &  M  Cleaners,  3101  Dundas  w 

J  B  Cleaners,  517  Pape  av 

Jack's  Cleaners  &  Launderers,  334  Spadina  av 

Jackson's  Cleaning  &  Tailoring,  649  Church 

Jane  Park  Plaza  Cleaners,  863  Jane  (York  Twp) 

Jerry's  Cleaners,  3067  Dundas  w 

Jiffy  Cleaners  &  Pressers,  1125  Gerrard  e 

Joe's  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  2995  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Joe's  Press  Shop,  152  Bathurst 
Joicey  Cleaners,  2881  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Just  George  Cleaners,  9  Clintwood  Gate  (Nth  Y) 

Karn  Cleaners,  235V2  College 

Karp  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  2  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

Kay  Cee  Cleaners,  798  Queen  e 

Kay's  Cleaners,  1339  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Kay's  Dry  Cleaners  &  Hand  Laundry,  203A  Kingston 

Kaye  Cleaners,  558  Dundas  w 

Keelesdale  Cleaners,  1224  Glencairn  av  (Nth  Y) 

Keele-Sheppard  Cleaners,  3286  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Keelton  Cleaners,  2564  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Keith's  Cleaners  &  Dyers  Ltd,  987  Dovercourt  rd,  322- 
328  Geary  av,  1492V2  Bathurst  (York  Twp),  45 
Overlea  blvd  (Leas),  3315  Bloor  w  (Etob)  and  855 
Kipling  av  n  (Etob) 

Kelly's  Cleaners,  1153  Davenport  rd  and  44  Welles- 
worth  dr  (Etob) 

Kelly's  West  Mall  Cleaners,  201  The  West  Mall  (Etob) 

Ken's  Cleaners,  5  Linsmore  cres 

Ken's  Cleaners,  585  Gerrard  e 

Ken's  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  2416  Danforth  av 

Kendale  Cleaners,  2067  Lawrence  av  w  (Wstn) 

Kennedy  Cleaners,  2195  Bloor  w 

Kennedy  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  988  Bathurst 

Kent  Cleaners  Tailors  &  Launderers,  487  Church 

kew  Beach  Cleaners,  2020  Queen  e 

Kilroy  Cleaners,  163  Lauder  av 

King  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  1282  Yonge 

King  Koin  Laundry  &  Dry  Cleaning,  209  McCaul 

Kingsboro  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  982  Kingston  rd 

Kleen-Glo  Ltd,  1666  Victoria  Park  av  (Nth  Y) 

Knob  Hill  Cleaners  (br),  463  Bloor  w  and  2699 
Eglinton  av  e  (Scar)  and  592  Bloor  w 
Laird's  Cleaners  &  Shirt  Launderers  Ltd,  2931  St 
Clair  av  e  (E  Y),  2662  and  1160  Danforth  av 
Lakeside  Cleaners,  708  Jane  (York  Twp)  and  3025  Lake 
Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 

Lakeview  Cleaners  &  Launderers,  1183  Dundas  w 
Langley's  Ltd,  2788  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T)  (for 
list  of  branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 
Lan-Ray  Cleaners,  1224  Glencairn  av  (Nth  Y) 

Landsdell  Cleaners,  3288  Yonge 
La  Vogue  Cleaners,  320  Harbord 
Lenard's  Cleaners,  985  College 
Leonie's  Cleaners,  1266  College 
Leslie  Cleaners,  2  Ewart  av  (York  Twp) 

Lindsey  Cleaners,  113  Lindsey  av 
Lloyd's  Cleaners  Tailors,  1913  Queen  e 
Lois  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  963  Greenwood  av  (E  Y) 
London  Cleaners,  620  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Low  Price  Cleaners  &  Launderers,  1485  Dundas  w 
Lowtner  •&  Fluck  (upholstery),  35  Bannon  av  (Etob) 
Lucky  Dollar  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  3617  Dundas  w  (York 

Lucky  Star  Cleaners  &  Launderers,  122  Morrison  av  and 
25  St  Johns  rd 

Ludwig's  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  251V2  Eglinton  a'»  w 
Luk's  &  Rogers  Cleaners,  3610  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Lustre  Cleaners,  484  College 
Lustre  Cleaners  &  Shirt  Launderers,  509  'Bloor  w 
Lux  Cleaners  &  Pressers  728  Lansdowne  av 
Lyndhurst  Cleaners,  207  Rosethorn  av  (York  T) 

M  F  Cleaners,  2635  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twd) 
MacDonell  Cleaners,  8  Macdonell  av 
Mack  Anne  Cleaners,  1718  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
MacKenzie  Cleaners,  3874  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Maidment  Dry  Cleaning  Service,  136  Harding  av  (Nth 

Mann  Cleaners,  173-175  Lappin  av 
Maple  Leaf  Cleaners  Ltd,  8-14  Vanauley  and  21-23V2 

Margaret  Cleaners,  503V2  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Marie's  Cleaners,  39  Scarlett  rd  (York  Twp) 

Markov  Dry  Cleaners,  3244  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Martin  Grove  Dry  Cleaners  &  Laundromat,  5  Laving- 
ton  dr  (Etob) 

Martin's  Cleaners,  555  Burnhamthorpe  rd  (Etob) 
Martin's  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  166  Islington  av  s  (Etob) 
Martin's  Cleaners  Ltd,  4899  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Martin's  Cleaning  &  Pressing.  458  Ossington  av 
Martinizing  Cleaners,  2290  Dundas  w 
Martinizing  D-y  Cleaners,  344  Donlands  av  (E  Y) 
and  170  Eglinton  av  e 
Marvel  Cleaners,  554  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Marvelo  Cleaners,  1692  Dufferin 
Mary's  Cleaners,  683  Spadina  av 
Master  Cleaners,  198  Lippincott 
Matthewman  R  W  &  Son  Ltd,  227  Sterling  rd 
Max  The  Tailor  and  Cleaner,  1654  St  Clair  av  w 
Maximum  Cleaners  Co  Ltd,  2940  Dundas  w 
May  Cleaners,  3379  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Mayfair  Cleaners  (For  list  of  branches  see  Alpha¬ 
betical  Section) 

Meaton's  Cleaners,  323  Burnhamthorpe  rd  (Etob) 

Melody  Cleaners  Ltd,  5230  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

Melville  Cleaners,  264  Christie 

Mercury  Cleaners,  1400  Gerrard  e  and  1030  Queen  e 

Michael's  Cleaners,  2273  Bloor  w 

Michael's  Tailors,  272  Danforth  av 

Mid-City  Cleaners,  1224  Yonge 

Midtown  Cleaners,  683  Bloor  w 

Mike's  Cleaners,  1693  Dufferin 

Mike's  Cleaning  &  Laundry  Service,  1605  Bloor  w 

Milman  Services  Ltd,  15  Gower  (E  Y) 

Mimico  Cleaners,  386  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 

Mr  Cleaner,  1140  Queen  e 

Modern  Cleaners,  416  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 

Moore  Donald  W,  1497  Dundas  w 
Moreland  Cleaners,  3A  Westmoreland  av 

Morell  Custom  Cleaners,  1865  Davenport  rd 
Morris  Cleaners,  2015  Dundas  w 
Morris  Cleaners,  2861  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Mount  Dennis  Cleaners,  1065  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Mt  Pleasant  Cleaners,  929  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Murray's,  112  Broadview  av 

My  Own  Wardrobe,  1954  Yonge 
N  &  B  Cleaners,  136  Islington  av  s  (Etob) 

Nature  Glow  Fur  Cleaning  Co  Ltd,  700  Bay 
Near  By  Cleaners,  242  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Neighbourhood  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  260  Dupont 
Neville  Park  Cleaners  Ltd,  2380  and  668  Kingston  rd 
(Scar),  2330  Queen  e,  2132  Queen  e  and  2800 
Eglinton  av  e  (Scar) 

New  Bathurst  Cleaners,  604  Bathurst 

New  Bonanza  Cleaners,  1706  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

New  Century  Cleaners,  2412  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

New  Cleaners,  1217  Dundas  w 
New  College  Cleaners,  353  College 

New  Elegant  Cleaner,  912  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

New  Globe  Cleaners,  1830  Dundas  e 
New  Idea,  3280  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

New  Life  Cleaners,  257  Brown's  Line  (Etob) 

New  Magic  Cleaners  &  Launderers  Ltd,  1314  Queen  w 
New  Redfern  Cleaners  &  Tailoring,  2031  Dufferin  (York 

New  Twin-Ton  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  395  Eglinton  av  e 
New-Way  Cleaners,  1102  Yonge 
Nine  Minute  Press  Shop,  119  Adelaide  w 
Norman  Cleaners,  1506  Bayview  av 
Norm's  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  932  College 
North  Bathurst  Cleaners,  5891  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
North  End  Cleaners,  3199  Dufferin  (Nth  Y)  and  2111 
Jane  (Nth  Y) 

North  End  Cleaners  and  Shirt  Launderers  Ltd,  3199 
Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

North  Park  Cleaners,  426  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

North  Star  Cleaners,  2295  St  Clair  av  w 
Northern  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  1700  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Northmore  Cleaners,  246  Carlton 
Norwest  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  1087  St  Clair  av  w 
Nu-Brite  Cleaners,  316  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 

Oak  Park  Cleaners,  213  Oak  Park  av  (E  Y) 

Obar  Custom  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  1400-1402  Ynnge 
O'Connor  Cleaners,  883  O'Connor  dr  (E  Y) 

One  Hour  Martinizing  (For  list  of  branches  see 
Alphabetical  Section) 

One  Hour  Wash  Rite  Cleaners  &  Laundry,  1262  Bloor 

Oriole  Cleaners,  728  St  Clair  av  w 
Oriole  Plaza  Cleaners,  1247  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Orton  Park  Cleaners,  960A  Brimorton  dr  (Scar) 
Ossington  Cleaning,  132  Ossington  av 
P  M  Cleaners,  708  Crawford 
Packham  Cleaners,  1108  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Painted  Post  Cleaners  &  Laundry,  801  Markham  rd 

Pape  Cleaners  &  Dress  Shop,  273  Pape  av 
Pa-amount  Cleaners  &  Dyers  (For  list  of  branches  see 
alphabetical  section) 

Paramount  Service  Stores  Ltd  (For  list  of  branches, 
see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Paris  Cleaners,  1916  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Parisian  Cleaners,  Dyers  &  Tailors,  47  Roncesvalles  av 
Parisiana  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  820  St  Clair  av  w 
Parker's  Dye  Works  &  Cleaners  Ltd,  3325  Bayview  av 
(Nth  Y),  381  Eglinton  av  w,  2200  Yonge,  4936 
Yonge  (Nth  Y),  291  York  Mills  rd  (Nth  Y)  and 
27  Yorkville  av 

Parkmount  Cleaners,  562  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Parkview  Cleaners,  1984  Bloor  w 
Pat's  Cleaners,  7  Chelwood  rd  (Scar) 

Pat's  Cleaners,  650  Lansdowne  av 

Paul's  Cleaners,  1989  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Paul's  Cleaners,  763  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Peat's  Cleaners  Lawrence  Ltd,  1940  Lawrence  av  e 

Peat's  Cleaners  &  Tailors  Ltd,  4672  Yonge  (Nth  Y) 
(For  list  of  branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 
Peerless  Cleaners,  1792  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Pendrith  Cleaners  &  Dyers  Ltd,  81-83  Ryerson  av 
Perfect  Dry  Cleaners,  25  Sian  av  (Scar) 

Perfection  Cleaners,  1352  Danforth  av 

Perlux  Cleaners,  462  Kingston  rd 

Petch  Cleaners  Ltd,  3303  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 

Peter  Pan  Cleaners  Ltd,  2529-2531  Yonge 

Peter's  Cleaners,  980  Queen  w 

Pharmacy  Cleaners  &  Shoe  Repair,  635  Pharmacy  av 

Phoenix  Dy  Works  Ltd,  50  Regent  (York  Twp) 

Pillow  Cleaning  Service,  84  Harbord 
Placido's  Drive  In  Laundry  &  Cleaning  Service  Ltd, 
5345  Dundas  w  (Etob)  235  Dixon  rd  (Etob), 
1665  Kipling  av  n  (Etob)  and  105  Porterfield  rd 

Plaza  Cleaning  &  Pressing,  360  King  e 
Pollack's  Cleaners,  461  Dundas  w 
Power  Cleaners  &  Pressers,  367  Queen  e 
Practical  Cleaners,  824  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Prestige  Cleaners,  1552  Avene  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Presto  Cleaners,  2290  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Prince  Cleaners,  289  St  Johns  rd 
Professional  Cleaners,  1116  Victoria  Park  av  (E  Y) 
Propper  Cleaning  &  Pressing,  1327  St  Clair  av  w 
Pyramid  Cleaners  &  Laundry,  14  &  548  Sheppard 
avenue  e  (Nth  Y) 

Quality  Cleaners,  325  Roncesvalles  av 
Quality  Cleaners  &  Pressing,  2A  Crang  av  (York  Twp) 
Queen  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  1685  Dundas  w 
Queen  Dry  Cleaning,  597  Queen  w 
Queen  East  Cleaners,  1590  Queen  e 
Queensway  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  660  The  Queensway 

Quik  Cleaners,  1938  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Quik  One  Hour  Cleaners,  531  Danforth  av 
Quikway  Cleaners  Ltd,  507  Yonge 
Rainbow  Cleaners,  4410  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Rapid  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  1839  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Raymond  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  1396  Yonge 

Regal  Cleaners,  709  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Regency  Cleaners,  1110  Yonge 

Regina  Cleaners,  1518  Queen  w 

Re-New  Cleaners,  3647  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long  B) 

Rexleigh  Cleaners,  219  Rexleigh  dr  (E  Y) 

Rick's  Cleaners,  951  Greenwood  av  (E  Y) 

Rinnova  Cleaners,  146  Christie 

Roberts  Dry  Cleaners,  234  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 

Robin  Hood  Cleaners,  2432  Yonge 

Rocket  Cleaners,  6  Times  rd  (York  Twp) 

Rocky's  Cleaners,  1357  Davenport  rd 
Rogers  Cleaners,  321  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 

Roma  Cleaners,  1512  Dupont 

Roncesvalles  Cleaning  &  Pressing,  480  Roncesvalles  av 
Roselawn  Cleaners,  838  Roselawn  av  (York  Twp) 

Ross  Pressing  Service,  355-359  Queen  e 
Royal  Cleaners,  214  Greenwood  av 

Royal  Valet  Service,  120  Dundas  w 
Rushton  Cleaners,  282  Rushton  rd  and  1169  Daven¬ 
port  rd 

Russell  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  576  St  Clair  av  w 
Rustic  Cleaners,  316  Rustic  rd  (Nth  Y) 

S  &  S  Fur  Cleaning  Co  Ltd,  328  Geary  av 
S  &  W  Cleaners,  1163  Bloor  w 
Safe  Way  Cleaners.  3303  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long 

St  Johns  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  2215  Dundas  w 
Sam's  Cleaners  &  Tailor,  675  Lansdowne  av 
Sanitary  Dry  Cleaners,  312  Queen  w 
Saul's  Cleaners,  1471  Gerrard  e 
Scarboro  Cleaners  Ltd,  2863  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Scarlett  Cleaners,  253  Scarlett  rd  (York  Twp) 
Scientific  Fur  Cleaning  Ltd,  (rear)  570  King  w 
Scott  Cleaners,  48  Dawes  rd 
Selby  Cleaners,  235  Broadview  av 
Service  Cleaners  1959  Ltd,  262  Macdonell  av 
Shamrock  Cleaners,  1754  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 
Sheppard  Cleaners,  624  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Sheppard  Plaza  Cleaner  &  Shirt  Launderers  Ltd,  630 
Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Sheridan  Cleaners,  1131  College 
Sid's  Cleaners,  526  Eglinton  av  w 
Silver  Mile  Cleaners,  3491  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Silverthorn  Cleaners,  1738  St  Clair  av  w 
Six  Point  Cleaners,  3856  Bloor  w  (Etob) 

Skyline  Cleaners,  1658  Islington  av  n  (Etob) 

Skyway  Cleaners,  2207  Bloor  w 

Sloan's  Cleaners,  3003  Danforth  av  (E  Y) 

Sloma  Cleaners,  4138  Bathurst  (Nth  York) 

Smith  &  Sons,  3036  Danforth  av  (E  Y)  (For  list  of 
branches  see  alphabetical  section) 

Space  Drive-In  Cleaners  Ltd,  3761  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(Long  Branch) 

Sparkle  Cleaners,  3780  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

Speedway  Cleaners,  3338  Keele  (Nth  Y) 

Spick  &  Span  Ltd,  head  office,  725  College 

(For  list  of  branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 
Spotless  Cleaners,  2265  Kingston  rd  (Scar),  366 
College  and  165  Dupont 

Spotlight  Cleaners  The,  437  Spadina  av 
Stan's  Cleaners  &  Launderers  1580  Dundas  w 
Stanley's  Ltd,  922  Millwood  rd  (Leas)  and  412  Moore 
avenue  (Leas) 

Star  Cleaners  (York)  Ltd,  1466  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Starfire  Cleaners,  356  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Steam  Press  Service,  12  Grace  (Scar) 

Steam  Service  Co,  558  Durie  (York  Twp) 

Sterling  Cleaners,  394  Danforth  av 
Steve's  Press  Shop,  1565  Dupont 
Stork  Two  Hour  Cleaners,  3860  Bathurst  Nth  Y) 
Strathearn  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  1081  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Twp) 

Student.  Elite  Cleaners,  654  Spadina  av 
Sunny  Cleaners,  1097  Yonge 
Sunny  Service  Cleaners,  287  Claremont 
Sunny  Service  Cleaners,  799  Gerrard  e 
Sunnyside  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  1222  King  w 
Superb  Cleaners,  Launderers  &  Tailors,  908  Queen  e 
Superior  Cleaners,  836  Eglinton  av  e  (Leas)  and  101 
Eglinton  av  e 

Superior  Cleaners  &  Dyers  (br)  247  Ossington  av 
Superior  Cleaners  &  Launderers,  1599  Ellesmere  road 

Superior  Pressing  Service,  410  Spadina  av 
Surrey  Cleaners,  223  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

Susan  Cleaners,  1168  Queen  w 
Swan  Cleaners  &  Dressmaking,  561  Annette 
Swift  Cleaners,  310  Dundas  e 
Taub  Cleaners,  2027  Yonge 

Taylor's  Drive-in  Cleaners  &  Launderers  Ltd,  2489 
Bloor  w  (Swan)  and  1439  King  w 
Thacker  Cleaners,  761  Dovercourt  rd 
Thrifty  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  317V2  Oakwood  av  (York 

Tip-Top  Cleaners,  1534  Danforth  av 

Tip  Top  Launderers  &  Cleaners,  511-513  Keele 

Top  Notch  Cleaners,  632  Bloor  w 

Tops  Cleaners,  482  Parliament 

Toronto  Dyeing  &  Finishing  Works  Ltd,  376  Dufferin 
Tower  Cleaners  &  Pressers,  65  Gerrard  w 
Town  Cleaners,  1232  Danforth  av 
Trimble  The  Cleaner,  1552  Queen  w 
Trust  Rite  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  1137  Queen  e,  1071 
Gerrard  e  and  320  Parliament 
Tru-Tex  Cleaners,  1035  Coxwell  av  (E  Y)  and  698V2 
Coxwell  av 

Tru-Tone  Dry  Cleaners,  2529  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Tru-Val  Cleaners,  388  Keele 

Turf  Cleaners,  1500  Royal  York  rd  (Etob)  and  1620 
Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 

Turf  Custom  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  1364  Islington  av  n 

Tymo  Cleaners  &  Pressers,  1649  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Ultra  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  791  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

United  De  Forest,  315  Yonge 

Universal  Cleaners,  728V2  Gerrard  e 

Valet  Service,  79  King  e 

Valley  Cleaners,  81  Varsity  rd  (York  Twp) 

Varsity  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  673  College 

(For  list  of  branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 
Venetian  Cleaners,  2783  Dundas  w 
Vera's  Cleaning  &  Pressing,  909  Dundas  w 
Veritas  Dry  Cleaning,  1086  College 
Vic-Tone  Cleaners,  933  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Victoria  Cleaners,  1431  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Victoria  Park  Cleaners,  1711  Victoria  Park  av  (Scar) 
Victoria  Park  Cleaners  Ltd,  126  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 
Victory  Cleaners  &  Tailors,  544  Queen  w 
Wei-Dun  Cleaners,  3113  Dundas  w 
Wellesley  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  204  Wellesley  e 
Wembley  Custom  Cleaners  &  Shirt  Launderers,  936 
Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

West  End  Cleaners  &  Shoe  Rebuilders,  2396  Bloor  w 
Westinghouse  Half-Hour  Dry  Cleaning,  1542  Queen  w 
Weston  Cleaners,  1727  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Westown  Cleaners  &  Shoe  Repairs,  2259  Bloor  w 
Westside  Cleaners,  388  Roncesvalles  av 
Westway  Dry  Cleaners,  830  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
White  Sands  Dry  Cleaning  &  Laundry  Centre,  1234 
Lawrence  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

White  Star  Cleaners,  1037  College 

White  Swan  Custom  Cleaners,  335  Danforth  av 

Wilf's  Specialty  Cleaners,  866  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 

Wilke's  Cleaners,  894  Queen  e 

Willow  Cleaners,  463A  St  Johns  rd  (York  Twp) 

Wonder  Cleaners  &  Dyers,  1-5  Kelvin  av 

Woodgreen  Cleaners,  749  and  1212  Queen  e 

Wocdmount  Cleaners,  76  Marlee  av  (Nth  Y) 

Yonge  Broadway  Cleaners,  2377  Yonge 
Yonge  St  Dry  Cleaners  &  Pressers,  565  Yonge 
Yore  Cleaners,  682  Kennedy  rd  (Scar) 

York  Cleaners,  208  Coronation  dr  (Scar) 

York  Town  Cleaners,  1545  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
York  Wilson  Cleaners,  1379  Wilson  av  (Nth  York) 
Your  Careful  Dry  Cleaners  Depot,  2966  Danforth  av 
(East  York) 

Your  Style  Cleaners,  188  Rosemount  av 
Zip  Cleaners  Ltd,  798  Danforth  av 


Adco  of  Canada,  40  Eugene  (Nth  Y) 

Better  Cleaning  &  Laundry  Equipment  Inc,  2  Thorn- 
cliffe  Park  dr  (Leas) 

Caratone  of  Canada  Ltd,  95  Rivalda  rd  (Nth  Y) 


Admiral  Sanitation  Ltd,  115  Crockford  blvd  (Scar) 

Bon  Ami  Ltd,  30  Eglinton  av  e 

Chemical  By-Products  Ltd,  23  Racine  rd  (Etob) 

Dubois  Chemicals  of  Canada  Ltd,  64  Kenhar  dr  (Nth 

Economics  Laboratory  (Canada)  Ltd,  60  Torlake  cres 

Household  Cleansers  Ltd,  78  Titan  rd  (Etob) 

Hunnisett  H  S  Ltd,  200  Wicksteed  av  (Leas) 

King  Robert  Chemical  Corp,  106  Fenmar  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Magic  White  Ltd,  187  Parliament 
McKague  Chemical  Company  Ltd,  100  Midwest  rd 

Nuclean  Products,  126  Sinnott  rd  (Scar) 

Penetone  Co  of  Can  Ltd,  156  Front  w 
Refco  Industries  Ltd,  450  Alliance  av  (York  Twp) 
Renovator  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  1442  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Schafer  Harold  Ltd,  9  Mobile  dr  (N  Y) 

Solventol  Chemical  Products  (Can)  Ltd,  862  Eglinton 
avenue  e  (Leas) 


Ward  E  J  Ltd,  104  Crockford  blvd  (Scar) 

Ward  Equipment  Sales  Ltd,  104  Crockford  blvd  (Scar) 


Blanchette  &  Waite  Maintenance  &  Janitor  Service, 
174  Chambers  av  (York  Twp) 

Certa  Clean  Services  Ltd,  5  Palmer  av  (E  Y) 

City  Wide  Janitor  Service,  1695  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Clan's  Housecleaning  Service  Ltd  The,  3  Parnell  av 

Cobham  Wm  &  Son,  2A  Vermont  av 

Diamond  Cleaning  Service,  67  Johnston  av  (Nth  Y) 

E  &  N  General  Floor  Cleaning  Co,  5  Albermarle  av 

Excel  Cleaning  Services  Ltd,  14  Verral  av 
Hall  Eber  J  Co  Ltd,  216  Christie 
J  A  Floor  Cleaning  Co,  385  Broadview  av 
Mason's  Janitorial  Ltd,  5302  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Midtown  Cleaning  Services,  589  Dovercourt  rd 
Singleton  Ken  Services,  556A  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Speedy  Wall  Washing  Service,  47  Regal  rd 
Wallmaster  Maintenance  Toronto  Ltd,  1380  Bathurst 
Willie  At  Work,  205  Waterloo  av  (NthY) 


(See  also  Janitors  Supplies) 

Alleson  Industries  Ltd,  1969  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Bleech-Ex  Distributors,  (rear)  76  Saulter 
Canada  Cleaning  Supplies,  534  St  Clair  av  w 
Canadian  Permag  Products  Ltd,  156  Front  w 
Cleaners  Supply  Co  Ltd,  138-146  Claremont 
Decpro  Co  Ltd,  85  Vulcan  (Etob) 

Duncan  Products,  30  Eglinton  av  e 
Dustbane  Products,  3  Southvale  dr  (Leas) 

Gottschalk  (Canada)  Ltd,  36  Brydon  dr  (Etob) 
Holcomb  J  I  Mfg  Co  Can  Ltd,  890  Caledonia  rd  (Nth 

Home-Care  Smallwares  Ltd,  313  Horner  av  (Etob) 
Klear-Glass  of  Canada  Ltd,  301  King  e 
Kurly  Kate  (Canada)  Ltd,  42  Gladstone  av 
Luckett  Cleaners,  230  Berling  av  (Etob) 

Lynch  W  D  Ltd,  3  Southvale  dr  (Leas) 

MacCallum  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  2-6  Primrose  av 
Millman  W  H  &  Sons,  36  Brydon  dr  (Etob) 

Newman  H,  92  Ossington  av 

Purex  Corporation  Ltd,  44  Clayson  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Quality  Leather  Supplies,  534  St  Clair  av  w 

SOS  Mfg  Co  of  Can  Ltd,  78  Titan  rd  (Etob) 

Sanitary  Products  Co  Ltd,  67  Frederick 

Snowdon  C  C  Eastern  Ltd,  1364  Bloor  w 

Wood  G  H  &  Co  Ltd,  n  s  Queen  Elizabeth  blvd  (Etob) 

X  L  Bleach,  (rear)  101  Christie 


Toronto  Clearing  House,  10  Adelaide  e 


Albany  Medical  Clinic,  200  Danforth  av 
Albion  Islington  Clinic,  964  Albion  rd  (Etob) 

Beach  Clinic,  350  Beech  av 
Bloor  Medical  Clinic,  609  Bloor  w 
Brunswick  Diagnostic  Clinic,  25  Brunswick  av 
Concord  Medical  Clinic,  895  Bloor  w 
East  York  -  Leaside  Mental  Health  Clinic,  833  Coxwell 
avenue  (E  Y) 

Eglinton  Chiropractic  Clinic,  2281  Yonge 
Gage  Institute,  223-225  College 
Gage  Institue  (Western  Br),  2457  Bloor  w 
Health  Clinic,  460  Roncesvalles  av 
Institute  of  Traumatic  Plastic  &  Restorative  Surgery, 
215  Victoria 

Jarvis  Clinic,  182  Jarvis  and  795  Warden  av  (Scar) 
Major  Clinic,  326A  College 
Medical  Diagnostic  Group  The,  316  St  Clair  av  w 
Mental  Health  Clinic  (East  York-Leaside),  833  Cox¬ 
well  av  (E  Y) 

Mount  Dennis  Medical  Centre,  1192  Weston  rd  (York 

Mt  Dennis  Medical  Group,  98  Guestville  av  (York  Twp) 
National  Sanitarium  Assn  Tuberculosis  Prevention  Clinic 
2622  Danforth  av 

Oakwood  Medical  Centre,  168  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Orton  Park  Medical  Centre,  976  Brimorton  dr  (Scar) 
Parkdale  Medical  Clinic,  1271  Dundas  w 
Pharmacy  Clinic,  546  Pharmacy  av  (Scar) 

Pollock  Clinic,  The,  417  Bloor  w 
Queensway  Medical  Centre,  880  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Raxlen  Clinic  Ltd,  500  Parliament 
St  Barbara's  Clinic,  226  Bathurst 
St  Pauls  Dental  Clinic,  80  Sackvilk 
Thermal  Therapy  Corp  (Canada)  Ltd,  980  Yonge 
Tomlin  Clinic  &  Physiotherapy  Centre  The,  1759  Bay- 
view  av  (Leas) 

Toronto  Mental  Health  Clinic,  514  Jarvis 
Will  insky  Clinic,  604  Spadina  av 
Willowdale  Clinic,  30  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Woodbine  Medical  Centre,  1961  Gerrard  e 
Woodview-Park  Medical  Centre,  3236  Weston  rd  (Nth 

Yarmey  Clinic,  314  Bat/hrust 
York  Clinic,  699  Coxwell  av 

York  Township  Child  &.  Adolescent  Guidance  Clinic, 
2701  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 


(Wholesale  and  Importers) 

(See  also  Jewellers;  also  Watchmakers) 

Advertising  Clock  Co  The,  145  Church 

Canada  Clock  Co,  156  Front  e 

Forestville  Clock  Co  Ltd,  266  King  w 

Ingraham  Canadian  Clock  Co  Ltd,  95  Grand  av  (Etob) 

Rensie  Clocks  (Canada)  Ltd,  100  Lombard 

Semca  Clock  &  Watch  Co  of  Can  Ltd,  100  Lombard 

Snider  Clock  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  466  Bathurst 

Wentworth  Instruments  Co,  121  Sherbou^ne 


Atlas  (Toronto)  Sponging  Ltd,  474  Wellington  w 
Holdsworth  &  Adam  Ltd,  474  Wellington  w 
Hughes  &  Co  Ltd,  786  King  w  and  657  Lake  Shore 
blvd  w 


(Wholesale  and  Manufacturing) 

Aquascutum  (Can)  Ltd,  (rainwear),  12  Shuter 
Atlas  Textile  Products  Co,  11  Charlotte 
Atush  Sportswear,  355  Adelaide  w 
B  &  F  Sportswear,  221  Richmond  w 
B’aronet  Clothing  Co,  116  Spadina  av 
Barruch  J  H  Ltd  (men's)  781  King  w 
Bentley  Clothes,  93-99  Spadina  av 
Berghaus  (Canada)  Ltd,  330  Bay 
Boughners  Ltd,  18  Grenville 
British  Brand  Clothes  Ltd,  215  Spadina  av 
Canadian  Garment  Ltd,  55  York 
Carmen  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  246  Adelaide  w 
Carnation  Sportswear,  129  Spadina  av 
Central  Sportswear  Ltd,  312  Adelaide  w 
College  Girls  Coats  Co,  366  Adelaide  w 
Collegiate  Sports  (Wholesale)  Co  Ltd,  3545  St  Clair 
avenue  e  (Scar) 

Continental  Pants  Mfg  Ltd,  52  St  Lawrence 

Cook  Warren  K  Ltd,  15  Fraser  av 

Cowie  H  V  Co  Ltd,  43  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Cumberland  Clothing  Co  Ltd,  460  Richmond  w 

Del  Pant  Co,  490  Dupont 

Dell  Mfg  Ltd,  439  King  w 

Ecclestone  Sportswear  Ltd,  46  Spadina  av 

Empire  Pants  &  Boys  Wear  Ltd,  575  Adelaide  w 

Exclusive  Dress  Co,  116  Spadina  av 

Feld  Sportswear  Ltd,  445  Richmond  w 

Fine  Art  Tailors.  533  College 

Page  33 

Five  Star  Fashions,  101  Spadina  a v 
Gaelic  Imports  Ltd,  137  Wellington  w 
Gaytown  Sportswear,  438  Adelaide  w 
Goldbach  Jack  Formals  Ltd,  410  Adelaide  w 
Great  Western  Garment  Co  Ltd,  62  Richmond  w 
Hall  Mfg  Co,  96-104  Spadina  av 
Haugh  J  A  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  2301  Keele 
Health-Wear  Ltd,  171  John 
High  Quality  Pants,  312-318  Adelaide  w 
Holiday  G  W  Co  Ltd,  55  York 
Home  &  Country  Casuals  Ltd,  55  York 
House  of  Stone  The,  156-160  John 
Hudson  Sportswear  Mfg  Co  Ltd,  489  College 
J  &  B  Clothes,  366  Adelaide  w 
Jacobs  M  &  Cq  Ltd,  197  Spadina  av 
Jo-Mac  Garments  Ltd,  468  Wellington  w 
Juilliard  Ltd,  96  Spadina  av 
Lady  .Manhattan  (Canada)  Ltd,  646  Adelaide  w 
Lawrence  Dress  Incorporated,  139A  Spadina  av 
Lewein  Clothing  Ltd,  200  Adelaide  w 
Liberty  Sportswear  Ltd  46  Spadina  av 
MacMor  Sportswear  Ltd,  46  Spadina  av 
Marine  Plastics  Co  (raincoats),  908  Roselawn  av 
(Y  Twp) 

Metro  Athletic  Jersey  Co,  50  Lombard 

Miami  Sportswear,  42  Camden 

Mill-Craft,  102-08  Peter 

Monarch  Wear  of  Canada  Ltd,  500  King  w 

Montroy  Cloak,  101  Spadina  av 

Nash  Pant  Co  Ltd,  585-587  Adelaide  w 

North  West  Sportswear  Co  Ltd,  55  York 

Otis-Starr  Ltd,  533  College 

Pacific  Garment  Co  Ltd,  366  Adelaide  w 

Parker  Hall  Ltd,  781  King  w 

Parker  Manufacturing  Co  Ltd,  102-108  Peter 

Parkway  Clothing  Co,  431  Richmond  w 

Perfect  Pants  &  Sportswear  Co  Ltd,  210  Sussex  Mews 

Posluns  Irving  Sportswear  106-110  Spadina  av 

Primrose  Garment  Co  Ltd,  119  Spadina  av 

Renette  Cloak  Co  Ltd,  129  Spadina  av 

Rice  Sportswear  Ltd,  82  Spadina  av 

Richmond  Clothes  Ltd,  80  Nelson 

Rotex  Ltd,  196-198  Spadina  av 

Roth-Frohman  Ltd,  460  Richmond  w 

Sherman  Dress  Ltd,  129  Spadina  av 

Sterling  Cap  &  Pant  Co  Ltd,  310-316  Spadina  av 

Stone  M  Clothing  Co  Ltd,  156-160  John 

Styles  Sales  &  Service  Co,  (base)  12  S'huter 

Summit  Sportswear  Mfg  Co,  74  Ossington  av 

Tan  Jay  Sportswear,  96  Spadina  av 

Title  Dress  Ltd,  96  Spadina  av 

Top  Fine  Clothing  Co  Ltd,  460  Richmond  w 

United  Fashion  Garment  Ltd,  129  Spadina  av 

Varsity  Sportswear  Co,  116  Spadina  av 

Waqman  Henry  A,  555  Dundas  w 

Werner's  Edith  "Little  Lady"  Co,  100  Wellington  w 

White  Stag  of  Canada,  381  Adelaide  w 

White  Stag  Ski  Wear,  82  Spadina  av 

Yonkers  Sportswear,  (base)  161  Spadina  av 


Adams  Men  &  Boys  Wear,  1177  Weston  rd  (York 

Alexander  Sportswear,  415  Parliament 
All  Seasons  Leather  Clothing  &  Sportswear  Co,  655 

Arthur's  Bargain  Centre,  345  Danforth  av 

B  &  R  Tru-Fit  Ltd,  361  Spadina  av 

Bathurst  Jobbers,  300  Spadina  av 

Beattie  J  H,  430  Eglinton  av  w 

Big  Buck's  Bargain,  690-694  Queen  e 

Big  Sister  Thrift  Shop,  1743  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Brand's  Men's  Wear,  1568  Bloor  w 

Brown's  Clothing,  545-547  Queen  w 

Budget  Centre  The,  728  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Bug  House  The,  2991  Dundas  w 
Central  Bargain  House,  836  Bloor  w 
Chicago  Bargain  House,  424  Spadina  av 
Cinderella  Shoppes  Ltd,  2954  Dundas  w 
Clara's  Leather  Fashions,  137  Yonge 
Clothing  Centre,  648  College 
Clothing  Discount  House,  3294  Keele  (Nth  Y) 
Cloverleaf  Bargain  Store,  1499  Dundas  w 
Corbett-Cowley  Ltd,  550  Hopewell  av  (York  Twp) 
Crescent  Men's  &  Ladies  Wear,  2642  Eglinton  av  w 
(York  Township  ) 

Dave's  Surplus  Circus  Ltd,  107  Church 
Deen's  Apparel,  1018  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Dollar  Store,  595  College 

Dominion  Clothing  Co,  596  Yonge 

Donald  Mary  C  Ltd  (school  uniforms),  131  'Bloor  w 

Dumyn  E  Ltd,  550  Queen  w 

Ellis  Home  Sales  Ltd,  3273  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

"Eve"  Adjustable  Garments  Ltd,  100  Wellington  w 
Family  Fair  Stores  Ltd,  790  Dufferin 
Fash  on  Clothiers,  1461  Dundas  w 
Favorite  Clothing  &  Shoes,  360  Broadview  av 
Flaherty  Al  Army  Store,  2066-2068  Dufferin  (York 

Flemington  Shop,  12  Flemington  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Glove  Shop  The,  3323  Dundas  w 

Grover  Dry  Goods,  650  Queen  w 

Hampton  Shop  The,  35  Etobicoke  dr  (Etob) 

Harris  Departmental  Store,  529  Parliament 

Harry's  Clothing  &  Shoe  Store,  1074  Bloor  w 

Hartford  Clothes,  204  Queen  w 

Harvey's  Discount  Centre,  1025  Bloor  w 

Haul  Robert  Budget  House,  759A  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Honest  Ed's  Famous  Bargain  House,  581  Bloor  w 

Hosiery  Shop  The,  1435  Gerrard  e 

Italmoda.  1271-3  St  Clair  av  w 

Jack's  Cut-Rite  Clothing,  339  Roncesvalles  av 

Jack's  Jobbing,  3600  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 

Jay-Anne  Clothing  Store,  417  Roncesvalles  av 
Jordan's  Clothing  &  Footwear,  1172  Queen  e 
Joseph  Designing,  3334  Yonge 
Julia  Clothing  Store,  502  Queen  w 
Julia's  Clothing  Store,  436  Queen  w 
Koranyis  Bargain  Centre,  716  College 
Lansdowne  Cut  Rate  Store,  1422  Queen  w 
Lewis  Surplus,  430  Queen  e 
Lily-Anne  Bargain  Centre,  1323  St  Clair  av  w 
Lora  Shop  The,  187  Roncesvalles  av 
Louis  Ladies,  Men's  and  Boy's  Wear,  2639  Eglinton 
avenue  e  (Scar) 

Low  Price  Ready  to  Wear,  1485  Dundas  w 
Lowy  Clothing  Store,  774  College 
Luigi's  Fashions,  1235  St  Clair  av  w 
M  &  H  Discount  Store,  534  Danforth  av 
Mallory  Surplus  Jobbers,  (Bloor),  474  Bloor  w 
Mark's  Bargain  House,  814  College 
Metro  Sportswear  Co,  221-225  Richmond  w 
Michal's  Cut-Rate  Store,  1576  Dundas  w 
Moss  Department  Store,  1707  Jane  (Nth  Y) 

Moss  Wm  Department  Store  Ltd,  1896-1906  Eglinton 
avenue  w  (York  Twp) 

Mutual  Clothing  Store,  100  Queen  e 
Napoli  Family  Clothing,  605  College 
Napoli  Quality  Sportswear,  473  Queen  w 
National  Liquidators  Ltd,  296  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Olympic  Sports  Store  1432  Queen  w 
Ontario  Jobbers,  9A  Foster  pi 

Pattenick's  Dept  Store,  1848  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Penn  Clothes,  2389  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 

Penny  House  Discount  Store,  601  Queen  w 
Peppio's  Discount  House,  440  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 
People's  Bargain  Store,  3547  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long 

Pioneer  Bargain  Centre,  329  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Poupee  Rouge,  893  Yonge 

Quality  Bargain  Centre,  2589  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Queensway  Toggery  The,  860  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Regal  Clothing  &  Shoes,  926  Bloor  w 
Regina  Bargain  Shop,  1576  Queen  w 
Richard's  Mark  Dept  Store,  922  Bloor' w 
Rite-Way  The,  3093  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Rose  Bargain  Store,  314  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Rotenberg  Joseph  1294  Bloor  w 

Rotenberg  L,  604  Queen  w 

St  Clair  Family  Outfitters,  1284  St  Clair  av  w 
Sam's  Central  Wear,  2545  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Scheinman  Ohas  Clothier,  997  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Second  Time  Around  Shop,  1976  Queen  e 
Service  Clothing,  1242  Bloor  w 
Smilovici  Clothing,  834V2  College 
Sniderman  Clothing  Store,  678  Pape  av 
Sora  Department  Store,  2361  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Store  of  Opportunity,  300-302  Gerrard  e 
TBS  Ltd,  1051  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Thompson's  Family  Clothing,  2867  St  Clair  av  e  (East 

Thrift  Shop,  2822  Dundas  w 
Thrift  Store,  1611  Dundas  w 

Timberlake  Outfitters,  3298  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long 

Toronto  Family  Clothiers  Ltd,  514  Queen  w 

Uniform  Centre,  404  Bloor  w 

Uniform  Specialty,  1207  Bay 

Varese  Family  Clothing,  1289  St  Clair  av  w 

Wang's  Family  Centre,  1106  St  Clair  av  w 

Weinberg  Max,  184  Dundas  w 

White  Bros,  356-358  Queen  w  (for  list  of  branches 
see  Alphabetical  Section) 

William's  Bargain  Store,  54-54A  Kensington  av 
Winters  Men's  and  Ladies'  Wear,  IO8V2  Brown's  Line 

Yongedale  Clothes  Ltd,  18  Grenville 


Aina  of  Toronto,  437  Danforth  av 
Aurora  Formal  Rentals,  1296  St  Clair  av  w 
Brown's  Formal  Rentals,  394  College 
Classy  Formal  Wear  Inc,  336  Yonge 
Custom  Shirt  Service  (Tor)  Ltd,  2779-81  Dundas  w 
Del  Degan  Delia,  1342  St  Clair  av  w 
Emma's  Formal  Rentals,  1366  St  Clair  av  w 
Fernback  Sam  Formal  Rentals,  1236  Eglinton  av  w 
(Fst  H) 

Midtown  Formal  Rentals,  375  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Rena  Ladies  Formal  Wear  Rentals,  598  Yonge 
Silver  Syd,  500-502  Yonge  and  83A  Bloor  w 
Toronto  Tuxedo,  591  College 
Tuxedo  Junction  Ltd,  526  Yonge 


Bernstein  Morris,  183  Queen  e 

Brown  Jacob,  679  Queen  w 

Brown  John  S,  483  Queen  w 

City  Second  Hand  Clothing,  1118  Queen  w 

Clothes  Horse  The,  647  St  Clair  av  w 

Dobrila's,  1002  Dundas  w 

Echo  House,  2072  Dundas  w 

Ex-Toggery,  5-9  Soudan  av 

Frank's,  239  Gerrard  e 

Frankel  Clothing  Exchange,  123  Church 

Glassman  Louis,  267  Queen  e 

Grossman  Max,  41  Baldwin 

Grossman  Nathan,  237  Queen  e 

Grossman  Pincus,  36  Baldwin 

Jerry's  Bargain  House,  221  Carlton 

Jim's  Second  Hand  Store,  1120V2  Queen  w 

Junior  League  Opportunity  Shop,  539  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Kelman  Benj,  717  Queen  w 

Low  Price  Store,  418  Queen  w 

Muchmaker  Jos,  179  Queen  e 

Nearly  New  Clothes  Shop  The,  3449  Yonge 

Parliament  Clothing,  330V2  Parliament 

Pongor  Emma,  60  Kensington  av 

Regent  Bargain  Store,  327  Q’ueen  e 

Rosen  Sid,  1166C  Dundas  w 

Salvation  Army  Thrift  Store,  892  Queen  e 

Schauer  Irma  Mrs,  796  Queen  e 

Smith  Harry,  715  Queen  w 

Society  for  Crippled  Civilians,  1335  St  Clair  av  w 
and  319  Roncesvalles  av 
Thirty-One  Thirty-Eight,  3138  Dundas  w 
Thrift  Clothing  Store,  1294  Queen  w 
Toronto  Women's  ORT  Shop,  608  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
United  Jobbers,  42  Nassau 


(See  also  Societies  —  Miscellaneous) 

(For  names  of  executives  see  Alphabetical 
Section  under  name  of  Club) 

Abruzzi  Club,  1647  Dufferin 

Advertising  and  Sales  Club  of  Toronto,  The,  77  York 
Albany  Club,  91  King  e 
Alexandra  Yacht  Club,  24  Stadium  rd 
American  Garden  Guild  Book  Club,  105  Bond 
American  Music  Corp  Ltd,  1259  Caledonia  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Argonaut  Football  Club  Ltd,  91  York 
Argonaut  Rowing  Club,  1225  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
Army,  Navy  anr  Air  Club,  260,  163V2  Spadina  av 
Army,  Navy  &  Air  Force  Veterans  Club,  11  Ossington 

Army,  Navy  &  Air  Force  Veterans  in  Canada,  2032 
Dundas  w 

Army,  Navy  &  Air  Force  Veterans  Unit  260  (Central 
Toronto  Veterans  Club  in  Canada),  441  Queen  w 
Arts  &  Letters  Club  The,  14-16  Elm 
Ashbridge's  Bay  Yacht  Club,  s  s  Lake  Shore  blvd  e 
Austrian  Club  Edelweiss  Inc,  207  Beverley 
Avenue  Rd  Club,  53  Avenue  rd 
Avonlea  Curling  Club,  101  Railside  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Baby  Point  Club  Ltd,  71  Baby  Point  rd  (York  Twp) 
Badminton  &  Racquet  Club  of  Toronto,  25  St  Clair 
avenue  w 

Balmy  Beach  Club,  360  Lake  Front 
Beamer's  Club,  891  Yonge 
Best-In-Children's  Books  Club,  105  Bond 
Bohemian  Embassy,  7  St  Nicholas 
Book  Find  Club  The,  105  Bond 
Book-of-the-Month  Club  (Can)  Ltd,  73  Bathurst 
Boulevard  Club  Ltd  The,  1491  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
Braemar  Club,  1653  Dufferin 
Canadian  Corps  of  Commissionaires,  78-80  Church 

Canadian  Corps  of  Commissionaires  (Eastern)  Can  Inc 

80  Church 

Canadian  Inventors  Club,  1225A  Bloor  w 
Canadian  Jersey  Cattle  Club,  290  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth 

Canadian  Kennel  Club  Inc,  The,  1173  Bay 
Canadian  King-Fu  Karate  Club,  331A  Spadina  av 
Canadian  Progress  Club,  67  Yonge 

Canadian  Reader's  Book  Club,  105  Bond 

Canadian  Red  Cross  Soldiers  Club,  674  Dundas  w 
Canadian  Women's  Press  Club,  150  King  w 

Capitol  Record  Club  Ltd,  41  Bertal  rd  (York  Twp) 
Carlton  Club,  94  Hayden 
Carman's  Club,  26  Alexander 
Celebrity  Club  The,  449  Jarvis 
Cellar  Club  The,  169  Avenue  rd 
Chalet  Discotheque,  47-49  Laplante  av 
Chin  Wing  Chun  Tong,  182A  Dundas  w 
Chinese  Business  Men's  Cultural  Society,  80A  Eliza¬ 

Club  Blue  Note,  372Va  Yonge 

Club  888,  888  Yonge 

Club  Five  Hundred  and  One,  501  Yonge 

Club  Hispano,  271  College 

Club  Locarno,  555  Bloor  w 

Club  Mediterranea,  1502  Danforth  av 

Club  Perla  Dell  Ionio,  848  Danforth  av 

Club  Recreation  Italian  Virtus,  1480  Danforth  av 
Club  Top  Hat,  (rear)  4212  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Club  Tropics,  12  Queen  e 

Club  Twenty-One,  121  Dundas  w 

Club  21,  1818  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 

Club  Universe,  271  College 

Coach  House  The,  153  Huron 

Columbia  Record  Club,  1111  Leslie  (Nth  Y) 

Columbus  Boys  Club,  121-5  Bellwoods  av 
Cosburn  Park  Lawn  Bowling  Club,  after  92  Durant  av 
(East  York) 

Craven  Hall  Maritime  Social  Club,  1574  Queen  e 
Cricket  Society  of  York,  193V2  Mutual 
Croatian  Peasant  Society,  1650  Dupont 
Currie  Arthur  Sir  Memorial  Club,  41  Isabella 
Dart  Coon  Club,  87  Chestnut 
Davisville  Park  Club  House,  216  Davisville  av 
Diners'  Club  (Canada)  Ltd,  91  Yonge 
Dominion  Gift  Book  Club  (Div  Dominion  Readers  Service 
Ltd)  430  King  w 
Doubleday  Book  Club,  105  Bond 
Dovercourt  Boy's  Club,  180  Westmoreland  av 
Earl  French  Memorial  Club,  453  Broadview  av 
Earlscourt  Veterans  Club,  6A  Greenlaw  av 
Eastern  Karate  Club,  359  Yonge 
Eastern  Karate  Club,  14  Hagerman 
Eaton  Girls  Club,  21  McGill 
Educational  Book  Club,  2453  Yonge 
Empire  Club  of  Canada  The,  455  King  w 
Engineers  Club  of  Toronto,  105  Victoria 
Estonian  Students  Club,  905  College 
Etobicoke  Health  Club,  50-54  Montgomery  rd  (Etob) 
Etobicoke  Senior  Citizens,  4968  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Executive  Ciub  The,  (basement)  491  Lawrence  av  w 
(North  York) 

Executive  Health  Club,  621  King  w 
Fiesta  Club,  719  Yonge 
Fifty  Plus  Club,  1082V2  Queen  w 
Finnish  Social  Club,  19  Huron 

First  Portuguese  Canadian  Club  of  Toronto,  The,  124- 
132  Nassau 

Foo  Gue  C'huen  Club,  111  Dundas  w 
Fourth  Battalion  Club,  847  Dovercourt  rd 
Fratelli  D'ltalia  Club,  813  Bloor  w 
Fraternal  Order  of  Eagles,  17-17A  Elm 
Gardiner  Ralph  Health  Club,  655  Dixon  rd  (Etob) 
Geneva  Club,  97A  Yonge 

German-Canadian  Club  Harmonie,  410  Sherbourne 
Gerrard  Kiwanis  Boys  Club,  101  Spruce 
Glebe  Manor  Lawn  Bowling  Club  Ltd,  196  Manor  ro 

Gold  Microphone  Greek  Club,  699-701  Yonge 
Good  Neighbours'  Club,  298  Sherbourne 
Goodyear  Recreation  Club,  before  3080  Lake  Shore  blvd 
w  (New  Toronto) 

Grad's  Club,  1130  Queen  e 
Granite  Club  Ltd,  63  St  Clair  av  w 
Hakoah  Sport  &  Social  Club,  881  Egl niton  av  w  (York 

Half  Beat  Coffee  House,  112A  Yorkville  av 
Hatashita  Judo  Training  Club,  131  Queen  e 
Hawk's  Nest  The,  331  Yonge 

Hebrew  Liberal  Club,  699  Spadina  av  and  1016  Eg¬ 
linton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Heron  Park  Recreation  Centre,  w  s  Manse  rd  (Scar) 

High  Park  Club  Ltd,  100  Indian  rd 

Hiryu  Judo  Club,  2234  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

History  Book  Club  (Div  The  Grolier  Society  Ltd),  16 
Overlea  blvd  (Leas) 

Humber  Highland  Curling  Club  Ltd,  Wauldron  (Etob) 
Humber  Valley  Art  Club,  4709  Dundas  w  (Etob) 

I  B  M  Country  Club,  1500  Leslie  (Nth  Y) 

II  Gatto  Nero,  653  College 

Imperial  Health  Club,  (rear)  259  Danforth  av 
Ippon  Judo  Club,  1778  Jane  (Wstn) 

Island  Yacht  Club  of  Toronto,  3199  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Islington  Golf  Club  Ltd  (Dundas  ent),  n  s  Dundas  w 
corner  Riverbank  dr  (Etob) 

Italian  Recreation  Club,  1708  Danforth  av 
Italian  Social  Club,  1359  Danforth  av 
Italo-Canadian  Recreation  Club,  33  Brandon  av 
Jockey  Club  Ltd  The,  s  s  Rexdale  blvd  (Etob) 

Junior  Deluxe  Editions  Book  Club,  105  Bond 

Kidckwan  Judo  Institute,  328  Dupont 

Kiwanis  Club  of  Toronto,  Royal  York  Hotel,  100  Front  w 

Kiwanis  Club  of  West  Toronto,  2665  Dundas  w 

Kiwanis  International,  Casa  Loma  Br,  1  Austin  ter 

Knignts  of  Columbus,  582  Sherbourne 

Kong  Shan  Social  Club,  121  Dundas  w 

Kosovan  Club,  2733  Dundas  w 

Kwong  Hoi  Assn,  9  Foster  pi 

Kyu  Shin  Judo  Club,  14  Old  Weston  rd 

Lakeshore  Lawn  B'owling  Club,  e  s  Station  rd  (Mim) 

Lakeshore  Swimming  Club,  1  Arena  dr  (New  T) 

Lake  Shore  Tennis  Club  Grounds,  25-35  George  dVTim) 
Lansdowne  Youth  &  Athletic  Club,  21  Wade 
Latin  Quarter  Club,  290V2  Yonge 
Lawrence  Park  Bowling  Club,  after  2875  Yonge 
Lawrence  Park  Tennis  Club,  after  2875  Yonge 
Le  Cabaret,  76  St  Clair  av  w 
Lee  Association,  175A  Dundas  w 
Lem  Si  Ho  Tong  Society  (Chinese),  91-93  Chestnut 
and  121A  Dundas  w 
Lien  Fawt  Social  Club,  58B  Centre  av 
Linguists  School,  133  Hazelton  av 
Lion's  Club  of  Toronto,  37-63  King  e 
Lions  International,  484  Church 
Literary  Guild  in  Canada,  105  Bond 
Little  Switzerland,  455  Markham  rd  (Scar) 

Little  Trinidad,  237  Yonge 

Lyceum  Club  &  Women's  Art  Assn  of  Canada,  23 
Prince  Arthur  av 
Mack's  Gym,  77  Ossington  av 
Maple  Leaf  Hockey  Club  Ltd,  60  Carlton 
Markland  Wood  Country  Club  The,  245  Markland  dr 

Midtown  Boys  Club,  736  Bathurst 
Mocking  Bird  Club,  355  College 

Model  Railroad  Club  of  Toronto  Inc,  37  Hanna  av 

Mow-Chong,  137-139  Dundas  w 

Mutual  Club  Inc,  2885  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 

National  Club  The,  303  Bay 
National  Yacht  Club.  10  Stadium  rd 
Nature  Programme,  105  Bond 
Naval  Club,  14  Hayden 

New  Toronto  Lawn  Bowling  Club,  153  Lake  Shore 
drive  (New  T) 

Newman  Club,  89  St  George 
Nicholson's  Island  Club,  220  Bay 
North  Toronto  Bowling  Club,  188  Alexandra  blvd 
North  Toronto  Business  &  Professional  Women's  Club, 
4  Glen  Grove  av  w 

Northyork  Bridge  Club,  3101  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Oakdale  Golf  &  Country  Club,  w  s  Jane  (Nth  Y) 
Olympia-Edward  Recreation  Club  Ltd,  20  Edward 
Olympia  Recreation  Club  Ltd,  331  Yonge 
Ontario  Club,  16  Wellington  w 
Ontario  Jersey  Club,  290  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  V) 
Originals  Club  Inc,  49  Elm 
Parkdale  Kiwanis  Boys  Club,  1515A  Queen  w 
Parthenon  Club,  264  Yonge 
Portuguese  Candn  Club,  244V-2  Augusta  av 
Primrose  Club  The,  273  St  Clair  av  w 
Progressive  Conservative  Business  Men's  Club  of  Tor¬ 
onto,  2  Carlton 

Purple  Onion  The,  35  Avenue  rd 
Queen's  Club  The,  568  Dupont 
R.A.O.B.,  95A  Yonge 

Radio  &  Television  Executives  Club  The,  12  Richmond 

Reader's  Club  of  Canada  Ltd,  896  Queen  w 
Real  Book  Club  The,  105  Bond 

Rexdale  Lions  Club  Pine  Point  Community  Centre, 
s  s  Allenby  av  (Etob) 

Rivoli  Dance  'Discotheque,  (rear)  109  Bloor  w 
Roma  Soccer  Club,  797  College 
Rotary  Club  of  Toronto  (Mezzanine)  100  Front  w 
Rotary  Youth  Centre,  316  Royal  York  rd  (Mim) 

Royal  Canadian  Curling  Club,  131  Broadview  av 

Royal  Canadian  Military  Institute,  426  University  av 
Royal  Canadian  Yacht  Club,  91  Yonge 
Runnymede  Lawn  Bowling  Club  Ltd,  22  Weatherell 
Runnymede  Recreation  Centre  Ltd,  2319  Bloor  w 
Rusholme  Lawn  Bowling  Club  Ltd,  614  Dovercourt  rd 
Russian  Culture  Club,  72  Ossington  av 
St  Agnes  Recreation  Club,  938  Dundas  w 
St  Albans  Boys  Club,  843  Palmerston  av 
St  Clair  Bridge  Club,  3740  Bathurst  (Nth  Y^ 

St  George's  Golf  &  Country  Club,  420  Islington  av  n 

St  James-Bond  Tennis  Club,  before  73  Willowbank 

St  Mary's  Club,  560  Adelaide  w 
Sale  &  Marketing  Executive  Club  of  Toroneo,  331 
Bloor  w 

Sapper's  Club  of  Toronto,  578  Spadina  av 

Science  Programme,  105  Bond 

Scottish  Club  The,  85  Lombard 

Second  Mile  Club  of  Toronto,  192  Carlton 

Seven  Thirty  Club,  730  Pape  av 

Sheridan  Boys  Club,  1282  College 

Shoto  Kan  Dharma,  2480  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Showmen's  League  of  America,  216  Beverley 
Silver  Cross  Women  of  B  E  Canadian  Widows  & 
Mothers  of  the  Great  War,  88  Prince  Arthur  av 
Sisters  of  Service  Girls  Residential  Club,  4  Wellesley  pi 
Society  of  Fiorina,  367  Yonge 
Standard  Athletic  &  Social  Club,  667  College 
Strathgowan  Badminton  Club,  n  s  Strathgowan  av 
Strollers  Club  The,  92  Adelaide  w 
Summerhill  Boys  "K"  Club,  1231  Yonge 
Tai  Dan  Social  Club,  94  Elizabeth 
Tanino  Judo  Club,  566  Church 

Third  Battalion  Toronto  Regiment  Club,  76  Charles  w 

36  Ulster  Club,  1045  Gerrard  e 

Thorncrest  Village  Club,  35  Thorncrest  rd  (Etob) 

Three  Forty  Five  Club  The,  345  Huron 
Three  O'clock  Club  The,  60  St  Clair  av  w 
Toe  "H"  Mark  II  Canada,  614  Huron 
Toronto  Assn  of  the  Deaf,  1170  Yonge 
Toronto  Baseball  Club,  555-631  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
Toronto  Black  Watch  Inc  The,  50  Wellington  e 
Toronto  Camera  Club  The,  587  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Toronto  Club  The,  107-109  Wellington  w 
Toronto  (Community)  Baseball  Ltd,  555  Lake  Shore 
blvd  w 

Toronto  Cricket,  Skating  •&  Curling  Club,  141  Wilson 
avenue  (Nth  Y) 

Toronto  Disabled  War  Veterans  Social  Club,  265  Ger* 
rard  e 

Toronto  Field  Naturalists'  Club,  49  Craighurst  av 
Toronto  Heliconian  Club,  35  Hazelton  av 
Toronto-Humber  Yacht  Club,  101  Humber  Valley  rd 

Toronto  Hungarian  House  Inc,  245  College 
Toronto  Hunt  The,  1355  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Toronto  Hydroplane  Club,  s  s  Lakeshore  blvd  e 
Toronto  Ladies  Club,  2  Bloor  w 
Toronto  Lawn  Tennis  Club  Ltd,  40  Rowanwood  av 
Toronto  Men's  Press  Club,  119  King  w 
Toronto  Polo  Club  Ltd,  320  Bay 
Toronto  Racquet  Club,  159  Bleecker 
Toronto  Radio  Artists  Club  The,  187  Bay 
Toronto  Sailing  &  Canoe  Club,  1295  Lake  Shore  blvd 

Toronto  Ski  Club,  8  Colborne 
Toronto  &  North  York  Hunt  (office),  320  Bay 
Trinity  Truck  Drivers  Club,  95  Trinity 
Tunney  Frank  Sports  Ltd,  466  Church 
Ukrainian  Cultural  Centre,  83-85  Christie 
Ukrainian  People's  Home  Assn,  191  Lippincott 
University  Alumnae  Dramatic  Club,  153  Huron 
University  Club  of  Toronto,  380  University  av 
University  of  Toronto  Faculty  Club,  41  Willcocks 
University  of  Toronto  Polish  Students  Club,  206 

University  Women's  Club  of  Toronto,  162  St  George 
Variety  'Club  of  Ontario,  131  Bloor  w 
Village  Corner  Club,  The,  174-174V2  Avenue  rd 
War  Amputations  of  Canada  (Dorn  Hdqtrs),  140  Merton 
Ways  &  Means,  1448A  Dundas  w 
West  End  Veterans  Club,  722  College 
West  Indian  Federation  Club,  7  Brunswick  av 
West  Indian  Pioneer  Social  Club,  368  College 
West  Toronto  Lawn  Bowling  Club,  e  s  Keele  at  Hum¬ 
berside  av 

Westmount  Army  &  Navy  Club  Co-operated,  41  King¬ 
dom  (Etob) 

Weston  Golf  &  Country  Club,  50  St  Phillips  rd  (Etob) 

Weston  Lawn  Bowling  Club,  2059  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Weston  Lawn  Tennis  Club,  s  s  Lawrence  av  w  (Wstn) 

Wine  of  The  Month  Club,  234  Eglinton  av  e 

York  Club  The,  135  St  George 

Yorkshire  Social  Club  of  Ont,  229  College 

Young  Chinese  Recreation  Centre,  121B  Dundas  w 



Canada  Coal  Corp  Ltd,  372  Bay  and  252  Unwin  av 
Canadian  Fuels  Ltd,  347  Bay 
Cargo  Dockers  Ltd,  55  York 
Century  Coal  Co  Ltd,  dock  312  Cherry 
Cordin  Ltd,  55  York 
Cox  W  H  Coal  Co  Ltd,  570  Queen  e 
Empire-Hanna  Coal  Corp  Ltd,  69  Yonge  and  24  Unwin 

Great  Lakes  Coal  Co  Ltd,  2  Carlton 
Johnston  Lome  C  Fuels  Ltd,  58  Larwood  blvd  (Scar) 
Lehigh  Valley  Coal  Sales  (1959)  Ltd,  40  Ernest  av 
(North  York) 

North  American  Fuel,  60  Elm  Ridge  dr  (Fst  H) 

Reading  Anthracite  Canadian  Co  Ltd,  191  Eglinton  av 

Rochester  &  Pittsburgh  Coal  Co  (Canada)  Ltd,  55 
York  and  87  Cherry 

Rcy-L  Canadian  Fuels  Limited,  7-9  Pleasant  blvd 
Valley  Camp  Coal  Co  of  Canada  Ltd,  220  Bay 
Weaver  Coal  Co  Ltd,  87  Cherry 


Ashbee  Bros,  50  Rosemount  av  (Wstn) 

Bell  Fuel  Co,  1  Whitlam  av  (Long  B) 

Burns  P  &  Co  Ltd  (For  list  of  branches  see  Alpha¬ 
betical  Section) 

Consumers  Coal  Co  Ltd,  407  Rogers  rd  (York  Twp) 
Crown  Fuel  &  Lumber  Company,  105  Ritchie  av 
Dibble  R  G  Co  Ltd,  398  Eastern  av 
Dominion  Coal  &  Wood  Ltd,  2605  Danforth  av  (For  list 
of  branches  see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Earlscourt  Fuels,  1530  St  Clair  av  w 
Economy  Fue-I  Co,  304  Jones  av 
Evans  Coal  Co,  948  Queen  w 
Federal  Coal  Co  Ltd,  76  Shaftesbury  av 
Harris  Coal  Co  Ltd,  328  Kingston  rd 
Harrold's  Coal  Co  Ltd,  574  Danforth  av 
Hudson  Coal  &  Fuel  Oil  Ltd,  398  Avenue  rd 
Hygrade  Fuels  Co  Ltd,  3197  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Kendle  J  &  Co,  720  Dupont  and  841  Roselawn  av 
(York  Twp) 

Konopka  Fuels  Ltd,  406  Gilbert  av  (York  Twp) 

Lake  Simcoe  Ice  &  Enterprises  Ltd,  2276  Gerrard  e 
Leaside  Fuel  Co,  3  Industrial  (Leas) 

McGill  Wm  &  Co,  570  Queen  e 
McKinnon  Fuels  Ltd,  2234  Gerrard  e 
McVicar  W  H  &  Co  Ltd,  946-948  Queen  w 
Milnes  Coal  Co  Ltd,  1815  Yonge  (for  list  of  branches 
see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Northern  Fuel  Co  (Tor)  Ltd  The,  245  MacPherson  av 
Rogers  Elias  Co  Ltd,  The,  2200  Yonge 
Scarboro  Fuels — Subsidiary  of  Bastmeyer  Sales  Ltd, 
3615  St  Clair  av  e  (Scar) 

Service  Fuels,  203  Oak 

Shakespeare  Coal  &  Lumber  Ltd,  24  Denarda  (York 

Coat  j Retail ) 


Standard  Fuels  Ltd,  1815  Yonge 
Stanton  Fuels  &  Cartage,  32-36  Morse 
Toronto  Fuels  Ltd,  570  Queen  e 
Weaver  Coal  Co,  347  Bay 
West  End  Coal  Co,  122  Brock  a v 


Permanent  Protective  Coatings  Ltd,  9  Milvan  dr  (Nth 

Shaw  Pipe  Protection  &  Flexible  Tubes  Ltd,  25  Beth- 
ridge  rd  (Etob) 

Technical  Surfaces  Ltd,  204  Toryork  dr  (Nth  Y) 



770  Dupont  Street,  Phone  534-7593 


Club  Coffee  Co  Ltd,  129  Railside  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Goodfellow  John  &  Co  Ltd,  228  King  e 


(See  also  Teas  and  Coffees) 



500  FRONT  ST.  WEST 
Phone  366-9505 

Majabo  Coffee  Co  Ltd,  500  Front  w  366-9505 


Canada  Proof-Like  Set  Co  Ltd,  24  Eglinton  av  w 
Coin  Bar,  129V2  Yonge 
Imperial  Sales,  62  Richmond  w 
L  &  M  Coins,  1801  Lawrence  av  e  (Scar) 

Lloyd's  International  Coin  Exchange,  25  Adelaide  w 
Mad  Lad's  Coin  Pad,  1002  Bathurst 
Metropolitan  Coin  Exchange,  420  Queen  w 
Scarborough  Coins,  Stamps  &  Antiques,  81  Haig  av 

Sovereign  Coins,  582  Yonge 


Creed  Fur  Storage  Vaults  Ltd,  295-9  Davenport  rd 
Federal  Cold  Storage  &  Warehousing  Co  Ltd,  521  Front 
east  and  s  s  Ordnance  and  e  s  Strachan  av 
Shiner izi ng  Fur  Storage  Ltd,  (rear)  570  King  w 
Terminal  Warehouses  Ltd,  207  Queen's  Quay  w 


Able  Credit  Corp  Ltd,  825  Eglinton  av  w  (Fst  H) 
Accounts  Receivable  Management  of  Canada  Ltd,  8 
Adelaide  e 

Advance  Collection  Service,  234  Eglinton  av  e 
Advance  Credit  Service,  234  Eglinton  av  e 
Collection  Service,  234  Eglinton  av  e 
Allied  Collections  Agencies  Canada  Ltd,  25  'Merton 
Allied  Medical  Adjustment  Bureau,  25  Merton 
Amalgamated  Collection  Agency,  4210  Dundas  w  (Etob) 
Associated  Credit  Bureau  of  Canada,  185  Bloor  e 
Audit  Association,  The,  32-34  Front  w 
Band  Y  Collections,  20  Bloor  w 
Business  Alliance,  191  Church 
Canadian  Bonded  Credits  Ltd,  20  Bloor  w 
Canadian  Bureau  of  Collections,  234  Eglinton  av  e 

TION  LIMITED,  THE,  12  Berryman  Street, 
Phone  924-8461 

Central  Collection  Agency  Ltd,  188  University  av 
Central  Reference  Bureau  (I.A.C.),  1941  Weston  rd 

Collection  Co  of  Canada  The,  1588  Bayview  av  (Leas) 
Comet  Credits  Ltd,  80  Hymus  rd  (-Scar) 

Commercial  Collection  Associates,  8  Adelaide  e 
Concourse  Agencies  Ltd,  100  Adelaide  w 
Credit  Bureau  of  Greater  Toronto,  1260  Bay 
Cross-Canada  Collections,  1195  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 
Devon  Credit,  200  Danforth  av 
Doctors  Business  Bureau,  2788  Bathurst  (Nth  Y) 
Dominion  Collection  Bureau,  1482  Bathurst 
Eastern  Collection  Service,  80  Hymus  rd  (Scar) 
Financial  Collection  Agencies  (Ont)  Ltd,  147  Univer¬ 
sity  av 

Grant  Collection  Agency  Ltd,  238  Bloor  w 
Greater  Toronto  Collection  Service  Ltd,  8  Adelaide  e 
Guardian  Credits  Corp  Ltd,  234  Eglinton  av  e 
Hercules  Collections  Ltd,  215  Moorish  rd  (Scar) 
Hospital  and  Medical  Audit  Bureau,  147  University  av 
Inter- Provincial  Collection  Agencies  Ltd,  97  Eglinton 
avenue  east 

Joint  Credit  Rating  Agency  Ltd,  57  Bloor  w 
Kay  Collection  Agencies  Ltd,  842  Danforth  av 
Keystone  Credit  •&  Collection  Service,  214  Merton 
Lumberman's  Credit  Bureau  Inc,  229  Yonge 
Madison  Credit  Service,  77  York 
Medical  Agency  of  Canada,  The,  191  Church 
Medical  Audit  Associates  Ltd,  32  Front  w 
Medical-Dental  Credit  Bureau  The,  8  Adelaide  e 
Meteor  Collection  Bureau,  5214  Yonge  (Willowdale) 
Metropolitan  Collection  Service  Ltd,  3185A  Bathurst 
(North  York) 

Morris  Credits,  159  Bay 
Orbit.  Collections,  62  Richmond  w 
Peterson  Harry  C,  27  Maple  Grove  av 
Physicians  Services  Inc,  2221  Yonge 
Schools  Audit  Bureau,  147  University  av 
Sentinel-Credit  Corp  Ltd,  169  Yonge 
Sinclair  D  J  &  Co  Ltd,  1076  Bathurst 
Stafford  Collection  Agency,  26  Queen  e 
Sterling  Collection  Agency,  674  Kingston  rd 
Thompson  and  West  Ltd,  2489  Bloor  w  (Swan) 


Blythe  Colour  Works  Ltd,  34  Brydon  dr  (Etob) 
Dominion  Colour  Corp  Ltd,  199  New  Toronto  (New  T) 
Imperial  Color  &  Chemical  (Dept  of  Hercules  Powder 
Co  (Canada)  Ltd,  698  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 
Mitchell  Color  Chemical  Co  Ltd,  336  Birchmount 
road  (Scar) 



3620  Lake  Shore  Boulevard  West,  259-8454 


See  Photographers— Commercial 


(See  also  Telegraph  Companies) 

Airtel  Ltd,  11  Greensboro  dr  (Etob) 

Electro-Vox  Inc,  21  Musgrave 

Engineered  Telephone  Systems,  3351  Bloor  w  (Etob) 
Etelco  Canada  Ltd,  199  Ashtonbee  rd  (Scar) 

Ericsson  L  M  Ltd,  9  Milvan  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Executone  lid,  331  Bartlett  av 

Mirtone  Intercom  Systems  Ltd,  100  Toryork  dr  (Nth 

Moco  Ltd,  285  George 

Ontario  Telecommunications  Ltd,  32  Dalhousie 
Primal  Communications  Ltd,  175  Wickstead  av  (Leas) 
Radio  Phones  Ltd,  131  and  132  Baldwin 
Speight  N  H  Laboratories,  423  Sherbourne 
T  R  Services  Ltd,  287  MacPherson  av 
Tele-Radio  Systems  Ltd,  3633  Dundas  w 
Telecom  Ltd,  163V2  Church 

Tower  Communications  Co  (Canada)  Ltd,  105  Howden 
road  (Scar) 

Trans  Canada  Communications  Ltd,  320  Bay 


Amesbury  Community  Centre,  1509  Lawrence  av  w 
(North  York) 

Ancaster  Recreation  Centre,  e  s  Ancaster  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Cedarbrook  Community  Centre,  91  East  Park  blvd 

Clairlea  Park  Community  Centre,  s  s  Fairfax  cres  (Scar) 
Costi,  136  Beverley 

East  York  Community  Centre,  IO8IV2  Pape  av  (E  Y) 
Harwood  Hall,  85  Cayuga  av  (York  Twp) 

Innes  John  Community  Centre,  150  Sherbourne 
Lawrence  Heights  Community  Centre,  5  Replin  rd  (Nth 

Masaryk  Memorial  Institute  Incorporated,  212  Cowan 

McCormick  Recreation  Centre,  66  Sheridan  av 
Mooredale  House,  146  Crescent  rd 
Mt  Dennis  Community  Centre  The,  4  Hollis  (York  Twp) 
Pine  Point  Community  Centre,  s  s  Allenby  av  (Etob) 
Regents  Park  Community  Centre,  104  Bexhill  av  (Scar) 
S.K.F.  Recreation  Centre,  n  s  Comstock  rd  (Scar) 
Topham  Park  Recreation  Centre,  e  s  Westview  blvd 
(East  York) 

U.N.F.  Community  Centre,  297  College 
Ukrainian  Labour  Temple,  300-302  Bathurst 
University  Settlement  Recreation  Centre,  23  Grange  rd 
Wilmington  Park  Centre,  205  Wilmington  av  (Nth  Y) 
Woodgreen  Community  Centre,  835  Queen  e 
Yorkwoods  Village  Recreation  Centre,  20  Yorkwoods 
Gate  (North  York) 


Air  Vane  Co,  276  Kipling  av  s  (Etob) 


TIONS  LIMITED  THE,  Candy  and  Popcorn 
Machines  and  Supplies,  391  Adelaide  East,  Phone 


Kingsway  Cement  Forming  Ltd,  2400  Finch  av  w  (Nth 

Structural  Formwork  Ltd,  1033  Pape  av  (E  Y) 


Atlas  Block  Co  Ltd,  11  Richview  Side  rd  (Etob) 
Bedarco  Ltd,  49  Chauncey  av  (Etob) 

Brans  Concrete  Block  Co  Ltd,  24  Savoy  av  (E  Y) 
Leaside  Block  &  Tile  Ltd,  8  Industrial  (Leas) 

Primeau  Argo  Block  Co  Ltd  (Dundas  Div),  538  Scarlett 
rd  (Etob)  and  w  s  Brockport  dr  (Etob) 

Richvale  Block  Supply  Co  Ltd,  w  s  Renforth  dr  (Etob) 


Kingsway  Concrete  Pipe  &  Supply  Co,  4135  Dundas 
west  (Etob) 


Beer  Precast  Concrete  Ltd,  110  Manville  rd  (Scar) 
Concrete  &  Construction  Specialties  Co  Ltd,  277  Kip¬ 
ling  av  s  (Etob) 

Lars  Concrete  Products  Ltd,  160  Toryork  dr  (Nth  Y) 
Lok  Form  (Division  of  Great  Lakes  Steel  Products 
Ltd)  1276  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 

Mills  Steel  Products  Ltd,  355  Dufferin 
P.T.C.  Group  Ltd,  91  Scarsdale  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Sandrin  Precast  Ltd,  152  Toryork  dr  (Nth  Y) 

Schell  Industries  Ltd,  980  Yonge 
Spun  Concrete  Structures  (Canada)  Ltd,  980  Yonge 
Standard  Prestressed  Structures  Ltd,  194  Wilson  av 
(North  York) 

Wilmar  Manufacturing  Co  Ltd,  77  Pelham  av 


Kilmer  Van  Nostrand  Ltd,  949  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
McCord  S  &  Co  Limited  (Br),  1211  Martingrove  rd 

Melmix  Concrete  &  Asphalt,  949  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Premier  'Building  Materials  (br),  s  s  Toro  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Teskey  Ready  Mix  Ltd,  184  Regent  rd  (Nth  Y) 


Yeates  L  Co,  100  Ossington  av 


Ca-Ko  Cake  Decorations,  1043  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Fields  Morton  &  Co,  506  Church 

Food  &  Chemical  Equipment  Ltd,  160  Bay 

L  &  M  Manufacturing  Co,  45  Bertal  rd  (York  Twp) 

Lowe  Joe  Corporation,  50  Torlake  Cres  (Etob) 

Rose  &  Laflamme  Ltd,  555  Davenport  rd 
Taylor  Freezemaster  Co  of  Can  Ltd,  160  Bay 


(Wholesale  and  Manufacturing) 


40  Bertrand  Avenue,  Scarborough,  Ontario.  Phone 
699-5601  and  699-9671-2 
Armitage  Candy  Co,  859  Lansdowne  av 
Atlantic  Candy,  41  Chandos  av 
Atlas  Candy  Manufacturers,  823  Dovercourt  rd 
Balmer  H  B  Ltd,  22  Geary  av 

Benco  Wholesale  Confectionery,  3584  Dufferin  (Nth  Y) 
Biltmore  Theatres  Confections  Co,  123  Edward 
Cambridge  Confections,  129  Adelaide  w 
Canadian  Automatic  Confections  Ltd,  391  Adelaide  e 
Canadian  Wholesale  Confectioners  Ltd,  149  Denison  av 
Ce  De  Candy  Co,  910  Queen  w 
Childerhouse  Products  Ltd,  200  Adelaide  w 
Cowan  Harold  P  Co  Ltd,  115  Scarsdale  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Crystal  Toffee  Co,  204  King  e 

Dairy  Maid  Chocolates  Ltd,  143  Tycos  Dr  (Nth  Yk) 
Davron  Wholesale  Confectionery,  760  Sheppard  av  w 
(North  York) 

Dominion  Candy  Co  Ltd  The,  80  Colville  rd  (Nth  Y) 
Exclusive  Candy  &  Novelty  Distributors,  2168  Dundas 

Figar  Wholesale  Co  Ltd,  326  Adelaide  w 
Germantown  Mfg  (Canada)  Ltd,  51  Advance  rd  (Etob) 
Good  Humor  Products  Ltd,  2200  Yonge 
Hershey  Chocolate  of  Canada  'Ltd,  w  s  Brockport  dr 

Imperial  Confections,  265  Queen  e 
Jenny  Lind  Candies  (Div  of  Pet  Milk  Canada  Ltd), 
1075  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 

Kambly  (of  Switzerland)  Can  Ltd,  134  Peter 
Kenr  Bros  Ltd,  30  Zorra  (Etob) 

Le  Mor  Sales  (Ont)  Ltd,  35  Haas  rd  (Etob) 

Leaf  Confections  Limited,  432-436  Comstock  rd  (Scar) 
Lowney  Walter  M  Co  Ltd,  14  Carson  (Etob) 

Mayfair  Confections,  598  The  Queensway  (Etob) 
Maynards  (Canada)  Ltd,  498  Lawrence  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Moirs  Ltd,  31  Coronet  rd  (Etob) 

Neilson  Wm  Ltd,  277-329  Gladstone  av 
Patterson  &  Son,  1050  Bathurst 
Pez-Haas  (Canada)  Ltd,  48  Apex  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Purity  Popcorn  Co  Ltd,  15  Canmotor  av  (Etob) 

Robinson  Ernest  G  Ltd,  1075  Ellesmere  rd  (Scar) 
Rowntree  Co  Ltd  The,  72  Sterling  rd 
Scott-Bathgate  Ltd,  12  Mai  ley  rd  (Scar) 

Super  Pufft  Popcorn  Ltd,  85  Duke 
T  F  P  Candy  Manufacturers  Ltd,  210  St  Helens  av 
Talesnick  J  Confectionery,  (rear)  566  St  Clair  av  w 
Theatre  Confections  Ltd,  284  King  e  and  n-e  side 
Albion  rd  at  Beattie  av  (Etob) 

Toronto  Toffee  Co,  289  Seventh  (New  T) 

Van  Kirk  Chocolate  Corp  Ltd,  1075  Ellesmere  rd 

Watson  Robt  Co  Ltd,  363  Sorauren  av 
Wilkes  Bert  H  &  Associates,  170  Bay 
Willards  Chocolate  Co  Ltd,  443-453  Wellington  w 
Wrigley  Wm  Jr  Co  Ltd,  1123  Leslie  (Nth  Y) 


ABC  Confectionery,  2039  Eglinton  av  w  (York 

Al's  Confectionery,  706  Gerrard  e 
Allan's  Confectionery,  3054 V2  Yonge 
Alma's  Candy  &  Nut  Shop,  1420  Gerhard  e 
Anderton  Confectionery,  1231  Davenport  rd 
Ann's  Confectionery,  3204  Dundas  w 
Ann's  Variety  Store,  1091  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Anna's  Confectionery,  1764  Keele  (York  Twp) 

Archie's  Confectionery,  2350  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 
Avenue  Road  Shop,  1572-4  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Baker's  Variety  Shoppe,  2773  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New 

Balmy  Beach  Variety  Store,  2196  Queen  e 
Beach  Variety  Store,  2132V2  Queen  e 
Bell  Florence  Mrs,  921  Kingston  rd 
Belvedere  Variety  Store,  1866  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Ben's  Confectionery,  976  Queen  e 
Bennett's  Corner  Store,  510  Main  (E  Y) 

Beresford  Smoke  Shop,  597V2  Annette 

Bernard's  Variety,  1232  Bloor  w 

Bill's  Confectionery,  423  Queen  e 

Boulton  Confectionery,  109-111  Boulton  av 

Brent's  Variety  Store,  497  Pape  av 

Bresler's  Ice  Cream  Store,  2901  Bayview  av  (Nth  Y) 

Brock  Confectionery,  389  Brock  av 

Brown's  Confectionery  808  Pape  avenue 

Burnice  Shop,  202  Carlton 

Carter's  Confectionery,  326  Harbord 

Cedarvale  Confectionery,  317  Cedarvale  av  (E  Y) 

Central  Tech  Variety,  249  Lippincott 

Christie  Candy  Shop,  669  St  Clair  av  w 

Christie  Variety  Shop,  258  Christie 

Claire's  Cigar  Store,  1636  Bayview  av 

Clancy's  Confectionery  Store,  1281  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Claremont  Confectionery,  722  Queen  w 

Clark  Confectionery,  54  Pritchard  av  (York  Twp) 

Clayton  Confectionery,  1283  Gerrard  e 

Coady  Sweets,  1146  Queen  e 

Collegiate  Variety,  2673-2675  Eglinton  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Cook  Confectionery,  3377  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long 

Corner  Store  The,  80  Geary  av 
Corner  Store  The,  489  Jones  av 
Corner  Variety,  2205  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Cyril's  Confectionery,  1228  College 
Dairy  Queen  (For  list  of  branches  see  Alphabetical 

Dairy  Sweets,  55  Scarlett  rd  (York  Twp) 

Danforth  Sweets,  97  Danforth  av 
Davenport  Confectionery,  1928  Davenport  rd 
Del  Evans  Variety,  51 2 A  Evans  av  (Etob) 

Dell's  Ice  Cream,  337  Danforth  av 

Denison  Confectionery,  90  Denison  av 

Diane's  Confectionery,  3256  Danforth  av  (Scar) 

Dot  Shop  The,  197  Sheppard  av  e  (Nth  Y) 

Dupont  Confectionery,  1530  Dupont 

Dupont  Confectionery,  328  Westmoreland  av 

Eastview  Variety,  48  Commonwealth  av  (Scar) 

Eastwood  Confectionery,  1574  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Eddie's  Confectionery,  900  Queen  e 

Eko  Confectionery,  656  Queen  w 

Eldon's  Confectionery,  75  Blantyre  av  (Scar) 

Elsa's  Variety,  318  Manning  av 

Envoy  Confectionery,  3112  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New 

Fiorillo  Tony,  105  Bartlett  av 

Flo's  Confectionery  &  Variety  Store,  1637  Gerrard  e 

Fraracsi  C^fpctionery  fU  Sm^ke  Shop,  1602  Dufferin 

Frank's  Confectionery,  236  Christie 

Frank's  Confectionery,  848  Kingston  rd 

Frank's  Confectionery,  886  Queen  w 

Freeze  Treat,  630  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Frenkiel's  1125  St  Clair  av  w 

Friendly  Neighborhood  Confectionery,  19  Lambton  av 
(York  Township) 

Fullan  Confectionery,  676  Bloor  w 
George's  Confectionery,  369  Keele 
George's  Confectionery,  310  Wallace  av 
Grossman  Rae,  (basement)  197-205  Spadina  av 
H  &  A  Variety  Confectionery,  782  Dovercourt  rd 

Hallam  Confectionery  &  Food  Store,  108  Hallam 
Hamilton  James  G,  851  Pape  av  (E  Y) 

Hamra  Candies,  1020  Danforth  av 
Hank's  Variety,  75  Ewart  av  (York  Twp) 

Har-Clin  Confectionery,  298  Harbord 

Heasty  Variety,  862  Bloor  w 

Heath  Variety  Store,  1536  Yonge 

Heinz  Confectionery,  1015  Bloor  w 

Helene  Sweets,  1509  Gerrard  e 

Herb's  Confectionery,  203  Rushton  rd 

High  Park  Confectionery  &  Cigar  Store,  242  Annette 

Home  Confectionery,  1703  Dundas  w 

Homeway  Soda  Bar,  955  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Hopgood's,  1678  Avenue  rd  (Nth  Y) 

Howard  Confectionery,  25  Howard 
Ideal  Confectionery,  2217  Danforth  av 
J  &  B  Variety,  130  Lappin  av 
Jack's  Confectionery,  759  Queen  e 
Jay's  Variety  Store,  92  Ascot  av 

Joanna's  Confectionery,  3274  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long 

Joe's  Confectionery,  1148  Queen  e 

Joe's  Confectionery,  161  Withrow  av 

John's  Confectionery,  1375  Woodbine  av  (E  Y) 

Kay's  Confectionery,  1834  Queen  e 
Kelly's  Variety,  724  Jane  (York  Twp) 

Lansdowne  Cigar  Store,  925  Lansdowne  av 
Laura  Secord  Candy  Shops  Ltd,  60  Bathurst  (Far 
list  of  stores  see  Alphabetical  Section) 

Lawrie's  Confectionery,  317  Oakwood  av  (York  Twp) 
Leda  Sweets,  1581  Dundas  w 
Le  Feuvre's  Candies,  683  Mt  Pleasant  rd 
Len's  Variety,  248  Hallam 

Lieberman's  Splendid  European  Chocolates,  1274  Eg¬ 
linton  av  w  (Fst  H) 

Logan  Variety,  571  Logan  av 

Lotta  Frank,  1126  Queen  w 

Louis  Variety  Stare,  318  Parliament 

!7I  &  H  Confectionery,  1472  Dundas  w 

Menzone's,  345  Harbord 

Maple  Leaf  Confectionery,  108  Ossington  av 

Maple  Leaf  Variety,  468  Sammon  av  (E  Y) 

Marathon  Variety  Shop,  102  Gladstone  av 
Maria's  Variety,  1264A  Bloor  w 
Marott  Bon  Bonnieres  &  Gifts  Ltd,  131  Bloor  w 
Marty's  Confectionery,  1427  Dufferin 
Mary  Lucy  Confectionery,  1576  Dupont 
Mary's  Confectionery,  1342  Gerrard  e 
Maynard's  of  Canada  Ltd  (For  list  of  branches  see 
Alphabetical  Section) 

McLaughlin's  Variety  Store,  190  Sorauren  av 
Mel lo  Ice  Cream,  5236  Dundai  w  (Etob) 

Menalo  Mike,  865  Weston  rd  (York  Twp) 

Miet's  Variety,  1422  Dundas  w 
Mila's  Confectionery,  346  Dupont 
Moe's  Confectionery,  920  Dundas  w 
Monkman  Myrtle  Mrs,  502  Pape  av 
Montrose  Confectionery,  360  Montrose  av 
Moore's  Confectionery,  252  Boon  av 
Moskowitz  Goldie  Mrs,  615  Ossington  av 
Moss  Harold  B,  307  Parliament 
Murphy's  Confectionery,  205  Brock  av 
Murray's  Variety  Town,  481  Wilson  av  (Nth  Y) 
Nicholas  N  &  Son,  1669  Keele  (York  Twp) 

Nifty  Nook,  1054  Yonge 

Nora's  Variety,  245  Eglinton  av  w 

Norway  Gift  &  Smoke  Shop,  456  Kingston  rd 

P.M.  Variety,  684  Queen  e 

Panda  Ice  Cream,  583  Mt  Pleasant  rd 

Parkside  Sweets,  1198  The  Queensway  (Etob) 

Parkview  Variety,  1986  Bloor  w 
Parsons  Philip,  2067  Dufferin  (York  Twp) 

Paul's  Smoke  Shop,  2268  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Progress  Variety,  1534  Queen  w 
Queen's  Confectionery,  791  Queen  w 
Ravina  Milk  Bar,  1126  Gerrard  e 
Richie's  Candies,  2925  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (New  T) 
Richie's  Candy  Store,  3481  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long 

River  Variety,  93  River 

Roberts  Confectionery,  2187  Weston  rd  (Wstn) 

Rood's  Pastry  Shop,  2620  Yonge 

Rose  Confectionery,  1572  Queen  e 

Ruthven  Olive,  206  Dupont 

Ryerson  Cigar  Store,  126  Denison  av 

St  Andrews  Tuck  Shop,  14  Carluke  cres  (Nth  Y) 

St.  George  Confectionery,  176  Dupont 
Scarborough  Smoke  Shop,  451  Pharmacy  av  (Scar) 
Select  Milk  &  Variety,  3773  Lake  Shore  blvd  w 
(Long  Branch) 

Service  Confections  Ltd,  391  Adelaide  e 
Sharr  Chas,  950  Queen  e 
Sheppard  Variety,  562  Sheppard  av  w  (Nth  Y) 
Smiley's  Variety,  52  Brown's  'Line  (Etob) 

Steven's  Cigar  &  Gift  Store,  450  Ossington  av 
Strachan  Russell,  639  Davenport  rd 
Super  Cigar  Store,  2466  St  Clair  av  w  (York  Twp) 
Swirly  Top,  4409  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Tak  Confectionery,  1439  Kingston  rd  (Scar) 

Tassie's  Snack  Bar,  522  Carlaw  av 
Terry's  Variety  Shop,  234  Sheppard  av  (Nth  Y) 
Thomas  Confectionery,  3579  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Long 

Thomasson  Kathleen  Mrs,  255  Glebemount  av  (E  Y) 

Thompson's  Honeymoon  Ice  Cream,  937  Kingston  rd 

Three  Star  Confectionery,  507  Dupont 

Tom's,  631  Gerrard  e 

Tony's  Variety,  151  Barton  av 

Town  Variety,  2427  Lake  Shore  blvd  w  (Mim) 

Victoria  Snack  Bar  &  Confectionery,  1170  The  Queens¬ 
way  (Etob) 

V:olet  Sweets,  140  Sackviile 
Walkey  Smoke  Shop,  249  Crawford 
Waltman's  Confectionery,  226  Queen  e 
Watkins  Confectionery,  2996  Danforth  av  (E  Y) 
Wilson's  Variety,  1590  Queen  w 
Wittlin  Family  Store,  368  Brock  av 
Wortman's  Confectionery,  542  College 
Young  Variety  Store,  208  Bartlett  av 


(See  Contractors— Building  and  General)